Magi: Sinbad no Bouken (2016) s01e04 Episode Script

First Sea

1 Sinbad successfully captured the Dungeon.
In response to the event, mysterious structures successively appeared in the four corners of the world.
Since then, many people took on the challenge of capturing the Dungeons.
The world embarked on a period of Dungeon Capturers.
So, what is Sinbad the Dungeon Capturer up to now? He was adrift at sea.
This is your last chance.
Let's get it this time.
It's beneath us.
Darn it.
It's catching up.
This way.
If I don't get it this time, nobody will ever accept me.
I'll capture it with my great harpoon.
I don't want to be treated like a kid anymore! I'm over here, you monster.
Baal! Lend me your powers! Lightning strike! It's f-freezing! Iceberg ahead.
Steer to the starboard.
Watch out for the drift ice.
I advise you to slow down.
Keep going at full speed.
I'm here at your service.
Dragul, you failed your quest for the Dungeon.
His Majesty is enraged.
You also couldn't prevent Sinbad from disgracing Miss Celendine.
By all rights, your military rank should be revoked.
But things were mediated by Lieutenant Barbarossa, giving you a chance to redeem yourself.
My brother Our Parthevia Empire's prided secret force, Sham Lash.
Lead these assassins to obtain Sinbad's metal vessel for his Majesty.
Regarding Sinbad's whereabouts He's currently headed northward.
Failure is not an option.
I will fight with my life.
If we proceed in this direction, we'll hit the unexplored Imuchakk of the North Pole.
This region is notorious for being a mecca for savage looters.
He'll be there.
Whoa, I'd say that's a big catch.
Sure is.
It's called the Abare narwhal.
They're usually found in the southern seas, but once a year, they head northwards to spawn.
That's amazing.
You were trying to take them down with just one harpoon? Brother, did you finally get one? Well You did! I always believed you were more than a swimmer! Way to go, brother! Amazing! Darn, I wish I saw that.
But why is it burnt? Hey, who are you? Are you asking me? Call me Sinbad.
A beautiful woman is beautiful anywhere in the world.
What? Darn it.
-What's your name? -I'm Pipirika.
Nice to meet you, Pipirika.
And I didn't catch your name yet.
Yeah -It's Hina.
His name's Hina.
At 21, my brother still has his childhood name.
But since he caught an Abare narwhal, he'll finally be granted his warrior name.
I see.
You'll finally be recognized by "the one," too.
"The one"? She's fierce and elegant.
Even I admire her, as a woman.
She's the most beautiful woman in Imuchakk.
Really? Tell me more about Imuchakk.
Let's see.
Well, it's pure white.
Right, but I'm more curious about its ruler.
What kind of king is he? Our father is the patriarch.
Really? -That's great.
Then take me with you.
-What? Look, Sinbad, outsiders aren't welcomed in our community.
They'll give you dirty looks.
Doesn't bother me.
It's an unfamiliar country with unfamiliar people.
I want to see it all, so I can change the world.
I It's beautiful.
You were staring at this all night? Yup.
I wanted to apologize.
I stole the Abare narwhal from you.
But you were desperate to save your sister.
That was impressive.
You think so? Pure white land.
Big, strong people.
Strangely built houses and, of course, the beautiful women.
Imuchakk is a land of snow and ice.
Welcome home.
My children.
Father! -We have returned.
Who are you? I'm Sinbad.
I venture to all parts of the world.
This is Imuchakk.
-Outsiders are not welcomed.
-But, Father -Sinbad is my-- -Dear son, you're finally one of us, a warrior.
You have the responsibility to protect our people and land from all enemies.
Do not forget that.
Of course.
Tonight is the Maharagan! Prepare for the feast! Yeah! Now Things are a bit more complicated since Sinbad wandered into Imuchakk.
The chief of Sham Lash is already headed there.
What a waste of time.
They're the untamable kind who live in the darkness.
But more importantly What's Maharagan? It's a traditional festival of Imuchakk.
It celebrates those who've achieved the rite of passage, and it's also when their warrior name is given.
It's also a ritual of gratitude to appreciate the blessing of the harvest.
Since you took him down, you're officially a warrior tomorrow.
I should tell you about the strange happenings that occurred while you were away.
Strange happenings? An unfamiliar structure suddenly appeared at the northern waterfall.
I'm selecting warriors to go investigate.
Hina, if you can join them-- No.
I advise you to stay away from it.
What? That's a Dungeon.
Back at my home in Parthevia, we lost dozens of our people who attempted to capture it.
I've heard of that before.
The troops who were sent were totally annihilated, except for one boy who succeeded in the capture.
That was me.
You can't be serious.
I don't tolerate those who talk irresponsibly.
Is that your emblem as a capturer? Indeed.
The djinn from that Dungeon lives in here.
In Imuchakk, we bestow the greatest honor to the braves.
I hope you forgive my rudeness.
It's natural to be vigilant of outsiders.
Especially when you're the patriarch who's responsible for the whole clan.
So I ask of you.
Don't let anyone near the Dungeon.
I trust your word.
Brother, have you told her about the good news yet? No, I Now that you're an adult, you can go to her-- Quit it.
I can't do that now.
Brother? What's going on? -It's about to commence! -Hurry! Tonight is the Maharagan.
Let us celebrate the birth of a warrior and the harvest of the sea.
Since you took that thing down, you're officially a warrior tomorrow.
Heard he ran from the Abare narwhal again.
I'm sorry.
I can't see someone who's not a warrior.
What a joke.
You failed again? -You must become a warrior.
-Aren't you the patriarch's son? Brother, I know you can do it.
My son, hurry up and become a warrior already.
I Hey, brother.
I always find you here whenever something's bothering you.
I miss those days Wow, you're talented.
Pipirika, did you finish yours? Oh, don't mind me.
You'll get better with practice.
I'll teach you.
I want to see you defeat them.
You're gonna become a warrior.
Of course you'll feel a lot of pressure.
But will you promise me that you'll still be my gentle brother even when you're a warrior? Let's go.
Tonight's about you.
-Come on.
Let's go before Father gets Sinbad way too drunk.
You're beautiful.
But a little too tall.
So he's our target.
Hey, wait.
This'll be easy.
Hey, wait up.
A kid? Darn.
You'll be punished for your mischief! That's all you've got? I knew I could take you down alone.
What are you smiling about? Sucks for you.
So Who the heck are you? Were you sent by Parthevia? You bastard.
I can't believe kids like you are becoming assassins now.
What's with that attitude? At such a young age, I don't know where you came from, but your parents would be disappointed.
Shut up.
What's wrong with you? How can you speak like that to your elders? Sinbad.
You gotta be more strict with him.
He's an assassin, after all.
I know that.
That's why I'm disciplining him on his speech.
What? But it's not about discipline.
These types require discipline in the basic of basics.
Understood? That kind of attitude is what gets you into trouble, like assassination.
Don't you feel like you're disgracing your parents? I told you to shut up! My parents are long gone! I murdered them when I was six! What? Scared of me now? Don't boast about that.
Poor kid.
Don't look at me like that.
You're just a kid yourself, so shut up! Sinbad! Take that.
Don't come near me.
You don't understand.
Chief, are you injured? Shut up.
I'm gonna be the one to kill Sinbad! Where did they come from? Is your wound okay? It's nothing serious.
We gotta prepare for the ritual now.
But wait, who were those guys? They must be from the Parthevian Army.
They were sent to capture me.
What? That means you're a wanted man.
But why? I betrayed the country, and I did a lot of other things.
Aren't you scared? You can never return home and you'll be targeted by assassins all your life.
I decided to follow my destiny.
I'll overcome every obstacle that comes my way.
Sin I The sun's about to rise.
Brother, it's almost time.
Can I meet you there? I need a minute to calm down before I go.
All right.
But make it quick, okay? See you later.
We don't want to miss it.
Sinbad! It's Brother.
Brother's going to the Dungeon to prove himself as a true warrior.
Is it possible? If I can obtain the Dungeon's power myself, could I be as strong as you? The Dungeon kills all, except those who are worthy of being a King's candidate.
Tens of thousands of men lost their lives because of their ambitions.
Then my brother Don't worry.
I won't let him die.
But how can you guarantee that you'll come back alive? I just know.
I'm not gonna die.
This place Do not cower.
I can do it.
If I obtain the Dungeon's power, I can be a true warrior.
Then everyone will approve of me.
What's this? Where am I? This is the Dungeon? Were you guided by the powers of the Dungeon again? Sinbad what is it that you see with your eyes? Sinbad.
Is this our fate? I'm gonna kill him.
I'll never let anyone get in my way.