Magnum P.I. (2018) s02e17 Episode Script

The Night Has Eyes

1 Mrs.
Yang, - Thomas Magnum.
- I'm Juliet Higgins.
We spoke on the phone earlier.
What are the police doing here? Well, you said your husband was taken, and in these circumstances, we think it's best to involve HPD.
Ma'am, I'm Detective Katsumoto.
May we come in, please? - Uh, yes, of course.
- Thank you.
When was your husband taken? Last night.
I think somebody came in through that door.
Get CSU down here.
Have them dust that door for prints.
Where'd you see him last? Right over there.
In this room? Yes.
Up there.
Up on the shelf? Mm-hmm.
Yang, was there, by any chance, an urn on this shelf that contained your husband's ashes? Yes.
My husband's been dead for ten years now.
I see.
Um Could you give us a moment, please? Sure.
I'll go put some coffee on.
That's very kind, thank you.
You said there had been an abduction.
Don't look at me.
Magnum took the call.
She called in a panic, said she needed a P.
and that her husband had been taken.
What was I supposed to assume? Make sure you take a B and E statement.
What? How was I supposed to know? So, you guys got this one, right? Yes.
Yes, this we got it.
Well, uh, technically, it it is still a missing persons case.
Could you describe the urn? It's made of brushed silver.
Maybe about ten inches tall.
I-I think I have a picture where you can see it.
Thank you.
And you're certain they didn't steal anything else? Just my Richard.
I don't understand why someone would want to take him.
It is made of silver.
I suppose somebody could pawn it off or melt it down.
That urn was all I had left of him.
A few years ago, I had a house fire.
I only had time to grab one thing, and of course I You took your husband.
Of course.
I lost everything else.
Photos, cards, mementos.
All I had left were memories and that urn.
Well, we will do whatever we can to get it back to you.
Yeah, that's a promise.
Thoughts? Stolen property case, not much value.
Could be a drug addict looking for a quick flip.
Yeah, odd, though, that they left several items behind of greater value.
I guess it's easier to steal a ten-inch urn than a 50-inch flat-screen.
Unfortunately for our client, even if we do manage to recover the urn, the likelihood of that bag of ashes still being inside seems kind of remote.
Yeah, but you saw how important it was to her.
We have to try.
You know, it would be remiss of me if I didn't point out that you really should have vetted this case more thoroughly when you spoke to Mrs.
I was wondering how long it was gonna take for you to bring that up.
Well, it was a pretty big screwup, Magnum, even for you.
Oh, come on.
You got to be kidding me.
We were here for less than an hour.
You better remember to pay this one, Magnum, 'cause while the Ferrari is Robin's, and the registration is under his name, the vehicle - is your responsibility.
- My car, my responsibility.
Yes, I know.
You told me a hundred times.
Well, you still haven't managed to pay off the cost of the two new tires.
I'm trying to get Five-O to cover that.
D-Do you even see a sign? I don't see a sign anywhere that says "no parking.
" Oh, come on.
That's not fair.
I-It's completely hidden behind the tree.
I can definitely fight this.
Hang on.
If you didn't see the "no parking" sign, then maybe the thief didn't, either.
Maybe they got a ticket, too.
Look what I found on the Internet.
Hmm? HU, baby.
Now, listen, I thought we could have our very own Wall of Fame.
So do me a favor, slap your signature down on that bad boy.
Oh, man.
Nobody's ever asked me for my autograph, man.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
Oh, listen, could you do me a favor? Could you sign it "Mr.
Irrelevant"? I know you're sensitive about the whole thing, so why don't we go with "Theodore Calvin, aka Mr.
Irrelevant"? Go.
Look, I ain't doing that.
Oh, come on.
Why not? Man, it's Being the last pick in the draft is not something I'm proud of.
Yeah, but you were drafted, man, that's awesome.
Please? Come on.
Please? Sign it.
- Please? - This is messed up, man.
All right.
Irrelevant here.
Pretty big dea Well, a minor big deal.
All right, all right.
Let me see what you got, let me see what you got.
"To my good friend Orville.
" Well played, my friend.
Very well played.
Dre! Dre! Dre! Dre! What's going on over there? I guess Eddie got some kind of bonus down at the car dealership, started buying rounds for everybody, and then some genius mistook him for Andre Reed.
Hall of Famer Andre Reed? The very one.
And I guess he decided to go with it.
- Whatever you need.
- Excuse me, Mr.
Reed? Sorry to bother you, but I work at the local pediatric hospital, and a lot of our kids are huge football fans.
Would you be able to visit while you're on the island and sign some autographs? No, no, no.
He wouldn't.
I'd be happy to.
Oh, my God.
Here's my card.
Um Mr.
Reed? Andre Reed? Can you come over here and have a word with us for just a second? I know you're busy, but could we have a few moments of your precious time, sir? - Thank you.
- I will be right back.
Hey, man, thanks for not blowing my cover.
Yeah, uh, Eddie, about that Look, visiting that hospital, it's a bad idea.
I couldn't say no.
Come on, brother.
You remember what it was like.
You played once.
I mean, you didn't play on my level Dude, you're not Andre Reed.
Yeah, look, h-he's right.
You can't go around pretending to be somebody you're not.
Especially to a bunch of sick kids, too.
What's wrong with letting a few kids thinking I'm Andre Reed if it's gonna make them happy? Another round.
You're buying.
No problem.
This ain't gonna end well.
You know, Hawaii actually has an app that allows you to pay your parking fines.
Yes, but you saw the branch.
Right? It was completely blocking the sign.
I mean, I can fight this.
If I fight it, I don't have to pay it.
That would be an insane waste of time and court costs.
Just pay the bloody fine, Magnum.
You know, on principle, for everybody that the system failed, I will fight this and I will not pay it.
- Well, you're gonna lose.
- Have a little faith in me.
I can't believe you're being this cheap.
I mean, you screwed up.
Just own it.
What is wrong with you today? Oh, can't I be exasperated at your unwillingness to admit fault and admit responsibility for once? No, it's not that.
It's something else.
Spill it.
It'll make you feel better.
My visa's expired.
What are you talking about? When Robin first hired me, I thought the job might be temporary, so I applied for a temporary visa and now it's up.
If they won't renew it, then, I mean, I have to go back to the U.
to reapply, and that could take some time.
Well, how long? Six months, maybe more.
Well, what are you gonna do about it? Well, I have an immigration lawyer, obviously, who's working on it.
But, um, understandably, it's kind of stressful, so Sorry for taking it out on you.
You still have to pay that ticket.
- Could you grab that? - Yeah.
It's my HPD contact.
Okay, so he says that there was a car ticketed on Lynn's road at 10:43 last night.
Lines up with the approximate time of the robbery.
He's forwarded the registered owner's I.
The vehicle is owned by one Scottie Liu.
No record.
Lives in Mililani.
What are you two doing here? Was about to ask you the same question.
We're following a lead on the missing urn case.
Who's the victim? Name's Scottie Liu.
Lived in the building.
Neighbors heard a noise, found him dead.
Looks like a homicide.
- You said you were working a lead? - Yeah.
We think that Scottie Liu may have been our thief.
Well, either it's a crazy coincidence or These two crimes are related.
So what can you tell us about Scottie Liu? Well, he's a hospice nurse over at King's Medical.
Had a girlfriend.
We're looking for her now.
Okay, so gainful employment and a steady relationship.
Our "drug addict looking for a quick flip" theory kind of doesn't seem to fit.
Assuming Liu is our thief, why the hell would he break into a house to steal an urn? I am just here to solve his murder.
Whatever Liu wanted to do with your urn, that's for you to find out.
You got five minutes.
Don't disturb anything.
Apply for an extension? Huh? For your visa.
So you can buy yourself some - time to renew it? - Oh! You can do that? Wow.
Yes, of course I did it was denied.
Well, you know, you, uh, can always overstay your visa.
You have 180 days.
Yeah, and 171 days ago, that might have been an option.
So you've already overstayed your visa.
And if I'm still here in ten days, I get barred from reentering the United States for three years.
Three years? You know, there is, there is one thing you can do.
What's that? Well we can get married.
- Come again? - You know, we get married, you get your green card.
Problem solved.
Surely you're not serious.
No, I'm totally serious.
You know that marrying for a green card is illegal.
I don't see any other option, do you? Magnum, I'm not gonna commit a crime.
Well, the offer's still on the table.
Thank you for your generous proposal, but I'm going to, uh respectfully decline.
Okay, well, what are you gonna do? I don't know.
My lawyer will figure it out.
No sign of any urn.
I'm guessing Scottie must've got rid of it somehow.
Or he stashed it somewhere.
Maybe we should go to the M.
's office, see what Noelani can tell us about his murder.
Let's hustle, she's probably already filling in Katsumoto.
Wait, Magnum, this is a loading zone.
Oh, come on, you're not seriously going to use the ticket from a previous infraction to avoid a second one on the same day? What are they gonna do, ticket me twice? Wha Come on.
We miss anything? No, I was just about to tell Detective Katsumoto that Mr.
Liu's C.
was blunt force trauma to the head.
He was struck twice in the parietal bone, which caused intracranial hemorrhaging.
He's also showing some defensive bruising, which suggests there was likely a struggle before the fatal blows.
Any idea what the killer hit him with? That's where it gets tricky.
This is Mr.
Liu's skull.
See the fracture right here? It has a unique shape.
And it doesn't match any common instruments used in a murder like this, such as a hammer or a bat.
When CSU processed the apartment, they didn't find any trace evidence on anything that could've been used as the murder weapon.
Hold on.
Could this have done it? Yeah.
Yeah, that could definitely be a match.
Thanks, Magnum.
You might've just done my job for me.
Okay, so if our missing urn was indeed the murder weapon, then it confirms that Scottie Liu was our thief.
Since we didn't find the urn at his apartment, it means that the killer must've taken it with them.
Which could mean he was after the urn to begin with.
Or the killer just didn't want to leave it behind, because his prints were on it.
Well, either way, we find the killer, we find the urn.
And our client's husband's ashes.
Thank you, Dr.
No problem.
I'm gonna check in with the unis.
See if our canvass turned up any leads.
Keep us in the loop? Sure, same as you do for me.
If Mr.
Liu's killer was after the urn, it begs the question What the hell is it about that urn that people are willing to rob and kill for? Exactly.
Maybe there's something else inside the urn.
You know, obviously, besides the ashes.
Something valuable.
- Such as? - I don't know.
But maybe we should talk to our client.
See if there's something she didn't tell us.
You got to be kidding me.
What did you think? That you could flagrantly disobey traffic regulations twice in one day without repercussion? What happened to "lightning never strikes twice"? Uh, I believe the saying is "lightning never strikes the same place twice.
" You think there was something else inside Richard's urn? I'm sorry but that's Insane, yes, we know.
But people don't just go around stealing urns, Mrs.
And this one was stolen, uh twice in less than 12 hours.
Well, as far as I know, there was nothing else in there, except Richard.
Do you recognize this man? Wait.
He's a nurse at King's Medical.
Richard's older brother Buddy was in hospice care there.
I visited him before he passed and this man was the nurse who was taking care of him.
Hold on.
This was Buddy.
I was his only living relative.
Okay, so before Buddy Yang dies, he tells Scottie Liu something that compels him to go to Lynn's house to steal that urn.
There had to be something valuable in it.
That's the only explanation.
If that's the case, then why not confide in our client, who's family? Why tell, essentially, a total stranger? Well, if Scottie was his hospice nurse, he wasn't a complete stranger.
Yeah, but you see my point.
Yeah, I understand.
On the other hand, though, I mean, if Buddy was willing to tell Scottie something he knew about the urn, then maybe he also told someone else.
Yeah, we got to see whoever Buddy talked to before he died.
Maybe head to the hospital to see if we can get a list of visitors.
I mean, hospital's probably not likely to hand out confidential patient records.
Why not? Buddy's dead.
I don't think that matters, Magnum.
Maybe we should ask Gordon for help.
If we ask Gordon, we're gonna have to get a-a search warrant.
It's gonna eat up valuable time.
I say we just go down there and take care of it ourselves.
The security office will have the visitor logs.
Do you have a plan? Not really.
I'm not really comfortable winging it, Magnum.
I have an idea.
I'd be lying if I said I didn't have any doubts about this plan.
What are you talking about? The plan is great.
I just don't think anyone's gonna buy you as a physician.
Do I have to remind you about the time when I played Dr.
Thomás Caballé, world-renowned brain surgeon, and executed it flawlessly? I thought he was a vascular surgeon.
You may be right, actually.
Don't worry about it.
The-the plan's gonna work, all right? Just sit tight.
I'll be back.
Uh, would you mind giving us a hand - Kanoa? - What's wrong? There's a patient in 417.
He's getting kind of worked up.
We think he may become violent.
Could you help us out? Of course.
Appreciate it.
Oh, uh You know what? I got to head to the OR.
Would you mind going down there and I'll just see you there in a bit? - You got it.
- Perfect.
Oh, come on, come on, come on, come on Wait, Doctor? Doctor? Can I get some help? What seems to be the problem, sir? My bed pan's full.
You know what? I'll-I'll get an orderly right away, just Yeah, yeah, but wait, I've been waiting a while now.
I-I know you're a doctor, but can't you help me out here? Don't ask.
Did you get it? Yeah, yeah, I got it.
But next time you're going undercover.
Okay, so other than our client, the only visitor that Buddy Yang had was a Father Paul S.
- A priest? - Yeah.
He's the parish priest at St.
Bernadette church.
According to the visitor logs, our victim Scottie Liu was the one who signed him in.
I can only assume he was there to administer Buddy's last rites.
Well, still, if he talked to Buddy before he died, he's someone we should talk to.
Oh, my God.
What's going on? You got to check this out.
"Top Ten Shaved Ice on Oahu"? Scroll further down.
Oh, boy.
"Ex-NFL Star Visits Sick Kids.
" I can't believe he actually went through with it.
What's wrong with this guy? I mean, lying to a bunch of kids.
- Who does that? - I mean I guess Eddie's a car salesman; lying probably comes naturally to him.
It's probably just second nature.
He name-checked La Mariana.
Yeah, I know, he said it was his favorite place to drink.
And, normally, I'd be all for the free publicity, but not if we're gonna get it this way.
Well, that does it.
You got to ban the guy.
From the bar? Hell yeah.
What he did wasn't cool.
Uh, yeah, look, I-I'm not saying what Eddie did was right, but telling the guy he can't drink here? That seems a bit extreme, don't you think? Look, he was scamming customers.
Yeah, but nobody got hurt.
But it ain't about that.
Look, I don't know if you looked around, but I-I just don't think we can afford to turn people away right now.
Yeah, but if you let this slide, it's like you're saying it's all right.
Come on.
What are we, the integrity police? Look, it's none of our business.
Right? And besides, we've all made stupid mistakes.
Look, man, you do what you want to do.
I mean, this is your place.
But you set the tone here.
Think about it.
What? Well, I You won't marry me, but we find ourselves inside a church, waiting for a priest.
I actually can't believe you'd even float that absurd idea.
Way I see it, it's the only way out of that visa issue.
Magnum, it would be an illegal sham.
Would it, though? I mean, w-we're kind of like a-a married couple ten years in.
We sleep under the same roof, we get on each other's nerves.
We don't sleep together.
That's kind of some people's definition of a marriage.
Magnum, we're not getting married, all right? Not now, not ever.
My lawyer will fix this.
I'm Father Brendan.
You asked to speak with me? Hi.
Uh, Thomas Magnum and Juliet Higgins.
We're private investigators.
We just had a question about somebody you visited in hospice last week.
Buddy Yang.
What is this about? This morning, Mr.
Yang's nurse Scottie Liu was found murdered.
We think it had something to do with an urn he stole that contained the ashes of Buddy's brother.
I see.
We believe that the killer might have been after the urn as well.
And we were wondering if Buddy might have told you something that might explain why? I'm afraid whatever Mr.
Yang said is between himself and God.
Okay, so he did tell you something.
I'm sorry, but the Sacrament of Penance is a sacred one.
I'm forbidden from disclosing anything that was said to me.
Father Brendan, if you have information that could help us catch Mr.
Liu's killer, you really need to be forthcoming.
I know this might be difficult to understand, but I took an oath.
I'm bound by Church law and by God.
I wish I could help.
I truly do.
But I'm afraid there's nothing I can tell you.
I'm sorry.
You see the way he reacted when I first mentioned the urn? Yeah, he barely reacted at all.
Yeah, exactly.
He wasn't surprised.
It's like he knows what this is about.
I can't compel a priest to break the Seal of Confession.
So, there's nothing you can do? Even if there were, some things are sacred.
Okay, well, at least tell us you have something on Scottie Liu's murder.
Wish I could.
CSU processed the scene.
There were no prints.
And no one in the building saw anything suspicious.
What about Scottie's girlfriend? You talk to her? We did.
Last week, he said he was about to come into a lot of money.
Said he overheard something that was gonna change his life, didn't give her any details.
Never mentioned Buddy Yang or an urn.
That doesn't really give us anything new to go on.
But, I mean, at least it confirms our suspicion that there was something of value inside that urn.
Most likely, what Scottie overheard was Buddy's confession to Father Brendan.
What can you tell me about Buddy? What do you guys know about him? So, according to our client, he went into corporate security after he left the Army.
He also did some private security work for a handful of wealthy families here on the island.
If he did security work for any prominent families, chances are he had some interaction with the department.
I'll ask some of the older guys if they knew him.
In the meantime, I'm gonna take another crack at Father Brendan, see if I can get him to reveal what he knows.
I doubt you'll get anywhere.
I mean, he's a man of God, right? He can't just ignore the fact that a person's been murdered.
I wouldn't be so sure about that.
Well, I still have to try.
You think you're gonna wear him down just like you do everyone else? Gordon's right.
It's a fool's errand.
Maybe, but it's worth a shot.
Let me tell y'all.
My favorite game of all time is The Comeback, playing in the AFC wild card.
Down 32 points against Houston.
I had three touchdowns in the second half.
- Epic.
- Yeah, man, it was a great game.
Great game.
How long is he gonna keep this up? Yeah, I-I You know what? I got a feeling not for long.
- You ratted him out? - No, man, I'm not a snitch.
- This thing went viral.
- Sir? - I don't think I would - I need you to come with us.
You're under arrest.
What? Why? You can't go around impersonating a famous football player.
What's he talking about? I can explain.
Come on.
Stand up.
Guys, come on.
Dude, we warned you.
Higgins and Katsumoto are probably right.
Maybe this is a waste of time.
Father Brendan took a vow he can't break.
But Higgins and I also made a promise, to our client.
Father Brendan? Father? Mr.
Magnum? What are you doing here? Are you alone? Yes.
Is everything okay? Stay here.
Who the hell are you? Easy.
I asked you a question.
Stop! I don't want to shoot you! You have nowhere to go.
Let's just talk.
Come on, man.
I'm not a cop.
I'm just looking for an urn.
No! That was fast.
Yeah, I was on my way back to Robin's Nest when you called.
So, care to fill me in? Guy's name was Gregory Fallon, a local, had an arrest record.
Assault and possession of a weapon.
Do we yet know how he's connected to our case? No.
We ran Fallon's car.
Turns out it was picked up by a plate reader two blocks from Scottie Liu's apartment around Liu's time of death.
So Fallon may have killed Liu.
Well, if that's the case, then it's likely that Fallon had the urn.
I think he did.
We used Fallon's fingerprint to unlock his phone.
Found two texts to another number.
First one said "Got it," and was sent shortly after Scottie Liu's time of death.
Okay, so by "it," we can assume he was referring to the urn.
If he was sending updates, he was working with somebody else.
What about the second text? Just a number: four-three-six-two.
Nothing else, but we're tracing the number those texts were sent to.
Meantime, I've sent officers to Fallon's house to search for the urn.
Okay, well, if we're right about Fallon having the urn, then it begs one huge question.
If there was something valuable inside that urn, and Fallon already had it, then why would he come here to confront Father Brendan? Father, he had a handgun and gloves, and was lying in wait.
It's obvious that man came here to do you harm.
And this man risked his life to save you.
And I am in your debt.
But my answer is still the same.
Two people are dead now, Father.
And we think Fallon wasn't the only person involved.
We think there's someone else, which means you could still be in danger.
I understand, but I have to follow my faith, no matter the risk.
It's okay.
I respect your decision.
I think, uh I think we all do.
Thank you, Father.
Thank you.
I know you'll do all you can to solve this crime.
Now, if you'll excuse me, there's something I have to do.
The man who came to hurt me he may have been a killer, but someone should pray for his soul.
All right.
Got a hit on the number Fallon texted.
Belongs to a man named James Hutton.
He grew up on the island, but moved to the mainland 40 years ago.
Here we are.
James Nicolas Hutton.
He was the sole heir to his family's vast real estate holdings on the island.
Sold it off piecemeal in the late '80s.
Looks like he's only grown his family's fortune since then.
Wealthy family could have a connection to Buddy.
They might have been one of the families that Buddy did security work for.
- May I? - Yeah, of course.
Hutton's in the system.
Couple DUIs in the '70s.
And that's not all.
Seems he was a suspect in a fatal hit-and-run.
In July of '79, a woman on a bike was struck and killed on Roundtop Drive.
But when the cops got there, the driver was nowhere to be found.
The car was registered to Hutton.
Okay, so Hutton struck a pedestrian and then escaped on foot.
Sounds like an honorable chap.
Well, it says here he told HPD his car had been stolen earlier that night.
Still, the detectives who were working the case suspected he was the one behind the wheel.
And that he was heavily under the influence.
- Why wasn't he ever arrested? - He had an alibi.
Said he was on the other side of the island at the time of the accident.
Two people verified it.
Come on, a rich kid like that could have bought that alibi.
Okay, we still don't know how Hutton's connected to our missing urn.
My guys just searched Fallon's house.
No urn.
Well, we need to retrace Fallon's steps.
See where he went after Liu's apartment but before the church.
He had to have dropped the urn off somewhere in between.
There might be something in his financials.
Hang on.
Okay, so, a few recurring charges.
Only one charge from today.
This is weird.
It's a one-night stay at the Okalani Hotel.
I mean, he's a local, right? Yeah.
So why rent a hotel room? Hold on.
What was the second text that Fallon sent to Hutton the number? 4-3-6-2.
I think I know what that is.
- We got to get to the hotel.
- Why? Because I think that's where the urn's at.
There's something here on top of the ashes.
Looks like undeveloped film.
This format hasn't been used for years.
Seems there must be something on there that was worth killing over.
We have to get that developed right away.
Developing old cartridge film is tricky.
It involves a cocktail of chemicals, photo paper and a little luck.
You do it wrong, and it's lost to time.
How do you know how to do this? Well, when I was kid, my neighbor was a P.
and he asked me to run errands for him one summer.
Actually had a dark room, taught me how to develop film.
So I presume this chap is the one who inspired you to pursue this profession? Here I thought you became a P.
to annoy me.
Actually worked.
- This is interesting.
- What's that? Look for yourself.
I'm thinking that's the aftermath of that hit-and-run that HPD thought Hutton was involved with.
You can see Hutton in some of these.
These photos contradict everything he told detectives back in '79.
- May I? - Yeah.
We need to find out who shot this roll of film and why these photos never came to light.
Assuming he was working for the Hutton family, Buddy probably had something to do with it.
Either he paid off the photographer or worse.
But either way, he got his hands on that film.
And then he told his employer that he destroyed it, but instead he hung on to it for insurance or for future leverage.
But whatever the motives were, I mean, putting it inside that urn was a stroke of genius.
I mean, no one's gonna look for it there or let anything happen to it.
It's essentially like putting it in a safe deposit box.
Except the guilt of the cover-up weighs on him.
And he confesses to Father Brendan about the evidence, the urn, the whole thing.
Only, Scottie Liu overhears the admission and decides to cash in.
Hutton's a wealthy guy.
And there's no statute of limitations on manslaughter.
It's the perfect circumstances for a blackmail play.
So Hutton sends Fallon to kill Liu and recover the film.
And then Fallon goes after Father Brendan to close the loop.
I mean yes, but this is all conjecture at this point.
Well, that's true, but there is one way to test this theory.
Fallon left the film for Hutton.
There's no way he's not gonna go back to pick it up.
Ten minutes.
A guest left a key here for me.
The name's James Hutton.
HPD, Mr.
Let me see your hands.
Hey, what is this? We know you hired Gregory Fallon to recover evidence from a hit-and-run you committed 41 years ago.
And we know you just flew in from L.
by private jet to come pick it up.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will be held against you in a court of law.
They let him out, huh? Oh, after he paid a pretty hefty fine, pretty much ate up that big bonus of his.
Yeah, tell me about it.
Been sitting there nursing that same cheap beer for hours.
Don't think he'll be buying many rounds anytime soon.
Mm, mm, mm.
- Yo.
- What? Oh.
Hey, what's up, man? I'm Andre Reed.
Yeah, we know that.
Hey, I'm Rick.
This is TC.
Thanks for coming down.
What? I called Robin, Robin knew a guy, of course, who knew Andre, they smoothed the whole thing over.
Yeah, he convinced me not to press any charges.
Then he sent a private jet to come pick me up so I could come visit with the kids.
Robin does it again.
So this is where it all started, huh? Yeah.
Look, man, we're really sorry.
Our boy Eddie over there he got carried away trying to be you.
That guy looks nothing like me.
- That's what we said.
- That's what we said.
Anyway, I got to get over to the hospital, make it up to these kids.
Hey, I'll give you a ride.
Let's do it.
Hey, can we talk about the comeback? As long as we don't talk about the four Super Bowls.
According to HPD, Buddy was known as a fixer back in the day, and did some very questionable things for his clients, including threats, bribes, extortion, but never anything quite like this.
I swear I had no idea Buddy was involved in anything like that.
My husband kept it from me.
Well, it's likely that he didn't know.
I mean, Buddy wouldn't be the first man to keep secrets from his family.
My dear Richard is back with me now, and I have the both of you to thank for that.
Thank you for finding him.
Of course.
Well, I think it's been a pretty successful day.
We returned the urn, and after 41 years, brought a criminal to justice.
Yeah, your two parking tickets not withstanding, I say I agree.
Hello? Yes.
I understand.
Thank you.
Everything okay? It's my immigration lawyer.
He filed an emergency appeal, but it was denied.
So it looks like I'm gonna have to go back to the UK to renew my visa.
He said he was gonna take care of everything.
Well, obviously, he couldn't.
Okay, well, worst-case scenario, you got to go back to the UK for six months, right? Yeah, that's if I'm really lucky.
He said that there's a backlog of visa applicants so it could take much longer, and 'cause I overstayed so long, there is a chance that they'll deny me entirely.
I guess you really do only have one option left.
Magnum, stop it.
It's not funny anymore.
I'm not being funny.
I'm telling you the truth.
I think you should seriously consider.
Magnum, it would be a total fraud.
I mean, you're the hopeless romantic among us.
Surely, this wedding wouldn't be an ideal situation for you.
It's crazy that you even suggest it.
Okay, it's not ideal, but we'll figure it out.
We-we can get an annulment later.
It's It's fine.
I don't think that's the problem, though.
I think it's that you don't know how to accept help.
What are you talking about? You think asking for help is some kind of sign of weakness.
But it's not.
It's the complete opposite of that.
Y Look, you've had my back since before we were even partners.
Let me help you.
This is insane.
I don't see any other option.
I mean, you do want to stay in Hawaii, don't you? Yes.
Well, okay then.
You have no other choice.
So, that being the case will you fake marry me? Okay.
I will.
Really? Yes, I Yes.
Okay then.
You do realize that we're gonna have to undergo an very rigorous marriage-based green card interview.
We'll ace it.
Which will require immense concentration, preparation and study.
- I'm not worried.
- Okay, just don't be cocky, all right? Not about this.
Whatever you say, Mrs.
And don't call me that.
Like, ever.
- Okay.
- Ever.

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