Made in Heaven (2019) s02e07 Episode Script

A Taste of Heaven

She went peacefully
in her sleep.
- She asked to be cremated.
- I didn't hear your call.
I know, Son.
I think
it was meant to be like this.
Now just remember the good stuff.
The good stuff.
The terms, as verbally agreed upon
earlier, remain the same,
with the addition
of the Khanna house in her name.
My client will sign the divorce papers
as soon as the house
is signed over to her.
Why are you doing this?
This is Kishore's house.
How can you even ask for it?
I'm talking to you, Tara!
Look at me!
You were part of this family,
weren't you?
Have you no respect for us?
I respect you
as much as you respect me, Ma.
The exact same amount.
Let's finish this.
Just initial--
What are you doing?
What the fuck, Roman?
Julie, I
I'm proposing.
You are drunk.
So go home and get some sleep!
One more?
Put one more.
- One more?
- Yeah.
Thanks. Yeah.
You don't need to do this.
I'll be fine.
I won't be fine.
Roman, you're a fucking decade
younger than me.
And cuter than you.
Look listen,
so what if you're older than me?
You're also smarter than me,
hotter than me.
Way more sorted in your career.
Look at you. You make serious cashola.
You're doing so well.
I can't think of any reason
not to marry you.
You're a catch!
And Jules,
you're the coolest chick I know.
Did Chetan send that to you?
He told me
because of the video,
we could hook up with her.
Mr. Dhruv Jauhari,
tell me if you had any physical
relationship with her?
You did the right thing
by speaking the truth.
Will I be locked up?
I don't know.
You just stopped responding
to my messages.
I haven't seen you in a year, Karan.
I know.
Can't disappear like this.
Anyway, I'm glad Arjun called me
this morning.
Have you informed the office yet?
No No, they must be hectic.
You have to tell Tara.
This is straight-up history, man.
I love Jama Masjid, it's stunning.
And what a view from the office
They get to see it every day.
- It's gorgeous.
- Yeah.
What an amazing view!
- Hey!
- Hi!
- Come.
- So you're thinking of a park
or a forest. That kind of thing?
Yeah. I've always wanted
to get married outside.
You know, in nature.
- Oh, is that allowed?
- Yes.
You do have to exchange vows
in a church, don't you?
- Well
- We're gonna meet the bishop
after this, actually.
Yeah. We're gonna get special permission
and get it fast-tracked.
And it'll happen in two weeks.
Two weeks from today?
Is that a problem?
No. We can absolutely do that.
But we'll have to do it in high gear.
- Yeah, of course.
- Sure.
Meeting with the parents tomorrow?
- Yeah? Okay.
- Yeah.
Hey, I like your look, man. Very nice.
Thanks, man. I try.
- See you. Bye.
- Bye.
How will you guys handle it?
I'm gone for three days.
Karan and I can handle it.
It's fine.
You just have fun.
Where is Karan?
Do you wanna call him?
Wow. Should've asked
for something else.
Answer it, Tara.
Tara, I
You what?
You're late again?
My mom died.
Where are you?
We're leaving for the cremation now.
I'm coming.
Tara, there's no need.
I'm on my way.
You can throw the petals.
What can I do?
Forgive me.
We should really go out
and see that one.
It's It's an amazing house.
It's okay.
Let's go.
Ma, you chill. You
You go to London,
and I'll find us the best house ever.
- You don't stress.
- The best house ever
is the one we have, Adil.
Now, what am I supposed to do?
Tara is fixated on this property
for some bizarre reason.
And frankly, I'd rather give her this
than shares of the company.
Your father built this house, Adil.
He willed it
to you to keep it in the family!
It wasn't meant for a divorce settlement!
It's just a house, Ma.
It's just bricks and mortar.
We can get another one.
Your father can hear you!
You know he built this company as well.
Just stop it.
What is the big deal?
It was her husband's dream home, Adil.
Why did you really agree to this?
What? You too? Fuck me.
I want Tara out of our lives.
Is that it?
She's toxic.
You know that.
Just give me a sec.
Did I wake you?
No. Not at all.
All good?
She died.
Oh, fuck.
Karan, I'm
I'm really sorry.
I didn't see her.
We didn't speak at all.
Really sorry, Karan.
Are you okay?
I thought you'd be staying
at your parents tonight.
I didn't see Akshay there.
I didn't call him.
Could you
fill me in
on the next one tomorrow?
You don't have to come to work, Karan.
- I'll just cancel my weekend.
- Please, Tara.
What do you want me to do?
Sit at home, alone with my thoughts.
I am divorced.
Are you sure you want
to do the ceremony outdoors?
Yes, we've got all the permissions.
And it's always been Julie's dream.
Great, so we'll just require a final list
of names, and
- We've got all that.
- Done.
Yeah, it's all done.
Except Roman keeps
adding random people to it.
Rajesh's family is not random. Okay?
Tell her, Mama.
I played PS at his house every day.
- Yeah, but he was 12.
- So?
Are you also going to decide
who his friends are now?
Ma, that's not what she's doing.
That's precisely what she's doing, Roman!
Okay, so we have the party,
the wedding, the reception dinner
Three events? Jesus!
Why can't the party
and the reception be the same?
Uncle, actually,
the party is just for our friends.
It will be similar to a sangeet.
Only I'll be playing with my band, so
So you'll be paying also?
Dada, we've discussed this.
Okay, we will handle everything.
So now you will handle everything.
Sir, I do have some money saved up, actually.
Excuse me.
Our son is 25 years old.
And you expect him to have the same
bank balance as your 35-year-old daughter?
- Leave it, Ma.
- Aunty, no.
- That's not what he meant.
- Yeah.
Of course, he did.
Sean Mendez's sarcasm is world-famous.
And your stingy husband
- is equally famous.
- Ma!
- Whoa! Stingy? Me?
- Relax!
Did I say anything?
Why are you dragging my name into this?
Did I even open my mouth?
But your wife certainly did.
So why don't you just ask her
to shut up?
- Mum!
- You shut up!
- I shut up?
- This is how you speak to people?
This is my house,
and I give as good as I get!
No! Listen, why don't we all just
For the record, Mrs. Mendez,
I will not tell my wife to shut up.
- Clearly.
- Your husband might be able to tell
- you what to do.
- Hey!
But in our home, the women
can make up their own minds.
Don’t presume
to understand what happens in our home.
- He's screaming like a hooligan.
- You think I tell women what to do?
- I have a loud voice.
- What about you?
What are you trying to say?
That I tell women what to do?
If I could tell my daughter what to do,
she wouldn't have gotten pregnant
with that loafer of a son of yours.
Sean, I think it takes two to tango.
- Unless you've forgotten.
- What?
At least, that's the rumor.
And, you know, the real rumor is
your daughter trapped our son.
- Ma, what are you saying?
- She trapped your son?
- This guy who thinks he's a great artist.
- You trapped him!
Plays swing music at the bloody gymkhana.
Even the old aunties don't dance
to his music.
- Sir, that is not true. I'm sorry.
- Oh!
Only the aunties dance.
Sorry, I'm late.
That's my brother Jason.
He's always late, as you can see.
- Hi, Jason.
- Hi, Jason.
- Hello. Please sit.
- Hello.
Thank you!
Right. So
And you are?
Karan. Hi.
What does the baby got to do
with the wedding?
So what did I miss, Karan?
What's swing music?
Google it, Jazz.
Is this wedding even happening?
Until it gets canceled,
let's just do our job, guys.
Their date is so close they don't
have time to cancel.
Didn't I say
I'd go on a pilgrimage to Akshardham
once the house was yours?
Now leave this cook.
This cook?
Suburban boys, living on a mortgage.
They're not for you.
He's a good guy, Mummy.
But "good" is not enough for you.
Sell the house in a few years.
The property market is down now.
What you'll do living alone
in that mansion?
Isn't Karan going to shift with you?
If he wants to.
I've asked him.
Why? Let him stay in the flat.
I'm sure he wants his privacy.
I'll move in with you.
I'll rent out this flat.
It'll pay for Mira's fees.
Don't worry about Mira.
You have done so much for us already.
Karuna's daughter is my daughter.
And if you're so worried about Mira, Mummy,
stop shopping.
Babe, you'll really like Abheet.
He's a nice, rooted, simple guy.
What do you mean "simple" guy?
He owns a resort.
His family owns it.
He stayed away.
Worked his way up in the industry.
Only now, he took over.
You know what I want to take over?
Room service, turn down service,
massages, chocolates on my pillow.
Basically, you wanna live in a hotel.
I heart hotel life.
I'm just gonna quickly go call Abheet.
- Yeah. I'll check in.
- Sure.
When will he check in, ma’am?
- He'll be checking in at five o'clock.
- Okay, ma'am.
Ma'am, please take a seat.
There should be a booking
under Raghav Sinha's name.
Yes, ma'am, we have been expecting you.
You are on the first floor.
It's a pool view, double room.
Double room?
Hey, what's up?
- How's it been, man?
- Good to see you, bro. Long time.
- How's it going?
- Yeah, man!
Could you upgrade us
to a suite, please?
Just quietly put it on my card.
No, ma'am. Everything's on the house.
Mr. Abheet Gidwani's orders.
Where is your spa?
Ma'am, we don't have a spa yet.
But the pool is open
from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Not bad, right?
So nice of him to treat us
to a holiday like this, no?
You wanna go for a swim?
Yeah. Sure.
So, when did you realize
he was the one?
Oh, this is so weird.
We haven't officially dated.
But we did see each other
unofficially, every now and then.
When? When did you guys first meet?
This is also in contention.
So, the Christian community in Delhi
is really small, right?
All families know each other.
So, Roman insists
that we met at the gymkhana.
But I don't remember him.
Until he got me to design that flyer
for his gig.
At a really discounted rate,
by the way.
So, how long ago was this?
Oh, about a year and a half.
Maybe a little bit more, actually.
We didn't actually think
we'd land up together.
How did he propose?
She really wants this.
And she's taken special permission,
you know.
Well, the bride wants nature.
Let's give her the Garden of Eden.
And they also want a dance party
the night before,
and a reception, post the wedding.
But shall we do both events
in the community hall?
Because we don't really have
another venue.
Find something near Eden Gardens.
I mean, it'll be easier.
Won't the same hall be boring?
We'll decorate it differently
for both things.
And it'll save them a ton of money also.
And Bulbul-ji can sing.
Where is Bulbul-ji, by the way?
What do you want?
To apologize to Shruti.
She isn't at home.
Where's she?
We sent her to her uncle's.
She'll study there.
She can't live in Delhi anymore.
You boys do whatever you please.
But society only punishes
the girls. Right?
I'm sorry, aunty.
Your sorry won't help.
Ma'am, the beauty of this property is that
this house has been
built around the trees.
But this is plastic.
Ma'am, besides that everything is real.
Just check outside!
And this floor, the finest Italian marble.
It doesn't look like it.
Because that side is still to be done.
Did you hear that?
She just hates it.
Don't be silly.
This is her on one of her good days.
- Really?
- Yeah.
This must be a negotiation strategy
or something.
- That's clever.
- I'm just kidding.
She's perpetually pissy.
Please talk to her.
- Shut up!
- Please do something.
Whom does this property belong to?
It was owned by the Manchandas earlier.
- Manchanda Textile?
- Yes.
Vastu-wise, it's perfect.
I don't care about all of that.
I do.
Correction. We care deeply about Vastu.
Please come, sir.
In the guest wing, you have three bedrooms
and two family rooms.
Nice pool.
So, you like it then?
It's okay.
Come on, Ma. We can make it a home.
Bindu's greatest hits!
Pool house there, dining table there.
And your ginormous installation
can find a place for it
somewhere there.
She's warming up.
This is how she expresses warmth.
Aunty Bindu,
the packers have seen the house.
They wanted to speak to you.
Are you okay?
I will never forgive that girl.
I will make sure you never
have to see her again.
Can you make sure we take everything?
Shall we stay another day?
I have to head back, love.
What are you looking at?
Interior design pages for the house.
Isn't the house already done up?
This Bindu will make sure
to take everything.
It's really strange, no?
For Adil's mom.
To move out of her own home
right after losing her husband.
You reap what you sow.
My flight's at two.
- What?
- Yeah.
You came for twelve hours?
I came for you.
So you're living alone?
With Tara.
I mean, all of this, it's not really me.
Tara is actually your wife, you know that?
Closest I'll come to being married.
How are you?
I didn't say a word at the prayer meeting.
Everyone kept praising her.
"She was so kind."
"She was so caring."
I didn't have a word to say.
People generally bring up the good things
when someone is dead.
It's easier to hold onto the positives
when you know it's truly over.
How bad did I make her feel
that she couldn't be nice to me?
She made herself feel bad, Karan.
Eventually, you'll think of her fondly.
But right now
Right now, you have the right to be angry.
And it's okay.
You're allowed to feel like this
because your mother was a bitch.
No, I'm
I'm sorry for saying this, but
But even you know that
that she never really put an effort
to understand you.
Sorry, if I've hurt you. I really am.
And I know you love her.
You will always love her.
But you don't have to like her, my friend.
It's okay.
It's okay to feel this way.
Don't kill yourself.
Don't feel guilty. It's fine.
It's okay.
It's okay.
I can't believe
you flew fourteen hours
to tell me my mom was a bitch.
I'm sorry, but someone had to.
It's okay.
It's fine.
Time's up?
Your car will be here
in half an hour.
You need a shower?
I need a hug.
Come here.
- Happy birthday!
- Thank you!
This is for you.
- You also got me a gift?
- Of course.
Now, this is Simran and Amrit.
Meher. Lovely to meet you.
- Hi.
- Same here.
- I'm just gonna steal her away.
- Yeah.
Your advice worked.
Nikki is here.
What? That's so nice.
It's very nice.
Listen, I feel really overdressed
for this party.
No, babe, the world is underdressed.
Now come on, let me show you off.
All this is beyond me.
These are my folks.
Indra and Jai.
So how long are you in Delhi for?
I don't know. We haven't decided as yet.
When's dinner?
She looks really good, yeah.
You look really surprised, yeah.
What if she changes her mind
and decides being a guy was better?
The idea's too stupid for me to engage.
that was a joke.
It wasn't funny.
Relax. I'm sorry.
Let's put a smile to that face.
Cheers, man.
What? You leaving already?
Do they know about me?
Why would I hide it?
You have the best birthday ever. Okay?
You sure you wanna leave?
I'll call you?
See you.
Kabir, shoot this, please.
Come, check this out.
What's this?
Come see this.
It's so good.
So, apparently, he was supposed
to go study music in college.
Now all that's changed.
That's not happening.
Well, life's given him something else.
Look at his face.
This is what he's meant to do.
Anything else will bore him.
I get what you're saying, Kabir. But
he's in love.
Dilshad was in love with me.
She didn't change her plans.
Shit happens.
Maybe she got bored of you and left.
To do what she's meant to do.
What was that?
I fucked up.
It's not funny. I fucked up.
It's very serious stuff, man! It's
- Girls these days, I tell you.
- Exactly.
What's wrong?
Why are you back so early?
You should be happy, no?
How are you, aunty?
I always worry about you.
I hear you don't want to get married.
Who told you that?
There are so many great suitors
sending you proposals.
All we hear from you is "no."
That Guljeet was such a fine boy.
Working in a bank in Toronto too.
He liked the photo of you.
These days I can't see anything
beyond work, aunty.
When age catches up with you,
there'll be no suitors in sight.
If I marry, it doesn't mean
I'll forget my duty as a daughter.
I won't stop looking after you.
You have nothing to fear.
This is beautiful, Meher.
Thank you.
So, how was your weekend?
Relaxed. It was good.
How was Danish's birthday?
I met his parents.
And the rest is history.
This is going to be gorgeous.
They deserve it. They're very cute.
They are.
They’re lucky.
How does it look? Killer, no?
It’s Roman's wedding, bro.
We have to tog up, guys.
This could be Roman's last gig.
Very funny.
You’re wearing that?
Good evening, everyone.
Down your shots and hit the floor.
Coz' this one's for Julie.
Hey, what's up, Jason?
Can I get a drag?
Yeah, sure.
Can you take me home?
I think I'm a little old for you.
Okay! Easy.
I only wanna hook up.
Why are you getting so heavy?
All right, listen.
I think there are plenty of other guys
inside that are closer to your age.
And I'm pretty sure they can't
resist your charm.
All right? Come on.
I don't know why I thought
you'd be more fun.
Oh, my God.
May you be the biggest rockstar
in the world!
Right now
the only thing getting big is Julie.
So, when you going to college?
There's been a slight change
of plan about that.
Whoa. You're not going to Berklee?
No, I can't bail
on her in this situation, right?
I'm pursuing that other F and B option.
It's gonna be good.
Another round?
- Yes. Totally.
- Three more, please.
Hey, what's up?
I can't sleep.
You wanna talk dirty?
No, Roman.
So then?
You sure about this or what?
About phone sex? 100%.
No. About you not going to Berklee.
Because I'm cool with you leaving.
Jules, we're getting married
in the morning.
Let's discuss this day after. Okay?
Sweet dreams, babe.
- Bye.
- Bye.
The flowers are here.
Lovely. So, you know what to do,
right, Ambika?
So, we have nine round
and one main family table.
Which will be horizontal
like this. And
Come on, you lot!
We only have five hours to go.
Hurry up!
Hey, morning.
Morning. Have you left?
No, but I'm done here.
I'll leave soon.
And you? All good at the park?
Yeah, I just finished. We're all set.
I'll see you soon.
So, we can do the interview now.
If you are okay with it?
Being with Jules is like
I have that song
that Pharrell Williams song is my
background score all the time, you know.
"Because I'm happy."
You know that song, right?
Of course, yeah.
That's a great song.
Yeah, she's amazing.
You know she has her own passions
and her own stuff going on.
I find that really
really attractive.
I heard you were drunk
when you proposed to her.
She told me to fuck off.
- She sounds amazing.
- She is.
Are you okay, man?
Yeah, it's just a little hot.
I'm feeling a little stuffy.
We're in a forest, bro.
Yeah, you're right. I'm fine.
Okay, so
firstly, congratulations.
How do you feel about fatherhood?
I am super excited
to see how the little bugger
or buggeress will turn out.
It is a little surreal
that we would've made this
mini-me or mini-she.
You know?
You're fine? Is everything okay?
It's this
this weird feeling.
It's like a bad trip coming on.
- Okay, just
- I'm really sorry, man.
- No. No stress. Just take your time, bro.
- I am just gonna take two, okay?
Just inhale and exhale.
Jazz, listen. Come in.
Jazz, it's really urgent.
Just come in.
Jazz, come in.
Jazz, come in.
- Who is that?
- Jazz!
- A boy. He keeps trying to talk to me.
- Jazz?
- Then talk to him.
- Jazz, come in.
- Yeah, he said it's urgent.
- Jazz, come in.
Jazz, come in.
Go for Jazz.
Jazz, listen, I need Tara here ASAP.
I need her to bring a Restyl
Restyl? Copy.
Jazz, I can't read you properly.
Just fly with it.
Just fly with it to Roman's tent.
I can't fly. I'm not a pigeon.
Jazz, he's having a panic attack.
Just get a Restyl here and come fast!
Are we are we getting late?
No. Don't worry. There's
no wedding without the groom.
Are you you feeling better?
I'm better. Thanks.
Hey, Jules. I'm not supposed to see you
before the wedding. Go away.
Relax! I'm not in my dress.
- Hey.
- Hi.
We need to talk.
We'll be right there if you need us.
You're not ready for this.
It was just nerves, Jules. I'm fine.
Roman, you had a panic attack.
- It wasn't it wasn't a panic attack.
- And
Okay, relax.
I'm ready to have this baby.
It's my baby as well.
I know, and you'll always be
the father.
But you don't need to be a husband
right now.
You don't love me?
Of course, I love you.
And I know you love me.
So let's not fuck this up.
Roman, your whole life is going
to change.
You realize that?
I do. I know.
You're an amazing musician.
You have to chase that passion.
I can do both.
Not at this point.
You have to go to Berklee.
Maybe you won't want to come back.
Of course, I'll come back.
How could you say that?
You should be free
to make that choice.
Don't come back because of me.
I'm so scared that you're gonna
start hating me if you don't do this.
I mean, both of us don't care about
getting married.
So why are we trying
to fix something that's not broken?
So, what to do then?
Not get married at all?
Just leave.
Are you serious?
You should go.
This is a little intense, dude.
What about all this?
- What about the wedding and everything?
- Don't worry about it.
You go. You make music and be good.
And just love me
and the baby forever.
I will.
- Okay.
- You take care, man.
- Thank you, man.
- Yeah.
I hope things go okay over there.
I'm sure it'll be fine. You be good.
- Okay, man. Take care.
- Take care, man.
Are you okay?
He's gone.
What do you want me to tell everyone?
Where's Roman?
Dada, today is my day.
Hello, everyone.
- Thank you for being here today.
- Where's Roman?
As you may have noticed,
there's a slight change in plans.
Roman and I will not be getting
hitched today.
- What?
- What is talking about?
- You knew about this?
- No!
We have decided
that Roman will go to music school.
And we will continue to love each other.
I knew he was a bloody loafer.
Sean, seriously? Now?
Are you smiling?
- What?
- Do you find this funny?
Leaving my daughter at the altar.
Ma Ma, please!
This is what's best for both of us.
Really? And what are you going to do now?
I'm going to stand here
and I'm going to promise to love,
cherish and honor myself.
God bless you.
Go with him.
- I, Julie Mendez
- Please stay.
- There's nothing for me to do now.
- promise to be a friend to myself
in the good times and the bad.
And I promise to comfort myself
in sickness and in health.
And I promise to celebrate my success
and learn from my failures.
- Yeah!
- You go, girl!
And I promise to uphold my dreams
and always follow my inner
moral compass.
- That's it!
- Yes!
And I promise to be kinder to myself
for as long as I live.
Go, Julie!
May as well kiss yourself.
Hi, Jazz.
Can we talk?
Not today. I'm very happy today.
But we can dance if you want.
Sometimes heaven doesn't ordain
a companion for us.
Some of us are meant to travel alone.
Our happiness is not defined
in coming together
but in letting go.
Maybe we need to love ourselves
before we can love another.
Or maybe we are destined
to live in hope.
Either way, no feeling is final.
And once we realize that
we learn to cherish what we have.
We remember to hold the magic close.
To embrace the fleeting moments
that tell us we belong.
Moments when we feel joy.
When we know free.
When we have a friend
who sees our need.
And then, just like a shimmering firefly
that flashes its light and disappears
into the darkness,
we have our one taste of heaven
and it's worth a lifetime.
I'm sorry I haven't called.
I just needed to clear my head.
Has the fog lifted now?
I packed your stuff.
Also, can I get my books back?
Come here.
I didn't come here to get my stuff.
I haven't come here to bail on you.
I'm not Aki.
That night was new
and strange for everyone.
I just needed some time.
I just needed some time
to see how I felt about you.
About us.
And nothing.
I realized I have one life
and I'm going to fucking live it.
I'm not going to return your books.
Karan can take my old room,
and I'm going to take the master suite.
There's enough space for you
and your life.
But if you're not ready
to move in with me yet,
then you can use that space.
It's gorgeous. It's
It extends into the lawn.
What is it?
I can't live here, Tara.
Why? It's my house.
It's not your house.
What's that supposed to mean?
You were married to him for four years.
I'm sorry but
I just don't see how
that entitles you to their family home.
What you see or don't see
has no bearing on what I deserve.
This is what I deserve.
You're free
to choose where you want to live.
Please don't think you can ever make
that decision for me.
Good to know.
Feel like a swim?
Yeah, sure.
What room am I in?
Take your pick. It's just you and me.
Where's Raghav?
It's just you and me.
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