Magnum P.I. (2018) s02e19 Episode Script

May the Best One Win

Little Bird, you there? Go ahead, White Knight.
MAGNUM: Okay, so don't judge, but we're blown.
They know we're here.
- Can you get to the exfil point? - Negative.
TC: Then we're gonna have to improvise exfil.
What's your position? Give me a mark.
You may want to close your eyes.
I ain't no senator's son, son It ain't me, it ain't me I ain't no fortunate one, no KIM KIL-YON: Magnum, my neck hasn't been the same since you pulled that crazy move.
I think you meant to say, "Thank you, Magnum, for saving my life.
" Come on, Kim.
Give that man a break.
He had to wing it.
- HIGGINS: Good afternoon, gentlemen.
- MAGNUM: Higgy! Kim, hey, uh, this is my partner, Juliet Higgins.
Actually, scratch that.
This is, uh, TC's fiancée, Juliet Higgins.
(LAUGHS) It's lovely to meet you.
Nice to meet you, too.
We cool? (CHUCKLING): Yeah, we're cool.
I don't know, man.
It just seems like you icing me for gettin' fake married to Higgy.
Thought you were okay with it.
I'm okay with it.
You don't seem okay.
I'm fine.
It was my idea to get married and save her from that whole visa issue and you kind of stole that idea And you're lucky that we did.
'Cause the only reason why she's getting married to anybody is to save your business.
I just thought it made sense, you know? We work together, we live together at Robin's Nest.
- It just - It ain't real.
Time is running out for her, she asked me, and she's like my little sister, so I said "okay.
" Guys, when you're finished fighting over me, Magnum, perhaps you can tell me about your client meeting this morning.
She's a divorce mediator.
Uh, one of the best on the island, actually.
If you and TC ever hit a rough patch, you should probably give her a call.
All right, Magnum, yeah, I'll keep that in mind.
Look, you know the reason I asked TC to marry me is 'cause I thought that our fake marriage would get in the way of our real partnership.
Married couples work together all the time.
It's not an issue.
Well, clearly it is.
Tell me about the job.
There's a mediator facilitating a divorce between this ex-race car driver, John Gilbert, and his wife Maxine.
Problem is, she thinks he's been cheating, he swears he's not.
It's one of those "he said, she said" scenarios.
So she's having a difficult time figuring out who's telling the truth.
Okay, well, Hawaii's a no-fault state, but fault can come into it when you're dividing assets.
The wife, uh, Maxine, could get more based on John's supposed indiscretions.
That's why the mediator wants to hire two investigators.
So she asked me if I knew another P.
- You didn't.
- I did.
I figure we can get paid twice for the same job.
We'd be working with different spouses, going against each other.
Yeah, but if I prove my client wasn't the one lying, he gets a better settlement.
Yeah, or vice versa.
Or vice versa.
So what do you say? May the best P.
(BOAT HORN BLARES IN DISTANCE) Do you want to go straight to Hawaii - Hawaii - Hawaii - Hawaii - Hawaii - Straight to Hawaii - Hawaii, Hawaii - Or do you - Honolulu - Want to come along with me? - Waikiki Do you want to come along with me? I heard about all the pretty girls With their grass skirts down to their knees All my life I wanted to see the island called Hawaii - Go to Hawaii - Hawaii - Hawaii - Hawaii - Straight to Hawaii - Hawaii, Hawaii - Or do you - Honolulu - Want to come along with me? - Waikiki Do you want Rise and shine, pal.
Now, I don't know what town you're from Come on.
Last call was seven hours ago.
(SIGHS) With nothing but raves Buddy, come on.
Get up.
I got a bar to open, you got a bad hangover to start.
- Hawaii - Hawaii Come on, pal.
That's in Hawaii (WHINING SOFTLY) (CHUCKLES) Zeus and Apollo seem to really like you.
They are a good judge of character.
Oh I love dogs.
John never wanted them.
Didn't really like animals.
That's should've been a sign.
Well, surely, your divorce can't be based on your different views about pets.
John and I have been, um drifting apart for a while.
Arguing more than usual.
But, uh John's always had options.
He's a good-looking guy, he races cars.
Women just threw themselves at him.
You believe he was unfaithful? When did you become suspicious? First, he started disappearing at odd hours of the night.
Lying about working late.
Then money started disappearing from our account.
That's when I found actual proof on our PaceTracker.
I Sorry, I don't follow.
We share a fitness app that tracks our health steps, heart rate, all that.
And, well, I can be a bit competitive.
So I logged in just to see who was doing better and that's when I, uh I saw it.
Saw what? John, sneaking out in the middle of the night.
The worst part is, his heart rate would spike when he was with someone else.
I could literally see the moment that he was cheating on me.
JOHN: We met on the mainland.
I was running stock at first, then switched to open wheel.
After my fourth concussion, the docs said I had to retire.
After that happened, Maxine wanted to move back here, be closer to family.
And I went along with it.
Doesn't sound like you were too thrilled about that.
Most of my family's in Tennessee.
Max never appreciated the sacrifice I made moving back here.
That choice, that was all about her.
Her needs.
She didn't want me racing after my first accident.
She never understood that I had to do this.
It was just who I am.
Maybe she was just worried you'd really hurt yourself.
Occupational hazard.
If she didn't want me racing, she shouldn't have married a driver.
Look, this island is paradise heaven, for some people but it's been hell for me.
Moving back here isolated me from friends and family.
Took me out of the racing world entirely.
I don't mean to be blunt, but, um your wife thinks you've been cheating on her.
I know what she's saying, but it ain't true.
I never cheated on her, not once.
I'd never do that.
Look, you gotta believe me, I would never hurt Maxine like that.
If anything, I think she's the one who's cheating.
Why do you say that? A month ago, I went to visit her at work.
She was gone.
Nobody knew where she was.
Later, I asked her about it and she said it was a doctor's appointment, but I could tell she was lying.
MAGNUM: All I'm saying is I don't think the guy cheated.
That's fair.
And I'm telling you that my client has evidence - that indicates otherwise.
- Also fair.
- What kind of evidence? - Oh, wouldn't you like to know? Yes, I would like to know, that's why I'm asking.
Well, too bad, because it's privileged client information.
Your client's just spinning a web because she's probably the one who's been cheating.
- Well, I guess we'll see.
- Yes, we will.
That's what I just said.
And I am agreeing with you.
The way you two bicker, you might as well be married.
Hey, Kumu, I have a meeting to get to, but could you help me make some phone calls? Oh, I'd love to, Thomas, but Juliet already asked me to help plan her wedding on Friday.
Maybe try TC or Rick.
Wait, I-I reached out, but no one's picking up.
HIGGINS (SOFTLY): I just need you to tail him.
Do some simple surveillance? - SHAMMY: Hello? - Hey, Shammy.
- How you doing, man? - Magnum, hey.
Listen, I got Higgy on the other line.
I gotta call you back, okay? - Peace.
- (SIGHS) You can't take Kumu and Shammy.
SHAMMY: All right, so you're gonna send me the location - and all the deets? - HIGGINS: Yeah.
Just call me if you have any updates, okay? - You got it.
- Thanks, Shammy, you're the best.
What is Shammy even doing for you? Um, sorry.
That's privileged.
Well, whatever.
I got a lot of friends.
Oh, really? Well, if Rick and TC aren't answering, then who else could you possibly have to call for help? Why would I hack into this person's phone? What's this even for? MAGNUM: A case.
You know I wouldn't ask if it wasn't important.
I don't know that.
At all.
Besides, isn't this a Higgins thing? Well, uh we're kind of working with opposing clients right now.
So you're admitting that you're useless without her.
No, I didn't say that.
Maybe you should.
Is that what it would take for you to help me? Wouldn't hurt.
(EXHALES): Okay.
I am, uh kind of useless Without Without Higgins.
Now, all together.
I'm kind of useless without Higgins.
Can you just help me, please? Sorry, no can do without a warrant.
Have a good one, Magnum.
I Ah Thomas, I'm looking for Juliet's laptop.
Any idea where it is? Haven't seen it.
Why am I not surprised? BOY (ON VIDEO): First, what you want to do is assess the network security of the account or device that you are hacking into.
(SIGHS) What are you up to? Trying to get into Maxine's Google Drive.
KUMU: "A Dummies Guide to Hacking"? You're kidding.
That kid's, like, 11 years old.
That kid is Artimus277 and he's a genius.
Every bit as good of a hacker as Higgins is.
and then check to see if they've enabled two-factored security.
Here, you can see this site You know, I bet if I asked Higgins No, no, no.
Don't do that.
Just tell her you couldn't find her laptop.
Please? Okay.
You got 20 minutes.
Good luck.
(RINGTONE PLAYING) Juliet Higgins and Associates.
Really? It's just something I'm trying out.
I actually think it has a rather nice ring to it.
Hey, listen, I found some fascinating information - on your client.
- Oh, great.
All it took was the use of my laptop without permission and the help of an 11-year-old boy.
Hold on, Kumu gave me up? It's called a search history, Magnum.
And by the way, just because you're sharing information with me doesn't mean I'll return the favor.
You know, I don't need any pro to your quid, Higgins.
That's not how Latin works, Magnum.
What did you find? All right, so, I was going through Maxine's old text messages on her phone and found a number that wasn't saved.
"I got your message, I'm definitely down to meet "when John's out of town.
" It's not exactly a smoking gun.
No, but it does cast doubt on your client.
Maybe she's not the victim she's making herself out to be.
Magnum, Pat is an androgynous name.
It could be anyone.
A girlfriend, her personal trainer.
Or the guy she's having an affair with.
MAGNUM: First order of business here is to find out who Pat the hugger is.
Normally, I'd just run his plates, but the guy took an Uber here, so time for a plan B.
Can I help you? Hey.
Hey, these, uh, pies look amazing.
How's this pecan? You like pecans? Yeah.
It's like that, except in pie form.
(CHUCKLES) Maybe I'll let the wife decide.
Now, don't be mad.
I didn't know how long it was gonna take you guys to get here, so I put him in the fridge.
You should have left the body where it was.
That's what I was worried about.
This could all be ruined.
Everybody knows cold helps preserve bodies.
I'm talking about all that food.
Don't nobody want no mangos that's been chilling next to some dead dude.
I'll eat those mangos.
I'll eat those I don't have any problem with those mangoes at all.
In fact, I would prefer Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Either of you know who this guy was? No, no.
He wasn't a regular and he didn't have any ID in his pockets.
The only thing he had was, uh, some cash and some receipts.
Although one of the servers did say that he was gonna order just one more drink 'cause he had to get back to Suzy? So at least we have a name.
And dead dude didn't have on a ring, so maybe Suzy's a girlfriend? Maybe.
Thanks for your help.
We'll take it from here.
So, you'll let his family know? There's not a lot to go on here.
I mean, if his prints or DNA aren't in the system, it's gonna be hard getting an ID.
And with a million-plus people on the island, it might take weeks to narrow down.
That's if he's a local.
If not, he may never be identified.
Well, maybe this Suzy person might come back looking for him.
Let's hope so.
What if she doesn't? I mean, what if nobody comes for him? What then? Well, he'll be buried in an unmarked grave.
It's a sad end to anybody's life.
Just the person I want to see, on the computer I want to borrow.
Again? I need to do a deep dive on Pat.
You know, it's like you've forgotten - that we're on opposite teams.
- Listen, you help me, and it will help us figure out what's going on.
Oh, the old "help me to help you" speech? I'm sorry, but I'm still on Team Maxine, despite whatever incendiary hug you supposedly witnessed.
Okay, there's a hug, right? And then there's a hug.
And this one is-is loaded, trust me.
Check it out.
It's a tad suspicious.
But actually, it's nothing compared to what I've discovered.
What, you figured out that I'd make a better fake husband than TC? Oh, hardly.
The wedding's still on.
Although, I do need a maid of honor, if you're interested.
Very funny.
What'd you find? So, a credit card that your client took out behind my client's back in order to get cash advances.
Now that is loaded.
It's a good way to pay for hotels, gifts, travel and all those other extramarital expenses.
Doesn't make any sense, but I'm sure, if you give me your computer, I can figure out an explanation for it.
That will be a no.
If I want to do a dive on Pat the Hugger, I'll do it myself.
But I'm taking my pie with me.
Oh, no, not the pie.
(LAUGHS): H-Hey, Tatty.
My boy, look at this.
Look at that.
Brought you a little key lime pie.
Looks more like key lime soup.
Yeah, it's been sitting in the car for a little U-Uh-uh.
I like soup.
There you go.
What can I do for you, Magnum? I-I just need a rundown on a guy.
Pat Lannister.
Pat Lannister? No need to look him up.
I know the name.
Why? Does he have a record? Nah, he's clean, but another private dick was looking into him, too.
Really? You know why? No, but if you need, I can get you the P.
's info.
Yeah, that'd be great.
(PHONE RINGING) What's up, boss? How's it going with Mr.
Gilbert? Actually, you called at the perfect time.
Things are getting crazy.
Really? What's he up to? First, he went to the dry cleaners, then he went to Zippy's and got not one, but two orders of chicken.
And then, get this, he stopped to throw out some trash.
This P.
life's pretty sweet.
Okay, I'll admit, there is a lot of sifting through dirt, but sometimes you'll find gold.
(PHONE BEEPING) Sorry, Shammy, I have to run.
I-I really appreciate you keeping tabs on, uh, John for me.
And I appreciate you covering my gas.
Wait, Magnum doesn't reimburse you guys petrol money for the use of TC's chopper? (LAUGHS): Hell no.
That's actually the first time I've heard "Magnum" and "reimburse" in the same sentence.
(CHUCKLES) You had me followed? Uh, no.
My partner and I are working independently on this, opposite each other.
He followed you.
Can you explain? Pat is, uh John's birth father.
John was adopted, and his records were unsealed recently.
I thought it would be a good idea for him to know who his biological parents were.
So, before we decided to divorce, I hired a P.
to track them down.
Behind John's back? Yeah.
He can be so guarded.
I felt like a lot of our problems stemmed from issues regarding his adoption.
I thought if he confronted them It would help you guys get back on track.
Did he ever meet his dad? No, which is a shame, because Pat is a good man.
And I wanted John to know that.
Seems like you still do.
Our marriage might be over, but I still care about him.
MAGNUM: Hey, is this TC's future wife Juliet Calvin? I'm keeping my name, Magnum.
I just thought you'd like to know that you were completely wrong about Maxine having an affair.
What'd you find out? Sorry.
That's privileged client Information.
Right, right, right.
Okay, let me guess.
Pat was my client's father, who Maxine was trying to locate in an effort to repair their relationship.
How did you know? I talked to the P.
that Maxine hired, and he was surprisingly indiscreet.
Tough to find a good investigator these days.
Yeah, you know, a-another takeaway is that I think Maxine actually still loves John.
That's not your takeaway, that's my takeaway.
I figured that out.
Yeah, because I just told you.
- (PHONE BEEPING) - Uh Whatever.
I have to go.
One of my team is on the other line.
You know, these were my friends first Shammy.
SHAMMY: You were right, Higgins.
I struck gold.
I followed John to Kalihi Kai.
He's meeting up with two shady-looking dudes.
And what are they doing? I'm not sure.
They definitely seem to know him.
Okay, it's starting to get ugly.
- They just grabbed him.
- HIGGINS: Wait, what? Your client, or Magnum's client, whoever's client this guy is, they just threw him in a van.
What should I do? Follow them.
Okay, don't make it obvious, just do not let them out of your sight.
I got it.
(TIRES SCREECHING) Those two guys dragged your client inside there about ten minutes ago.
No one's been in or out since.
"L&D Hardware.
" Okay, looks like it's been closed for a few months.
Why don't you see if there's an expired Yelp page on them? SHAMMY: You think now's the time to check out reviews of a joint that went out of business? No, often times, people leave photos with the reviews, so maybe get an idea of the layout of the place.
Oh, so we can scope it out from here.
It looks like there are plenty of photos.
Wait, go back to the last one.
Behind that employee there's a back door.
Can you zoom into the door lock? Simple pin and tumbler lock.
Even you can pick that.
SHAMMY: Whoa, whoa.
You don't think these guys will catch you sneaking in? You know, not if they're distracted by a surly guy in a wheelchair.
HIGGINS: Uh what's that for? You may be my partner, but you have a lot to learn about being an investigator.
I'm gonna use this As a diversion, yes, I know.
But then, what's Shammy doing? Okay, what I'm implementing here is what's known in the business as a "double bluff diversion.
" No one calls it that.
You just made that up.
Sorry, man, the store's closed down.
Oh, yeah, I'm, uh, I'm looking to rent the space.
For my business Hey, are you the owner? Things are a little busy right now.
Why don't you come back later? Yeah, yeah, great.
That would be great.
When? Let me just check my schedule here.
- I don't know, two weeks.
- Uh, no, two weeks doesn't work for me.
Hey, can you tell me the square footage on this? (DOOR CREAKS) (HIGH-PITCHED CHIMING) Yo! Where the hell's that coming from? Somewhere back there.
It's here.
Okay, so are you gonna tell us what's going on? Who were those guys? It doesn't matter.
Look, I know you hired us for your divorce, but whatever you've gotten yourself into, we can help.
- No, you can't.
- How do you know? Because no one can.
- Okay? The damage is done.
- Look, John, we've dealt with some really difficult Let it go! All right? I'm done talking about this.
All right, we hear you.
Look, I appreciate what you did back there, but this is my problem.
I'll deal with it.
(PHONE RINGING) Noelani, hey, what do you got? Good news.
Your John Doe is in the system.
63-year-old Caucasian male named Justin Madison.
Oh, thank God.
Um, you got any info on him? Does he have any relatives? Um, yes, a daughter named Suzy.
The mystery woman.
Hey, listen, do you mind if I notify her? You seem pretty invested in this guy for not knowing him.
Well, look, the guy died at La Mariana.
I found him.
I feel like I-I should be the one to tell her.
Well, it's not something that I can approve, but I do have some pull.
So you'll make it happen? I'll see what I can do.
Thank you.
Maxine was right to be suspicious about John, but I'm wondering if her hunch was off.
So you are coming around to the idea that maybe John wasn't cheating? Well, Maxine detected elevated heart rates in John's fitness app at odd hours of the night.
But whatever he's got into could actually account for that.
Now we just got to find out what that is.
What is it? Oh, nothing, I'm just thinking about the Gilberts.
Their issues aren't infidelity or anything.
It's a lack of communication and honesty.
And those things should be fixable, you know? (MUSICAL RINGTONE PLAYING) Hey, Kumu.
Hey, I pulled up John and Maxine's finances to see if there's anything suspicious like you asked.
And other than John's secret credit card, - did you find anything? - Oh, yeah.
Looks like he drained their retirement account with just a few withdrawals within the past month.
Well, it's not a leap to think this is somehow connected to whatever trouble John's in.
Kumu, how did he take out the money? Was it online transactions or physical withdraws? It was all online to two websites.
I'll send you the document.
- (PHONE CHIMES) - Got it.
com and TheCasinoCage.
Yeah, they're gambling sites.
He's been wagering away their savings.
Guessing he owes a lot of money to those guys who grabbed him.
Interested in a piece? Oh, it's really great stuff, but I'm the guy that called.
Oh, Rick.
Yeah, um Listen I-I got some news.
I-I just thought it'd be better if you hear it from me in person.
What's this about? It's about your dad.
Um I'm so sorry to be the one to tell you this, but last night he had a heart attack and he passed away.
That's it? Uh, well, I have the contact info where he's located if you want it I'm good, thanks.
I actually thought he may have been dead already.
Look, it's all good I haven't spoken to him ever since he walked out on me and my mom years ago.
I'm so sorry.
Don't be, trust me.
It was for the better.
Uh, look, I should get going, but thank you for coming out.
Have a good day.
What? If he wasn't having an affair, why was he sneaking out at night? He's gambling.
I don't believe it.
He promised he quit.
Before John and I got serious, he admitted that he had a gambling problem before we met, but he got help for it.
Well, it appears like he slipped back into his old habits.
And now he's in over his head with some rather dangerous people.
Hmm, answer it.
John, uh where are you? We need to talk.
I can't.
I just wanted to say I'm sorry.
I-I really screwed up.
John, I know about the gambling.
I'm sorry for hiding it (STAMMERS) I was ashamed.
I ruined everything, Max.
You deserve better.
But I'm gonna make it okay, I swear.
Eh, what do you mean? Don't worry.
All right? Just know that I always loved you and and this will all be over soon.
John sweetie, you're scaring me.
What are you Call him back.
(BEEPS, BLIPS) Unavailable.
What did he mean "this will all be over soon"? It sounds like he's about to do something drastic.
Which is why we need to find him fast.
It's still going to voice mail.
It's okay, I'm pinging John's cell phone.
He turned it off.
Yeah, it's okay.
She'll pinpoint the location.
Okay, he's in Chinatown.
3245 King Street at a place called the Songbird Lounge.
It's owned by one - Ray Barnes.
- I know that name.
Barnes is connected to, well, you name it narcotics, weapons trafficking and underground casinos.
Okay, Maxine, stay here.
We're gonna head to Chinatown and find John.
You're still distracted, bro.
How can you tell? 'Cause you just topped off my coffee with Coops on draft.
(CHUCKLES, SIGHS) What's on your mind, man? Aw, man, this, uh this whole Suzy thing, you know, it's got me thinking about my own dad.
You know, when he left us, I was so mad that I hardly ever talked to him again.
I never got a chance to say goodbye.
You know, when he, when he died I just I pretended like it didn't bother me, you know? And that was a lie.
You know, burying my feelings, all that, for so long, it just, it just ate me up inside.
You know, and-and I Even though Suzy's dad died, and she didn't get a chance to say goodbye, I, uh I just want her to know it's okay to grieve.
You know, the one thing I don't get is her dad said he had to get back to Suzy.
But she said they hadn't spoken in 15 years.
Yeah, it is odd.
What? Think I know what he meant.
You switch the plates? Yeah.
Let's go.
(ENGINE STARTS) Looks like John's going with them willingly.
I'm gonna follow him.
Hey, lookie-loos.
Lookie-loos? You know, that's-that's a term that really fell out of use.
I haven't heard that for a long time.
You know what else is, uh used to be pretty common was "wisenheimer.
" - Love that term - (SCREAMS) (GRUNTS) (SHOUTS) Little help, please! (GRUNTING) He's just one guy! (GRUNTS) He's a really big guy.
(GUNSHOT) (PANTING) What did you guys do with John? - Yeah.
- Where'd he go? Go to hell.
Look, I'm only gonna ask you once (GRUNTS) He wasn't gonna tell you anything and we're running out of time, come on.
Where you going? The information we need is in that office.
He looked over there when you asked him about John.
Magnum? They were planning a heist.
HIGGINS: And the target is the vault at the Honolulu Jewelry Company on Kohai.
That's a potentially huge score.
And risky one.
They're gonna burn a lot of time inside that vault - and not have a huge window to get away.
- Yeah, true.
But if they have a professional race car driver as their wheelman, it kind of ups the odds, doesn't it? Ray Barnes must have leveraged John's gambling debts and forced him to join the crew.
John is a good guy who got caught up in a bad situation.
We can't let this happen.
We need to move.
Keep the engine running, doors unlocked and the phone on.
Go over the escape route and keep your eyes peeled.
You see any cops, you call.
Yeah, I got it.
I got it.
You better.
HIGGINS: Gordon's sending units, but they're gonna stay off the police bands.
What's going on with John's phone? It's online, but he's not picking up.
- Text him.
- Say what? (PHONE CHIMES) (PHONE CHIMES) (PHONE RINGING) Hello? John! We know what's going on and where you are, and so do the cops.
HPD will be there any minute.
You need to leave now.
If I leave, they will kill me.
Well, if you stay, you'll get caught, and you'll go to prison for a very long time.
Well, that doesn't matter.
I got nothing left.
Yes, you do, you have Maxine, John; she still loves you.
HIGGINS: John, please.
We're running out of time.
(PHONE BEEPS OFF) Don't move.
Don't move.
Stay cool.
Come on, man! Let's move.
Hey! Hey! What are you looking at?! - (COCKS PISTOL) - Eyes on the floor! Let's go.
Let's go! Come on.
Got it.
Let's go.
Keep your heads down.
Keep 'em down! Where the hell is he? (SIRENS WAILING) (TIRES SCREECH) Drop your weapons.
Hands in the air! (SIREN BLARES) OFFICER: Get on the ground.
Get on the ground.
(EXHALES) You all right? Yeah.
(PHONE RINGING) - (PHONE BEEPS) - Gordon, what happened? - (SIREN CHIRPS) - (POLICE RADIO CHATTER) It's over.
Thank you.
They got 'em.
There's someone that wants to talk to you.
Max? Thank God you're okay.
I'm so sorry.
I don't I don't even know where to begin.
How about just coming home first, huh? Just Just come home.
Yeah, okay.
Okay, I'm here.
- Wanna tell me why? - Come with me.
So, I couldn't figure out why your dad said he had to get back to Suzy after you two hadn't spoken in 15 years.
Then I started putting the pieces together.
He was at a bar on the water.
The only thing in his pocket was a piece of paper.
That piece of paper was a docking slip.
What's your point? It means he was a man of the sea.
No, I mean, what does this have to do with me? Well, it turns out, not only is Suzy your name, but it also happens to be the name of a houseboat that your father lived on.
Look, if this is his estate or something, I'm not interested in inheriting an old boat.
Fair enough.
But maybe you should take a look inside first.
Come on.
These are from when I was a kid.
Before he left.
There's more.
Watch your step.
I noticed the similarities to the ones at your art stand.
Your dad was obviously a fan.
I sell a lot of my work online.
I had no idea he was the buyer of these paintings.
Well, wait until you see this.
RICK: He must have lived a pretty humble life to be able to afford all these.
(SHUDDERS) Selling these paintings got me through a few rough patches.
RICK: Well, it looks like he wanted to support you from a distance.
And, look, I'm not gonna pretend like I know you guys' history, or say you should forgive him; that's not my place.
But it sure as hell looks like he cared about you.
KATSUMOTO: We arrested Ray Barnes as an accessory, but I'm gonna need to bring John in for more questioning.
SHAMMY: Aw, come on.
He and Maxine just decided not to get a divorce.
Can't you give him a minute? Plus, the guy didn't even break any laws.
I'm not planning on charging him with anything, but we still need his cooperation.
Are you always this fun at weddings? This isn't a real wedding.
You guys are lucky I'm not reporting this.
You're here as a guest.
You're technically an accessory.
RICK: She has a point.
Please tell me those aren't for tears.
You know this isn't a real ceremony, right? Hey, a wedding is a wedding.
You know how I get.
(CHUCKLING): Yeah, I do, actually.
You sure you're cool with this? Look, if I was gonna lose a fake bride at a fake wedding to a fake groom that wasn't me, I'm glad it's you, brother.
(CHUCKLES) My man.
By the way, where is Higgins? We only got the kahu for an hour.
I don't know.
She said she would be here 20 minutes ago.
(FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING) Fake nerves? Something like that.
You know, for what it's worth, you were right.
We shouldn't mix marriage with our partnership.
And there is nobody more loyal and trustworthy than TC.
I think he's he's perfect for this.
What's wrong? I'm having second thoughts.
Uh, you mean you want to go back to marrying me? No.
I I just don't want to marry anyone.
But you do know that means you would have to go back to England.
Look, all I know is that I can't go through with this.
I mean, if John and Maxine have taught me anything, it's that dishonesty and pretense destroy relationships.
This isn't about the sanctity of marriage at all.
It's I don't want to live a lie.
I can't argue that.
Are you absolutely sure about this? Trust me.
It's not a rash decision.
Ever since you first mentioned marriage as a solution to this problem, it hasn't sat well with me.
I just didn't know to what extent until right now.
So I guess that means we're done? For now.
For what could be a very long time.
You said it yourself.
Thomas, you managed to run a a modest operation perfectly well without me.
You'll be just fine.
(QUIETLY): Yeah.
Just fine.
I'm sorry, Thomas.
I'll go tell the others.

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