Magnum P.I. (2018) s02e16 Episode Script

Farewell to Love

Here we are, lovers.
Our third stop on the tour, Tantalus Lookout.
This spot offers scenic views of Diamond Head and Waikiki and is one of the most popular marriage proposal spots on the island.
You having fun, boo? So much fun.
This is a wonderful idea.
Oh, I love you.
I love you more.
Yeah, I know what you're thinking.
But trust me, it's not what it looks like.
Sometimes, as a private investigator, you have to put on an act to catch someone in the middle of one.
Like these two.
They are getting closer.
Babe, take our selfie.
That is a wonderful idea.
- It's such a beautiful view up here.
- Mm-hmm.
I think that might be enough.
Krista's husband wants conclusive proof of her infidelity.
This looks fairly platonic to me.
Come on, they bought overpriced tickets to this hopelessly romantic bus tour.
It's definitely not platonic.
- These two are having an affair.
- Look, I want to get off this bus from hell as much as you do, but we need hard evidence.
Full-on PDA.
Copy that.
You know, while we're up here, we might as well take a picture.
Get over here, boo.
Come on.
When there's no one here, you needn't call me "boo.
" And since Krista and Gil aren't posing for a photo, we needn't, either.
I'd rather get hit in the face with a golf shoe.
Did somebody say golf? Gladys and I are avid players.
- Really? So is she.
- Yeah.
Ain't that right, boo? Mmm.
Yeah, I play a little.
Good for you.
So, how long have you guys been together? Oh, just a year.
We had both given up on finding true love, and then we found each other.
It was a whirlwind courtship.
Then we just said "What the hell?" And we tied the knot.
Ah, yes.
"Tie the knot," that custom in antiquity where couples are literally tied to one another in ceremony to signify their bond.
I take it you two are just dating.
Yeah, she's British.
She doesn't get humor.
So, how'd you two meet? We met online.
- I see.
- Well, I guess young people are doing that these days.
I guess so.
Well, it was nice meeting you both.
Very nice to meet you.
- What a sweet couple.
- Mm.
Oh, uh, nice add-on for the cover story, by the way.
That whole online dating thing.
I may not believe in online dating, but it doesn't mean I can't use it to service our assignment.
Operation Swipe Right.
Let's go, hopeless romantics.
Next stop, the beach where they shot the classic romantic drama From Here to Eternity.
Oh, joy.
Come on, loosen up.
We're gonna have some fun.
Krista and Gil passed on the photo.
They're not even holding hands.
They're giving us nothing.
Be patient.
Good things come to those who wait.
Like these two right here.
It took a while, but they got the shot they wanted.
You're a sucker for romance.
For once, we agree.
Okay, follow me, lovebirds.
And here we are.
The perfect spot for your romantic picnic.
Let me just unload your baskets, and then you can explore all the wonders Puu Hele crest has to offer.
We'll head for our next stop in an hour.
I'm thinking we grab our food last and then tail Krista and Gil from a distance.
Let's just get the proof that we need and get out of here.
Come on.
After all those places, - you still don't get it, do you? - Get it? What is there to get? You mean this contrived exploitation of amorous love? No, I don't get it.
Maybe you should go out more often.
I mean, when was the last time you went on a date? It was with Christian Yelich, right? That was, like, a year ago.
Can we just focus on Gil and Krista's love life and less on mine, please? You're right, boo.
Let's go.
We should hold hands, though.
Try to sell the character, you know what I mean? I think the character should stay silent at all times.
Everybody, come grab your baskets.
All right.
Larry and Ken, you're over here.
Gladys and Bert, this one's for you guys.
- All right.
- Where do we go? Just up that hill.
The view is beautiful.
Take a look.
- Eddie and Paula.
- Oh, yeah.
- Thank you.
- There you are.
Last but not least, Thomas and Juliet.
Not so fast.
Is there a problem? You can say that.
I've been manning this bus for the last six years.
Over 300 tours, I've observed over 2,000 couples.
And you two? No way you two are together.
You've got zero romantic energy.
We're just not - into PDAs.
- Yeah.
Try again.
I've seen the two of you watching Krista and Gil, and since I don't want any trouble brewing between my passengers, that leaves me with just one question.
Who the hell are you people? Either come clean now or enjoy a long hike back into town.
Suit yourself.
Nothing but mud and bugs for miles.
Just tell him.
We haven't got time.
- Yeah, we can't tell him.
- Just say.
Excuse me.
Come here, come here.
Come here.
Don't be so dramatic, all right? Truth is, we are partners.
Just in a professional sense.
We're private investigators.
You're kidding.
Krista and Gil are married.
Just not to each other.
And Krista's husband thinks she's been cheating with a coworker.
So when she told him that she was going to Hawaii on a corporate team-building retreat with colleagues, he figured it would be more pleasure than business.
So he hired the two of you to get proof of the affair.
And we think he deserves to know.
So if you could, just keep this conversation - between us, all right? - Okay? Yeah.
That's gonna be a hard no.
I'm sorry? - Ku'uipo's about love, not judgment.
- Right.
We're not asking you to judge.
We just want you to exercise a little discretion.
You two lovebirds enjoy the tour.
Right on.
Have a good day.
So, even though you haven't been on a date in forever, you still wouldn't use a dating app? No, absolutely not.
It's an absurdly superficial medium where people hide behind curated profiles and use the same ridiculous one-liners over and over again.
In my opinion, you should meet someone and get to know them in the real world.
It's not like that anymore, Higgy.
You know, if you met somebody at a bar, they might think you're a stalker.
This is great, babe.
Okay, is that enough PDA for you? Mm-hmm.
- Gonna get closer.
- Okay, but shh.
Yeah, let's go here.
Uh Why are you calling me? I-I think it's a butt-dial.
Hello? Hey.
Didn't know you guys were up here.
That's okay.
We were moving anyway.
- Well done.
- "Well done"? Your phone went off.
Are you seriously gonna use that as a defense? You should've turned your ringer off.
What's going on? What's the big emergency? Well, it's not much of an emergency.
You texted me and said, "Get down here.
Code red.
" How is that not an emergency? All right, I may have overstated the emergency part.
- Orville.
- But for good reason.
It better be, man.
I got a client in 20 minutes.
I think that woman over there is Teresa.
You never met Teresa.
How would you know if that's her? Because I saw her photo taped to the dashboard of your chopper on every mission we went on.
I'm telling you, I think that's her.
Does kind of look like her.
You got to go check and see.
Just do a flyby, come back.
Theodore? Wow, i-it is you.
Teresa, hey.
I can't believe it.
It's been - A while.
- Yeah.
I'm Andy.
Oh! Oh, sorry.
Oh, hey.
This is my husband.
Nice to meet you.
We're, uh, we're on our honeymoon.
Uh, are you here on vacation? Oh, no, this is home now.
Yeah, um, I moved to the island when I got back.
Yeah, I have a helicopter tour business.
- Wow, that's great.
- Yeah.
I'm so happy for you.
It's really good to see you.
Good to see you, too.
Oh, and congratulations.
- Thank you.
- You guys enjoy.
You good, buddy? Yeah, man, I'm-I'm good.
All I'm saying is, personally, I find it refreshing when a man can muster up the courage to ask me out in person opposed to using some app.
Okay, so in this clear hypothetical, do you ever say yes? I said, "I find it refreshing.
" So, that's a no.
Help! Help! We need help over here! Somebody get over here! Help! What's wrong? There's somebody down there! Oh, my God! It's Bert! Magnum?! Is he crazy? Call 911! There's no cell service.
Bert, you with me, buddy? Is he okay? Magnum? Magnum? He's-he's dead.
Higgins, look at his eyes.
See those red spots? Petechial hemorrhaging? That a sign of strangulation.
That's what it is.
Bert might have been dead before he hit the water.
So this could've been murder.
And if that's the case, one of them could have done it.
We have to keep them calm.
We don't want to start a panic.
We also have to alert HPD.
If Bert's body stays on the shore much longer, the heat's gonna degrade evidence.
Unless the water's already washed it away.
He's dead, isn't he? I'm afraid so.
Do you know what happened to him? Think it was an accident.
He must have slipped off.
Where's Gladys? I heard her say something about an asthma attack on our way up here.
She might have gotten winded from the hike and gone back to the bus? Well, we got to find Gladys and, uh, tell her what happened.
What about Bert? We just gonna leave him down there? Maybe one of us should stay here.
It's possible Larry's just being thoughtful, but since everyone's a suspect, we can't risk leaving anyone behind to tamper with the body.
It'll be fine.
I mean, there's nothing we can do for him now.
She's right.
We should wait for the police to recover him.
We should, uh, start heading back to the bus.
Got it.
Gladys's husband was just killed, and now she's unaccounted for.
She could be in danger.
Or maybe she killed Bert and took off.
I highly doubt that sweet Gladys had the strength to choke Bert, then throw him off a cliff.
You know, at this point I'm not counting anything out.
What are you doing here? Ah, I had some time to kill.
Andy went to play golf.
You still hate golf, huh? More than anything.
Uh, I just I wanted to stop by and chat, catch up.
I would like that.
But I, uh I got to go to the other side of the island and pick up a part.
Was just about to take off.
You know I've never been in a helicopter before.
You asking to come with? Yeah.
I don't know if that's a good idea.
Why not? Because you got married.
So what? I just want to talk.
Things were kind of unresolved between us.
Yeah, that's for sure.
So? What do you say? Larry and Ken were the first to see the body, right? Yeah, that immediately puts them under suspicion.
Yeah, but Krista and Gil arrived moments later, which means they were close.
Yeah, also suspicious.
Is it me or does Gil seem a bit anxious? He did just see a dead body.
Maybe he had something to do with it.
Or perhaps he's worried about his affair with Krista coming out once the police start investigating.
I'm gonna go tell Gladys.
- No, no.
Let me do it.
- You sure? Okay.
This is so horrible.
I know.
What are you saying? He was just there.
He was just there.
What are you talking about? No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
What's going on? There's been an accident.
Bert fell off a cliff and, uh he didn't make it.
- Oh, my God.
- Yeah.
Look, we're gonna have to call the police, but I don't have a signal.
Does anybody have cell phone service? - I've got nothing.
- Me, either.
We'll get service once we get out of the valley.
I'll get the bus started.
Hold on.
When did Gladys return from her picnic with Bert? Not too long after they set out.
Said she wasn't feeling well.
And were you with her the whole time? Yeah.
Why are you asking? Um, don't worry about it.
We'll-we'll meet you at the bus.
Gladys's grief is is absolutely genuine, and there's no way she did it.
Stan says he was with her the whole time, so we could eliminate those two.
So it has to be one of the others.
Yes, it does.
Is there a problem? Yeah.
It started but then it just stopped.
What's wrong with it? Not sure.
I mean, I'm a tour guide, not a mechanic.
Larry could check it out.
Knows his way around an engine.
Sure, I can take a look.
I don't see anything offhand.
Muffin? Could you please not refer to me as a breakfast pastry? Come here for a second.
What? Smell that? Yeah.
The fuel line's been cut.
Looks like with a knife.
This is sabotage.
Whoever killed Bert does not want us to leave.
God, this place is so beautiful.
What? I'm just really impressed.
I remember when you enlisted, you always wanted to learn how to fly.
Was always a dream of mine.
Since you were a kid.
I know.
Now I'm doing it.
In a place people dream about.
I'm so proud of you.
You know, when I first went up, I didn't think I could do it.
I almost bailed.
What changed your mind? Well, you did.
You always believed in me.
That got me through it.
It got me through a lot of things.
Want to give it a try? Seriously? Yeah.
Just hold the cyclic like that.
- All right.
- I'm doing it! Wow.
Whoever killed Bert wants to delay the police.
Increases the chances that whatever forensic evidence might implicate them degrades before CSU has time to get there.
- What's the latest with the bus? - Yeah, is it fixable? All we know is, it won't run.
So we're stuck here? Come on, we'll hike back to that gas station we passed on our way here.
No, hold on, you guys can't leave.
- Why not? - Nobody can.
Why? There's nothing we can do for Bert.
Stan's gonna hike back while the rest of us stay here.
It's a liability issue, right, Stan? All the passengers need to stay here for their own safety.
Uh, not sure.
Haven't been in this situation before, but that sounds right.
A passenger died and our bus broke down.
Tour's over.
Come on, we're out of here.
Listen, Bert's death wasn't an accident.
What do you mean? He didn't simply fall off a cliff.
Are you saying it was like a suicide? Bert was murdered.
And since we're all possible witnesses here, we can't leave until the cops get here.
You said he fell.
I know.
I'm-I'm so sorry, Gladys, but we couldn't afford to panic everyone.
So someone here killed Bert? Hold up.
If one of us is a killer, - that's even more reason to bounce.
- Okay, you do that, you go straight to the top of the suspect list.
Suspect list? Who the hell are you? Private investigator.
This is my partner Juliet.
And since we've already eliminated Stan as a suspect, he's gonna head off on foot until he finds some cell signal.
This is the direct number to Detective Gordon Katsumoto of HPD.
Okay, the rest of us just need to stay here until the police arrive.
Stay here? With the killer? - There's safety in numbers.
- I'm sorry, but who put you two in charge? The way I see it, they're the closest thing we've got to the cops.
I agree.
Maybe they should take the lead until the police arrive.
Makes sense to me.
You should probably get going.
What, so we're just supposed to wait? No.
Actually, we have work to do.
The first thing we should do is protect Bert's body from the elements, especially the heat.
So, how exactly do we do that? We're gonna need to recover the body and, and put it somewhere cooler.
Look, I-I know obviously nobody signed up for this, but we're gonna have to pull together and get this done quickly.
Okay, but how are we gonna raise him up? I mean, you saw how far down he is.
We could rig a stretcher.
I-I was an Eagle Scout.
Earned my Wilderness Survival merit badge transporting a brother scout with a broken leg through two miles of forest.
Dylan will take point.
Lay it all down here.
Okay, now we need some umbrellas.
We can use this as twine.
The sturdier, the better.
You're quite handy.
We're gonna need a few more blankets.
Oh, I know where they are.
We're grateful to you and your girlfriend for helping.
Appreciate that, but she's not my girlfriend.
At least not yet.
We basically just met.
It's only our second date? Oh.
How did you meet? Same as everyone: an app.
Of course.
What are you doing? We may need that food.
It's hot.
Best way to preserve evidence is by putting Bert's body on ice.
That's creepy.
But cool, too.
Stretcher's ready.
You think you can finish the job? On it.
Gladys, you all right? I want to help.
You sure? Yeah.
Well, then, of course you're welcome.
Thank you.
Listen, I know Krista's husband must have hired you to see if she and I are, you know Cheating on your spouses? Yeah, that.
I was hoping that you wouldn't say anything.
Come on, man, look, when this is over, whatever he's paying you, I'll double it.
You really think now is the time to talk about this? There's a dead man, and we have a lot of work to do.
I don't want to lose everything.
You think I haven't heard this before? You guys are all the same.
Whatever you have to say, I don't want to hear it.
The only thing you should be thinking about is losing your wife, cheating on her, okay? Thanks for nothing.
Well said.
He needed to hear it.
Gladys? You all right? Yeah.
I just can't catch my breath.
Okay, just take a minute.
Better? I don't know why this this isn't working.
It's not working? Oh, dear.
It's empty.
I don't understand it I just picked it up yesterday.
- You picked it up yesterday? - Uh-huh.
Okay, well, just wait here and-and catch your breath for a minute I'll be back.
- Everything okay? - Her asthma's flaring up.
She told me that the inhaler that she bought yesterday is already empty.
I don't think that's a coincidence.
And you think the killer had something to do with that? Well, maybe the killer was using her inhaler as a way to separate Bert and Gladys, get Bert on his own.
If you're right, this was planned well in advance, which means That Bert's murder was premeditated.
Find some place that makes you feel better.
Use it when you got the blues.
Well, I can see why you chose this place.
This place makes God undeniable.
I'm so sorry.
Teresa, you don't have to No, I do.
When you were captured, I thought you were dead.
Everybody did for months.
I-I-I was paralyzed.
I couldn't breathe.
My mom told me I had to, had to get up, keep moving, but I couldn't.
My heart was shattered.
And then, when we found out you were alive, I-I-I hated myself for trying to move on.
Like, how could I do that? Then you never reached out.
You didn't come home.
My heart broke all over again.
I'm sorry, T.
It wasn't Look, when I got out, Pops told me that you found someone else.
It would've hurt too much to come home.
That's one of the reasons I moved here.
I needed to start over.
I thought you stopped loving me.
Look at me.
What I'm feeling right now, it feels like we were never apart.
And I just, I can't help but keep thinking that maybe this is all meant to be.
You know, like, maybe this is all just some big sign.
I never stopped loving you.
Is someone down there? - Is that? - Eddie? What the hell's he doing? Hey! You broke my ribs! Yeah? And you killed Bert.
I didn't kill anybody.
We need something to tie him up with.
Give me your shirt? - Here.
This might make it easier.
- I told you, you guys got the wrong idea.
Really? Because from where we stood, you were tampering with evidence, which is something only Bert's killer would have reason to do.
Tampering with evidence? No.
What were you doing crouched over Bert's body? Exactly.
Just look in my pocket.
The other one.
This is Bert's.
- You stole it? - Yeah.
Why? You're rich.
Maybe he is, and maybe he just wants people to think he is.
She's right.
I'm broke.
Let me guess.
Your girlfriend has no idea.
Paula thinks I'm loaded.
You're a real scumbag, you know that? Well, maybe, but that watch is worth, like, 25 grand, easy.
It's not like he needed it anymore.
You're gonna justify bloody grave-robbing? Well, at least I ain't a killer.
I buy his story.
Why kill Bert and come back for the watch? Thank you.
Now will you get off me? Give me that knife.
Smells like gasoline.
I-I don't understand.
It smells like gas? Can you explain why? That's your knife, right? Yeah, but I but I got it from Sandy.
She said it was her father's and that he would want her to give it to someone like me, a real Boy Scout.
On your second date? Were you with Sandy during the whole picnic? Well, not the whole time.
We split up at one point to use the bathroom.
And when'd she give it to you? Right before this last stop.
Okay, so Sandy cut the fuel line on an earlier stop and then handed over the incriminating evidence to Dylan.
And then killed Bert while you two were separated.
What, what? N-No.
That-that can't be.
Sandy is not a killer.
Well, that's certainly how it looks.
What? I I don't get it.
Why would she do this? Don't know, but we got to find her.
Never should've happened.
Yeah, you said that, like, four times already.
Yeah, I mean, I was at my spot, we were looking at paradise, and it was so Romantic.
We just couldn't You had a moment.
I can't believe this.
I mean, what was I doing? She's married.
All right, first of all, you cannot put this on yourself.
There were two of you.
And second of all, it was just a kiss.
It's not a big deal.
Yeah, but it was a big deal.
It's huge.
Why? 'Cause I was feeling something.
Something I haven't felt in a very long time.
- Yeah.
- We both were.
Maybe this is fate.
Maybe the two of you were meant to be together.
Yeah, well, fate don't happen on somebody's honeymoon.
It doesn't give a damn when it happens.
You and I both know love doesn't come along every day.
What are the odds, man? Of all the gin joints on the island, she walked into ours? So what are you gonna do? We almost got it, guys.
Just a little bit further.
Keep pulling! One more! That's it.
Come on, everyone.
Here-here we go.
Oh, my.
Anybody see Sandy? It's a good question.
She was here before.
Okay, well, she obviously snuck off while no one was watching.
We'll find her.
In the meantime we should help him get the body back to the bus.
All right.
You guys ready? One, two, three.
Everyone safe? Yeah, but it appears our killer got away.
She goes by the name Sandy Maron, but we think it's an alias.
Show him the picture of her.
You know why she killed the victim? No, but it was premeditated, so we think it could be a hit.
I could issue a BOLO, but if she's a pro, she'll have worked out an exfil beforehand.
Yeah, perhaps, but she might have left some digital clues that'll help us find her.
- What makes you think that? - Dylan here met her on a dating app.
You getting anything from that dating profile that can help us find her? All of Sandy's online profile photos appear to have been taken recently, like in the last week.
She must have slapped it together to get a date on that love bus.
We know where those photos were taken? No, but I can geotrack them.
The Alohilani Hotel.
She's probably staying there.
She's probably on her way there now.
Okay, you better step on it.
Detective Katsumoto, HPD.
Looking for a guest.
May have checked in under the name Sandy Maron.
I'm sorry, uh, that name's not coming up.
Here's a picture of her.
Oh, yeah.
She's staying under the name Hollis.
Came through the lobby earlier, took the elevator up.
- When was this? - Uh, maybe five minutes ago? What's the room number? - 1023.
- Thank you.
Wait here.
She headed down the emergency stairs.
Try to cut her off.
Let me see your hands! Don't even think about it.
Shot through the heart.
How apropos.
We got into Sandy's phone.
You guys were right.
She was hired to kill Bert.
But who could possibly have wanted him dead? His business partner, who also happened to be his ex-brother-in-law.
Bert left his first wife after finding true love with Gladys.
So his business partner wanted revenge for his sister's broken heart? Looks that way.
Lives in Tampa, Florida.
Local PD is bringing him in.
You see that? Online dating is not for me, but works out sometimes.
How do you figure in this instance? Helped us catch a killer.
Okay, but it also helped a hit woman complete her assignment.
It's a valid point.
So, can we call this argument a draw from here on out? It doesn't matter how we find it.
We've all known great loves, and, uh we've all lost 'em.
- True.
- Been there.
Uh, but on the bright side, you know, we all have each other, and I got to say, that's pretty damn good.
I'll drink to that.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
I'm glad you called.
- Teresa - I'm gonna leave Andy.
Tell me.
Please tell me he's a bad guy.
He's mean, violent, don't love his mama, something.
I know what you're trying to do here, but I can't do that.
Andy's a good man.
And I was really happy.
Until I saw you, and and I remembered what it was like to be even happier.
Then you got to pretend that today never happened.
Look, I still love you more than I ever loved anybody, T.
But you vowed to spend the rest of your life with a good man.
I don't want to ruin that.
Not for you, not for him.
But mostly not for me.
That ain't the man I want to be.
It just ain't right.
Should have expected this.
You've got this giant heart.
The way you care about other people, the way you wouldn't want to hurt even a stranger.
It's why I fell in love with you in the first place.
It's okay.
This one's goodbye.
Have a happy life, Teresa.
You, too, Theodore.

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