Magnum P.I. (2018) s02e15 Episode Script

Say Hello to Your Past

1 - I don't want to work - Whoa, whoa.
I want to bang on the drum all day.
Magnum, what is it? You're interrupting my ride.
I know, but the Ferrari kind of broke down.
Can you give me a lift? You ran out of petrol again, didn't you? You know what, that's neither here nor there.
- Just, please, come get me? - Call a tow truck.
I did, but it's-it's not gonna be here for, like, hours.
- Not my problem.
- Look, it's brutally hot out here, there's no shade.
You would really be doing me a favor.
Oh, and can you bring a bottle of water, please? Oh, sure.
Yeah, absolutely.
Hey, how about a power bar as well? That actually would be great I'm starving.
I'm kidding, Magnum.
Tough it out, honestly.
Why are you even calling me? I'm not your mother.
You're supposed to be a grown man who can look after himself.
So, you're just gonna leave me stranded out here? I thought we were partners.
What happened to "ride together, die together"? Number one, we don't have a motto.
Number two, if we did, it wouldn't be that.
And number three, don't play the partner card with me.
Come on, I-I called everyone Kumu, Rick, TC no one's picking up.
Oh, so I'm call number four, am I? Yes, but you're number one in my thoughts and prayers.
(SIGHS) Come on, Higgy.
Please, don't make me beg.
(HOOVES CLOPPING) Really? You couldn't have gone back to Robin's Nest and picked out a car? There's, like, nine of them.
Do you want a lift, Magnum, or not? (HORSE SNORTS) (SIGHS) I haven't got all day, Magnum.
All right, well, can you, at least, take back roads? I don't want anybody to see me.
(HORSE NEIGHS) Oh, a man's pride.
Come on, then.
(CLICKS TONGUE) Well, you should've taken a car.
Really, Magnum, you're pathetic.
- What? - (HORSE NEIGHS) (DOGS BARKING) Don't bunch up.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) This lei is fresh.
Someone hung it here recently.
We may have a potential witness who saw our fugitive.
OFFICER: Detective, there's gravitational blood drops that go in that direction.
- Everyone on me! - Yes, sir.
He's got to be close.
You know, you really didn't have to hold on quite that tight, Magnum.
Well, you didn't have to go so fast.
You did that on purpose.
Wow! Look at that! Mm, that's Robin's new toy.
- Supra! - Uh-huh.
It's beautiful.
And it's completely off-limits to you, by the way.
Relax, I'm just admiring.
Thanks, pal.
Now, when you say the car's "off-limits," is that coming from you or Robin? You should already know that when it comes to Robin's possessions, I speak for him.
No, I did not leave the house like this.
- Kumu? - Kumu? Kumu?! MAGNUM: Hey, Kumu, it's me.
When you get this, can you call me back, please? There! She returned about 40 minutes ago.
MAGNUM: The man with her is in bad shape.
You know that guy? It's hard to tell.
I don't think so.
Magnum, he has a gun! Who the hell is this?! (INSECTS TRILLING) (BIRDS CHIRPING) I remember the first time you took me here.
You told me you were a direct descendant of King Kamehameha himself.
And I told you, "If you want to kiss me, you don't have to lie.
" (LAUGHS) Oh, you were always telling me some kind of story.
(RUSTLING, TWIG SNAPS) - (TWIG SNAPS) - (GASPS) Please I need your help! What happened? (STAMMERS) Car accident.
Hit and run.
I've been wandering ever since.
I don't have a phone on me, but we're only about a half mile from where I work.
Wait here, I'll No, no, no, no, no! Look, I don't think I should be here alone.
I'm afraid I might pass out.
Well, if I support you, do you think you can walk back on foot? I think so.
- (WINCES) - All right.
- (GROANS) - Okay.
(GRUNTS) So what were you doing out in the woods? That's sort of my secret spot.
- Hmm.
- It's where my late husband took me on our first date.
- Oh.
- (CHUCKLES SOFTLY) It's also where he later proposed to me.
(GRUNTS) He passed away five years ago this week.
(GRUNTS) I know it sounds a little crazy, but whenever I'm out there, away from everything and everyone I can still feel him there with me.
Doesn't sound crazy.
Okay, there.
- (GROANS) - That should do it.
Okay, we should call HPD, and get you to a doctor.
No need to call the cops.
(GUN CLICKS) Sorry, lady.
They're already looking for me.
None of these angles work for facial recognition.
Right there.
She got him to look at the camera.
- Good girl.
- I still have that back door to HPD.
I'll run him through their facial rec.
The man's name is Milo Rivers.
- He has a record.
- Couple of robberies.
But then it says he was just charged with murdering his wife.
So he gets patched up, grabs another car.
Why does he take a hostage? Why take Kumu? I don't know, but what's he gonna do when he doesn't need her anymore? (COMPUTER RINGING) - Gordon.
- Let us in, Magnum.
There's a manhunt in progress, and we tracked - the fugitive to this area.
- Yeah, I know.
Milo Rivers, right? - That's right.
How did you - HIGGINS: He's already been here.
And you can add kidnapping to his murder charge, as he's taken Kumu.
(MILO PANTING) (GROANING) Hey, why are you slowing down? There's an HPD roadblock up ahead.
You want me to try to run it? MILO: Hey, what are you doing? I didn't tell you to turn.
I know another way to the marina.
Back roads.
It'll take a little longer, but we'll avoid the police.
Thank you.
I didn't do it for you.
I have no intention of getting killed in some crossfire.
I just want to get you there and out of my life.
Nice and slow.
Glad you approve.
I'm only doing this 'cause I don't have any other choice.
Well, you must have done something pretty serious to get this much attention.
They think I murdered my wife.
But they're wrong.
I didn't do it.
No offense, but (SIGHS) anyone who's ever done anything wrong says the same thing.
Well, I done plenty wrong, but not this.
All right? Kalei.
Kalei? She changed me.
And I would never hurt her.
- You don't believe me? - You're talking to a woman who's heard more than her fair share of lies from men.
So, just so we're clear, I'm taking you to the marina, - and you'll let me go? - Yeah.
You get me there you can go.
You do realize that if you have a boat, the police already know it, and they'll be waiting.
It's not my boat.
Belongs to my friend, Benny.
Well, I hope Benny's driving, because in your condition, you're not gonna get very far.
(GRUNTS SOFTLY) So, the accident you were in, that wasn't a hit-and-run, was it? I was in court for a bail hearing, and I got free.
Stole a cop car and some clothes, and I took a turn too fast, hit a tree, and the door caved in.
You know, I'm no expert, but someone who runs they look guilty.
And I told you, I didn't have any other choice.
A guy like me, with my record, they was never gonna believe me.
Well, they definitely won't now.
MAGNUM: All right, we're about a mile behind.
What do you got? - Nothing.
- Sure we're looking in the right area? HIGGINS: This is what we know from the security cameras at Robin's Nest: the Ranger Rover headed west when it left the property.
Got it.
(ENGINE ROARING) What? Couldn't have chosen a different vehicle? - It was the closest one.
- You know that isn't true.
Robin's gonna know it was driven.
Eh, don't worry.
I'll reverse the mileage, like in Ferris Bueller.
From what I remember of American cinema, that didn't end very well.
TC: Guys.
We got an HPD roadblock up ahead.
I'm guessing they didn't even try to get through.
Well, they're definitely not gonna double back to Robin's Nest.
Are there any turnoffs prior to the checkpoint? Yeah, we got a two-lane road about a quarter mile before the roadblock.
Little off the beaten path.
- Could be used as a detour.
- MAGNUM: Okay.
Katsumoto's got everything on the windward side covered, so we'll go ahead and check that out.
TC: Roger that.
Those bandages need to be changed.
I'm fine.
You're not fine.
You're leaking blood - all over my boss's car.
- Yeah, well, looked like your boss had plenty of others.
He's got a few.
Must be nice.
I remember a time when I wanted to be someone like that.
Then I met my wife.
Turned out she was all I needed.
If that's true, why do they think you killed her? The other night, she wasn't, uh feeling too well, so I went to the 24-hour pharmacy near our house.
When I got back I found her on the floor.
She had been shot.
The gun we kept in the house was next to her.
Somebody must have broke in the house, and she heard it.
She went and got the gun, but they they got the gun from her.
I went to call the police, but they were already pulling up.
Said the neighbor heard the shot.
They took one look, decided I was guilty.
Wasn't supposed to be this way.
We had plans.
And we were so close to making them happen.
Her and me, we were supposed to get off this rock, start new somewhere else.
And now she's gone.
And it's all my fault.
How is it your fault? Hey, how much longer? Uh, maybe another 30 minutes.
They got to be looking for this car by now.
(EXHALES) Change of plans.
Pull over.
- Pull off right here.
- Why? We're Just do it, okay? There it is! - One o'clock! - What do you got? Possible visual on the Range.
What's it doing? Nothing.
It's just parked.
All right, hold tight while we confirm.
Guys, we got it! Okay, stay there so we can track you.
Roger that.
Okay, I'm gonna loop in Gordon.
- He's still bleeding.
So maybe he's more injured than we thought.
He must've figured there was a BOLO out on the Range Rover and ditched it.
He could have boosted any car from this parking lot.
Now we don't know what they're driving.
What did you mean when you said this was your fault? I mean, if you didn't do it I didn't.
But, uh I did something else, and I think she's dead because of it.
There was a a guy.
Drug dealer.
Few months back, me and a couple friends, we we ripped him off.
Yeah, it's stupid.
I know.
But, uh, I was just thinking, if we could get some money, you know, maybe get a fresh start In prison, they try and give you all this stuff to, uh help you make a life on the outside.
But if that life isn't, uh, willing to accept you what's the point, you know? Guys like me, we don't get a second chance.
(GRUNTS) So it felt like I had no other choice, you know, but to make my own.
So you decided to steal from a bad guy? It was dirty money.
You know? Felt like I could do something good with it.
You know? You know, go some place where nobody knew who I was, and me and Kalei could start over.
Did she know? About what you did? Nah.
Me and my friends, we haven't even touched that money.
We hid it and we're laying low.
Didn't want anyone to get suspicious.
But you think someone did.
The dealer.
He must've must've figured out it was us, and, um wanted some payback.
I'm sorry, Milo.
(GROANS) Hey, uh, pull over.
(ENGINE SHUTS OFF) You can get out.
What? I know it's the middle of nowhere, but somebody'll come by eventually.
That's it? You're letting me go? I told you, I don't want to hurt anyone.
Especially you.
I'm sorry I dragged you into this.
There's no way you can drive in your condition.
You'll pass out and kill someone.
At least let me take you to the marina and to Benny's boat.
(GROANING) Tell me about her.
Your wife Kalei.
How'd you two meet? Ah.
(CHUCKLES SOFTLY) Uh, buying pantyhose.
(LAUGHS): Come again? Yeah.
I was, you know buying them to use as a mask, you know? I planned on hitting this liquor store later that night.
So I went to an ABC, and it was the last pair.
We both reached for them at the same time.
- (LAUGHS) You're kidding, right? - Nah.
If you would've told me about love at first sight before that, I would've laughed.
From then on, I was playing it straight.
Well, until this, uh until this last thing.
She ever ask why you were buying pantyhose in the first place? Yeah.
And I lied.
Said they were for my mom.
Eventually, I got got up the nerve to tell her the truth.
And, man the moment before I told her was the scariest moment of my life.
- Mm.
- Seriously.
I didn't know how she was gonna react.
It was scarier than the first time I stole something.
(CHUCKLES) I don't know why.
Because you had something to lose.
Yeah, sure, you're right.
Okay, we're coming up on it.
Pull in there.
Thank you.
If you get on that boat today, you'll be free, but for how long? You'll be looking over your shoulder for the rest of your life.
But if I don't I'll go to prison for the rest of my life.
You said you didn't kill your wife.
Maybe I'm crazy, but I believe you.
And I have two friends that can help.
They're private detectives.
I could ask them to look into this.
Why would you do that for me? (SIGHS) Let's just see what they can find, okay? If you're innocent, it can be proven.
Or you could take your chances and get on the boat.
But if it were me, there wouldn't even be a choice.
According to Katsumoto, a beige four-door compact was just reported stolen from the lot next to where we found the Range Rover.
Four-door sedan - only the most common car on the road.
- Oh, I'll tell Milo to steal a more unique car next time, shall I? (PHONE RINGS) - Hello? - KUMU: Thomas? Kumu, are you all right? I'm fine.
Listen We know about Milo, and we know he's got you.
Everyone's out looking for you right now.
I appreciate that.
But I'm okay.
HIGGINS: Where are you? It doesn't matter.
Milo didn't kill his wife.
- Wha - Is that what he's telling you? Kumu, this man can't be trusted.
Did he put you up to this? Not at all.
I need your help.
Remember this name Jake Iho.
He's a drug dealer.
Milo and his two friends stole money from him, and Milo thinks this Iho killed his wife.
Kumu does he have a gun on you? Not at all! This is me talking, not him.
Now, I need you to look into this, and you can't tell anyone.
And that goes for Katsumoto, too.
- Please.
I promised Milo.
- MAGNUM: Okay, listen to me.
If Milo's telling the truth, tell him to turn himself in to HPD they'll figure it out.
They're not looking for anyone else.
They think they have their man.
And if I were them, I would, too.
But Milo didn't do it, and I need you to prove it.
- Look, I'll call you back later.
- No, no.
No, Kumu, - don't hang up.
- Kumu! (LINE DISCONNECTS) - (LINE RINGING) - Wait, what are you doing? - I'm calling Katsumoto.
- No.
Kumu just asked us not to.
Yeah, with a killer sitting next to her.
(SIGHS) Look, she didn't sound stressed.
There was empathy in her tone.
I-I think that we have to believe what she said is true and do as she asked.
So you want to keep Katsumoto in the dark.
Suddenly you have a problem with that? Oh, girls, they wanna - (PHONE BEEPS) - Rick.
Thomas, we got eyes on the car.
Okay, stand down.
TC: What do you mean? MAGNUM: Back off.
Why? What's going on? Just trust us.
And don't say anything to Katsumoto.
Well, it's too late for that, brother.
We already told him.
(PHONE DIALING) - (PHONE RINGS) - Juliet? Kumu, listen, you have to switch cars.
Okay? The police know where you are, and they know what you're driving.
RICK: Guys, they're pulling over.
Okay, what do you see? RICK: They're getting out.
MAGNUM: What about Kumu? How does she look? How's her body language? Does he have a gun on her? No, she looks oddly fine.
I don't see a gun.
Does she appear to be under duress? No.
If anything, she's leading the way.
Who the hell is that? Oh, it's okay.
They're with us.
If my friends say they're gonna help, they will.
They just want to make sure I'm all right.
TC: Kumu looks okay.
She's not under duress.
RICK: Looks like they're getting into another car.
You want us to follow? MAGNUM: No.
You might draw attention.
Man, what's going on, TM? We don't have time to explain, but just trust us.
All right, roger that.
(SIRENS WAILING) Still warm.
We just missed them.
Get those roadblocks up.
Ten miles out, every direction.
He's not gonna be happy when he finds out we bailed.
Man, what do we do? Well, if you ghost him, he's gonna know something's up.
Gordon, any luck? Yeah.
We found the car, but it was abandoned.
They must've switched.
I thought you had eyes on.
- Uh, we did.
- KATSUMOTO: Then why didn't you hover and track them after they switched cars? The tank was on empty.
I was flying on fumes.
- You're lying.
- What? Why would I lie? I don't know.
But I'm sure it has something to do with Magnum.
Look, man, I ain't lying.
(LINE DISCONNECTS) That dude just hung up on me.
I'm sure it was an accident.
No, he hung up on you.
0-liter inline twin-turbo This thing is a rocket ship.
Please refrain from having an orgasm.
- Did you just say the o-word? - Look, could you just concentrate on the road, please? Okay.
So, according to the DMV, this drug dealer, Jake Iho, that Kumu referenced actually does indeed have a current address.
Told you.
Drug dealers drive, too.
They need current license and registration, or they risk getting pulled over.
Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when they come for you? - Bad boys, bad boys - (PHONE BEEPS) - (PHONE BEEPS) - I knew it.
Okay, we're just gonna check Milo's theory.
If Iho was behind the murder, - we'll let Katsumoto take him down.
- Agreed.
- Fellas.
- Hey, hold on.
How you guys doing? Look, we just need a couple minutes with Jake.
We're friends of Icepick.
I don't know who that is.
(CHUCKLES): Oh, come on.
You don't know who Icepick is? - Frank Hofstetler.
- HIGGINS: Look, we just need to speak with Mr.
It's really urgent.
I suggest you leave now.
We just need a couple minutes, all right? Trust me, he will be thankful that you let him meet us.
You hear what I said? - Oh, I wouldn't do that.
- Yeah? Why not? 'Cause after I take it from you, I'm then gonna have to smash your ugly faces with it.
He's gonna help.
It's true.
I'd like to see that.
(GRUNTING) I'll call you back.
Sorry to intrude.
My name is Thomas Magnum.
This is my partner, Juliet.
We're private investigators.
You're both fired.
The hell you want? While we were investigating a case, we came across some information we think might be of interest to you.
That so? You recently lost some money.
Am I correct? We may have a lead as to who stole it.
HIGGINS: We're willing to look into that lead, but if it pans out and we discover who took your money, we want a finder's fee.
20% of the stolen amount.
- And I'd like all my hair back.
- (MAGNUM CHUCKLES) I'll give you ten.
This guy drives a hard bargain.
- (PHONE RINGS) - Thomas? Kumu, it wasn't Iho.
Well, how do you know? Because we just told him that we had a lead as to whoever took the money, and he offered us a finder's fee for tracking it down.
If he actually knew who took the money, he would never have made that deal.
I see.
Hold on.
My friends just paid him a visit.
It wasn't Iho.
So, if Iho didn't kill - Milo's wife, who did? - HIGGINS: Well, look, we're not sure.
I mean, maybe something from Milo's past caught up with him.
Or maybe HPD's right and he really did kill his wife.
I'm telling you, he didn't do it.
Okay, well, what do we have? We got Milo plus two other guys.
They steal the cash.
They sit on it for a while.
What if these two guys decided to cut Milo out? HIGGINS: Okay.
So, then, they go to Milo's house expecting to find him there, only he's out, and his wife is there alone.
And she comes in on the intruder.
He turns the gun on her.
Okay, there's one way to confirm this.
We need to know where the money is and check if it's still there.
This is a real test to see if Milo's telling the truth.
He's got to tell us where that money is.
All right, hold on.
All right, I got it.
It's buried close to where I found him this morning.
- I'll drop you a pin.
- Great.
We're close.
Okay, it's around here.
Money's gone.
(SIGHS) We have to find Milo's partners.
(TWIG SNAPS) You know, you can't legally ping someone's phone without a warrant.
Shut up.
I knew you were up to something when we got to that stolen vehicle and the engine was still warm.
Someone tipped off Milo that we were moving in.
You're in contact with them, aren't you? (KATSUMOTO CHUCKLES SOFTLY) Of course you are.
You haven't learned anything, have you? When are you gonna get it through your head that it's better to be with me than against me? - This one is complicated.
- No.
It's really not.
We have a fugitive, and we have a hostage.
Doesn't get more black-and-white.
Now, you know what's going on.
TC and Rick know.
Now I want to know.
This is crazy.
Guy's a career criminal who was caught with a gun in his hand and his wife's blood all over him.
On top of that, he doesn't have a legit alibi.
Now, what makes you think he didn't do it? Kumu.
She believes him.
- And that's enough for us.
- KATSUMOTO: Well, you know what? It's not good enough for me.
Now, what are you doing out here, and what was in that hole? Money.
Milo and a couple of his friends buried it out here.
He came back here to get his cut, but his wounds got the better of him, so he didn't make it.
That's when he ran into Kumu.
- And now she's aiding and abetting.
- HIGGINS: Look, if you could just give us a little bit of time, we can prove that he didn't do it.
- Forget it.
- MAGNUM: No, hold on.
The guy had every opportunity to get off-island, and he didn't.
He stayed.
Okay, what does that tell you? He wants us to prove that he is innocent.
You do realize that you don't have to be innocent to be acquitted? All Milo needs is reasonable doubt.
Maybe he's just hoping you'll dig up something that'll give him that.
I don't know, that feels like quite a reach to me.
Look, just trust us on this one, all right? Haven't we earned that after the past couple years? At best, she has.
For the record, Magnum actually wanted to call you as soon as we heard from Kumu.
I was the one that talked him out of it.
I can buy you two hours.
But after that, every cop on the island will be hunting this guy down, - and if Kumu's still with him - Understood.
Thank you, Gordon.
Two hours.
(PHONE RINGS) Juliet? - (GRUNTS) - Yes, I'm okay.
Hold on.
Go ahead.
We need the names of those friends of yours.
It looks like one or maybe both of them were behind this.
No, that's not possible.
They would never hurt Kalei.
Milo, the money is gone.
So unless one of you told someone where it is, it looks like a double-cross.
(BREATHING HEAVILY) Give them the names.
Get justice for Kalei.
Ike Chau and Benny Cho.
But if I had to guess as to which one turned, it was probably Benny.
All right, Benny Cho.
Guy's a drug addict.
(GRUNTS) He's been pretty aggressive lately.
What do you mean? MILO: He was getting antsy about waiting for the money.
Few weeks back, he came to me and Ike asking for early withdrawal, but we talked him out of it.
Milo, where does Benny live? 929 Aihue Lane.
- (INHALES SHARPLY) - Juliet, Thomas, we got to go.
Keep us updated.
(GRUNTING) You could have internal bleeding, damage to organs.
- We need to get you to a hospital.
- No.
They know I got hurt during the escape, and they'll have HPD watching the hospitals for sure.
I'll do what I can.
- (GROANING LOUDLY) - Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry.
So, uh how often do you go for your little walkabout in the woods? Once a year.
Around the anniversary of my husband's death.
He was a good man, huh? Most of the time.
But not always.
He made mistakes.
There was a time I I didn't trust him very much.
What happened? He was unfaithful.
And the woman he was with had a child.
A girl.
What happened to her? Her mother raised her.
My husband had a relationship with her, too, but I couldn't.
Just being around her would've just reminded me of what he had done.
You two ever meet? No.
It crossed my mind.
(SIGHS HEAVILY) But I-I just couldn't accept what he'd done.
Especially since we never had children of our own.
I think about her sometimes, though.
I heard her mother passed away recently.
So she doesn't have anyone? No parents? I don't know.
(CAT MEOWING) Higgins.
(DOOR SQUEAKS OPEN) Made it to the car, but collapsed before he could escape.
Looks like he was double-crossed, as well.
Which means we went after the wrong partner.
Kumu, we found Benny But he was shot dead, probably within the last 12 hours.
By who? We think it was Milo's other friend Ike.
We need to find him.
Do you have any idea where he may have gone? I don't know.
HIGGINS: Look, we need you to think.
You know him.
What would his next move be? I Don't know The marina.
The marina.
Look there.
Milo was gonna use Benny's boat to get off the island.
Maybe Ike had the same idea.
Uh, what kind of boat we looking for? Benny's boat what type? It's a old, 40-foot sport fisher.
Uh, it's called, uh, Second Wind.
The Second Wind Got it.
All right, we'll call you back.
- (BEEPS OFF) - (SIGHS) I'm taking you to the hospital.
So I'm not asking! (ENGINE REVVING) (TIRES SQUEALING) (HORN BLARING) (TIRES SQUEALING, HORN TOOTS) If I get a speeding ticket, you're paying for it.
(LAUGHS WEAKLY) Hey, Kumu I'm glad we met.
Hey, it might become a regular thing if you play your cards right.
You like squid luau? I make the best on the island.
Hey! Don't fall asleep on me.
I'm not that boring.
Listen! I'm trying to tell you something.
Listen to me! Okay.
Remember when you asked me before why I was helping you? Well, it's because I believe in second chances.
But I didn't always.
After my husband did what he did, it took a long time for me to forgive him.
To realize that people make mistakes, and you can't just give up on them.
Today, you confirmed that I made the right choice.
So I wasn't just helping you.
You helped me.
You're proof that good people make mistakes.
And maybe they just need someone in their corner to help them out.
You really believe that? Yes, I do.
If you really believe that, isn't there somebody else who should have a person like you in their corner? I mean, she's all alone, right? (GROANS) Think about it.
(SIGHS HEAVILY) You just hang on, okay? We're almost there.
That's it.
That must be Ike.
(SIRENS WAILING) Oh, bloody hell.
(ENGINE REVVING) MAGNUM: Yeah, I know what you're thinking.
Trying to catch a moving boat is probably not the brightest idea.
But after everything Kumu risked to see this through, I'm not letting this guy sail off into the sunset.
Milo, did you hear that? They did it! Milo?! It's gonna be okay.
- (GROANS) - Milo! Come on! Don't fade on me now! Listen to me, Kumu.
Just go to the hospital.
We'll meet you there.
Milo! (GRUNTS, PANTS) We're almost there.
(ENGINE REVVING) Help! I need help out here! I need help out here! Milo.
We made it.
We made it.
Milo? Milo?! Milo?! I have seen All I care to see Of this world It has no more for me I need the call For giving peace That only comes From my family I wanna go home I wanna go home I'm following the lead of the setting sun And I'm going back where I came from Like an old oak tree That no longer grows As time went by I got hollow If you don't know when to stay If you don't know when to go Then you might be building your own gallows I wanna go home I wanna go home I'm following the lead Of the setting sun And I'm going back Where I came from Maleah? - Hi.
- Aloha.
Can I help you? My name is Teuila.
I was married to your father.
It's why I'm going on home Oh.
I'm going home Do you think I could take you for a cup of coffee? I'm following the lead Yeah, I'd like that.
Of the setting sun And I'm going back Where I came from.
(ENGINE REVVING, TIRES SQUEALING) It's working! Really? No, but this thing drives great in reverse.
How many more miles have you put on the odometer? (SIGHS HEAVILY) Six? Six.
Put the toy away, Magnum.
Playtime's over.
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