Magnum P.I. (2018) s03e10 Episode Script

The Long Way Home

1 What? Nothing.
I'm just, you know, admiring the view.
Well, just enjoy it while it lasts.
I can only try this hard for so long.
I date you for your brains, not your body.
Apropos, a crossword? Oh, you saved last week's puzzle? Yeah, of course.
What kind of girlfriend would I be if I didn't? We are a team.
Come on, you don't need me.
I'm dead weight.
I mean, you get all the hard ones.
I'm just good for a terrible pun.
- Oh, my God.
You did it without me.
- Ow! Come on.
I mean, it's-it's almost a week old.
I mean, there's a statute of limitations.
Unbelievable! Gin fizz for the lady.
Not too sweet.
- Uh - The gentleman on the phone thought you'd need a drink to take his call.
Oh, God.
Take that.
Magnum, this better be an emergency.
Believe it or not, Higgins, this qualifies as an emergency.
I'm actually ten feet up a tree right now.
Let me guess.
The lads? Yeah, you got to call 'em off.
I have a meeting I got to get to.
What happened to your dog whistle app? It expired.
They wanted $3.
99 a month.
I mean, come on.
It's crazy.
Yes, well, now, it's cost you a $19 cocktail.
Actually, I charged it to your room.
Hey, I'm gonna put you on speaker, okay? Here, guys.
Talk to Mama.
Zeus, Apollo, inside.
That actually worked.
Hey, can I get that - in a voice memo? - Oh, enough, Magnum.
All I asked for was two days of peace and quiet.
You promised you could handle it.
I can handle it.
I found you, didn't I? How did you track me down? I didn't tell you - where we were staying.
- Well, you know, you're kind of bougie, you're boyfriend's a doctor.
I figured I'd call the most expensive hotel in Oahu.
Found you.
Well, Ethan and I thought it worth the price tag for some quality alone time.
How's that going, by the way? - First vacation together - Listen.
Can you just please make sure that the business is operational by the time I get back? You know I was a PI for two years before you even came on.
I'm just saying, I think I got it.
Well, good.
And I will see you in two days, Magnum, not a moment before.
I've been gone for two hours.
In Magnum's defense, it did sound like a life-or-death situation.
Give me that.
Magnificent, isn't she? The grill to end all grills.
And I've been seasoning her for the last two days, so she's raring to go.
I still can't believe he gets to borrow that thing when I couldn't.
Because you have no respect for the meat.
I mean, you put ketchup on a ribeye.
Come on.
Yes, because it's delicious.
If it makes you feel any better, I had to beg.
But Rick couldn't say "no" to Boys Night.
Boys Night? Where's my invite? Sorry.
It's just me and Dennis.
I only get him a couple weekends a month, and after our plans got screwed up last weekend, I want to go all-out for the do-over.
Well, it sounds like fun, so if you need a third wheel, I'm your man.
No, we're good, but I could use a hand getting this 200-pound grill to the car.
I'd love to, Gordie, but client just got here.
- Erin? - Hi.
Thomas Magnum.
- Thank you for meeting me.
- Of course.
How can I help you? You mentioned something on the phone about receiving a cryptic message? Yes, that's right.
I found $2,800 on the windshield of my car this morning.
No note, no explanation.
But that is my husband Liam's handwriting.
I'm assuming he's not in the habit of leaving you piles of cash? No, I don't know what to make of it, but as odd as the money is, what I find even more confusing is how it got there.
Liam's supposed to be downrange.
He's active duty? 25th Infantry Division, currently deployed to Afghanistan.
As far as I know, he's 7,500 miles away.
Liam Skyped us from Kabul just two days ago.
He seemed completely normal.
He said he loved us, and he missed us, and he was counting down the weeks till leave.
Leave plans do change.
It's rare, but it does happen.
Did you try contacting the base? Three voice mails, all unanswered.
And Liam's not picking up his cell.
If he's hereon the island, you know, why wouldn't he tell me? And why hasn't he come home? Well, it's unusual, I agree, but I wouldn't worry about it.
If he's here on the island, - I'll find him.
- Thank you.
Normally, this would be the time where Higgy's skill set comes in handy, but since I'm flying solo today, I'll have to solve this case old-school.
You know, pound the pavement, grease a few palms.
- Look at that.
Come on.
- Oh.
You upped your bribery game.
Yeah, I figured out that the, uh, tomato pie travels better than the key-lime variety.
You live and you learn.
All right, for future reference, I don't hate a garlic sauce for the crust.
Uh, how about that number I sent you? - Anything? - Oh, yeah.
Your guy's definitely on Oahu.
Cell pinged a tower around 4:00 a.
, but it's been dark ever since, so no clue where he is.
But we do know where he was.
Not sure I follow.
Well, there can't be too many flights that travel from Kabul to Honolulu in less than 48 hours, So if we can identify what plane he was on, maybe we can find somebody who talked to him.
And just how you gonna do that? Come on, I You're not my only friend.
I know guys at the airport.
And I'll tell you what, Tatty, th-they don't care about garlic sauce.
Keep an eyeon that number.
If you find anything, anything changes, let me know.
- So, no estate to manage.
- Hmm.
- No surgeries to perform.
- Mm And I told the front desk to hold all our calls, so the day is wide open.
What shall we do? We can get massages, grab lunch? Hmm.
Or we could just stay here.
What exactly do you have in mind? Mmm.
Oh, my God.
This coconut cake.
You have to try this.
- Right? - Mmm.
See? I told you they wouldn't forget the waffles.
Oh, hi.
You're not room service.
No, I'm Jared.
I'm a guest here.
I'm sorry to bother you, but I need your help.
Yeah, what's wrong? Well, I was planning to propose to my girlfriend this weekend, but, um, I hit a snag.
I lost the ring.
Yeah, that's a pretty big snag.
I had the ring loose in my pocket so she wouldn't spot the box, and then at some point, somewhere, it fell out, and the only reason I haven't had a heart attack is because I'm pretty sure it's in here.
You think your ring is in our room? We were checked in here earlier this morning.
When I told the hotel what I had planned, they upgraded us to a bigger suite, which I have searched top to bottom.
So it's got to be in here.
Well, uh, by all means, come in and look for it.
I'm sure the three of us can find it together.
Yeah, come on.
My friend at the airport came through.
Got the airline to reach out to Liam's seatmate.
I just hope she can help me.
- Aloha.
Magnum? - Hi, Mrs.
Thanks for taking the call.
Of course.
The airline said that you had some questions about the man I sat next to on the flight last night.
Staff Sergeant Liam Bates.
Has something happened? Well, he's missing, and we think you may have been the last person to have a conversation with him.
How can I help? Uh, how did he seem on the flight? Was he upset at all? Just the opposite.
If anything, I was the one struggling.
Not to be rude, but looks like you need this more than I do.
I have an extra one.
Felt like celebrating.
Thank you.
That's very kind.
What were you celebrating? I'm headed home to surprise my family.
Got early leave.
You're a soldier.
Yes, ma'am.
My husband was Army.
But he never got an early leave, though.
How did you swing it? My buddy Kaeo bet his time slot in last week's poker game.
I cleaned up.
- Oh.
- Even got enough pocket change to take the wife out to dinner every night this week.
It's okay.
So, your husband, where was he stationed? He kept me talking the entire flight, God bless him.
Did he say anything about any plans he may have had on the island? None whatsoever.
And he went straight home after the airport.
What makes you so sure? Well, at the taxi stand, I offered to share a cab, and he said he didn't want to wait a second longer than he had to to see his family.
He got into his own taxi, drove off.
I don't suppose you got the name of the cab company.
Wish I did.
No, don't worry about it.
Uh, you've been very helpful.
Of course.
Liam never made it home, which means something must have happened on that cab ride.
And, unfortunately, I don't think it was anything good.
Can't believe this.
What do I do now? It's okay.
We'll just start over.
Don't bother.
It's not here.
I'm supposed to take Lanie on a whale watching tour in ten minutes.
I It's okay.
You-you go on, and, uh, we can keep looking.
We can retrace your steps, talk to lost and found, housekeeping.
You know, we know they cleaned the room earlier.
I can't ask you to do that.
You didn't ask.
We're offering.
Juliet, here, is the best private investigator on Oahu.
If anyone can find that ring, - she can.
- Look, he's exaggerating, of course, but, um no, I'd be happy to help you.
- You're sure? - Yes.
Go and enjoy your day with Lanie and, uh, and we'll come find you if we have any news.
Thank you.
Both of you.
Consider yourselvesinvited to the wedding.
I'm so sorry.
Somehow, this is turning into a working weekend.
Are you kidding me? I get to see you in action.
Take Your Boyfriend to Work Day.
It's gonna be so much fun.
So much fun.
Come on.
You two looked pretty cozy on the dance floor the other night.
You mean to tell me nothing's going on? Well, she told me that she likes me, which is rad.
But, uh, she works here, and she needs this job, and, you know, if things go south, it could get complicated.
So we decided it's best not to go there.
You're a good man, Orville.
No, of course.
I totally understand.
Thank you for your time.
That didn't sound good.
Case going okay? No, not really.
I've been calling taxicab dispatch lines, trying to figure out which cab Liam jumped into at the airport.
Ah, the old needle in a haystack routine.
No, there's actually a method to my madness.
So, there are 12 cab companies on the island, ten of which operate directly at the airport, and six of which offer discounts to military personnel.
Safe bet that the taxi stand steered your guy over to one of those.
So what I have to do is call these six companies, see if I can identify an employee that's willing to scour the books for the fare that I'm looking for, and then convince them to give me the driver's name and address and information, and then My suggestion: Call Higgins.
She can hack this info for you in half the time.
What fun is there in that? Spoken like a man whose pride is doing the talking.
Listen, man, asking for help is a sign of strength, not weakness.
But Higgins is on vacation.
I mean, hasn't she earned a break? A-And she's screening my phone calls.
Smells awesome in here.
What's all this? Another Bobby Flay marathon on the Food Network? Please.
I'll have you know I can cook that man under the table.
Hey, try the wings.
- Mmm! - Not bad, right? - I'm impressed.
- Yeah, well, I heard your mom went vegan.
Thought you could use a safe space.
- You figured right.
- Hey, hey, hey, hey, save some room.
I got ribs prepped, the fight paid for.
Thought we'd make a day of it.
A full five hours of meat-smoking, fight-watching, father-son time.
Oh, no.
I'm sorry, Dad, I can't.
What? Why not? I got a math test on Monday.
Mike and I are supposed to study at his place in, like, half an hour.
I'm really sorry.
Uh No, no.
Don't be.
Hey, school takes priority.
Now we're even for last weekend, right? Save me some ribs, though? You bet.
There was a change of plans.
I was supposed to take him home, but he got a call.
Any idea what about? No.
But whatever it was hit him hard.
Hello? Hey.
What? H-How did it happen? Okay.
Thanks for letting me know.
Sir? We're here.
We sat there for five minutes.
Then he apologized and gave me a new address.
But the second address wasn't in the dispatch log.
Guy was so devastated.
I couldn't bring myself to run the meter.
Just took him where he wanted to go.
Can you tell me where you dropped him? Yes? I I'm sorry, ma'am.
I may have come at a bad time.
Did you need something? I'm actually looking for Liam Bates.
I thought he may have come here.
He gave us the news about Kaeo.
Left a few hours ago.
I'm sorry, what news was that? Liam said it was an IED.
Their unit was on patrol last night when it happened.
There were no survivors.
Well, I'm truly sorry for your loss.
This country owes both of you a real debt of gratitude.
We appreciate that.
Kaeo died the way he lived Fighting for what he believed in.
Ever since he was little he had a real sense of duty, you know? Right and wrong.
Just a born leader.
This is him on his 18th birthday.
He led his youth group's annual camping trip to Ho'omaluhia that year.
Then he came home and enlisted.
He knew the risks, but he did it anyway.
'Cause it mattered to him.
He sounds like an incredible man.
You both must be very proud of your son.
We are.
We always knew that one day we might get a knock on the door.
If it had to come, I'm glad it was Liam.
Were he and your son, uh, very close? Best friends since day one in their unit.
I-I don't know where Liam went, but I know he's hurting, too.
And the way he left We're worried about him.
I didn't want to say it, but I think they're right to be worried.
Look, I got one more stop, and then I'm gonna need some help.
Of course.
We're here for you, buddy.
I can't even imagine what this guy Liam must be feeling right now.
I mean, he's alone, hurting.
He's got to be wracked with survivor's guilt.
And there's no telling what someone in those circumstances might do.
Thank God he wasn't on that patrol.
I'm sorry.
Don't be.
It's a natural reaction.
No, I know that someone else died in Liam's place.
Someone else's husband, or father or son, but I'm just so grateful it wasn't him.
Uh Erin, you should know that Kaeo was the man that was supposed to be on leave this week.
So, on top of losing his entire unit, Liam now thinks he killed his best friend? He shouldn't have to face this alone.
I'm sorry to have to ask, but, uh, does Liam have any history of depression or erratic behavior? We had some problems after his first tour, but then he got help.
He's he's been fine ever since.
Well, you know, these things, uh, they can take time and space to process.
Is there anywhere that you think Liam would go to mourn his friend, you know, some place where they share a connection? I mean, honestly, the list is long.
They they did everything together.
Is there any way you could narrow it down? I mean, we really really have to find Liam.
You don't actually think he'd hurt himself? I wish I could say no, but honestly, I don't know.
Mommy, what's wrong? Nothing, baby.
Come here.
Yeah, it's okay.
Look, I'll text you a list of everything I can think of, just find him.
It's also less expensive than if you went and bought, like, a fillet mignon or a rib eye or a New York strip.
The key to a skirt steak is Sharon, hi.
Boys behaving themselves over there? No, they're not here.
Dennis said they were studying at your house.
No, no.
Don't worry, I'm on it.
If they have their phones, I'll find 'em.
We having fun yet? It is weirdly damp in here.
Ethan, you root around in people for a living.
Surely a Hoover is preferable.
Care to test that theory yourself? Ugh.
Yeah, there's no ring in this one either.
Excuse me, uh, ma'am.
Is there another vacuum bag that we can check? "We," huh? One more in the back.
- I'll get it.
- Thanks.
You know, when I agreed to be your sidekick for the day, I assumed you'd be doing the dirty work.
What makes you think I'm not? The master key card.
We've looked everywhere else, the ring clearly isn't here.
I say we take a peek at the honeymoon suite.
What do you say? For the record, we're staying in this room next time.
Let's just get to it, shall we? Who needs room service? Minibar has everything you'd ever want.
Are you going to actually help me look, or just gape around? Gape, for sure.
No, you've been doing this for two years.
The intrigue of a casual B and E has yet to wear off for me.
Two years? Try 20.
I went to British boarding school, remember? Just trying to picture you as a teenage delinquent.
I was just you know, an outsider, All my roommates were posh.
Like, really posh, and I didn't have the right pedigree, so I would break into the school library at night just to escape.
We couldn't all be Homecoming King like you, you know.
First, I was runner-up.
Second, my life wasn't exactly a walk in the park.
Immigrant parents, only brown kid in high school.
If I was popular, it was only because I was so busy trying to please everyone else.
You know, I was a 25-year-old med school grad before I realized I didn't know who I was or what I wanted.
Had to travel halfway around the world with Doctors Without Borders just to figure it out.
Well, I suppose we all rebel in our own way, eventually.
Go, go, go, go, go, go.
This way.
That must be Lanie.
Mom, it's me.
Please call me back, okay? It's important.
I mean, I'm okay, but I just I need to talk.
Please call me back.
That was close.
Let's get out of here.
- The ring must be some place else.
- Yeah.
And I think I know where.
I'm at Makaha.
No sign of Liam.
Yeah, he's not at Taiko's, either.
Man, we hit every spot on the list.
Where is this guy? I don't know.
You know, after he went to see Kaeo's parents' house, I think he went back home to drop off the money for his wife.
That's not an accident.
That's that's estate planning, which means we could be running out of time.
You know, we got to get inside Liam's head.
You guys remember how it is coming back home, and it can be jarring, you know, even even without the kind of news that Liam got.
There's a difference between coming home and, well coming home.
- I hear that, man.
- Yeah.
You know, whenever I finished a tour, my first stop would be this old movie theater in Chicago.
I'd buy a matinee ticket and just sit there in the dark, watching people watching the movie.
I just had to remember it was okay to relax, you know, forget myself.
It was the Museum of Art at Duke for me.
Man, I would wander around for hours, just feeling everything I hadn't felt all year.
Except we can't check every movie theater and museum on Oahu, so what's our next move? Hold on for a second.
Next move is to buy my boy Tatty a gallon of garlic sauce.
Looks like he came through.
Liam just turned his cell phone on at an address in Pearl City.
Oh, Mr.
Katsumoto, hi.
Oh, man, he's a cop.
Four! Five! Six! Seven! Eight! Dad, what are you doing here? You have 30 seconds to get your ass in the car.
So you're stalking me now? Didn't have to, genius.
You got a surveillance device in your pocket.
Well, I didn't realize I was living in a police state.
Excuse me? You violated my privacy! Hey, after you lied to my face, which pretty much throws any right to privacy out the window.
Unbelievable! Do you have any idea the hell I'm gonna get for this at school? - Spare me.
- Right.
I've been taking crap for you all year.
Why care now? What the hell's that supposed to mean? You're a cop, Dad.
Do you have any idea what that's like for me? Me and my friends We're not kids anymore.
We watch the news, we see the videos.
Some days, it's all anyone ever talks about.
And as far as everybody else is concerned, you're one of them.
The bad guys.
And you just proved them right.
Just go.
I'll get home on my own.
You sure you got the right location? Yeah.
I mean, Liam's phone last pinged near this address.
Tatty said it was only on for 90 seconds, though.
Well, I'm guessing he wasn't here for a mani-pedi.
The pawn shop.
What about it? Well, if he traded his cell phone in, he would have had to turn it on and make sure it works, right? Only one way to find out.
Help you, guys? Yeah.
We were wondering if you had seen this guy.
He, uh, came in here about 30 minutes ago.
I don't recognize him.
Really? Because unless you were in the Army, I'd say that's his phone right there.
Guess I just don't recall.
Look, this guy might be in some kind of trouble, all right? We need to find him.
I don't know what to tell you.
Look, we can pay for information.
I told you, I don't have any.
Memory's not what it used to be.
All right, I guess we're gonna have to check the security footage.
Hey, what the hell do you think you're doing? Hey, hey, hey, hang on.
I wouldn't do that if I were you.
I'm calling the cops.
You know what? You do that.
We'll do the same to you.
A man's life is on the line here.
I got something.
He sold Liam a gun.
Okay, listen to me very carefully.
Before that man who you sold a weapon to left, did he give you any indication where he was going? Why the hell would I tell you? 'Cause I didn't see you ask for a permit.
That sale was off the books.
That man is a vet with a wife and kid at home.
All right? And he's having a really tough time right now, so if we find him, this stays between us.
If we don't, we are the least of your worries.
Said he was headed next door to buy a six-pack of Coops.
Last I saw, he was waiting on a corner for the eastbound bus.
The eastbound bus goes to Ho'omaluhia Park, right? That was Kaeo's favorite place to camp.
Secluded, hard to find.
It's a good place to be alone.
Let's go.
There she is, two o'clock.
Or is it eight o'clock? Is it is it your POV or mine? You really think she took the ring? I think it's possible that she found it, panicked, and then tried to buy herself some time by hiding it.
Why else would she make a frantic call to her mother in the middle of a romantic break? We're gonna have to get her alone to find out.
Excuse me? Hi.
What are the chances that I could get you to tell that man over there that he's needed at the front desk? Coming right up.
How do you feel about role play? Excuse me? Are these taken? No, go right ahead.
Oh, I see you did the whale-watching tour! Oh, we loved it.
It's, uh It's actually where Ethan here proposed.
Yeah, the 60 seconds I was on one knee was the only time anyone saw a whale, so, we, uh we missed the whole thing.
Makes for a good story, though.
It certainly does.
Uh, we actually have loads of them from here.
We come back every year to remember where it all started and, uh, how far we've come.
Still just as in love as we were on the first trip.
That's sweet.
And rare.
You two are lucky.
Are you married? Mm-mm, not yet.
My boyfriend and I are thinking about it, though.
Can I ask you guys a strange question? How did you know it would work out? We didn't.
I mean, obviously I knew Jules was amazing.
Beautiful, intelligent.
She's always bending over backwards to help others.
I couldn't know what the future would hold.
All I knew was that, in years to come, I'd still be excited waking up next to her and figuring it out.
And that's all you can know, really.
It's a leap of faith.
Would you guys excuse me? I don't mean to be rude, but I have something I need to go do.
You think she's gonna tell him? I think so, yeah.
That was very good, by the way.
Ah, I do what I can.
This is it.
The campsite Kaeo's mom showed me.
Well, Liam isn't here.
No, but he was.
Well, if he sat here thinking long enough, maybe he didn't go through with it.
Yeah, either that, or we're too late.
We got to keep searching before we lose any more daylight.
Hey, guys.
We call this in, HPD's still 20 minutes out.
I don't think we got that long.
I got to get down there.
Too many of us will spook him.
All right, be careful, TM.
Easy, Liam.
I just want to talk.
Who the hell are you? How do you know my name? My name is Thomas Magnum.
I'm a private investigator.
- Don't come any closer.
- Your wife, Erin, hired me to find you.
Her and Bella are worried about you.
They just want you to come home.
I can't.
I-I heard what happened with your unit.
I heard about Kaeo.
- I know the pain you're in.
- What the hell could you possibly know about my pain? Huh? - Liam - I told you to stay back, man! Come closer, and I'll do it.
I swear to God.
This thing's going south.
We got to do something.
Just give him a minute.
If anyone can get through to Liam, it's Thomas.
Just hear me out.
I served in the military.
I did six tours.
Okay, so that pain you're feeling? That grief? I know what that is.
I know what it's like to lose friends, brothers.
Those guys in your unit? Kaeo? They wouldn't want this for you.
How do you know what they want, huh? It's not like you could ask them.
I don't need to.
I've been one of the unlucky ones.
What are you talking about? Month into my last tour, a-a mission went sideways.
Taliban knew we were coming.
The op was DOA.
I ended up spending 18 months in a POW camp in the Korengal.
And it's safe to say I had my share of bad days.
You know what helped me get through it? Aarash.
He was my interpreter in Kabul.
He risked everything for us.
And, you know, we'd do the same for him.
Morning of the mission, he wasn't feeling well.
Medical didn't clear him to leave, and he had to stay back.
But you know what? Just got lucky.
Some of the darkest days over there in that POW camp, when I thought I wouldn't make it, what gave me hope was knowing that Aarash was spared.
I don't know how to come home without them.
I know.
If you want to honor their sacrifice These guys are your brothers.
You got to find a way.
It's not gonna be easy.
No one just gets over something like this.
You can find a way to move forward.
You can find a way to live your life for your family.
We're gonna give you what you need to help you get through this.
Okay? Give me the gun.
You're gonna be all right.
Can we talk for a minute? Guess I'll start.
I'm not going to apologize for being angry that you lied to me.
Or are you someone else? But I have had a chance to think about what you said.
Look, Dad, I shouldn't have said It's okay.
This is something we ought to be able to talk about.
And I'm sorry it's taken me this long.
You know when your kid is little, you get to be the hero.
It's the best feeling in the world.
And, of course, you know someday that'll change.
I mean, kids grow up, learn to think for themselves, see you as you are.
You expect it.
But what I didn't expect was to become the bad guy because of what I do.
I didn't mean that.
I know you're not a bad person, Dad.
It's just It's hard to feel caught in the middle, you know? It's like, guilty by association.
It's a lot to ask of a kid.
And honestly? I get why people are mad.
The system is broken.
Even I can see that.
It's failed a lot of people, and they have every right to be angry.
We need to do better.
Look, I believe activism is a form of patriotism.
But I think change, realchange, needs to come from the inside.
So I'm still proud to be a cop.
And I will continue to show up every day and do my part to be better at my job by being a better man.
But why do you want to? I mean, you don't care what people think? Just you.
I'm sorry I lied to you.
Just know if it happens again, you're taking your social life into your own hands.
'Cause I can be way more embarrassing than I was today.
- I'll consider myself warned.
- Okay.
Good night.
Hey, I bet the UFC highlights are up on YouTube by now.
If you want, - you can stay and watch.
- I'd love that.
I had fun with you today.
You know, if Magnum isn't careful, he might find himself replaced.
Glad I measured up.
Also, Oscar-worthy performance.
Actually, I, uh, I don't know how much I was acting.
The truth is I do think about it.
A future with you.
I I haven't felt this way about anyone in a a long time.
It was better.
Turns out, I like doing, um, everything with you.
Or nothing at all.
Look, uh, you don't need to say anything.
You're not ready, and that's okay.
I just want you to know that, for me, Juliet, this is real.
Look who it is.
Hi! Hello there.
Can you believe it? Oh, Lanie, it's gorgeous.
Congratulations, guys.
You guys know each other? Jared, this is the couple from the beach.
Wait, how do you know them? Uh, we don't.
Jared? Mm.
- Nice to meet you.
- Hello.
Come on, let's get you two some champagne.
- Yes.
- I, for one, feel like celebrating.
Hey, uh, you know, when I got back to the States, I couldn't bring myself to go home, either.
It's kind of how I ended up here in Hawaii.
But I didn't have anybody to go home to.
You know, your wife and your daughter They can't wait for you to walk through that door.
You know, Liam, if you ever need anything You know, to talk or to not talk, just want to grab a beer You let me know.
I will.
Thank you, man.
You take care.
Daddy! Hey.
Missed you guys.

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