Made in Heaven (2019) s02e05 Episode Script

The Heart Skipped a Beat

Pant-ji, leave the suitcase there.
Thank you for coming all the way.
No, it's okay, ma'am.
Shall I wait for Mr. Karan?
- No. You can go.
- Very well, ma'am.
- Namaste.
- Namaste.
Look who missed me.
Does the offer still stand?
Welcome home!
- Hi.
- Hello.
Whatever happened in Nice,
I'm grateful for it.
what can I get you?
Wine or a line?
I'll take those noodles.
Fuck it! I'm in India now, man.
Stop it.
All the boys were suspended.
The principal is starting an inquiry.
After the suspension?
A message from Harsh.
He says there's a meeting tomorrow
for all the parents.
At Chetan's house.
And Shruti's parents?
I don't know.
Tell him we'll attend.
Give me the phone.
- Why?
- I want to check it.
I haven't done anything,
so what do you want to check?
Don't you trust me?!
Didn't you hear her?
Does Gaurav know about all this?
The whole school knows.
The video Chetan showed you
don't tell anyone about it.
I won't tell.
Go to sleep.
Welcome to Asia In Talks.
Denied tells us what it means
to be a Dalit in India.
Pallavi Menke belongs to a community
that for centuries
was deemed "untouchable."
Pallavi, on reading your book,
I noticed a recurring expression,
"Coming out."
I used to hide my Dalit identity.
You see, in India, most often,
you recognize caste by the last name.
We are Menke,
and my family changed it to Kumar,
which is sort of a
it's a generic, it's a caste-neutral name.
But, now I'm back as Menke.
And has living in America had something
to do with you embracing your identity?
Yes, it did.
Suddenly, I was in a society
that didn't care what my caste is.
Here, I was just a woman of color.
And that's another battle.
That's great, Pallavi.
It looks like we got a question
in the back there.
- Hi, Pallavi.
- Hello.
My question to you is,
on one hand, you talk about equality,
and on the other, you justify reservation.
I mean, how do you explain this hypocrisy?
Can I answer your question
with a question?
Yeah, sure.
Could you tell me why do athletes
have different start marks
in an Olympic race?
Because the one on the inside
has a lesser distance to cover.
And my answer is that the ones
on the outside have a longer journey.
If equal opportunity is to be given,
some people need a head start.
My grandmother
Paul, my grandmother used
to manually clean toilets.
She had no other choice.
Only reservation enabled my father
to go to school.
And it enabled me
to go to the college I deserved.
This gaping inequality needs a correction,
and that is what we call
affirmative action.
Wow. Glad to see you guys so hard at work.
We were watching
Pallavi Menke's interview.
You're not doing Pallavi's wedding.
Watch some other videos.
Okay, so Karan and I are going
to be doing separate weddings.
The team will be divided.
Get on with your work. Come.
The court date's been fixed.
I've also set aside a few open-air
venues for the reception.
Jazz, you'll be working with me
on the Ahuja-Menon wedding.
- Yeah?
- Yes, sir.
Will you be closing your doors too?
Apparently, I'm on team Tara.
I hope you're not getting
someone else for this.
No, man. Just check the dates.
Make sure there's not a clash.
That'll be good.
I don't wanna miss Pallavi Menke.
Yeah, I know, man. Of course.
The dates are different, so
Am I going to be partitioned as well?
The boys say it's not true.
If the boys are saying
it's not true, we have to believe them.
Of course!
No need to be worried.
Just tell the truth.
Why would Shruti lie?
Did you have a fight with her or
is it something else?
Girls these days say
anything to seek attention.
Look at Shruti's Insta account.
How do you know what Shruti
posts on Insta?
- She's only 15.
- Mrs. Jauhari, mind it, please!
She's using Chetan's name
to get free publicity.
Why did she name you, Chetan?
You know her, don't you?
Answer me, son.
Mrs. Jauhari, please.
Don't pressurize him!
Aunty, everyone knows her.
It's because she hooks up
with so many guys.
In school
she's called a slut.
Even he hooks up with all the girls.
What is he called then?
Girls should behave themselves.
And you idiots will decide
how girls should behave?
- I didn't say that.
- Good!
If I hear you use the word "slut,"
I'll break all your teeth!
So insolent
Go easy on him or he won't talk.
I am scared that he will turn
out like his father.
She'll get tenure
at Columbia University this year.
Pallavi will officially be
an Ivy League professor.
He's showing you off.
Of course!
Look at her achievements.
From where to where!
I loved your piece, by the way,
on the intersectionality
of caste and gender in India.
Oh, thank you!
What article is this?
Your mother's pretending
she understands.
Of course, I do!
Anyway, let's get to the point.
The reason we’re here
is that all our relatives are complaining.
- Oh?
- Nothing serious. It's just that
we've never had a court wedding
in the family.
They want to know what's going on.
I was thinking,
let's have a ceremony at the reception.
What ceremony?
Why? Traditional pheras. What else?
Is it too short a notice?
No. Not a problem at all.
We can use the reception venue itself.
I'll variate the décor,
and it'll be lovely.
Tara couldn't make it?
Tara is actually on another job.
You know Tara?
Yeah, I work at the Tri-Art Gallery.
I met her several times
with Ruchi and Faiza.
Right? Okay.
What a small world. Yeah.
But please don't panic.
I promise you, I'm perfectly capable.
Oh no, I didn't mean it like that.
I'm sure you'll be amazing.
Anyway, we aren't looking
for anything too dramatic.
- Just something more intimate.
- No.
I want drama!
I'll be turning fifty soon.
Really. I thought I'd never get married.
- But now
- You serious?
Yeah, I'm serious.
The groom must come in style in a baraat.
Well, whatever you guys decide.
It's north meets south.
He wants to go home.
Sorry, Son, just give me
five minutes more.
Will you wait down?
Ved, is it mint chocolate chip
or cookies and cream your favorite?
I'll treat you to both.
We'll have them at home.
You'd like that?
He's really shy?
Not usually.
I got divorced a few months ago, so
he's been a little quiet since then.
He'll come around. Trust me.
Oh, fuck!
Babe, you didn't have
to dress up for my friends.
I dress up.
Your friends are incidental.
That's the birthday boy.
- Happy birthday!
- Thank you.
- Hi. Tara.
- Hi. Aman.
You look different.
Very funny, Tara.
Guys, let's do a round of shots.
- Cheers!
- Cheers!
One picture?
If Tara's borrowing money
from your mom,
they've gotta be pretty tight.
Yeah, but
if it helps with the divorce,
I'm not complaining.
Do you think she tells her
things about us?
What things?
I don't know. Like
where we're getting a place,
what we'll call the baby.
I don't want her to have any information.
Bindu Khanna is the Gestapo.
I didn't even know I had a sister.
That's the first time
you're calling her your sister.
If you think this was some moment
of great catharsis,
then you're wrong.
You know she made me her nominee.
For her shares in the business.
Tells you she has no one in her life.
Tells me she's your sister.
Hello. That was quick.
Why waste time?
I'm Danish, and I think you're gorgeous.
Thank you.
But I don't wanna waste your time either.
So I just wanna get this out of the way.
I'm trans.
And I'm curious to know more.
About you. Your life.
All of it.
I just wanna go on a date, Danish,
not give a TED talk.
That's hilarious!
I like that.
You can totally take me out for a drink.
I'll give you a ring
by the end of the day.
- Yeah?
- Sure, ma'am.
- Thanks.
- Thank you, ma'am.
- This is perfect for the wedding.
- We can have the ceremony here.
And we have the banquet hall
for the vows ceremony.
- We have to have music.
- Oh, yeah!
Dance at the reception.
This is the wedding.
Absolutely, yes!
Works for you, Pallavi?
I mean, if not, we can look
at the other hotels
in the Marriott Bonvoy portfolio.
They're all very good.
No. This is beautiful.
So, actually, I was thinking
that if we're really doing this,
then I also want one from my side.
A wedding is for both sides, sweetheart.
No. That's not what I mean.
What I mean is that if we're doing
pheras for your family,
then we should also do something
for our family, no?
Sure. I mean, there's so much space here,
so we could sit with you
and figure out what you need.
That would be great.
See, it'll be a Buddhist wedding, and
We're having a court wedding
followed by pheras.
And another ceremony?
Isn't that too much?
I think you're right.
Actually, Pallavi,
one ceremony is more than enough.
Sis, let's go to the reception directly.
honestly speaking,
I wanted a court marriage.
So what I'm trying to say is that
if we’re doing your traditional ceremony,
I want a Dalit wedding as well.
Why are you being stubborn?
How am I being stubborn?
Chill, Sis.
Stop being an activist for once!
No, it's her day, Amit.
We'll have as many weddings
as she wants. Right?
- Yeah.
- Done.
don't spend all your inheritance
on the wedding!
But this is a serious matter,
Mrs. Jauhari.
The parents say
she was molested by Chetan.
And he shot it on his phone.
And the video was apparently circulated.
Have you seen the video?
No, sir.
Did Chetan molest Shruti?
No, sir, she hooked up with him.
Hooked up?
What does "hooked up" mean?
they kissed and stuff.
- So Chetan was her boyfriend?
- No, sir.
Shruti made out with two other guys
from a higher standard last year.
And Chetan knew that.
So what?
He wouldn't have a girlfriend like her.
when can he attend school again?
Not until this blows over.
Based on what Shruti's parents
have told us,
we're lucky they haven't
gone straight to the police.
Yes, her version is pretty disturbing.
This will be extremely bad for our
school's reputation if this gets out.
No, Jazz. It's a grey file.
All the trip vouchers
and bills are in that file.
Yes, ma'am, I'm just
Look in my room.
- Ma'am, I found it.
- Give it to the accountant.
- Yes.
- I'm not coming to the office today.
- Is everything okay, ma'am?
- It's a family matter.
Okay, ma'am. I'll inform Karan.
I don't want Dhruv's name mixed up
in the case, Joshi-ji.
The friend's accused, not him, right?
So, we'll handle it.
Let the case be filed first.
I'll call you then.
You're getting too worked up.
No, SP sir.
This won't end that easily.
Yes, Jazz?
So, you know, we thought of something
like this for the entryway.
The mandap would be something like this.
So we retain
the Tamilian palette and feel.
Perfect. I love it.
Okay, great.
Sir, not to worry at all.
You're definitely getting your
Punjabi baraat.
No. All good.
One more thing.
I know we've
sent save-the-dates and all,
but for the wedding,
I would like to use my maiden name,
Shall we discuss this later?
It's okay.
Can we change that now?
Yeah. Shouldn't be a problem.
Jazz, will you get on that?
Yes, sir.
Just give me two minutes,
and I'll be back.
- Which way's the restroom?
- Yeah.
Just that way.
Up those stairs, to the left.
Ved, two minutes then we go.
Sir, I'll show you some references
for the invitation.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Jazz, also show him the options
that the designers have sent
- for the baraat outfit.
- Yes, sir.
I'm Karan.
What's your name?
Ved Menon.
Ved Menon.
What do you want to be
when you grow up, Ved Menon?
My father is an engineer.
Come. Should we go?
Sir, should I email you
the rest of the options?
- Bye.
- Yeah.
But this we'll fix this.
- Kabir.
- Yes?
If you're done, want to go to a movie?
I wish you'd told me earlier.
I just I just made plans.
A date?
I'm not gonna lie to you.
Don't worry. I'll take Meher.
He's a goofball!
Watch how he swears.
How did you know I wanted
to eat pasta?
Oh, did you?
No. Just being romantic.
- Want some?
- Nah.
What happened between you and Tara?
Nothing. Why?
You're here. We're clean.
You didn't have to quit, you know.
I want to support you.
So, I'm having a really hectic week,
but definitely the weekend?
Sunday, 8 p.m.
Meet me near the bar.
I’ll be carrying a rose.
Hi, Ma.
How is my child?
Have you eaten?
Yes, I was trying
to make some lentil soup.
But it was nothing like yours.
You probably didn't season it right.
You must learn how to cook.
Or else no boy will marry my daughter.
Your father is saying "hi" to you.
Hi, my child.
Oh! Hi, Papa.
- Nice shirt!
- Thank you, my child.
He looks around and says,
"There's so much diversity,
we must celebrate."
And then an Indian girl pipes up and says,
"Diversity? With 93% men
in the sociology department?
What do you think, Nick?"
The whole room bursts into laughter.
And then I fell in love with her,
right there and then.
You're not so bad yourself.
A hotshot lawyer.
Hawking and Sherman, by the way.
She's just being polite.
She usually refers
to my firm as "The Dark Side."
You're not supposed to say that
in front of the camera.
He's such a giraffe. We're sorry.
- That's It's okay, guys. No, don't worry.
- Sorry.
I don't know. We're just really light
around each other.
And we're very easy.
- You know, we flow.
- Yes.
He's my friend.
And, I think
I think I can be myself with him.
And, so what is "yourself"?
A troublemaker.
And lovely. Got it.
- Done?
- Done.
It's your turn.
- Yeah.
- It's very stressful.
- It's looking really nice, though. Yeah.
- Oh, really?
I really loved you in that interview
with Asia In Talks.
- Oh, thanks for watching.
- It was really nice.
Oh, thank you. You now!
- What must I say?
- Come on!
Just say that, you know, nice things.
Say that how excited you are
about the wedding.
- Just normal things.
- Wedding?
Where you're basically trying
to prove a point.
Why are you speaking like that?
Sis, why don't you get it?
None of us wants a Dalit wedding.
Don't you get it?
- Why aren't you doing your homework?
- I'll do it.
- When?
- I'll do it!
- So when's that?
- When I feel like it.
First, learn how to talk politely.
You'll get it back in a month.
The school only cares about its reputation
and its business.
The principal says he has suspended
all the boys.
What use is that?
These boys are perverted criminals.
They need proper punishment.
We had no choice.
We had to go to the police.
Ma'am, one more question.
Why are you asking us?
Go and ask the principal.
- What else we could have done?
- Ma'am, please, ma'am.
You've just witnessed Shruti's parents
unwilling to even talk to us.
Even if Chetan made the video
and showed it around,
how's it the fault of the others?
- The girl is lying.
- She's lying one hundred percent.
- Her family wants money.
- They're not asking for money.
In fact, they haven't mentioned money.
They'll blackmail us.
You'll see.
The reputation of the boys will be ruined.
And they know it.
That was their plan, or why would
a schoolgirl say all this publicly?
We've all had such experiences.
Did we kick up a fuss?
Tell me. We all move on, right?
I'm sorry if something like this
happened to you.
But if it happens to anyone today,
then we must kick up a fuss.
You should let the lower one
flow down, okay?
- Yes.
- Mama, this looks amazing.
You've sourced such beautiful pieces.
Show them off.
And these vases.
Love them!
You know they're Bharat Vij.
Mother Earth? This is all his work?
I could take you to his studio.
Yeah? Nice.
Mama, I was thinking you could
help me with the business.
I mean
my aesthetic is your aesthetic
and we could
really make this work together.
I'm gonna need
to take some time out soon.
And I need someone I can trust.
Please don't tell me
that you're pregnant.
I knew it.
This quitting smoking and looser clothes.
I don't know what to say.
Well, you could say, "Congratulations."
You left your husband in Dubai
and came back.
He hit me.
You started seeing a married man.
His wife was your best friend.
You broke up his home
and are now pregnant and still single.
Your father can take just
that much shame.
Get married.
Or do not have this child.
Yeah, because he's like you.
This guy? Are you serious?
Adil's calling.
Hey, Tara, how's it going?
Who's the new boyfriend?
This changes the terms
of our settlement significantly.
I I don't know
what you're talking about.
"I don't know
what you're talking about"
Good. Go with it.
He knows.
About what?
About us, Raghav.
Fuck! I had this settlement in the bag.
It's just money.
Forget it.
It's not just money. It's a fortune.
Besides, I don't know if you should
be here right now.
At least, till the settlement is sorted.
Would you prefer that I leave?
Yeah, I'm sorry.
I need to figure this out.
Fine, if that's what you need.
Yeah, that is what I need.
You're blackmailing her.
Blackmail no, Faiza. I'm negotiating.
By putting a detective on her.
I mean, how does one even get a detective?
Oh, this is Tara.
I need all the ammo I can get.
not letting this go.
And how long is this going to last?
As long as it takes.
I'm a pregnant woman living in a hotel.
I'm starting to show.
What am I supposed to do?
Walk around Delhi,
carrying your bastard child?
Fuck off!
We're not living in the 18th century.
Tell that to my father.
I would.
You haven't even got me a ring?
I'm marrying you!
Hey, if a ring makes it more real,
I'll give you a ring.
You really want a ring?
I really want you
to want to get me a ring.
Yes, Tara. Tell me.
Adil threatened me.
What do you mean he threatened you?
He said if I'm seeing someone,
he can change the terms of the settlement.
He called you out of the blue?
He may have someone following me.
Are you seeing someone?
Tara, it is important for me to know.
I can help you accordingly.
There's no proof.
If need be, I can deny it. Or
I can leave him.
Or I can break up with him.
No. Don't panic.
Just keep it low-key.
Love this place.
- Isn't it
- I like it too.
- Watch your step.
- Hello.
- It's beautiful.
- Yes, ma'am?
Yeah, he's with me.
Yeah, all okay.
Okay, bye.
Is that Tara?
Is she checking on me?
No, just
Sir, all these cars are available.
My friend will make sure
the car you choose will look spanking new.
Okay, well done, Jazz.
Show this to Rohit. Let him pick one.
Jazz, get a test drive done.
- Yeah, sure. I will.
- Yeah, okay.
Want some chocolate?
Is something wrong?
It's okay.
Let it out.
You can say what you want or
you don't have to say anything.
I hate my mother.
Even I hate my mother.
She's mean to me.
Why do you hate yours?
She doesn't care about me.
You sure?
She only wants
to get married to Rohit uncle.
Your mother cares about you
more than mine cares about me.
She takes you everywhere.
Mine doesn't.
That's because you're old.
I'm not that old!
I still get upset.
You know how I deal with it?
I let her be her.
And I let me be me.
I want to speak to my father.
But she doesn't let me.
Yes, over there.
Rohit, what do you think?
There's no lack of space.
This is totally doable.
We do the Pallavi wedding here
and the main wedding in the banquet.
Why do you keep calling it
the "main wedding"?
- You know what I mean.
- No, I don't actually.
there's a limit to equality.
Sharma-ji is letting his son marry her.
That itself is a big deal.
If this wedding was taking place
in our village,
by now Menke family would be
Now you know
why you shouldn't
call it the "main wedding."
Oh, it's gorgeous.
- Isn't it?
- Yeah.
- Kumar?
- It's your family's name.
Yeah, but I don't use it.
I've reclaimed my real name.
I know, babe.
- They're only using our first names.
- I know
It'll be weird if they wrote
Vikram weds Pallavi Menke.
That's not what I mean.
But if you use Kumar here
Hello, Mumlet.
- Do you have two minutes?
- Please sit.
- What's wrong?
- Nothing serious.
We were just talking.
It's better we follow the original plan.
What do you mean by "original plan"?
Our guru has said the pheras
have to be at 2 p.m.
Another ceremony will follow that.
And then to serve lunch will be too late.
What do you think?
I'll tell you what I think.
I think let's just stick
to the court marriage.
That way, it'll be easier on everybody.
What the hell was that?
I can't pretend anymore.
Are you really okay with what
your mother was suggesting?
- No.
- Then?
But neither am I okay with you snapping
at my family and walking out.
Vikram, your family is not comfortable
with who I am.
Please don't make assumptions
- on their behalf.
- Oh, come on!
Your family is very sweet and very nice,
as long as my identity is about
the Ivy League stature and the awards.
And the Dalit me?
They'd rather whitewash it!
God, you're being paranoid.
I'm being paranoid, okay.
You know what?
This is today's newspaper.
Okay. Please have a seat.
Let's look at the matrimonials.
See what people want.
Do you see any inter-caste marriages here?
When was the last time you've been
to an inter-caste wedding?
You've not been in India long enough
to know these things.
I'd be the first one to say something
if I felt they were letting you down.
I do not need you to save me.
Your parents didn't even ask me
if I wanted pheras.
They deliberately did not put
my caste name on the cards.
And now this timing nonsense!
What do you think all this is about?!
Aren't you reading a little bit
too much into this?
No. You can't see it.
- I can't see it?
- Yes, you can't see it.
So, what now?
Let's go back to the court marriage.
Your shit is so complex.
And it's my wedding also!
And it's my family.
Don't you understand that?
So you have to calm down.
Yeah. My shit is really complex.
But your shit stinks of privilege.
So go fuck off!
If it wasn't for what I've achieved
would your parents
even approve of this marriage?
what do you want?
What do I want?
I just want to be treated as an equal.
This is not about your politics.
Of course, this is about my politics.
Everything is about the politics.
I'm a public figure. It matters what I do.
It matters what choices I make.
It matters that I stand by my principles!
And, above all, Vikram, it matters to me!
What about my family? And how they feel?
Vikram, if your family is honest
about how they feel,
I promise you I can be of help.
Vikram left in a huff.
Do whatever you think is right.
We're with you, child.
Of course, we are.
But think about Vikram's situation too.
Why create problems for him?
Father, she isn't interested
in anyone else's problems.
She wrote a book about our caste.
And forced all of us to come out.
- Excuse me?
- Amit, stop
Mom, one second.
What do you mean exactly?
Did you ever ask me if I wanted
to be known as a quota student?
Did you?
Are you ashamed?
Sis! You live in New York,
and we live in Delhi.
We face it every single day!
But why do you feel ashamed?
Have you thought about it?
No. We don't think. Right?
You're the only intellectual
in the family.
We're a band of fools.
Don't change the topic.
Why do you feel ashamed?
Because for centuries,
these people have told us to be.
- Yeah, right. So what?
- So what?!
If you want people
to treat you a certain way,
start treating yourself like that first.
Okay, fine.
I'll start treating myself like that
by not coming to your wedding. Okay?
- Enough!
- Where's he going?
No. Let it be
I think it's going
to cause too much confusion.
Are you sure?
We have two separate venues.
We can easily have two ceremonies.
Actually, I think it's better we leave it
to a court wedding.
This has become a nightmare.
Don't get upset, son.
But Amish uncle
and Mira aunty have said
they don't want
to attend this kind of a ceremony.
This kind of a ceremony?
We don't want to tell Pallavi,
but the truth is that
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