Magnum P.I. (2018) s01e18 Episode Script

A Kiss Before Dying

1 ("MAUI AND MAUI GIRL" BY THE SURFERS PLAYING) (SINGING IN HAWAIIAN) I love a pretty Maui girl She lives at Waikapu With rosy cheeks and pearly teeth And lovely nut brown hair Her waist is, oh Zeus! Apollo! Come here, lads! I think they finally got wise and ran away.
The lads have been gone for two hours.
They've never run away like this before.
Magnum, what are you doing? Surf ski's getting repaired.
Didn't want to skip a workout.
A rowing machine next to the ocean? That's rather redundant, don't you think? - (CHUCKLES) - It's like a treadmill on a running track.
Or a a head of security who routinely breaks the law.
Hold on, did you have something to do with the lads disappearing? I'm offended you would even think that.
No, I had nothing to do with their disappearance.
But I can actually help you find them.
I don't know if you know this, but I'm really good at tracking down missing pets.
(CHUCKLES) Oh, yes.
I forgot about the misadventures of Mittens the cat.
- Yep.
- You are this island's preeminent pet detective.
Laugh all you want, but that case helped solve a murder and returned a little girl's favorite pet to her.
Now, do you want my help or not? $550's my normal rate, but for you, $475.
It's a friends and 'ohana discount.
It's a limited-time offer, so chop-chop, as you'd say.
- Great.
- (ZEUS AND APOLLO BARK) Case solved.
That'll be $475.
- (LAUGHS) - I'm not giving you a dime.
You saw them coming before you made the offer.
That's not a chew toy.
- What is that? - Zeus, drop it.
- (DOG GROWLS) - Animal bone? Looks human.
You see that divot? - Yeah.
- Could be from a bullet.
Or not.
My gut says foul play.
Maybe the lads just dug up a grave.
And opened up a sealed coffin? I don't think so.
If I'm right, Zeus may have just brought us a murder case.
Come on, it's just a chopper tour.
- One hour.
- (CHUCKLES): One hour? I don't even want to spend one second with you in that flying death trap.
I'll pass.
You mean to tell me you're scared? Not that dude.
Hell, no, I'm not scared.
I just don't see myself going out in some fiery whirlybird mishap.
Besides, I'm busy.
Got a business to run.
Ain't nobody in here.
- (CHUCKLES) - Well, not right now.
The staff is on vacation, and I You know, I get the walk-ins.
I'm like a doctor.
I'm on call.
(SIGHS) All right, man, I am a I'm a little scared.
I-I haven't put foot in a plane since I landed on this island in 1980.
Whoa, hold on.
You mean to tell me you've been anchored to this island for all those years? Man, the way those people treated us when we got back from the war, this place was my refuge.
This was a place to lift my spirit, - restore my soul.
- (DOOR OPENS, BELL JINGLES) Hey, Book, how you doing? Above ground and upright.
Oh, I see you've been busy.
What are you doing right now? Besides looking fly, I got nothing.
- You are a handsome man.
- (CHUCKLES) Now, listen.
Icepick needs a favor.
That old thug ain't nothing but trouble.
What's the favor? Well, he's got an old friend coming to town to visit her daughter.
All we got to do is pick her up at the airport and chauffeur her around.
What's the catch? There's no catch.
It's that easy.
Nothing's that easy.
Come on, just say yes.
I'll buy you a burger.
Please? Pretty please? With sugar on top? You just can't say it, can you? Identify one human bone, suddenly you're an expert.
A simple "attagirl" would suffice.
You know, it's not really a compliment if you make somebody say it.
True, but having the M.
confirm my suspicions, and you just knowing that I'm right is immensely satisfying.
It just leaves two questions.
Whose tibia was it, and, actually, how on earth do you know where Zeus and Apollo found it? Well, it's simple.
They weren't gone long, so they couldn't have gone far.
Secondly, they were eating rambutan berries, which are only found in these woods.
And you know that how? Oh, my God, you didn't.
Yeah, I did.
You examined the lads' excrement.
Proper terminology is "poop.
" And any great detective will search for clues in even the most unusual places.
Here we go.
Ah, rambutan berries.
Attaboy, maybe? HIGGINS: Magnum, over here.
Don't destroy anything.
Magnum, it's canine.
And there's a bullet lodged in its skull.
The bone Zeus found was, was human.
Perhaps the tibia belonged to the dog's owner.
Might be something else in here.
Looks like a body dump.
(LINE RINGING) Katsumoto, it's Magnum.
I want to report a murder.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) I can't believe you called me.
Well, murder's not really my area of expertise.
Yeah, like that's ever stopped you.
Did you find the vic's left hand? It's right here.
What are you looking for? Is there a pin in it? Yeah.
How'd you know? You knew this guy.
Name's Stanley Tak.
Retired HPD.
(GRUNTS) So, Gina, how long's it been since you saw your daughter? GINA: Uh, a while.
Not since I left the Island, almost 20 years ago.
You two have a falling out? Well, not with her so much as with my ex.
You may have heard of him.
His name is Eddie Harada.
Wait, yakuza Eddie Harada? I turned state's evidence against him, and he went away.
I went into witness protection.
Yakuza's reach can be pretty long, so I thought Kelsey would be safer if she wasn't with me.
Do the Marshals know about your visit? Uh, no.
(CHUCKLES) They would not be pleased.
Is it even safe for you to be here? Well, that's why Icepick sent you to watch over me.
Told you.
Nothing is ever that easy.
DOCTOR: Keep it dry.
Also, elevate it if possible.
That'll help reduce the swelling.
I'll bring your discharge papers.
) So, what happened? Stan disappeared five years ago.
He was only eight months off the job.
We looked everywhere.
No sign of foul play.
His wife said he took Ralph for a walk on the Makapu'u Point Trail.
Figured they had some kind of accident.
He just fell off a cliff or drowned in the ocean.
You two were close.
Started as partners.
My first day on the job, (SIGHS) we responded to a domestic.
Stan told me to keep my guard up.
They can go sideways fast.
(CHUCKLES WEAKLY) I thought I knew everything.
I just yes'd him to death.
So I'm inside, interviewing the wife.
I turn away for a second I never saw the knife.
What happened? Stan saw it.
Before I knew it, he had her cuffed.
His gun never cleared his holster.
And he never once said "I told you so.
" Stanley taught me how to do this job.
That I could do this job.
I'm really sorry.
Me, too.
(SHUTS ENGINE OFF) Thanks for the ride.
I'll call a cab when I'm done.
What are you doing? Coming with you.
This started with me, and I want to help.
Stanley was a cop.
Anyone with a badge will be working this case.
Then you won't mind an extra pair of hands.
When they belong to you, I usually do mind.
You found him.
And Ralph? How? He didn't suffer, Henny.
That's not an answer, Gordy.
will verify.
Ralph was shot.
I assume Stanley was, too.
(CRYING) I'm so sorry.
Your friend was pretty organized.
All this from his time on the job? No.
When he retired, Stan still had a lot in him.
He needed a purpose, so he reworked his cold cases.
He loved Zippy's.
This is odd.
Stan closed a case a week before he disappeared, and he never mentioned starting another one.
These case notes are dated two days before he went missing.
Your friend have his own language? Uh, it's shorthand.
He didn't like to waste time.
- HENNY: What can I do for you? - Sorry for your loss, ma'am.
- Lieutenant Akana.
- That's my boss.
Why don't we speak inside, ma'am? Detective.
I'm really sorry about Tak.
I know you two were close.
But you know you can't work this case.
Detective Palea will take it from here.
Sir, you don't have to worry about my emotions getting in the way.
Really? You have vacation time.
Take it.
After you, ma'am.
(AUTO-DIALING) (LINE RINGING) Yeah, I need a cab at 1634 Maunaloa.
- (BEEP) - You're gonna listen to this guy? Unlike you, when I'm given an order by someone in authority, I obey it.
Go home, Magnum.
We're done here.
(CAR DOOR OPENS) Why did you bring me here? She's your mother, honey.
My mother? No, you raised me.
I don't know who this person is.
Sweetheart, just, please let me explain.
Just hear her out.
(LAUGHS SOFTLY): Look at you.
The last time I saw you I was six.
Where were you when I was 12 and I had pneumonia? When I met my husband? When we got divorced? I needed you then.
I don't need you now.
She needs time, to process.
Your friend's right.
It's got to be a lot for her to handle.
- (CAR DOOR OPENS) - You think? (CAR DOOR CLOSES) MAGNUM: Two names.
That's what Stanley wrote on his notepad? HIGGINS: Yes.
Although you could have told me that Katsumoto was off the case before I became an expert in translating shorthand.
Sorry about that.
How is he? Not great.
So, who's Mike Trevino and Justin "J.
" Kalua? All I know is that they both attended Kuwili High School, class of 2012.
I suppose it doesn't matter now.
Wait, you're gonna keep working on this? Never mind.
I know the answer.
Thank you, Higgy.
(KNOCKING ON DOOR) What are you doing here? Higgins deciphered the page from Stanley's notepad.
Thought you might want the info, considering he may have been killed over whatever he was looking into.
I'm off the case, Magnum.
- What are you doing? - What are you hiding? (CHUCKLES): You stole the files.
Stanley would be proud.
Why didn't you tell me you're still working the case? I'll risk my badge.
I won't put anyone else on the line.
You can go now.
So you don't want the info? It's just a couple of names.
I can decipher the shorthand myself.
You'll have a lead in 2023.
It's not your problem.
I disagree.
Look, there's probably, I don't know, more than 400 times where it was not in your best interest to help me, yet you still did.
This is different.
An unsanctioned investigation could ruin the case when the killer is apprehended.
Yeah, that's exactly why you need me.
I'm a private citizen, okay? I can do things you can't.
That's the only way you can work this: use me as a proxy.
Why do you want to help? So I can owe you a favor? Come on, that's low.
Quid pro quo's your middle name.
Yeah, not this time.
All right, look, I've, I've been in your position before.
What position's that? Where some jerk tells you to stand down.
Hey, usually that's me.
Yeah, but I also know what it's like to lose someone close.
I'm offering to help you for the first time, like, ever.
Let me.
(PHONE RINGING) Look, I need to answer this.
Don't say anything until I get off.
- You got it, Gordy.
- Katsumoto here.
CUNHA (OVER PHONE): Got an update on the Tak case.
I would put Stanley's death at about five years ago.
was a GSW to the chest.
Ballistics confirms the same nine-mil was used to kill both Stanley and his dog.
And Stanley and Ralph, they were buried out in the middle of nowhere.
I'm thinking that was just the dump site.
Hey, Noelani, any, uh, idea where the primary crime scene was? Magnum? I didn't know you were there.
Katsumoto didn't tell you? We're partners now.
Um, only other evidence is sand and a cluster of dead mosquitoes at the bottom of Stanley's boots.
Stanley liked to walk Ralph on the beach, which would explain the sand, and mosquitoes like water.
What kind of mosquitoes? You know, different insects hang out on different parts of the Island, so it could help track Stanley's movements before he was killed.
That actually makes sense.
I'll look into it.
I'll call you if there's any updates.
Put that back.
Who's this? It's my son.
He lives on the North Shore with my ex-wife.
Wow, Gordy, you are just full of surprises.
You call me that again, and no one will find your body.
(LAUGHS SOFTLY) You forgot to tell Noelani you're not working the case.
Just give me the damn names.
You got it, partner.
): Order number 14? Order number 14.
Thank you.
RICK: Nice work, buddy, nice work.
Nice work? Want to help me with this? (GINA CHUCKLES) Give you a hand.
Thanks for, uh, for bringing me here.
Been craving their loco moco for 20 years.
You mind if I ask you something? Yeah.
You know, why, why come back now, after all these years? - Why not sooner? - GINA: Well, I was afraid of disrupting Kelsey's life, you know? Reopening old wounds.
I guess I figured there would always be time.
Couple months ago, I had a cancer scare and I realized there might not be.
So, when you took off, you didn't explain to her why you were leaving? Well, I was going to, but, you know, she was so young.
(CLEARS THROAT) I'll be back.
- Need to use the ladies'.
- I'll go with you.
Oh, no, no, no, I got it.
It's right on the corner.
- I'll be in and out.
- All right.
- Keep your head down.
- Okay.
What? I didn't say nothing.
You think she handled it wrong.
Look, I get it was dangerous.
But she could've taken Kelsey with her.
I mean, at the very least, said something before she left.
Well, come on, man, you heard her.
Kelsey was young.
Yeah, or it was easier to take off.
That way she didn't have to see any of the pain or hurt she was causing.
Buddy, Gina is not your mom.
This ain't about my mom.
Okay, maybe a little.
We have no idea what it was like for her.
You know? She probably thought she was doing right by her daughter.
Yeah, well, you ask me, she was doing the opposite.
: So, what's with the high school reunion? Uh, the remains of a retired cop, Stanley Tak, were discovered this morning, and both your names were written on a notepad he had been keeping before he died.
I'm guessing by your look you both knew him.
He, uh He talked to us a few years ago about Vanessa.
Who's that? She was my high school girlfriend.
She went missing seven years ago.
Vanessa Mangan.
Stan worked on the task force assigned to find her.
So, during your, uh, conversation with Tak, were you able to provide any new information? The only thing I added was about our AP math teacher, Mr.
Guy seemed way too interested in Vanessa.
- How so? - Texting.
Worked with her on weekends.
Then, a few weeks before she disappeared, he just left school.
No one knew why.
Why didn't you mention this when Vanessa disappeared? It only seemed weird when I looked back on it.
There were rumors Caputo had done something.
A student ratted him out.
But I didn't believe it.
He was a great teacher.
(DOOR OPENS) What's going on? It's okay, Dad.
Uh, these detectives just wanted to ask us a few questions.
Everything okay? It's fine, Mr.
We're not in trouble.
What are you doing here? Might ask you the same thing.
From the looks of it, you're still working the Tak case, even though our boss told you to stand down.
You gonna tell the lieutenant? What would you do if you were me? New shield, fresh off a beat.
Truth? I'd do the job I was given.
But I wouldn't like it.
Which is why this is hard.
But HPD has got this.
I've got this.
So, with all due respect, you two need to stay the hell out of it.
This thing go any slower? It's a Ferrari.
It sounds like it's going fast even when it's going slow.
Yeah, 72 isn't slow.
Come on, we're only in fourth gear.
Try to remember I'm a cop, and there's a speed limit.
- (ENGINE SLOWS) - Happy? So gonna stand down? I didn't think so.
If Vanessa ratted out her teacher, he would have had motive to get rid of her.
I told her about Caputo.
Higgins is actually really great at background checks.
Higgy, what do you got? HIGGINS: Nothing, I'm afraid.
This Mr.
Caputo appears to have vanished.
No address, no job, no family, no criminal record.
You do realize you're embarrassing me - in front of Katsumoto, right? - You're really not.
Any details on why Caputo left Kuwili High? So far, no.
But if there was something inappropriate going on, it's possible that the school was covering it up.
I'll reach out to the principal next.
I'll let you know what I find.
BOTH: Mahalo.
Sounds like you two gents are very much in sync.
I'll talk to you later.
Well, anybody feel like some shave ice or Leonard's malasadas? GINA: Ah, it's tempting.
Actually, I think we should leave now.
- What's wrong? - Check my six.
Yeah, we got to go.
- Yeah.
- We got to go now.
MAGNUM: So, where'd you get Vanessa's file? KATSUMOTO: Stanley had a copy.
- What's it say? - Not much.
Vanessa was last seen heading home from school.
Then she vanished.
No witnesses.
HPD question her parents? They both had solid alibis.
Apparently, Dad was a mess.
All he kept saying to the cops was, he should have protected her.
They moved to the mainland, split up.
Guess that's what happens - when your kid disappears.
CUNHA: Thanks to you two, I now know more about mosquitoes than anyone ever should.
Species found on Stanley's boots are Aedes aegypti.
Dormant here for 60 years, and then reappeared in 2012.
Know where they can be found? Specific microclimates.
But I'd stay away because those nasty little guys can cause dengue fever.
Be remiss if I didn't mention the symptoms also included vomiting blood, the elimination of black, tarry stools Yeah, okay, next time be remiss.
Noelani, I should tell you I know you're off the case.
I don't care.
I know what Detective Tak meant to you.
I'll call Detective Palea with the info eventually.
You said Stanley liked to walk Ralph near the beach, so what were they doing in the middle of the woods? Stanley didn't get Ralph from a shelter or breeder.
He was his police dog, trained for everything, including finding cadavers.
So they weren't going for a walk.
They were looking for Vanessa's body.
(CAR DOOR CLOSES) So, this lawnmower's really gonna help find a body? It's ground-penetrating radar.
Allows you to image the subsurface, so, yes.
Why'd you just bring one? Given that you don't know what it is, it's a safe bet you won't know how to use it, right? Fair enough.
It's gonna be dark soon.
We should split up, cover more ground? - Yep.
- Yep.
(DOOR CLOSES AND LOCKS) I don't get it.
Been on the ground less than 12 hours.
How'd they even find us? (SIGHS) Maybe somebody recognized her from the airport.
Tipped off Eddie.
Or at the Rainbow.
Look, it's gonna be okay.
TC and I will sleep in the adjoining room tonight.
We'll be safe until the Marshals get here.
They'll get you off the Island, get you a whole new identity.
You'll disappear.
Yeah, along with any chance I have to fix things with Kelsey.
I got to go ditch the car.
You two stay here.
Keep the door locked.
I'll be back soon.
Ah, no reception.
What happened? (EXHALES) Damn it.
(GROANS) Somebody knocked me out.
It's gone.
She was right there.
You should go to the hospital.
You could have a concussion.
No, I'm fine.
I think it's time to call HPD.
There's no service.
Wait, hang on.
Maybe that's what happened to Stanley.
He-he found the body, he wanted to call it in, but there was no reception, so he moved to a different place.
That's where he and Ralph were killed and buried.
Okay, but how'd the killer know Stanley was here? Maybe Stanley tipped 'em off when he started the investigation.
Then we or HPD could have done the same thing.
Killer heard someone was back on the case, so he came out here to move Vanessa's remains.
Why would he risk coming back? Hold that.
Maybe because he thought something was buried with it that could ID him.
I don't want to see her.
Can we just talk for a minute? There's nothing to say.
Look, I know your mom hurt you.
And I know what it must have felt like.
My mom, she left me and my pops when I was just a kid.
She never gave me a reason, never tried to reconnect.
It took a piece out of me.
But your mom, Kelsey she was just trying to keep you safe.
It may not be what you or I would have done.
But you don't know what it was like for her.
In fact, there's a lot you don't know.
She just she just wants a chance to explain.
(SIGHS) Not many choices.
Want first dibs? Oh, you can't go wrong with dried seaweed.
I'm glad you chose that one.
(CHUCKLES) (KNOCK ON DOOR) TC: Rick, it's me.
We'll give you two some privacy.
Good work.
We'll see.
What do you mean? You did it, you big softy.
Kelsey is ready to listen to her mom.
Yeah, but is she ready to forgive her? Well, why wouldn't she? Gina helped put a bad guy away.
She left to protect the kid.
Not that simple, believe me.
But it's definitely a start.
Why'd you tell Higgins I had a concussion? So she could keep an eye on you.
Yeah, she woke me up every hour.
She didn't want you to die in your sleep.
You call HPD? Well, I thought about it.
Then I thought about you keeping your job.
Y-You talked to two witnesses, you got stolen evidence in your house, and we just tampered with a crime scene.
- Do you have another plan? - Yeah, we stay the course.
We catch the killer.
We do that, your boss is gonna have to look the other way.
Problem is, we have very few leads.
Actually, we have no leads.
Higgins looked into the teacher.
Caputo wasn't fired.
He was being stalked by his ex-girlfriend, so he changed his name, moved to Iowa before Vanessa disappeared.
- What about the cell phone? - (DOOR OPENS) Well, Higgins is trying to bring it back to life, but after being underground for seven years, it's pretty damaged.
Which, for anyone else, could pose a problem.
Now, hold on, you got it to work? Retrieved selfies from the day that Vanessa disappeared.
Looks like they were taken in the same woods where she was buried.
- Anyone else in those photos? - Mm-hmm.
Looks like her boyfriend.
That's not her boyfriend.
MAGNUM: No, it's Mike Trevino.
That's the same guy that pointed the finger at Caputo.
And according to the case file, he also said he didn't see Vanessa after school that day.
HIGGINS: Sounds like Mike Trevino has something to hide.
Your son where is he? - He's not here.
- That's not what I asked.
I don't know where he is! But you know what he did! Looks like he packed in a hurry.
You son of a bitch.
You knew what he did, and you let him go anyway.
HPD's on their way to take you into custody.
Thanks, Higgins.
Mike Jr.
's booked on a flight that leaves in one hour.
Forget that I'm a cop.
I want to see that thing fly.
KATSUMOTO: Montenegro, huh? Pretty smart.
No extradition treaty with the U.
(GROANS) Hey! MAN: Hey, man, what the hell? - (BYSTANDERS GASPING) - MAN 2: Hey.
(GRUNTING) (SIREN CHIRPS) You've been waiting for this day, Mike.
Worried about when we'd catch you.
So right now you should be relieved.
If you feel guilty.
Maybe you don't.
Maybe you killed Vanessa in cold blood, then tried to forget now, that would make you an animal.
An animal who's about to get what it deserves life in a cage.
I told him to stand down.
- Did you know about this? - No, sir.
(DOOR CLOSES) So, despite my warning, you continued to assist him.
Yes, sir.
But, you know, if he's wrong about this, he's no longer a cop.
What do you say about that? A cop following his instincts, seeking justice for a terrible crime? I'd say "attaboy.
" KATSUMOTO: Now, you come clean, maybe you can help yourself.
So, what's it gonna be? It was an accident.
Tell me what happened.
It was always the three of us, me and Vanessa (CLEARS THROAT) we started spending more time together when J.
was at soccer practice.
I-I I liked her.
And she liked you back.
Or at least that was the vibe she gave.
We went for a walk in the woods.
I tried to kiss her, but she freaked and ran off like she was scared of me.
Then I chased her, y-you know, just-just to calm her down, but when I grabbed her arm, she she fell.
Hit her head on a rock.
She didn't make a sound.
(SHUDDERS) Then I saw her eyes and She was dead.
I panicked.
We were alone.
(STAMMERS) It was J.
's girl.
I-I didn't think anyone would believe me.
And so I (STAMMERING): I buried her.
And I figured it was over until that detective started coming around.
And what did you do then? I followed him.
And when he found Vanessa's grave, I had no choice.
I shot him.
And his dog.
Got to admit, he is damn good at his job.
("IN THE LIGHT" BY THE LUMINEERS PLAYING) (PASTOR SPEAKING HAWAIIAN) I don't know why Stanley Tak was a great detective.
Today, we find a final earthly resting place for Detective Tak.
He and his dog served us proudly in Hawai'i nei.
(PASTOR SPEAKING HAWAIIAN) Mmm-mmm-mmm-mmm Memory's old But I just can't let it go The idea's gone But I just can't let it go And in the daytime Right here in the.
I can't believe I missed all the fun the other day.
Hmm, trust me, be happy that you did.
Hey, Booky, you got grape? Man, if you eat up all the lollies, I ain't gonna have nothing left for the keikis.
(TC LAUGHS) Well, I got to go change.
- RICK: What? - Got a date with Abby.
Oh-ho! Wow.
Look at this guy.
- You're doing good, kid.
- I'm trying.
- Good luck with that.
- Nice to see you, Booky.
Bye, everybody.
You know, he should be glad he missed Gina saying goodbye to Kelsey.
Her going back into WITSEC because too many people saw her on the Island? Man, that was heartbreaking.
If you guys aren't hanging by the fingernails, you don't think you're doing any good.
It's just hard to feel good about the way things turned out, you know? Yeah.
Look here.
That girl sounds like she was going through a lot of pain and anger, and that can eat at you.
But now she knows the truth.
She knows who her mother is, that she loves her.
You guys have given her some peace, man.
- And that's not nothing.
- RICK: Yeah.
Thanks, Booky.
Still hard, though.
(CHUCKLES) Wow, you guys are in a bad funk.
You know what you need to get rid of bad funk? Some good funk.
(LAUGHS) Come on, fellas.
Hit it, uh! All right, all right.
Come on, funky superfly Sure is funky Look good to me, hey Sure is funky, y'all Good to me Yeah, come on, do it, funky superfly.
(DOOR CLOSES) Higgins said I could wait for you.
Just admit it.
You wanted to hang out with your best friend on your day off.
No, but I did want to tell you we recovered Vanessa's remains.
Her parents are coming to get them.
What kind of punishment you get from the boss? More than you ever get from me.
Desk duty for a week.
(CHUCKLES) What's with the box? Stanley never listened to orders.
He was a maverick.
Kind of like me.
(SCOFFS) Exactly like you.
Here, open it.
Stanley's badge.
You know you can't use it, right? (SCOFFS) What about an emergency? It will never leave this frame, understood? Understood.
Thank you, Magnum.
(SIGHS DEEPLY) You're welcome.

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