Magnum P.I. (2018) s01e17 Episode Script

Black Is the Widow

1 Sure, it was a lot of work and there were times where I wanted to quit, but, you know, honestly, saving lives there is there's nothing quite like it.
Your mother must have been so proud.
Tomás Caballé, world-renowned vascular surgeon.
And you said you grew up in Catalonia? Yeah.
Yeah, it was a small village in the hills.
You know, uh, probably 2,000 people.
I left when I was 18, went to med school University of Barcelona, Johns Hopkins.
Eventually, I retired, and made my way out here.
You know, I have to say, dating sites can be pretty hit or miss, but this? This feels right.
It does, doesn't it? There's something about a surgeon's hands, coupled with your extensive knowledge of anatomy.
You are very forward.
Is that a turn-off? Hardly.
- Mmm, I - MAN (LAUGHING): No way.
Thomas Magnum.
Yeah, I thought that was you.
Howzit, brah? I'm-I'm sorry.
I think you're mistaken.
This is Dr.
Tomás Caballé.
Doctor? Him? Magnum, what's she talking about? So you're not a doctor? (LAUGHS) Well, I can explain.
No, you know what? Save it.
We're done here.
(LAUGHING): No, Blair, w wait.
Let me just Give me a chance.
Lose my number.
I never want to see you again.
(SIGHS) What was that all about? I'm investigating a murder, and I'm pretty sure you just cost me a major lead.
- BOY: Come on.
- BOY 2: Come on, what are we doing here? (OVERLAPPING CHATTER) TC: All right, all right, all right, - chill, chill.
- Come on, tell us what it is.
I already told y'all.
It's a surprise.
Please don't tell me it's shaved ice.
Guys, if I tell you that I got a surprise that you ain't gonna believe, trust me, it ain't no shave ice.
Then what is it, Coach? - Hello, everyone.
- Really? This is the surprise? No, this is just Auntie Higgy.
- (HORN TOOTING) - Here comes the surprise.
BOY: Wait, who is it? - BOY 2: Who is that? I can't see.
Move, move, move, move.
Bro, bro, bro, that's Christian Yelich! - (OVERLAPPING CHATTER) - That's the MVP.
Christian, my man, meet the 2018 Little League World Champs.
What's up, guys? How we doing? ALL: Good.
BOY: Christian, Christian, will you sign my ball? - BOY 2: Hey, Christian, Christian.
- High five? - (CHEERING) - You guys did great.
How'd you pull that off? Oh, I promised him a ride in your chopper.
Oh, stop lying.
That's all it took? Come on, man, the guy is the NL MVP.
It's gonna take a whole lot more than a chopper ride to bring him out here.
No, Robin's friends with the team owner.
- Oh, should've known.
- Yeah.
I loved watching you guys play.
You guys did awesome.
(OVERLAPPING CHATTER) I wish Thomas could be here.
Yeah, he's meeting with a client, though.
YELICH: Hey, Rick? You want to throw some BP while I talk to the kids? I've been known to throw a curveball or two in my day.
You sure you want to deal with this heat? Let's see what you got.
All right, let's do it.
I'm gonna put some stank on it.
I'm gonna get out the way.
Got a mean curveball! Do a little windmilling.
I believe that's kind of one of the things you guys do in the majors, right? - Something like that.
- This is a move I got from Jane Fonda.
This is gonna be ridiculous.
This will be interesting.
You're gonna see how it's done, all right? A big baseball player Feel free to call your agent after this, see if he's looking for any new clients.
He could throw that speedball by you Make you look like a fool, boy Boring stories of Glory days Yeah, they'll pass you guy Glory days.
BOYS (CHANTING): MVP! MVP! MVP! All right, I think I tore something.
Get-get in here, take over.
(APPLAUSE) (LAUGHTER) MAGNUM: I know what you're thinking.
How could I pass up playing catch with a Major Leaguer? But in my business, when the phone rings, you answer it.
And in this case, it sounded pretty important.
Karen McDowell? - Hi.
- Hi.
Thomas Magnum.
Thanks so much for meeting me.
Of course.
How can I help you? It's about my father.
He was murdered a week ago.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Sit down? Do the police have any leads? No, but that's not why I'm here.
Yesterday they read his will, and I learned that pretty much his entire savings, over a million dollars in cash, is gone.
No one knows where.
But according to the bank, Dad emptied his account the day he was killed.
Does HPD think there's a connection between the two? They say it's definitely possible.
Okay, is there any reason why your father would need that much cash? No.
But now I can't help but think there was something going on I didn't know about.
Maybe he was in some kind of trouble.
The point is, I thought I knew my father, but maybe I didn't know him at all.
That's why I'm here, Mr.
I don't care about the money.
I just want to know the truth.
There's no indication that Roland McDowell was anything but a stand-up guy.
Can't be a coincidence that the robbery took place right after he got done with the bank.
No, it's definitely suspicious, I'll give you that, but so far we haven't found evidence of a link, which means, for the time being, I need to consider all scenarios, including the possibility that this was just a random carjacking.
And what? The carjackers got lucky? Right time, right place? Yeah.
There's also another possibility.
What's that? - Maybe your client has the money.
- What? Look, according to Roland McDowell's will, the money was never going to her.
It was earmarked for charity.
Now, maybe after Karen heard about her dad, she saw an opportunity.
Got to the cash and hid it away before the estate could get its hands on it.
- Serious? - Look, when my tutu died, my cousin and his wife went straight to her house and started taking things before the rest of the family could get there.
There are people who take advantage of these situations.
If Karen has the money, why hire me to find it? Because it's a way to take suspicion off of her.
Look, you have to ask yourself, why would a loving father cut his only child out of his will? Maybe she didn't want the money.
Ah, come on, Magnum, who doesn't want a million bucks? So you're saying that hiring me was just some kind of smokescreen? Yeah, that's what I'm saying.
MAGNUM: As much as I wanted to laugh it off, Katsumoto had gotten in my head.
So, just to be safe, I asked Higgins to do some digging.
See if Karen had any secret bank accounts.
HIGGINS: My contacts turned up no red flags.
No offshore accounts in Karen's name.
No numbered accounts.
And nothing set up under any dummy corporations.
But that doesn't exclude the possibility that she's hiding money some other way.
She's 25.
I mean, she's barely out of university.
She's not exactly a criminal mastermind.
Yeah, but it wouldn't be the first time a client tried to play me.
I suppose that's true.
Even so, Ms.
McDowell's primary reason for hiring you wasn't to find the money.
It was to learn why her father would make such a large withdrawal.
Yeah, but that's the question nobody has an answer to, including the bank.
- You spoke to them? - Yeah, Rick knows the branch manager.
According to her, Roland didn't say why he was taking the money out.
This is actually him.
This photo is from the surveillance video taken on the day of the withdrawal.
What could all of that cash have been for? Debt? Gambling addiction? Crazy drug habit? I don't know, but if we're gonna find out, we have to start digging into Roland's life.
That begins with searching his home.
MAGNUM: How's it going over there? Nothing unusual in Roland's search history.
No gambling sites, no signs of any out-of-control spending.
And the only drug he appeared to be interested in was something called Phallux.
Oh, it's for erectile dysfunction.
And, no, I don't take it.
- Hmm.
- Love the commercials, though.
Well, I suppose his interest in that kind of medication makes sense.
Why is that? Because, before he was murdered, he was logging onto an online dating website called Ok Venus almost every day.
According to his profile, he was athletic, adventurous, and had a penchant for opera and theater.
And apparently blondes.
This guy definitely had a type.
It would appear his late wife was also a blonde.
Hold on.
What? Didn't seem strange at first, but look.
It's a blonde woman.
So? Yeah, but she's not in the teller line, and it doesn't look like she works at the bank.
You're thinking that one of these women was with Roland when he made the withdrawal? (DOOR OPENS) No one's supposed to be here.
(DOOR CLOSES) (GASPS) Oh, God! - Mr.
- Karen.
What are you doing he? Who is she? - (LAUGHS) - Uh, this is Higgins.
- She's helping with the case.
- Hello.
I don't understand.
You, you broke in? Y-Yeah.
Why didn't you just ask me to let you in? I can't believe you would take them seriously.
Well, I know how this must make you feel, but the police have to consider all possible scenarios, and I had to at least entertain the possibility.
I already told you, I don't care about the money.
My dad already gave me so much growing up.
When I was young, we lost my mom.
And after that, my dad had to make all kinds of sacrifices so he could be there for me.
If he wanted that money to go to charity, I would want to honor his wishes.
Sounds like your father was a very special man.
Now that you're here, though, you could help us.
How so? Well, for starters, was your father seeing anyone? You mean, like dating? No.
No, he wasn't interested in meeting anybody.
Actually, that's not entirely true.
These are six women that he had recently gone out with.
I had no idea.
I was always worried he was lonely, but he said he was okay.
Do you recognize anyone? (SIGHS) What about this woman? - Blonde here on the right.
- No.
Do you think she has something to do with the missing money? Well, we're not sure yet.
But we're gonna find out.
Well, did the bank surveillance video give us anything? See for yourself.
Look at his eyes.
They're on the blonde, - and then she follows him out.
- You were right.
- She was with him.
- Yeah.
Find her, we find answers.
Maybe even the cash.
Okay, occupation.
How about we go with genius inventor/industrialist.
Wait, hold on.
That's Tony Stark.
- All right, okay, you're right.
Uh, let's have something a little more realistic.
How about European sports car importer? - That works.
- Yeah.
MAGNUM: Guys, remember, this profile we build has to match me up with the same women that Roland dated.
And hope that they agree to go out with you.
(CHUCKLES) - Uh-oh.
Three grown men huddled around a laptop.
That can't be good.
Hey, Higgy, what's your favorite Spanish opera? Lope de Vega's La selva sin amor.
Why? What are you doing? How do you spell that? Uh, we're helping to set up Thomas's online dating profile.
You're actually going to go through with that cockamamy idea? What? I have to meet each one of these women face-to-face, and a simple background check isn't gonna do it.
- You know what I think? - Hmm? I think he's finally found an opportunity to spend his client's money whilst meeting women.
Oh, come on.
That's that's not true.
Look, if I was a cop, I'd meet every one of these women face-to-face and interview them, but I'm not, so this is the next best thing.
Yeah, he's right.
Look, first dates are all about asking questions.
So this way Thomas can take them out, do a subtle interrogation, and with any luck, he'll have ID'd the black widow before the check comes.
- Black widow? - Yeah, you know, a woman that bilks a man out of all his money and then kills him.
Thank you, Rick, I'm familiar with the term.
So, now you're thinking our mystery woman has something to do with Roland's murder? Well, it's a working theory.
I mean, think about it.
This woman gets this old guy to pull out a big pile of cash and then uses the carjacking as a cover to rob him.
TC: Okay.
Thomas, you are now Tomás Caballé.
- Nice move.
- TC: Opera lover and European sports car importer.
Now, that's boyfriend material.
"Speaks five languages"? - Mm-hmm.
- (CHUCKLES): Come on.
- I mean, he can barely handle English.
- (SCOFFS) "Hobbies include powerlifting"? RICK: Yeah, we were thinking about inserting some pictures of his calves.
- We got to do that.
- 'Cause they're fantastic.
Thanks, man.
- Yeah, they are your best asset.
- Guns.
- Get that shot.
- It is no wonder that you guys are all still single.
I mean, you want to know what a woman wants? Why don't you ask one? Give it here.
Give it.
TC: Party pooper.
- Okay.
Well, uh, in the meantime, why don't you guys go hit up Kawika.
See if he can track down Roland's missing car.
- All right, sure thing.
- All right.
- Bye, Higgy.
- Bye.
Magnum, you know, women really don't care what your calves look like, particularly the woman that you're after.
Assuming that she is a black widow, she's gonna be looking for an easy mark, someone she can fleece.
That means someone who is insecure and easy to manipulate.
Roland was a lonely widower.
That made him a prime target.
We need to make sure you look equally desirable.
So now I'm a lonely doctor who lives on a massive estate with a world-renowned wine collection.
That you will never lay your hands on.
Okay, there's just one more thing we need to do.
I took the liberty of photoshopping some of your personal photographs, because if this is gonna work, you're gonna need to look pretentious.
MAGNUM: Come on, seriously? I hate that guy.
You may, but a black widow wouldn't.
Okay, I've also hacked the website to ensure that you're matched with the same women that Roland dated.
Although, of course, I can't guarantee that they're going to swipe on you.
Oh, come on, they'll swipe.
That's rather presumptuous.
I'm just trying to think positive, that's all.
Trying to think.
Something you're rather good at.
Anyway, I'm going to leave you to it.
Best of luck.
Don't mind me.
I don't.
Uh, you might want to work up to that one, Magnum.
It has a few rather big words in it.
I'll grab a dictionary.
Why are you borrowing a book on human anatomy? I have a date.
Put down the book.
- I'll explain the birds and the bees.
- No.
No, no, thanks.
Higgins built this online dating profile for me and said I was a retired vascular surgeon.
So I got to bone up.
You cannot possibly hope to absorb the information required to pass yourself off as a doctor, let alone a surgeon with a complex specialty, in one single night.
What choice do I have? And, frankly, I don't think you know how to properly build a cover.
Every great lie has a little bit of truth in it.
And what might you have preferred? I don't know, baseball player, bull rider, race car driver.
I actually considered all three as a kid.
(LAUGHS): I'm sorry, did you just say bull rider? Un jinete de toros.
I wanted to be a bull rider when I was nine years old.
- Bull.
- No, I swear.
When I was a kid, I used to go to my uncle's house in Mexico, and he'd take us to the rodeo.
I loved it.
You know, I could talk bull riding till the cows come home, but vascular surgery, not so much.
So, if you'll excuse me, I have a lot of studying ahead of me.
- Dictionary.
- Right.
(HUMMING) KUMU: Enjoy your homework, Doctor.
Will do, Kumu.
Higgins, wait up.
Hey, check it out.
It worked.
I matched up with, uh, two of the six women that Roland dated, and-and two more swiped on me in the middle of the night.
Your very clever little method of spending your client's money whilst also meeting new women to shag was a smashing success.
Who said anything about shagging? Just gonna suss 'em out.
You know, if they don't seem like the kind of women that would kill a man and steal a million dollars, then I'll never see 'em again.
Unless they're attractive.
I don't need some dating app to meet women.
I do just fine.
Speaking of which, I got to shower.
I'm meeting Kesha for lunch.
Ah, Kesha.
The one with the lower back tattoo.
Why are you being such a hater? Are you a little jealous I'm going out on all these dates? Don't be ridiculous.
I don't know.
I think maybe you should download this app.
It's not like you're meeting a bunch of guys out here managing this estate.
Online dating? I would literally rather get hit in the face with a golf shoe.
Besides, when it comes to romance, - I'm a tad more discerning than you are.
- Meaning? Meaning I'm not gonna go out with just anyone merely because they glance in my general direction.
Contrary to what you might think, I actually don't date very much.
You, on the other hand, haven't gone out on a single date since I met you.
Why is that? I'm a busy woman.
(CHUCKLES): Busy? It's 11:00 a.
, and you're doing yoga.
This is my time for myself.
Can I tell you something? If you must.
I was with somebody that I thought was the one, and she hurt me in ways that I didn't think were possible.
And you would think maybe, after something like that, I wouldn't be willing to open myself up again, but I'm willing to give love another shot.
Your point is? My point is, I'm sure you're afraid of getting hurt again after what you've been through, but closing yourself off and denying yourself a chance at love is not the way to go through life.
I mean, at some point, you got to get back out there.
Speaking of which, uh, Dr.
Tomás Caballé has a date to go to.
Enjoy your yoga.
Bone, bone, bone, bones Dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones Dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones Dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones Now here's the word of the Lord MAGNUM: Blind dates with six beautiful women? I'm not gonna lie, it's tempting.
But in this job, your reputation is everything, and that means being a professional.
Especially if it means proving Higgins wrong.
The subtle art of questioning a suspect: observe, watch for cues, who's lying, who's sincere.
(BREATHING HEAVILY) Come on, slowpoke.
Slowpoke? Please.
I thought you said this was gonna be a workout.
It was my first time using the site.
How about you? I'm on, like, five different apps right now.
How does it compare? They were nice men, just not what I was looking for.
I didn't even know about the app until a friend of mine from the gym told me about it.
Roland McDowell.
I figured what the hell, you know? Wait, Roland? I think I matched with him.
- He's an older guy, right? - Yeah, yeah.
He seemed sweet, I just couldn't get past the age difference.
I was gonna thank him, but I found out he had been killed.
- Oh, God.
- Yeah.
Carjacking, if you can believe it.
How awful.
Yeah, it is.
Wait, do you mean Roland McDowell? - You knew Roland? - Yeah.
We went out.
We even talked about seeing each other again.
I couldn't believe it when I heard.
His poor daughter.
You know? They were so close.
- Yeah, it's really sad.
- Oh, so sad.
(PHONE RINGING) Ah, I'm sorry, Cleo.
Um, it's a colleague.
I have to take this.
- Yeah, it's okay.
- Excuse me.
RICK: Oh, hey, Doctor.
Just talked to Kawika.
He thinks that Roland's car was tossed in a container and shipped overseas.
Lucky for us, he knows somebody who works down at the port.
Traffics in stolen cars on the side.
We're gonna go talk to him.
Let me know what they say.
What about you, Dr.
Caballé? How's it going, bro? Any suspects? Unfortunately, no one stands out just yet.
But I still have one more date to go on.
Curating a good wine collection is actually a lot of work.
You'd be surprised how quickly wine can spoil.
But enough about Merlot and opera.
Tell me about you, Abigail.
- Abby.
- (LAUGHS): Abby.
Uh, I'm a lawyer at a small firm.
We do mostly criminal defense work, some civil.
- Mm.
- Mm.
What do you do on your off time? Unfortunately, I don't have that much of it, but when I do, I I don't know, I try to stay physical, I surf-ski.
I also do some volunteer work with local veterans, giving them free legal aid.
I come from a military family, so that kind of thing is really important to me.
How about you? Do you, um do any volunteer work? I imagine being a doctor, you have lots of opportunities.
I left medicine behind when I moved out here.
- Really? - Yeah.
But you have such a gift.
You'd be helping so many people.
But I've helped so many people back on the mainland.
And plus, I've I've saved so many lives, I honestly, I can't remember.
You know, I noticed in your profile picture, you had blonde hair.
Yeah, I did.
That was a phase.
- Also, it was a little shorter.
- Mm-hmm.
I prefer my natural color.
- (PHONE CHIMES) - Oh, goodness.
Excuse me.
I am so sorry.
Um I got to run.
- What's the rush? - Look you seem like a good guy, Tomás, I You're just not my type.
Wha-What-what are you looking for? Somebody grounded.
Somebody who helps others and doesn't do it for the money.
You know, a guy who'd rather have a beer than fancy wine, and would rather go to a ball game than the opera.
Somebody who appreciates the fine art of sleeping in and wouldn't get annoyed if I wanted to eat in bed.
(CHUCKLES) It's nice meeting you.
MAGNUM: Yeah, I know what you're thinking: that woman seems absolutely perfect for me.
And you might be right.
But that's not why I'm following her.
See, the thing about black widows is that they're great at seducing their marks, playing hard to get.
So it's possible Abby's putdowns were a calculated move meant to undermine my confidence and make me crave her approval.
(SIGHS) Terrific.
No phone.
In the police report a witness described the carjacker as a Caucasian male, six feet tall, over 200 pounds with black hair.
In other words, this guy.
Looks like Abby might not be the perfect woman after all.
Ok, so he matches the description of the carjacker.
But so do thousands of other men on this island.
Yeah, but he's the only one hanging out with the woman who may be the blonde from the bank.
Well, minor problem.
This one has brown hair.
Yes, obviously, she dyed her hair blonde, which is a little suspect in itself, don't you think? Here she is, paying the guy off.
A guy I followed home to a halfway house, which means he's probably on parole.
I-I'm telling you, there's got to be some kind of connection between Roland McDowell's murder and the missing money.
(PHONE RINGING) Uh, there's someone at the gate, and I don't think it's for me.
That's Cleo.
Wonder what she wants.
You left this on the table when you rushed off.
Oh, my-my cell phone.
I-I thought I lost it.
Thanks for, uh, bringing it by.
Oh, yeah, it's no trouble.
This is on my way to power yoga.
Power yoga? Wow, that sounds fun.
You should join me sometime, if you don't mind getting sweaty.
(CHUCKLES) I don't mind getting sweaty.
Or maybe we could just grab dinner.
Yeah, yeah, that would be great.
I will have my assistant set that up.
Okay, great.
Let me know.
Um, can I just drop this in the mailbox, then? I'm late for my class.
It's perfect.
Thank you.
Okay, well, I guess I will be talking to you soon.
(CHUCKLES) Toodles.
I really feel for that woman.
You know, I'll give her a call, let her down easy.
No, I was referring to her incredibly poor taste in men.
I'll run this guy's photo through the system.
If he's an ex-con, shouldn't be hard to get an ID.
MAGNUM: Hey, Karen, it's Thomas Magnum.
I may have a lead.
I'd like to show you some photos, if possible.
Yeah, of course.
You recognize either of 'em? No.
Who are they? Well, the woman, your father dated.
The guy, we're not sure about.
Hey-hey, I got to go, but I'll keep you posted, okay? Okay.
What's up? It's bachelorette number two, aka your prime suspect.
Your guest, sir.
Is there anything else I can do for you? No.
That'll be just fine.
Thank you.
I always hire English help.
So much nicer than Americans, you know? Cut the crap.
Who the hell are you? - Dr.
Tomás Caballé.
- Please, just stop lying.
(CHUCKLES) I don't follow.
I Well, follow this.
I suddenly have a Detective Katsumoto from the HPD looking into a witness of mine at the request of a Thomas Magnum, who, according to a public record search, is you.
Witness? Yeah, a witness who's supposed to testify in a case that I'm working on.
Oh, that's why you met with that guy after lunch.
What? You followed me? - Uh - Okay.
All right, you know what, enough with the games.
What is your deal? Obviously, you're not a doctor.
Is this even your place? I'm a private investigator.
I live in the guesthouse.
Roland McDowell's daughter hired me to find out who stole a million dollars and killed her father.
So you're a private dick.
I prefer "investigator.
" I prefer dick.
And you thought that I had something to do with Roland's murder? FYI, my witness has a solid alibi for the night of the carjacking, and so do I.
You don't believe me, you can ask your pal, Detective Katsumoto.
Mm, actually we're not pals.
He kind of hates me.
Really? What a shock.
Stay away from me.
Stay away from my witness.
Got it? Yeah.
(CLEARS THROAT) I guess we can scratch her off the suspect list.
You like her.
What? I do not like her.
You're lying.
I'm leaving is what I'm doing.
If you like her, you'll bring her flowers and apologize.
I don't like her.
You do like her.
I do not like her.
WOMAN: Yeah, I remember a 2018 Mercedes C-300 coming through here a couple days ago, delivered by some dude I never seen before.
Yeah, well, that dude just carjacked and killed a guy.
We could really use your help finding him.
Yeah, can you describe him? Haole.
Black hair.
Regular height.
That narrows it down to pretty much every mainlander on the island.
Where's the car now? On its way to China.
Left port six hours ago.
(TC LAUGHS) No problem.
No problem? What, you got a plan or something? I'm thinking what would our boy Thomas do? Hey, thanks again for doing this.
(RETCHING) We'll have you back in the crime lab in no time.
TC: I got her.
12 o'clock.
Buddy, I hope you don't get seasick, too.
Why? TC: Hang on.
I'm gonna put her down on those containers.
Please tell the captain we said thank you.
We'll be out of your hair in a few minutes.
All right, time to do your thing.
Try not to get any, uh, vomit in the car while you're looking for prints.
You're gonna owe me big-time for this.
(DEVICE TRILLING) HIGGINS: Okay, looks like the carjacker's prints you lifted from our victim's Mercedes got a hit.
MAGNUM: Davis Sadler.
Robbery, counterfeiting, fraud.
Possession of a firearm.
Says he's married.
That's Cleo.
Real name Tammy Ann Lacoss.
I believe you've found your black widow.
Hey, Katsumoto, you want to thank me now or later? - What are you talking about? - Well, we ID'd your carjacker.
His name's Davis Sadler, and he's married to Cleo, aka Tammy Ann Lacoss.
The power yoga lady? HIGGINS: She's our black widow.
She and Sadler live in Hawaii Kai.
I'm, uh, texting you the address now.
- And, Magnum - Yeah? Good job.
(LAUGHS) Higgins, did you just hear that? Katsumoto paid me a compliment.
Yeah, hold on.
Give me a second to just savor the moment.
You do that.
- (DIAL TONE) - What a sweetheart.
I think we're becoming BFFs.
Dispatch, this is Detective Katsumoto.
I've got two suspects fleeing.
I need immediate backup at this location.
DISPATCHER (OVER RADIO): Backup en route, ETA six minutes.
KATSUMOTO: I don't have six minutes.
I'm done.
Let's get out of here.
HPD! Put your hands on your heads! Hands up, let's go.
Interlace your fingers.
Turn around.
(GUN COCKS) Put the gun on the ground.
(PHONE RINGS) Thomas Magnum.
This is Sergeant Lukela with HPD.
We're looking for Detective Katsumoto.
According to his cell, you were his last phone call.
Are you saying Detective Katsumoto's missing? His car and his cell were found abandoned.
Do you have any idea where he is? It's Katsumoto.
Uh, HPD can't locate him.
Sadler must have known he was coming.
I don't even know how that's possible.
Magnum? Yeah, I'm here.
Do you have any idea where Katsumoto is? Magnum, hang up the phone.
What? Give me the phone.
Just hang up.
What are you doing? I'm just confirming a theory.
I don't think you left your phone behind on that date.
I think Cleo wanted to check out her mark, so she lifted your phone, cloned the SIM card, and returned it to you.
She's been listening in on your calls.
So she must have known Katsumoto was coming.
Please tell me you can track her location through the SIM card.
I can try.
Where you taking me? Getting off this rock.
We're taking you as leverage, just in case anything happens.
Grand theft auto, murder, now kidnapping a cop.
How deep a hole you looking to dig? SADLER: Just keep walking.
You two aren't thinking straight.
You asked me before if I was gonna kill you.
Well, I'm gonna kill you now unless you get on that boat.
I was kind of looking forward to our power yoga date.
I have to ask one thing.
How did you get Roland to take out all the cash? I have a theory.
I think you and your husband threatened to harm Roland's daughter because you knew how much he adored her.
In fact, you're the only woman I met that even knew he had a daughter.
So he did what he was told, to protect her.
(SIRENS WAILING IN DISTANCE) Turns out Roland McDowell wasn't the first person scammed by these two.
They conned money out of at least five other men.
But nothing close to a million dollars, and this was the first time it escalated to murder.
Karen got the answers she wanted, but there were still a few questions.
According to her father's will, the money was supposed to go to a local research hospital.
And all of it, every penny, was supposed to be used just by one doctor.
Someone Karen had never even met, much less heard of.
Thankfully, her father left behind something that would explain everything.
Hey, sweetie.
If you're watching this, I'm sure you have a lot of questions, starting with why I left my entire savings to a stranger.
Honey, Dr.
Okana is a leader in rare diseases, diseases so obscure they don't even have a name.
They're called orphan diseases.
I never told you this, but your mom, she actually died from one of these diseases.
And now there's something else that you need to know.
When you were a little girl, the doctors, they determined that it was likely that you inherited the same gene.
(EXHALES) I was gonna tell you when you got older, but every time I was about to, I-I held back.
I guess, I didn't want you obsessing over something that you couldn't control.
I was hoping that they would find the cure before you ever needed to learn the truth.
I was sending money to Dr.
Okana when you were a little kid, helping to fund her research.
I'm sorry I kept all this from you.
I-I just wanted to keep my little girl safe and happy.
Maybe I was wrong, I-I don't know.
But I hope you can understand.
I am so proud of the person that you've become, honey.
I know your mom would be proud, too.
- And while - (SNIFFLES) we aren't around, you'll always have us in your heart.
I love you.
I love you, too, Dad.
Oh, look.
It's not Dr.
(CHUCKLES) Don't slam the door in my face.
This will just take a second.
Uh, look, I was just doing my job, and it actually worked out.
(SIGHS) I'm sorry, but would you go out with me again? In case you forgot, we already went on a date, and to be honest, I can't say I was really feeling it.
Well, you went on a date with Dr.
Tomás Caballé, a-a super-pretentious, cardiovascular surgeon.
That's not Thomas Magnum.
This is.
(CHUCKLES) Thomas Magnum isn't fancy.
Thomas Magnum grew up in Virginia, Thomas Magnum loves baseball, hates opera.
Uh (LAUGHS): I don't speak five languages.
But I do speak two.
The red Ferrari? That's a loaner.
- Hmm.
- My favorite beer is probably a Coops, followed closely by an Old Dusseldorf.
I mean, that is, that's me in a nutshell.
So let me try this again.
Would you please go on a date with me? (DOOR CLOSES) (EXHALES) Hey.
Wanted to thank you for the whole flower suggestion.
Uh, it took a little convincing, but Abby is going on another date with me.
She seems like a good one, Magnum.
Try not to blow it.
I'll do my best.
What's with the dress? I am going on a date.
Really? Taking your advice.
Who's the guy? He's a friend of Robin's who's in town.
Baseball chap.
Baseball chap.
You're not talking about Christian Yelich, are you? That's him.
He's not bad from what I've seen.
Not bad? The guy's, like, a National League MVP.
And I surmise from your tone that that's a good thing? He batted, like, a .
36 homers, 110 RBIs.
I mean, the guy's, like, a baseball god.
(LAUGHS): How did this even happen? He asked me out.
And not via some silly app.
He did it the old-fashioned way, like a gentleman.
Anyway, must go, don't wait up.
Do you mind if I just join you for a little bit? - Absolutely not.
- I will be gone by the time you guys are done with appetizers.
Good night, Magnum.

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