Magnum P.I. (2018) s03e07 Episode Script

Killer on the Midnight Watch

1 (ENGINE REVS) Don't lose him! Not this time.
Reason this dude got away last time wasn't 'cause he was too fast.
There's just too many damn white SUVs on this island.
It was like a game of 300-card monte.
Yo, you got two vehicles coming up.
Hug the corner.
Thanks for the heads-up.
- I'm gaining on him.
- You better be.
You got half the weight and triple the horsepower.
Wait, are they slowing down? Yeah, something's not right.
(TIRES SCREECHING) Thomas, get out of there! (PANTING) Magnum! What a surprise.
Y-Y-You look horrible.
No, uh, I-I haven't really been sleeping well the past couple days.
What's keeping you up? Is it hemorrhoids? If it's grade IV, man, that can be rough.
No, why would you assume that? - It's nothing.
- It's not nothing if you're losing sleep over it, man.
Come on, tell me.
Uh All right.
So, not too long ago, somebody started following me.
Right? I don't I don't know who they are or what they want, but they're out there, and they want me to know that.
I've never seen you like this.
What can I do to help? Honestly, I'm-I'm fine, Jin.
But thank you.
Appreciate it.
(DRYER BUZZES) Go ahead.
Open it.
I-It's not what it looks like.
Really? 'Cause it looks like you just ran somewhere around $5,000 through the dryer.
It is what it looks like, but it's not a scam.
I started this new business, and it's totally legit.
You're laundering money.
Yeah, I'm "laundering" money, but I'm not "laundering money.
" Since the pandemic, people are freaking out about germs, and there's nothing filthier than cash.
And since temperatures over 140 degrees kill germs and viruses, for a small fee, your business offers to clean people's cash for them, right? Yeah.
How'd you know that? I'm plastered all over your website giving quotes that I never said, like Uh "Jin cleaned all my cash.
"Jin is the most honest person I know.
" That's funny.
And my personal favorite: "I'll never date anyone with dirty money again.
" Jin, I've never said any of these things.
Yes, you have.
You've said those words, just not in that order or in that context.
Take it down, all right? You can't start your first honest business by being dishonest.
Okay, I'll take it down first thing next month.
- Jin, come on.
- All right, - I'll take it down today.
- Thank you.
Now, I-I got a client to meet, but believe me, the money you make is gonna feel that much sweeter when you do it honestly.
Agree to disagree.
Hey, pal.
- Hey.
- RICK: Want some coffee? Oh, yeah.
Need a luggage cart? Why? For all those bags under your eyes.
(MAGNUM AND TC LAUGH) Yeah, that's funny.
I've been hearing a lot of that today.
Oh, man.
Thanks for keeping me humble.
Well, that's what friends are for.
- Thanks for the coffee.
- (CHUCKLES) Magnum, this is Maui and Penna, and they run the neighborhood watch in Kaimuki.
Nice to meet you.
You, too.
Thank you for taking the time.
Say hello, Penna.
MAUI: Penna's a man of few words, but he chooses them wisely.
Isn't that right, Penna? - Yeah.
- (LAUGHS) This guy We've actually worked with some neighborhood watch groups before.
We investigated a burglary in Nu'uanu And the vandals in Polola.
We have a history with this kind of thing, so how can we help you? We think our neighbor's a murderer.
And what makes you think that? There's a professor who lives across the street from Penna, and two nights ago we saw him pull a woman out of his trunk.
She was out of it.
Couldn't even stand.
We've been watching his house since then.
Even have somebody watching it now.
And as far as we can tell, she hasn't left.
I assume that you've notified the police.
Of course.
HPD said they'd look into it.
But we don't have time to waste if there's a killer on our block.
We pooled our money to hire you.
Everyone we care about lives in our cul-de-sac.
If a woman has been murdered in our neighborhood, we need to get to the bottom of it.
Yeah, I know that watch group.
They don't exactly get prioritized - to the top of the list.
- Why not? 'Cause all they do is cry wolf.
Last week they called us because a delivery guy's uniform seemed a little too baggy.
They thought he was an imposter casing houses.
I'm guessing he wasn't.
Well, we opened up an investigation just to learn the guy recently dropped 15 pounds.
Another time, a suspected murderer.
Turned out to be a ride-share driver.
Another time - Okay, we get the picture? - Yeah.
The point is, we can't waste any more time or resources on them.
I'm not saying don't take the case.
It's a win-win.
You guys get a paid gig.
What's the other win? We get a couple monkeys off our back.
I still think we should take this case.
I mean, I don't know about the other times that Maui and Penna spoke to HPD, but they seem genuinely convinced about this.
Plus, we can use a job.
Up all night? One yawn and I've been up all night? Come on.
I saw the lights on in the guest house at 4:00 a.
What were you doing up at 4:00 a.
? Ethan had to leave early for the hospital.
Oh, the doctor.
Somebody had a nice night last night, huh? That's not your concern.
My love life is not a topic of conversation, but your sleep deprivation is.
Is it the white SUV? - (SIGHS) - Magnum, whoever's following you, you know this is exactly what they want: You off your game, paranoid and losing sleep.
Yeah, well, it's working.
That's only because you're letting it.
You have to take back control.
- And you're gonna tell me how? - Yes.
You gotta figure it out.
I hate to tell you, you are a very good detective, and you will figure out who it is we will.
- Together.
- Thank you, Higgins, for admitting how great of a detective I am.
Oh, I regretted it as soon as it came out of my mouth.
You said it.
That's it.
2609 Kaipo Circle.
So what else do we know about this guy? Dr.
Roland Bar.
Doesn't use any social media accounts, and he doesn't use the cloud.
Nothing else particularly incriminating.
Tenured professor, teaches international law.
MAGNUM: Camry in the driveway.
That's got to be where Maui and Penna saw him pull that woman out of the trunk.
Might be something in there that will confirm what they saw.
Let's find out.
HIGGINS: There's nothing but a blanket.
A blanket full of stains.
- Could just be grease.
- Could be DNA.
This one yours or mine? What? No, that's yours.
Just making sure.
Let me take another look.
Yeah, this one hooks in the front.
My bra hooks on the back.
Plus, I'm a double-D so You needed the extra support, huh? Always have.
Finally, a fellow smartass.
I'm Oleen.
I'm Jin.
You come around here often? Actually, no.
My machines are dinosaurs.
Finally gave out.
Oh, sorry to hear that, but if they hadn't, you wouldn't have the pleasure of meeting me.
Yeah, totally worth it to lose a thousand bucks in appliances to meet a guy I'll never see again.
You know, if you were younger, I'd ask you out on a date.
And if you were a little older, taller and a lot more handsome, I'd ask you out for a date.
(LAUGHS) Touché.
That's a good one.
Be well, Jin.
I gotta say, out of the thousands of people I've met on this island, you're definitely one of them.
Aw, thanks a lot, Oleen.
- See you around.
- (ENTRY BELLS JINGLE) - Cool lady.
I was just texting Noelani to see if she had an ETA on the results of the DNA.
Yeah, um, so Jin said that you invited him over, which I did think was odd in that we're in the middle of a case.
Okay, I meant "invited" in the broader sense.
Did Magnum invite me over? No.
Have you both implied that I'm welcome to come over - whenever I want? Yes.
- No.
- No.
- Yeah, yeah.
Yes! No.
Anyway, I have some great news.
I met my N.
Uh, what is that? Non-sexual soul mate.
You know, like you guys.
(CHUCKLES) Jin, you're actually being more ridiculous than usual, if that's possible.
You guys should be so happy for me.
I met my Higgins.
Her name is Oleen, and we started clicking right away.
Anyway, um, she left this sock at the Fluff 'N Fold, and I want to return it.
Why? People lose socks all the time.
There's no need to return it.
Nothing is certain in life but death, taxes and the odd rogue sock left in the dryer.
It's not exactly a big deal, Jin.
I don't know, okay? It looks like it's part of a uniform.
Like she's responsible for it.
Okay, Jin, but it's a sock.
I'm sure it's not a big deal.
Magnum, you once told me that I'm the most honest person you ever met.
(LAUGHING): I've never said that.
Fine, but you did say this is my first honest business.
Why don't I start with just balancing out the scales, right all my wrongs? I know that there's a lot.
It doesn't have to be a big thing or a small thing.
I just want to return it.
Enough said.
How may we help you, Jin? Well, I-I don't know anything.
Uh, no address.
I don't even have her full name.
(SIGHS) Let me see the sock.
Uh, well, the insignia's from the Palm Royal Hotel in Waikiki.
Maybe that can help.
HIGGINS: You're right.
The housekeepers there wear knee-highs like that.
Maybe she, uh, works there.
That's exactly what I was thinking.
Y-You guys just said it out loud first.
You know, you beat me to the punch.
You're welcome, Jin.
(PHONE CHIMES) It's Noelani.
She said she has to run more tests, but the DNA shows that it's from an Asian female.
Maui and Penna have done a lot of crying, but it looks like there might actually be a wolf.
Maui and Penna said the professor left six minutes ago.
We have no idea how long he'll be gone.
So we need to get in and out as quickly as possible.
They're gonna keep watch and text us if he comes back.
Charming little guest room.
HIGGINS: Complete with zip ties.
The professor doesn't use the cloud, so whatever's on this computer could be helpful.
The last file saved was this photo on the desktop.
Noelani said that the DNA sample she found was from an Asian female.
This photo was taken yesterday.
I mean, she's bruised, but at least we know she was alive then.
Look at the background.
That photograph was taken right here in front of the bookshelf.
(PHONE DINGS) It's Maui.
Professor's back.
(DOOR CLOSES) - (WATER RUNNING) - Okay, he went into the bathroom.
- We can make a run for it.
- No.
If he sees us, he'll know we're on to him, and we'll lose any advantage that we have.
I have an idea.
Grab my cell.
It's in my back pocket.
Of course it is.
The other one.
Text Maui and Penna.
Tell them to create a distraction outside.
I need your thumb.
- You get it? - Yeah.
(FLOORBOARDS CREAK) The mattress, zip ties, photo of the Asian woman, plus the DNA samples Yeah.
We'll call him from the road.
I agree, it doesn't look good, but it's all circumstantial.
Any lawyer in town could explain it all away.
Even the DNA on the blanket.
Plus, with Maui and Penna's history, they're not exactly reliable witnesses.
Yeah, but everything we're finding supports their story.
Doesn't change the fact that we don't have enough.
Okay, so what are we supposed to do, just drop the case? I didn't say that.
Now, we don't have enough to bring the professor in, but you can still keep tabs on him.
Then if you get some harder evidence, we can move on him quickly.
We'll keep you posted.
Wow, can you believe this guy? Uh JIN: You'll never guess what this is full of.
It's full of cash.
(CHUCKLES) I got to say, I am impressed that your new business is doing so well.
- (LAUGHS) - Yeah, Jin, you keep it up, pretty soon you're gonna need your own personal escort.
Rick, Rick, you know I'm trying to turn the corner.
Not that kind of escort.
A security guard.
- Oh.
- Somebody big but trustworthy to follow you around? Oh, you fishing for a new job, TC? (LAUGHS) I'm flattered, but I'm busy.
Yeah, you know who might be into it is Murph.
- I'll give him a text.
- Oh.
While you're at it, can I ask for another favor? You sound like Magnum right now.
Uh, that's false, my voice is way sexier and you know it.
Anyway, I'm trying to track down my new friend, Oleen.
We met at a laundromat.
She works at the Palm Royal, and they refused to give me her number.
Yeah, no one's gonna give out an employee's information.
Totally, but I was on Linkedln, I was looking into some of their employees, and it turns out one of their managers used to work for you at the King Kamehameha.
Her name is Mahina Mao.
Oh, yeah, Mahina.
She's great.
- I'll text her to see if I can get it.
- Cool.
Thank you.
So how much of a cut are you getting for cleaning all that money? (LAUGHS) Five percent.
(LAUGHS) Five percent, huh? And, uh, you always do the drops here? Yeah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's perfect.
It's safe, central.
- Free.
- Exactly! I can treat it like an office without actually having to pay for it.
Ten percent? Five percent.
- Five percent.
- Yeah, I can hear you.
My partner and I have agreed to allow you to work out of La Mariana for a five percent cut of your five percent cut.
Okay, that is insane.
All right? There are plenty of bars that would love to have my business.
What business? You're not spending any money.
You're right.
Fine, uh All right, but five percent's way too much.
Let's negotiate.
Um, I'm willing to give you three percent.
(SCOFFS) Three percent.
Are you dreaming? You're a dreamer.
All right, I'm not gonna go a penny above ten percent.
- Deal.
- Deal.
Mahina sent Oleen's info.
I'm texting it to you now.
Um, I'll see you guys later.
Ten percent, Jin! - Ten percent! - Okay! Got him.
Nice work.
Hey, Maui, thanks for coming.
Of course.
Uh, Penna's still keeping an eye on the professor's house.
Okay, so, this woman on the professor's computer Is she the same person you saw getting dragged out of the trunk of the car? Uh, she had, uh, dark hair that length, but I didn't see her face.
Do we know who she is? We've run it through facial recognition but we come up empty.
(PHONE RINGING) Penna, what's up? PENNA: Sorry, I-I just left to get some water.
When I got back he was at his car.
The professor He's taping up the window you smashed.
I think he's about to go somewhere.
Penna, we're gonna need you to follow him.
- Can you do that? - Uh, I'm uh, more of an observer.
Tailing is a Maui type thing.
Uh, but I'm not there.
This is all on you.
W-What if he spots me? What if I lose him? He's a killer.
He's almost done with the window.
Penna, you're a stay-at-home dad, right? Yeah.
Why? Because I think most spouses would be happy to coast off their significant other, But you chose to contribute to your community, right? To protect your wife and kids.
Now is your chance to step up and do that.
You're right.
I can do this.
HIGGINS: Of course you can.
Now just keep a safe distance from him, share your location with us and we'll head to you and take over.
Okay? Okay.
You got this, Penna.
Do it for the cul-de-sac.
(HORNS HONKING) We should be coming up on Penna now.
Yeah, and the professor's two cars ahead of him.
(PHONE RINGING) - How much longer? - HIGGINS: We're here, Penna.
You can peel off now.
You did it, Penna.
You came through.
Looks We're passing Ka'a'awa.
Think we're going to the North Shore.
But why? - (PHONE CHIMES) - Don't know.
Oh, Noelani just texted me.
The blanket was covered in evidence.
Hair, sweat and blood.
She also found traces of sedatives and opioids.
- (PHONE CHIMES) - So this woman was drugged.
They all were.
Wait, w-what do you mean, "all"? She found four separate DNA profiles on the blanket.
All women, all drugged.
So the woman Maui and Penna saw was only one of four? We have to call Katsumoto.
That's more than enough evidence to arrest him.
Yes, it is, but Why is there always a but? Just hear me out, all right? It's gonna take a while for HPD to get here.
We have no idea where the professor's headed.
We got to pull him over and detain him until HPD gets there.
We can't afford to lose this guy.
Point taken.
(TIRES SCREECHING) Okay, how do you propose we pull him over? Easy peasy.
Easy peasy? (ENGINE REVS) (HORN HONKS) MAGNUM: See? Easy peasy.
What do you think you're doing? Ow! Restraining you.
Quite easily, I might add.
KATSUMOTO: Yeah? There was blood on the blanket.
DNA showed us from four different women, All of which had been drugged.
That's enough to pick him up.
Well, that's good, because we already got him.
You disobeyed an order.
You just said it was enough to pick him up.
The way I see it is we just obeyed the order before you gave it.
Just send me your location, don't let him out of your sight until we arrive.
Copy that.
HIGGINS: These scratches on your face look fresh.
Care to explain them? Not unless you care to tell me what this is all about.
We're private investigators.
And I'm guessing those scratches came from one of the women you abducted.
Abducted? You've got it all wrong.
Hey, it's okay.
It's okay, it's okay.
Calm down.
I'm here to help.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Watch your head.
- (WHEEZING) - Careful.
It's all right.
Easy, easy.
You were saying? HPD should be here any minute.
- Okay.
- How is she doing? Well, she's calmer.
Have any idea what language she speaks? I don't speak it, but it sounds Vietnamese.
BAR: It is.
MAGNUM: Oh, now you're trying to be helpful? Depends on what you're investigating.
We're investigating a potential murderer in your neighborhood.
You think I'm a murderer? MAGNUM: For somebody driving around with a woman in his trunk, y-you seem pretty shocked.
I wasn't gonna kill her.
I was trying to save her.
Save her? From what? She was trafficked to the island and being held as a sex worker.
What about the other three women? H-How could you possibly know about We have our ways.
They were all forced into prostitution.
She's the first one I've been able to free from their safe house.
The others I got back by posing as a john.
I used prepaid cells to set up appointments, we'd meet at motels, then I'd help them escape.
So by day you're a professor, by night you're some kind of hero, like Indiana Jones? I was just looking into trafficking on the island.
But once I saw what I saw, I couldn't just write a paper on it.
If you're trying to help these girls, how do you explain the scratches all over your face? She didn't know who I was.
She was drugged, disoriented and panicked.
Same way she reacted when you opened the trunk.
If what you're saying is true, why didn't you just go to the cops? I couldn't.
I already have a record for solicitation after being caught posing as a john.
They'd never believe me.
I know, it sounds crazy.
And the only person who can verify your story speaks a language that we don't.
I guess if we want to hear her side of it, we need somebody who speaks Vietnamese.
(SIREN CHIRPS) It's okay.
UNI: Thank you.
We'll take it from here.
It's okay.
She's scared.
It's okay.
You're safe.
You're on the right track.
Find a translator.
You'll see my story checks out.
What are you doing here? Oh, Oleen, y-you live here? What a coincidence.
I was just going door-to-door selling Tupperware and That's what my last stalker said.
You wish you had a stalker as cute as me.
Seriously, how'd you find me? Oh, well, you left this in the dryer at the Fluff 'n Fold and it looked like it was a part of your uniform so I tracked you down.
You tracked me down and came all this way to return a sock? That's absolutely moronic.
I know, but I was worried that they were gonna take it out of your salary.
They actually would've.
It's only 11 bucks, but these days, every dollar counts.
Thank you.
GIRL: Tutu! Ah, that's Lena, my granddaughter.
- She's ten.
- My bad.
Am I interrupting? No, no, no, it's fine.
Lena's mother is in rehab, so she's staying with me.
So you're raising a ten-year-old? On my own, while working at the Palm Royal.
Not gonna lie, it's been tough.
But when family's in need, you press pause on your life to get theirs back on track.
I can relate.
Really? How many grandkids do you have? Seven.
(BOTH LAUGH) No, but, uh, I did grow up with younger sisters and my parents weren't around, so I did what I had to and, uh, made sure that they were okay.
LENA: Tutu! I got to get going.
But thanks for coming all this way.
Of course.
And if you ever need anything, I-I'll be This is the hand I've been dealt.
But thank you.
Of course.
Can you ask her why she was in the trunk? (SPEAKING VIETNAMESE) She was hiding.
Hiding from who? She was hiding from the bad men.
Bad men? Like the man who was driving the car that you were in? (SPEAKING VIETNAMESE) No.
He saved her.
Guess he really is Indiana Jones.
Yeah, bring in Professor Bar.
Now, I know it's difficult, but if she could tell us anything about what she experienced, it could be helpful.
(SPEAKING VIETNAMESE) She came from Vietnam on a work visa with the promise of a job.
(MINH CONTINUES SPEAKING) But when she arrived she realized that she was a prisoner, forced into a life of prostitution.
(MINH CRYING) She would still be locked at in "scary house" if the man hadn't saved her.
HIGGINS: Does she remember the location of the scary house? (SPEAKING VIETNAMESE) No.
She's not from here and she was drugged.
Her name is Minh.
She confirmed your story.
We believe you.
Where was she held, exactly? I have the address in my phone.
It's an old campsite in Waialua.
That's on the other side of the island.
We need to move.
(SIRENS WAILING) OFFICER: Move! Go, go, go! - Move in.
- Go.
Clear! Clear! All clear! Let's go.
They're gone.
When they realized Minh was missing they probably got spooked.
- So the rest of the women - Could be anywhere by now.
- They left because I took Minh.
- Don't worry.
We'll find them.
Do you know where they operated out of before this camp? No.
But even if I did, how would that help? If we knew their previous locations, we might be able to form a pattern and figure out where they may have gone.
I learned about this place from the girls I freed from the motel.
But it's the only place I know.
MAGNUM: Those women that you freed They could know something.
Are any of them still on the island? Uh, two of them returned home, but one is still here at a nonprofit I work with, The Freedom House.
They help women who've been trafficked.
Okay, we need to head there.
- We good? - Looks great.
Thanks a lot, my man.
Okay, so that's $900 for me and $100 for the house.
Jin, I've never seen you look so down when holding so much cash in your hand.
Yeah, you okay, bro? Yeah.
No, not really.
I've been thinking about Oleen.
Turns out she's really down on her luck.
Well, I'm sure she appreciated you going so far out of your way to return that sock.
You know, when someone's struggling, every little bit helps.
Yeah, that's kind of what she said.
Look at you, balancing the karmic scales.
Easy, big guy.
I returned a sock.
It's not gonna make much of an impact.
So what are you gonna do with your profits? I don't know.
I haven't really thought about it.
You know, you should reinvest.
Maybe get your own dryer.
Good thinking.
Don't you know a guy - at H&H Appliance? - I do.
Yeah, I bet he could get you one wholesale.
No more trips to the Fluff 'N Fold.
Huh? What do you think? You want me to call him? Jin? Jin.
You know what, guys, I have something else in mind.
I'll see you guys later.
After we got away, I'd keep them off the grid until I could bring them here.
Which is why you transported them in the trunk.
I understand your situation's urgent, so we'll get right to it.
Chunua's this way.
She speaks English, so we know she's from China, but she refuses to go home until her younger sister, Chenguang, is also freed.
Chunua, these people need to ask you some questions.
- I try help.
- HIGGINS: Thank you.
Can you remember the places where you were held? They drug us.
Hard remember.
I understand this is difficult, but, um, any little detail could help.
Pauha Street.
There's hundreds of houses on Pauha.
Is there anything about the house, maybe something in the front yard that you can remember? Tree.
More than other house.
So, this is Pauha.
We'll start at the end and go south, okay? That one.
There? - That it.
- Okay.
4252 Pauha Avenue.
So we have this house and the barn in Waialua.
There's not a lot of data points, but I'll see what I can come up with.
That's interesting.
Both of those places were listed in the temporary sublet section of the same housing rental website.
MAGNUM: That's smart.
It's the least-regulated way to secure a place quickly.
Especially if you pay in cash.
And there's one e-mail address that responded to both of those listings.
And the same e-mail recently responded to another listing.
It's a warehouse on Sand Island.
That's got to be it.
(INDISTINCT SHOUTING) Down! Get down! OFFICER: On the ground! Down, down! On the floor, now! Right there! Hands behind your back, don't you move! MAN: Take it easy, guys.
You! Do not move! - This one, right here.
Right here.
- MAN: Get off! OFFICER: All right, check him.
(INDISTINCT RADIO CHATTER) Hopefully Chunua's sister is in there.
Well, we'll soon find out.
Come on! Back off or she's dead.
Let her go, I'll let you go.
She's the only reason you won't shoot.
Yeah, maybe.
Come on, it's a fair trade.
You set her free, I'll put my gun down.
You first.
Put your gun down, then I'll let her go.
All right, you got a deal.
The moment my gun touches the ground, she goes free.
Changed my mind.
(GRUNTING) Could you have waited any longer? You sound rather vexed for someone whose life I just saved.
You didn't save my life.
It was a tactic.
Says the man who would literally be dead were it not for me.
Don't do it.
- WOMAN: No.
No! A proud sponsor - Hey.
- No! Boss no here! - What's going on? She's saying we didn't get the guy in charge.
WOMAN: He no here.
He no He gone! He no here! No, no! He no here! Please, please.
Must find bad man.
(SPEAKS MANDARIN) That's Mandarin, right? (CRYING) Counting days, counting days Since my lover up and got lost on me (SOBBING) And every breath that I been takin' since you left Feels like a waste on me I've been told I've been told to get you off my mind But I hope I never lose the bruises That you left behind Oh, my Lord, oh, my Lord I need you by my side There must be something in the water 'Cause every day it's getting colder And if only I could hold you You'd keep my head from going under.
Three times in one day? I know.
Lucky you, right? How you doing, Jin? Good.
I mean, great.
I started a new business and I'm already in the black.
That's wonderful! I'm so happy for you.
Oh, thank you.
Yeah, my friend told me to reinvest my profits back into the company, but I made a better decision.
Finally gonna fix those eyebrows? What's wrong with my eyebrows? Just kidding! (LAUGHS) That was a good one! Here.
What is this? Open it.
I don't understand.
I want you to have it.
Jin, I can't accept this.
You barely know me.
Yeah, but I know what it's like raising a family member who wasn't supposed to be your responsibility.
And I know you don't know me that well, but this new business is the best decision I've made in a very long time, and it'd really mean a lot to me if I could start it off with a gift.
I I don't know what to say.
You don't know how much this means to me.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
HIGGINS: So, Freedom House, they're gonna try and help each and every one - of the girls return home.
- Wow, that's great.
You two did good.
Really good.
Thank you.
You know who else did good, though? Maui and Penna.
Rick, can I get a bucket of bottles, please? You got it.
- Thanks.
- There you go, brother.
(SHORT CHUCKLE) Gentlemen.
I just wanted to say that, uh, because of you, bad guys are behind bars, and a lot of innocent women are free.
- Thank you for your help.
- Cheers to that.
- Hey, Jin! - Hey! What's up? Hey, you want a cold one, my brother? Oh, I'd love to, but I'm a little light on cash right now.
Hang on, I thought you said you had a great first week.
Oh, I did, but I gave all my profits to Oleen.
You know, I'm supposed to be humble about it, but I'm getting this huge sense of What's the feeling? Pride? Pride.
That's it.
Or hunger.
More m-mostly pride.
You know, I did a good thing.
That's what heroes do, Magnum.
You wouldn't understand.
(LAUGHTER) MAGNUM: You know what, Jin, I'm gonna let that slide.
I'm gonna buy you a beer.
And I got to say, the business you're running is fantastic, and you can quote me on that on your website.
Really? Mm-hmm.
Thank you.
Magnum just said that I had the best business on the island and that CEOs would be idiots if they didn't trust me with all their money.
I didn't say that.
- Basically.
- Mm no.
Back me up.
One time.
Come on, you definitely implied it.

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