Mafiosa (2006) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

Could you drive through? We just got back.
Cops everywhere.
Roadblocks for miles around.
Who did this? Someone not afraid of collateral damage.
The Paolis don't scare anybody anymore.
One of them must have been hit.
He dropped his gun at the scene.
Berreta Automatic, Model 92.
Regulation issue for French Gendarmes.
They left the gun as a message? Something like that.
Except we weren't supposed to find it.
They're trying to destabilise us, make us do something stupid.
But we won't react without thinking.
There's no point putting on a show.
Increase protection for Carmen and the family.
Make sure Marie-Luce doesn't do anything stupid.
Now, we keep a low profile.
We shouldn't have gone to the distillery this morning.
- Did anyone see us? - No, why? There must be no link between us and the distillery.
The Paoli family has nothing to do with this, or any other illegal activity.
If we hadn't, - we wouldn't have found the gun.
- True.
We've got visitors.
It's Charly.
What are you doing here? I'm entitled to an explanation.
You're not entitled to anything.
Search him.
- You're kidding, right? - Frisk him! No gun, no tape recorder No wire.
I'll remember you.
And you, too.
You'll remember what, Charly? For now, we mustn't rock the boat.
We must pretend to look the other way.
They torch the place and we look the other way? That's a good one! And you show up here.
You show up and come straight here! Have you got shit for brains, Charly? Why not put a signpost up from the distillery to our front door? Didn't you think the cops would tail you? Are you finished? So To sum things up, your business is your business.
You do what you like.
My business is my business.
Quiet I let you speak.
Now it's my turn.
I've invested a lot in this business.
Not just my own money, but also my associates' money.
Why? Because François assured me that the business would be safe.
There are no 100% guarantees, Charly.
Fine Give my money back.
All the money.
Are you "fining" me? Fining you? We could ask for interest, but we won't be doing that.
Just give the money back, now.
Otherwise? Otherwise You're dead.
Charly You know where you're going with this? Yes.
Yes? Jean-Mi, send someone over! They're wrecking everything.
Jean-Mi, hurry! Don't worry, we'll deal with this.
What now? What's going on? Stop! What's got into you? They're crazy! Look what they're doing! They've gone crazy! I'll take the two plasma screens, the three camcorders and those two speakers there.
That's over 20,000 euros.
So? What's it to do with you? Nothing.
It's not your money, right? Get everything together.
We'll meet out back.
Thierry, you've got a girlfriend, right? Get her a vacuum cleaner.
Add the vacuum cleaner, the grey one.
That's twice in four months.
So? Is that a problem? Yes, it is a problem.
A store like yours could burn very quickly Yes, I imagine it could.
What you're doing is racketeering.
But here, it's a contribution to a revolutionary cause.
But it doesn't mean you're the good guys.
You've said your piece.
You want this to stop? Our arrangement is coming to an end.
What difference does 20,000 euros make to your yearly accounts? How much are you scamming from the people of Corsica every year?! How much? If you to stop, that's fine.
Break his right arm, for starters You can't do this! Get the hell off me! You, sit down! Ladies, please sit down.
Don't make a fuss.
Everything is fine.
Ladies and gentlemen, carry on with your shopping.
Thank you! Let him go.
- All right - All right? We all have to make a living, right? Doume, be careful.
That stuff is expensive.
Give him a tip Thanks.
See you Thursday.
Hello? Head to the launderette.
- The launderette? - Yes, hurry up.
We're on our way.
Bastards! You pieces of shit! We're heading back to the house.
Fucking hell, Bourbaki, get lost.
For starters, don't call me Bourbaki.
I'm not some fucking Arab Fine, Bourbaki.
What do you want? Your van isn't parked properly.
That's a fine.
- Bourbaki - I could cut you in two.
I could keep cutting and make a bonfire with what's left.
You know that.
Show me your driver's license.
Driver's licence! Give me your licence! Stop! Stop! It's the cops You, don't move! - Officer - What's the problem? It's the launderette.
I know, someone called.
I want to lodge a complaint against this man! For assaulting an officer! I'm going to smash him - All while I was on duty - Take it easy.
Look at this.
- Got an explanation? - Christmas shopping.
Take them to the station.
OK! Take it easy! Any news from the inquiry? No.
I'm not asking any questions.
There's no link to my family.
- What about you? - Nothing.
Total silence.
There are police checks on all the roads.
And anti-terrorist agents flew in last night.
Anti-terrorists agents? Nowadays, they're looking for terrorists everywhere.
especially in places where there aren't any.
What I can tell you is the Corsican Nationalists aren't behind all this.
You seem worried.
Is something wrong? I received the same message four times.
The latest one came last night.
Gun, 9mm, Beretta.
Serial number 114 675 92 The classic way to claim an execution.
Or to put out a hit.
Since I'm not dead yet, that'd be my guess.
Since lots of people know I'm linked to the Paoli family I think this might be a sign that the winds are changing.
What does that mean? You want to distance yourself from us? I work in the public eye.
I'm exposed.
I need to cover my tracks.
The secret is knowing which way the wind will blow.
Since I don't know right now That business with the launderette One of your men is in police custody.
I think he's having a rough time.
Maybe you should deal with it.
I've done nothing.
The van isn't even mine.
It belongs to my friend's brother.
That's exactly what your friend is saying.
Except we can't find his brother.
Crazy, right? What about the boxes inside? I don't know.
They were already there.
So your friend's brother lends you a van containing a small fortune in electronic equipment and he doesn't tell you to lock the door? I borrowed it to see a girlfriend.
I was going to bring it back right away.
Yes, sure Bring it back, you say Stop the recording.
So Your girlfriend lives at the launderette? We were meeting at the harbour.
I was taking the back way.
If I'd have known "If I'd have known " The reason I'm hitting you, it's not that I don't like you, or it makes me feel better, That's not it Still, I don't like you and it does help.
It's to teach you some real values.
Sandra? Look what they've done.
Remember? You came to the opening with François.
I remember.
Well we'll need to clean up all this mess.
We're re-opening in a week.
In a week? But with the insurance company, you'll be losing money I don't care about insurance companies, or about losing money.
You'll re-open in a week.
Thank you, Sandra.
All that talk about contributing to a revolutionary cause Do you think I'm an idiot? Uh? I've sent two of my guys to pick up the store manager.
Listen, he'll be here in an hour.
Ten minutes later, he'll say that, in accordance with company policy, he won't be pressing charges.
The goods will be returned to their rightful owner.
You'll be out in two hours.
You take the stuff back to the store and you get your money back.
Except you didn't pay in the first place.
Interesting, right? Or I charge you with insulting an officer.
You know this? It's a basic police tactic.
You go to court then end up in jail.
Remember those real values? Here Speaking of values Your girlfriend, the one you were taking the back way to see.
Her name wouldn't be Victoria by any chance? - How do you know? - What? That you like taking the back way? You know, with Victoria, everybody takes the back way.
That doesn't necessarily make you a queer, - you know - Who told you that? Victoria, my friend.
Victoria himself told me.
Put him back on the chair.
Do you work for Sandra Paoli? I don't work for anyone.
That's not what I heard.
I need someone to spy on the Paoli family.
An insider.
You're part of the family now, right? - I'm no snitch - Who's talking about snitching? Uh? Just give me something on the boss, anything at all.
Otherwise, you go to jail.
And so will Victoria.
Jail isn't easy for transvestites Get him out of here.
Boss, I have your results.
Be nice.
Give me some bad news for a change.
Out of all the prints on the document, we found this guy's, Martial Santoni.
Armed robbery, GBH, attempted murder He's as bad as they come.
Still, there's a problem.
Santoni isn't a clear-cut guy.
Part of his file is classified.
Classified? The moment of truth.
You think he's up to it? What are you doing? Unbelievable You've got two minutes to get ready.
Where's my mobile? Forget it.
I'll get you a new one.
We don't have time.
Just in time.
So it would seem.
You've lost something.
Are you sure? I'm certain.
Have a nice day.
- Jean-Michel - Yes? Carmen took my mobile.
What do you mean, Carmen? When I got out of the shower, she was looking through my things.
She ran off and I haven't seen my mobile since.
What's that little idiot playing at? No need for all this, you know.
We know what we have to do.
I suppose you have your reasons.
Instructions from the head office.
Instructions from the head office, yeah, I know.
The kind of instructions that allow this kind of vermin to walk free.
I suppose everyone is happy with this arrangement.
I suppose so Hey! You forgot the paperwork.
You won't get your money back without the right paperwork.
You're lucky you're a cop.
Your sweetheart, Victoria Blonde doesn't suit her personality.
You can go now.
Two attacks on the same day and we have no idea who's behind them.
The tourist came in the bar "Do you have some cigarettes?" - Did you walk into a door? - Don't bust my balls! Just watch the van.
Is it your time of the month or something.
We could ask around town.
I don't think so.
It's more complicated than that.
When you cast a net, you never know what you'll catch.
You never know Take Andreani with you.
Show him our turf.
Santoni It's OK, just don't get my car all bloody.
You still got the gun you found? Yes.
I'm going to need it.
Don't do anything stupid.
You'll need to clean the fingerprints off.
Spread your legs! Don't move! Turn around! What were you planning on doing with this? Were you going to bump me off? Me? Charly? Baby, baby, baby You think it's easy to shoot someone? Bang, bang, just like that? The first man I killed was my father.
With a shovel, in the cellar.
He drank.
He knocked us all around.
I was 13 years old.
I ran off before the cops got here.
Sit down! Not very classy, Charly.
This isn't a classy hotel.
A hotel room.
You pay, you sleep.
You pay, you sleep And you don't wake up.
You disrespected me.
You've got 12 hours to leave.
12 hours? - You've got some nerve - 12 hours.
Baby, listen Give me my money back and I'll get out of town, OK? Got it? Get out of here! Beat it! Hey, do you mind? I'll hang on to this.
Don't take too long.
I'm not a patient man.
Shit God dammit To me, Charly the Machine! Shit 12 hours God dammit! Understood? 12 hours "Give me my money back.
" You're giving me 12 hours? Could you drop me off somewhere? While you're on duty? I don't think the boss would like it.
She doesn't need to know.
You shagging someone? That's right.
See you tomorrow.
They hurt you, didn't they? I don't like it when you get hurt.
I've never hurt anybody.
Why did you talk to that cop? He said he'd never see me again if I didn't.
Can you turn the TV down, Carmen? Is your mother out? Not so much "out" as "not back yet".
You reek of cigarettes.
Don't you start as well! Carmen, you're 13 years old! You don't smoke, understood? What were you doing in Santoni's room this morning? What the hell You creep! You can't do that! I do what I want! I asked you a question! What were you doing there? I was looking for her.
Looking for who? Looking for your mother? In Santoni's room? - Why? - I wanted some proof.
You're pissing me off! Proof of what? Proof that she's sleeping with him! The mobile What fucking mobile? Santoni's mobile.
He's screwing your wife and you care about his mobile? Shut up! Jean-Michel? Wake up! What did you do to your daughter? What did you do to Carmen? You're hitting your daughter now? Have you seen the state she's in? What's got into you, Jean-Michel? You're hitting your daughter now? I don't know What do you mean? What's going on? What did she do? Carmen is the most precious thing in my life.
I don't know what got into me.
Why are you crying? What's going on, Jean-Michel? I'm losing my grip, Marie.
I'm never there when I'm needed.
François Barthélémy What's going on? Never hit her again, OK? Promise me you'll never hit her again.
Promise me.
I've got your guy.
You're taking a risk.
Tell me Your Santoni has got quite a file.
A good little thug.
He always gets off.
No wonder he works for you.
What's strange is that the Prefect got him work as a security guard.
He even signed his gun permit.
I think that's strange.
But still It's no stranger than the fact that, when we tried to run checks on money security vans they went on strike and blocked all the ATM machines.
The government was accused of strangling the island's prosperity.
So the Prefect had to give in.
That's reassuring.
What is? Santoni's pedigree should put your mind at ease.
Do you think we could've ended up in bed together? No.
Never? Why? I don't sleep around.
I have to trust the other person.
And you don't trust me? No.
I think if we did sleep together, I wouldn't know who I was sleeping with.
And who was screwing who.
You're a control freak? You don't like taking chances? No.
That's a shame.
I didn't know you worked here now.
Got a present for us? What do you mean? A little present? This is my money.
It used to be your money.
From now on, it belongs to the boss.
So, where's my present? That's called racketeering.
Call it what you want Your scars are healing nicely.
No hard feelings.
See you.
You think this is funny? You wanted to see me? Yes, please take a seat.
What time was it when we parted ways this morning? Around 3 am.
The time when clubs close, when two people wonder where they'll end up that night An hour later, Charly Scaglia was arrested in his hotel room by the anti-terrorist division.
An anonymous tip-off was sent to the anti-terrorist division.
But not to the police.
In other words, them, not me! An anonymous phone call was received just before 3 am.
Either the caller was very well informed, or the anti-terrorist division was very lucky.
They found a 9mm automatic in his room.
Charly says he's been framed, but his prints are all over the gun.
Put him on.
It was you who framed me! You left me no choice.
- It would've been simpler to pay.
- No.
No-one tell me what to do.
Not even you.
You'd never have spoken to François like that.
You thought, "She's a woman, I can squeeze her.
" You were wrong, Charly.
Now you have to pay.
You've made a mistake too.
I'm 62 years old.
I've never been inside.
And now, because of you You won't even feel death coming It'll be like a brain aneurysm.
How will I feel it, then? Come closer I'll promise you one thing.
I promise that you won't suffer.
You won't suffer.
For some reason, the anti-terrorist division believes he had a hand in the exploding distillery.
He's as likely to spill the beans as a one-legged cat making it to the top of Mt.
We'll see.
Anyway, Charly is being taken back to the mainland, top priority.
Straight to La Santé Prison.
Goodbye, my dear.
Goodbye, Uncle Charly.
I asked you to come by so I could tell you this.
I also forgot to give this back to you.
Who's screwing who Is that what turns you on? Amongst other things.
CHARLES SCAGLIA "CHARLY THE MACHINE" We know everything about you.
Get me some water We know who you are.
We know We Everything.
Know everything about you.
We know who you are.
What is your name? Your name? Contact lost.
Boss, I think he's had enough.
It's like a crash test in a flight simulator.
It has to hit hard.
But if it is too hard, they lose confidence, we lose an agent.
Orso-Campana My father worked for him What did he do? Hmm? What did he do? What did he do? Was was it? - What was your father's job? - He was a butcher.
Just tell us your real name.
And we'll stop all this.
Martial Santoni You are not Martial Santoni, asshole! Mr.
Santoni, please.
Does he pass? He passes.
You passed the test.
You are fit for service.