Magnum P.I. (2018) s02e18 Episode Script

A World of Trouble

1 Cinco de Mayo Magnum! Magnum! Magnum, I can literally hear this music all the way from the study! Oh, my God.
Hey, Higgins.
(GRUNTS) Jin, are you kidding me? Get loose, take a couple of What? Are you shocked that I'm crashing with Magnum or that I'm really good at billiards? Uh, I'm shocked that you're running around naked.
I thought Europeans were cool about this kind of thing.
Oh, I get it.
The temptation's too strong.
- It's all about controlling your urges.
- Jin, it is about having the common courtesy to wear clothes when you're a guest in somebody's home.
All right.
That makes sense.
My bad.
Okay, great.
Would you just go and cover up, please? I can't.
Today is laundry day.
Literally everything that I own is being washed right now.
How long have you even been here? Couple of days.
Oh, congratulations on the wedding, by the way.
I always saw you and Magnum together.
All right, Jin, we're not together, as you know.
I'm sure Magnum explained that this is just a-a, a business arrangement.
It's about the green card.
You should've called me, by the way.
I could've hooked you up.
Jin, we wanted to do this legally.
All right? - (CLANG) - It's about staying in the country and out of prison.
" I hate to break it to you, future Mrs.
M, but you're still committing a crime.
I Oh, my God.
No, it's (SCOFFS) You're the one committing a crime.
Masters spent $20,000 on that pool table that you are currently mounting.
Would you just please get off it? Right after this shot.
Where is Magnum, anyway? Out.
Something about the upcoming nuptials.
(CHUCKLES) KAMEKONA: All right! - Whoa! - (CHUCKLES) Check this guy out.
RICK: Magnum.
Thomas Magnum.
(CHUCKLES) Looking sharp, TM.
It's pretty nice, right? Fits like a glove, bruddah.
- (SOUND OF DOGS BARKING) - Give me a sec, fellas.
- It's my fiancée.
- (LAUGHTER) Hey, Higgy.
Where are you? Our client meeting in Wahiawa is in 30 minutes, and the traffic is bad.
Oh, yeah.
No, I'm getting fitted for a tux right now.
You know you can just wear - a normal suit for this, right? - Yeah, but the more legit it looks, the more likely they're gonna rubber-stamp your green card.
Yeah, I know.
I just You're really putting yourself out for this.
No, no.
Actually, Kamekona's buddy is hooking me up with a tux.
I just I don't want to be a burden.
Listen, we really are running late.
It's best if we meet there.
It's Wahiawa Elementary School.
I'll text you the address.
I got to go, guys.
Us, too.
Don't forget.
Bachelor party.
9:00 p.
Kammy, Shammy.
MAGNUM: I got to say, when I brought up the marriage plan to Higgins, I was just trying to help a friend.
But now I'm actually kind of excited.
Before he died, my dad told me two of the most important things a man leaves behind are his friends and his family.
Doing this marrying Higgins keeps my friends and my family together.
(SCHOOL BELL RINGS) KUMU: Better not be this late to the altar.
I wouldn't dare.
Come on.
I'll introduce you to Principal Mahelona.
You pick your bridesmaids yet? Yes.
Kumu has actually agreed to be my maid of honor.
And I've asked Noelani to be a bridesmaid as well.
Other than that, I don't know too many women on the island, so I was thinking about asking Tani and Quinn.
Quinn? Score for Rick.
This is Thomas and Juliet.
- Thank you for coming all this way.
- Hi.
Oh, yeah.
Don't mention it.
Anything for a friend of Kumu's.
Please take a seat.
- (DOOR CLOSES) - So, how can we help you? For as long as I've been here, the school has been underfunded.
But for the past 18 months, we've been blessed with a benefactor.
They've donated school supplies, gym equipment, even computers.
That's very generous.
It's made a profound difference.
The crazy thing is, we have no idea who this person is.
How is that? Well, when the first gift arrived, it came with instructions to use a suggestion box that is to be left outside the building.
All we had to do was put a note in the box.
Any items we asked for magically appeared in a few days.
They must have been dropped off in the middle of the night.
Kind of like writing to Santa.
And their only request was they wished to remain anonymous.
So we never publicized the donations or tried to learn who was behind them.
But now we need to know.
And why is that? Because I'm worried something's happened to them.
MAGNUM: If you don't know who it is, how could you know that? Normally, when a note is left in the box, it's gone the next day.
Five days ago, I left a note in the box, and it's still there.
I really feel like something's wrong.
Well, there are plenty of reasons why that note might not have been picked up.
We teach caring and compassion here, as well as academics.
I tell our students that one act of kindness leads to another and another and another.
Whoever this person is, they're a guardian angel to our school.
I just need to know that they're okay.
Well, we'd be happy to, uh, take the case.
Now, about your rate No, no, no.
There's no need to discuss that.
Um, we're happy to do it pro bono.
Kumu, I told you I didn't want any special favors on account of our friendship.
I don't think that's it.
MAGNUM: Listen, you said it yourself.
One act of kindness leads to another.
We can't take your money.
I'm gonna stay and go through the security footage.
It's a good thing we're doing this pro bono.
It's one of those cases that could drag on forever.
That happens? Yeah.
Clients end up burning through a lot of cash because it's practically impossible to solve.
But this is basically a missing persons case, and we've handled plenty of those before.
Yeah, but this time we don't even know who the missing person is.
(BELL CLANGING) (INDISTINCT CHATTER) Attention, everybody! Attention! I need everybody's attention in the bar, please.
That includes you in the back! Listen up! Today, we have the honor to have a true American hero in our presence.
Master Gunnery Sergeant Sean Murphy, whose career with the U.
Marines ends after 30 years of service.
Can you believe it? Huh? - Can you believe it? - (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) In that time, Murph has saved lives, defended freedom, and protected this great nation of ours.
Everybody raise up your glasses.
To Murph.
Welcome to paradise.
Love you, pal.
- MAN: Yeah, Murph! - You.
- Oorah! - MAN 2: Oorah! (CHEERING) - Was that really necessary? Huh? - Oh.
Come on.
- (LAUGHING) - Don't be embarrassed.
I meant every word of it, too, pal, all right? - So, it's real, man.
- Yeah.
You're taking off your boots for good.
How do you feel? I can't believe it's over.
I'm gonna miss it.
But I got to say I'm kind of excited about starting a new life.
And what better place than here? Hey, listen, you ready for that interview I lined up for you? Orville, relax.
The man's been here a day and a half.
I thought taking off his uniform meant taking it easy.
Taking it easy's not my thing, all right? Yeah, listen, my buddy Ronnie runs a shipping dock.
He's looking for a few new security guys.
- Sounds like a dream gig.
- Yeah.
After executing raids downrange, I think I can handle protecting a dock, right? - (LAUGHING) - Piece of cake.
Hey, look, for real, guys, I'm glad it's you two that are helping me make the move.
I love you guys.
We love you, man.
- Glad you're here, Murph.
- RICK: Hey.
Glad you're here.
KUMU: I can't thank you enough for helping Makani.
Of course.
Someone like her deserves it.
KUMU: She's always been a good person.
Went to college on the mainland.
Could have done anything but came back here to teach.
A few years ago, she took over the school.
Done wonders with the place.
- Hey.
Any updates? - No.
I'm just taking another partial print and running it now.
- You? - Yes, actually.
A couple months ago, the benefactor donated 15 monitors to the school.
I found a SKU on the back of one of the boxes, traced it back to a Home Buy 21 store in Kapolei.
The manager's checking to see if they can locate the buyer.
(BEEPING) - Anything? - Unfortunately not.
Might not matter.
This is the, uh, manager now.
Are you sure? Okay.
Thank you.
- (BEEP) - What is it? Well, according to the manager, those monitors were stolen.
So the benefactor donated stolen goods? Yeah.
Seems as though our missing person is a thief.
Is that my aloha shirt? Correction it's our shirt.
I didn't think you'd mind.
Yeah, I do mind.
- Okay, I'll just take it off, then.
- No, no, no, no, no.
Your naked image is already burned into my retina forever, thank you very much.
Don't ask.
- So, should I change or not? I - No, no, no.
We have more pressing matters.
I love police reports.
We need you to look at the report and see if you recognize the M.
For my expertise to be most effective, I need context.
So, a bunch of items were anonymously donated to Wahiawa Elementary School.
We traced the serial numbers back to several big chain stores on the island.
All of the items were stolen.
So we were wondering if you could maybe help us identify the thief.
Hang on.
Wait, someone did all the legwork, risked their freedom, got away with it, and then just gave all the stuff away? Yeah.
Kind of like a modern-day Robin Hood.
More like a modern-day idiot.
As a former thief, I'm deeply offended.
Jin, the reports.
Sorry, roomie.
- Please don't call me that.
- Oh, yeah.
That's reserved for the little missus.
(CHUCKLES) Anyway, um, okay.
Well, our Robin Hood is definitely working alone.
How could you possibly know that? Well, check it out.
The security alarms were turned off three minutes before the cameras went off-line.
So he did one thing and then another thing.
A crew would have done it simultaneously.
- Hmm.
- He's definitely stealing in bulk.
There's no way he's putting all that merch inside his pocket.
He needs a truck or a van.
Uh, unless they're stealing a new car for every score, they're definitely using the same vehicle every time.
Well, we do know the deliveries happened at night, and we do know which nights they happened.
So we just need to check the security cameras surrounding the school and see if the same van or truck pops up on each of the delivery nights.
Yeah, but there's not a lot of homes or businesses in the area.
There are traffic cams.
You know what? I'm gonna text Rick.
He knows a guy at the Department of Transportation who can help.
I wonder why the thief chose Wahiawa Elementary School.
I mean, plenty of schools are not doing so well.
Maybe there's a connection with the school.
You know how you give to an alma mater? You know, I gave money to Dickinson.
- That was your high school? - No, Squirrel Dickinson.
He was my mentor.
He was a legend.
You don't know about him? He taught me everything I know.
He was my alma mater, and I wanted to give back, so I gave money to the Squirrel's prison canteen account every month when he got busted.
(CHUCKLES) Oddly enough, your theory actually kind of makes sense.
We still just need to identify the thief and notify HPD.
Yes, we need to identify our Robin Hood and make sure they're safe.
That is the job.
Yeah, I know what the job is, Magnum, but our missing person is breaking the law.
They're stealing from a massive corporation, who I'm sure is insured, and delivering these goods to underprivileged children.
Magnum, it's still illegal and, therefore, wrong.
Look, without his help, these schools probably would've shut down.
I-In my opinion, this guy is a hero.
- Uh, we can't turn him into the cops.
- (PHONE CHIMES) (SIGHS) I forgot.
I have to, uh, attend to something.
I'm gonna meet you later, okay? Okay.
JIN: Whoa.
That was weird.
Maybe she's cheating on you already.
(CHUCKLES) Gordon.
Everything all right? I heard about the wedding.
- How did you? - Rick mentioned it.
Look, it's none of my business, but, uh but getting married for a green card is a bad idea.
And you and Magnum doing it, even worse.
What makes you say that? Because you work together.
And because the immigration people aren't dumb.
They'll ask your clients if you act like a couple.
Those clients will say no unless you maintain the lie.
And since you're always together, that means keeping it up constantly.
With your history undercover, you know how hard that is.
I do.
If you get caught, and you will the penalty's severe.
You'll both be arrested.
You'll get deported and Magnum will lose his license.
As a cop, I wish I didn't know any of this.
But as a friend, I don't want to see you guys get in trouble.
And by fake-marrying your business partner, you're headed down that road.
Can I ask why you wanted to talk to me about this alone? I respect the hell out of Magnum for stepping up to keep you here.
His heart's in the right place.
But in typical Magnum fashion, I'm pretty sure he didn't think it through.
You tend to have a more reasoned approach to things.
Thanks for your concern, Gordie.
I I appreciate it.
(SIGHS) RICK: We got a couple hours before the interview.
Do you want to prep? Come on, man, huh? - I'm not a kid.
I got this.
- Okay.
You know what you're gonna say? You ever even had a job interview? No.
High school I worked my old man's garage.
Then I enlisted.
All right.
(SIGHS) Look Murph, y-your experience in the Marines it-it's gonna make this security gig a no-brainer.
Right? Easy.
But you got to land the job first.
That means you got to go in and talk to Ronnie, the boss, and convince him that you really want the job and you're the best man for the job, right? Now, did you bring your résumé? (SIGHS) You forgot the résumé? Come on, give me a break, huh? For 30 years I wore my résumé.
Listen, service doesn't always translate the best in the civilian world.
Trust me.
I had to learn the hard way.
Look, I'll wing it.
I'm gonna be fine.
Murph, Murph, just stop for a second.
Murph, listen to me, man.
In the Corps, everything was laid out for us, right? They told you where you had to be, what you had to do.
But when you get out, you got to start all over again.
You know, you got to make up your own structure, your own schedule, your own life.
Now, listen, when I got out, if Robin Masters hadn't pulled the strings that he did for me to get me that job managing the club, I'd-I'd still be sitting in the parking lot of the ABC Store staring off into space.
All right, so what's your point? I'm trying to pay it forward.
I'm trying to do for you what Robin Masters did for me.
Now, listen, I-I know you're used to giving orders your whole life, but right now I need you to take one.
I need you to go in there, interview for that job, with the résumé, like any normal civvy.
You got it? I got it.
You got it? I got it.
I'm gonna go back to the motel, I'm gonna get my résumé together, I'm gonna be my normal charming self, and I'm gonna get that job.
All right.
Well, come back here.
We'll have a drink to celebrate.
All right? Love you, pal.
Go get that gig.
- Yeah.
- Go get it.
MAGNUM: I don't understand.
What is this? KAMEKONA: You're joking, bruddah.
It's the cake topper.
And the bride looks just like Higgins.
Yeah, but the groom looks nothing like me.
He's got blond hair.
Oh, yeah? There you go.
HIGGINS: Afternoon, gents.
Nice cake topper.
Is that? For us? Yeah.
Kamekona offered to bake us a wedding cake, free of charge.
That's very generous of you.
Thank you.
Did you get the traffic cam footage? Magnum, has it occurred to you that our partnership might affect the success of of this marriage? No, 'cause it's not a real marriage.
No, I know that.
I mean, perhaps the ruse will become too much of a challenge to keep up.
Ruses are our bread and butter.
We got this.
There it is.
Same truck from the night of the last delivery.
Fast-forward to the next one.
There it is again.
Truck is registered to one Kalohe Olu.
She could be our Robin Hood.
Looks like five days' worth.
Coffee grounds, but no coffee maker.
Find something? It's the notes Principal Mahelona left in the suggestion box.
So Kalohe is our Robin Hood? Yeah.
Now we just need to find her.
- MAGNUM: You catch that car? - Yeah.
- Looks like they're watching the house.
- They don't look - like law enforcement.
- Hmm.
(ENGINE STARTS) Sorry to bother you, but who are you gentlemen? Gun! (ENGINES REVVING, TIRES SQUEALING) Kalohe? Are you sure? We found proof at her home.
I take it you know her? I was her teacher years ago.
What can you tell us about her? Her family life was difficult.
Her father was a thief, in and out of prison, her mother had a drug problem, wasn't around much.
Would get clean, come back into Kalohe's life, then relapse.
Sounds awful.
It was.
Then I found out Kalohe was sleeping overnight at school.
From then on, I made sure she always had a place to stay, always had food.
Well, your concern for her obviously made an impact, and she wanted to give back to the school and to the person who helped her.
But the way she's going about it I know it's wrong.
But I also know her heart is in the right place.
You'll still help her, won't you? Of course we will.
We just have to find her first.
Did she have any other family? Anyone else she was close to? Yes.
There was a family friend who moved to the islands when Kalohe was a teenager.
I haven't seen Kalohe in months.
Do you know where we can find her? Sorry.
I don't.
Uh, please.
Kalohe's in trouble.
There are two men after her.
We just want to help her.
WOMAN: It's okay, Auntie.
How do I know you're not with them? Look, we can understand why you'd be skeptical.
But we were hired by Principal Makani Mahelona.
She's worried about you.
We haven't talked in years.
She asked us to find out who was leaving the gifts, and that investigation led us to you.
She told us how she helped you when you were a child.
Why don't you put the gun down so we can talk? Five nights ago, two guys grabbed me outside work, threw me in their trunk, took off.
But I managed to escape when the car slowed for a stop sign.
I presume you jumped out and ran away? Yeah.
It was the middle of nowhere.
They chased me, but I got away.
With what I've been doing, I I was too scared to go to the police.
Do you know why these men are after you? No.
But that's why I've been laying low.
In case they try again.
Odds are it has something to do with your extracurricular activities.
MAGNUM: Maybe you stole from the wrong people.
What's the last thing you took? That can't be it.
- Why do you say that? - Because the last thing I stole was 35 fire extinguishers from a warehouse club store in Waipahu.
The school needed it to get their building up to code.
MAGNUM: We have a list of all the retail robberies in the last 18 months, and there wasn't anything in Waipahu on that list.
Which means the store never reported the theft.
Maybe they haven't realized it yet? Or they didn't want HPD involved.
We got to get back to that school and check out those fire extinguishers.
Those guys are still after you, so it'd be best if you came with us.
- 'Cause it's All right.
All right.
- Yo.
Now you got to go way to TC's side.
It should be center with the ships.
Um, I can't see if it's centered.
- More to TC.
- Sorry, the outrigger.
- A little bit more.
All right - this is killing my shoulder, man.
We need it to be in the center of the outrigger.
But it's sagging.
I can't see its center.
Hang on, hang on, hang on, hang on.
Don't move.
Don't move.
- (PHONE BEEPS) - Hey, pal.
You ready for the best bachelor party you'll ever have? It's totally unnecessary.
RICK: Oh, come on.
You said it yourself.
It's, uh It's got to look legit.
It's all about the optics.
All right, fine.
But as long as you invite Murph.
Oh, yeah.
Murph? No, he wouldn't miss it for the world.
Hey, I'm sorry I couldn't make it earlier.
How's he doing, by the way? He get the job? Well, he's interviewing right now.
In fact, probably crushing it as we speak.
(PHONE BEEPING) Ah, you know what? This is my boy Ronnie.
I got to take this.
- Okay.
I'll talk to you.
- Bro.
It's Ronnie.
It's Ronnie.
Hey! Ronnie, how'd my boy do? SHAMMY: What do you think? Can't tell if it's good news or bad news.
Furrowed brow.
Pursed lip.
Rapid eye blinking.
It ain't good.
- All right, pal.
- Well? He didn't get it, did he? He never even showed up for the interview.
I mean, after all the strings I pulled, he bailed.
Doesn't sound like Murph.
He must have a good reason.
He'd better.
Straight to voice mail.
Hey, it's Rick.
Call me back.
(CAR DOORS CLOSE) First he bails on Ronnie, now he's ghosting us.
Better have a good explanation.
Hey, Murph! Murph, we're coming in! TC: Murph? What's going on, buddy? (EXHALES) I'm sorry, man, I just, uh I couldn't do it.
It's okay, Murph.
Just Just talk to us.
I was 18 when I enlisted.
Just a kid.
For the past 30 years, I ate and slept at the same time.
I had a mission every day.
I led men into battle.
I had a purpose.
But now it's like I don't even know who the hell I am anymore.
This right here.
This is who I am.
This is who I know how to be.
I can't go back, but (EXHALES SHARPLY) I'm a damn fool to think that I could do anything else.
I get it.
No, no, you don't.
You're wrong.
When I got back, I-I was lost.
I was terrified.
You know the you know that story I told you about Robin helping me out? Yeah.
Well, I left out the first half of that story.
I left out the part where I tried to reenlist.
Because just like you, I didn't think I'd fit in anywhere else.
- Sorry.
- RICK: He said I wanted to come back for the wrong reasons.
(PANTING) You really tried to go back? You know, I spent most of my adult life with a a rifle in my hand.
And I-I didn't know who I was gonna be without that.
You know, I-I didn't know if I would ever figure out who that guy was.
It took some time.
But I did.
You know, I had to fake it a lot.
I-I tried to stay busy, you know? But I had my buddies.
And turned out pretty good.
I'm happy for you.
But I'm not like you.
- (SCOFFS) - I'm not.
I appreciate you guys trying to help me.
I really do.
But if I was to get that job and-and and screw it up I mean, you vouched for me.
- Hey, I'd do it all over again.
- (SIGHS) So would this guy.
- Hell, yeah.
- Now, look, I-I got this guy, uh, Noah.
He works at the bar.
He-He's a vet.
He-He's trying to get his life back on track.
Why don't you join him? I mean, doing what? Anything.
I don't know.
I mean, look, i-it's not exciting, but it's a safe space.
And there'd be some leeway because I'm the boss.
Not too much leeway, but you'd have structure.
You'd have a schedule.
You know, just until you figure out what you want to do.
It could be good for you, Murph.
Hey, listen.
I'm giving you a shot.
Because you got to take a chance on yourself.
(EXHALES) I just don't believe in myself anymore.
You're Master Gunnery Sergeant Sean Murphy.
You made us into Marines.
Into men.
Believed in us when we didn't believe in ourselves.
Now we're gonna believe in you until you get there.
I want to bang - Magnum.
- Hey.
One of my HPD contacts ID'd the owner of the car parked outside Kalohe's house.
Uh, the guy's name is Owen Shaw.
He lives in Haleiwa.
- Rap sheet? - Long one.
I'm gonna send you what HPD has on him right now, plus his cell phone number.
Okay, stand by.
Got him.
Shaw appears to be on Kamehameha Highway.
He's heading north.
He could be going home.
I'll keep tabs on him.
MAGNUM: Great.
I'll meet you at the school.
Hi, Ms.
You're okay.
I know you won't accept payment, but I'm absolutely buying you two a wedding gift.
Kumu says you're getting married.
- Uh, yes.
Yes, we are.
- Right.
We are.
- This week, actually.
- Wow.
You guys don't seem like a couple.
Well, that's because, uh, we want to keep things, uh, professional.
Look, I don't want to cut this short, but we need to see your fire extinguishers.
It's very important.
- Fire extinguishers? - Yes.
Have they all been installed yet? No.
There's a few extras in the supply room.
The gauge says it's fully charged, but I don't feel the agent moving around inside.
Something's off.
There's definitely something in here, but it's not the agent.
May I? How'd you get so handy with a saw? DT was my favorite class at school.
Design technology I think you call it shop class.
You were right.
There's something in there.
That's certainly not gonna put out a fire.
- Is that? - Cocaine.
It looks like you stole these fire extinguishers from drug dealers.
We got to call Katsumoto.
I don't understand.
Why were they in the store? An employee must have been using them to smuggle the drugs.
Shaw's on the move.
He was going north on Kamehameha Highway, away from us.
Now he's coming south, and far more quickly.
If he veers off here onto the 80, then he's coming straight to us.
He turned.
He's coming this way.
How did he find me? - Maybe he found Kiana.
- Oh, my God.
Kiana knew where we were going and why.
That means they know the drugs are here, and they're coming for them.
She's not picking up.
I'm calling the police.
HPD's not gonna make it here before Shaw and his men do.
And we don't have enough time to clear everyone out of here.
MAGNUM: Look, we only have one play.
We got to get the rest of the drugs and lead Shaw and his men as far away from here as we can.
We got to move.
They're blocking our only way out.
- Grab a hold of something.
- (BUS ENGINE STARTS) (GUNFIRE) MAGNUM: We've got company.
If this bus has another gear, you'd better use it! I'm already redlining it! - Everyone, get down! - (GUNFIRE) Stay down! Hey, come up front.
I have an idea.
Stay down.
- What's the plan? - Hold onto something.
MAGNUM: Growing up, I didn't always love school, but in the sixth grade I had a teacher who made science fun.
Okay, everybody brace yourselves again.
One thing I remember, courtesy of Newton, is a body in motion will remain in motion, unless (TIRES SCREECHING) (PANTING) You all right? (HORN HONKING) Let's go, let's go.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) I brought you a gift.
Fire extinguishers? Wait till you see what's inside.
And you're certain about this? 'Cause you can take a few days to think about it, you know.
Thank you so much.
You're such a good friend.
(PHONE BEEPS OFF) Everything okay? Yes, everything's fine.
I just thought you'd want to know that I spoke to Makani.
It looks like the prosecuting attorney is going to grant Kalohe immunity in exchange for her testimony.
That's great news.
I'm so happy it's all working out.
I really can't thank you and Thomas enough.
Oh, it's a pleasure, of course.
You know, I feel guilty about not planning a bachelorette party for you.
Kumu do I really strike you as someone who's willing to place singles inside a G-string whilst wearing a pornographic crown? I guess that's more me, huh? (BOTH LAUGH) How about dinner, then? Yes, that'd be great.
Just, um, give me a few minutes.
- Hey.
Just heading out.
Oh, where are you going? Bachelor party.
Rick insisted.
Just so you know, you got nothing to worry about.
About that.
Thomas, I I've reconsidered my decision to marry you.
What are you talking about? I've been thinking about it, and I just think it's gonna be far too hard to pull it off.
I mean, our working partnership is gonna make it next to impossible, and if we get caught, the ramifications are too severe.
Yeah, but if you don't do this, they're gonna send you home.
I know.
So I am getting married.
Just to someone else.
I don't understand.
I expressed my concerns to another good friend, and he was willing to step in.
Well, okay.
Look, Thomas.
I'm really sorry to put you through all this.
For what it's worth, I really appreciate what you were willing to do for me.
You know? It means a lot.
So, who are you marrying? I cannot believe that you're doing it.
Look, if it's me, then Higgy don't got to pretend all the time.
We got a better chance of getting away with it.
And, hey, anything for family, right? Yeah.
Hey, speaking of family, you think Murph's gonna show up? (SIGHS) I don't know.
I mean, you can give somebody every opportunity, but it don't matter if they don't want it.
Feels like love So, how come you never told me that you tried to reenlist? Uh I don't know.
I was embarrassed.
You know, you, Thomas, Nuzo, you guys seemed to have it all figured out when we got back.
I was still finding my way.
Man, it might have looked easy, but it wasn't.
Look, you should've told us.
We would have been there for you.
- You know I always got your back, right? - Yeah.
I know you got my back.
And why is it so easy Yo, guys! Look who I found.
Oh! Ha, look what the Shammy drug in.
(SIGHS) Been thinking about the job.
Offer still stand? What, are you kidding me? Welcome aboard.
Come on.
Thank you.
- Happy to have you, brother.
- Happy to be here.
RICK: Hey, Tommy! Hey, what's up, buddy? - And Jin.
- Jin.
- What's up, man? - Hey, buddy.
Hey! (LAUGHTER) Shammy.
My man! - How you been? - Hey, what's going on, man? Fellas, let's start the festivities.
Workin' like a dog for the boss man Workin' for the company Yeah, sorry about Jules giving you the shaft, pal.
Yeah, yeah, I got to say I was kind of bummed out.
You know, I was looking forward to the wedding, but Higgins gets to stay in Hawaii, so it's all good.
JIN: Um, I'm confused.
Where are the strippers? Dude, it's 2020, man.
Well, then we can have 20 female strippers and 20 male strippers that's equality.
RICK: Jin, we're just gonna hang out, sit down, have a couple drinks, we're gonna listen to some tunes, and maybe break out the cards.
You want to join us? What is wrong with you? Stag night is a time-honored tradition.
It's all about getting wasted and making mistakes and waking up next to a stranger, Downey-style.
JIN: You know what I mean, Magnum? You back me up? You got to ask TC.
It's his celebration.
Then we better get a new cake topper.
Look, the scam will be easier to pull off if it's me.
- You know, I did not see that coming.
- JIN: I know.
I still can't believe she didn't ask me.
So weird.
Come on, I'm sure you were third in line.
(LAUGHTER) I want to say a couple words to the man of the hour.
TC, I never thought that I'd be so cool with somebody stabbing me in the back and stealing my fiancée.
(LAUGHS) But I hope you and Higgins have a-a beautiful fake life together.
Thank you, brother.
ALL: Cheers.
Also-also, to our sister Juliet Higgins, who now gets to be a part of our lives forever.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.

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