Magnum P.I. (2018) s03e05 Episode Script

The Day Danger Walked In

1 Okay, come on, come on.
That's it.
Right here.
Come on.
Everyone just relax.
(WIND HOWLING) Looks like it's getting worse.
- Where's your friend? - What do you mean? What I mean, look around, he's not here.
That's because he left right before you pulled your guns.
Watch them.
I'm gonna have a look around.
- And you're gonna help me.
- Hey! - Leave her alone.
(GROANS) - (GASPS) Shammy.
Let's go.
Winds are 130 miles per hour and climbing as Hurricane Jemma continues to gain strength.
But according to the National Hurricane Center, Jemma is still expected to bypass the island.
The storm's current path has her about 45 miles southwest of Oahu Are we sure all these fortifications aren't a bit of an overreaction? The forecast suggests we've dodged a bullet.
Maybe, but the bar faces the water better safe than sorry.
Man, Kumu's carpentry skills are no joke.
I mean, she's all right.
Her end cuts could be a little more precise.
What's with her? She really wanted that power saw.
Hey, Kumu! Let me know if you want a break.
I can take over anytime.
You kidding? I can do this all day.
- Hey.
- Hey.
About time.
What took you so long? Well, I got good news and bad news.
Wait, where are the flashlights? Okay, bad news first.
Uh, flashlights and batteries are sold out, like, everywhere.
But I did find some on Instacart.
The only problem is they're going for 80 bucks a pop.
I don't care.
Just get 'em.
What? Uh, sold out.
(SIGHS) Terrific.
Are you doing okay? I'm fine.
(WOOD BANGING) (RICK SIGHS) Actually, I'm not.
I, uh I may have let my hurricane insurance expire on my policy.
You know, when we had to close this bar for COVID, I had to tap into my savings.
Just had to cut some corners to make ends meet.
So if there is damage from the hurricane, then I'm screwed.
And TC doesn't know about it.
Well, I mean, look, the weather report says that Jemma's gonna pass right by the island, so I wouldn't worry about it until you actually have to.
I hope so.
I thought you went out for supplies.
He did.
And you came back with nothing? Honestly, Magnum, even Jack had the sense to come back with some beans.
It's not my fault, all right? Everything was picked clean.
Well, I guess it is better than the alternative.
Ordinarily, he'll go out for something very specific and come back with something completely useless.
Like, for example, when you go to collect pay for a case and come back with, uh, I don't know, livestock.
Or a barbecue.
Or a hand-knitted sweater.
Hey, you know, you're gonna wish you had that hand-knitted sweater with you on your date tonight with Ethan.
Oh, wow, there's a date tonight? Yes, he's taking me to the Ice Palace.
Ah, ice-skating in the middle of a hurricane.
Yes, okay, I had my misgivings at first, but I-I looked it up and the building is rather sturdy.
And we'll probably have the rink to ourselves.
And it'll be romantic? - Hmm.
- KATSUMOTO: All right, I'm taking off.
Got to get back to the station before the storm hits.
Hey, thanks so much for your help, Gordie.
You're a great friend.
Happy to help.
You guys stay safe, okay? All right, everybody, show's about to begin.
That's last call, everybody! Drink up! Come on, drink up! Hey, Ethan, it's me again.
I'm just checking that you're on your way.
Hey, what do you think the over/under is on her actually making it to the ice rink in this weather? You know, I don't know, and I don't care.
But, listen, we're shoring up the back door.
Can you take some of these sandbags back? Sure.
All right.
Thanks, brother.
Earl, tell me got somewhere safer to sleep tonight other than that rusty, old houseboat out there.
A captain never abandons ship, huh? Look, TC's out there rounding up people who might need shelter.
Just stay here.
Good luck, kid.
I mean, you ain't listening, Book.
Don't tell me you need hearing aids, too.
Keep on talking smack, and see what happens.
Hey, hey, come on, what's going on here, boys? Booky's in a mood 'cause I wouldn't let him drive the van.
He keeps saying I'm too old to get behind the wheel.
Hey you guys, just find a place in the back, make yourselves at home.
Thanks for taking us in.
You're an ageist.
Look, it's just common sense.
You know I love you, man, but when you hit a certain number, you got to ride shotgun, baby.
My eyesight and faculties are good enough to cut your hair.
RICK: All right, guys, come on, let's-let's go to our corners here, huh? How about a round? Yeah, mai tais, and it's on this turkey right here.
MAGNUM: Shouldn't you be gone by now? Yeah, Ethan's just running late.
What's going on, Book? Man your boy Buckethead here is what's going on.
Well, who do we have here? You finally got a girlfriend? Oh, in his dreams.
This is Juliet Higgins.
This is my partner.
- And his employer.
- You just love saying that, don't you? - Well - Booky.
How do you do? (LAUGHING): Likewise.
I am so sorry.
Traffic was a nightmare.
You look beautiful.
- Hey.
Is this the new guy? - Yep.
- Ready to go? - I just have to grab my bag.
- ETHAN: Okay.
- One sec.
Nice to see you all again.
How's it going? This is, uh, Shammy and-and our boy Book right here.
Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you, too.
- Hi.
(CHUCKLES) Hey, uh, got to say Ice-skating, huh? I like your style, Doc.
Yeah, actually, Juliet's never skated before, so this could be interesting.
Ice-skating? Yeah.
You know the Ice Palace, right? TC: In this storm? Place is gonna be empty.
That's the idea.
Oh, like Rocky and Adrian in the first Rocky.
Nice move.
Sure you're not worried about the weather? Oh, there might be some risk, but I don't think this storm's anything to worry about.
You know, we might get some heavy rain, but that's about it.
You know, the media hypes this stuff up to draw viewers.
I've seen it a million times.
You all set? - Mm-hmm.
Let's go.
- All right.
Hang on, Jules.
I don't think it's gonna happen.
They're telling everybody to stay where they are.
Jemma just got upgraded to a Category 4.
According to this, it's passing right over us.
All right.
Everybody, just take a breath, okay? We all heard the governor's message.
He just wants us to shelter in place until this thing is over.
All right, don't worry, everybody.
We have plenty of food and water.
There's even a doctor in the house, okay? First round's on me.
Excuse me, I'm just gonna check on the staff.
Maleah, it's me.
I just wanted to make sure you had a safe place to ride this storm out.
Call me when you get this.
What'd you say about the hurricane not making landfall? (CHUCKLES) Yeah, I, uh, guess I may have been overly optimistic there.
Well, least you're a doctor, not a meteorologist.
Good thing.
Everything okay? Yeah.
All the staff are gonna gather in the main house.
They'll be safe there.
Looks like we won't be skating.
I was looking forward to that.
Me, too.
It doesn't mean we can't have fun here.
Fancy a game of pool? You're on.
I might be off here, but I don't think Thomas likes me.
What makes you say that? Just a vibe.
I can assure you, you're mistaken.
It's okay if he doesn't like me.
The only opinion that matters to me is yours.
Well, I think you're pretty great.
Trust me.
I know Thomas.
He likes you just fine.
Now, stand aside whilst I school you.
So, the doc seems pretty great.
Yeah, but he just doesn't seem like her type.
I'm not sure why.
Think he's kind of perfect.
Nothing for her to fix.
TC: Yeah.
I'm with Sham.
Ethan seems like a good dude.
I figured you'd be happy for her, TM.
For the longest, you've been pushing Higgy to date somebody.
I just think she could do better.
- That's all.
- SHAMMY: Guy's a good-looking doctor with big bucks.
What could be better than that? Yeah, but he's her doctor.
- I mean, you can't forget that.
- And what's your point? Point is a doctor shouldn't date their patient.
It's just Something's weird about that.
You didn't say that when they first started going out.
MAGNUM: No, but I looked it up, and 70% of doctors think that that crosses the line.
Tell that to the cute radiologist at the V.
I hooked up with last month.
Really? Shammy.
But why you suddenly bumping on Higgy and Dr.
Ethan, TM? You jealous or something? Jealous? No, come on.
What the guy did was wrong.
That's all.
It-It's like me dating one of my clients.
Come on, Rick.
Back me up on this one.
Storm's picking up speed.
It's supposed to make landfall in Uh, anybody got service? Nope.
- Toast.
- Nope.
Landline's dead, too.
(WIND GUSTING, THUDDING) Hey, Rick, you might want to, uh Hope nobody was drinking that.
(WIND WHISTLING) (RATTLING, BANGING) You know what? We could use a distraction right about now.
I know just the thing.
(FEEDBACK SQUEALS) It's "La Mariana's Got Talent" time.
Who's up first? Book, get up here.
- Get out of here.
- Come on, Book.
Don't be shy.
I mean, you got this.
Come on.
What, you too old for this, too? Okay, stay down there.
Somebody get him a cup of Sanka, give him a blanket or something.
Go get 'em.
Give me that stick.
- John Booky in the house! - (APPLAUSE) MAGNUM: There you go! Ladies and gentlemen, give it up! All right, what are we singing here? Yeah, Booky.
All right.
That'll work.
(LAUGHS) Uh Going down to the crib And let it all hang out Where soulful people Knows what it's about-ah John Booky, ladies and gentlemen.
Give it up! And let it all hang out-ah (CHEERING, APPLAUSE) - (KNOCKING ON DOOR) - Where soulful people Know what it's about-ah Where people do the sign And take your hands (WIND HOWLING, THUNDER CRASHING) And dancing to the music Hey.
You guys all right? Yeah.
We just can't finish our route.
Roads are flooded.
Saw your lights on.
Be okay if we waited out the storm in here? Yeah, of course.
Make yourselves comfortable.
- I'll grab you some coffees.
- Appreciate it.
Said the long-hair hippies and the Afro blacks They all got together across the tracks You know, Higgy, I was thinking Ha.
That's unusual for you.
It's actually a good thing that Ethan was late picking you up today, because had you been on the road when you planned to be, right? Hurricane's getting worse.
I mean, you guys could've gotten seriously injured.
Yeah, okay, so he's not a genius prognosticator.
So what? No, but he is a doctor.
You would think a doctor would have more common sense than that.
That's all.
It's just observation.
You don't have a problem with him, do you? No.
- Good.
- (CHEERING, APPLAUSE) You know you got to sing, right? Yeah, yeah.
Couple more beers in me, I'll be ready to go.
Oh, you gonna pay for them? Mm.
(BOTH LAUGH) You know, I think I know what your real problem is with Dr.
That he was Higgy's doctor and it's technically unethical.
Nah, that ain't it.
See, you don't like him because you've been displaced.
See, now that she's got Ethan, you're no longer the number-one guy in Higgy's life.
Nah, that's, uh - that's crazy.
- Is it? (LAUGHS) Does it seem like it's getting worse? I think it's getting worse.
Bro, dude, chill.
Just pour yourself a drink or something, man.
It'll be okay.
I don't understand how you can stay so calm through all this.
Look, I'm from North Carolina, baby.
Lived through plenty of hurricanes.
Jemma's gonna do what she's gonna do, but we'll get through it.
How much longer, you think? A couple hours.
How's it going? You boys play poker? Yeah.
Park yourselves at that table.
Well, come on.
I'll go easy on you.
(SIGHS): Okay.
TC! Poker time.
You in? Sure, I'll take your money.
(CHUCKLES) - SHAMMY: You got room for one more? - Slide in.
All right.
Tonight's game is no-limit Texas hold 'em.
Small blinds are worth two peanuts.
Big blinds are worth four.
Watch it, fellas.
Kumu's a rounder.
BOOKY: Yeah, well, I was the baddest cat at Da Nang Air Force Base from '71 to '73.
(BOOKY SNARLS, HISSES) Did you guys get any leads on that white SUV yet? No.
No, nothing.
And I got to admit, it's unsettling.
WOMAN: Easy, honey.
H-Here, sit.
You got your inhaler? How's he doing? He all right? He's having an asthma attack.
I can't find his inhaler.
Hang on one sec.
- (LAUGHS) - Hey, uh, Doc.
We could use your help over here.
(MAN WHEEZING) This man's a doctor.
Okay, sir.
I need you to sit upright.
Okay, take long, deep breaths.
WOMAN: The inhaler's not here.
Maybe it's in the car.
I can go grab it.
Uh, it's the red sedan.
Thank you.
- Good.
You're gonna be fine.
- (WHEEZING) (CAR LOCK CHIRPS) (CAMERA CLICKING) Couldn't find the inhaler.
ETHAN: We could probably make one.
I mean, it wouldn't have the medication, obviously, but it'll help control the attack.
A makeshift inhaler? You can do that? Yeah.
I did a stint with Doctors Without Borders.
Saw one of the doctors do it in the field once.
Find Rick.
He'll get you what you need.
We need to talk.
Yes, I think we do, because Ethan seems to think No.
No, no, we got a problem.
This is outside.
Parking lot.
The armored truck.
Those two guards must've killed the real guards and put their uniforms on.
So we're stuck inside here with two armed killers.
We still don't have contact with the outside.
Well, we can't make a move unarmed.
Don't want to risk anybody getting hurt.
Let's just play it cool, ride out the storm.
We have to inform Rick, TC and Kumu.
Actually, now might be a good time.
Looks like they're taking a break.
ETHAN: Okay, I know this looks funny, but the steam will open up the bronchioles, so breathe it in.
Got a second? Sure.
I knew there was something off with those two.
They probably figured with everyone distracted by the storm, it'd be a good time to rob that truck.
Yeah, but they shut the streets down, messing up their getaway.
Yeah, so they call an audible, hunker down in here.
So, we have a limited amount of options.
I say we just play along.
Hopefully soon, cell service will come back, and we can contact HPD.
Hang on, everybody! I got a generator.
I'll get the power up in a minute.
- You got to be kidding me.
- Something wrong? Yeah.
Tank's empty.
Keeping a genny without any petrol in it slightly defeats the point, doesn't it? Well, you can thank Thomas for that.
He was the last one to have the generator.
- He said he'd fill it up.
- MAGNUM: Come on, how was I supposed to know there was gonna be a hurricane? All right, I got some candles in the back, but those? Those future dead fish right there? That's on you, pal.
Fish killer.
Look, somebody can go to the parking lot and siphon gas out of one of the cars.
- Not a big deal.
- TC: You know, that's actually a great idea.
I nominate you for that job.
All in favor? I can help.
It's been a while, but I've siphoned gas before.
Really? Yeah.
I may have stolen a tank or two of gas when I was a kid.
Maybe a car.
So, the reputable Dr.
Shah was a bit of a wild child in his youth? I'm just glad my juvenile delinquency is coming in useful now.
There you have it.
Let's go.
No, no.
Hold on, hold on.
Let me try something.
Put the towel in.
It creates a seal.
There you go.
(BLOWING) (GAS POURING) - Got it! - Not bad.
(CHUCKLES) - Hey, can I ask you something? - Shoot.
I feel like there's, uh tension between us.
I get the sense you don't like me.
What're you talking about? We're out here stealing gas in in the middle of a hurricane.
How could I not like you? Come on, man.
Level with me.
I don't have any issues with you.
Higgy and I, we work really closely together, and (CHUCKLES) Now I got to share her with somebody else.
That's I don't know, it's new for me.
I know it's kind of selfish, but it's the truth.
And I just got to get used to the idea that I'm gonna have to share her with somebody.
It's a little hard.
Not gonna lie.
I get it.
And for what it's worth, what you guys have, as far as I'm concerned, that came first.
You're a team.
A good one, from what I hear.
And I wouldn't want to do anything to get in the way of that.
Appreciate it.
(KNOCKING) EARL: Open up! Let me in! What happened to going down with the ship, Earl? I was drunk then.
I'm sober now.
Give me a drink.
Come on, come on! (GROANS, LAUGHS) It's wet.
You're soaked.
Valiant effort.
Don't know what you're missing, huh? (LAUGHS) Thank you.
Thomas? Thanks.
(EXPLOSIVE THUDDING) You okay? - Ethan? - Yeah, I'm okay.
- KUMU: Help! - BOOKY: We need help over here! (GRUNTING) SHAMMY: You need leverage! Grab a table! One, two, three! (GRUNTING) You okay? Ah, his leg's fractured.
You're gonna be all right.
Let's get him moved to the bar.
(GROANING) We got to pack this up.
I got some tarps in the back.
- I'm on it.
- All right.
I'm gonna get the power on.
(GENERATOR HUMMING) (HAWAIIAN MUSIC PLAYING SOFTLY) - What are you thinking? - There's got to be a radio on board.
Might be able to use it to call Katsumoto.
HIGGINS: If those two notice, it'll force their hand.
Yeah, which could get ugly really quick.
We have to figure out a way to keep 'em occupied.
Kumu? Yeah? We need you to distract our unwanted guests for a little while.
Do you think you can get that poker game started up again? - No problem.
- Hey, Kumu.
Keep 'em as far away as you can.
Let's move you to a booth.
Now that all the excitement's over, it's time to get back to poker.
Gonna pick up the game in here.
Come on.
Let's go.
This is one of those rare moments you never want to have, when having insurance actually pays off.
Only problem is we don't.
We don't what? Have insurance.
What are you talking about? Look, man, when we shut down, I-I let the premiums slide.
I was gonna start paying 'em again next month.
So you're telling me that all of this damage here None of it's covered? Look, I-I had to make some cuts.
You know? It was a calculated risk.
Well, I'd say you miscalculated.
Man, I'm sorry, all right? I made a mistake.
You think? (CREAKING) Mayday, Mayday.
Anyone there? (STATIC) This is an emergency.
Anybody out there? (STATIC) MAN: This is Liberty, a cargo vessel five miles south of Maui.
Liberty, this is Thomas Magnum.
I'm in Ke'ehi Harbor.
I need you to reach out to Detective Katsumoto of the Honolulu Police Department.
Have him call me back on this channel.
(STATIC) Hello? Anybody there? Whoever you are, this channel is reserved for distress calls only.
Yeah, this is a distress call! I repeat: I need you to reach out to Detective Katsumoto of HPD.
Call me back on this channel.
This is an emergency.
Trips, aces.
Yeah, baby.
(CHUCKLING) All right, I need to hit the head.
Oh, come on.
One more hand? I'll be right back.
(BOOKY LAUGHS LOUDLY) (STATIC) This is Detective Katsumoto, HPD.
Anyone there? (SIGHS) Thank God, Gordie.
- MAGNUM: We got a problem.
- What's wrong? There are two guys in here dressed as armored car guys.
They hit a truck earlier, killed the two guards, and now they're taking shelter with us in La Mariana.
How quickly can you get some officers here? Not now.
I mean, the roads are flooded.
But we'll get there as soon as we can.
What are we supposed to do in the meantime? How do you propose we keep them here? I'm working on it.
(DOOR CLOSES) We could sabotage the armored car.
We can't access the engine, and the tires are run-flats.
I have an idea.
Wind must have set it off.
Anyone gonna kill it? Uh, yeah.
I think it's mine.
Left the key in the car.
(CAR ALARM BLARING) You got to shut that thing off! I'm working on it! (CAR ALARM CHIRPS, STOPS) (DOOR OPENS) Hey.
Where'd you go? Check the dock lines.
We don't want another boat coming through the wall, do we? Yeah.
We wouldn't want that.
So, how's it looking out there? I think we're in good shape.
Yeah? You own a boat? No.
No, I served in the Navy.
Well, thank you for your service.
It was an honor.
Hey, sailor.
(GUNS CLICKING) What were you really doing out there? - Leave it.
- RICK: Hey, hey.
Come on, guys.
What's going on here? Shut up! You gonna answer me, sailor? Just calm down, all right? Everybody's a little bit on edge right now.
I understand (GRUNTING) - (GUN FIRES) - (ETHAN GROANS) Ethan! (GROANING) Dumb move, Doc.
Open it! Move! You stick us in there, we're gonna die.
I'll raise the temperature.
You'll be fine.
(ETHAN GROANING) Can I please just grab some supplies to treat his wound? It's very serious.
Make it fast.
Okay, come on.
Come on.
That's it.
Right here.
Come on.
All right, everyone just relax.
(WHISPERING): Where is Booky? (WHISPERING): I don't know.
- Let's go! - (PANTING) For the pain.
I'm sorry.
What are you apologizing for? I'm not usually this dumb.
You're being brave.
(PANTING): You're very kind.
No, she's right, Doc.
That took guts.
(PANTING, GROANING SOFTLY) (GROANING) Why didn't they just kill us? - Good? - Yeah.
Well, because they're thinking tactically.
Yeah, right now, there's no point in killing anyone.
They're stuck here.
Hostages give 'em leverage if the cops come before they can leave.
The only problem is, Katsumoto won't know what happened.
No, but we might have an ace in the hole.
When I was looking for supplies, I saw Booky.
He's hiding.
He must have slipped out during the commotion.
Hopefully, they don't notice he's missing.
Well, if we're lucky, he can sneak out the back, - maybe get some help.
- TC: In this storm? At his age? Man, that's a suicide mission.
I wish that fool would stay where he is.
(MUFFLED GROANING) You're gonna have to tell me what to do.
The bullet's near the femoral artery.
You need to take it out.
(GROANS) I'll talk you through it.
If I can stay conscious.
Okay, drink this.
Why don't you guys figure out a way to get us out of here? Isn't there a safety feature where you can't get trapped inside? Yeah, it's this handle, but it's got to be unlocked on the other side.
Maybe if we can pop this off, we can get to the locking mechanism.
Yeah, we just need something like a screwdriver, something with a flat edge.
Uh maybe, uh Oh, here we go, here we go.
This is gonna work.
(GRUNTS) You need to irrigate the wound first.
(RAPID PANTING) It's okay, it's okay, it's okay.
(GASPING) You'll need to use those tongs to get the bullet out.
- Okay.
- And then you'll need to cauterize the wound.
(CELL PHONE BEEPING) (WIND HOWLING) Looks like it's getting worse.
You all right, missy? I'm fine.
Sadly, this isn't the first time I've been on the wrong side of a gun.
Where's your friend? The one who was playing poker with us.
What do you mean? I mean look around He's not here.
That's because he left, right before you pulled your guns.
Said he was tired of being cooped up, would rather take his chances out there.
Watch them.
I'm gonna have a look around.
- And you're gonna help.
- Hey! - Leave her alone! (GROANS) - (GASPS) Shammy.
Let's go! - (GRUNTS) Damn it! - Here, come on, let me let me give it a shot.
Be my guest.
(PANTING) Look, man, I get why you're upset, all right? I just, I thought we agreed we-we'd keep paying the staff - through the shutdown.
- What's your point? My point is, how was I supposed to do that without cutting some corners? Cutting corners ain't the problem.
It's making a huge decision like dropping our insurance without so much as a heads-up.
I didn't want to stress you out.
What does that say about our partnership? About our friendship? Look, man, I know this thing was never totally risk-free I get that But I signed on because I believe in you.
And this place.
But if you're hiding things, that's a problem.
Y-You're absolutely right.
I'm sorry.
A hundred percent honesty from here on.
All right.
Well, we'll figure it out.
We'll fix whatever we can ourselves, then I'll borrow against Island Hoppers to pay for the rest.
That's never gonna happen.
But thank you.
(ETHAN GASPS) (GRUNTING) Ah, yes, it's just like, uh, the first time we met, except now I'm taking a bullet out of you.
Okay, you ready? Bite down on this.
So did you.
We did good.
Man, why couldn't Booky just stay put? He's out there in this giant hurricane, or he's hiding.
Either way, he's in danger.
Well, if he's still in there and they find him, they're not gonna hurt him.
He's an old man, and he's no threat to them.
Worst case, they-they put him with the rest of the hostages.
Or maybe they'll make an example out of him.
All right, my friend, I got Ms.
Tuileta out here.
If you don't come out and join the others, I'm gonna put a bullet in her.
If you come out now nothing's gonna happen.
But if you don't this nice lady's blood is on your hands.
Booky, if you're still here, don't believe him.
You think I'm bluffing? I think you've already killed two men today.
Why would anyone trust you? You see? He's not here.
Let's go.
MAGNUM: How's it going? Not good.
A few more minutes, he's gonna go into shock.
We got to get out of here.
(CAR HORN HONKING REPEATEDLY) Do you hear that? (HONKING CONTINUES) It's a car horn.
It's got a pattern to it.
It's Morse code.
You think? It's got to be Booky.
" Wait, wait, you don't think he-he's gonna? - Yeah, I think he is.
- Move-move him back! (ENGINE STARTS, REVS) (YELLS) Great.
First, the boat crashes through the bar, and now a van.
Would you rather be stuck in here? - Good point.
- Come on.
Book, you all right? (CHUCKLES) Too old to drive, huh? (CHUCKLING) Let's get Ethan in the van! I'm telling you, that wasn't the wind.
I'm gonna go check it out.
What's going on back there? (COCKS PISTOL) I'm sorry, but your buddy's gonna be napping for a little while.
Put the gun down.
It's over.
Oh, yeah? Can he pull that trigger before I pop your friend here? Calm down, all right? Nobody else has to die today.
Look, there's an armored car full of cash.
Why don't you be on your way? I'm not doing anything till you take your gun off of me.
And I'm not leaving without my partner.
Wow, such loyalty.
That's really impressive.
- Higgy? - Yeah, it's very heartwarming.
Put your gun down! Do it.
Calm down, all right? Well done.
(CHUCKLES) Take me to the ocean Take me to the sea Wash away my worries Let my soul be free Oh, oh, oh, oh Oh, oh, oh, oh Wash away my worries Let my soul be What now Is coming around - Hey.
- Hey.
- Just get back from the hospital? - Yeah.
How's our guy? He gets discharged tomorrow.
- That's great.
- Yeah.
I'm gonna go back later during visiting hours, but for now I'm all yours, so put me to work.
Okay, cool.
Well, um Thomas could use some help over there painting.
How's Ethan doing? Well, I don't think we'll be going ice-skating anytime soon, but he's much better.
That's good to hear.
Let me guess.
I'm doing it wrong? No, not at all.
It looks great.
Ethan says thanks, by the way.
He said you were terrific in the freezer.
Come on, you did the hard part.
This is true.
But you were there with me, too.
And thank you for what you said to him about being brave.
I think he feels a little bit foolish for trying to play the hero.
Uh, you're welcome, but - what he did - Was incredibly stupid.
Yes, no question.
(CHUCKLES) Uh you know, I actually think Ethan's he's a good man.
I appreciate you saying that.
Means a lot.
And I'm glad you're being so supportive of our relationship, because well, I think it might turn into something really serious, and I'd like you guys to be friends.
Of course.
Me, too.

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