Magnum P.I. (2018) s03e06 Episode Script

Tell No One

I mean, I'm not surprised that you ran out of petrol, again, because you forgot to fill up the Ferrari again.
I feel like there's a "but" coming.
But, Magnum, could you not even put in a quarter of a tank? That's what I did.
I-I put in a quarter of a tank.
When? Last time I had money.
At least I got the gas can, though.
Yeah, you keep a ten dollar can of petrol in a $200,000 car, which actually means you plan on being a cheap idiot and running out of petrol.
I guess now is kind of a bad time to ask to carry the can for a little while? All right.
I got it.
We're still three kilometers from the nearest petrol station, meanwhile the Ferrari is abandoned on the side of the road.
No one's gonna mess with it.
You left it in a no-parking zone, Magnum.
Yeah, on the west side.
I have literally never even seen a tow truck on the west side.
I mean, i-it's highly unlikely.
Hey! Hey! Where were we? Well, you were saying how not only are you going to replenish the petrol, but you'll also be paying the towing fees, the impound fees and the parking citations.
Hmm, that doesn't sound like something I would say.
So, how'd you pay for all those fees? Oh, excellent question, Maleah.
Magnum? Uh, it's a long story.
Not really.
The Ferrari's in an impound lot until Thomas can afford to get it out.
When you say it out loud, I guess it's not that long of a story.
Higgins refused to cover Thomas this time so it's just sitting there, accruing interest.
Thomas, "interest" is a set rate that they add to the fixed amount you already owe.
You guys are too funny.
Well, can't you just use a credit card? Oh, no, no, he can't.
You see, Thomas has two credit cards, one of which is maxed out, and the other of which he uses to pick simple knob locks.
Man, picking locks, solving cases.
Being a private investigator sounds pretty cool.
It has its moments.
I got to say, I think what you do is awesome.
Helping people the police can't? You guys are heroes.
No, seriously.
You are.
Well, that's very kind of you.
Hey, since we're down here, would you guys like a tour of the cellar? That would be amazing.
Yeah, sure, we'd love it.
Yeah? Follow me.
I know what you're gonna say.
- What? - You don't like him.
Of course I don't.
He's a classic Eddie Haskell.
Leave It to Beaver? Eddie Haskell was always polite and respectful on the surface, but it was all a front.
He was always up to no good.
I don't know, I'm suspicious.
I think he's just a nervous kid who's trying too hard to make a good impression.
Look, your situation with Maleah is unique.
You mean other women wouldn't make friends with their late husband's love child? No, no.
Probably not.
But I was gonna say, I think, you know, Maleah's the closest thing you have to a daughter a-and you're just being overprotective.
No, it's intuition.
I just can't shake the feeling that boy can't be trusted.
What's going on here? You guys studying for an SAT? Ha-ha, very funny.
Just going over these numbers.
- And how are they? - We were well on our way back before the hurricane, with, um, a few exceptions.
Okay, what's this? "M.
"? Seems like your greatest quarterly loss.
Magnum's tab.
Magnum's tab.
Which I will settle up after my next job.
You mean after you pay the citation, towing fees and interest to get the Ferrari out of hock.
Oh, no, no, no, he's paying us back first.
Yeah, get in line.
He's owed us way longer.
What's funny? I-I don't know, it's just nice to be fought over, you know? Bro, we ain't fighting over you in a good way.
This ain't some old-time duel where the winner gets the girl.
No, no, it's more like a modern duel where everybody loses because you don't pay up.
I just got an urgent call from a client and once I solve this case, I'll settle my debts.
You know, if we had a nickel for every time you said something like that, it might actually be enough for you to pay us back.
Guys, Magnum actually has a point.
I've done some research on the client, and to say that he has deep pockets is an understatement.
- That's right.
- Hope so.
Speaking of which Mr.
Braggs? Juliet Higgins.
Nice to meet you.
- Thomas Magnum.
- Thank you for meeting with me.
Well, it sounded urgent on the phone.
I-It's my wife Lia.
She's missing.
Have you contacted HPD? Of course.
But they can't help because it hasn't been 24 hours.
So when were you first aware of her disappearance? This morning.
Uh, we were supposed to meet for brunch after her hair appointment, but she-she never showed.
She's only been gone since this morning and yet you think she's missing? Lia would never not show without calling.
Plus, she's not answering her texts, her phone's going straight to voice mail, and her Friend-Finder app is off.
Listen, I'm telling you, something is wrong.
I need to find her.
Whatever your fee is, I'll double it and I'll pay up front.
- Well, no, there's - We're happy to accept your offer.
Look, there's got to be a logical explanation to why Lia's missing.
Uh, just give us her cell phone number, the name of the salon, and we'll get to the bottom of it for you.
Thank you.
So I guess Kamekona is now added to the growing list of people you owe.
He doesn't expect anything for lending me his truck.
Helping each other out is what friends do.
Yeah, but why is it always your friends helping you? Plus, you were about to sabotage a means of paying us back.
I can't believe you were gonna refuse Mr.
Braggs's offer.
Yeah, but why should he pay us double? Says the man not responsible for the upkeep of Robin's Nest.
Listen, businesses charge extra for expediting services all the time.
Yeah, and that's taking advantage of people.
- I won't do that.
- Magnum, it was his idea.
Plus, it's not like he can't afford it.
You know, let's just figure out what happened to Lia.
Her phone is still off-line.
I'm just gonna keep monitoring it, see if it comes on again.
All right, well, in the meantime, Colin said Lia's hair stylist's name is T-Lo.
We should probably go from there.
Excuse me.
Are you T-Lo? As God made me.
Sup? Thomas Magnum, Juliet Higgins.
We're private investigators.
Uh, I understand that you're Lia Braggs's hairdresser, right? - I'm a colorist.
- Oh, colorist.
Sorry about that.
It's okay.
T-Lo forgives.
Just, uh, don't let it happen again.
Yeah, I know Lia.
I help keep her grays on the DL, but you didn't hear that from me.
How can I help you? Well, Lia's husband thinks she might be missing.
She had an appointment with you this morning, is that right? Yes, but she was a no-show.
- Really? - Really.
Okay, well, if Lia did go missing, it was before this appointment.
What is it? Her phone's back on.
Where? Right around the corner.
It's this way.
Either Lia's late for her appointment, or Someone else has her phone.
- Hello, there.
- Hey.
How you doing? That's a really nice phone.
What is that, the XR? Maybe the 11? I don't know.
You want to buy it? Look, we know the phone belongs to someone else.
I found it in the trash.
That makes it mine.
We get it.
You, uh, out on this street a lot? All day, every day.
It's my block.
Gets pretty territorial out here.
Did you happen to see this woman this morning? No.
Not this morning.
But you do know her? Kind of.
She goes to the hair place right up there every couple weeks.
Always gives me a little something when I see her.
She sounds very generous.
People usually look right through me.
Like I'm invisible.
Not her.
She told me she volunteers at a shelter in Waikiki.
Said if I ever need a place to stay, I should go there.
Wait, this is her phone? She okay? Actually, she's missing.
And we're looking for her.
I hope you find her.
Thank you.
Take care.
Why would Lia ditch her cell phone? And here of all places.
I mean, especially since she missed her appointment.
Maybe she's trying to disappear, you know? Cover her tracks.
If that's the case, we need to figure out why.
Lia's car still hasn't been found.
Colin said it's a vintage Mercedes without GPS.
So all we have is her cell phone.
I'm going through her texts and photos from the day she disappeared, but there doesn't appear to be anything out of the ordinary.
Keep looking.
Thomas? Juliet? - Colin.
- They called.
I-I came straight here.
Uh, calm down.
Who called? I don't know.
I-I got, I got a call on my home phone from an unknown number.
I thought it might be Lia, but it was one of those, uh, distorted voices.
I had it on speaker, I managed to record the end of it.
$2 million in unmarked, nonsequential bills in three hours if you ever want to see her again.
Keep your cell phone on.
We'll call back with instructions.
If you tell anyone, your wife is dead.
I know this is difficult to take in, but we have a lot of experience with ransoms.
- S-So what's our next move? - Okay, the kidnappers said they were gonna call back, so we just all need to be prepared.
The most important thing you need to do is stay calm.
And keep them on the line as long as possible.
I'm gonna trace the call.
Even if I can't, anything that we hear can be useful, even background noise.
It's also crucial that you get proof of life to make sure that Lia's okay.
Okay, well, now we need to ask you a few questions.
Do either you or Lia have any enemies, personal or work-related? No.
Not-not that I can think of.
Well, they're asking for $2 million, right? That's a lot of money.
Is your wealth well known? I'm not exactly a public figure.
I'm in commercial real estate.
I own and lease out various buildings.
And do you know of anyone who might have cause for revenge? No.
I mean I've ruffled some feathers.
I've had a few nightmare tenants.
I can't imagine any of that stuff would warrant this.
You'd be surprised.
Stay calm, keep him on the line, proof of life.
You're a businessman, right? Just think of this as a business transaction.
All right, all set.
Hello? H-Hello? Do you have the money? Almost.
I'm working on it.
Listen closely.
You're going to put the $2 million in cash in two separate bags.
You will meet a man and exchange the money for Lia's location.
I'll give you the details soon.
- Understood? - Yes.
And remember, if you tell anyone, she's dead.
You have to ask for proof of life.
I understand, but I-I I need to know she's okay.
I-I want I want to talk to her.
You're not calling the shots here.
Ask to speak to her, or there's no money.
I-I have to talk to her.
Put her on.
What did I just say? I'm in charge here, not you.
I need to talk to Lia, or there's no money.
Hello? Hello? Scrambled.
I couldn't trace it.
What?! You just killed my wife! Why'd you have to push me? If I'd have just said "okay," Lia would still be alive.
We don't know that she isn't, Colin.
Okay, I know how you must feel.
Do you? Do you, really? Did someone kill the person you love? All I'm saying is that we have to stay composed right now.
She's right.
If we take emotion out of this, we're left with one simple fact.
All right? They want your money.
They're not gonna jeopardize that.
Then why aren't they calling back? Hello? Price just went up to $3 million.
We know you have it, Mr.
- We know everything about you.
- Okay.
And you no longer have three hours.
Now you have one.
I-I'm not sure I'll be able to raise that much cash in I'll call back with instructions for where to bring it.
No, wait, wait.
Colin, can you AirDrop me that photo of Lia, so I can pinpoint their location? Anything? The metadata is encrypted.
Can you hack into it? It's an upgraded ESNI with multiple hosts.
Yes, but it will take hours.
We don't have hours.
What do we do? How quickly can you get the cash? I've already got calls in to multiple banks.
It's just I n I need an extra million now.
So we're just gonna go through with their demands, then? We don't have another choice right now.
Colin, they said there would be consequences if you told anyone about this, so you're gonna have to do the handoff alone.
We will be watching, but are you up to it? For Lia, anything.
We'll be trailing from behind.
Once you make the exchange, we'll pick up Lia.
And the kidnappers, we're just gonna let them get away? No, no, we have some very trusted friends we can get to follow them.
But is this gonna work? At this point, this is the only option we have, so let's get the cash, and get ready.
We'll be in communication with you the whole time.
You just have to keep this in your ear.
No caller I.
It's got to be them.
Answer it.
Hello? Do you have the money? Yes, I have it.
Then listen carefully, because I'm only going to say this once.
Drive to the east end of Waikamilo Road.
You'll see an abandoned building on the right.
Behind that is an alley.
Park and stay there until you hear from me.
And you better be alone.
Hello? Walk a hundred paces, put my money on the ground and get back in your car.
Not until you tell me where Lia is.
If you don't do what I say right now, you'll never see Lia again.
Colin, do what he says.
She's at 1497 Makano Street.
Colin, head back to Robin's Nest.
We'll get Lia and meet you there.
Patching TC in.
I'm here.
We're heading to Makano Street.
The kidnapper should be back on Waikamilo.
- Yeah, I got eyes on him.
- Same here.
Damn it.
He's headed for the highway.
I'm stuck - behind a car at the light.
- Okay, don't lose him, TC.
Don't worry, he ain't shakin' me.
He's heading for the H-3 tunnel.
Rick, come up from behind when you can.
I'll pick him up on the other side.
Guys, we got a problem.
What is it? He went into the tunnel, but he ain't comin' out.
Rick, where you at? You close? Yeah.
I'm headed in now.
All right, I got eyes on the car.
He stopped in the tunnel.
Damn it.
He's gone.
So is the money.
He must have had somebody in the tunnel waiting for him.
Okay, call Katsumoto and tell him everything.
We're almost at the location.
It's Lia.
Magnum, there's a note.
House is a rental, but the management company says it's been vacant for the last few months.
The sedan was stolen from the Ala Moana mall parking lot last night.
Now, the kidnappers swapped out the plates.
CSU's processing it now.
It's Colin.
He wants to know how Lia is.
He doesn't know she's dead yet? We wanted to tell him in person.
He's waiting for us at Robin's Nest.
Just don't say it.
- What? - That the note they left by Lia's body was them telling us that we slipped up.
They knew we were working with Colin That's why they killed her.
I was actually gonna say that this isn't your fault.
It could have just as easily happened to us.
Hey, they were gonna kill her either way.
Only thing we can do now is find out who pulled the trigger.
Okay? But I did everything you asked.
We know.
You did nothing wrong.
I I'm not second-guessing myself.
I'm second-guessing the two of you.
Braggs, I'm sorry to do this right now, but whoever is responsible is still out there.
It would be extremely helpful if you were able to answer a few questions for us.
Listen, we're gonna get whoever did this.
Whatever it takes.
I think you've done enough.
If you do keep chasing this guy, and I know you will, I'm your first call if you find anything.
What is it? I'm just replaying how we found Lia.
Can you pull up that proof of life photo they sent Colin? Yeah.
Okay, do you notice anything different about the background? It doesn't match any of the walls from the house where we found her body.
- Must've been taken elsewhere.
- Yeah, I know you said it would take a while to hack into the photograph, but if we can identify where that was taken, we might be able to figure out - who the kidnapper was.
- I'm on it.
In the meantime, I'm gonna go check in with Noelani.
Maybe there's some kind of clue that's been left on her body.
All right.
- Oh, aloha, Kumu.
- Hey, aloha.
You waiting for someone special? You know, my uncle is single if you're looking.
- I'm flattered, but I'm good.
- Change your mind, you can check out his profile on OK Venus.
But ignore his age.
He's ten years older.
And heavier.
And bald.
Kind of looks like a Hawaiian version of the Kool-Aid Man.
Ooh, that sounds like a real catch.
I'm scared how you pitch me to other people.
You're kind of like a Hawaiian Martha Stewart.
Well, I'll take it.
Oh, scuse me, Flippa.
Oh, shoots.
- Hey.
- Hey, Maleah.
- Thanks for coming out here.
- Yeah.
Are you hungry? They have a mean garlic shrimp plate.
No, I'm still stuffed from last night.
So, how's Kelvin doing? - Oh, he's great.
- Good.
What does he do for work again? Uh, he's kind of in between jobs right now.
Oh, really? For how long? Mm, like, three months.
So, how's he supporting himself? Well, he's staying with me right now.
I see.
Uh, are you trying to say something here? Uh, what do you mean? Well, it might not look like it, but I have thick skin, so you can be straight with me.
Good to know.
I guess I-I just have some reservations about Kelvin.
But you don't even know him.
I know.
It's just his tone.
I feel like he's covering.
It's, uh, it's almost like a mother's intuition.
But you're not my mother.
I-I didn't mean to imply that Look, just because my dad was unfaithful to you doesn't mean that every guy is like that.
I know.
But I think we're friends, and as friends, I have the right to share my opinion.
I think you have the wrong idea here.
I know I haven't spent much time with him, but I'm not talking about Kelvin.
I-I'm talking about us.
We don't have the type of relationship that you think that we do.
They just brought her in a couple minutes ago.
Katsumoto said you might be stopping by.
You know, I know there's protocol, but I can make it worth your while.
Chopper tour, dinner at La Mariana.
You know, I even have a turquoise Vespa you could take for the weekend.
- Take your pick.
- You know, your bribes are getting old.
And how dare you offer up Kumu's scooter? No to all of that.
But I will help you out as a friend.
Look, Katsumoto gave me a heads-up, but it wasn't to stop you.
None of this is your fault, and you need to get whoever killed this woman.
Appreciate it.
Thanks, Doc.
Well, obviously, C.
was a gunshot to the forehead.
- Huh.
- What? What do you see? Well, it's what I don't see.
Her roots.
Why would you expect to see her roots? Well, Lia made an appointment with her hair colorist this morning, but I don't see any roots.
Right? I mean, why would she set it up if she didn't need a dye job? No.
I just noticed something else.
- What is it? - It's a bluebottle fly egg.
Pretty common here in Hawaii.
Do you know what this means? Yeah.
But-but why don't you tell me so I know that you know what it means.
Well, Mrs.
Braggs' body was found in a house with no AC or open windows.
Now, the temperature inside obfuscated the time of death, but the maturity of this egg indicates she's been dead for more than eight hours.
- More than eight hours? - Yeah.
Well, that means Lia was dead before the first ransom call.
If Lia was dead before the call came in, that means the kidnapper took the picture before Colin asked for it.
Which means he never had any intention of returning her alive.
We need the metadata from that photo.
I'm working on it.
Good, 'cause CSU got nothing - from the kidnapper's car.
- Hey, hey, Gordie, by the way, thanks for giving Noelani the green light to help us out.
We really appreciate it.
I don't know what you're talking about.
That'd be against protocol.
Keep me in the loop.
Will do.
I heard what happened with Mr.
Braggs' wife.
You okay? Yeah.
Yeah, I'm hanging in there.
Had to come back and hold down the fort.
What, you come all the way down here to check up on me? That and, um I needed some advice.
What's up? Well, last night, we had a dinner party.
Yes, I know.
At Robin's Nest.
And TC and I weren't invited.
Go on.
Maleah brought her boyfriend, and I just got a bad vibe off him.
How do you mean? I mean I don't trust him.
Well, whatever you do, don't tell her that.
You already told her that.
And I'm guessing she wasn't having it.
Look, I know I'm not her mother, but I feel this need to watch over her.
And I know Icepick wasn't your father, but he was there for you.
He kept you on the right path.
How'd he do that? How'd he get you to listen? Fear, mostly.
I knew I'd catch holy hell if I did something stupid.
I'm not sure that's gonna work for you and Maleah, though.
You know, I-I think the thing is you got to let her make her own mistakes.
I know that's hard, but that's the only way she's gonna grow.
Maybe this guy is gonna burn her, but she'll survive.
Especially if she knows she's got you to help her through it.
Okay, I'm in.
The proof of life photo is actually a composite of two different images.
The photo of Lia was taken months ago whereas the picture of today's newspaper was just photoshopped on top.
Is there any way to tell who took them? No.
But the older one is geotagged, so that could tell us something.
It's a rental property owned by a management company, Churran Inc.
I'll inform Katsumoto.
Yeah, but even if Katsumoto gets a warrant, it's gonna be hours before anything happens.
I-I say we go there.
If we find something, we'll let him know.
- Oh, he'll love that.
- Hey.
We get a lead, he'll forgive us.
We got 18 seconds.
Still on.
But now we can't use the microwave.
That's one way to do it.
There's a bunch of bills here addressed to Frank Braggs.
That's the same surname as Colin.
Most of them are past due, too.
This guy's underwater.
Frank Braggs is Colin's brother.
So, either Frank had something to do with Lia's abduction or they got that photo off his cloud.
What else do you have on him? Well, he certainly doesn't share his brother's business acumen.
Several failed financial ventures.
He currently drives an Uber to make ends meet.
It actually looks like Colin was helping Frank out financially quite a bit.
Although the payments stopped abruptly earlier this year, which is when Frank's financial issues really started piling up.
Maybe Frank was trying to get back at his brother for cutting him off.
I mean, money has a funny way of turning things ugly, even between family members.
Especially between family.
But if Colin and Frank had fallen out, is it strange that Lia was here in Frank's apartment? Photo could've been taken before.
I'll see if there's anything dubious from Lia's end.
Yeah, well, it looks like she'd had several meetings with a divorce lawyer named Gil Silverman.
It seems Lia was planning to leave Colin.
So, Lia and Frank both had relationships with Colin that went sour.
Perhaps they orchestrated this together.
Faked Lia's abduction to get money out of Colin.
And then Frank double-crosses Lia, kills her and keeps the ransom.
We got to find this guy.
He's at the airport.
That's the rideshare pickup area.
He's got to be driving for Uber right now.
Can you hack into his account? See where he's gonna be next? And here's Frank in the beige Corolla.
- Frank? - That's me.
You drive around Waikiki often? Uh, wherever the app takes me.
Tells me where to be and when.
Guess it's kinda like having a spouse, right? That's funny.
Speaking of spouses, uh, it would be Terrible to lose one.
Like Like Colin, for instance.
Losing Lia must have been devastating.
Who are you people? We are investigating Lia's kidnapping and murder.
We would like to ask you some questions.
Uh, yeah.
I heard I heard about that.
I-I had texted my brother, but I haven't heard back.
Well, we know Colin cut you off financially.
That must have been pretty hard to deal with.
You-you don't actually think I had something to do with this.
That's exactly what we think.
We think you and Lia staged the kidnapping to squeeze a big payday out of your brother.
But then you got greedy.
Apparently, your share of the $3 million wasn't enough, so you killed Lia to take her share, too.
Uh - What's so funny? - Oh You.
Well, rideshare passengers in general.
See, you all seem to forget that this is still just a car.
What's your point? My point is that, for some reason, people always forget to put on their seat belts.
- All right? - Yeah.
Are you okay? The man who ran off which direction did he go? Took off that way.
Magnum! There! Thanks.
We found a burner in Frank's car.
- Did you go through the texts? - Yeah.
All to another burner that's been switched off.
Based on the texts, it likely belonged to Frank's partner.
We need to find out who that is.
Actually, no, you don't.
You guys cracked this one for us.
But you need to stand down now and let us close it.
You guys did good.
What is it? Just how Frank reacted when we dropped our theory.
What about it? Normally, when you accuse someone, what happens? They get defensive and try to deny it.
Not Frank.
If anything, he looked confused.
Well, maybe Frank's partner was the brains of the operation and kept him in the dark.
Or maybe our theory's wrong.
If Lia was involved, why would they kill her? Perhaps they argued.
She had second thoughts and wanted to pull out.
But there's other stuff that doesn't add up.
Like how was Frank and his partner always one step ahead of us? And how'd they know that we'd trail 'em by the air and to switch cars in the tunnel? And if what we know about Lia is true Her generosity, her volunteer work Is-is that the kind of person that would do something like this? Okay.
What are you getting at? I don't know.
Maybe we're looking at this in the wrong way.
You don't think it was a staged kidnapping? No, I do.
I just don't think it's for the reasons that we originally thought.
I can't believe my own brother would do this.
I - I don't even know what to feel.
- I'm sure you're going through a whole range of emotions right now.
Um I'm sorry I lashed out at you earlier.
You kept your word.
Thank you.
Just doing our job.
There is one loose end though.
The police found Frank's burner phone, and it looks like he had a partner who's still out there.
Well, if there's anything I can do to help catch him There is, actually.
Maybe you can help us understand how Frank and his partner were always just one step ahead of us.
How-how would I know that? Because you were Frank's partner.
I-I don't know what you're talking about.
No, actually, I think you do.
See, we know Lia was gonna leave you.
Right? And a powerful man like yourself couldn't have liked that very much.
Frank's reaction when we confronted him made us dig a little deeper.
And that is when we found out that Lia's hair appointment was made from your computer after her death.
You shot her.
And to cover it up, you made it look like a kidnap and ransoming gone wrong.
But to pull it off, you needed help.
So you asked your brother.
Now, we initially thought he was angry because he got cut off financially.
But he's the one who actually requested the stop payment.
He wasn't angry at you.
He was indebted to you.
He would've done anything to help you out of a jam.
And so, in fact, he did.
That's a great theory.
It's a shame you don't have any actual evidence.
Actually, we do.
HPD's tossing your house right now.
We found the ransom money, Mr.
All $3 million.
You're under arrest.
Thanks for meeting me.
I I want to apologize.
Kumu, you don't have to.
Oh, please, let me.
You have to know I was only trying to help.
I'm sure Kelvin's a good guy.
A-And whatever bad feelings I had about him, I think it had more to do with some unhealed wounds in my past.
I still have some pain from what your father did.
And and that's not your burden.
I really want our relationship to be about us.
Maleah? You know, a few months after Dad died, my mom, she came over to build a barbecue.
She was only trying to help, but I ended up lashing out at her.
Because he was supposed to help with that.
You know? And now she's gone, too, and I end up lashing out at you.
I just I just miss her.
So much.
Maybe we both have unhealed wounds.
And I think some stuff just came to the surface.
But it actually meant a lot that you cared enough to say something.
So we can still hang out? Going to dinner, meeting up for lunch.
I just realized We spend a lot of time focusing on eating.
Of course we can.
That was the Braggses' estate lawyer.
There are some legal loopholes, but it looks like all the ransom money is gonna go to the Oahu Family Shelter, where Lia volunteered.
They're even thinking about renaming it "Lia's House.
" Wow.
That's great.
You know, and by getting paid double up front, we're still left with 300 bucks.
There's no "we," Magnum.
What are you talking about? We are partners.
There is a "we.
" No.
Getting the Ferrari impounded is a personal expense.
Speaking of which, you do realize that a third of our $900 payment goes to work-related expenses? Yes, which leaves us with $600, right? $300 of which goes to the impound and towing fees.
And we are left with $300.
No, I'm gonna take care of this, but it's coming out of your half, whereas I'm gonna keep my $300.
So you get paid $300, I get nothing? Well, less than nothing if you factor in taxes.
You know, if you just had spotted me the cash, I would have avoided having to pay all those additional fees while the car was just sitting in the lot.
But then you would have missed out on this wonderful lesson.
Trust me, I don't derive any pleasure seeing you like this.
No, no.
No, really.
It hurts me just as much as it hurts you.
Somehow I doubt that.

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