Magnum P.I. (2018) s02e12 Episode Script

Desperate Measures

1 Previously onHawaii Five-O MAGNUM: The men you're looking for just slipped into the adjoining room.
Who is this? Trust me, they're in there.
- You let them get away? - Who are you? I'm the guy on the phone.
You guys are our only witnesses.
We're working together.
QUINN: Somehow, your client's husband got his hands on the NOC list.
If those names are made public, it would be a huge blow for American counterintelligence.
I got the NOC list.
MAGNUM: Well, I think we've gotten in your way enough for one day.
I was just about to, uh, return this list of names to the CIA, make sure they don't fall in the wrong hands again.
Hey, T, what's up? I was wondering if you wanted to get a drink tonight.
Yeah, I would love that.
MAGNUM: Man, I'm beat.
Want a beer? Yeah, I'd love one, actually.
It's been a crazy 36 hours.
Indeed it has.
I mean, who would've thought that a run-of-the-mill stakeout to find a cheating husband would escalate into a full-blown espionage case? I had no idea.
How about that McGarrett guy? He's something, eh? Why? Because he runs a task force? That just means he needs help doing his job.
Yeah, well, he's got that cool clubhouse and all those nifty toys.
He's also a classic Type A.
- Very reckless.
- Well, you can't argue with those results, though, Magnum.
You know, I got his number if you want to give him a call.
He might be hiring.
Don't be childish.
It's not a competition.
Then why are you trying to make it one? 'Cause, Peter Pan, I'm just pointing out what's obvious to me.
What is that supposed to mean? Well, I mean, you and McGarrett are pretty similar in some ways.
You're both equally reckless.
You're both good at getting the job done.
Small difference is that he's a fully-functioning adult, whilst you still have a little growing up to do.
Why, because I don't punch a clock? Sorry, but that's not who I am.
I didn't move to this island to work a nine-to-five.
Yeah, I mean, why go into an office every day when you can just mooch off Robin Masters for the rest of your life, sharing your P.
workload with me? You know what? McGarrett should actually be jealous of you.
You've managed to hack adult life whilst also managing to shirk responsibility entirely.
Good night, Magnum.
Give me your phone.
- Where are the rest? - There's no "rest.
" I knew they got McGarrett, but Danny and Grover, too? It's just us.
What's the plan? We get help.
What's the matter, big guy? What do you mean? I mean, you look like a scared kid on his first day of preschool.
Yeah, what happened? You suddenly become afraid of the water? No, my brother, I am not.
But I am afraid of sharks, and there's been a few sightings lately.
Oh, come on.
Why'd you come? Peer pressure.
You know, Hawaiians have revered sharks for generations.
They're known as aumakua, ancestors reincarnated as animals sent here to protect family members.
That would make me feel better if I had any ancestors here.
But I do not.
So if those aumakua feel like they want a snickety-snack, guess who's gonna have a shark's tooth in his ass.
Me! No, you're all muscle, man.
You're too chewy.
Now, Rick, on the other hand Hey, hey, hey.
Hey, now.
Come on.
I resent that.
This is all man right here.
- Yeah, I know.
The hell was that? That would be Higgins.
Time to go, fellas.
MAGNUM: What's going on? These guys need our help.
Junior's been kidnapped.
Whoever's took him called McGarrett.
They want to trade him for the NOC list.
This has got to be Daiyu Mei.
She was after the list.
Well, she's certainly the most likely suspect.
- What's he gonna do? - Well, there's nothing he can do.
After he got the ransom call, CIA rounded up Five-O to make sure we wouldn't even consider a trade.
They don't care about Junior, they just care about the list.
As far as they're concerned, Junior's collateral.
McGarrett texted us a warning before they moved in.
Tani and I were the only ones who got away.
RICK: These kidnappers, they set a deadline? Noon, today.
If they don't get the list by then, Junior dies.
We have to find him, and we can't do it alone.
Quinn and I are fugitives on this island.
CIA, FBI, HPD, they're all looking for us.
Yeah, and we're sorry we had to come here, but we didn't have a choice.
No, no, it's okay, it's just noon only gives us four hours.
That's not much time.
We stand a better chance of finding the list than we do Junior.
How do you figure? CIA got it when they grabbed McGarrett.
I don't think so.
If they did, they would've released him by now, along with the rest of your team.
- And since they haven't - McGarrett must not have had it on him when they picked him up.
CIA's probably interrogating each of them right now, trying to leverage them to give it up.
Hang on, if they don't have it, then where is it? My guess is he probably hid it somewhere.
Which means if we find it, we can make a deal.
QUINN: Except handing over that list would essentially burn all of the deep cover agents on it.
I mean, that would be a death sentence for every single one of them.
If we don't hand over the list, they'll kill Junior.
Uh, there is a third option.
What's that? If we find the list and we can decode it, we can warn the agents who are on it.
Giving them enough time for an extraction.
That could work.
Well, i-it sounds like you guys have a plan, but how are you gonna get all this done before the deadline? I don't know, but we're gonna have to try.
Let's start with McGarrett's house.
You two can stay here in the meanwhile.
Thanks, but we're coming with you.
That's not gonna happen.
You two are the most wanted people on the island.
We got this.
MAGNUM: I've taken pro bono cases before, but never one that had a ticking clock with a life on the line.
And the fact that it's the life of a fellow Navy SEAL at stake, a man who served his country, only makes it that more heart-wrenching.
Looks like the CIA beat us to it.
They must have also assumed that McGarrett hid the list.
The question is, did they find anything? Right.
Good boy.
Ooh, okay - Easy.
Easy, boy.
Uh, Magnum? Magnum? Magnum.
- What is it? - Stay.
Oh, look at this.
Isn't that interesting? I-I don't think he likes me.
Didn't you once say that dogs were excellent judges of character? Oh, my God, you're enjoying this.
Stay You have no idea how much I'm enjoying this.
- It's not too much fun, is it? - Just do something.
Okay, I will.
Oh, really? I've just gotta get one shot.
This is beautiful.
I'm gonna have to use this picture for your caller ID, Higgy, I'm sorry.
I swear, the next time Zeus and Apollo have you cornered, I'm going to completely ignore your pleas for help.
Come here, buddy.
Come here, boy.
Who's a good boy? Who's a good boy? Yeah, who's a nice guy? Yeah, good boy.
He's not mean.
He's super nice.
Oh, yeah, who's a good boy? Yes, you are.
Yes, you are.
No list, then? No.
I mean, the CIA is pretty thorough.
There's no way it's here.
I did try calling McGarrett and Grover, and nobody picked up.
Probably means they're still in CIA custody, and the NOC list is still in the wind.
The CIA searched it.
You're not gonna find anything.
So McGarrett texted Tani a warning about the CIA shortly before they took him into custody.
So I'm thinking I can check his cloud to figure out where that text was sent from.
Which was there.
His phone last pinged from a cell tower near Helemano Farms.
That's a pretty remote area.
Right? Good place to hide a list.
If McGarrett hid the NOC list out here It would take an entire search team weeks to find it.
And we have less than three hours.
Thomas, we have some very antsy badges here.
Tell me you got something.
Not yet.
Higgins is trying to narrow the search now.
How's that going, by the way? These are the satellite images from the time that McGarrett sent that warning text.
They're in three minute intervals.
I'm just hoping that we're gonna be able to catch him on one of them.
What do you got? - McGarrett's truck.
- TC: Okay, great, but what are the chances you're actually gonna catch him at the exact moment he's hiding the list? Hold on, what's that? That's another vehicle.
Maybe he met somebody there.
Hey, Rick, it looks your buddy Kamekona's truck.
Kammy? McGarrett didn't come here to hide the list.
It was a handoff.
I think we got something.
She's got more mileage Than the NASA space shuttle You take a bath When she just hits a little puddle Her body's rusted And her tires are all worn - Stay here.
- Not a chance.
CIA's still looking for us.
We got to lay low.
But at least she's got a horn My Hawaiian car Take me to the beach and bar Take me to the grocery store - Kammy! - Rick Wright.
- Hey.
- TC.
Saw that Island Hoppers dropped a half star on Yelp.
Yeah, I saw that, too.
Got dinged in the reviews by a user named "KK54.
" You wouldn't know anything about that now, would you? RICK: All right, listen, you guys are gonna have to work this out on your own time.
We're on the clock here.
Listen, Kammy, we're gonna need that SD card.
What SD card? The one McGarrett gave you.
I think you two got the wrong idea.
I'm in the food and leisure activity business.
What is taking so long? Look, we know he slipped it to you, all right? Us and Five-O, we're on the same side.
I still don't understand what you two lolos getting at.
Come on, man, this cat Junior's life is at stake.
He could be dead in two hours if you don't give it up.
He's telling the truth.
Look, Magnum and Higgins, they're working with Tani and Quinn from Five-O.
- Hello? Give them the NOC list or I'm gonna burn down your truck.
Yes, ma'am.
Take care of it, man.
I swore to McGarrett I'd protect it with my life.
Kammy, come on, it's Rick and TC.
Peace, brother.
- Thank God.
- We still have to trade it.
This ain't over yet.
What's taking so long? - This SD card is heavily encrypted.
- Can you get in? I'm trying, but it's complicated.
How bad is it? Honestly, it could take days.
We don't have days.
- Who's that? I don't know.
What, maybe a neighbor? No, all visitors have to be let in at the front gate.
Stay out of sight, please.
What's going on? I should ask you that.
How'd you get past the gate? Friendly tip, as head of security, you might consider updating the code every now and again.
As much as I appreciate the feedback, I don't think that's why you're here.
Got an APB on your new friends from Five-O.
Considering I heard you and Higgins were with them yesterday, I figured you might know where to find them.
I can't help you.
I know they're here, Magnum.
Tani Rey's car's in the driveway.
Look, CIA is after them and the governor's ordered HPD to assist, no questions asked.
I suggest you park the car in the garage until things die down.
Why the heads up? I have a problem going after Five-O without a good reason, and I haven't gotten one yet.
So you'll keep this to yourself? As long as you loop me in.
Come here.
I thought this was your thing.
Well, she's actually got a lot of "things," but, yeah, this is one of them.
Nevertheless, this level of encryption is just far beyond my skill set.
Then we have no choice, we have to hand it over as is.
Didn't you guys just get finished telling me that every NOC on that list will be in immediate danger? If we don't turn it over, Junior will die.
There has to be something we can do.
Look, Higgy, if you - can't crack it, then who can? - I suspect no one.
Guys, that is not an answer.
Y-Yeah, there is someone that can help, but it's not a hacker.
- Then who? - A programmer.
You mean, whoever encrypted it in the first place? Whoever wrote that code should be able to crack it.
- We just need to find them.
- We should talk to our client.
See if she can point us in the direction of whoever her husband used, or give us access to his computer.
It's worth a shot.
And what if we're wrong? HIGGINS: People usually say, "I can't imagine how you feel," but unfortunately, I actually can.
I know how you must feel about Junior, but Magnum's instincts about this sort of thing are really good.
You should trust him.
WOMAN: I hope your friends are good because you have very little time left.
You guys better duck.
Looks like some Fed types paid your client a visit.
It's got to be the CIA.
You guys were right.
They are looking for the list.
Okay, TC, take us around the corner.
Magnum? Hey, can we come in, please? What are you all doing here? We actually don't have time to explain, but we need to look through your husband's laptop.
It's very urgent.
You know, the CIA was just here, too, and they didn't have time to explain either.
It would be nice if someone gave me some answers because all I know is-is that I hired you to see if Daniel was having an affair, now he's dead, but apparently before that he was involved with some dangerous people.
So can someone please tell me what is going on.
Those people that Daniel was involved with, we think they're a national security threat.
We know you want answers, Erin, and we promise we're gonna get them for you, but right now we have other things to deal with.
People's lives are on the line.
Including the life of someone we work with.
It's over here.
Thank you.
Do you mind? What's the plan now? I'm searching for any communications between Daniel and whoever might have encrypted the SD card.
And? Well, there's nothing yet.
Has anyone else searched through this laptop recently? Just Daniel and the CIA.
And there was this I.
person who came by three days ago? Daniel said he was having some computer issues, so a man came over to service it.
And did he give you a name or perhaps leave a card? No.
Daniel took him back to his study where he usually works and closed the door.
Um, do you mind giving me your Wi-Fi password? - Sure.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
And might my associates and I have a few moments alone? - Sure.
- Thank you.
: What are you thinking? An I.
man who makes house calls? That's pretty posh.
And two days before Daniel's supposed to hand off the SD card? It could've been the guy who encrypted it for him.
I'm checking Erin's router logs to see if that person logged into the Wi-Fi as a guest like I just did.
I'm hoping I can identify him using his device's MAC address.
It's the media access control.
It's a unique device identifier.
Do you think you'll be able to do it? Well, there's no such thing as a MAC address registry, but I'm gonna give it a go.
I just need a little time.
Well, we don't have much time.
Okay, well, stop talking to me and I can focus.
: Hey, is Tani gonna be okay? If this turns out in our favor, yeah.
I take it she had something going with the guy that was grabbed? Something.
It's still in the works.
What about you? Oh, no.
I don't date people I work with.
Oh, you know what? Neither do I.
You're not a cocktail waitress, I'm not a cop.
Maybe we can get a beer or something after this whole thing is done.
Are you seriously hitting on me in the middle of an abduction? I don't know how to answer that question.
Take my suggestion: don't.
'Cause your game, or lack thereof, it can wait.
I've-I've got him.
Our I.
guy/programmer is one Eli Sung.
He's 33 years old, he has a previous conviction for creating, using and distributing ransomware.
Fits the profile.
Let's get him.
- Sit down.
Where am I, the Batcave? Just shut up and listen.
There is important data on this SD card, data that you encoded.
Now you're gonna unlock it for us.
Why would I? And am I supposed to be intimidated by a wine cellar? TANI: You've got 11 digits, including the one between your legs.
That's 11 chances to cooperate.
You're bluffing.
Gonna be pretty hard to do what you do without fingers.
All right, all right! I'll help.
You're crazy.
Were you aware that you were encrypting intel for a Chinese spy? No, and I didn't want to know.
I find it's best to have as little info as possible.
The less you know, the longer you live.
I'm in.
We have to warn them immediately.
- Yeah, of course.
I'm gonna handle it.
- All right.
Let's just do it fast because we're running out of time.
- What's happening? - What did you do? The file's being deleted.
- What? - I can't stop it.
It's gone.
Do you know what you just did? Get her off of me! - Hey, hey.
Tani, stop.
- You just killed him! You son of a bitch! You just killed him! [GASPING.]
You might as well put a bullet in me right now.
Because no matter what, Five-O will never gonna give you that list.
- We'll see.
- You don't get it.
They're not gonna sacrifice dozens of people to save one.
Well, we wouldn't, but Americans have a tendency to let their emotions cloud their judgement.
Yeah, well, it's not gonna happen here.
Okay? Maybe you're right.
Guess we'll know in an hour.
HIGGINS: You have ten seconds to explain why you deleted that list before I step aside and let her pummel your face.
I had to.
All right? There's a digital footprint on the encryption that points straight back to me, and I'm not going to jail for treason.
We're running out of time.
So what now? [PHONE RINGING.]
Thomas Magnum.
DISTORTED VOICE: I understand you're helping Five-O.
And how would you know that? Do you have what I want - or not? - [MOUTHING.]
Yeah, I got it.
Then it doesn't matter how I know.
What matters is that if I don't get it, Junior Reigns is dead.
I need to talk to Junior.
I need proof of life or there's no deal.
Hello? Give me a question to ask him.
I need, I need something only Junior would know.
Um, the first night that we met, we had a bite to eat together.
It was just the two of us.
Okay, the first night he and Tani met, where did they eat? Wailana Coffee House.
: Yeah.
- Okay.
Is he in need of medical attention? Is he okay? He's fine.
We want the list in 50 minutes.
We'll text you the location.
I didn't get him.
QUINN: Guys, we got to think of something fast.
Well, they don't know that we don't have the list.
How long does it take to unlock that thing with the encryption key? - 90 seconds.
- Okay, well, do it again.
Well, there's nothing to encrypt.
It-it doesn't matter.
Just make sure you use the same code you used last time.
Come on.
Get to work.
What's the plan? Well, they have the encryption key, right? So, we just give them an SD card that they can unlock.
- A blank card? - Yeah, but it doesn't matter.
They won't know until they decrypt it.
Which will give us 90 seconds to get to Junior before they realize it's a bluff.
And he's got to be somewhere close.
90 seconds isn't much time.
It's not, but that's the only option we have unless you guys have a better idea.
Let's do it.
I'll take Rick and TC.
I'll go with you and Juliet.
Higgins? Be right back.
You gonna tell me what's going on? Why did the kidnappers call you? Why did they know that you were involved? I think that Erin Hong lied to us.
What are you talking about? So the CIA would've had to go online when they went to her house to look at Daniel's laptop when they were searching his cloud.
- Yeah? - So, these are the router logs from Erin's Wi-Fi.
There were no logins prior to our visit.
Also, Daniel's laptop would have been considered evidence in a treasonous crime.
There's no way they wouldn't have seized it.
Whoever those men were, they weren't CIA.
And if Erin lied to us about that, then it stands to reason - She's wrapped up in this.
- And outside of Katsumoto and Kamekona, no one else knew that we were helping Five-O.
That's why I got the ransom call.
They couldn't get a hold of McGarrett or anybody else, so they called us because they knew we were involved.
And I would wager that she didn't hire us because she was worried about her husband cheating on her.
No, she just wanted to keep tabs on him.
She was after that list and wanted to know who he was meeting with.
Everything all right? Daiyu Mei doesn't have Junior.
We had it all wrong.
Well, then, who has him? Our client, Erin Hong.
- We think she's a spy.
- And that she was trying to acquire the NOC list on behalf of the Chinese government.
How we doing? Almost there.
It's done.
You better pray this works.
- It's not my plan.
- Move.
Hand it over.
We're only dealing with Erin.
Don't know who that is.
Then there's no deal.
ERIN: Wait.
I'm gonna say Chinese MSS.
High level.
Most likely the handler for all the assets and agents on the island.
The list.
I need to know where Junior's at first.
He's in a white van parked on a service road two miles east of here.
I can get there in three minutes.
We have 90 seconds once they hand over the SD card.
Give me the list.
I kept my end of the deal.
Thank you.
You know, we're still gonna have to get paid for following your husband around.
MAN: Hold it! - We had a deal.
- ERIN: After being a spy for ten years, I've developed trust issues.
I want to verify the list is actually on here before I allow you to leave.
TANI: There it is.
: He's not here! I repeat, Junior's not in the van! You know what You don't have to do that.
Excuse me? There's nothing on there.
Magnum, what are you doing? Look, we know Junior's not in the van.
And spoiler alert: there's nothing on that SD card.
Clearly, we have some trust issues.
So I'm thinking, why don't we just start out from the beginning Where is he? [GRUNTING.]
Joons! Hey.
Hey, Joons.
Hey! Hey.
TANI: Hey, hey.
Let me get those off.
Hey, hey.
It's okay.
It's okay.
I'm okay.
I'm okay.
I'm okay, I'm okay.
It's okay.
I saw you in my dream We were walking hand in hand On a white sandy beach Of Hawaii You know, I'd like to propose a toast to us for helping two fugitives from Five-O save one of their own.
At the same time as protecting the identities of dozens of NOCs on the other side of the world.
Men and women who will probably never even know they were in danger.
The sound of the ocean Soothes my restless So, do you think we'll cross paths with Five-O again? It is a small island.
You never know.
Rocks me all - All right.
See you tomorrow.
So, McGarrett, Danny and Grover appreciate the invitation, but after spending 24 hours in a CIA holding tank, - they're just gonna crash.
- Well - their loss.
- Ah.
Not bad.
Thought you said you didn't play much.
Oh, not really.
I don't know, just Some things just kind of come easy to me.
All right.
Let's see what you got.
The sound of the ocean Soothes my restless soul - [CHUCKLES.]
- RICK: Oh, come on, now.
Did you grow up in a pub in England or something? [CLEARS THROAT.]
Care to make this interesting? Okay.
What's the bet? Loser buys next round.
Well, that hardly seems fair.
This is my bar, after all.
Um, how about this? The loser buys the winner dinner.
That is just a sneaky way to get me to go out to dinner with you.
Oh, come on.
I would never.
I'm a gentleman.
I The thought didn't even occur to me.
- Not at all.
No game, huh? Sandy beach On On KAMEKONA: Yo, Detective? You got a minute? Sure.
This is not a good idea, bro.
- What's up? - How much pull do you have in the city? You're about to ask me for a favor, aren't you? No, brutha.
I just want some advice.
See, I've been getting all these citations.
It's really affecting my bottom line.
What should I do about this? I saw you in my dream Pay them? Yeah, but if I cover those expenses, I won't be able to institute my new "cops eat free" policy.
Are you trying to bribe me? Whoa, whoa.
Who said the b-word? Did I say the b-word? Seemed like you were just talking about a quid pro quo.
No, sorry, man.
I don't speak Latin, man.
And somehow you know that's a Latin phrase.
Lucky guess.
For your sake, I'm gonna forget we ever had this conversation.
Come on, I like you, brah.
Real smooth, bro.
Real smooth.
The sound of the ocean Rocks me all night long You know, I hope it works out - for these two.
- Me, too.
Course, workplace romances rarely work out.
That's not always the case.
Lying there in the sun You and Richard.
Sandy beach of Hawaii Yes, I did think that that was the one exception.
Soothes my restless soul You know, we never talked about what happened with Erin earlier.
You realize that was incredibly reckless.
Yeah, I know.
I'm sorry about that.
It's okay.
I mean, it worked out.
Why are you smiling? You do realize that McGarrett would have taken the exact same impulsive action.
Yeah, but he would have done it like a big boy.
I-I know where this is going.
As I said, Magnum, it's not a competition.
And if it were McGarrett wouldn't come close.
Thank you.
- And I'm never repeating that.
You don't have to because I have it recorded.
- No, you weren't.
- Yeah, I was.
- Up here.
- Right.
Well, you'll forget it, just like you forget to fill the Ferrari.
I don't think so.
Care to dance, Higgy, baby? I would love to.
What is an answer I've been looking for, no What is an answer I've been needing more, no What is an answer I've been searching for, no Love is the one and only reason living for, yes What is an answer I've been looking for, no What is an answer I've been needing more, no What is an answer I've been searching for, no Love is the one and only reason living for This love is the purpose for living Important to express, a hug and a kiss Is forgiveness I said love is the purpose for living Important to express A hug and a kiss is forgiveness, yes, yes [VOCALIZING.]
Well, yes, I thank you, thank you For the blessings and talent You place upon my head, yeah
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