Magnum P.I. (2018) s02e11 Episode Script

Day I Met the Devil

1 MAGNUM: As a service member, you can't help but feel awed by the USS Arizona Memorial, a symbol of American heroes who've made the ultimate sacrifice in service of their country.
Few of us will ever match their legacy.
We can only hope to live up to it.
So, when you're activated for reserve duty, you are honored for the chance to do that.
- Morning, Wingard.
- Lieutenant.
How's the surfing going? Not too bad.
I just caught an eight-second barrel out at Pipeline the other day.
Eight seconds.
It's a nice set of wheels you got here.
Where'd you, uh, steal her from? (LAUGHS): Hold on.
What makes you think she isn't mine? (LAUGHS) Ah, well Good one, Lieutenant.
(KNOCK ON DOOR) - Come in.
- (DOOR OPENS) Captain Greene.
- Lieutenant Magnum.
- Take a seat, Magnum.
Got to say, I'm a little surprised.
(CHUCKLES): Last time we, uh, sat down, it was a little tense, - so I just want to say - You're being activated for a special operation.
Need you to snatch and grab Marwan Hayek.
- He's resurfaced again, huh? - We got HUMIN that says he might be holed up in the Triple Frontier.
Now, in case your geography's rusty That's the no-man's-land between Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina.
One of the most lawless areas on the planet.
I suppose if I was a fugitive arms dealer, it wouldn't be a bad place to hide.
Apparently, Hayek's still dealing weapons.
Let me guess.
You want me to go down there under the guise of purchasing weapons and snatch Hayek? Using your old cover as an arms broker.
Infiltrate him just like you did in Afghanistan.
Hopefully, this time, he won't slip away.
- I'm gonna need a team.
- You got one.
CIA case officer from Ground Branch and a DIA weapons analyst to help sell your approach.
That sounds great, but I was thinking Rick and TC could be Out of the question.
Sir, we've done ops like this before.
I don't know who these guys are.
I don't I can't, I can't trust Magnum, the answer is no.
Everything's already in motion.
Understood? Understood, sir.
Magnum, this op's top secret, waived and unacknowledged.
No backup.
And if it's blown, we'll deny it.
So if you're caught I know.
I'm on my own.
Upbeat, feel good I'm upbeat - (LAUGHTER) - (HIGGINS SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY) - (WHOOPS) - Ah! Fail.
KUMU: Oh, well.
So, what's the assignment, TM? You know I can't talk about it.
Oh, that means it's either really secret or really embarrassing.
Yeah, and he's not on Greene's good side, so I got a feeling he might be peeling a whole lot of potatoes on somebody's battleship.
Oh, it's definitely not that.
It's not dangerous, is it? No, it's just navy protocol.
We can't talk about it, that's all.
- It's not a big deal.
- KUMU: Well, just as long as you're safe.
I'm fine.
- Can I talk to you? - Mm-hmm.
Out of sight and out of mind - RICK: Come on, Kumu.
- See if you can do any better.
- So, about our open cases - Yeah.
We still owe Ms.
Davis an update on the background check.
We also need to look into the missing money from Mr.
Cho's checking account.
The bank's not helping out with that.
Okay, but as far as I recall, you said you were gonna take that one.
How long are you planning on being away? It's just if I can't get to it soon.
Something tells me that this reserve duty assignment is a far bigger deal than you're letting on.
No, it's not.
Trust me.
TILL: Gracias.
Five-dollar whiskey.
Wish me luck.
Tastes like toilet water.
You'd think with all the drugs, kidnappings, and whatever else they got going on around here, they'd have a better single malt.
Beats the wine in Kandahar.
Ain't exactly Napa, right, Till? I'm guessing you spent time in Afghanistan.
Fair share.
You had to have known Rodgers.
He's another Agency guy who was stationed out there for a while.
We actually had a couple ops together.
He's a good dude.
Look, we here to reminisce about Afghanistan, or can we actually get down to the plan? Okay.
So, I got word to Hayek through channels that I'm looking to make an arms purchase for a client, and he got back to us, saying he's open - to make a deal.
- (COUGHING) Sorry.
As far as Hayek's concerned, Mr.
Till and I are part of your team? Yeah, he finds the clients for my business, and you are the one who is the weapons expert who inspects those weapons on behalf of the clients.
Hayek will send last-minute instructions on where to meet.
Sounds very security-conscious.
MAGNUM: That's how he's managed to stay on the run for all these years.
But once we get this location, we'll case the joint quickly and then figure out the best way to snatch him up and get him to the extraction point.
Got a plane waiting for us here.
It's a remote airstrip.
Very secure.
- Curtis.
Doing okay, buddy? - Yeah.
I'm sorry.
I just haven't been undercover in a while.
I mean, I've been on lots of missions.
Just, you know, not recently.
(CHUCKLES) (SIGHS) Geez, it's hot.
- Are you hot? - Are you kidding me? Curtis is gonna get us killed.
Look, you're a real-life weapons expert.
All right? Just be yourself.
Everything will be fine.
(PHONE RINGS) Oh, gosh.
Hayek's men are out front.
Right now? Yeah.
Been a while.
Get in.
And put these on.
Hayek said he was sending us an address.
Well, change of plans.
You guys know who I am.
A-Are those things really necessary? They are if you want to meet the boss.
This wasn't wasn't the plan.
I have a fear of enclosed spaces.
- I - Is there a problem here? Uh, no, not at all.
He's-he's a weapons analyst.
Doesn't get out much.
But he will be fine, trust me.
You're gonna be fine.
I'm also gonna need your phones.
(CURTIS WHEEZES) Can, uh, we get those back aft? Guess not.
Now get in, boys.
MAGNUM: I'll take a, uh, medium unless you got half sizes.
No? All right.
SEFU: Let's go.
Get in.
(ENGINE STARTS) I did what you asked.
Now I want my son.
Where is he? - David.
Are you okay? - Come on, let's go.
- They didn't hurt you, did they? - No.
What's going on? Don't worry about it.
It's all over now.
Just come to me.
Come on.
Run, David, run! DAVID: Dad! (PANTING) (GRUNTS) I'm three minutes out.
Have a trauma team stand by.
MAN: Copy that.
We'll be ready for you.
Hang in there, David.
(ELEVATOR BELL CHIMES) KATSUMOTO: You know what this is about? TC wouldn't say.
Just that it's some kind of emergency involving Magnum's former commanding officer.
Excuse me, Captain.
(CRYING) This is Juliet Higgins.
Detective Gordon Katsumoto.
What's happened? The captain lost his son.
I'm so very sorry for your loss.
Is there anything that we can do? Can we talk somewhere in private? Of course.
A few days ago, my son was abducted by two men.
They promised they'd release him if I sent Magnum on a suicide mission in the Triple Frontier.
But they never intended to keep their word.
Instead, I was lured into a trap.
I shot both of them dead.
But my son David got hit in the cross fire.
On my way here, I tried calling Magnum to warn him, but he never picked up.
Which means that Magnum could already be in danger.
You son of a bitch! How could you do that to Thomas? That man served under you.
They had my boy.
KATSUMOTO: These guys who took your son - who were they? - I don't know.
I only know that they worked on behalf of a man called Ivan.
The dude responsible for the raid on Robin's Nest a few months back? He wanted to know the identity of the Navy SEAL that the White Knight novels were based on and-and details from operations mentioned in the novels.
You have any idea who he is? No one does.
Ivan's been on the intel community's radar for years, but no one's ever even seen his face he's a ghost.
Operates in the shadows.
Why'd he want Thomas for this mission? They never said.
I'll look into the men who abducted your son.
Okay? See if we can get any leads.
If Thomas pulls off this op, then what? I mean, given the trap that Ivan's boys laid for the captain, it doesn't seem like he's a fan of loose ends.
Which means that as soon as Magnum has completed this mission it's very likely that Ivan will have him killed.
Follow me.
Hayek's waiting inside.
We still have a mission to complete.
With no guns, no plan, and no idea where we are.
We'll improvise.
Grab Hayek when we can and get him to the airstrip.
CURTIS: How? There are guards everywhere.
Yeah, I know.
I saw two guys at the front gate.
I see at least three guys walking the perimeter.
I'm sure Sefu and his guys never leave Hayek's side.
Just got to figure out a way to separate them from him.
If we can grab Hayek, how do we escape? I mean, they got eyes on everything.
Wait right here.
The guards and cameras have pretty much every area covered, except for that area over there.
The SUV in the carport's gonna be our best bet for a ride out of here, if we hotwire that car fast enough.
Assuming we can even get to it.
Hayek's got to have a lot more around this place than just security guards.
Like a whole lot of security sensors.
MAGNUM: We'll figure it out.
If Hayek's the control freak that I know him to be, his security system probably runs to a computer in his office.
Just got to find a way to get in there and hack into it.
Oh, is that all? Showtime, boys.
Let's go.
SEFU: Take a seat.
(FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING) Hayek, where's the hug? Where's the love? Our last deal in Kabul didn't go exactly as planned.
MAGNUM: What are you talking about? I bought a truckload of surface-to-air missiles.
You got paid.
And the Afghan military officials that pilfered them from the armory on our behalf were arrested.
You wouldn't happen to know anything about that, would you? They went after me, too, all right? Somebody ratted me out.
I had to go into hiding, get a whole new team.
And, conveniently, here you are.
With an answer for everything.
How did you two meet? In Kandahar, drinking crappy homemade wine, while I was working for the CIA.
Ah (CHITTERING) Brave man.
Confessing he's CIA.
Former CIA.
Threw away years of my life for a country that never gave a rat's ass about me or what I did for it.
So, when I got a chance to make some real money, I took it.
Now, I could go on talking about myself, but unless you want to date me, all you need to know is that I bring in clients who want to buy weapons.
Lots of them.
And you? (STAMMERS) I m-met Yeah, clearly, public speaking is not his thing.
Or maybe there's other reasons for him to be nervous.
Y-You know what, Hayek? You got us.
We're here on a snatch-and-grab mission so important to the United States government that they put an untrained weapons specialist on it.
Go ahead, tell him, Curtis.
Tell him who we are.
Just tell him we're spies.
It's okay, go ahead.
We are.
He's right, I'm sorry.
Don't kill us.
(LAUGHING) Can we talk business? What are you looking for? Predator attack drones.
Lucky for you, I have several.
I can provide one for you to look at tomorrow.
Guess we'll head back to the hotel, come back in the morning.
Oh, that's a long drive.
You can spend the night here.
I insist.
Sounds good.
Thank you so much.
Just let me know if you hear anything.
Someone you worked with at MI6? Yeah, he does security work for companies operating in the Triple Frontier.
He put the word out for Magnum, but no one's seen him.
Yeah, yeah, I'll tell Icepick that you said hi.
Thanks, got to go.
None of Ice's contacts down there have anything on Thomas.
None of the vets we know in the area have any leads.
Okay, that was Katsumoto.
The two men that Greene killed, they were hired guns.
They both received wire payments from an untraceable offshore account.
And let me guess, all the calls that Ivan made were from burner phones? Afraid so it's impossible to trace.
He's been careful to cover his tracks.
That coffee's cold.
I'll throw on a fresh pot.
- Thanks, Kumu.
- Thanks.
Look, this thing with the phones isn't working.
All right, we need boots on the ground.
We got to fly down there ourselves and find Thomas.
Yeah, we could beat some bushes.
It might be our best chance of finding Magnum.
Okay, I'll organize transpo.
Robin's got the private jet - we can use.
- Let's do it.
We're gonna have to get into Hayek's security system tonight.
And how do you propose we do that? Curtis.
I'm not sure he's gonna be much help.
He's gonna have to be.
Look, we need somebody with electrical engineering knowhow that can access the security system that I'm hoping is in Hayek's office.
Look, it's not gonna be as easy as picking a lock.
Once we're inside, we'll have access to everything that system controls.
TILL: You got this, Curtis? (SIGHS) (CLEARS THROAT) I can, I can do it.
(CLEARS THROAT) There you go.
(DOOR OPENS) (DOOR CLOSES) You okay? Yeah.
I just got a thing about getting shot.
Tell me about it.
Is this it? Wait, wait, wait, wait.
What is it? Magnetic security sensor.
How do we get past it? (CLICKS TONGUE) As long as both magnets stay in contact the alarm won't trigger.
Give me a hand.
Nice work.
This computer's probably encrypted with high-level security software.
It's gonna take me a minute.
Wait, h-hold on.
I know this is your thing, but just give me a second, I want to try something.
What? It's the same password the last time I infiltrated Hayek's organization.
Remind me to thank that lazy bastard.
Hey, guards are patrolling this floor.
How much longer? Almost there I'm just setting a time for the security system to shut down in the morning.
Everything okay? I had no idea Hayek was such a Shakira fan.
You know, it it kind of reminds me of the last time Rodgers and I infiltrated this Taliban cell.
We raided their stash, and all we found was a bunch of pirated Neil Diamond CDs.
I'm sure you heard about that in the Agency, right? Yeah, word got around.
Are you done yet? The guards are heading downstairs.
Yeah, I'm almost done.
Let's go.
We appreciate your offer to help.
Realize this could cost you your job.
- Can't worry about that right now.
- Have you thought about how this is gonna play with the brass if they find out that you used sick days to go on a possibly illegal, possibly treaty-violating, and most definitely covert operation? Frankly, I don't give a damn how it plays with the brass.
You normally do.
You're right, but we have a friend who might die if we don't do something.
Friend? Don't tell him I said that.
(CAR HORN HONKS) You guys expecting somebody else? No.
Is that? (CAR DOOR OPENS) - (CAR DOOR CLOSES) - Thanks.
You got room on that bird for one more? Shammy, no.
Look, you have no idea how dangerous this might get.
Thanks, but I think I do.
And every mission always needs logistical support.
Plus, I've always wanted to fly private, even if it might be to my own death.
Maybe all of our deaths.
All right? This is the Triple Frontier.
No permission, no jurisdiction.
And you've got a kid.
I understand the risk.
Yeah, same here.
Well, I suppose we could stand here all evening, arguing about whether it's worth risking our lives to save Magnum.
We all know the answer.
So, everyone free to board.
(CHICKENS CLUCKING) Okay, this is the last place that Magnum's phone was pinged.
Why did he turn it off? Perhaps someone else did the honors for him, and that someone else took him elsewhere.
He may have seen something.
Yeah, I saw him.
He and two other guys took off with some bad dudes.
Yeah, you speak English.
Been watching American TV my whole life.
Murder, She Wrote; Dukes of Hazzard.
"You dipstick!" Love that one.
God bless '80s television, huh? RICK: So you think a spy satellite picked up the SUV that Thomas drove away in? I'd be surprised if one didn't.
And you get access to these satellites through MI6? Not officially.
SHAMMY: So you're, like, hacking into their system? Can we not talk about how illegal this is? - (BEEPS) - Okay, I have an image.
RICK: And there's our boy.
Okay, I'm gonna fast-forward it to see where they took him.
Okay, it appears to be nothing but a single-lane unpaved road until we get to this compound about 180 kilometers north of here.
Must be where Hayek is holed up.
Which means Magnum may be well on his way to completing the mission.
It could take hours to drive there.
- By which time it might be too late.
- RICK: Well, I might know someone that could get us there in a fraction of the time.
Come on.
Down here? You know a guy? Shammy, it's me.
Well, this ought to do the trick, right? Dude, it's a drug-smuggling bird.
Disguised as a medical relief chopper, which, I have to admit, - is pretty clever.
- (LAUGHING): Yeah.
Rick, who exactly are we borrowing this from? You know what? It's probably better you don't ask.
For the record, I was never here.
Guys, we are in the Triple Frontier.
Okay? You can't just go to a rent-a-helo down here.
Okay, now if anybody has a better idea where to find a chopper, speak up.
That's what I thought.
Now, my guy also threw in a couple of guns.
Who wants a rifle? Huh? I got an AK for you, and I got an AK for you.
And I got an AK for you, Sham.
- Oh, yeah.
- There you go.
Who wants to party? Your analyst might not be much of a talker, but he's a damn good pilot.
(WHIRRING DOWN) Hardware checks out.
Shall we discuss terms? I'd be happy to in private.
Private? It's the middle of the jungle.
Perfect place to hide a directional microphone and eavesdrop on us.
- You're serious? - Yeah.
You forget what happened in Afghanistan? You never know who's watching or listening.
Can't afford to take that risk.
Let's talk in my office.
That's secure.
- Great flying.
- Thanks.
Must have spent a lot of time at Holloman, huh? Air Force Base.
Drone training? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Sorry, I spaced for a second.
Must still be in flight mode.
Don't worry about it.
The only thing I remember about Holloman was, uh, Sally's Cheesesteaks.
Great food, terrible service.
Am I right? (CHUCKLING): Yeah, pretty awful.
Don't know why I'm so nervous still.
Don't worry about it.
You're doing great.
We're almost done.
Hey, Hayek? Anybody ever tell you that, uh, you have impeccable taste? Many, usually right before they ask me for a discount in price, but I'm sure you would never play me like that.
Me? Come on, man.
(GRUNTING) (GROANING) Yell and you die.
Find something to gag him with.
(MUFFLED YELLING) (GARBLED RADIO TRANSMISSION) They heard you bust that window.
They're coming.
I'm almost there.
Just keep an eye out, both of you.
(ENGINE NOT TURNING OVER) (ENGINE STARTS) Son of a bitch! (ENGINE REVVING) (MUFFLED): What are you doing? What are you doing?! I was supposed to snatch you up, along with two other guys who aren't who they say they are, kind of like you.
- What are you talking about? - I know you're an informant for the U.
I saw the e-mails.
Who put you up to this? I don't know.
Probably the same guys you're ratting out to the Feds.
Come on.
Our gas tank's shredded.
So what now? We're gonna have to move on foot.
And fast.
They're gonna be hunting us.
Come on.
MAGNUM: Those aren't my men.
Where'd their backup come from? Till probably called 'em in to attack your compound.
So they can probably guess where we're headed.
Where's the next closest town? It's in the other direction, and it's twice as far.
Got to get moving, come on.
I guess someone forgot to unload this one.
- You think we should toss it? - What, are you crazy?! They'll throw you out of the helicopter for that! Okay, relax.
I'll put it back.
Just stow it somewhere safe.
We're approaching the compound.
High-caliber rounds.
Looks like they were overwhelmed with firepower.
Whoever did this was not messing around.
Anything? No sign of Magnum, but Rick found a few more bodies.
HIGGINS: Well, this is interesting.
- You got something? - Hmm.
Tire tracks, petrol on the ground.
Someone left in a hurry with a leaky tank.
Probably the result of gunfire.
They tried really hard to stop whoever it was.
You thinking Magnum? Something tells me he got away, and now he's somewhere out there.
I just realized I have no idea who you are or why you're doing this.
You could've just left me behind, and you didn't.
Why? It wasn't the mission, that's why.
You say you were set up.
There's no more mission.
I'm not in the habit of leaving people behind.
You must be a soldier.
I was a sailor.
And now? (SHUSHES) What? - (WHIRRING) - You hear that? It's a drone.
Get under the trees! (CHIRPING) (HOOTING) Got him! (GUN CLICKS) - Where's Hayek? - I lost him.
Tends to happen when you're running for your life.
You want to play games? Why not? That's what you've been doing for whoever you're working for.
He works for me.
You can call me Ivan.
You're the one who sent the mercs to Robin's Nest.
- Why? - I needed you for the mission.
You're the only man alive who could ever get close to Hayek.
The only one who could get me access.
That's why you wanted the identity of the White Knight.
One of the books is how I infiltrated Hayek in Afghanistan.
I couldn't have pulled it off without you.
(CHUCKLES) Well, I'm glad I could be of help.
No, no, you exceeded expectations.
Even figured us out.
And I can't say I'm surprised, you being a detective and all.
Tell me how you did it.
Well, once I found out Hayek was playing for Team USA, I figured you guys probably weren't.
I mean, why would we go after one of own informants? So you tested our cover stories.
There was no Neil Diamond fiasco, was there? No.
I suppose there's no Sally's Cheesesteaks either? No, but there is a Charley's Cheesesteaks, and the food and service are actually pretty great.
You got to try the craft beers.
I'll check it out sometime.
What's your beef with Hayek? And don't tell me you can't say, because I've told you pretty much everything.
Just wouldn't be fair.
I need to know what he told the FBI 'cause it could compromise a significant part of my operations.
Go on.
I'll leave it at that for now.
But I do admire your attempt to stall.
So, where's Hayek? Look, I don't know.
He probably died in the blast.
No, he didn't.
I made sure that blast wasn't a direct hit because I need him alive.
Now, I'm guessing you hid him somewhere here.
So why don't you tell us where he is, save yourself a lot of pain.
One of your mercs tortured my friend and scared the hell out of another one.
I'm not gonna help you.
Yes, you will.
In fact, he'll hurt you to the point where you're begging me to kill you.
He's all yours.
(BLOWS LANDING) (GRUNTS) (GRUNTS, PANTS) I admire your fight.
- I really do.
- (PANTING) I'm gonna give you one last chance before we take this to the "losing fingers one by one" stage.
Now, where is he? Please, don't hit me anymore.
(EXHALES) I'll tell you what you want to know.
I'm pretty sure I saw a foot by that tree.
And there's an arm over there by the creek.
(CHUCKLES) Wipe that smile off his face.
Oh, come on, man.
(GRUNTS) (PANTING) I thought you were done with the punching part.
As you wish.
Time to get real.
(HELICOPTER BLADES WHIRRING) You think he called for help? Without comms, how could he? (GRUNTING) Get him! (GRUNTS) What the hell are you doing here? Saving your ass.
You're welcome.
(GRUNTS) Higgins! - (GUNSHOT) - (GRUNTS) You, too? As much as I don't like you, Magnum, it was my duty to help.
How the hell did you find me? Predator blast alerted us to your location.
And Gordon and I came to find you on foot.
The others are with the helo, occupying Ivan's men.
Helo? It's a loaner.
Even down here, Rick knows a guy.
We can't leave without Hayek.
He's a government asset.
We got to take him with us.
Lead the way.
Come on.
TC, they're trying to flank us on the north side.
We got this, brother.
(GRUNTS) Shammy, you got five trying to take the chopper! (SHOUTS) (SHOUTS) (GRUNTS) Come on.
Let's go.
Is that Ivan? MAGNUM: Yeah.
HIGGINS: What's that in the van? It's the drone.
Get away from the chopper! Shammy! Come on.
(GRUNTS) Shammy, you gotta move! (GRUNTING) (FLAMES CRACKLING) You guys okay? I think so.
RICK: Oh, no.
This is bad.
This is very, very, very bad! Whose chopper is that? Oh, no one.
Just a vicious, powerful drug lord that probably won't care that we destroyed that chopper.
I got to go into hiding.
TC, the bar is yours.
No, it's not.
You're good.
You told me to stow this away someplace safe.
So I did.
Returning this brick is the only way he's ever getting over the loss of that chopper.
You're like a real-life drug mule.
You know what, don't worry about it, TC.
Shammy, I could kiss you right now.
Tempting but I'm gonna pass.
(DOOR OPENS) (DOOR CLOSES) I assume they debriefed you, sir.
They did.
I told 'em everything.
Then I resigned my commission.
I am truly sorry for what I did to you, Magnum.
I understand why you did it, sir.
I don't know if you know this, but your son was one of the first people that I led into battle.
He didn't disappoint.
He was a good man and a good soldier.
I'm sorry for your loss, sir.
Thank you.
For what it's worth, you make me and our country very proud.
I appreciate that.
I'll see you, Magnum.
(EXHALES) (BOTTLE OPENS) (CAP CLINKS) Oh, looks like you're forgetting who got the helo.
Oh, and looks like you're forgetting who flew.
(LAUGHTER) - Copy that.
- Guys, look, I'm appreciative of both of you, okay? Equally.
- Cheers.
It's feeling like my life Is finally mine - Hey, guys.
It's Juan.
- Juan.
Hola, guys.
Hey, Katsumoto.
How's it going, Juan? Thanks so much for the DVDs.
Walker, Texas Ranger might be my favorite show of all time.
- (CHUCKLING) - I'm glad.
Figured it was time you worked your way into the '90s.
I know that face.
What's wrong? Ivan went through a hell of a lot of trouble to get to Hayek.
First he had to figure out who the White Knight was.
Then he had to get me to the Triple Frontier.
And at the end of the day, he didn't get to Hayek.
Something tells me that this isn't over.
Ivan's got something bigger planned, and we have no idea when he's gonna strike next.

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