Made in Heaven (2019) s02e06 Episode Script

Warrior Princesses

I thought the wedding dress I wore
at my wedding
should be worn by Elmira.
It's mustard-green too.
This palette was actually approved
two weeks ago,
so we've already manufactured
the mustard-green backdrop.
It actually won't look good
if the backdrop is the same.
I really want to wear it.
It's been a tradition in this family.
Oh, okay.
Okay. Let me let me figure this out.
Don't worry about the budget.
It's a
It's a last-minute change.
Darling, thank you.
It'll be worth it. I promise.
Come, Waris.
Want to tell us about school today?
He's already late for football.
- Say goodbye to everyone.
- Bye.
Have a good game.
Oh, we met on a flight
from London to Antwerp.
Every time there was a little bit
of turbulence,
he would freak out.
It wasn't that bad.
It was really bad.
But she did notice,
and she spoke to me very nicely.
Yeah! It's my job
to talk to kids when they get scared.
I used the same lines on this baby.
And you did try to give me a drink.
Do you do that to all the kids?
Not at all.
We both come from two different worlds.
But I found our family values
to be the same.
I was a little scared because
he's a married man.
I tried not to love him.
It was impossible.
How many times must I tell you?
How many times will you lie?
- I am not lying!
- Dhruv!
Why would I make a video of her, Mom?
Is she a big diva or something?
Gaurav told me. He's seen that video.
Gaurav doesn't know anything.
Why would he lie?
He's scared for you.
we just showed him some porn.
- What?
- Yeah.
He must be confused.
You showed your young brother porn?
Have you gone mad, Dhruv?
I'm sorry.
So lovely to see you.
- How are you?
- I'm okay, Ma.
Thank you so much for this.
You have single-handedly
saved Lefaraz's wedding.
Is she as beautiful in real life?
Yeah. She's very pretty.
How are you, Ma?
I've been fine, my child.
Moving on.
We all have to.
Adil was telling me
there's a deadlock in the settlement.
Close that chapter, Tara.
It will be good for both of you.
I'll leave.
You're renovating?
I'm sorry.
You were not supposed to see that.
It is what it is.
Settle and finalize the divorce.
Do it for me, child.
This house needs to be a home again.
Why don't you go wait at the bar?
No. I want to be here.
You okay?
What are you doing on Wednesday night?
No plans.
I'm having dinner with Mom and Dad.
Do you wanna come?
I'd love to.
He's only six years old, and he's a star.
He's so cute!
Mintoo is the best!
Do you like kids?
And I like theatre.
I'm so lucky. I love my job.
Listen. Even I love producing weddings,
so stop showing off, okay?
But adults can be a little annoying
to handle sometimes.
Design my new play.
Are you serious?
Of course.
It'll be new for you.
It'll be amazing for me.
I would love that.
What are you doing?
This is a sleepover.
I'm trying to sleep over you.
I need to work.
Can I help you?
I am designing a commitment
ceremony between two amazing women.
What do you suggest?
Is that them?
I see them in shining armor on horseback,
riding into the sunset.
That's really cool, actually.
Design done!
Are you going?
I told you.
I have a 5 a.m. airport pick-up.
I had to drop some people off.
I'm sorry I got late.
You should be sorry.
You could have taken me
to that fancy party.
Oh, my God. Elmira!
Is this all yours?
It's better than the photos, right?
Be careful.
This is my sister Saemira
and my mother Era.
- Adaab.
- This is Shehnaz.
Elmira only has golden words for you.
Thank you so much for all this.
My pleasure.
Come inside.
Your rooms are ready in case
you'd like to rest for a bit.
- Put their bags inside. Thank you.
- Take them inside.
We were worried she was going far,
to another country.
But now I see you,
and I feel she is safe.
Welcome to our home!
And this must be the gorgeous
- How are you? Good to see you
- Mummy, Era.
- This is Saemira.
- How was your flight?
- Very good, thank you.
- You have a wonderful family.
- And this is Wasim.
- Now,
it doesn't look
like a 10-hour flight at all.
So we can do it at a heritage monument.
It'll have a lovely vintage vibe.
We'll light some old torches.
And the two of you make a royal entrance.
A bit over dramatic, don't you think?
I love it!
We're warrior princesses.
Come on, let's own it.
If it were up to Radhika,
we'd be signing papers
in her lawyer's conference room.
That's still my top option!
Don't be a party pooper.
I'm giving you everything I have.
You're a teacher. You don't have anything!
Yeah! And all that nothing is yours now.
So, about the guest list.
Is this the final one?
Because I don't see your family in here.
My parents don't speak to me.
I still think we should invite them.
For what?
To do your bit.
"I'm your daughter.
We're having a commitment ceremony,
and it'd be nice if you were there."
I agree. You never know.
I know.
My parents don't make me
feel right about myself.
And I don't think
there's anything wrong with me.
Anything else?
No. We're good for now.
Okay. Lovely.
Sorry. Excuse me, guys.
If there's anything you need me to do
just say it.
Chetan was with Shruti for four months.
After school, in the afternoons,
when his parents were at work,
they'd go to his house.
He gave her many gifts.
And she took all of them.
Check her Insta posts.
Yeah, we know about that.
Shruti says she was Chetan's girlfriend.
And her relationship
with him was consensual.
She also said Chetan made a video of her.
And then Chetan's friends started
blackmailing her using that video.
Blackmail? Meaning?
Sir, I don't know about any video, sir.
The girl says
Chetan threatened
to post that video on social media
if she did not listen to him.
He made her sleep with Ashish
and perform oral sex on Harsh.
No, sir. She's lying.
She wants to take revenge on Chetan.
Why do you say that?
Why would she want
to ruin her own reputation?
Sir, Chetan didn't want
to be her boyfriend.
She wanted to make him jealous,
so she slept with Ashish and Harsh.
And now she's angry.
- So, that's why Chetan
- Okay.
Have you seen that video?
No, sir.
Sir, I don't know about any video, sir.
I've read about it.
Your son is one of the boys?
It's all over the news.
What does your son say?
Bulbul-ji, it'll be okay.
It'll be fine. Don't worry.
Listen, you please take your time.
If you need anything, tell me, please.
Thank you.
Tara, legally our case is weak.
The threats haven't worked.
They're going to court
and you'll lose the company shares.
It's fucking ridiculous!
Adil was cheating on me.
Faiza's pregnant!
I go on a few dates after a breakup,
and that's a fucking problem?
Adil will use anything
to make sure that you get nothing.
What do I do?
- Should I leave him then? Will it help?
- I can't answer that.
You know Adil best.
My advice is
rethink what you're asking for.
The company is not coming
to you either way.
- When is your next game?
- Tomorrow.
Good. We'll come for the finals.
- Okay?
- You must come.
Where's Rizwan?
Playing about somewhere.
Does he have tea with her every day?
it's a small price to pay.
Look at me.
No more air hostessing.
I'm being served now.
The wife will be a problem.
Get her out
or else get your own house.
This living together
It won't work.
We're playing against UPS school.
Wasim and she have separate rooms.
They all say that.
He won't give her custody of the kids.
He'd rather she stay and mother them.
To be honest,
I think he's also used to the way
she runs the house
Come here.
My sister also has golden hair.
She is also Goldilocks.
Does he know the color's from a bottle?
It doesn't matter.
Till the roots start showing.
My roots will never show.
You'll keep sending me my color.
I hope he's not troubling you.
No, not at all.
I adore him.
Rizwan, come here.
I told you not
to wander in here alone. Come.
He has schoolwork.
I'm so sorry.
Actually, we were told that
we could check out this room
to light up the corridor.
We can come back. Thank you.
Okay. So, yeah, we can have floor seating
in the lawn here.
Hang lights in clusters from those trees.
The musicians are over there
in the center, diagonal seating.
I want candles on
Jazz! Focus!
How will this work?
Something is not okay with Shehnaz ma'am.
Jazz, our job is to fix the lights
and place the flowers. Okay?
They must have some sort of arrangement.
Open arrangement?
You sure Radhika will be okay with this?
I'm sure of nothing.
Thank you so much
for coming with me. I don't think I
Mrs. Sharma?
Could we talk to you?
About what?
I'm Tara, and this is Aditi.
Actually, Radhika doesn't know
that we've come here.
The thing is that we're exchanging vows.
It's called a commitment ceremony.
And, well
It wouldn't be complete
without the two of you there.
We're already a laughingstock
in our community.
And now this new drama.
For us
this is something
very difficult to accept.
I understand.
My best friend,
he's gay too.
His mother does not understand
his reality as well.
He pretends like it doesn't matter.
But actually, he's very, very sad.
We're all there for him.
But nothing can replace a mother.
Her father
will never give in.
I said nothing can replace a mother.
If you change your mind,
and I really hope you do,
please come.
I know my parents would love to meet you.
Thank you for your time.
It was lovely to meet you.
You don't believe Dhruv at all, do you?
Maybe he's gone after his father.
If he's telling the truth
he'll never forgive you.
He isn't telling the truth.
You told Mummy you saw that video?
The Chetan and Shruti one?
Were you telling the truth?
Listen to me carefully.
If Dhruv is lying,
it's straight to jail.
He'll rot there.
Could he really be sent to jail?
If he is lying, then yes.
So now think carefully and tell me.
What video did you see?
Please knock.
What is this?!
What is this?!
Who do you think you are?
So you can do whatever you want?
You'll treat girls like this?
Video them and go scot-free?
- Escape punishment? Dhruv?
- Bulbul.
Are you boys blackmailing Shruti?
- It wasn't blackmail.
- Then what was it?
She was ready!
What kind of chick
would let him film a hook-up video?
And what kind of guy
would video his girlfriend
and show it to his pals?
And then blackmail her?
I'm ashamed that you're my son.
Come with me to the police station.
I won't get my friends into trouble.
And if you show this to the police,
I'll never talk to you again.
Fuck off!
Dhruv, open the door!
Open the door!
Come out!
Get out of there!
I'm not in the mood for maroon.
It's pretty.
Okay, Ma. Please just choose something.
Hold this.
Your daughter is quite lovely.
Thank you.
I was so worried when we moved to India.
How will Aditi adjust?
Will people accept her over here?
When did she tell you?
I always knew.
I wasn't sure about my husband.
When she told us, she was 14.
And I was so surprised
by his reaction.
He was so protective and so supportive.
Her health and happiness
are all that matter to him.
I I have to run.
I'll see you guys for lunch.
Hi, girls!
Hi! Enjoy your game. Hi.
Your personal life is not sitting well
with the board.
All of you knew about it from the start.
I never lied about my sexuality.
But you're making it public
by putting up posts
about your ceremony on social media.
Keep it quiet.
Do what you want to.
But why must you flaunt it?
So be gay.
But in private.
Like I'm doing something dirty.
That's not what I'm saying.
Then what are you saying?
That I'm out of a job?
I can try again.
If you assure us that
you won't go ahead with
I won't go ahead with "this"?
Are you serious?
I will not be canceling "this."
And you're still invited.
Yeah, Nicky.
Yeah, but Nicky,
we haven't met in a year, man.
Look, all I'm saying is that
it's my birthday.
Mum and Dad are going to be there.
And it would be nice
if you were there as well!
Oh! My brother is so screwed up!
He thinks I'm having this great life
while he's stuck having
to deal with our father's store.
I mean, who asked him to?
I found my calling. Left Manali.
Joined theatre.
I didn't abandon him.
And he constantly guilt-trips me.
Hey, look. I spent years pissed
at my brother.
Because he didn't get me. Okay?
And that's all I could see in him.
But, the truth is
my existence was bloody rough on him.
And I was a shit brother.
The minute I acknowledged that
everything changed.
I think I'm a better sister.
Maybe your brother
his resistance is not about
guilt-tripping you.
Just like you leaving was not about
abandoning him.
he just felt let down.
So, stop trying to be so defensive and
acknowledge that maybe it must've been
really hard on him, you know.
What do you think?
I think you're the best.
I think you're fucking amazing!
- To one life!
- One life.
Thank you.
How are your mother and sister?
They're shopping their life out.
- Is the tea okay, honey?
- It is.
Have they gone around
to Connaught Place or Chandni Chowk yet?
Yeah. They are now in Khan Market.
What's this? Where are you taking it?
Sir said to put it in the new room.
No! Put it right back.
What are you staring at?
Do as I say!
What is it?
Wasim can buy new furniture
in keeping with the status
of his new family.
These are things we collected
over a lifetime.
He can’t give it to her.
Shehnaz, you're getting too emotional.
You're making a scene unnecessarily. This
It's only a desk. So what--
It's not just a desk.
It's a part of my life.
How much must I change my life?
Shehnaz, I understand.
But polygamy is permitted.
People change with the times.
For centuries slavery was permitted too.
Wasn't slavery banned?
Then there's only one solution.
Divorce him.
And sacrifice living with my children?
You know full well Wasim will never
give me custody of the children.
That’s what he told my lawyer.
Please make sure the function
starts on time.
Yes, absolutely. Yeah!
It's a school night.
I thought we should get new furniture.
But that will be too much of a change.
Why? It's looking good, Ma.
Has Raghav cooked
anything specially for you?
Yes, he has.
I wish he does it every day.
Raghav has inherited the magic
in his mother's hands.
The best cook is Neelam.
You're too much!
Try this. Dry chili chicken.
I went to buy king prawns
at the INA market.
Only a dozen prawns were left in Seascape.
Suddenly the prices were high!
Hitting the roof.
Is that so?
Not that story again! Please, stop!
- Be quiet!
- Please.
The price was 1800, now it's 3000.
Take it or leave. Just imagine.
Give us the chance to imagine,
then we surely will.
Anyway! That's when I decided
to feed you all chicken instead.
- How is it?
- Very nice.
So what did you think of them?
You're all so nice to each other.
What do you mean?
No one has a hidden agenda.
What does that feel like?
It feels like family.
I'm sorry you didn't get that.
The lack of "that"
is what pushed me out of
my comfort zone.
Was it tough?
Yeah, it was.
But I'm not sorry.
I think she's smart, she's funny! She's
Who told you to make this plan
with Gauri?
Hey, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I interfered.
But now that I have,
aren't you even a little bit interested?
I mean, she's your sister.
Look, if I get done early,
I'll come.
Don't commit on my behalf.
No, I'm not stupid.
Don't come if you're in this mood.
Fine. Gotta go.
Thank you for seeing me.
I only have 20 minutes, so
I'm not dating anyone.
He's just a friend.
I know all your friends.
I had to make new ones.
The ones you know dropped me.
I had nothing to do with that.
You have nothing
to do with my life right now.
- Why are you threatening me?
- I'm not threatening you.
Adil, please!
Raghav's a really nice guy.
But he's a chef!
He cooks
for a living.
Yeah, I know what a chef does.
He's really sweet.
What he isn't is
I think I'll stay here for a bit, okay?
I paid for the room in your name.
No one can know about this.
I know.
Don't worry about the company shares.
I'll just take the Khanna house.
You're fucking with me, right?
You're joking, right?
Tara, c'mon!
We live there.
I know.
We live there. Come on!
You twisted, fucking bitch!
Sorry, I'm late.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- You have a tough handshake.
- I'm flexing.
- So what are we having?
- Sushi?
Good by me.
Salmon avocado? You like that.
- Spicy tuna?
- Spicy tuna?
Can you stop agreeing with me?
Sure. I'll have the ramen.
Hey, Gauri.
I'm sorry we started off
on the wrong foot.
Yeah. Me too.
Would you like a drink?
Yeah, I'd like many!
Excuse me.
Isn't she just like you and your dad?
You don't give up, do you?
Well, we're starting a family, you know.
Let's not have any broken parts
lying around.
Broken parts?
Come here.
Your parents are going to be fine.
I'll make sure of it.
What made you decide to come tonight?
I realized
that you only have good intentions.
What does that mean?
It means I love you.
Excuse me.
At our wedding
there was only a priest
and Rooh Afza to drink.
We didn't have all this money then.
Up till now, I never felt our
marriage lacked anything.
You have really beautiful boys.
Thank you.
I know all about you.
I followed your case.
The way you stood up to be counted.
That was amazing.
Thank you.
Sometimes it just takes a few people
to take a stand, you know.
I wish they knew that
It's your birthright.
- Take this over there.
- Yes, ma'am.
You're smelling very nice!
Shall I send them?
But we’re five boxes short.
Wasn't it your turn with Shruti
every other week?
What would you do?
You'll end up in jail.
Do you understand?
How can you do this to a girl, Dhruv?
First, tell me.
What happened to Papa?
Why don't you ever talk about him?
Why do we never mourn him?
Why don't we meet his parents?
Because of you and Jauhari?
First, you tell me.
Tell me.
I had to propose three times
before she finally said yes.
Same-sex marriage isn't legal in India.
They will be.
And until then, we will exchange vows
and sign over powers of attorney
to each other.
What's up?
The day you find a girlfriend,
our arrangement will be over, right?
Where where's this coming from, Jazz?
You flirt with other girls,
even with me around.
Kabir, I've seen you!
Hey! If there was something serious,
I would tell, right?
So I can never be your girlfriend?
You mean there's not even a chance?
Jazz, I don't
I don't want a committed relationship.
I don't want to commit to anyone.
Just don't want a relationship.
I'm sorry, man.
The truth is you don't want
to commit to me.
You're embarrassed to be with me.
Jazz, please.
I've seen your parents' home.
I know what this is all about.
I'm not well-read.
Haven't done a world tour.
Don't know the difference between
a boat and a ship.
Culture and sophistication.
Way beyond me, right?
You're ashamed to take me anywhere.
is this about that stupid fucking party?
I'm sorry. But you would’ve gotten bored.
It was full of documentary filmmakers
and artists.
In the end, you’re as hollow as the rest.
Excuse me?
What about that mechanic?
You think I don't know you?
I know you, man.
Something’s on with the two of you, right?
He's the one who paid for your
brother's rehab.
His name is Nadeem.
And he did help me. So?
So you're fucking him?
How do you care?
It’s an “open relationship,” right?
I knew it, man.
He's a real friend. Not like you.
What does that mean?
He's the same inside and out.
He doesn't try
to impress people as you do.
Please don't stop. Keep talking.
You're being honest, fucking finally.
Please speak.
You talk big about society
and social equality.
You're a pseudo.
Actually, inside you're a typical
Delhi classist.
And that's what you are.
What are you, Jazz?
What are you?
Why are you fucking hiding Nadeem?
Please bring him to the office.
Let's have lunch with him, man.
What does he like to eat?
Fuck you, Kabir.
Yes, fuck you too, man.
I'm going.
To Radhika's wedding.
That isn't a wedding.
People like her
cannot get married.
Whatever it is.
I'm attending it.
Have you gone mad?!
Go and change your clothes.
You're going nowhere!
Control your tongue.
I don't need your permission,
and neither does she.
I see.
So her behavior is normal now?
You know what is not normal?
That you believe you have the right
to tell your adult wife
and your adult daughter
how they must live their lives.
I'm so glad you came.
Come. Please come.
Let us cherish this special moment
and witness the coming together
of these two beautiful souls
through the good times and the bad.
Let us join them in celebrating
their love.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I will now request Radhika and Aditi
to express their profound commitment
to each other.
I promise to love
and respect you forever.
I promise to love
and respect you forever.
- I love you.
- I love you.
Aditi ma'am is the coolest.
She's expressing love
and that's what the world needs right now.
Papa says you can marry whoever you want.
Tonight felt so right, you know.
It was so special.
- No, let me, please. I asked you out.
- Why?
Look at who we are,
- taking each other out to brekkie!
- Yeah!
Hey, stranger.
You know where I am.
That's my brother Arjun.
Oh, hi. Nice to meet you.
That's Akshay.
Glad to see you out and about.
You know I've been
at the hospital with our mother.
Maybe you should come
for a special appearance.
If you're done with brunch.
See you.
I need to talk to you.
- Can we talk tonight, please?
- I don't think so.
You lied to me?
Listen, it's a long story, man.
We live together.
We watch multiple
seasons of your favorite show.
We have time for your long story.
I know something happened
with Tara you did not tell me.
And now I find out that you don't
go see your mom.
What the fuck is up?
Me and my mother
have a complicated relationship.
- And?!
- And I can't get into it!
And us?
Are you into us?
You know I care about you.
But I'm not going
to share my world with someone
who does not want
to share anything with me.
I'm sorry.
You were right
when you asked me those questions.
I didn't talk about your father
because I wanted to protect you.
Perhaps I made a mistake.
Your father was a very disturbed man.
He used to drink and beat me up.
The family behaved as though
the violence was normal.
No one wanted to get involved.
I was admitted to the hospital,
then discharged.
Fracture, cuts, black eye.
Broken teeth.
They all repeated one thing,
"This chick must've provoked him."
He nearly strangled you once.
You were tiny.
I picked up a knife from the kitchen.
He didn't think
I would have the guts to use it.
So he kept coming at me.
He didn't stop.
I punctured his left lung.
He died before the ambulance arrived.
Jauhari was our neighbor.
He helped me a lot.
He'd take me to the hospital.
I went to him with you in my arms.
Your father's family wanted
to file a case of murder against me.
They told many lies about me.
Loose chick
who hooks up with other men.
Jauhari told the police he was in the flat
with us that night.
It was an act of self-defense, he said.
And saved me.
Our society is sick, Dhruv.
What you
and your friends have done is sick.
I'm sorry.
It's my duty to make you a good man.
You can win the hearts of girls
with love and respect. Not by force.
Without their consent,
you cannot do anything.
Mummy, I don't want to go.
It'll be fun, Son.
Don't worry about me.
But I don't like her.
He's your father, after all.
Will he have another baby?
You’ll always be first, Waris.
No one can take your place.
Thank you.
The cars have left.
Jazz, make him sit. I’ll just
Yes. Sir
- Where's Shehnaz ma'am?
- The door's locked from the inside.
- She isn't opening the door.
- Do you have a duplicate key?
- I'll go check.
- Hurry up!
- Sir.
- Which key is it?
The small one.
The amount in the marriage agreement
is set at 51 lakhs,
given to you by Wasim Khan,
son of Bilal Khan.
Do you consent?
I consent.
Before the two witnesses,
Salim Shaikh and Sadiq Shaikh,
and all those present here,
you've given Elmira Basha,
daughter of Era Basha,
51 lakhs as per the marriage agreement.
Do you consent?
I consent.
After we're married, I will
Eat! Here.
- You have to eat something have this.
- No
No, put it down. I'll help myself.
Where do you want us
to go after our wedding?
- Where will you take me?
- Shall we go to Kashmir?
- Seen Shammi Kapoor dancing in Kashmir?
- Yes!
You can't do this, Shehnaz.
You have to stand up
and be counted.
And your boys
they need you.
They need you to get up and fight.
Thank you.
Old wives have warned,
"You cannot build your happiness
on the ashes of another's sadness."
So in this tragic tale,
there will be no victors.
And when all is said and done,
maybe Shehnaz will fight the fight.
Because in Delhi, princess or pauper,
every woman has
to turn warrior in order to survive.
I've sent the boys home.
I haven't told anyone about this yet.
You really care about my dignity,
don't you?
What do you want, Shehnaz?
I'm going to court.
I haven't done anything illegal.
That's the tragedy.
I've made my mind up.
I'm going to fight.
I'm going to fight to change the law
that allows people like you to do this.
I'm going to fight
to make polygamy illegal.
I am not only a Muslim
I am a citizen of this country.
We should have rights, too.
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