Mafiosa (2006) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

Tino Marmara, the regional champion! In 11 fights, he's won nine victories by K.
with two wins on points.
Tino Marmara is one of the stars of the François Paoli Under 21s Prize.
The Under 21s Prize, which its founder dedicated to the discovery and training of young boxing talents on the island.
It's a generous initiative in support of the noble art, which François Paoli founded just before his passing, which is niece, Sandra Paoli, is continuing with great enthusiasm.
Let's show our appreciation for Sandra Paoli.
; Tino! You're the best! Be careful.
Be careful, raise your fists.
Raise your fists, and keep going.
Move around.
Go on, Tino! Tino! Tino! Come on! That's it, Tino! Good move! Are you feeling OK? You need to wake up.
OK, it's now or never, got it? Your time is now! - Yeah! - Go on, get in there! Go on, Tino! Stop! Stop! Whoa! What's going on here? He'll never make it to the end! I've arrived in Marseille.
- How are things? - Bad.
What do you mean, "bad"? What does "bad" mean? We're done! He won't make it through! Just wait a second - Well? - He's a mess.
A mess? Mattei, have you spoken to him? I did, but the other guy's getting carried away! It's all right, you're doing OK.
But Tino is holding up.
- Can't you calm that idiot down? - How? You tell me! Who am I supposed to ask? Enough! I won't make it to the end! Ref! He's on the ropes! Stop! It's over.
It's all over Three, four, five, six Seven, eight, nine, ten Out! It's over.
Hey! Come on up! Amico, it's been too long! - How are you? - I'm fine.
What's wrong? Are you sulking? No, I just lost 10 grand.
You win some, you lose some.
What's 10 grand to men like us? You might be dead tomorrow, right? Don't be so morbid! You have everything you need here.
Everything a real man needs! Come and visit us some time, it's better! Come take a quick dip, that will cheer you up.
Isn't this great? Have you got this back home? Enjoy it! He's going to ruin my day! Rémi, I swear, I did everything I could.
I know, Tino, I know.
I saw what happened.
Can you speak to Jean-Michel? You'll tell him, won't you? Won't you? - Here - No.
Take it.
Thanks, you didn't have to What are you doing? We're from the same village.
So that's why you're paying him? Tino was meant to last 10 rounds in order to earn his fee.
It was in the contract.
But he didn't.
So why are you paying him? To help a friend.
That's from a close friend.
What does your boss think about all this? What does she think about what? Match-fixing.
You'd best kill me.
I won't talk.
No? Peretti? What the hell are you doing here? You talk, you're dead.
You saw nothing, you bastard.
Mum? What are you doing? Mum, what are you doing? What are you doing? What are you doing? It's OK.
You just had a nightmare.
I always have nightmares.
Sweetheart Did you do that to yourself with a cigarette? Why? It's when I feel lonely.
Lonely, rubbish and empty.
Like I'm not worth anything.
Do you ever feel like that? Is it true that you're a gangster? Are you a mobster? Perfect.
Everything is perfect.
No microphones.
Everything is clean.
I suggest you keep the windows covered.
The police can read vibrations on glass using lasers.
Does it work with the curtains drawn? No, it doesn't work.
The depot is here, right in the town centre.
The main entrance is operated electronically, as are the other exits.
OK? Everything is controlled by a computer program.
The theory is simple.
Listen closely.
You can't get out because it's impossible to get in.
Next to this, Fort Knox is a joke.
If that's how it is, - what are we doing here? - Give it a rest! We ransack Fort Knox! We get in, take the money and go.
We leave with 50 million euros.
Used notes, ready to be recycled.
No marked wads, no numbered notes Nothing but bags! Mountains of bags! This isn't a robbery.
It's a removal job.
Now, the computer program.
We were able to obtain this program in return for a cut of 20% of the loot.
Once we get in, there's only one way to get out.
Explosives and assault rifles.
Fine by me.
Sorry to bother you, could you come here for five minutes? Get ready to go home.
It was the security guys who called me.
Does she come here often? Every time she manages to get out of her room.
Can you explain this? No.
Did she escape your watch last night? Last night, and the night before.
She can get away every single night.
It's either this or confinement.
It's up to you.
Confinement isn't an option.
It's me.
Did you receive the simulation? I've got it here.
What do you think? The job seems doable, it'll require a lot of men and equipment.
But the rewards seem high.
How high? We're talking eight-figure sums.
Are the partners reliable? I know them well.
This is in our interest.
One second, I have another call.
OK Hello? Yes? I need to talk to you.
- When? - Straight away.
Come to the house.
OK, I'm on my way.
Jean-Michel? You have the go-ahead.
Here she is.
OK, Mathieu.
Give her the low-down.
I'm too old for all this.
Tino Marmara was killed yesterday.
What do you mean, killed? Behind the arena.
Shot with multiple 11.
43 bullets.
This was a bit over the top for someone like him.
What's the problem? - The problem is two-fold.
- Firstly, the killer, a name by the name of Peretti, was identified by an off-duty policeman.
The policeman had no trouble identifying him.
Peretti's mugshot is posted in every single police station.
The reason? Attempted murder.
There's a warrant on Peretti that was never served.
Why? Need I remind you we're in Corsica? Everyone knew about this warrant.
Things could have gone on forever.
But Tino gets killed, the policeman is a witness and Peretti finds himself behind bars.
- So what's the problem? - This same policeman, picked up two spent cartridges from the crime scene.
43 calibre.
Forensics carried out a ballistics test.
So? Three weeks ago, two unidentified men peppered a shop front with 11.
43 bullets and pump-action shotguns.
No-one was injured and no-one's claiming responsibility.
The investigation isn't making any headway.
And the motive for the shooting? The new owner of the establishment, Alberta, had just filed a complaint.
She realised that the shack she had just bought, the bricks and mortar, did not belong to her, and they could never belong to her.
The shack was built on airport land, granted to the previous "owner" by the Bastia Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
The Chamber of Commerce and Industry, of which you are the President, right? Built with sturdy materials, despite its name, the Amarina shack could come under new management, but it could never be sold.
In other words, aside from the right to run it, Alberta has bought nothing more than thin air.
Yes, you could say that.
So to keep her quiet, you and your friends sent Peretti, to shoot up the place at peak time.
If he feels abandoned, it's quite possible that Peretti will snitch on us about the shooting.
The shooting and everything else What will Peretti snitch about? Let's take a walk through the olive groves.
You stay there.
Come on, Sandra.
There were accomplices.
The estate agent, the lawyer It was Zamponi who approved Alberta's loan.
As for the seller He was a self-styled Nationalist-turned businessman.
You know, in the old days it wasn't like this at all.
Men had honour.
The seller was one of Zamponi's guys.
Zamponi approved the loan for him to buy it the first time.
A loan made of thin air.
Why would Tino Marmara's death be bad news? The Ministry of Justice may well catch on if Peretti comes forward.
So? Our solicitor is involved.
- Mr.
- Yes.
He knows all about you, me and the entire family.
Zamponi can go to hell, but not our solicitor.
He's my friend.
Sandra, you have to put out this fire.
The key is there.
Pull away.
François used to do the same thing.
I know who you are.
If you're offering your services, I've already got a lawyer.
I'd just like a drink.
No problem.
Take a seat.
Thank you.
Did the bank send you? No, not the bank.
It took years of hard work and saving to buy this place.
I started this business with my husband.
He had problems with his back.
A spinal cord disease.
He died shortly after.
We didn't know we were dealing with crooks.
Crooks and murderers.
Even the politicians.
People who only know how to kill, corrupt and steal.
We're overrun with mafia here.
Human scum.
Why did you come? I don't know.
And now, we have a breaking report Bastia is once again in shock following the arrests of two high-ranking officials.
Can you turn up the volume, please? These arrests are linked to the murder of boxer Tino Marmara, after a fight that was almost certainly rigged.
These arrests sent shock waves through local political circles.
That's the end of this update.
Coming up next - It's Zamponi.
Heard the news? - What do you think? - We must act fast.
- I'm taking care of it.
You are fit for service.
Why can we no longer reach you on your mobile phone? My mobile was stolen.
Is he already known to the Paolis? One of the instruments of their downfall.
Abdel Suleiman Pracha.
One of the princes of Bekaa.
His heroin is some of the purest in Afghanistan.
As soon as he appears, notify us.
And if he doesn't appear? He will.
We have him under surveillance.
What else? Nothing else.
You may leave.
Next time, follow protocol! Someone's looking for him.
- Alert on his file.
- Origin of the alert? An information from Echelon phone tape.
Special Services? We're still identifying.
You didn't talk to him? The rule is never to say too much to an undercover agent.
It's because it might come back in your face.
The proof is rather damning.
Whatever Who went you? Zamponi? No-one sent me.
Did no-one tell you not to snitch? I don't give a damn.
I'm not from around here.
- Isn't Peretti a Corsican name? - That's right.
It's my dead bastard of a father's name.
I returned from France two years ago.
I told the cops a little so they'd take me seriously.
- And do they? - They'd better.
If they weren't, the others wouldn't be in jail.
I'm not going to jail or court either.
I don't give a shit about your code of silence.
If you don't get me out, I'll do it myself.
Do it yourself? Get me out or else.
Or else what? If I have to cut a deal, Zamponi and the others will be in trouble.
- No names here.
- Why not mention names? Jean-Pierre Filippi, the solicitor.
Hyacinthe Seruti, the estate agent.
And Mathieu Zamponi, the dodgy bank-loan dealer.
Nice set of names, right? I know how they operate.
I've been involved with Zamponi for a year, putting together his election campaigns, rigging elections, doing his dirty work.
It was Zamponi who asked us to organise his last press conference.
We did it out in the country and all he did was act tough.
Supposedly, he had the Nationalists' ear.
Fuck the Nationalists! Do I look like a Nationalist? How scary Do you want me to scare you? If you want your friends released, then get me out.
I want to be cleared of killing Tino Marmara.
Was there a contract out on Marmara? Tino Marmara? He was a nobody.
No-one would bet a penny on him.
So why did you kill him? Why? No reason.
As a favour to a friend.
Do you ever do favours with that nice arse of yours? I'll get you out of here.
But it'll cost you big time! - Aurélia? - Yes? Jean-Michel is bastard, and a son of a bitch, but I wouldn't want anyone else.
Why? Is he sleeping around? I don't think so.
I don't know - You know what? - Uh? I went to the pharmacy beforehand.
And? Wait two minutes.
Aurélia! There are going to be some changes.
How come? Aurélia - What? - I'm pregnant! I'm pregnant! I'm pregnant! I'm pregnant! A baby boy! Jean-Mi's going to be so happy! If I understand correctly, none of this exists.
The officer's statement, the cartridge cases The officer thought he recognised Peretti because he was looking for Peretti.
He was aware my client was wanted Yes, he was aware.
He based his judgement on that arrest warrant.
To a certain extent, he was used to seeing Peretti's face.
He'd see it every day on the station's notice board.
Suddenly, in this man's mind, this killer who looked like Peretti, therefore had to be Peretti himself.
My client's only crime is that he looks like Tino Marmara's killer.
So the police have to look for someone who resembles Peretti, but who is not Peretti! Who found the spent cartridges at the crime scene? They were handed in by the very same off-duty officer, who claimed to have found them near the body, after the event.
What trust can we place in such an overzealous officer? Let's be serious for a moment.
What do you want? Your client's release? Perhaps it'd be easier to ask instead of launching into such complicated theories.
I'll be right there.
You have a lot of influence.
Judge Larcher wants to see me.
Not a penny! You're broke again, aren't you? - Here's my card - We don't care! All we see is that you're living beyond your means.
No! Not my stomach! Fine Just look at you.
Seeing a pretty girl like you living beyond her means is a pity.
Debt is an evil thing.
Silvio has been patient.
He's asked you to pay back your debts.
But nothing.
It's a shame.
You see, Mrs.
Paoli, you should've taken things seriously.
Anything broken? No, I don't think so.
They didn't want to break anything, they just wanted to hurt me a bit.
I know their type.
Do I look OK? How much do you owe? I don't know how much I owe.
That's what gambling's like.
I don't keep count, I just keep playing I can't help myself.
So I don't know much I owe.
Money, cars I haven't always had all these things.
You mustn't tell Jean-Michel.
I don't want him to get involved with Silvio.
I don't want him mixed up in this.
I don't want any problems between them.
OK? Thanks.
All right? What's up? What happened to your face? The same thing that happened to you.
I fell in the bathroom.
How is she? The same as always? She spent a while stood listening in front of the gates.
Listening for what? Your guess is as good as mine.
We're set for tonight.
I have no choice but to discharge the accused in this corruption case.
It has not been easy for me to do so.
- PRESIDENT LARCHER, - In a case such as this, - BASTIA TRIBUNAL - the workings of the justice system have been found to be lacking.
Also, without Peretti's statement, we can't take this any further.
That's it.
Thank you.
- Shit, Marie-Luce! What is it? - Jean-Michel? Don't do it! The cops are there.
The cops? What do you mean? I don't know how, but they're there! - Just calm down.
- Don't go! I saw your death! I saw you being killed, I tell you.
Don't go! Jean-Michel, if not for me, do it for your baby boy.
I'm pregnant.
A baby? Yes, I'm having a boy.
We're going to have a baby boy! I know, I know Jean-Michel Promise me you won't go, OK? Jean-Michel, promise me! OK.
I promise.
I'm out.
- What? - What's he saying? Do whatever you want.
I'm not going.
For fuck's sake! Mattei? I've got a job for you.
Yes, straight away.
Come here I wanted to see you.
I thought you might be sleeping.
At my age, you don't sleep any more.
You just wait.
François would also come to see me at night.
He was a very lonely man.
Lonely and complicated.
Well, he was a clan leader.
My boss told me you were rude to her.
My boss doesn't like that, you know.
Neither do I.
Peretti is out.
So are Filippi and the estate agent.
That's good.
You've fulfilled your duty.
My duty? Your duty as a lawyer.
It's a lawyer's duty to get innocent people out of prison.
Peretti is scum.
He's guilty.
He has to pay.
- Hey, you listening? - Guilty? Who's guilty and who's innocent? You? Me? Peretti? In whose eyes are we guilty? What are you drinking? You've done your duty.
That's all.
Is Filippi really that important? What does he know about us that makes him so valuable? The only person who's going to pay is Alberta.
Maybe she brought this on herself, but I admire her.
She refuses to give in.
Listen Sometimes, stubborn people need to learn to not be so stubborn.
I know.
But it's not right she's the only one to pay.
The shouldn't be so stubborn.
It's in their own interests.
Get me a vodka.
Let's go.
I'll take the whole bottle.
Come on! Stop! This is really going to cost you! I know what you're going to say.
My lawyer phoned me.
You had the judge eating out of your hand.
Your hired hitman is as free as a bird, as are the two others, who aren't keen to go behind bars.
Be happy to keep your restaurant.
You'll get back on track.
Drop the complaint.
You'll never win.
That's the difference between you and me.
I'm not concerned about winning.
I'm concerned about doing the right things! The guys you set free are scum.
Only God can convince me to stop! And even then I knew who you were, but now I know what you're worth.
You're scum, just like the others.