Magi: Sinbad no Bouken (2016) s01e03 Episode Script

Dungeon Baal

1 A sight I've never seen.
Mysterious monsters.
Humid and warm air.
This is the Dungeon.
Darn it! Don't fall out of line.
Move forward along the cliff.
What the heck? All hundred soldiers gone in a flash.
Of all places Come on, you monster.
You are This way.
How did you get inside the Dungeon before me? I thought I was the first one here.
You're that pacifist kid.
-Go mind your own business.
-What? I'm a soldier.
I've no reason to be helped by a traitor who's against our nation.
I don't care about stuff like "reasons.
" What happened already can't be changed.
Besides I saved you and you don't even thank me.
Who's the kid here? You're calling me a kid? Fine.
I'll explain in a way so a mere commoner like you would also understand.
Make a note of my noble name.
A general of Parthevia, the youngest of the Dragul family.
A son of General Draguliel Henrius Nomidus Pertegomidus.
Commander of the Western Region military unit.
Dragul Nol Henrius Govius Menudias Partenuvonomias Dumid Os Kartanon.
It's too long.
Let's do Drakon for short.
You're Drakon, okay? -You're rude! -It's way too long! My name is S-I-N-B-A-D, only six letters! How dare you insult the Dragul name.
I'm going to kill you! It seems like There's no time to be fooling around.
Look how big it is! Yeah, like a king of the dragons.
That thing just ate all the ones it didn't like.
The dragon king behaves just like the human king.
Watch your mouth, commoner! If we want to forge ahead, we have to take that thing down.
This is the place where people fight for their lives.
We're being tested, too.
Being tested, huh? Sinbad is your name, correct? You've earned the honor of becoming my subordinate.
Act as a decoy to draw its attention.
Meanwhile, I'll approach the door.
Our determination to completing a mission, no matter the sacrifice, is being tested here.
-Go forth.
-Don't impose yourself on me.
A commoner like you can be of use to the country.
Be honored.
I'll arrange a reward if you die.
That's enough.
You're a real military freak.
How many people do you think have gone to die like that?! Don't flinch or flee.
Sacrifice your life for your country.
That's our honor as Parthevian soldiers.
Dying for our country is our true wish.
These geysers are a nuisance.
It's impossible to predict where they'll shoot out from.
And all these baby dragons.
All I need to do is pass through the door I did it.
I made it here.
Door, open for me.
Open! Why? Why not? Open.
Open, open.
Open! No way.
No freaking way.
I will accomplish my mission.
No! I don't want to die yet! Royal princess of the Parthevia Empire, Your Royal Highness Serendine.
The eldest son of General Dragul, Lieutenant Barbarossa.
Your engagement will be the first step towards the glory of our Parthevia Empire.
Great work, my brother.
You idiot! Hey, pull yourself together.
Get up, or you'll die.
Kill me.
Kill me.
Afraid of enemies and clinging to life.
I've failed as a soldier.
"Don't flinch or flee.
" "Sacrifice your life for your country?" What's embarrassing about not wanting to die? It's normal.
You're a human before a soldier.
Has the emperor or the military ever saved the people who made sacrifices for their country? A country exists to protect the people who live in it.
Not to send those people into war to die.
A country that abandons its people is worthless.
I'm taking this.
Hey, you! Can you hear that, Drakon? Sacrifices have been made for those with power.
This is the sound of their retribution.
It's open.
Let's go.
Who exactly are you? You are asking me who I am? I'm me.
Sinbad, the sailor.
A mysterious man.
He might appear to be a reckless fool, but he carefully analyzes each situation, and makes the right choice under any circumstances.
A man who rides the wave of fate.
You still look pale.
Huh, you're out of breath.
Your legs seem tired after all that fleeing.
Thanks to an idiot, I had to run around even more.
I praise you for doing so well for a commoner.
I thought you were just a spoiled kid, but you're tougher than expected.
Not as much as I am, though.
Those are my words.
They're all made of stone.
I don't see anything unusual here.
I'll have to disagree with that.
My name is Baal.
A genie of wrath and heroism.
Who's the one to be the king? Is this what Yunan was talking about? The power to become the king? The power which the sorcerers talked about.
If I could offer this to the emperor -That's -The one to become the king is -me! -me! Don't get in my way, Drakon.
I'm here by the emperor's direct order.
Back off.
Forget the emperor.
I won't give any more power to someone who tramples all over his people.
I've decided.
With my own power I will change this country and the world.
It seems like we'll have to settle this first after all.
I owe you one for saving me.
However, first and foremost, I'm a Parthevian soldier.
I won't change my will.
The skill of my future master Show me what you've got.
You're pretty good, but Sinbad, you're certainly strong.
However you're no match for me! Adios.
Sure, you're better at using a sword.
However We're not competing in swordsmanship.
I'm losing consciousness, but I will succeed in capturing the Dungeon.
I will never disgrace your name, Miss Serendine.
Don't be so serious.
You'll get frown lines.
Besides, people call me the venomous spider princess.
How could my name be disgraced? I like my nickname.
Cast a net, weaken the opponent and capture it securely.
A spider that never lets go of its prey.
Just like me.
I'm more persistent than you think.
So Dragul You're not allowed to die.
I can't lose.
I haven't lost, yet.
Not yet.
Not yet.
Brother, Miss Serendine is beautiful, smart and strong-willed.
She'll get along with you.
I think you're misunderstanding something.
This engagement is an absurd political move.
This country is in decline.
This is simply a way to rebuild it with the backing of the Dragul family.
That means your feelings towards her are There's no love.
I couldn't say anything.
I couldn't do anything.
I couldn't protect her.
I'm in love with her, but I couldn't tell her.
How disappointing.
I'm I'm disappointed by my weakness.
But she is the one I want to protect.
That's why I understand that, because I I have many reasons why I can't lose.
That's why -I can't -I can't -I can't lose! -I can't lose! My win.
I've witnessed it.
I approve you to be my master.
Take this.
This is the power you so desired.
FIRST DUNGEON: BAAL CAPTURE COMPLETE Job well done, young Capturer.
Now hand over the treasure and the Dungeon's power.
I'm not like you guys.
I earned the treasure and the power.
I'll never hand them over to you.
What? That's an act of rebellion against the empire.
Get him.
Are you not going to use your power? -Yunan.
-I see.
You don't know how to use the power, yet.
It's quite soon to require my aid, isn't it Master? -It's a blue giant.
-What is that? Is it a monster? Go ahead.
Follow the voice of your heart.
Oh, genie of wrath and heroism.
I order you and your messengers Using my magic as your source, bestow my will with great power.
Come forth, Baal.
This is my power? Sinbad.
Yunan, what are you?! This is a gift from me.
What the? I've never flown like tha--! Sin? It is you! I'm back.
-Where have you been? -I was at the Dungeon Where could you have gone leaving Esra for two months?! Honey.
Is that you? Badr? If I'm able to see you I must be leaving the world soon.
Hey, our little boy, Sin took your sword and set out on an adventure.
He's full of energy, curious, and always so reckless.
But he values his family and friends.
He's very kind and looks just like you.
He's an adult now.
He should be okay.
I love you, Sin.
You found it, right? Something only you can do.
Do what you must do.
I'll be fine.
Thereafter Sinbad's name became known all across Parthevia.
The news that the Dungeon, challenged by more than 10,000, had been captured by a 14-year-old child, cheered up the war-worn citizens.
On the other hand, the fact that it was captured by a civilian child made the palace think bitterly of this little hero.
-Stop it.
-You're Sinbad, aren't you? I'm glad a pretty girl like you knows who I am.
Shut up.
You can't beat me.
I'm taking you as a hostage.
Princess! Darn it.
Let me down.
How dare you?! How could you embarrass a royal princess like me? -What? -The soldiers will come collect you.
Good job on being a hostage, cutie.
Never! I'll never forgive you.
Sinbad! Now, let's go.
I'm going to change the world!