Magnum P.I. (2018) s02e03 Episode Script

Knight Lasts Forever

1 Well, you can tell by the way I use my walk I'm a woman's man, no time to talk Music loud and women warm I've been kicked around since I was born Now it's all right, it's okay You may look the other way Whether you're a brother or whether you're a mother You're stayin' alive, stayin' alive Feel the city breaking and everybody shaking, people Stayin' alive, stayin' alive Ah, ah, ah, ah Looking good, Kumu.
Just trying to stay alive! Care to join me? I'm beat.
Besides, you'd make me look bad anyway.
- You know it.
- (CHUCKLES) Have fun.
Oh, get low.
NARRATOR: There was barely a whisper when Harold was crowned by the Archbishop of York, though, later, there was quite a scandal when many claimed the ceremony was, in fact, performed - by Stigand, the uncanonically elected - Higgy.
- Archbishop of Canterbury.
- Higgy.
Higgy! Ealdred would go on to advise King Edward Oh, my God.
You're getting water everywhere.
It's just some drops.
- I-I'll wipe it off.
- Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
No, I can handle it.
Why are you in here half-naked anyway? Well, I was taking a shower, and the lights kept flickering on and off like crazy.
Is something wrong with the panel? No, there's nothing wrong.
This little device allows me to remotely switch on and off all the smart lights around the property to conserve energy.
Seems that someone, who shall remain nameless, has been leaving their lights on when they're not around, which is contributing to his sky-high electricity bill.
Plus, it's just not very green.
So switching the lights off when I'm showering is somehow going green? No, no.
That's just me having a little fun.
Can you find some other way to amuse yourself? Well, actually, I've been listening to a really fascinating podcast on the Battle of Hastings.
Battle of Hastings.
I know the Battle of Hastings.
That's when England got their butts kicked by the French, like, a thousand years ago.
And, uh, it was right off the southern coast of Britain, I believe.
Right? Pretty bad home loss for you guys.
I'm just saying.
I'd prefer to call it a temporary setback for Blighty.
You know, not to put any pressure on you, but is there any movement on that whole Thomas Magnum versus MI6 decision? I've told you, I'm still thinking about it.
I'm weighing up my options.
You're leaning towards MI6, aren't you? I'm not leaning either way.
What's with all the tidying up? We have VIPs coming to town, remember? Robin's publisher's son and his fiancée.
They're staying in the guesthouse - for the weekend.
- (SIGHS) Yes.
Forgot about that.
It's all right.
I booked you into the Hilton - Hawaiian Village.
- Oh, you did? That's great.
They have a really nice pool bar over there.
The inconvenience only covers the room and tax.
No incidentals.
So you will be responsible for those expenses.
Although, of course, you'll probably just mooch some beers off your BFF Rick and transport them to the pool.
I know.
You can even get TC to fly some in.
Very funny.
KUMU: Juliet, you must tell Mr.
Masters' guests to find a hotel.
- Why? - I just found a dead owl down by the beach.
Why would our guests change their plans because of a dead bird? Because our pueo is no ordinary bird.
In Hawaiian culture, it's an aumakua, a guardian spirit, one who has watched over and protected this estate for years.
Without that protection, I'm afraid bad things will happen.
Kumu, you don't actually believe in all that superstition and mythology, do you? MAGNUM: Why not? I mean I don't know, take my Tigers cap, for example.
I bought it midway through the 2012 season, wore it for every game and what happened? Tigers won the American League pennant.
So your hat is to thank for that, is it? - Well, you can't say it wasn't.
- Very well.
Then how do you explain all the subsequent failures? A superstition is just a trick of the mind.
Statistically, it doesn't hold up.
Suit yourself.
But don't say I didn't warn you.
Beautiful ocean and that palm trees Sun is always shining, feel that cool breeze Why you in a hurry, no need rush things Just sit back and cruise 'em, what will be will be SHAMMY: So, I diagnosed your problem.
Yeah? What's the issue? You.
For a guy who ran a club, you don't know jack about maintaining a beer tap.
- (CHUCKLES) - You've got yeast buildup in your lines, and the there's not enough air pressure in the system.
Okay, but can you fix it? Shammy the man.
Thank you, sir.
I appreciate you, and I appreciate your service.
Hang on.
Just want to be clear about something.
If I drink this, that is not me accepting this beer as payment for my work here.
No, of course not.
I got cash.
I'm good for it.
Noah, get over here, man.
Dude, it's 4:00.
You're late.
Yeah, I know.
I tried to get here fast as I could.
See, the thing is I don't want to hear any excuses, man.
I gave you a job, didn't I? Now, you need to show up and earn it.
And part of that is showing up on time.
I don't think that's too much to ask.
You're right.
Get to work.
What? You talk to a grown-ass man like that? What? I'm supposed to let the guy off the hook? He's 20 minutes late.
No, but maybe the stress of taking this joint over is getting to you and you just took it out on one of your employees.
All right, maybe you guys have a point.
Look, man, you just got to relax.
Take it from a guy that started his own business.
The early days are the worst.
You're gonna have a lot of sleepless nights.
But it gets a little better.
It's not taking this place over that's got me stressed.
It's the fact that you backed me, man.
I don't want to let you down.
I don't want you to let me down either.
(CHUCKLES) I ain't Robin.
I do not have money to burn.
But I believe in you.
And, look, if this doesn't work out, I'll be a little tight.
But I won't have any regrets.
Thanks, man.
Hey, man.
Let me talk to you for a sec.
(SIGHS) Listen, man.
I'm sorry about before.
I had no right to speak to you that way.
No, it's cool.
You okay? Yeah.
See, the thing is, my car got stolen.
And that was the reason why I was late.
Sorry to hear that, man.
All my clothes and everything was in there, including my Marine uniform.
Wait, you mean to tell me that you're living out of your car? Man, I lost everything.
Well, let me advance you some salary.
- No, it's okay.
- No, no, please.
I-I want this to be more than a place of work, you know? I want the people here to be like family.
One that looks out for each other.
I appreciate it, but I still can't take your money.
All right, look, I-I got a couple buddies at the HPD.
Let me make some calls and see what I can do.
Thank you.
I don't want to work I want to bang on the drum all day I Yes? Higgy.
Hey, I got a great idea.
How would you feel about joining me for the weekend? Uh, separate rooms, of course.
I'm expecting guests, remember? Kumu can watch 'em.
It's fine.
Well, yes, except it isn't Kumu's responsibility, is it? It's mine.
Besides which why on earth would I want to spend the weekend with you? Well, because it'll give me one last chance to convince you to be my partner.
You see, I-I think you like this.
I think you enjoy being courted.
It's some weird connection to you never dating as a teenager.
Oh, I'm sorry we weren't all on the pull like some people.
- "On the pull"? - It's British for messing around with random strangers, constantly.
And, no, I didn't date a lot as a teenager.
But I'll have you know that I did actually entertain one or two rather (SIGHS) fetching callers.
Okay, so you didn't kiss a boy until you were an adult.
That's nothing to be ashamed of.
Is this really how you intend to convince me to be your partner, Magnum? By ridiculing me? That's not a very good strategy.
(PHONE RINGS) Ooh, got to go.
Guests have arrived.
(BEEPS) - (CHUCKLES) - (LAUGHS) Oh, I still can't believe that we actually get to stay at the estate where Robin Masters created the White Knight novels.
Are you a White Knight fan? - Huge fan.
- (CHUCKLES) - That is true.
- (CHUCKLES) I even attempted to write some fan fiction last year.
It was terrible.
(CHUCKLING) - I liked it.
- (CHUCKLES) My dad told me that some of the stuff in the book actually happened.
That the White Knight was based on a real Navy SEAL.
Now, did Masters ever tell you who that was? Well, I'm sorry to say that Robin never shared that secret.
- Aw, come on.
We won't tell anybody.
I'm afraid I don't know.
Find that hard to believe.
Well, be that as it may, it's the truth.
KUMU: Oh, let me clear these for you.
Oh, no, please let us clear.
It's the least we can do.
No, no, no.
Please, you are you are our guests.
Oh, remember to save the bones for the lads.
Actually, where are the lads? Zeus! Apollo! (WHISTLES) That's in the guesthouse.
Did you put them in the guesthouse? No.
(GUN CLICKS) Think you're outgunned there, honey.
I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that neither of you are related to Robin or his publisher in any way.
What gave that away? So, what did you do? Hack into Robin's account and send me an e-mail, pretending to be him? Then I'm assuming you configured his account to reroute any correspondence from me directly to an account under your control.
That's close enough.
One step further, and he's gonna put a hole in Ms.
SAM: Good girl.
Now, where are the controls for the main gate? What do you want? We want your boss's safe.
HIGGINS: Well, I'm sorry to disappoint you.
You've come a very long way for nothing.
Masters doesn't have a safe on this property.
Well, we have a very reliable source that says different.
And according to him, there's a hidden wall safe in the study.
Try to make yourself confortable.
KUMU: Now do you believe me about the aumakua? Kumu, I will never doubt you ever again.
Hey, look who I just saw in the, uh, parking lot.
SHAMMY: Gordy's in the house.
I thought you were laid up at the Hilton.
On my way there now.
I just want to stop and grab a drink real quick.
How about one of those, uh, "friend of the owner" beers? Sorry, pal.
No more freebies here.
(CHUCKLES) Hey, the brother's just trying to run a business.
How's it going, Detective? Katsumoto, thank you for coming.
Well, it sounded pretty urgent.
What's going on? RICK: One of my employees had his car stolen.
You said on the phone that a serious crime had been committed.
Yeah, and it was.
All of his stuff was in that car.
You do know I'm Robbery-Homicide, right? I mean, auto theft's a little beneath my pay grade.
I think you're picking up some bad habits from Magnum, calling on friends for favors.
So you won't help.
Here's an idea.
Why not ask everyone's favorite pet detective to look for the car.
(LAUGHING) Okay, that-that hurt.
- Good.
- RICK: Look, Thomas, he-he's a one-man show.
You, you got, like, a whole police force at your disposal.
- To investigate serious crimes.
I mean, I'm sorry.
A stolen car doesn't fall into that category.
Okay, maybe not.
But Noah, he's a veteran.
He served our country.
He deserves our help.
I'll put an alert out, put some pressure on patrol.
That's the best I can do.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Can I offer you a "friend of the owner" beer? - KATSUMOTO: No, I'm still on duty.
- (CHUCKLES) I'll call you if I hear anything, okay? TC.
- Good seeing you.
- All right.
Uh, you see that? The guy didn't even acknowledge me.
He's not gonna forgive me, is he? Probably no time soon.
How about that "friend of the owner" beer he passed up on? You know what? Break out that wallet you got there, you can have all the beers you want.
All right.
I'm out.
So that's it? No beer.
Got to go.
Surprise, surprise.
I just remembered I left my Tigers cap at home.
Oh, no, forget that.
Let me sell you a La Mariana cap.
It's my lucky cap.
Tigers are playing tomorrow.
We need the win, so I got to be wearing it.
See you guys.
SAM: Oh, yeah.
That's what I'm talking about.
You have the code? What's wrong? I don't know.
(SIGHS) I bet you wish you stayed in London and took that job.
Thought had occurred to me.
Have you decided anything yet? No.
You're really dragging this out, aren't you? I didn't expect to.
I really thought I'd say yes as soon as I got to London.
What stopped you? I began to wonder if the job would mean anything without Richard.
I don't know that it would.
So why are you still considering it? Because perhaps I'm wrong.
Or you're too scared to stay here.
Meaning? There are people here you've gotten close to.
That frightens you.
(FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING) Masters changed the code to the safe, didn't he? The one we had, 695101 it's not working.
I already told you, we don't know anything about any safe.
See, I find that hard to believe.
What's the code? Oh! For God's sakes, we don't know it.
Enough lies.
I want the damn code.
- Please.
- HIGGINS: Listen, she doesn't know the code.
But I do.
(HIGGINS CHOKING) (COUGHING) Well, I have to admit, I'm impressed.
Most people would've given up the code by now.
I'm not most people.
(CHOKING) We can do this all night.
(COUGHING): Even if I give you the code? What are you hoping to find in the safe? This isn't Mr.
Masters' primary residence, which means there won't be anything in there of any value.
Well, if there's nothing of value, then why don't you just give us the code.
And I think we all know there's something valuable in there, don't we? Information.
Specifically, the answer to Sam's question he asked you at dinner.
You want to know the identity of the White Knight.
(GRUNTS) And you think Robin just keeps that secret - here in his safe? - LINA: Well, we know for a fact that he keeps all his research for his novels at this estate, where most of those books were written.
So, somewhere in the notes, transcripts and recordings, you believe there to be the name of the Navy SEAL that the Knight is based on.
Well you're going through a hell of an effort to get that information, which makes you either the most disturbed White Knight fans I've ever met or you want to ask him about something in one of the books.
That's it, isn't it? This must be personal, the amount of effort you're going to.
Actually, we're just the hired help.
Like you.
Just doing it for the money.
All right.
So who hired you? Don't worry about that.
So, you find out the identity of the White Knight.
What then? That's not up to us, but I am certain that it is not gonna end well for him.
(HIGGINS CHOKING) (COUGHING) I'm getting real impatient.
Either you give us that code soon, or I'm-a bring that old lady up here, and I'm-a treat her the exact same way I'm treating you.
And I suspect she won't be as resilient.
You'd be surprised.
(COUGHING) (WHISPERS INDISTINCTLY) What is it? There's a Ferrari in the driveway.
I thought you said Magnum was supposed to be gone this weekend.
I don't control Magnum.
He does what he wants.
He's probably here just He forgot something.
He'll be gone in a few minutes.
Jam the cell phones and then find him.
I think it's time we interrogate Ms.
No, I'm telling you, she doesn't (COUGHS) She doesn't know anything.
She's the curator of the estate.
Why would she know the code? You'd be wasting your time.
Come on.
(GRUNTING) (DOOR CLOSES) (ZIP TIE TIGHTENS) (DOOR OPENS) You didn't have to sacrifice yourself for me.
It wasn't just for you.
Battle strategy, Kumu.
I'm sorry? I had to see what we're dealing with, how many gunmen are upstairs.
I was taking inventory of the situation.
Well, while you were doing that, I-I was racking my brain, trying to figure out who told Sam and Lina about Mr.
Masters' safe.
I was also trying to knock that bottle off off onto the floor.
I figure we could use the broken glass to cut these ties.
Of course, we'd still be locked in here.
Well, hopefully by that time, Magnum will have figured out where we are.
How? Thomas is gone for the weekend.
He's come back for some reason.
The Ferrari's in the driveway.
Is there any way to signal him? Yeah, maybe.
Can you reach my pocket? (GRUNTS) (GRUNTS) You got it? Yeah.
The remote for the lights? - Yeah.
- What are you gonna do with this? (GROANS) I have an idea.
I just hope that Magnum was paying attention at the Naval Academy.
(GROWLING, BARKING) Higgins? (GROWLING, SNARLING) (HIGGINS SIGHS) MAGNUM: Three dots, three dashes, three dots.
That's not Higgins messing with me again.
That's an SOS.
(GUN CLICKS) You better be looking for loose change.
Uh is this 2432 Portlock Road? No.
My bad.
It's the wrong house.
Uh you don't mind if I just jump back in the car and Walk.
Come on.
(GRUNTS) Come on! I'm sorry about what I said earlier.
About you being afraid to get close to people.
- It was out of line.
- No, no, it's all right.
People tend to be brutally honest in situations like this.
Um You're not wrong.
I am frightened.
I know.
After all you've been through it's hard, but if we get out of this, you can't go through the rest of your life like that.
(TAKES DEEP BREATH) (GRUNTING) (GRUNTS) What are you doing? I think I have a way to get us out.
Hold that.
I hope your plan isn't to saw through the lock with that tiny blade.
Not exactly.
This thermometer doesn't use mercury, but gallium.
- (GLASS SHATTERS) - It alloys with most metals.
So when it comes into contact with the lock, it should diffuse into the grain boundaries, weakening the iron to the point where it becomes extremely brittle and will crumble and break.
You never cease to amaze me, Juliet.
(ZIP TIE TIGHTENS) MAGNUM: This fallout shelter was built by the former owners of the estate back in the '60s.
It was supposed to save them from a nuclear winter.
Now I just hope it can save me from Mr.
Gunman out there.
- (ELECTRONIC SQUEALING) - Hello? - (BANGING ON DOOR) - Is anyone out there? Is anybody out there? - WOMAN: Hello? - Hello? - (WOMAN SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY) - Yes! Yes, my name is Thomas Magnum.
I need help (SHOUTS) All right, now let's see what kind of party favors The Rock is carrying.
Brick of C-4.
One detonator.
These should come in pretty handy.
What's your emergency? Listen, get everyone you can over to Robin's Nest! OPERATOR: Sir, hello? Sir, are you all right? Hello? Sir, are you all right? We're gonna need everything you've got.
To Robin's Nest.
Every cop.
- Please leave a message.
- (BEEPS) It's Katsumoto.
Dispatch just put an alert out.
They've got units heading to Robin's Nest.
What the hell's going on? Call me.
You got something? You're not gonna believe this.
The White Knight? It's Thomas Magnum.
The guy who lives in the guesthouse? I guess Masters wanted to make sure his golden goose was comfortable.
We have a problem.
- What is it? - They're gone.
What are you talking about? I checked the cellar.
It's empty.
- They're out.
- SAM: How? Does it matter? Find them and kill them.
But we need Magnum alive.
(AIR HISSING FROM TIRE) Are you sure we should be doing this? We need to disable their means of escape before we can make our advances.
Classic battle strategy.
(AIR HISSING) (DOOR OPENS) Hey! (MAN YELLING) (GUN CLICKS) Thomas Magnum, I presume? Or should I say the White Knight? Get to work.
It's been a rough night.
Don't think I won't shoot.
Put him in the car.
It's immobile.
Tires are slashed.
Then find another car.
(GUNFIRE) Kumu! - Kumu! What?! - They've got Thomas.
They stole your car.
I couldn't stop them.
(PANTING) What are you doing? I'm trying to access live satellite coverage so that I can track the Range Rover.
What the hell happened here? - KUMU: It's a long story.
- HIGGINS: Let's just say we had some rather unruly guests, all armed and well-trained.
Where's Magnum? They've grabbed him and they've taken off in one of Mr.
Masters' cars.
Any idea where they are? I'm trying to access some live satellite footage, but I feel that by the time the sat realigns, they're going to be out the coverage area.
- Evan Butler.
- What? He was Mr.
Masters' research assistant here on the island.
Had a terrible gambling problem.
Got fired because he tried to sell off an early draft of Queen's Gambit for cash.
- That was almost four years ago.
- So? So the code they used for the safe was the same code from four years ago.
I'm remembering it now because Mr.
Masters changed it right after he fired Evan.
So you think this Evan Butler might be Sam and Lina's inside source.
Okay, I'm lost.
Who is this guy, and does he have Magnum? No.
But I think he can help us find him.
Evan Butler, HPD! Come on out.
What's going on? Kumu? What are you doing? You sold the code to Mr.
Masters' safe to a couple of mercenaries, didn't you? - What? - Answer the question.
I-I don't even know what she's talking about.
Be smart, Mr.
I-I need to speak to a lawyer.
A good man who served his country with honor - is going to be killed for doing his job.
- Higgins And that's on you.
How do you communicate with them? Tell us.
- Answer him.
- (MUTTERS) You gonna let her do this?! - (WHIMPERS) - Higgins! - (GUNSHOT) - (WHIMPERS) The next one won't hit the floorboards, okay? Uh, I spoke to them by cell.
It was a-a 719 area code.
The number's in my phone over there.
- Got it.
- This is Detective Katsumoto.
I need a ping on a cell phone right away 719-555-0132.
Turn around.
- (HANDCUFFS TIGHTEN) - Watch him until HPD arrives.
You better pray my friend is still alive.
I understand that the turn is changed.
He'll be here shortly.
Who? The man who hired us.
What does he want with me? We'll leave that for him to explain.
Stay put.
You're not going in there alone.
I'm not gonna argue with you about this.
(CAR DOORS CLOSE) What are you doing here? Kumu called.
You need to leave.
- Where's your backup? - I have SWAT inbound.
What the hell does that mean? That means they're four minutes out.
So you're really gonna wait? What the hell are you guys doing? I just told you, a SWAT team is on its way.
Il, if Thomas is already dead, ey're not gonna be much help.
Hey, you two need to stand down.
Listen, brother, the only way you're gonna stop us is with a bullet.
(QUIETLY): Son of a bitch.
(QUIETLY): Guys, I got no shot.
(QUIETLY): What do you mean? I mean, from where I am, I got no shot.
Then make one, fool.
(YELLS) (GUNSHOTS) (GLASS BREAKING) (YELLS) (GUNFIRE CONTINUES) Bloody hell, Magnum! Is that how you thank someone for saving your life? That man tried to drown me with water from Mr.
Masters' koi pond.
I had some rather unpleasant plans for him.
Uh, worse than a bullet to the head? Stay down! (GRUNTING) (HELICOPTER BLADES WHIRRING) (SIGHS) Ran prints on those four and the ones back at the estate, including the one you left tied up in the bunker.
No hits on any of 'em.
They're ghosts.
And the bunker guy's not talking.
What about Lina's phone? We dumped it.
There's one number in the call history.
Traced it back to a burner.
Belongs to someone named Ivan.
Ivan? That name mean anything to you? - No.
- You're sure? Positive.
Is it possible that "Ivan" is an alias, or a-a code name? Thomas, you need to call Captain Greene.
Yeah, I'm with TC.
Navy Intel might be able to help.
Let's hope so, because unless one of these guys comes back from the dead with info on their employer, or the guy in custody decides to talk, I'm afraid we've got nothing.
Well, that's great.
Got crosshairs on me, and we don't have a single lead.
We'll keep investigating.
Hopefully, we'll get one.
I got an update on that, uh, stolen car.
Yeah? You find it? What was left of it.
It was stripped for parts.
Contents inside are gone, too.
Hey, Katsumoto? Thank you.
RICK: Come on, man.
Seven grand? You can do better than that.
Seven's a fair price.
Come on, brah.
That man served his country.
Don't you have, like, a Veterans Day sale or something? Yeah, Veterans Day is next month.
You can't move it up? Come on.
The guy lost everything he owned.
I might have something.
That's what I want to hear.
- This can't be it.
She ain't much of a looker.
How about $750? List price is, uh, $2,500.
I'll give it to you for 21.
$2,100 for this? (SCOFFS) It's clearly been in an accident, there's oil all over the catalytic converter, it's got a blown head gasket.
My lawn mower's in better shape than this pile of junk.
And the paint what's left of it Okay, all right, hang on.
$1,275, plus, one free chopper tour and one night all you can drink at the new La Mariana.
What do you say? I'll go fetch the keys.
(LAUGHS) He would've did it without the free chopper ride.
Oh, come on.
I give away something, you give away something.
That's how we work.
- Man, thank you.
- You bet, man.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
- Thank you.
- Yes, sir.
Hey, Higgy.
Oh, uh, FYI, your dogs tore up some of my stuff when we were trapped in here the other day.
- Mm.
- Might I come in? Yes.
I see they spared your lucky hat.
Told you, this thing has good mojo.
You want a beer? Sure.
Just got off the phone with Robin.
Yeah, I spoke to him earlier.
He seemed to take it all in his stride.
Yeah, he said it actually might make for a good book someday.
White Knight: Under Siege.
Jolly good.
I'm glad Robin will be able to monetize our near-death experience.
Eh, I'm used to it.
So, there's something that I've been wondering.
How did you know to set the trip wire on the beach? I how did you know I would even go there? You didn't know that we'd escaped.
True, but I know how smart you are, and my gut was telling me that you'd find a way.
But how did you know that I would run to the beach? Well, that's easy.
The Battle of Hastings.
What? You were listening to it yesterday, remember? If it taught us anything, it's that, when dealing with an adversary, you always lead them to water in full retreat.
That way, they think they have the upper hand, and they will never know the trap you laid for them.
Yes, but I didn't lay the trap.
You did.
True, but it's still a great place for an ambush.
There's low light, lots of places to hide.
Plus, I know how you think, and I knew you'd go for it.
Next you're going to tell me that this is This is why we should be partners.
You see that? We can even finish each other's sentences.
There is one point which I do agree with you on.
Despite our frequent mutual contempt, I do think that we complement each other rather well.
As illustrated by last night's siege.
Why are you looking at me like that? Because you're basically making my case for me.
This is why we need to be partners.
I saved your life, you saved mine.
You're like the left brain to my right.
You know, sometimes I think it's rather presumptuous, you saying you have a brain.
You said it yourself.
We complement each other.
We need each other to get the job done.
Like Brady needed a-a lineman.
Or Freddie Mercury needed his Brian May.
Are you saying that I complete you? Professionally, yes.
Well, then you might be glad to know that after much deliberation, I have decided to accept your offer.
Really? Yes.
I will be your partner.
(CHUCKLES) Uh, that is amazing.
I'm genuinely surprised.
S-So what did it? What did I say? Well, although you cited several excellent reasons I mean, the weather, the chance for me to continue to use my skills to help those who need it the most honestly, it wasn't anything that you said or did.
I just decided that I didn't want to go back to London because I found something here that I don't want to lose.
But if I am to remain in Hawaii, continue solving all of your cases for you, then I think it's only fair that I should receive some kind of compensation.
And let me just be clear, that I will not be prepared to accept, under any circumstances, chickens, pigs, boars, barbecues or anything else that isn't considered legal tender.
(CHUCKLES) Fair enough partner.

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