Magnum P.I. (2018) s02e02 Episode Script

Honor Among Thieves

1 - Hello.
Sharon? - Sorry, do I know you? No, but in a strange chain of events, I-I think I have your cell phone.
That isn't mine.
Are you sure? Because we have I'm sure.
Have a nice day.
Something's off.
Yeah, she couldn't get rid of us fast enough.
- I told you, it's not my phone.
- Yes, we know.
It's just that we're, uh, new to the neighborhood and we were wondering if you knew of any good restaurants nearby.
There's a diner at the end of Pua Road.
Thank you.
There's definitely someone else in there.
Yeah, and they can't like us breathing down their necks.
Which is why we need to do something fast.
Like most people, I'm in a group text with my best buds.
Ours is called "The Ohana Thread.
" It started out with me, Rick, and TC, but over time, Kumu and Higgins joined in.
We usually just text random videos, like kids ranting on Novocaine or a sneezing baby panda.
So when Rick sent us a message asking all of us to meet him this morning, we figured it had to be important.
- Hey, Juliet.
- Hi.
- Thanks.
- Thank you.
How was your flight? Oh, you know, brilliant.
20-hour flight from London to Oahu was just the bee's knees.
Wow, you even sound more British.
Right on time.
Honestly, Magnum, I had to fly through ten time zones to get here and I still arrived before you did.
Hey, you know the lead singer of the band is always the last one to arrive.
Well, well, well, it's The Ohana Thread in the flesh.
Please, follow me.
I got something to show you.
Come on, get in here.
Let me get that for you.
Oh, thanks.
So Is that a question or are you just struggling to find words to follow? How did your big MI6 meeting go? Smashing.
Smashing? Are you being sarcastic? Because I-I can never tell with you.
It was not sarcastic.
See, that sounded sarcastic.
- I honestly don't know the difference.
- Yeah.
Check it out, my friends.
The last original tiki bar on the island.
This place was around before Hawaii was even a state.
And after all these years, the owner is ready to retire.
So what do you guys think? This is kitschy, but why are we here? That, my friend, is the 2 million dollar question quite literally, because the place is up for sale.
Wait, are you Devilishly handsome? Yes, I am.
Thank you for noticing.
And I'm also broke because I put down a deposit to try and buy the place.
No way! So you are the owner of La Mariana now? Not yet.
The deposit was to hold the property.
I still need some financial backing to pull it off.
Hm, good friend needs financial backing? This has Robin Masters' name all over it.
No, no, no, no.
Robin has given me enough.
Well, I could throw you some extra dough.
Magnum, I don't think the bank's going to accept chocolate coins covered in tinfoil.
All I'm saying is that whatever I have is yours.
Me, too.
I mean, I'd have to move a few things around, but No, thank you, guys.
I appreciate it.
It means a lot, but, uh, I'm not looking for any handouts.
In fact, I have a meeting with the bank later today to try and buy the joint.
Just kind of wanted your opinion.
Oh, this is Nicky "The Kid" Demarco.
He comes with the place.
Nicky, these are my buddies.
This is Thomas, Juliet, TC, and Kumu.
Hey, guys.
It's nice to meet you, brother.
Man, you didn't tell me you had a piano man.
- This place is pretty dope.
- It is dope, and I can't wait to return it to its former glory.
It just, uh, just needs a little sprucing up a bit, you know? Yeah, well, does that plan include me? 'Cause I don't know if this old dog could do any new tricks.
Oh, Nicky, come on, you're not old, you're just vintage, baby.
Vintage, I like that.
Well, just gonna sit there, or you gonna tell me about your big hoity-toity meeting? What happened in that meeting, Magnum, is solely my business.
Anyway, I could tell you, but then I would have to You'd have to kill me, is that it? No, then I'd have to listen to you beg me to be your partner as opposed to rejoining MI6.
So you haven't decided yet? Not yet.
They want an answer by the end of next week.
Just so you know, there will be no begging on my part.
That's easy for you to say.
You don't know what they're offering.
I don't care what they're offering.
It doesn't matter.
You can either work with this massive, global intelligence service, or you can stay on the island and work up close and personal with clients.
I mean, don't you want to help good, everyday people? - Magnum, you're begging.
- I'm not begging.
I just want you to understand both offers, that's all.
I am well aware.
Listen, speaking of offers, I am kind of worried about Rick.
Do you know that more than 80% of new pubs and restaurants fail? La Mariana's been around forever.
It's just under new management.
Yes, but if it fails, Rick is without a job and with a huge loan to repay.
I don't know, Rick's always got this funny way of always making things work out.
Who's this guy? Aloha.
Thomas Magnum? Yeah.
And you are? My name is Jin.
Sorry, uh, when I couldn't get ahold of you, I came straight here.
It's very important.
Are you wearing a false mustache? - Yeah.
- Are you in hiding? Ish.
There may or may not be various people looking for me.
Well, it's pretty secluded here.
You can probably drop the disguise.
I'm sorry, why are you wearing a false mustache if you already have a real mustache? Well, this is obviously a fake mustache, and if people are looking for me, they wouldn't be looking for a guy with a real mustache.
Uh, yeah.
Seems logical.
So how can we help you? Okay, so, um, I found a phone this morning and I don't know who it belongs to.
Well, I know that Magnum doesn't look like much, but he tends to deal with slightly more serious cases than lost cell phones.
Ah, yeah, but this, uh, cell phone has a problem, and let me show you.
That's not it.
That's not it.
This is not it.
Okay - So, you "found" this phone? - Yeah.
What about all the other phones and wallets? They're mine.
And what about the pink Gucci necklace? Oh, there's a very funny story behind this, I'm holding this for my sister and she had her quinceañera.
You're a thief.
I prefer "asset redistributor.
" Okay.
Oh, found it.
Listen, I couldn't go to the cops because I tend to dance on the line of morality.
Line of morality? You're a pickpocket.
What makes you think that we won't go to the cops? Duh, P.
-client confidentiality.
That's not a thing.
It is.
Doctors, lawyers, and clergy.
Not P.
A-Are you sure? Huh.
Okay, I snagged a bunch of phones, and before I wiped them, some crazy messages occurred on this phone.
"They're coming for me.
"Get out of the house and get to safety.
If anything happens I love u.
" Something bad is going on here, man.
And whoever's phone this is never got the warning? All right, I want to do the right thing for once.
I need help.
This could be our only chance to help the person that sent that text.
Are you casing the joint? Don't get any ideas, all right? Can't a guy appreciate fine things without being judged? Yes, but just so you know, we have two killer dogs who love to chew on unwanted guests.
Yeah, it's like a roach motel.
You go in, but you're not coming out.
It looks like I have to earn my trust around here.
What if I pay you up front, huh? Nice try.
Why? You don't like money? That's weird.
'Cause the dollar's really strong right now.
Oh, you want Bitcoin.
It's not your wallet.
Sure is.
Okay, let me see.
Patty O'Sullivan.
That's my real name.
I'm half-Irish.
- We're not taking this money.
- In fact, if you want us to help you find out what happened to whoever sent that text, you're going to have to agree to return all of the wallets and all of the phones.
All I have is my sister's necklace now.
And the necklace.
So, the phone that you stole - Borrowed.
- stole belongs to a woman named Sharon Lim.
She's 20 minutes away in Kalihi Valley.
You can drive.
Excuse me? You want me to drive? Yeah, I think we should, you know, take turns.
That's the kind of partner I am.
All right.
I see what you're doing here, and this temporary generosity will have absolutely no bearing on my decision to partner up with you.
All right? Plus, I have the keys.
I don't need your permission to drive.
Oh, snap.
- Shotgun? - Yeah.
I'm tagging along.
Listen, this is all my fault, and I need to make it right.
But you're not riding shotgun.
Don't worry.
Back seat's just as comfy.
I've sat in baby seats way bigger than this.
You sit in baby seats often? Oh, very funny.
Don't worry, Jin, we won't judge you if sitting in baby seats is something you like to do in your spare time.
I meant as a kid.
Hey, you missed the turn.
That was Nohea Road.
I know.
I'm taking Hunakai.
Why? Nohea's faster.
Mmm, Nohea is shorter, but it's winding roads.
Hunakai's faster.
It's not even close.
I could get there faster on Nohea Road on my bike, okay? Right.
Is this your idea of letting me drive? I just sit here behind the wheel and you tell me what to do? It's not exactly being a good partner, is it, Magnum? No, a good partner will always tell you the truth, - like when you're going the wrong way.
- It's the right way.
- Yeah, if you want to get there slower.
- It's objectively faster.
- Objectively? Really? Come on.
- Really! Yes.
- Geez.
Get a room.
- Jin, stay out of this, all right? I'm just saying, all the bickering and all the tension Wait a second, are you guys partners or are you, like, partners? We're partners, all right? Bad idea if you ask me.
I would never split half my money.
Jin, you're a thief.
Uh, how do you figure it's your money? Well, I'll tell you.
No it was a rhetorical question.
I really don't want to know.
It doesn't matter, 'cause you're gonna hear it.
All right? Everything that touches my hand, it becomes mine.
All right? I take the risk, I reap the rewards.
- Okay? I'm the one that prepares - Oh, God.
I plan it, and also Music's all we've got Don't you stop the music Reggae music - Don't you stop the music - Reggae music Just make it play-ay-ay-ay-ay Just make it play-ay-ay-ay-ay-ay Tell them don't you don't stop the music Reggae music Don't you stop the music Reggae We'll be right back.
Stay here.
Can I at least sit up front? - No.
- No.
What? I told you it's not my phone.
Yes, we know.
It's just that we're, uh, new to the neighborhood, and we were wondering if you knew of any good restaurants nearby.
There's a diner at the end of Pua Road.
Thank you.
There's definitely someone else in there.
Yeah, and they can't like us breathing down their necks.
Which is why we need to do something fast.
What the hell is this guy's problem? Get rid of him for good.
Hey, I'm sorry.
This'll be quick.
Did you say Punahou Road or Pua Road? - Pua.
- Pua.
It was Pua, because I thought it was Punahou, and me and my wife were arguing about it, and it turns out that she's actually right.
Everything's going to be all right.
You're safe now.
Do you have any idea what's happening? Listen, we're private investigators.
We may be able to help you.
I don't know, exactly.
I got home from the mall and that guy barged into the house.
I locked myself in the bedroom, but he just kicked down the door.
Do you know who he is? No.
Uh, he just said we were gonna go for a ride.
That's when you showed up.
Well, this might have something to do with it.
My phone? In order to find you, we had to unlock it.
Oh, my God.
Listen, we're gonna figure this out, okay? The text, from Michael.
Who is that? My husband.
Do you have any idea what he's talking about? No.
I have to call him.
No, no uh, well, we've already tried it.
It just goes straight to voice mail.
Is your husband associated with anybody who could be dangerous? My husband's a doctor.
And a good man.
This doesn't make any sense.
I'm gonna try Letty.
- Who's that? - His office manager.
Why not save us some time and tell us who your boss is? I'm the boss.
I find that hard to believe.
Look, whatever is going on, we know you're not the only one involved, and you were about to take our friend Sharon here for a ride.
So? So you were most likely taking her to your boss, which just makes you the meat sack your boss thinks is expendable.
Piss off.
- Charming.
- Okay, thank you.
Letty said the office closed early today.
- Does he do that often? - No.
H-He only closes the office for our anniversary and for his annual medical conference.
It's not like him at all.
And, uh, did Letty say anything else? Michael was seeing patients as usual, and then around 11:30, he suddenly cancelled the rest of his appointments and left.
That was just before those warning texts were sent.
Don't worry.
We, uh, we called in some help, some friends of ours.
Hey, Higgy, you got some shifty-looking dude squeezed in the back of your car like a sardine.
Yeah, he kind of looks like a leprechaun from Notre Dame, except homeless and Asian.
He's with us.
We catch you in the middle of a photo shoot? Oh, no, I'm supposed to meet with the loan officer today at the bank, but, uh, we're here.
What do you need? Let me guess.
We babysit this clown while Mommy and Daddy go out and have all the fun.
Well, if you mean all the danger, then yes.
Lim's husband disappeared and we don't have much time.
We gave KATSUMOTO a call.
He's on his way right now.
Say no more.
Go ahead, do your thing.
Hey, Mag, can you push your seat up a little bit? I can't breathe.
All you had to do was ask.
Oh! Oh, my God.
Thank you so much.
I think my pancreas has slipped back into place.
So, what's the plan? The plan is to go to Dr.
Lim's office and see if we can find any clues as to why he left so abruptly - whilst you stay in the car.
- What? Again? I gave you this case so that I could make things right, not sit in the car like some sort of cute puppy.
You guys are keeping me around just in case you need me, just like my model girlfriend.
- Your what? - Oh, is it so shocking to you that my girlfriend's hot and a model? No, it's just shocking that you have a girlfriend.
That's funny.
Yeah, and I do.
And she's gorgeous.
Okay, "gorgeous," like, on the inside, like, she's got a great personality? You are unbelievable.
Oh, I'm the unbelievable one in this scenario? Jin, it's just a little odd that you would qualify your girlfriend as being a "hot model.
" I am sure that she is lovely and exists.
And I can't wait to meet her.
Uh, yeah, not a chance, because she's on the mainland doing a photo shoot.
- She's on the mainland.
- I see.
And she's doing a photo shoot.
Let's do this.
No, you're staying here.
Yeah, but, dude, I can help.
All right, but I'm sitting up front.
I'm like a chubby teenager jammed into tight jeans back there.
Look at that.
That's interesting.
What do you got there? The-the weather in London is 54 and rainy.
I wonder what Hawaii is.
Magnum, focus.
We have a missing doctor to find.
Oh! Look at that.
80 degrees and sunny.
London, Hawaii, London Magnum, you do realize that this tactic is just another form of begging.
No, it's not, I'm just laying out your potential future living conditions.
That's all.
It appears someone beat us here.
Either that or Dr.
Lim's the messiest doctor on the island.
Jin, stop him! Stop him! Oh, my God.
What the hell? You insane? Where'd you get a gun from? I found it in the glove compartment.
What? What? You have a gun.
Why shouldn't I? What were you doing in the glove compartment? - I just couldn't help myself.
- It was locked, Jin.
If it's unlocked, I don't care.
When I see something I just can't have Look, you can psychoanalyze yourself later.
Right now we have bigger things to worry about.
What the hell were you thinking? No, no, I was just sitting in the car, like you told me, texting my model girlfriend.
Stop talking about the model girlfriend, all right? You shot this man in the leg.
You told me to stop him.
Yeah, he meant get in the way, not shoot him with a gun that you stole.
Put it that way, it does sound like a dumb move.
No, it's a dumb move any way you cut it.
Hold still.
It looks like you're in luck.
The bullet's just gone through and through.
Hold that.
You'll need to get to hospital, but you'll be fine.
You trying to help me or hurt me? Well, it depends on what you were doing here.
What's it to you? Doctor Lim disappeared today.
We're looking for him.
Yeah, I know.
What? How? I used to work here, but I couldn't stay clean.
All right? Dr.
Lim wound up firing me, but he didn't change the locks.
Sometimes I pop up in here and grab some meds and scrips when no one's here.
Oh, that's a new low.
You steal stuff.
Man, get a job.
Wait, I'm nothing like him.
There's an art to what I do.
Okay, look, tell us what you know about Dr.
I was waiting outside the office for the doc and Letty to go to lunch when I saw him get put into an SUV by two haoles.
It seemed weird, but when Letty locked up the office early, I just - Broke in? - Yeah.
Where, exactly, was he put into that SUV? Right next to this building, across from Hula's Liquor.
I just need one name from you.
Oh - Hi, uh, I had an appointment with Mr.
Would you please let him know that I'm going to be running a little bit late? Thanks.
Oh, uh, and please let him know this is not indicative of how I would run a business at all appreciate you.
Oh, uh, one more thing.
Could you not let him know how desperate I was on the phone? Okay.
Hello? You ever hear of "less is more"? He didn't talk.
No, but we ran his prints.
Derrick Baxter, career thug.
Former associate of Vinnie Black.
Wait, the Vinnie Black? That name sounds familiar.
Yeah, he was a mob boss from Boston.
Ran the city until the late '90s.
Oh, yeah, right.
But didn't he get offed by a rival gang or something? Car bomb.
Caused a big power grab in the crime world.
All sorts of heavy hitters tried to fill the void.
So what's a gunman with ties to the East Coast mob want with Dr.
Lim? Not sure yet.
How bad of a first impression you want to make? We gotta bolt.
Thomas said he got a lead earlier, so we'll keep you informed.
That's refreshing.
Hi, can I help you? Hello.
Carl Wang, LP Security.
I just wanted to say congratulations.
Congratulations? For what? Your store was randomly selected to receive a brand-new security system.
Uh, we already got cameras.
You mean those tin cans out there facing the medical facility? What are those, PX-100s? My cell phone has way better resolution.
Well I guess if it's free, sure.
I'm gonna have to see your hard drive.
It's in the back.
Hey, uh your moustache.
Oh I know.
It's a thing of beauty.
Girls want to be around it, guys wish they could grow it.
Everybody wants a piece.
Uh, no, it's falling off.
What? Seriously? Oh, my God, how awkward.
Well, I'm gonna be completely honest with you, then.
I was born with upper lip alopecia, and the last time my moustache fell out, I got really insecure because it didn't grow back as large.
And that's why I wear a fake moustache.
Um, where we at with the Uh, you were gonna show me some credentials.
You know, hacking is basically stealing.
We have to get the footage somehow.
Really, Jin? I'd actually love to hear your take on that.
What I'm saying is when you hack into a liquor store for security footage, there's no difference between that and me stealing a couple of wallets.
Yeah, but she does it to save lives, you do it to ruin lives by taking their hard-earned money.
You know, that's an interesting way to spin that, - but I-I - I'm in.
Okay, this is the CCTV footage from outside the liquor store.
Fast forward to 11:30, just when Dr.
Lim sent the text message to Sharon.
Okay, there's Dr.
Lim, and the thug who tried to grab Sharon.
Who's the guy in the backseat? Older than the others.
Could be the boss.
Yeah, he's definitely our shot caller.
- You guys okay? - Safe and sound.
Sharon's been a trooper.
Trying my best to hang in there.
Hey aren't you that chiropractor who was giving free massages at the mall? Really, Jin? Do you have something to say? Yeah.
Magnum and Higgins wound up with your phone because I stole it.
I'm making up for it.
I'm sorry.
I forgive you.
That's a new kind of feeling for me.
Thank you.
So, have you guys found anything? Uh, we have a lead, but we want you to see if you recognize anyone.
I'm happy to help.
That's Karl, one of Michael's patients.
Patient? Yeah, I help out as a receptionist once in a while, so I've met him a few times.
He has stage-three cancer.
We think he may have something to do with your husband's disappearance.
That doesn't make sense.
Karl was friendly.
Why would my husband be kidnapped by one of his own patients? We don't know.
That's what we're trying to figure out.
In the meantime, stay at Robin's Nest.
You'll be safe there.
Whoa, hold on, man.
I know you're in a rush, but I just want to let you know I'm proud of you.
Proud of you for making the leap.
You got this.
- Oorah.
- Oorah.
See you in a minute.
So you can see I've laid out here my one-year, five-year and ten-year plan.
Now, if you look at the margins from the King Kamehameha Club, you'll see these are very conservative projections.
Oh, you're a veteran.
Yes, I am.
Let's see Oh I know.
You've recently been arrested? I was, and I'm not making excuses for that.
Look, you ask anybody who knows me, and they will vouch for my character.
I'm sure they will, but we're more of a numbers kind of bank, as opposed to a your buddy's gonna vouch for you kind.
And your arrest makes you a high-risk borrower.
Then there's your credit.
Oh, I don't have bad credit.
You don't have any credit.
Listen, I want this really bad.
I'm willing to do what it takes to make it happen.
You tell me.
You tell me, what do I need to do? How'd it go? That bad, huh? Well apparently, serving in J-bad doesn't help build credit.
But he, uh, he thanked me for my service, so there's that.
You remember when you took out Sajid Atwa? He was the sixth most wanted terrorist at the time.
You posted up in the middle of a sandstorm based off of shoddy Intel just for a chance to snipe his ass.
They said it was a waste of time.
They said you were crazy.
Yeah, they were right.
Took me 17 days to get him.
But you saved hundreds of lives, brah.
All right I get it.
I was making a difference, but not building credit.
Yeah, but that's not my point.
See, you're gonna go to another bank, and another bank after that.
And another one, until you get that loan.
'Cause when my boy sets his mind to something, nothing gets in his way.
This is a referral from Dr.
Lim for Karl to see another doctor.
Maybe he wanted a second opinion.
That's not a reason to kidnap someone.
- I found something.
- What do you got? Dr.
Lim's itinerary from a medical convention in Las Vegas.
It seems that he visited the Mob Museum downtown.
I thought we were supposed to be looking into this Karl guy.
Stay with me.
When he got home, he started researching the deceased gangster Vinnie Black.
Rick and TC said the gunman, Baxter, used to work for this guy.
That doesn't sound like a coincidence.
No, it's not.
And here's where it gets really interesting.
Okay, so Dr.
Lim came home and downloaded this age-manipulation app.
It's pretty crude, but take a look at this.
Here's a photo of Karl, and here's what Vinnie Black might look like today.
That's the same guy.
I'm guessing that Vinnie Black faked his demise in order to escape his enemies, and it seems that he's now living low in Hawaii.
So maybe Dr.
Lim saw a picture of Vinnie at the Mob Museum in Vegas, and started to connect the dots.
And confirmed his hunch when he got home.
Oh, my God, this is insane.
A notorious, supposed-to-be-dead gangster is still alive and hiding on this island? And he has Dr.
I got to say, it's really great to be in your good graces again.
First of all, you're not.
Second, who's this? This is Jin.
He found Sharon's phone and had it when the text messages came in.
That's why he came to us.
You look familiar.
Yeah, I just have one of those faces.
You know I'd actually argue you got one of the more distinct faces I've ever seen.
Thank you.
And why didn't you just bring the phone to us? - Uh, d 'Cause we know each other.
- How? - My model girlfriend had a stalker, - Well, he gives me massages and I hired and Magnum, at the mall and I paid him in a case in massages.
This is what I do.
For a living.
At the mall.
Gentlemen, can we please get back to the more pressing matter at hand, namely, that Dr.
Lim has been abducted by a vicious gang lord, who we believed to be dead.
You get anything from Baxter? Nothing.
Clearly, he's still under Vinnie's thumb.
We have to get him to talk.
We find Vinnie Black, we find Dr.
But he's way more scared of Vinnie than any amount of jail time.
And he didn't talk before, so why would he start now? Uh, hold on.
Baxter doesn't know that we know the truth about Vinnie.
- So? - So I have an idea.
What? Look alive, sunshine.
Your lawyer's here.
Thank you, Detective.
I demand all the microphones turned off heretofore.
And subsequently, moving forward.
Of course.
I'm Phillip Chang.
And, uh, Vinnie sent me.
You don't look like a lawyer.
That's precisely what makes me a good one.
I have two words for you: under the radar.
That's three.
Uh Yeah Mr.
Black likes his employees to maintain a low profile, and your incident is not welcome.
Listen, Mr.
Black is waiting for an update.
And his patience is running thin.
- You see where I am right now? - Yeah.
My hands are literally tied.
Not necessarily.
I can't believe that worked.
Even in my blazer, he looks like a hobo.
No offense.
Offense taken.
That's very hurtful.
Oh, come on.
Jin totally looks shady enough to hang with a guy like Vinnie.
That's equally hurtful.
All right, pinging Vinnie's cell.
Hang on.
I had a money clip in the inside pocket.
- Really? - Yeah.
What? I I have no idea.
Jin actually threw it to me as he walked in.
Got him.
A house in O'ku'alau.
HPD, open up! Go.
Stairs right - Clear.
- Clear.
- It's Vinnie Black's cell phone.
- Yeah.
But no sign of him or Dr.
Lim anywhere.
These messages were all recent.
Black was definitely here.
Yeah, his pasta's half eaten.
Yeah, the plate's still warm.
He left in a hurry.
Detective, we found something.
Straight out of Shawshank.
Looks like it heads to the south side of the property.
All right, you two follow the tunnel, I'll head around the property and meet you where it ends.
- Yes, sir.
- You guys, with me.
There you are.
Who are you? I'm just a patient.
You see, I got this rash, and I've been trying to track down Dr.
Lim to take a look at it.
Keep talking and I'll put a hole in you and Dr.
Oh, I don't know.
We have two guns and you only have one.
It doesn't really seem like a fair negotiation, does it? Oh, really? Look behind you.
Another hiding place? What is this, Webster's house? Wait, is that the show where the guy adopts the two kids in the penthouse? No, that's Different Strokes.
A lot of people confuse the two.
It's actually a very different show.
I'm sorry.
She's English.
You know who I am.
So believe me when I say I'm only gonna count down once.
Now drop your weapons or he's dead.
In three So, at exactly what point did you realize that Vinnie was still in the house? Probably the same time as you.
Wait so you realized he was still inside the house and left us there as bait? Considering you were gonna try to take him down yourself, I don't think there's anything wrong with that.
Oh, we knew you'd circle back because you're such a good cop.
Stop kissing my ass.
You're still on thin ice.
Still? I mean, we just saved Dr.
Lim and took down a notorious gangster.
And the HPD appreciates your help, but that doesn't mean all is forgiven.
Gentlemen, could you stop quarreling for one second and appreciate the fruits of your labor? This year's love had better last This year's love had better last 'Cause who's to worry if our Hearts get torn When that hurt Gets thrown Don't you know This life goes on Won't you kiss me I know what you're going to say.
What am I going to say? You're going to say that I wouldn't have moments like this working for MI6.
No, actually, I was gonna say another benefit of living and working in Hawaii is the really low sales tax, but yes, that is another reason not to take their offer.
This year's love had better last.
Baby-O, you I dig Like the most, ooh, really big Love the shape Of your brow Love your ooh, love your Any progress with the banks? Uh, four more applications, four more rejections.
- Nice? - Nice? They snooze, they lose.
Banks just open up a whole new world of opportunity.
TC, what did you mean by that? Well, Island Hoppers hasn't been doing too shabby lately.
And after bringing on Shammy, We've actually been killing it.
I've been looking for a place to park my money.
No, no, no, no.
I told you, I don't want any handouts.
I don't want to give you none.
But the way I see it, I got insider information on you as an investment.
Well, you just don't have much credit is the problem, right? Right.
And the reason you don't have any credit is because you were in Afghanistan; because of your loyalty and character.
The same reason your business is going to succeed.
It's a smart investment, TC.
Oh, I don't know.
You know, doing business with friends, it-it could be really great, but, uh, it could also go very badly.
Any shot at greatness is worth the risk, baby.
May I fly In a plane So what do you say? Partners? Through the sky Writing words Well, I have been, uh, fielding a variety of very lucrative offers lately, but, uh, I suppose since we're so close, I could let you invest.
You're sure? You sure you want to do this? Hey, guys.
Thanks for the invite.
This is my girlfriend, Keo.
Nice to meet everyone.
You're real ly late.
You're-you're really late.
But this is It's so nice to meet you.
Yeah, we caught up in a little traffic, and when I say "traffic", I mean, making out in my car.
You know what I'm saying? - Yeah - Can I talk to you for a second? - Sure.
I just want to say, you know, I know I don't have the best track record, but it was really nice to do something positive for once, and I want to thank you for the chance, Magnum.
Of course, Jin.
You did good.
Really? Can I get a hug? Sure.
Okay, um, Jin.
Give it back.
- Give what back? - My wallet.
I'm sorry.
I just can't help myself.
Yes, you can.
You just don't steal things from people.
It's that simple.
That's like telling a bunny not to hop, or water not to get wet.
It's who I am.
- Jin.
- Hey, guys.
- Why don't you sit down? - Thank you.
Baby-O Ooh baby, ooh baby Baby-O.

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