Magnum P.I. (2018) s03e11 Episode Script

The Lies We Tell

1 Ah! All right.
That's enough of a warm-up.
Warm-up? I thought you said you wanted a friendly rally.
Well, I thought you said you could play tennis.
Well, you know, I'm kind of more of a game-day guy.
I need some stakes to really elevate my play.
All right, then.
Let's make it interesting.
One game.
Loser buys malasadas from Leonard's.
All right.
You're on.
- Out! - Yes! - What? - It was out.
No, it was clearly on the line.
I-I saw it.
I can assure you, it was not.
And I'm supposed to take your word for it? [SCOFFS.]
Thomas, I don't need to cheat to win.
I'm just calling it like I see it.
Now, are you gonna whine, or can we be adults about this? MAGNUM: Okay, there it is.
Clearly in.
It's not clearly anything.
It's a terrible angle.
The security footage - is inconclusive at best.
Okay, well, we're gonna have to revisit this.
Our 10:00 a.
is here.
- What 10:00 a.
? - Elena Dunn.
She called about an hour ago.
It was pretty urgent, so I put her in the calendar.
Or did you miss that, too? Thank you for seeing me on such short notice.
I-I didn't know where else to go.
Well, we're happy to help.
So, uh, why don't you tell us what's going on, Elena.
Two nights ago, the man I'd been seeing He was murdered.
We're so sorry for your loss.
Why don't you tell us what happened.
I'm not sure where to begin.
It all happened so fast.
You were there? I was upstairs when they broke in.
There were two of them.
They argued with Jax, then they shot him.
There was nothing I could do.
Do the police have any leads? I'm not sure they know he's dead.
- You didn't go to HPD? - That's why I'm here.
I-I can't go to the police.
This would destroy my family.
I'm not sure that I follow.
I'm married.
MAGNUM: Sorry for asking, but is there any chance your husband, uh, knew about the affair? He has no idea.
And, please, it has to stay that way.
I can understand the need for discretion, but I really must urge you to take this to the authorities.
I'm sure Thomas would agree.
Well, legally, there's no obligation to report the crime.
Legality isn't the only factor in this scenario.
A man's life has been taken.
There is a moral obligation.
Believe me, I know.
And I know what you must think, but however this looks, I love my husband.
Our marriage isn't perfect, but the thought of losing everything I won't blow our lives up over one mistake, especially one that was over before it started.
So this relationship with Jax was a-a new thing? I met him a month ago at a coffee shop.
Valentine's Day, no less.
He took my drink by accident, and we struck up a conversation.
He was charming and funny and I knew it was wrong, but it didn't feel that way; it felt like fate.
Two nights ago, I finally agreed to meet Jax at his place.
But when I got there He was a perfect gentleman, but I I was so nervous.
I-I'd never done anything like this before.
He kissed me, and I spilled my wine on the rug.
I'm so sorry.
So I went to the bathroom to collect myself.
But the truth is I wasn't sure if I could go through with it.
That's when I heard a commotion downstairs.
- MAN: You know what we're here for.
JAX: Just take it easy.
MAN: You messed with the wrong people.
ELENA: There were two men in masks.
One of them had a gun to Jax's head, and when he didn't have what they were looking for don't have it.
- they got violent.
- [GASPS.]
Get a knife from the kitchen.
- ELENA: Jax tried to fight back, - but - [GUNSHOT.]
What the hell'd you do?! He made a move, man.
Find his phone, I'll search the house.
ELENA: I was so terrified, I did the only thing that I could.
I thought I was dead, too.
They left a few minutes after.
And when I was sure they were gone, I ran.
And Jax? He was on the floor, right where they shot him.
He was dead.
I should have called 911, but I wasn't supposed to be there.
And when I spilled my wine, he mentioned a cleaning service was coming by in the morning, so I just assumed they'd find his body.
I haven't seen any mention of the matter on the news.
That's just it.
I keep checking.
No one has the story.
So you're afraid you're the only one that knows that Jax is dead.
As much as I wish I could, I can't pretend his murder didn't happen.
Someone has to look into this.
Yeah, we'll see what we can do.
And-and you'll keep my name out of it? You have our word.
All right, here we go.
Kimo! What's up, brother? Oh you're not Kimo.
- No.
What was your first clue? - [CHUCKLES.]
I'm so sorry.
My name is Orville Wright.
I'm here to see Ice.
Sign in and wait.
Visiting hours don't start for another 20 minutes.
Well, officially, yeah.
But unofficially, I, uh I bring the guys some sandwiches, and they usually let me in a little earlier.
- I already ate.
- Are you sure? There's a pickle in here with your name on it.
Well, technically it has Kimo's name on it, but Sir have a seat.
Oh, so you're calling me collect while I'm covering for your ass for free.
Just add it to the many debts that I owe you, pal.
I'm just gonna need you to hold down the fort a little longer.
Look, man, I'm just giving you a hard time.
No rush.
We got things under control here.
Hey, can you help me out with another round of Coops - for table five? - Gotcha.
Wow, sounds like business is booming.
Oh, you can thank Suzy for that.
Her new drink menu is on fire.
People can't get enough.
Hang on, hang on, hang on.
Wh-What new drink menu? She didn't clear this with you? I figured it was better to ask for forgiveness than permission.
Well, you asked for permission, and I-I said no.
SUZY: Oh, come on, live a little.
The menu's older than I am.
It's classic.
It's ancient.
All I'm asking is to liven the place up a bit.
Same vibe, new signature cocktails.
Look, I gotta go.
Uh, listen, have your fun, but, uh, don't expect these changes to stick.
Course not.
Wouldn't want you making too much money.
RICK: Very funny.
You want to try one of those sandwiches, don't you? My supervisor says your friend can't have any visitors today.
You'll have to come back another time.
Why? It's against policy to discuss an inmate with non-family.
Now hang on, I-I am his family, all right? - I want to talk to Kimo.
Where's Kimo? - Sorry.
Kimo's not here either.
What do you mean they're not here? [ELEVATOR BELL DINGS.]
Kimo! What the hell happened? He collapsed in his cell.
I didn't know how to reach you.
Docs just left.
He's resting.
He's gonna be okay, right? [SIGHS.]
I'm sure we'll know more soon.
Awfully quiet over there.
Is it because I haven't called the cops? We should have handed this case over to Katsumoto - as soon as we got it.
- There it is.
I mean, a man has been murdered, and our client is putting her personal life first.
It's It's-it's selfish.
It's human.
Elena might not be an angel, but - she's trying to do the right thing.
- The right thing would have been not planning to cheat on her husband - in the first place.
- Look, I don't condone cheating, but relationships are complicated.
I mean, don't you think you're being the slightest bit judgy? I'm just calling it how I see it, that's all.
This is Jax's house? You sure this is the place? Absolutely.
No blood, no body.
Smells like bleach.
Total clean-up job.
The wine-stained rug isn't here either.
Maybe they used it to move Jax.
This is what I don't get.
Why go away and then come back? Either get rid of the body immediately, or just leave it.
Maybe they panicked.
She said they didn't intend to kill him.
At least not until they got what they were looking for.
I see what Elena saw in this guy.
He seems pretty impressive.
MAN: What's going on here? I'm so sorry, uh we didn't mean to startle you.
We were just looking for the owner of the house, Jax Connors.
I'm Jax Connors.
Who the hell are you? JAX: Look, I'm two seconds from calling the cops.
Who are you, and what are you doing in my house? [CHUCKLES.]
I apologize.
Uh Uh Rick Wright, Calvin & Wright Realty.
Pleasure to meet you.
A-And I'm really sorry for the intrusion, but we walked up, the door was wide open and we couldn't help ourselves.
I mean, this place is stunning.
What is it? A four-bed, four-bath I'm assuming? [LOCK CLICKS.]
A little rocky on the dismount and the aliases were somewhat unimaginative, but all in all, that was well-played.
Eh, well-played until he sees pictures of some random guy in his house.
But it did raise more questions than it answered.
Who is the dead guy and why was he in this house? Well, I stole a look at Mr.
Connors' luggage tag as we left.
He lives on the mainland.
If this house is a second residence, maybe it's listed on a short-term rental site.
HIGGINS: The house is listed on Airbnb, but it says it was unoccupied last week.
What about rental companies? Maybe a third party oversees the tenants.
Not bad.
Makana Services.
And look who works for them.
Real name is Eddie Benson.
So he pretended the house was his, most likely to impress Elena.
Well, Eddie's killers must have assumed the same thing.
Maybe that's why Eddie didn't have whatever it was they were after.
Maybe he just didn't have it there.
Text Tatty at HPD, see if you can get Eddie's real address and tell him it's important.
Looks like someone beat us here.
I bet it was Eddie's assailants.
Think they got what they were looking for.
Monitor and keyboard are here but no tower.
Whatever was on it must have been important for them to go to this much trouble.
Wait a minute.
- Higgy.
- Hmm? You got to see this.
He was stalking you.
I don't believe this.
So, our run-in at the coffee shop It was intentional.
Looks like he'd been following you for weeks.
He knew your routines, your hobbies, he even knew what book you were reading.
I feel like such a fool.
Maybe I deserve this.
No one deserves this, Elena.
Thank you both for your services, but I'm not sure I need them anymore.
I just want to go home and put all of this behind me.
Well, might not be quite that simple.
What do you mean? Well, you were one of the last people to see Eddie alive.
And, well, he clearly made extensive records of your relationship.
MAGNUM: Your best bet is still for us to solve this case before HPD comes knocking on your door.
Then tell me you have a lead.
HIGGINS: I wish we could, but a background check on Eddie didn't bring up many flags.
Didn't have a criminal record, no known enemies, there weren't even any heated text exchanges, deleted or otherwise.
Y-You can read our texts? Well, actually, we couldn't find any texts between the two of you in his phone records, so, I mean, we just assumed that you'd used an app for discrete communication.
No, I texted the number he gave me.
Eddie must have had a burner phone.
We're gonna need that number, Elena.
Are you here for Mr.
Hofstetler? Yeah, how's he doing? He's had what's known as a grand mal seizure.
We're running tests to figure out why, - but he's stable.
- Can I see him? [LAUGHS SOFTLY.]
Oh, hey, kid.
You look like hell.
Must be the low blood sugar.
My lunch date stood me up.
Oh, trust me, if I had known what they were serving here, I'd have stayed in prison.
So, how are you? Are you, are you in pain? What can I do? I must really look like crap.
Haven't seen you this scared since the day we met.
Now, who you calling scared? I think it was pretty ballsy for a 14-year-old kid to steal a car for a joyride.
It's not a joyride if you total it before you're out of the driveway.
Ten seconds of glory and I had to spend a whole summer riding a lawn mower just to pay off the damage.
Well, my yard never looked so good.
The best part about it? That clunker wasn't worth half of what I charged you for it.
Oh, you sly dog.
You're gonna tell me that now? Why would you do that? Well, maybe if I'm gonna meet my maker, I want to do it with a clear conscience.
Come on, Ice, don't Tell me you're still fighting this thing.
I sure as hell can't do it on an empty stomach, I'll tell you.
Why don't you go out there and find something half decent for me, huh? Yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
You got it, boss.
MAGNUM: You sure you're okay? You seem to be taking our client's infidelity kind of personally.
How's that? Well, Elena was having a difficult time and you didn't comfort her, and the Higgins I know has more empathy than that.
Okay, so she makes a commitment to a man who she then betrayed.
I mean, excuse me if I don't jump at the opportunity to make her feel better.
So Ethan isn't cheating on you? What? No.
- And you're not cheating on him? - [LAUGHS.]
Honestly, Magnum.
Enough with this ludicrous third degree.
I'm just saying, I'm-I'm here if you want to talk.
Gee, thanks.
I would like to talk, about work, if that's all right.
According to the text records on Eddie's burner phone, Elena wasn't the only woman that he was pursuing.
In the last six months, he's had a string of affairs with six different women, all of whom were married.
Guy certainly has a type.
Yeah, or a death wish.
Manipulated wives and angry husbands make for a long list of enemies.
Yes, but our vic was killed by two men who were looking for something.
All right? Not quite ready to connect his death to the affairs yet.
No, I agree.
We're missing something, definitely.
Why would Eddie stalk these women for months, only to date them for a couple weeks - and then move on? - It is odd.
There doesn't appear to be a jilted partner.
The lovebirds make plans to see one another again, and then communication just stops completely.
Well, everybody except this woman.
Mia Collins.
Look at her last text to him.
"I'm not paying you a cent.
" What if he was blackmailing them? Well, that would certainly explain the interest in married women, and the sudden halt in communications.
Can you pull up his financials? Yeah.
Oh, here.
Several large cash deposits in his recent bank statements.
And the dates Yeah, they all correspond with the end of each of the affairs.
I think we need to pay Mia a visit.
I mean, she was the only one who refused to play ball.
Maybe she hired muscle to recover whatever leverage Eddie had on her and ended up with a more permanent solution to the problem.
- Sir.
What do you got for me? Body of a 35 to 40-year-old male washed up this morning with a GSW to the chest.
Time of death? Unclear.
The guy's been submerged for a while.
says it's gonna make forensics difficult.
- We got a name? - Here you go.
Get me what you can on Eddie Benson.
MAGNUM: Kids are outside, only Mia's car in the driveway.
You know, we might actually have a chance to question her about the affair.
Still, we can't exactly expect her to self-incriminate.
Murder suspects tend to want to be quiet about their victims.
Yeah, but she's a victim, too.
If she thinks we're on her side, maybe she'll trust us enough to open up.
Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Almost assuredly not.
Well, just follow my lead.
We at Calvin & Wright are working on an extortion case.
A client of ours is suing for damages after being blackmailed by Eddie Benson, aka Jax Connors.
HIGGINS: Uh, without wanting to be indelicate, we have reason to believe that you were also a victim of his? [EXHALES.]
Yes, we slept together.
But the creep had his bedroom wired with cameras.
The next thing I know, he's showing me a sex tape and threatening to send it to my husband if I don't pay him $12,000.
That must have been difficult.
If you had paid, you would have legal recourse.
You kidding? I told him to go to hell.
WADE: That doesn't sound good.
What'd I do this time? MIA: Hey, babe.
Not you.
Eddie Benson.
According to these two, that's the real name of the scumbag I dated.
Uh, so you were aware of Eddie? Key to a successful marriage: no secrets, uh, no shackles.
So you have an open relationship? It's not for everyone, but, uh, it works for us.
MIA: If anything, it's made our partnership more intimate.
Well, I think we've taken up enough of your time.
Why don't we show ourselves out? It was lovely meeting you.
That was unexpected.
Now who's being judgy? So, Mia didn't pay Eddie because she didn't have to.
- Mm.
- He didn't have any leverage.
Maybe we dismissed the other women too quickly.
I mean, even if they met Eddie's financial demands, they couldn't know that he wouldn't come back later for more money.
I think we need to cast a wider net.
Dig into people's phone calls, e-mails, texts, financials.
If somebody enlisted help to deal with Eddie, chances are they left a trail.
What's going on here? What happened? - Is he, is he okay? - He's having a seizure.
I need you to step outside.
Let's get him on his side and check his airway.
Push Ativan, one milligram IV.
And someone get him on the clock.
RICK: I don't get it.
Ten minutes ago, he was fine.
What happened? Tests confirm that the lung cancer has metastasized to his brain.
After this last incident, we've had to put him on an anti-epileptic drip.
It's essentially a medically induced coma.
- But he's in no pain.
- Okay.
All right, so what now? What do we do? Unfortunately, there's not much we can do.
Palliative care, yes , no, no.
You can't give up on him.
Legally, I don't have a choice.
Why, because he's a prisoner? He's a human being for God's sake.
Wright, your friend signed a do-not-resuscitate order.
He doesn't want treatment.
It's out of my hands.
What is it? It's TC.
Icepick's in the hospital.
He might not make it.
Try Rick.
There's no answer.
Well, at least Rick's there in the hospital with him.
Yeah, I mean as hard as it is to say goodbye, it's worse when you don't get the chance.
You're right about that.
And, uh whilst I will deny ever saying it, you're right about something else.
I'm taking this Elena case personally.
And I'm not sure why.
I will figure it out.
Just need some time.
Will you let me get there? Of course.
Can I ask you to do something? Ease up on Elena? I still think we need to persuade her to talk to the police.
Somehow I think they already know.
You two better start talking.
KATSUMOTO: Why were you at Eddie Benson's house earlier today? Who said we were? A neighbor saw two Oahu Water & Power workers leave the property.
Blonde woman and a Latino man.
That's your move.
We have more than one move, Gordy.
Calvin & Wright might disagree.
Can someone answer the question, please? Because Eddie Benson is dead.
And you two don't seem surprised.
Well, Eddie Benson was a bad guy with a lot of enemies.
He was probably gonna end up dead anyway.
All right, what do you know about him that I don't? Okay, he had a nasty habit of seducing women and then blackmailing them.
One of his victims hired us to look into him, and we confirmed a pattern of predatory behavior.
That's interesting.
Blackmail could certainly explain why Eddie washed up on the beach.
You have any idea who killed him? Not yet, but we'll get there.
Body dump was amateur hour improperly weighted down, used a brand-new rope.
I'm guessing it was purchased right around the time of death.
Unfortunately, T.
is an eight-hour window and with 50 stores on Oahu you're looking at my week.
Gordon? What if we could shed some light on the time of death? And how exactly would you do that? Did we mention that our client was with Eddie when he died? Unbelievable.
Forget time of death.
I want to talk to your client.
No, you can't.
Excuse me? She's a married woman.
She doesn't want to have to explain a police inquiry to her husband.
First, this is a homicide.
And second, the man has a right to know.
No, that's up for her to decide, not us.
She made her bed.
She made a mistake, Gordon.
Eddie's time of death was just before midnight on Thursday.
It's all we can say.
What? I gave him all the information he needs.
Didn't have to ruin Elena's life.
I didn't see the point.
Fair enough.
Hey, man.
What are you doing here? Where else would I be? You shouldn't be going through this alone.
So how's he doing? Well, not good.
Between the, uh, cancer and the seizures you know they don't expect him to wake up.
But I'm still hoping for a miracle.
Look, I know this is not what you want to hear.
But maybe this is the miracle.
You know Icepick not in pain.
You by his side.
Till the end.
No, man.
Nah, no, no, his vitals are up and down.
He's in there.
He's fighting.
Yeah, I bet.
But, you know, sometimes they do that for us.
Not for them.
You know, when my grandmama got sick, I felt the same way.
It took me years before I realized she was waiting on me.
I just wish I had told her sooner it was okay to go.
Just spoke to an old client who works at the Bank of Hawaii.
Uh, one of Eddie's victims, this woman, Karen Parks, she's got an account there.
Guess who just withdrew $10,000 in cash? Okay, wasn't expecting that to stump you.
I'm thinking that maybe Karen is paying the killers for a job well done.
Then why did several of Eddie's other victims just do exactly the same thing? I hacked First Oahu network.
And they all withdrew the same large amount in the last hour.
So what do you think, these women are working together? [SCOFFS SOFTLY.]
There's no evidence that these women know each other at all.
But maybe the blackmail is ongoing.
What if Eddie's killers saw the incriminating files and they thought they'd hit the jackpot? Okay, so the job goes from burglary to murder.
And these guys decide to up their payday, and make it worth their while.
It's not a bad theory, but they would have to communicate that threat somehow.
All of the women received calls from the same number about 90 minutes ago.
Okay, ping that number for the location.
I'm gonna grab the car.
Guess the time of death we supplied was helpful.
You traced the purchase of that rope to the owner of this house? I did.
I also identified your client, Elena Dunn.
- How? - Eddie had her name in his calendar.
And that's not all.
They knew she was there the night of the murder.
- ELENA: Hello? - Elena, it's us.
Uh, listen.
- We don't have much time.
- What's wrong? HIGGINS: The men who killed Eddie know that you were there as a witness.
And we believe they're on their way to get you.
Th-They're coming here? Everyone's gone.
What do I do? You need to get out of the building and get to a public place.
They won't touch you in a crowd.
Keep this line open, Elena.
We're on our way.
Okay, I've got visuals inside.
If I can access the lobby cameras, I'll know when they arrive.
Oh, my God.
They're already there.
Okay, Elena, we need you to stay calm and find cover.
They're inside the building and they're coming up right now.
She ain't here, man.
Nah, she is.
We just missed her.
She ain't too far though.
Keep searching.
Elena, are you still there? [WHISPERING.]
: Yes.
Are you close? Yeah, we're two minutes away.
Can you get to a secure room? Um, there's a-a locked room for sensitive case files.
You need a code.
It's across the office, but I think I can get to it.
HIGGINS: Okay, go now.
- OFFICER: Don't move! Down on the ground.
KATSUMOTO: Hey, hey.
Look at me.
Hey, hey.
You're all right.
It's over.
I got you.
You're safe now.
Come on.
OFFICER: Let's go.
KATSUMOTO: Just get her out of here.
- Are you okay? - Yeah.
I don't know how to thank you.
No, we're just glad you're all right.
My husband.
- He's here.
- Yeah.
When the police learned you were a target, they called your house.
Does he know? No.
We thought that best left to you.
What if he can't forgive me? How do we move on from this? Maybe you don't have to move on.
You just have to move forward.
I mean, if you guys love each other, you'll find a way.
She was lucky to have you two looking out for her tonight.
You weren't so bad yourself.
Well, my work's not done yet.
Perps won't give up the man that hired them.
Who said it was a man? He did.
He said, "I'm not giving you his name.
" Whoever hired these geniuses definitely overpaid.
Yeah, but all of Eddie's blackmail victims were prepared to pay again tonight.
Which means they still have secrets.
Their husbands don't know.
Everybody except for Wade Collins.
- Who? - One of Eddie's victims, Mia Collins, she was in an open marriage.
Her husband actually knew about the relationship.
Yeah, but it doesn't mean he would let a stranger keep compromising footage of the mother of his children.
It's a good theory.
I'll look into it.
You ready? Yeah.
Think I am.
Sorry I'm late, old man.
Just, uh somehow I didn't really-really believe this was it.
Guess, uh guess it was easier to pretend like we had more time.
Wasn't the first time, you know.
Trust me, you were, you were fooling no one with that crappy car of yours.
The second I totaled it, I knew I did you a favor.
But working for you that summer? That was the first time anybody expected anything of me.
The first time anybody looked out for me.
I guess I didn't, I didn't want that to end.
I still don't.
But you saved my life.
The least I can do is let you go out on your terms.
I love you.
He's gone? I'm sorry, man.
What's this? Your friend Kimo sent it to me.
Ice wanted to make sure that you got it.
I'll give you some privacy.
Hey, Ricky.
Uh I guess, if you're seeing this, I'm I'm finally a free man.
And given the circumstances, I I think it's a possibility we didn't get a real goodbye.
And I know maybe that-that hurts, right now.
Maybe even seems unfair.
Well, you never know But the truth is, kid, you and me? We don't need any of that crap.
I'm always gonna look out for you, kid.
Wherever I am I'm okay.
If you're okay, I'm okay.
In your car, the windows are I love you.
Wide open Just come on home Come on home No, you don't have to Be alone Come on home Come on home You don't have to Be alone Just come on home.
Just talked to Katsumoto.
We were right about Wade.
Money transfer confirms he hired Eddie's killer.
And Mia? She was in the dark.
I guess their marriage did have some secrets after all.
Not that secrets between partners is a bad thing.
All right, Magnum.
I figured out why this case was affecting me so much.
Thank you for letting me get there.
The truth is, I was being judgmental about Elena because I was I was actually judging myself.
My own relationship.
I thought things with you and Ethan were going well.
They are.
They're great.
That's the problem.
When I promised to spend the rest of my life with Richard, I meant it.
I mean, he's been gone a few years now, but I felt that whilst my heart was still his, a small part of him was still here and now I'm You feel like you're betraying him because you're falling in love with Ethan.
I think I already have fallen.
That's something to celebrate, not feel guilty about.
But I do feel guilty.
Well, something tells me he would be happy for you.
Thanks, Magnum.
Now, cheating on the tennis court this morning, that is something to feel guilty about.
Come off it.
That ball was clearly out.
No, it wasn't, it was clearly on the line.
- Hey.
- Shammy.
All right.
Perfect timing.
I need you to help us settle something real quick.
I got the video on my phone.
Give me one Whatever it is, I side with Higgins.
Don't even have to see the video.
HIGGINS: Very sensible.
Your friends are waiting for you on the lanai.
Um, you know what? I'll meet you out there.
You got it, bro.
I'm sorry about your friend.
And, uh, thanks for keeping an eye on the place.
It's the least I could do.
And look, it's still standing.
So are these the drinks everybody's talking about? 'Cause I sure could use one.
Nine bucks for a "Big Island Iced Tea"? Oh, just shut up and try it.
Say it.
It's delicious.
- It's delicious.
And, uh nine bucks for that amount of booze, that's a steal.
Well, maybe we can call it "The Icepick" instead.
I'll leave you guys to it.
I'll see you tomorrow, boss.
- Hey.
- There he is.
- Hey.
- Hey.
How you holding up? Uh, you know what? I'm okay.
Or, you know, I-I will be.
We know how much he meant to you.
And how much you meant to him.
SHAMMY: Yeah, if there's anything we can do.
Yeah, well, uh, you know what? There is.
You guys can all raise your glasses and make sure I'm not drinking alone.
Don't have to ask me twice.
Hear, hear.
To Icepick.
He will be missed.
May he rest in peace.
- To Ice.
- OTHERS: To Ice.

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