Magi: Sinbad no Bouken (2016) s01e05 Episode Script

Qualities of a King

1 This is the Dungeon? I heard it's supposed to be a dangerous place Are they eating me? Darn it.
I can't die like this.
Then what? I'm gonna get out alive no matter what.
That door I'm not a coward any more.
The power is mine.
Well that didn't take long.
Let me have some more fun, Vittel.
Sorry about that, chief.
That's the kid from yesterday.
Be more cautious.
Shut up.
Don't order me around.
What the heck is this? It's the key that unlocks the door.
It'll lead us to the treasure vault.
Hey! Give that back.
You were with Sinbad last night.
Where is he? -That key is mine.
-What? Ignore him.
We'll head to the treasure vault.
Sinbad will definitely show up there.
I'll hold onto the key.
Let's move.
Don't waste time on a small fry.
I said, wait! What's his problem? Is Is this? The power of the notoriously known predatory tribe Imuchakk of Far North! Jeez, what a drag.
Easy, easy, now.
Let's get started.
You're going down.
Eat this.
I'll finish you now! Bararaq Saiqa.
-Darn it.
Boy, that was close, Hina.
Sinbad, why are you here? Well done for making it all the way here.
It's been a while, Sinbad.
Who are they again? I never forget a lady's face, but I'm bad with guys.
You savage.
Still got a bad sense of humor, huh? Knew we'd meet again, Drakon.
How do you do? I'm Falan, the imperial advisor sorcerer.
It's an honor to meet you.
You're mine to kill! Stop.
I won't be satisfied until I kill you.
I guess he's still upset.
Hey, blockhead.
We'll take care of you.
I got this.
Calm down, will you? How can you read my attacks? It's all intuitive.
He's got nothing on me! You're done for.
Darn it.
Baal-- I'll get you this time.
What do you think of this? Thalg Hajar.
I'm not sure that even a sorcerer from Musta'sim, the land of advanced magic, can handle this.
Who is this sorcerer? He got away this time but I'm not impressed by you Sham Lash people, either.
What did you say? Can you blame me? You can't even capture a mere child or a barbarian.
Drink this.
Huh? What's that? A magic tool that'll heal your wounds.
We can't let Sinbad get ahead of us.
My body feels lighter.
So, what's the plan now? Don't worry about it.
Once you enter a Dungeon, there's only one goal.
Well, that ice was something, huh? You saved me this time.
Why did you follow me here? Why are you here? It's all because of you, that I'm Lightning strike! I'm gonna obtain power from this Dungeon.
What exactly is the power you seek? You're already strong enough.
This must be it.
Dragul, it's time to summon the Djinn.
I'm Valefor.
Who shall be the next king? This is the Djinn of this Dungeon? I smell it.
Don't think you can hide from me in that fake vessel of yours.
I remember that vile stench from the other world.
Falan turned into a doll.
What happened? The Djinn was familiar with my scent.
But I left something that'll entertain them.
Lieutenant Barbarossa.
Who's the King Vessel? That'll be me.
I'll form a pact with you.
What will you do with the king's power? Of course, I'll return to Parthevia to serve his Majesty.
Augh, really? Well that's disappointing.
I put in way too much energy for this.
I'm asking what you want to do when you obtain the king's power.
If you have no desires, then you're not worthy.
We finally made it.
Hey, Drakon! Sinbad? Finally, seems like we're all here now.
The challengers of the Dungeon.
The one who passes this test will be crowned king.
The king's power is almighty.
In one night, it'll destroy an entire country and grant you enough wealth to rebuild another country.
Now, who will be the next king? So being the king means to slack off for the rest of my life.
And you're saying that I have a chance? Of course.
There's potential in all of you.
That includes you.
What do you mean? Because you might become a King Vessel after you pass this test.
Is that pity? But this is my last chance.
Chief, we're going to participate too.
Never even thought of leaving the force, but things have changed.
I'm game.
Get ready for a bloodbath.
I'm here to be stronger.
To become the warrior everyone respects.
This time, I'll do it on my own.
All right, count me in.
Sinbad? But you already Baal isn't enough for you? You're insatiable.
Sure, whatever you say.
I won't let you have it.
The power is mine.
I won't let anyone take it away from me.
This is getting better.
I can see the ambition burning in your eyes.
Here's the last enemy you'll face.
Say hi to my offspring, Minifor.
The final test is to catch him.
What do you mean, exactly? The one who catches him first obtains the power of the king.
Huh? If nobody's able to catch him by the time all this water falls, you'll be trapped in this Dungeon forever.
Well, that's easy.
Watch this.
Can you catch him? He's mine.
Sorry, my hands slipped.
If that's what you're gonna do, I've got an idea too.
Yeah? Try me.
Yes, yes, go on.
Humans never change.
Wait a minute.
Keep it cool, everyone.
The only way to survive is to work together.
Only one of us can be king.
How can we work together? But what if Valefor's manipulating us? He's too difficult to catch alone.
But we will, if we work together.
So what's the plan, exactly? We'll surround Minifor to trap him and attack all at once.
No hard feelings, regardless of who ends up catching him.
Who cues the attack? The one who cues is obviously at an advantage.
Then I'll give the cue.
-What? -You.
That's why I won't participate.
I won't take part in this attack.
I already got one anyway.
Isn't it more important to come out of this Dungeon alive? Keep calm.
Maintain the same distance from each other and get closer.
We have just one chance.
Something Something's wrong.
He's mine.
I'm gonna catch him.
The king's power.
There's no way he gave up on this.
Is he serious? Then I shall be the one.
Now! He jumped? Got him.
That was a close call.
You're a traitor, after all.
How dare you steal from me again? I knew I should've killed you a long time ago.
Are you sure? You couldn't have escaped this Dungeon otherwise.
And if you didn't work with me I wouldn't have escaped either.
It's not about who's right or wrong.
But someone had to obtain the king's power and I was the chosen one.
Why? Because the one who desires this Djinn the most is me.
You can't sleep? This is the path he chose.
Looks like Sinbad followed him.
I'm not gonna die.
He had a serious look on his face.
But What were you going to do with this power anyway? I'm going to use this power to create a country that'll change the world.
A country? That changes the world? I have dreamt about it since I left Parthevia.
When I got to Imuchakk, an allied nation, my goal was defined.
I want to create a world where people and countries help each other.
I'm going to create a country that connects them all.
Changing the world, the nations, is not that simple.
What you preach is an empty dream! That's why I'm gonna make it happen.
Sinbad, the boy who captured the first Dungeon that appeared in this world.
He will change the world with his new country.
What do you think about that? Doesn't it excite you? I'll make it happen no matter what.
What's happening? Sinbad's words are making me passionate.
His eyes were so powerful, they captivate you.
I ask all of you to create that country with me.
I want to follow this man.
In order to make that a reality, I need support.
Talented merchants, diplomats spies, and of course those willing to join me in the adventure, exploring the world.
This is the King Vessel? I still have some way to go to fulfill my dream.
I want more power, support, and everything else.
So, all of you, gather around me.
Are you serious about having us join you? Of course.
I want all of you to join me.
Sure, I'll join you too.
Chief? The force has been a great bore these days.
Count me in.
You idiot.
Did you really think I was going to obey you? No.
I'm going to convince you, too.
What's going on? My body's burning inside.
Who's inside of me? What's going on? It's begun.
I'm not allowing this in my Dungeon.
At this rate, the demon will become whole.
Use Baal's power to blow him up.
Sinbad? What are you doing? I'll save my comrades no matter what.