Magnum P.I. (2018) s01e16 Episode Script

Murder Is Never Quiet

1 My name is Thomas Magnum.
I reside at the estate of Robin Masters, where I'm in charge of security, which means I am uh, basically a-a peer of the well, kind of pretty close to the HPD.
No! Not specific enough.
What do you mean? I mean, you've got to name-check Katsumoto.
All right? He is your ace in the hole and your best friend.
Yeah, I don't think we're quite there yet.
Do you want my help or not? - Yes.
- Again! All right, uh, I'm very close to the officers of the HPD, in particular Detective Gordon Katsumoto, who, in fact, is my best friend, Your Honor.
What the hell are y'all doing? Well, I'm-I'm prepping Thomas to get him out of jury duty, but it's not going very well.
You know, maybe I should go in your place.
If you recall, I did a pretty good impersonation of you not long ago.
Oh, that time you broke up a wedding, lost the venue, and almost got me sued? No, thanks.
You do know how wrong this is, right? I mean, this is your civic duty, man.
Buddy, listen, we already gave at the office, - and by that I mean serve our country.
- Yeah.
Price of freedom ain't never paid.
Well, unless you spent time in a P.
camp, which you know all about.
Again! - My name is Thomas Magnum.
- With gusto! I reside at the estate of Robin Masters, where I'm in charge of security.
I should probably tell you, Your Honor, um, I'm very close to the officers of the HPD, in particular Detective Gordon Katsumoto, who happens to be my best friend.
I'm gonna call BS, - Mr.
- Your Honor? You see that young man over there? His name is Josh Healy.
He's on trial for the murder of his girlfriend, Libby Conner.
And he's facing life in prison.
Yes, I'm I'm aware.
I thought perhaps you didn't hear me, since you're trying to make a mockery out of my court.
Do you have any idea how many people try to get out of jury duty? Probably a lot.
That's an understatement.
And they, like you, will use whatever lame-ass excuse they think will get them dismissed, but I can spot a fraud a mile away.
Well, uh, you're right, Your Honor.
I'm sorry.
I wasn't being entirely honest.
The truth is, serving on a jury would be extremely difficult.
Jury duty as an inconvenience is not a valid reason for dismissal.
Oh, no, that-that's not it.
You see, I'm a private investigator.
And I work in a world where nothing is as it seems, and no one can be trusted.
The problem, Your Honor is me.
You see, I just wouldn't be able to determine the innocence or guilt of a defendant in a courtroom.
Unless I find out the truth myself, I won't believe it.
Your self-congratulatory demeanor is repugnant, Magnum.
You lied under oath to be dismissed.
Not exactly.
I wouldn't have made a good juror.
That wasn't a lie.
Has anyone ever explained karma to you? Yeah, I'm not worried.
May I help you? Yeah.
I'm here to see Thomas Magnum.
My name is Brianna Healy.
It's very important.
I saw him in the courtroom this morning, and I really need to talk to him.
That's the defendant's mother.
Magnum, what you said in court today about not believing something that you didn't see for yourself That's what I really need right now.
I'm not sure I follow.
I know.
I know that Josh didn't kill Libby, and I want to hire you to prove it.
How do you know Josh didn't kill her? Because Josh is not capable of murder.
And I know what you're thinking.
She's a mother blinded by the love of her child.
She's-she's in denial.
- Of course not.
- It does happen.
Please have a seat.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Josh was only ten when my husband died, and it was really rough.
He acted out, he got in trouble, he drove me crazy, but this.
He just he just wouldn't do this.
I'm sorry, but you're our last hope.
Of cou uh, okay.
I'll t-take the case.
Thank you.
I will work two jobs, I'll do whatever it takes to pay.
No, you mustn't worry.
Magnum will offer his services pro bono.
Of course I will.
Pro bono.
Thank you.
Only there's one more thing.
The district attorney he offered Josh a plea deal for a shorter sentence.
That's standard procedure when they want to avoid the expense of a trial.
Yeah, but Josh is afraid of going away for life, so he's planning on taking the deal and pleading guilty.
When? Tomorrow, before the trial begins.
Magnum, you have 24 hours to prove my son is innocent.
Seriously, guys, you're not gonna tell me? Nope.
Come on.
TC? No, my brother.
- Sham? - Brad, don't be an asshat.
If we tell you, it's not a surprise.
Look, just be there tomorrow, all right, buddy? All right.
This better be worth it.
Trust us.
And wear your good legs.
- You think he knows? - What? That he's getting a new house tomorrow? No way.
Yeah, but he knows that we've been helping build these houses for vets, and he's a vet.
It doesn't take a detective to figure it out.
Well, he hasn't.
Speaking of detectives, where's Magnum? Thought he was helping us build today.
He's got a "case.
" Oh, but don't you worry.
He'll show up and take the credit.
Yo, what's going on? Why are the cops here? What's going on? That donated shipment of appliances? Someone stole them last night.
- All of it? - Yup.
Dishwasher, fridge, microwave, and both TVs.
Those bastards even took my favorite wrench.
There's a special place in hell for somebody that will steal something that's meant to go to a vet.
You know, when we find them, I'm gonna use Kimo's wrench to explain that to them.
Okay, before you go putting together a posse, why don't we just ask the supplier to donate more? Wheelchair works wonders.
No, even if he was willing to do that, it means the next house we build won't get what they need.
He's right.
Whoever did this needs to give it all back.
'Cause that's what thieves do.
They always return stuff when you ask.
What are you looking for? That right there.
I'm so glad my security footage came in handy.
What is in this? Family secret.
You like it? I kind of want to marry it.
Was that weird? I wouldn't say it's not weird.
Wait, go back.
Yeah, there we go.
Could be appliances, but it's hard to tell.
Yeah, it's too dark to make out the plates.
No worries.
This is my area.
That right there is a Ford Raptor.
Got to be hundreds of those.
Not with a heavy duty rig, slick rims, and a rear end with duallys.
I can work with that.
I guess Higgins was right about karma, but I'd never tell her that.
The way I see it, I got two problems.
One, a serious ticking clock.
Two, a mother being sure her kid is innocent is far from actual proof.
Look, I've been over this.
You're not gonna find anything new.
- How many cases you working right now? - Seven.
This is it.
I only got one.
Maybe you shouldn't have tried to get out of the jury duty.
You could have been more help as a holdout.
The job will kill me long before this thing does.
I don't know about that.
How strong is the P.
's case? Slam dunk.
Libby died of blunt force trauma.
Josh's baseball bat to her head.
And his prints are on it.
The neighbors heard them fighting that night, and Josh has no alibi.
Says he got blackout drunk and doesn't remember what happened.
Yeah, but it would make sense his prints are on his own bat.
Yeah, sure, but if someone else did it, theirs would be, too.
Not if they're wearing gloves.
Libby was a bank teller.
Do you really think that someone went to all that trouble? I don't know.
But I do need to talk to Josh.
I'll put you on the defense team so you can have access, and I'll send you over the case file.
But you're wasting your time.
Let me ask you a question.
Do you think Josh really killed her? No idea.
But either way, the plea's a gift.
Ten years instead of life without parole? The best thing you can do for Josh is to make sure he takes it.
I just want this over with.
It's killing my mom.
Do you really think taking the deal makes this over? Look, I need your help.
Okay, tell me about Libby.
She was funny.
Way smarter than me.
I loved her so much, it hurt.
You ever feel that way? Look, I-I want to help.
I just don't remember.
I know you're a recovering alcoholic.
Been sober for six years.
How'd you get clean? I white-knuckled it.
For whatever reason, this last time it took, till the day Libby was killed.
And that's why you can't remember.
Started drinking early that day.
Didn't take long for me to black out.
You know, alcoholism's a progressive disease.
When you weren't drinking, it was doing push-ups, waiting for you to pick it back up.
How do you know so much about it? I had a friend who I used to go to AA meetings with for support.
You know they have meetings here, right? What's the point? For a lot of people, AA works.
Why don't we start off with what you do remember? Everything was great.
Then, like a month before Libby was killed, she started acting weird, secretive.
Always on her phone.
Was making me crazy.
I thought there was someone else.
Maybe that's why I drank.
And tell me about the day.
How did it start? Started at the 7-Eleven, went home.
She was mad I got drunk.
I was mad she was on her phone and wouldn't let me see it, so I I grabbed it out her hand and threw it across the room.
After that, she threw me out.
I kept drinking lost three days.
Then the cops arrested me.
Was there anybody that Libby had problems with? Anybody that you think could have done this? I told the cops.
There was this creepy stalker dude who worked at the bank with her.
Do you have his name? She wouldn't tell me.
Was afraid I'd go kick his ass.
Libby always liked to handle things by herself.
Look, I promised your mom that I was gonna find the truth.
And I will.
And what if the truth is that I killed her? What are you doing in my house? It's not your house, Magnum, it's Robin's house.
Yeah, but Josh's public defender sent his case file to me, right? This is where you say touché.
I'm afraid that Brianna has sent you on a fool's errand.
According to this file, her son is going to prison for the rest of his life.
Yeah, tell me something I don't know.
Do you think he did it? Josh doesn't even know if he did it; he blacked out.
Yeah, so he says, but that doesn't answer my question.
I I don't think he did it.
That sounds like you don't want to think he did it.
You don't want to disappoint Brianna.
Single mother, raising her child alone after his father died.
Does that sound like someone we know? Thanks for the free analysis.
Well, maybe.
Look, I met the kid, right? He seems kind.
I mean, sure, he's got his problems, but I don't think he's the kind of guy who bludgeons his girlfriend to death.
And in your experience what does that guy look like? I know it when I see it.
My gut tells me Josh didn't do it.
And I got to trust my gut; that's why Brianna hired me.
Okay, this is where I say touché.
Well, we got to start somewhere.
It says here that HPD never found Libby's phone that's kind of odd.
Can you? - Could you maybe? - Yeah.
I already tried pinging it.
The last signal it emitted was from inside their apartment on the day she died.
Must've broke when Josh threw it.
Maybe it's still in the apartment.
Oh, uh, Josh told me about this creepy guy that worked at the bank that Libby was at.
Yeah, it's in the file.
A "creepy stalker" was the term he used.
- But no name? - No, there's no other mention of him other than in Josh's police interview.
They never followed up or questioned him.
- Why not? - Well, no need.
They already had a solid case against Josh.
Well, got to start somewhere.
I guess I'll go check out the bank.
I know you want to ask to come along.
We're running out of time.
Two heads is better than one.
Come on.
Or one and a half.
Very funny.
I thought so.
Come in, Trey.
This is Mr.
Magnum and Ms.
They want to ask you some questions.
You cops? No.
He's a private investigator and I'm his associate.
Then why should I answer them? Because I manage this bank, because you work for me, and because I asked.
Where were you the day Libby Conner was killed? Because we know you weren't at work.
Am I in some kind of trouble? No, just answer the question, please.
I don't need an alibi.
The guy who killed her is in jail.
He's yet to be tried.
Trey, Libby filed two complaints against you.
Even asked to move stations.
She also said she saw you following her more than once.
You don't know what you're talking about.
If they're not cops, they can't do anything to me.
If you want to fire me, fire me.
Otherwise, I'm going back to work.
Lovely gent.
How is it that he still works here? Well, it's harder to fire someone than you think.
Is there anything else you witnessed that would make you think he could've killed Libby? No.
Mostly variations on what you just saw.
He's got anger issues and a hell of a temper.
While Trey is a walking red flag, it's still a jump to murder.
Given the time crunch, I thought it best to divide and conquer.
Higgins is doing a deeper dive into Trey.
Meantime, I'm gonna call my best friend and see what HPD knows that isn't in the file.
Whatever you want, my answer's no.
But a life is on the line.
Detective Dole already investigated Libby Conner's murder.
How did you know He painstakingly collected evidence and brought it to the P.
, who decided to prosecute Josh Healy because the case was solid.
Yeah, but there was another suspect who was never interviewed.
Police work 101: you follow leads.
When one pans out, you don't then follow the other hundred.
That would waste time and resources.
What if Josh is innocent? I'm certain you'll prove it.
- Really? - No.
Okay, the case file never mentioned Libby's phone.
Well, then, it wasn't found.
You don't find that strange? Everyone uploads to the cloud.
They likely reviewed what was pertinent.
Can you see if they found anything? You know I don't work for you.
So, is that a no? If I can find Libby's phone at their apartment, maybe we'll have more to go on.
Probably should have asked Brianna for a key.
Oh, God.
You scared the hell out of me.
I'm sorry, but what are you doing here? I was feeding Harry.
Josh's turtle.
Come on.
So, do you have any news? I just wanted to see if HPD missed anything.
This place was a mess.
I cleaned it up after the cops left, 'cause her blood was, like Yeah.
- Did you happen to find Libby's phone? - No.
But everything should pretty much be here, 'cause Libby didn't have any family, so You're free to look around.
Magnum, come in here.
I want to show you something.
Isn't that pretty? He loves to sketch.
He was gonna go to art school before, um Yeah, he's really good.
So, I have a question for you.
Do you think there's time for you to find anything? If there's something to find, I'm gonna find it.
You know, um, all these years, I've been both mother and father to Josh.
But his, his drinking just really got in the way.
And I'm wondering maybe if I had done more You know none of this is your fault.
You don't know that.
You know, when I was when I was six, I lost my father, and I miss him every day.
I turned out pretty good.
And most of the credit goes to my mom.
She was she was enough.
My bet is you are, too.
That's why you took this case, isn't it? I thought it was 'cause you felt guilty about getting out of jury duty.
No, I took this case because you needed help.
Hey, I'm not giving up.
Okay? Okay.
Hey, anything new on Trey? Usually there's a pattern.
So I checked with previous employers, neighbors, but there was nothing.
Yeah, same thing at the apartment.
I think the killer must have taken Libby's phone.
Hey, uh, I got to go.
Oh V-8 twin turbo charge.
Yeah, I like it.
You really have to know what you're doing to drive a car like this.
- Yeah, I'm pretty safe.
- I'm sure you are.
You know, you never know what someone else might do, right? I mean, you could still get T-boned.
Imagine the air bag was disabled, and Higgins is sitting in the passenger seat.
Who are you? Nobody.
Yeah, I just learned over the years that bad things are less likely to happen when you don't go looking into matters that don't concern you.
Like dead bank tellers.
Where the hell were you? Tone.
I'm sorry.
I was worried about you.
That almost sounded genuine.
I was out front with Kumu.
What's wrong? I was just threatened at a gas station to back off the investigation.
- By who? - I don't know.
It was an Asian guy, he was well-dressed, drove a black Mercedes G-Wagen with tinted windows and no plates.
Okay, I'll see if I can find any security footage.
The station on Liliha? How'd you know that? They sell the cheapest petrol, and you pay with coins you find under the floor mat.
Hey, uh, I'm gonna call Katsumoto, just to cover all our bases.
You know what this means, right? Josh didn't kill Libby.
She works at the DMV? No way.
I don't buy it.
Why, because she's attractive? Man, if you didn't know me, what would you think I did for a living? Florist or contract killer.
Shammy, TC, this is Lisa.
Nice to meet you guys.
Nice to meet you.
Uh, so I only have a few minutes.
Hey, thanks for doing this for us.
Oh, no, no, no.
She did it for me, and for a ride in TC's chopper.
This is for a vet, so whatever it takes.
Here you go.
Hey, so when you get what you need Right, this never happened.
Burn it.
It's a crappy job, but until I get another modeling gig I knew it.
Take it easy, would you? - Thank you.
- Thanks.
- I'll see you soon.
- Yeah.
Later, guys.
Oh, man.
Must be 35 names here.
Well, narrow it down.
It's got to be somebody from this area.
Why? People don't steal from other towns? No, because they had to know the stuff was new.
I mean, they probably saw it getting delivered.
Yeah, and you know what? I bet this guy probably got out of here fast.
He didn't want to drive around all night with a truck bed full of hot items.
All right, maybe this is our guy.
Mitch Mookini.
Lives nearby.
Definitely looks like a thief.
All right.
Let's go.
I have some good news.
I was just threatened by a man who wants me to stop looking into Libby's murder.
Why is that good? Because I-it means somebody else was involved in this, potentially this guy.
This could be the first piece of information that could help exonerate you.
If I'm really innocent.
Why is it you want to believe the worst in yourself? In the past, it was usually true.
Yeah, but you turned your life around.
Until I got drunk and threw it all away.
You don't know what I was like.
But your mother does.
Okay? She believes in you.
And until you believe in yourself again, I want you to hold onto that and don't take the prosecutor's deal.
The trial will start tomorrow.
Yeah, but now I have something to go on.
With the deal, I do ten years.
With a conviction, I go away forever.
I-I can't.
I-I won't make it.
Are you listening to me? Somebody else did this.
Look, I-I want to believe you.
And if you're right, I want to know who.
Then what's the problem? What if you can't prove it? M-My life is on the line here.
Okay, look, uh, the guy who threatened me was Asian, uh, about five-11, had a nice suit.
Does that ring a bell? He drove a black Mercedes G-Wagen with tinted windows.
It was a while ago, before Libby was killed.
I-I didn't think it mattered, I would've told someone.
- So you saw him? - One day I left for work, I forgot my phone, so I went back home.
The guy was standing there, looking at our building.
I remember the G-Wagen 'cause it was always my dream car.
I was gonna ask him about it, but when he saw me, he got in his car and left.
At the time I thought maybe he was lost or something.
Was there anything else you remember about him or maybe the car? He had a parking sticker with a sunset.
I noticed it because the car was all black so it kind of stood out, and the art was cool.
You think you can draw it? Absolutely.
Your Honor.
Uh, this'll only take a minute.
I dismissed you this morning.
Why are you here? Uh, the accused, Josh Healy, his mother hired me to prove his innocence.
Okay, not only are you disrupting my court proceedings, but this is ex parte communication, which is strictly forbidden.
You need to go.
No, but you don't understand.
You have to delay the start of the trial.
- I have to do no such thing.
- Yeah, but something just happened, and if you give me time to follow up, it could lead to evidence.
Leave now, or I'll hold you in contempt.
It's just one day.
That's all I'm asking for, and I can prove Josh didn't do it.
Hello? I need your help.
What number is this? Where are you? I am in jail.
Why? I tried to get a delay on the trial, judge held me in contempt.
I know the feeling.
Did you apologize to the judge? I tried three times.
She wouldn't budge.
Well, what do you want me to do about it? Higgins, we're running out of time.
You got to find a way to get me out of here.
I have an idea, but you're not gonna like it.
I don't care.
Whatever it takes.
And do it fast.
Honestly, I can't thank you enough.
Turns out, Higgins can be even more annoying than you.
Right? Now I have to take the judge to dinner.
She's a complicated woman.
Hold on, you and Judge Kamaka dated? Contrary to what you tried to sell in court this morning perjury, by the way we are not best friends.
My personal life is none of your business.
When did it end? Or-or did it end? I don't know.
I was wrong.
You and Higgins are equally annoying.
Yeah, well, I've been called worse.
Hey, were you able to find the guy at the gas station on Liliha? No.
Station has no cameras.
And I couldn't find a witness to the exchange.
Oh, it wasn't an exchange.
I mean, this guy threatened me.
Glock and all.
Look, this isn't about me or about a case, this is about a young kid's life, and I'm telling you, we're running out of time.
Yeah, well, I'll keep digging.
Try to stay out of jail.
I'll try.
How was your stay in the big house? Thanks for getting me out.
Josh's future depends on it.
Yeah, but also because you didn't want me locked up in jail, right? Anyway, Katsumoto said there was no cameras at the gas station.
Yeah, I gleaned as much from my search.
But at least you know what the guy looks like and the car he drives.
Also, potentially where he lives.
Guy staked out, uh, Libby's place before she was killed.
Josh sketched it out, it's a parking decal.
How long do you think before you might be able to get something? He lives in the Palm Regent.
It's a fancy high-rise in Ward Village.
Well, maybe we can hack into the building's parking records and get a name.
"We"? You.
All right, there's the truck.
Just pull over right here, okay? Custom off-road package, slick rims.
Definitely belongs to our appliance thief.
Looks like a SKU sticker.
Could have fallen off one of the stolen appliances.
Let me see that.
Tiny can help us out with this.
Who's Tiny? Works at a hardware store.
Can run the bar code through his scanner.
How do you have so many friends willing to do anything for you? Buddy, we'd be willing to do anything for you.
Let's not get crazy.
Okay, you know what? I'd be willing to do anything for you.
This guy's out of the club.
You guys love to volunteer my services.
All right.
Tiny ran the bar code.
Here we go.
Matches a fridge.
Same make and model as the one stolen.
Mitch is our guy.
Well, should we call the cops? Nah, ribbon cutting's tomorrow morning.
We don't have time to waste.
Look, if the stuff is here, let's just steal it back.
Shammy, you're on the lookout.
Whistle if you see trouble.
You can whistle, right? It's my legs that don't work.
Copy that.
Yo, let's see if there's a garage in the back.
Go, go, go, go, go.
Come out.
Hands up.
Hands up.
Put your hands up.
What the hell you doing here? This is private property.
I'm within my rights to shoot you.
Shoot them, you got to deal with me.
All right, Mitch, listen, we don't want any trouble, we just want the appliances you stole.
I don't know what you're talking about, man.
Come on.
That house is for a vet.
And not just any vet.
His name is Brad, he lost both legs and an arm fighting for our country.
He's supposed to get his new house tomorrow.
Look, if you give the stuff back, we'll go right now.
Nobody will ever have to know.
We won't even call the cops.
Get the hell off my property or I'm gonna call the cops.
Get out of here.
I would expect a fancy high-rise like this to have a bit more information on one of their tenants.
At least we know his name's Rudy Wong.
Magnum, everyone leaves a digital footprint.
It concerns me that he doesn't have one.
Well, maybe you just can't find it.
He's purposefully living under the radar.
And he chose a gas station with no cameras.
This man is a pro.
Maybe HPD knows about him.
What now? What do you know about Rudy Wong? He's a professional fixer.
Suspected in two murders.
But he's smart.
Covers his tracks.
We haven't been able to nab him.
Why? Uh, sorry, we losing you.
He's a fixer.
That's why I couldn't hack his phone or his computer.
It also means he probably killed Libby.
The question is: who hired him? Okay, keep an eye out.
Be careful.
I got the upper hand this time.
Hello again.
Nice place.
I like it.
You're not very smart, are you? I found you, didn't I? I know you killed Libby, you got rid of her phone.
The only thing I don't know is who you did it for.
Shame you never will.
You should've listened and stayed out of this.
Nothing makes me dig deeper than someone telling me to back off.
Higgins, Wong is dead and someone's trying to kill me.
I'm aware.
So you hear the shots? I'm not deaf, Magnum.
You need to get out of there.
That's not an option right now.
I'm gonna try and grab Wong's phone.
Higgins! Leo Cho.
Worked for The Company.
The Hawaiian syndicate? - Thought they were done decades ago.
- They were.
Till they thought it was safe to reengage.
Now they hide behind clean businesses.
You made some pretty bad enemies, Magnum.
Actually, uh, - I was responsible for this body.
- This body? Is there another I should be aware of? Well, funny you should ask.
Rudy Wong is no longer with us.
But that's all him.
Seems you've got this all taken care of.
- You don't need me.
- Well, actually This is Rudy's phone, and I'm pretty sure the last number that was dialed was the guy who hired him.
Who was it? I didn't do anything.
That's not what Rudy Wong says.
- I'm not talking.
- That's your right.
Get your feet off my desk.
- The bank manager talk? - No, but forensics ripped apart the bank's computers.
Looks like The Company was tired of finding creative ways to launder their dirty money.
- So they opened a bank.
- Clever.
And then they hired the bank manager - to keep an eye on things for them.
- Yeah.
Only he got lazy, left tracks.
We got him dead to rights for money laundering.
And my guess is, Libby stumbled onto it and he had to get rid of her before The Company realized he screwed up.
So he sent Wong the fixer to deal with Libby, um, saw Libby fighting with Josh, took advantage of the situation, decided to pin the murder on Josh, trail ends there.
Problem is, with no hard evidence, the bank manager's refusal to talk, and every other witness dead There's no proof.
There are eight hours until Josh's trial.
There's got to be something we can do.
Your next move is to call the Feds and have them shut down the bank, right? Would it be possible to get a meeting with the head of The Company first? What are you thinking? He's thinking the only thing we do have right now is leverage.
All right, well, what do you have? What do you mean, man? No, yeah, I can pay for it myself.
No, no, I appreciate it.
All right.
No joy.
No all right, that's fine.
That's fine, that's fine.
I get it.
I get it.
All right, uh, my buddy owns an appliance store, he says he can get a microwave and one TV by tomorrow.
But not the rest.
So we have no choice.
We have to cancel the ribbon cutting.
I'll let them know.
Yeah, I guess I'll call Brad.
The hell is that? Uh, guys.
I guess the Grinch has a heart after all.
I knew I got through to Mitch.
No, you didn't.
Are we gonna get this done, or what? - All right.
You good with lapping this? - Yeah.
All right, all right.
All right, here we go.
Thank you for agreeing to meet.
Course he agreed to meet; his bank's money's on the line.
I had nothing to do with that girl's death.
Yeah, the same can't be said for Rudy Wong's.
I didn't hire him.
But he was making a mess.
I don't like messes.
Yeah, well, the sniper you hired to clean up that mess almost killed me.
But he didn't.
So what are we doing here, Detective Katsumoto? I'm here to make a deal.
I can call the Fed right now.
They'll shut down the bank, confiscate all $160 million.
Or he can call in 12 hours.
Give me time to move the funds.
I'm not interested in how you spend your time.
And what do you want from me? Look, we just want to save an innocent kid's life.
Do we have a deal? Ready for opening statements? Yes, Your Honor.
Your Honor.
Usually jail is a deterrent.
I have proof of Josh Healy's innocence.
What kind of proof? A witness.
Detective Katsumoto.
Your Honor, this is Libby Conner's boss.
He has new testimony.
I was told he refused to cooperate.
Well, he had a change of heart, Your Honor.
I'll hear it, make a determination.
In closed-door session.
Everyone else, out.
I'm really glad that The Company was able to persuade the bank manager to talk.
Let's just hope his testimony is enough to keep Josh out of jail.
You know, I may have pushed you close to the line in the past, but this time I feel like I might have pushed you over.
You didn't push me.
I made a decision to cross it.
Why? You know, this case everyone did their job right.
And still an innocent kid could go to prison.
The system's not perfect.
No, but it's the best one there is.
Case dismissed.
Oh, thank God.
Oh, my God.
I mean, I don't know what to say.
It was a group effort.
Thank you all so much for saving my son's life.
- Josh, congratulations.
- Thank you so much.
Thank you.
Thank you.
If there's anything I can ever do You know there is, actually.
Maybe go to AA, get yourself some help.
And I know it's a little scary, so I-I'll go with you if you want me to.
First couple times until you're comfortable going by yourself.
Sounds like a plan.
Thank you.
Man, I'm tired.
Yeah, but we got it done.
And the surprise is the best part.
Yeah, I never get tired of seeing the look on their faces.
Brad should be here any minute.
Oh-ho! Look who decided to show up.
Right when all the work is done, thank you very much.
Typical Thomas.
Oh, I was just saving a kid's life, no big deal.
I can actually kind of vouch for that.
There he is.
He's here.
Brad, welcome to your new home.
Are you kidding me? Oh, my gosh.
Are you kidding me? Do you see this? We have a home.
It's amazing.
Hey, buddy, welcome.
Thank you.
Thank you.
So much.
- Thank you.
- You know, a lot of hard work, man, But you're the one who deserves the thanks.
Hope you love it, buddy.
What'd I tell you? Hey.
Next time, trust us, all right? Hell yeah.

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