Magnum P.I. (2018) s01e19 Episode Script

Blood in the Water

1 When I close my eyes I finally wake up And through the night I'm living the dream MAGNUM: One of the things well, maybe the only thing that Juliet Higgins and I have in common is that we both work for the most generous man in Hawaii, Robin Masters.
So when he asked us to pick up his new boat named the T.
Belle, we were glad to do it.
I can't believe you don't know what T.
Belle stands for.
- Neither do you.
- Yeah, but you had it stenciled on the boat.
You had a-a week to figure it out.
I've had, like, one hour.
Maybe T.
is for tax return.
Teddy Roosevelt.
Turkey robot.
Turkey robot.
Yeah, that's definitely it.
(LAUGHS) Who knows? Maybe it's the name of Robin's next book.
In the future, an army of robotic turkeys take over the world.
Magnum, you're not gonna figure it out.
I already tried.
Once again questioning my investigative skills.
Is it really any wonder with brilliant deductions like turkey robot? I found out you were MI6.
I'm still baffled by that.
When are you gonna tell me how you worked that out? When it stops driving you crazy.
Maybe Belle is from a long time ago.
We have to dig into Robin's past.
He's not Charles Foster Kane.
Who's that? You've never heard of Charles Foster Kane? Don't act like I'm supposed to know who it is.
It's not like it's Tom Brady or something.
Who's Tom Brady? Are you serious? You don't know who Tom Brady is? Oh, he's the Dad from that American TV show, uh, The Brady Bunch.
Are you kidding me? - MAN (OVER RADIO): Mayday! Mayday! - Geez.
Mayday! Mayday! Mayday! Mayday! This is the Naginata, a 20-foot fishing vessel with one soul on board.
My engine failed.
Mayday! Mayday! This is the T.
What's your location? Over.
Thank God.
85 kilometers east of Port Kepuhi.
That's less than 20 minutes away.
Roger that, Naginata.
We're on our way.
There he is.
Oh, man, you are a lifesaver, literally.
All good, brother.
Watch your step.
You got it.
Juliet Higgins.
Welcome aboard.
Ah, thanks.
Great yacht.
I think I'll take it.
Get back.
Get back.
Stay right where you are.
Get back.
Now, get off the boat.
No, I'm sorry, I, uh I won't be doing that.
Excuse me? What do you mean "no"? HIGGINS: Well, this isn't my vessel to surrender.
It belongs to my employer.
You see this? This means I make the rules, not you.
You talking about that funny hat? Kind of hot to be wearing a beanie, isn't it? You say another word and I'll shoot you instead! Another word.
- Higgins! - (CRYING OUT) (GUNSHOTS) Magnum, they're getting away.
I couldn't stop them and help you.
I'm fine, I'm just nicked in the arm.
That's not a nick.
The bullet could have hit your artery.
We need to dress that immediately.
- Is it the compression rotor? - No.
The turbine? It ain't the turbine.
The entire engine's shot.
We are grounded, bro.
No, no, no.
No! I need this bird in the air today.
You got a better chance of getting my wheelchair airborne today.
Why don't you ask the shrimp truck guy to borrow his chopper? Look, I did.
Kamekona's is already booked.
Damn, Shammy, how come you didn't catch this in your maintenance report? Because magically predicting random breakdowns isn't part of my job.
Look, you're right, man.
I'm sorry.
I'm just tense.
My pops is visiting today.
This is a big step for us.
First it's meeting your dad, next thing you know we'll be moving in together.
Moving very fast.
Shammy, how's our boy holding up? He's nervous as hell.
What's the occasion? I mean, Pops doesn't get out here much is all.
All good between you two? Oh, what, is this more inner-circle friends type stuff? Shammy MC Sham! You are in the inner circle, my brother.
It's just complicated.
Look, TC's dad was the man, all right.
He really stepped up when his mom bounced.
Problem is, he couldn't stick around for long 'cause he made a little mistake.
What kind of mistake? Armed robbery.
Which he committed with love in his heart.
Did he, now? It was a misguided attempt to make ends meet, okay? He got out of prison right before I went into the military.
Then he got a legit job on the mainland.
But I'm living out here now.
It's been a while since I've seen him.
You just want everything to be perfect.
I wanted to take him on a tour.
Just show off a little.
But what's a helicopter business without a helicopter? TC, I know you want to show him how well you're doing, but I have a feeling he already knows.
I'm sure he just wants to see you.
RICK: Yeah, and that being said, is this really what you were gonna wear? What? This T-shirt is sharp.
"Sharp T-shirt" is an oxymoron.
You're an oxymoron.
It's not like I'm a businessman.
All right, you know what, you're not a businessman, you're a business, man.
You got to dress to impress, like me.
All right, I'll change.
But not like you.
I ain't wearing no silk shirt unbuttoned to my navel.
(LAUGHS) It's not that low.
It's not that low.
I-I'm usually a sternum guy.
That's where I cut it off.
TC, I never go lower than the sternum.
MAGNUM: We passed an atoll before we got the SOS.
We can swim back there and wait it out.
That's hardly a plan.
Ships pass there all the time.
We wave 'em down, they rescue us, piece of cake.
Piece of cake?! Need I remind you that that atoll was on the other side of the Molokai Channel? That's-that's five miles of swimming upwind against unpredictable swells.
So, what, you'd rather wait it out here? Well, a fishing boat or-or whale watchers could pass by here as well.
Yeah, could.
Either way, we're gonna have to wait, and we'll do a lot better on dry land.
Land on the other side of the Molokai Channel.
Which, if it catches us, could push us out to sea for good.
Yeah, we either die there or we die here.
I'd rather not be a sitting duck.
I'm sorry, but why is it that death and death are our only two options here? In case you forgot, I'm a Navy SEAL.
I'm kind of - in my element.
- In case you've forgotten, I'm the one that's been shot.
I mean, this isn't about whose turf we're on.
This is about this is about common sense.
We're stuck in the middle of the ocean, and you want to pick a fight.
Me? From the moment we met, it's as though your sole purpose in life has been to needle me.
I think your memory of when we first met is a bit hazy.
No, it's crystal clear.
You were as arrogant then as you're being right now.
(DOGS BARKING) Easy, easy.
Easy, boys.
Easy, boys.
Zeus, Apollo, sit! MAGNUM: Zeus and Apollo? It's more like Freddy and Jason.
Are they always like this? They're only aggressive when they have reason.
- Who are you? - Uh, Thomas Magnum.
A friend of Robin's.
(SNAPS FINGERS) You're supposed to arrive tomorrow.
It didn't work out for me, so I-I just popped in early.
How convenient.
How did you get onto the property? Easy, I just hopped the gate.
Nobody answered the ringer.
(GROWLING) So your first instinct is simply to trespass.
How can I trespass? I'm a guest here.
Who are you again? Juliet Higgins.
Oh, right, the, uh, major dodo.
What do you think a major-domo is? It's, uh like-like a maid.
Follow me.
(LAUGHS) This place is the most insane place I think I've ever seen in my entire life.
This is crazy.
Where's the guesthouse? This is the guesthouse.
This is the guesthouse? Are you kidding me? Are you serious? Where, uh, are the rest of your belongings? Ah, that's it.
So, a short visit, then? How long are you staying? A few days? A week? I don't know.
Robin kind of left it open-ended.
I think he wants me to stay here for a while.
And what are you intending to do while you're on the island? I'm a private investigator.
Well, I will be.
I've just got to, you know, build up my clientele.
So you're unemployed.
Just until my first case, yeah.
I assume that you've already got your private investigator's license, then? Is that a thing? Yes, that's very much a thing.
Uh, if you want to work legally, of course.
Well, at least I have something to do this afternoon.
You know, uh, I actually don't have a car.
May I suggest a cab? That's a good idea, but I'm kind of broke right now.
You mind maybe spotting me a little cash? Thank you.
Trust me, I'm good for it.
You were a total mooch from day one as well.
What? I'm still good for it.
Come here.
Let me check your arm.
- You're seeping.
- Tourniquet? No, we got to keep the arm mobile.
I'm chumming the water.
In tiger shark territory, no less.
I'm-I'm really not happy about this.
Happy about being shot or stuck in the middle of the ocean? About admitting that, ah, your plan is now our best bet.
Are you sure? I know what I said before, but swimming across the Molokai Channel's gonna be difficult.
We're upwind and swimming against the current.
And you're still losing a lot of blood.
You're talking to the three-time captain of the Cambridge Unified swim team.
(CHUCKLES) Of course I am.
- So where are we heading? - Well it's five miles due south and probably a mile to get to the channel.
You good? (QUIETLY): Okay.
Let's go.
Dude, you're wearing out the soles of your shoes.
Yeah, seriously, you're like a dad in a waiting room whose wife's about to give birth.
Probably even a little suspicious that the kid's even yours.
And second thoughts about the marriage - Rick.
We get it.
- What? Huh? - We get it.
- Point is, you look anxious.
(PHONE CHIMES) What is it? Shammy, no need to rush fixing the chopper today.
Not that I'm complaining, but why? My dad's not coming.
What? Why? He said something came up, and he'll make it out here soon.
You okay? Yeah.
It's all good.
I mean, it's a bummer.
But honestly, I'm used to it.
I'm more annoyed that I had to iron this shirt for nothing.
Yeah, ironing's a scam.
That's what I'm saying.
It's nothing that seven minutes in a dryer or outside a hot shower - can't fix.
- (CHUCKLES) - I don't know, I think you guys are just lazy.
- (PHONE RINGS) Kumu, what's up? Rick, have you heard from Magnum or Higgins? No, why? (EXHALES) They were supposed to be back with Mr.
Masters' new boat hours ago.
Both of their cell phones are going directly to voice mail.
TC: Ha, come on.
You know Thomas.
He probably didn't put enough gas in the tank.
Probably had to row that thing back.
(CHUCKLES) I wish.
I called the people who sold the boat.
They said its AIS went off-line today for the first time in years.
AIS? Automatic Identification System.
It's the transponder on the boat.
Did the water-activated beacon go off? - KUMU: No.
- All right, so they didn't sink.
Somebody had to shut it off manually.
But who? Thomas and Juliet wouldn't do that.
Listen, Kumu, there's nothing to worry about yet.
I got a sailor buddy You mean smuggler.
He knows these waters better than anybody.
- We'll see if he's heard anything.
- Okay.
I'll notify the Coast Guard.
Thanks, Rick.
Nothing to worry about yet? We'll see.
We got to get down to the docks.
My buddy won't talk on a hard line.
All right, let's move.
- (EXHALES) - We're at the edge of the channel.
You're tired and you're losing blood.
Any suggestions? Yeah.
Take your pants off.
I'm sorry? The sling method.
Put it around your neck.
(SIGHS) What is it? Is everything okay? Hold on, give me a second.
Okay, I'm bleeding out into the ocean.
Now really isn't the time to be keeping things to yourself.
But you always do this.
- When were you gonna tell me? - Tell you what? That Robin has hired you as a security consultant to do a detailed analysis of the property? Relax.
It's just to supplement my P.
Or lack thereof.
You didn't think that I ought to know about this? I wouldn't be a good security consultant if I told you I was assessing the security.
Is that why you hopped over the fence when you first got here, 'cause you were trying to see how easy it would be to break in? Got to admit.
It's pretty easy.
Easy? Zeus and Apollo would have torn you limb from limb had I not stopped them.
And this is utterly preposterous.
You don't even know half of the employees that work here.
Try me.
The groundskeepers.
The window cleaner.
The delivery man.
All here today.
We have groundskeepers? I'm kidding.
Groundskeepers got here at 7:55 a.
minus Roberto, he was a couple minutes late.
Uh, we had two deliveries at 11:15 a.
, three additional packages at 2:00 p.
, and the window cleaner thing, that's a trick question, because Jimmy doesn't come here today, he comes here on Tuesdays.
Are you really that bothered that I'm the security consultant around here? No.
It bothers me that you didn't think to tell me.
From here on out, it doesn't matter what it is, doesn't matter how bad it is I want to know the truth.
What are you doing? I'm wave-piloting.
HIGGINS: Wave-piloting? Primitive form of navigation based on the shape and the direction of the waves.
It's kind of like a road map, but in the water.
And what, pray tell, does the map say? We need to move.
- You good to go? - Do I have a choice? No.
Come on.
Let's go, Higgins.
You okay? Yeah, man, uh, just worried about our boy.
You find anything out? Yeah.
You're not gonna like it.
He said there's been a string of boat-jackings lately.
Two-men team taking high-end boats like Robin's.
He said their M.
is they send out bogus SOS signals to lure in their victims.
That could be what happened to Thomas and Higgy.
That's what I'm thinking.
He gave me a name of a guy who's got connections to the boat-jackers.
- Who? - Kahi Kina.
Goes by Double K.
- That's a terrible name.
- Agreed.
Apparently he deals in stolen rigs while running a cover business painting boats.
Which I bet he uses to repaint the hot boats to look unrecognizable.
(SIGHS) Okay, so where does this Double K dude hang out? Hostess bar called the Swan Club.
You want to pay a visit? Yeah.
But you got to show me how to get there.
- Don't act like I know where this place is.
- Uh-huh.
My lil' bebe Change your life, yeah That's a upgrade On your ice, yeah Huh.
Oh, yeah, yeah (SIGHS) So how are we gonna play this? What do you mean? If Magnum and Higgins got jacked, and this Double K dude is in on it? He might be a little jumpy if two complete strangers are suddenly dropping by to see him.
Yeah, good point.
Oh, huh.
Now's not the time.
Man, Clara runs this joint.
I'm just gonna have a little chat with her, one club manager to another.
Clara! Rick.
Good to see you.
Good to see you.
- This is my buddy TC.
- Hey, how you doing? - Hi.
- Uh, listen, we were hoping you could introduce us to somebody.
There's someone on this island you don't know? - Who? - Double K.
Why do you need to speak with him? Just ask a few questions.
You can't just barge in here and mess with my customers.
This is a legitimate place of business.
(CHUCKLES) Come on, Clara.
You and I both know there's nothing legitimate about this place.
Except those pork dumplings, the ones you guys do with the ponzu sauce? Those are legit.
Sorry, Rick.
Can't help you out.
Look, a friend of mine is in trouble, all right? Just a few minutes and we're gone.
I'll tell him he has visitors.
If he's amenable, you boys can chat outside.
Thank you.
(CLEARS THROAT) Smuggler friend of yours how sure is he about this guy? I mean, we can't go in too hot if we don't even know he's involved.
Oh, he's involved.
(WOMAN SCREAMS) Oh! The hell you want? Come on, man, take it easy.
I'm I'm-I'm just the tow truck guy.
Tow truck guy.
I'm just looking for the guy whose car I'm about to tow.
That's why I asked the lady in there to point you out.
That's all, man.
You should be thanking me.
Oh, yeah? What kind of car was it? Oh.
Uh, it's, it's a beige Kia Sorento, uh, dark rims with some rust spots, these little graduation tassels hanging from the rearview mirror? I don't think so.
Dude, you hitting him in the head - could've got me shot in the face.
- Well, you getting shot in the face could've got you shot in the face.
Point taken.
I digress.
Thank you.
Yeah, you're welcome.
All right.
Help me out with this guy.
He's not talking.
Then make him talk.
Thomas and Higgins are missing.
We're almost positive this guy's in on it.
Almost positive isn't good enough.
And by the way, you can't make a citizen's arrest based on a hunch.
You guys are lucky it's not you in that room.
You can't go around playing Magnum just because your friends are in trouble.
Oh, hold up.
I thought they were your friends, too.
- They are.
- Well, let me ask you something.
What do you think happens when these guys jack these boats? They thank the owners and give 'em a ride back to shore with a couple of piña coladas? Look.
I hear you, okay? The Coast Guard is searching their route as we speak.
And I'm putting all my resources on the case.
But I've got nothing to hold that guy on.
Then you're letting the only lead in finding Thomas and Higgins walk right out that door.
Here you go.
Verify it's all there.
Then sign for it.
They might be letting Double K go, but they checked in all his personal effects.
So? Mahalo.
- Oh, right.
- Mm-hmm.
Gare-Bear! (LAUGHS) What is shaking, my man? Keeping it real, Rick Roll, keeping it real.
I know you are.
- How's the club? - Oh, my goodness, wow.
Things got so wild the other night.
You would not believe the sheer amount - of beautiful women.
- (SIGHS) Rick, I really need this.
Tell me everything.
RICK: You know what? - I'm-a do you one better, Garinator.
- Yeah? - (CHUCKLES) - Check this out.
All right.
- GARY: Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Look at that.
- I know! RICK: That's Katrina and that's her sister Trina.
- They're twins.
- GARY: Oh Oh.
I'm living vicariously through your cell phone, brother.
- Guys, guys.
- Want me to text these to you? Come on.
Do better.
He's right.
You should be ashamed.
MAGNUM: We have to keep moving.
(GRUNTING) (PANTING) Look, I think we've passed the worst of it.
Just one more mile.
You said one more mile - a dozen times already.
- Yeah.
But look.
We're almost there.
We have to keep moving.
Higgins! Higgins, you got this.
Okay? Seven times.
- Seven times.
- It's eight.
You even admitted it when this whole thing started.
Oh, my God.
What are you doing? - Fixing the car.
- Oh, is that what you call it? You shouldn't be anywhere near this car.
Firstly because it doesn't belong to you and secondly because you are definitely not a licensed mechanic specializing in high-performance automobiles.
Well, I'm still waiting on my first gig.
And I figured, instead of just sitting around doing nothing, try to help any way I can.
Well, if you want to be a private investigator, you shouldn't be waiting around.
You should be out there seizing opportunities.
I feel like this is less about your concern for my career and more about you getting me out of your hair.
And, you know, I've tried to seize opportunity, I just I don't know there's only so much I can do.
Listen, it's like that old saying goes.
You fall down seven times, you get up eight.
That doesn't even make sense.
- It makes perfect sense.
- No, it doesn't.
You fall down seven times, you get up seven times.
It's eight times.
It's not even possible, you can only get up as many times as you fall down.
If you start down, you can get up more times than you fall.
Why would you start down? Everybody starts up.
Then they fall down, then they get back up.
It's seven times.
- It's eight.
- What is your point? My point is persistence.
If you want to be a private investigator, then you ought to approach that task with the same tenacity that you apparently exhibited in the military.
Hawaii is an insular community.
It's an island.
And as far as I can understand it, P.
work is word-of-mouth.
So you need to be doing whatever you can to get new clients; you could get a police scanner or go and hang around at the courthouse.
Be prepared to work for free.
You just need to go out and do whatever it takes to get that first job.
That is right after you clean up this bloody mess.
Just because I said "what's the point" doesn't mean I admitted I was wrong.
Yeah, whatever helps you sleep at night.
(GROANS) Let's go.
You can do this.
- (GRUNTING) - It's one more mile.
What are you guys doing? TC: Looking through Double K's phone.
Trying to find the boat-jackers.
They're the only ones who know where - Thomas and Higgy were dumped.
- Yeah, look.
Check it out.
TC: It's got to be some of the stolen boats - that Double K repainted.
- Yeah, but where is that? Looks like every dock on the island.
- Hold up, hold up.
- Zooming in.
The Rooster 18.
Find out where that boat's registered And find the boat-jacker's dock.
You sure you took care of the people on this boat? Yeah.
- Pretty much.
- "Pretty much"? We dumped them in shark-infested waters and the girl was bleeding out.
What's your problem? I was just questioned by the cops.
Turns out the guy was a Navy SEAL.
Means he's trained in situations like getting dumped in shark-infested waters while bleeding out.
If he survives, that makes him a loose end for you.
Which makes you two a loose end for me.
You hear what I'm saying? MAGNUM: There's an old military saying.
"Hope is not a course of action.
" I knew this was a risky plan.
Me nearing exhaustion, Higgins was on borrowed time, so seeing this atoll is a sight for sore eyes.
No risk, no reward.
(GROANS) - (GROANING) - Higgins? (GRUNTING) Just a little bit more! You okay? Higgins! Higgins! (GASPS) Higgins.
Higgins stay with me.
Come on, girl.
Wake up.
Come on.
Stay with me, girl.
Come on.
Come on, Higgins.
One, two.
Come on.
Five, six.
All right, you're right, it is.
You fall down seven times, but you get up eight.
I need you to do that for me right now.
Come on, Higgins.
(GRUNTING, PANTING) Get up, damn it! Get up eight, Higgins.
Come on.
Get up, damn it! There you go.
There you go, girl.
(COUGHS, GASPS) - There you go.
Good job.
- (COUGHING, GASPING) There you go.
There you go.
(PANTING): Eight.
You admit it.
No, I said seven.
Oxygen deprivation does strange things to the brain.
RICK: That's it.
That's Robin's boat.
Where the hell are they? Place is deserted.
- Except for the boat.
- Yeah, we don't need the boat.
We need to find Higgins and Thomas.
Hold up.
Thing's got navigation, right? GPS, good thinking.
All right.
Their last coordinates were 12 kilometers off their route, that must've been where that fake SOS signal came from.
That's rough water out there.
Molokai Channel's like a damn washer on spin.
Yeah, and they've been out there for hours.
- I'll untie the ropes.
- (ENGINE STARTS) - Prepare to feast.
- Let me guess.
Ah, come on.
Seaweed? No way, Opihi.
Yeah, plucked them right off the rocks.
- Mmm, these are incredible.
- Right? It's pretty crazy.
Feels like we're in a reality TV show.
Marooned on an island with a halfwit.
Oh, come on.
Don't be so hard on yourself.
Clearly I was referring to you.
I bring you this feast - and that's the thanks I get, huh? - Don't get me wrong.
These are amazing.
- But - But what? You haven't even built a fire yet.
That's the only way we'll be found.
Trapped on an island with a tyrant.
Come on It's starting.
(GRUNTS) (EXHALES) I think it's working.
Don't stop.
Here it goes.
(FIRE CRACKLING) You still cold? No, not at all.
In fact, I could use some air conditioning.
What can I do? How can I help? Nothing.
Well, there is something, actually.
I would like to know how you figured out that I was MI6.
I'm really good at what I do, Higgins.
What was it that gave me away? My-my posture, my exercise regimen? - What? - No, something a little more subtle than that.
Something only an expert like myself would be able to figure out.
(CHUCKLES) Robin told me.
(LAUGHS): Doesn't change anything about how you should perceive my ability to do my job, okay? I've solved a lot of cases since then.
With my help.
Actually, I won't argue that.
Whatever it is, make it quick.
I have a lot of work to do.
Something you know nothing about.
Not true.
I got my first case.
- You did? - Found a client at the courthouse.
Offered my services free of charge, just to build the clientele.
- You took my advice.
- I may be broke for now, but at least I'm officially a private investigator.
Because you took my advice.
Yeah, this is definitely gonna lead to bigger things.
Right, well, your lack of gratitude notwithstanding, I'm very glad that you'll be out of the house.
Enjoy your case.
You're still here.
About this first case, uh (QUIETLY): I have a favor to ask.
Seeing as this case will keep you away for longer, I'm going to say yes, to this one favor, this one time.
It kind of all started with you.
And thank you for all the times you helped me out, thank you for letting me drag you into dangerous situations.
You're welcome, but let's be clear, I I've never let you drag me into anything that I didn't want to be involved in.
So you enjoyed helping me.
Admit it.
It's a boat.
They must have seen the smoke.
Hey! Hey! Hold on.
That's them.
Them who? The fishermen who stole our boat.
l'll be back.
Wait, I can help.
Resting up put a bit of petrol in the tank.
But they only saw me.
I mean, for all they know, you died in the water.
Why should we let them know otherwise? All right, where'd he go? Drop anchor.
I'm gonna go check it out.
He's got to be around here somewhere.
Tony? Tony! Tony! MAGNUM: Hey.
(GRUNTING) (PANTING) I thought I told you to stay back there.
You said it yourself.
You're utterly useless without my help.
I didn't exactly say that.
Close enough.
There goes our ride.
(HORN BLOWING) (LAUGHS) TC: That's them, all right.
Ahoy, mateys.
You need a lift, do you? It's about time! The whole world is made of water That much is true We're just tears upon its face Poor me and you And that's why ay, ay, ay Ay, ay, ay, ay, I will be there for you RICK: Ever since your pops bailed on you, I've been worried about you, man.
How you holding up? (SIGHS) I don't know.
I mean I mean, why'd he have to cancel? What, what the hell did I ever do? Nothing.
You didn't do anything.
You know, there's no way to tell what kind of demons other people are fighting.
We can only fight our own.
And be there if and when he decides to be a part of your life.
If that's something that you want.
In the meantime, me and Thomas are gonna be there for you.
Just like you're there for us.
Thanks, bro.
- Always.
- Cheers.
(MUSIC STOPS) Permission to come aboard? Granted.
(CHUCKLES) - Talked to, uh, Robin.
- Oh? He said he's coming to check out the T.
Belle at the end of the week.
Oh, he's also glad you're not dead.
(CHUCKLES) Good of him.
You know, I was thinking, maybe "Belle" stands for "Annabelle" or "Mirabelle" or something.
Really, Magnum? You reckon I hadn't thought of that? Eh, you just thought of everything, haven't you? Maybe Belle is his mom's name.
Sarah, actually.
Pet Schnauzer? Jingle Belle? Mutt, named Herbert.
Higgins, is there anything you haven't, I don't know, thought of, mastered and crushed? Outside of not knowing the name of this boat? Never you worry, Magnum, there are plenty of things I'm crap at.
Swimming, for instance.
What are you talking about? I thought you were captain of the swim team three years in a row.
(LAUGHS) Did you lie to me? Yeah.
I didn't want you to worry about me.
Well, I still did.
I have a confession to make.
- I knew you were lying.
- No, you didn't.
Yes, I did.
Your form was terrible.
I was injured.
Yeah, so was I, having to watch you swim, it was so bad.
You're lying.
You just can't stand the fact that I fooled you.
You can't stand the fact that I wasn't fooled.
Look, I'm-I'm a private investigator.
It's what we do, we observe.
Oh, is that so? Okay, then, well, close your eyes.
What's on the tray next to me? I don't know.
- Wow, so observant.
- But if I had to guess, I'd say your phone, upside down, a bottle of sunscreen, SPF 45, Robin's first novel, Queen's Gambit, which you are two-thirds through rereading, judging by where the bookmark is.
Lucky guess.
Lucky guess.
HIGGINS: Oh, by the way, I looked it up.
It's eight.
MAGNUM: I don't care if you looked it up.
It's seven.
HIGGINS: You're just being stubborn now.
- It's eight.
- MAGNUM: Seven.

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