Magnum P.I. (2018) s01e06 Episode Script

Death Is Only Temporary

1 - MAGNUM: Wait, I I know that voice.
It'd-it'd be a lot easier if you took this bag off my head.
I mean Viktor.
(CHUCKLES) I knew it was you.
I bet you feel really proud of yourself right now, right? I mean, you tracked me down.
You captured me.
But did you ever stop to think that maybe maybe I let you capture me because I've been looking for you? Yes, I did.
(FOOTSTEPS APPROACH) (CHUCKLES) I knew your friends were posing as mercenaries from the moment I hired them to kidnap you.
On that note, did you guys really have to be that rough? We had to make it look like a real kidnapping.
VIKTOR: Hey, hey.
That's enough.
You guys threw me in that trunk, - like, really hard.
- Yeah, but we were in character.
You-you got to get in a kidnapper's head, like, what would a kidnapper do? And you got to do that.
I think you guys oversold it, you know? You could've given me a power bar, a banana.
I was in that trunk for an hour.
20 minutes.
What are you talking about? 20 minutes? That's insane.
- VIKTOR: I said that's enough! - You are such a baby.
VIKTOR: I want the launch codes.
(SPEAKS RUSSIAN) Other side, Drago.
(GRUNTING) You can put your hands down now.
That was, uh impressive.
Four precision shots in under a second? (LAUGHS) I'm sorry, but that's absolute rubbish.
Sure, if the firearm was an automatic, then yes, maybe four shots wouldn't be out of the question.
But the White Knight was using a semiautomatic, which, as any good marksperson will tell you, is just - It's just not, um - (KUMU CLEARS THROAT) Forgive me.
I'm a stickler for authenticity.
Shall I continue? I think we've heard enough.
KUMU: Perhaps Ms.
Higgins could share something about Mr.
Masters and this lovely estate? - (QUIETLY): Yeah.
- Certainly.
Uh, let's see.
Well, after his time as a war journalist, Robin Masters stayed here on the grounds in the guesthouse, which is where he wrote his first White Knight novel, White Knight: Queen's Gambit.
And he loved being here so much that once the White Knight franchise became a runaway global success, he decided to purchase the entire property and christened it Robin's Nest.
Who lives in the guesthouse now? No one of any significance.
Well, I think we would all love to see where Mr.
Masters created the White Knight.
Would it be possible to tour the guesthouse? - BOY: That would be so cool.
- Uh, it's it's quite early, so the current tenant is most likely asleep.
So, yes.
- (KIDS EXCLAIM) - Yes, that's a wonderful idea.
BOY: Awesome.
BOY: Aloha.
So cool you live here.
No, uh, sorry, everyone.
This isn't actually the tenant.
This is one of his, um, - many, many, many friends.
- MAGNUM: Higgins.
Is that you? Oh! Another tour group, huh? What's up, kids? I was just making some of Thomas Magnum's famous chocolate chip pancakes.
What do you think? You like pancakes? KIDS: Yeah! Well, come on in.
Ooh! (CHUCKLES) Pancakes.
Magnum, are you a writer, too? Uh, no, I'm a actually a private investigator.
Does anyone know what a private investigator does? Hella cool things.
That's right.
Hella cool things.
Does anybody know what else they do? Save people who are in trouble.
Save people who are in trouble.
Private investigators do hella cool things and save people who are in trouble.
That's what I did in the Navy, and it's what I do right here in Hawaii.
You know, some people would say that I'm a hero, but I just like to think of myself as someone who serves.
And right now I'm serving pancakes with chocolate chips.
- Who wants one? - (KIDS EXCLAIMING) My breakfast dog It goes around again - (MICROWAVE BEEPS) - And you're never gonna ke Yes! You know, just because you mash the word "breakfast" into "hot dog," it doesn't make it okay to eat one this early in the morning.
Gonna need sustenance to crush those waves, homie.
Yeah because you definitely need a healthy dose of dextrose, - Oh.
- sodium lactate, - Mmm.
- and hydrolyzed beef stock.
Talk dirty to me, Daddy.
- Come on, man, hurry up.
- All right.
I do not want to get stuck in traffic.
Oh! Gonna need some of these breakfast cakes, too.
- Dude.
- What? I got to carb up.
- Hydrate.
- All right.
Thank you.
Yo, give me one of those.
(ENGINE STARTS) (ENGINE STOPS) - What's up, man? - Nice ink.
Yeah, I got a nice tramp stamp to go with it.
Buy me another beer, I'll give you a peek.
(BOTH LAUGH) Were you in the sandbox? I got military ink, and I'm in a chair.
What do you think? Look, no disrespect.
We both served in Jalalabad.
This is Rick.
Yeah, listen, uh, we're headed to the west side, but we're gonna wait out traffic.
You mind if we hang here with you for a bit? You buying the next round, you can hang all you want.
Well, I'm driving, but I'd be happy to pay.
Oh, oh, you're buying? That's awesome.
I'll take a breakfast beer.
You know what? Get two beers.
You want a beer? - Yeah.
- Make it three.
I mean, there is no chance Magnum did anything close to that.
Higgins! Hey, it won't shut off.
That much is obvious.
MAGNUM: Did you install - a keypad alarm system into the Ferrari? - (ALARM STOPS) Seemed prudent.
It is, after all, a $350,000 car.
So you're telling me I have to punch in a code every time I want to start the engine? Only if you find driving around with the alarm blaring and the headlights flashing a nuisance.
You know what I find to be a nuisance? - Me? - Yes.
This is obviously a security upgrade.
Security is my thing.
I don't know why I have to keep telling you that.
Are you done? Yes, but only because I'm late for an appointment.
What is what is the code? It's, uh, Mr.
Masters' birthday.
I figured that way you'd find it easy to remember.
Thank you.
That is that's very thoughtful.
It's August 4.
Right, August 4.
I knew that.
(CLEARS THROAT) August is the eighth month, Magnum.
I know.
MAGNUM: Normally I'd be happy to stay and have it out with Higgins, but I had to meet a new client.
Henry Barr, former sugar tycoon.
Very rich and very old.
Apparently he hasn't left his estate in years.
Not sure why a wealthy mogul like Barr would want to hire a private investigator, but I got to admit, I was pretty intrigued.
I'm Reginald.
Please, come in.
You should know, Mr.
Barr hasn't been well these past few years.
I'm sorry to hear that.
What's wrong, if you don't mind me asking? His memory has started to go.
He sometimes gets confused.
But today seems to be a good day.
Thomas Magnum to see you, sir.
He's the private investigator you hired.
Oh, yes, yes, yes, yes.
Nice auto.
You have good taste, young man.
The guy I'm borrowing it from has good taste.
- (CHUCKLES) - So what brings me out here today? Elizabeth Cole.
My first love.
(CHUCKLES) She was something else.
Challenged me like no woman had before.
She was smart.
She was all heart.
- How long were you guys together? - On and off for a few years until I I ended it.
At the time I wasn't certain if she was the one.
But I can't say I regret breaking up with her, because soon after, met my late wife, Vera.
But I often wonder what if we had stayed together? I-I'd like for you to find Elizabeth, if at all possible.
I can certainly try.
Do you have anything else I can go off of? Uh I recently received this e-mail from her.
Well, why not just reply and ask her to meet you? Because I can't be certain it's her.
And why's that? Because Elizabeth Cole has been dead for 30 years.
Elizabeth died in 1997.
Never to resurface, and sadly was declared dead.
Now there's this e-mail.
"Hello, Henry.
I know it's been many years, "but I've hit hard times, "and I'm in need of financial assistance.
"Given our past, I'm sure you want to help.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
" I want so desperately to believe it's her, but my attorney wanted me to hire a private investigator.
He thinks it may be a scam.
I'm sorry to say, but I think he might be right.
I feel like this could be a play for money.
Or Elizabeth could still be alive.
I would be so thrilled to see her again.
And I'd happily give her whatever money she needs.
Look, would you do me a favor? Just don't respond to that e-mail until we know more.
Promise you, I'm gonna look into this.
Thank you.
Thank you.
TC: So, how's it been since you got home? Couldn't be better.
I won the lotto and married a supermodel.
You? (LAUGHS) - Same.
(CHUCKLES) Yeah, what was your M.
in Iraq? What is this, 20 questions? No, no, man.
I-I Just, I was a door gunner.
- TC was a chopper pilot.
- Yeah? Venoms? Super Hueys.
UH-1 Yankees.
I always wanted to be a mechanic.
But they didn't have any slots when I enlisted, so I became a driver.
I deployed with a medium truck platoon from the 153rd.
Yeah, we drove on Route Irish.
It's a rough road.
But I could clock IEDs from a hundred meters out.
Everybody wanted to ride with me.
I kept all my boys safe.
It was good having a job, an identity.
The ability to walk.
You have family here on the island? Ex-wife.
She left me, after ten years.
But I don't blame her.
So what do you guys do now? I have a helicopter tour business.
Rick runs a beach club.
I guess some of us transition better than others.
It wasn't all roses.
We had some help.
You ever hear of Robin Masters? That hotshot writer guy? He's a friend.
He helped TC get his chopper, and he got me the job running the King Kamehameha Club.
TC: He knew we needed to keep busy.
Have a sense of purpose, you know what I mean? Yeah.
Yeah, so hey, what are you doing the rest of the day? You're looking at it.
Well, uh, we were about to do some surfing up at Maili Point.
You want to tag along? Yeah, and after that, we can all hike up to the top of Diamond Head.
(CHUCKLES) - Maybe you guys didn't notice, but my legs they don't work so well.
Actually, there's a big community of disabled vets that surf.
A lot of those guys they find peace out in the ocean.
Why climb the mountain? Hello? Because it's there.
Behold! - I have conquered Ka'au Crater! - (DOOR OPENS, CLOSES) Tell me our head of security didn't just steal my laptop.
I'm in no mood for irony.
I'm on a case, Higgins.
- Plus, you told me to borrow it.
- I did no such thing.
Sure you did.
You said, "Don't use the house computer anymore.
" So your takeaway from that was to steal my laptop? Borrow.
And yes.
Higgins, this is - Ah for a big case, all right? My only lead is an e-mail, and I'm having trouble tracing down the IP address.
Look, if you help me, I will buy my own computer and never use yours again.
(CLEARS THROAT) Who's the girl? Elizabeth Cole.
She's the former girlfriend of Henry Barr.
He's a sugar tycoon.
- Says here she disappeared in 1987.
- Yeah.
Yet this e-mail is from her.
Someone who claims to be her.
You ask me, it's a play for money.
So whoever sent this e-mail is merely trying to scam a rich man at the end of his life.
That's repugnant.
Yeah, it's worse, considering Barr's in the early stages of dementia.
So, um I assume the police investigated Ms.
Cole's disappearance? Yeah, but the only real lead was that she racked up a bunch of debt before she went missing.
You think there's any chance she's still alive? No, I doubt it.
They found her car abandoned ten miles from her house.
I got something.
It looks like the e-mail was sent from a public computer at the Hawaii State Library.
- What branch? - King Street.
Incidentally, Mr.
Masters is a generous benefactor there.
They even named a wing after him.
- Really? - Mm-hmm.
I might have one more favor to ask.
(TYPING) Thank you again.
I realize this is, um, highly unusual.
Anything for Robin Masters.
And not just because he's our most generous benefactor.
I'm actually a huge White Knight fan.
I Me too.
I love the White Knight.
Uh, what a hero.
- Right? - Have you read the latest one, White Knight's Secret State? Uh, uh, no spoilers.
I haven't finished it yet.
I'll leave you to it.
Take all the time that you need.
Thank you.
So, the e-mail was sent at 3:31, which means the mystery e-mailer should be appearing any second.
Red hair.
Same height.
For a dead woman Elizabeth Cole looks bloody good.
I can't believe it.
The hair.
The sweatshirt.
That's her alma mater.
It could be her.
Could also be someone else.
I'd caution against being too optimistic at this point.
You're right.
What happens now? I think we should respond to the e-mail.
See if we can draw out some more information.
May-may I? Yes.
Uh, how's- how's this? "Dear Lizzie, "is it really you?" It's hard to believe after all these years.
"Can you send me something "so I know it's true? Henry.
" Okay.
We'll see what happens.
Oh, in the meantime, I was wondering before Elizabeth disappeared, she racked up a bunch of debt do you have any idea what that might be about? Debt? Lizzie? No, no, no, no.
She was always responsible when it comes to money.
Nah, that doesn't seem like her.
I know this is hard, and it was such a long time ago, but if you could help us understand why she had financial trouble, we might gain some insight as to why she disappeared in the first place.
I don't know.
I don't know, damn I don't know, damn it! I don't know.
It's okay.
Um, mood swings are common.
- Henry - (PANTING) (WHISPERS): I don't know.
Henry, can you look at me? Good.
That's good.
Let's have a drink, shall we? There you are.
Just have a little sip.
(PANTING) I'm sorry, but have we met? Yes, yes.
My name is Juliet Higgins.
I'm an associate of Mr.
He's the private investigator that you hired to find Elizabeth Cole.
- Elizabeth? - Mm.
Yes, Elizabeth.
Feels good.
So, what do you say, Shammy? Want to get out there with us? Come on, look at it.
It's perfect! I guess I'll float around for a bit.
(LAUGHING) Not my head so dumb with love There's something else I'm dreaming of Keep me here Unaware Coming back Coming back Hey, oh! You come out and say the word Quick how all the tables turned Hate that there's a space to fill Always have and always will Ah my wife.
So nurturing.
We never had children of our own, unfortunately.
But she treated each one of my employees as if they were family.
When Elizabeth and I broke up, I suffered a minor stroke.
I was barely in my 50s.
Vera well, she was my physical therapist.
Helped me recover.
She was also Reginald's sister.
My house manager.
- But not as reserved.
- (CHUCKLES) (COMPUTER CHIMES) - HENRY: He's a good man.
The two of them got me back on my feet.
I'm alive because of them.
Only I never regained use of my arm.
But Vera and I fell for each other.
(LAUGHS) - We got a response.
- Higgins, can you, uh? - Yeah, on it.
What's going on? Elizabeth responded to the e-mail, and Higg uh, sorry Juliet is trying to see where it was sent from.
They're using a VPN this time.
It's a virtual private network to hide their location.
They're not taking any chances.
What-what did she write? Nothing.
Um, there's no text.
It's just an image.
MAGNUM: Does this mean anything to you, Mr.
Barr? No.
I've never seen it.
How does this photo prove it's Elizabeth? MAGNUM: I don't know, but it's okay.
We'll figure it out.
(RINGTONE PLAYS) Aloha, Thomas.
Hey, Kumu, I just texted you a picture.
You know every square inch of this rock.
Do you have any idea where that might be? Hmm.
The carved logo on the wooden sign by the road? Yeah, the, uh, stream between two mountains.
That's the old insignia for Waimano Park.
Used to be an old back road on the far east side of the park used by campers, but the state shut it down years ago.
It's mostly overgrown now.
Thanks, Kumu.
You are - amazing.
Uh - (CAR ALARM BLARES) Thomas, are you stealing a car? Uh, yeah, the Ferrari's just not doing it - for me anymore.
Thanks again, Kumu.
- (ALARM STOPS) You're welcome.
Masters' birthday - is August - August fourth.
I know.
Hey, I'm gonna go check out the park.
You want me to drop you off at Robin's Nest first? Oh, that's not necessary.
I'll just come with you.
Definitely looks like the road in the photo.
What do you think? That we should have stopped for bug spray.
You really, uh really good back there with Barr.
Higgins? Sorry.
I was just poleaxed by the compliment.
I'm just saying, you you knew exactly what to do.
Yes, well I have had some experience.
Thank you for not pushing.
It was my mother.
I'm sorry.
I had no idea.
There's a lot you don't know about me, Thomas.
MAGNUM: I was curious why Higgins was staying involved in the case.
Now I had my answer.
- I see it.
Shovel marks.
This was freshly dug up.
About six by three.
Someone could definitely have been buried here.
Or something.
MAGNUM: There's blood.
Or someone.
What the hell is this? I asked myself the very same question.
Then I thought, "You know what? Dr.
Cunha" Is very busy right now and can't be bothered with random bags of dirt.
Look, it's for a missing persons cold case file, a woman.
She was supposed to have died 30 years ago, but that blood looks pretty fresh.
And you think it's hers? (SIGHS) I don't know.
Could be hers, could be somebody else's.
That's why I want you to run some tests, see if there's any DNA matches on file.
Okay, or we could call HPD.
Uh, I will fill in Katsumoto as soon as we know more.
Look, the guy who asked me to look into this is a lonely old man in failing health, so I want to stay on this as long as I can for him.
But you've obviously tampered with a crime scene, Magnum.
Now you're trying to involve me? Do you see my dilemma? I do, but whatever happens, I'll keep you out of it.
Okay? Scout's honor.
And if you do this for me, I'll get you dinner for two at Hy's.
On me.
And I know how much you like Hy's.
Do I? No, you don't have to order off the happy hour menu.
And no, this time, you don't have to bring me.
(SIGHS) Oh, have a seat while I run your dirt.
Thank you, Doctor.
(LAUGHING) Yes! Orville! - Aah! - (LAUGHS) Might call you "Rick" for that.
(LAUGHS) - Ooh! What's he doing? - TC.
- I see it.
I see him.
(ALL GASPING) Let me go.
What are you talking about?! Just let me go, man! Man, you trying to kill yourself? No, no, we're not gonna let you do that, not today.
If that was your plan, we don't want nothing to do with it.
Yeah, easy for you to walk away.
It's not easy.
It's never easy.
- Yeah.
- You think we don't struggle? Every damn day's a battle.
The only difference is, we refuse to give up.
There are guys that came home worse off, but at least they came home.
RICK: Look, you don't want any new friends, that's fine, but we're not looking to bury someone else we know, all right? I was scheduled to go on leave the day I got hit.
I had asked for back-to-back convoys so I could catch an early rotator out.
(VOICE BREAKING): I wanted to get home and surprise the wife.
And I was tired.
I was too tired.
(CRYING) That's why I didn't clock it.
It was an IED hidden in roadkill.
It's the easiest kind to spot, and I missed it.
This is Reed, that was Tellez and McCray.
They were my friends, my brothers, and I It's my fault they're gone.
You know, we ended up in Hawaii because of our friend Nuzo.
When we got back, he had this great idea that we all move to paradise.
I tried to go home to Chicago first, but it only lasted a couple weeks.
I couldn't handle it.
It wasn't until I got here.
It it-it's not this paradise or the perfect weather or any of it.
Because home it's not a "where.
" It's a "who.
" TC: He's right.
We get by with each other.
Look, you'll never get past the pain.
But you can learn to live with it.
We'll help.
Look, long after the fighting's over, we always got each other's back.
If you'll let us, we'll get yours, too.
(SOUND OF DOGS BARKING) Higgins, what's up? I found out why Elizabeth Cole was in debt before she disappeared.
I'm listening.
I did a deep dive on the collectors chasing her.
And it turns out she owed close to $15,000 in medical bills.
$15,000? For what? Weekly visits to an obstetrician in San Diego, followed by a one-night stay in a maternity ward.
Okay, so she got pregnant in Hawaii, then went to California to raise the kid? No, just to deliver it.
After all the expenses on her account, there was one payment received from "All Hope Adoption Services.
" She gave up the baby before going back to the island? It would appear so.
Thanks, Higgins.
You're welcome.
That was fast.
That's because your dirt blood isn't human.
It's swine.
MAGNUM: Swine blood.
I guess I shouldn't be too surprised.
There's wild boar all over Waimano.
Someone must have been out there hunting and killed one, spilled blood near the site of that hole.
So my next step was to call a park ranger buddy of mine and find out who had been hunting in the woods over the past few days.
Lucky for me, there was just one person.
No more letters, no more messages.
"Do not try to contact me again or tell anyone about the child.
"If you do, things will get very bad for you, Lizzie.
Very bad.
" (SIGHS) Barr, you killed her.
You son of a bitch.
Don't move.
You move and the last thing you're gonna feel is this arrow through your skull.
Wrong place to go trespassing friend.
Look, I'm a private investigator.
And I just want you to be aware, people know I'm up here.
Do you think I'm stupid? (SCOFFS) I don't think you want me to answer that.
(GRUNTS) (EXHALES) Man, that is a, that is a massive pig.
What is it, 200 pounds? It's 275.
So (STAMMERS) What happened? Wh H-Hold on.
Let me guess.
You shot it, it went down pretty hard, right? Kicked up some earth, revealed something shiny.
You dug it up, (CHUCKLES) and you found the bones, you found the letter that pretty much told you who they belonged to and who put her there.
A rich old man.
Somebody you can blackmail.
Am I right? Who the hell are you? (TRUCK DOOR CLOSES) EARL: Get over here.
Earl, what the hell is going on? Okay, get over there, you tie his hands up.
Yeah, this guy, he knows everything.
I didn't, but I think I do now.
EARL: Come on, baby, go.
He had you dye your hair, huh? Send that e-mail from the library? Told you you guys get rich, nobody would get hurt.
Look, if that's all that happened, cops will go easy on you, but if I disappear Shut up! Baby, you're gonna grab his keys right now.
Get that car out of here.
And I'll deal with that after I deal with him.
Come on.
MAGNUM: One last request.
That's my buddy's car, so if you can be super careful, that'd be great.
Start walking now, man.
Move it.
Go on, Monica.
- All right.
- Go.
MAGNUM: You know, you're going about this the wrong way.
If you want money, I can help.
Already got that covered.
Yeah, about that.
There's something you don't know.
Henry Barr, the guy you're trying to blackmail? He's got dementia.
He doesn't even remember killing his girlfriend back in the day.
So if you want that money, you're gonna need me to help convince him.
Look, after what I found out today, I-I've got no loyalty to Barr.
Okay, so you can kill me now, go down for murder, or you can help me let you get paid and give that old man what he deserves.
OFFICER 2: Let's go.
You got my message.
- I didn't want to believe it.
- I know.
Look at the date engraved on the bracelet.
HIGGINS: April 7.
It's the date she gave birth.
Judging from the letter, Elizabeth tried to contact Barr many times.
He told her to stay away.
I guess he thought she wanted money, or maybe she wanted to guilt him into marrying her.
What is it? Henry told me that he lost the use of his right arm shortly after ending it with Elizabeth.
Are you saying someone other than Barr wrote this letter? And I think I know who.
Your payment.
Here is your payment in full.
And thank you for all your help.
It's sad that there are people in this world who would prey on the elderly.
Certainly is.
Granted, it's not as bad as murdering someone and disposing of their body, but, yeah, it's pretty bad.
Sorry? I bet you felt pretty good about your sister marrying your boss.
I mean, benefited you, too, right? But when you found out that Elizabeth wanted to talk to Henry about their child, you panicked.
You thought she was gonna come back into his life, and mess everything up.
So you wrote a letter posing as Henry and you told her to go away.
The thing is, you probably came off a little too aggressive in the letter.
I'm guessing Elizabeth thought that didn't sound like the Henry she once knew, so she came here to confront him in person.
You wanted to keep her away at all costs, not only for Vera's sake, but for yours.
And I'm guessing you took it too far.
(ELIZABETH SCREAMS) MAGNUM: Maybe it was an accident.
Maybe you didn't mean to hurt her.
But what's done is done.
Now you have to deal with it.
You buried Elizabeth's body deep in the woods, and probably tried your best to forget what happened.
Your sister marries Henry, you got a great life.
But, unfortunately for you, they found Elizabeth's body and that fake letter.
It turns out that letter was in her pocket the entire time.
Now, naturally they thought Henry wrote that letter.
And that's why they tried to blackmail him.
Oh, it's a terrific story, but entirely unprovable.
I wouldn't say "entirely.
" We got a sample of your writing, and it matches the writing in the letter perfectly.
Loyal for so many years.
I'm sorry.
The only saving grace is that Vera's not alive to see this.
Uh, the child that Elizabeth wanted me to know about our child Mm-hmm.
Can you find her for me, Mr.
Magnum? Actually, Miss Higgins already has.
Her name is Sara.
And she now lives in Oregon.
Sara? Do you think she'd want to-to meet me? Mm-hmm.
So you think he'll show? Eh, 50-50.
Tell you what, let's make it interesting.
20 bucks says he shows.
I'll give you odds.
Two to one.
Five to one.
Five to one.
20 to one odds, but you got to take it right now.
Come on.
Take it, take it, take it.
Nice blades.
I never toured the island on a chopper before.
Eh, we'll talk about that later.
I wanted to run something by you first.
Oh, the old bait and switch.
What, you need help moving a couch? Actually, you know, that chair would make a very good dolly.
Never mind him.
See, here's the deal: Lately, I've been pretty swamped around here, and I've been thinking about bringing someone on to help out in the office handle the maintenance on this bird.
Who, me? (LAUGHS) I've fixed up cars and trucks, not choppers.
It's a big learning curve, but I'm not worried.
Seems like you've been able to handle a lot worse.
So what do you say? All right.
I'll help you out.
But only as a favor to you.
And it's only temporary.
Not sure how long I could stand working in a dump like this.
(LAUGHS) All right.
Well, welcome to the team, man.
Good to have you.
Henry, this is your daughter Sara.
(CRYING): Hello.
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