Magnum P.I. (2018) s03e12 Episode Script

Dark Harvest

1 Back in a sec, Atti.
No more jerky.
You know what that does to your stomach.
Yeah, it tastes good now, but we're both gonna be paying for it in about an hour.
And, uh, ten bucks on pump four.
And you can put the change in there.
Uh, hey, did you see an SUV drive off? Sorry, no.
Nobody saw anything.
It was just gone.
Did this gas station have any security cameras? Uh, yeah, they actually gave me a copy.
Can't see his full face, so no I.
Well, at least we know what direction he came from and where he was headed.
Has HPD seen this video? I forwarded it to them, but they said beyond filing a report, there wasn't much more they could do.
And then I remembered that Shammy had mentioned his friends were P.
We're in the same support group for veterans.
Yeah, I mean, we'll certainly do all we can to help you.
The cops are just treating this as a stolen vehicle case.
But it's not my car I care about.
No, it's Atticus.
He's not just a dog.
I know it's cliché, but he really is my best friend.
I have two myself, so I can totally relate.
How long have you had him? About two years.
I got paired up with Atti through, um, K9s For Warriors.
It's an organization that pairs vets with service dogs.
They do a lot of great work.
When I got back from Iraq, I started drinking more, socializing less.
Before I knew it, I hadn't left my house in months.
When you don't see sunlight for that long, you start having thoughts.
Dark thoughts.
Luckily, Shammy checked in with me after I missed a few meetings.
Shammy's good like that.
I'll say.
And after that, another guy introduced me to K9s.
I connected with Atticus right away.
He can actually sense my anxiety before I can, which has kept me ahead of some major episodes before they spin out of control.
No exaggeration that dog literally saved my life.
Look, I know the kind of cases you usually take.
If a missing dog is below your pay grade, I - No, not-not at all.
- No, no.
We'd be honored to take the case.
That's a little blue-collar for an urn.
Well, Ice was a blue-collar kind of guy.
Yeah, but don't you think it's weird to just put his ashes right here? Well, you know, he didn't really specify where he wanted to be spread, so I figure, until I come up with something better, he'd want to be here at the bar with us.
Don't look now, but an absolute dime - is about to walk up in here.
- Let me see.
I said don't look.
I'm the king of casual glances.
And oh, my God, you're right she's gorgeous.
Don't make a big deal about it, though.
She's looking right at me.
- She's checking me out.
- Correction.
I think she's checking me out.
Oh, I-I don't want to disappoint you here, but her line of sight is pointed directly at my face.
Well, we're about to find out, - 'cause she's headed right toward me.
- For me.
20 bucks says it's me.
Hey! You're the guy who owns the helicopter tour company.
- Theodore, right? - Why, yes, that is one of my businesses.
I also happen to be co-owner of this fine establishment.
Can I interest you in a tasty beverage? No, thanks.
I don't drink when I'm working.
Working? What's this? You've been served.
Oh, my God.
I've never been more relieved to lose a bet.
What's that all about? Nothing good.
You know all those favors we do for Thomas? Yeah? Well, it looks like one of them came back to bite me.
Gina said the SUV was on empty when it was stolen, so the thief couldn't have gotten far.
We need to check gas stations within a few miles.
And if they didn't stop for gas at a station, then it's possible they just abandoned the SUV.
I'll check the satellite images when we get back.
TC, what's up, brother? Hello, Thomas.
"Hello, Thomas"? What? Is everything okay? Well, I got a customer that said they got whiplash during an Island Hopper's tour, and now they're suing me, so no.
TC, that's awful.
What does that have to do with Thomas? Well, this guy is saying that he hurt his neck when I veered off the tour to help your partner tail someone.
Uh, don't these customers sign waivers or something? Yeah, the lawyer's saying it was voided when I changed course.
Can someone actually get injured like that? I'm sure you weren't flying recklessly.
Yeah, something's definitely not right here.
Yeah, what's not right is you not accepting your part in this.
Eh, what are you talking about? You've helped me out countless times.
Definitely gonna accept responsibility here.
- TC, are you there? - Yeah.
I just wasn't expecting Thomas to man up like that.
Don't pretend to be shocked, okay? Anyway, who-who are his lawyers? Ross and Taft.
Oh, oh, TC, you are definitely getting scammed.
So, you've obviously heard - of Ross and Taft.
- Yeah.
We've crossed paths.
These guys are notorious for fraudulent claims.
For real? So you're saying this whole thing is bogus? So what I got to do? Just sit back.
We're working a case right now, but we'll get to it as soon as we can.
All right, let me know.
- All right.
- Bye.
You know, I can take the lead on the Gina case if you want to peel off and help TC.
No, it's fine.
I mean, TC's lawsuit is important, but it can wait.
We need to find Atticus ASAP.
Well, it's nice to see you, uh, having a bit of urgency this time.
What do you mean, this time? I mean, as opposed to the last time we had a missing-animal case.
You talking about Mittens the cat? Uh, I just happen to know a lot of vets who are paired with service dogs, and I know how important these animals are to them.
I don't know if you know this, but 90% of these animals come from shelters.
No, I didn't know that.
That's amazing.
Although I can obviously completely understand holding canines in high regard.
Ah, because of the lads.
Yeah, I I really don't think of the lads as companions.
I think of them more as I don't know, a threat to public safety.
Just to your safety.
For me, I fully see them as family.
They've helped me through some really difficult times.
She parked right here.
Based on the security footage, thief arrived on foot from over there, and then took off east, in that direction.
Yeah, I was here, but sorry, when I work, I kind of zone out.
This your, uh, - video camera right here? - Yeah.
Gonna post a time-lapse of this piece for my followers.
Gonna show about two weeks of work in under a minute.
Wow, that's pretty cool.
You mind if we take a look at the footage? - Nah.
No problem.
- Thank you.
Rewinding to 9:07, time of the theft.
Right there.
That's the guy.
Still no clean shot of his face, though.
You see that bike he tries to grab? It's still there.
It hasn't moved.
Do you mind if I just borrow this? No, go ahead.
So, it looks like he grabbed the bike.
Somewhere around here.
I see a print right there.
Running the print now.
- We got your texts.
- Is Gina okay? Yeah, but the SUV didn't show up at any nearby gas stations.
So it's got to be near the one it was stolen from.
But it didn't show up on any satellite images either, so we're thinking maybe it's under cover somewhere.
Hey, could you guys check out where a satellite wouldn't be able to see: Carport, tunnel, tree, canopy, something like that? Of course.
Uh, how big of an area are we talking? A three-mile radius of the gas station.
- Right, we're on it.
- Thank you.
All right, we've got something.
Joseph Giles.
- Does he have a record? - No.
He's in the system because he's a schoolteacher.
Uh, hey, you know that SUV that was reported stolen this morning? On average, there are 15 cars stolen in Hawaii every day.
Believe it or not, I don't make it a point to know about every one of them.
Okay, well, the victim hired us and we've identified the thief.
His name is Joseph Giles.
Joseph Giles? Yeah.
Could you look him up? Don't need to.
He's part of an open HPD investigation.
What do you mean? Giles was reported kidnapped last night.
His neighbor saw a couple guys grab him outside their apartment complex.
Well, that makes sense with the footage that we saw.
He didn't take the SUV just 'cause he wanted it.
No, he must have somehow escaped and was trying to evade his captors.
So it seems like our car thief is actually a victim on the run.
Just because you figured out Giles is a victim, that doesn't make him your client.
No, I never said he was.
Our priority is to find our client's dog, and the best way to do that: Find Giles.
Like it or not, our cases are linked.
Assuming Giles reached Gina's SUV on foot, the place he escaped from had to be within walking distance of the gas station.
We figure out where that is, we have a lead.
Problem is there's over three million square feet of commercial real estate in that area.
It'd take us over a week to canvass that much ground.
We need some way to narrow it down.
Any idea why somebody would want to grab Giles? None.
The guy's a high school anatomy teacher.
The only record on him is the number of service awards he's been given.
Perhaps he has a secret life.
Well, if that's the case, whatever vice he was into wasn't gambling or anything expensive.
His financials are clean.
Yeah, but what's odd is, if he did escape, he should have surfaced by now, or at least called HPD.
He may be laying low.
Or maybe he's been recaptured.
The neighbor who reported Giles missing Was he able to identify the kidnapper? Yeah.
Guy named Lee Sung.
But we haven't found him.
Our biggest lead is he's a member of Jumak.
- Jumak? - It's a ruthless Korean gang.
They're good at operating off the grid, so we don't have much intel on them.
No, but we may know somebody who does.
Hey, Rick, La Mariana's smoke detectors are all up to code, right? Yeah, of course.
Why? Because I'm on fire, baby.
I just closed a huge deal with three ABC stores to disinfect their cash.
So business is good, huh? Yeah.
And when I say "yeah," I mean "hell yeah.
" It'd be even better if I didn't have to give you guys ten percent of the cut.
Oh, come on, Jin.
Ten percent, that's not a lot to ask, considering you literally use this place as your office.
I do not.
That reminds me, the printer in the back is out of ink.
Jin, just be grateful that your cash-cleaning biz is thriving.
Your cut is about to become my biggest source of income.
You're joking.
Are you joking? He's not joking.
Yeah, not really.
I got hit with a personal injury lawsuit.
It's looking like a scam, so I'm waiting for Thomas to look into it.
Wait a second.
Hold up.
Um you got scammed, and you asked Magnum for help when I'm sitting right here? That's like looking, for basketball lessons on Yelp when LeBron James is your best friend.
Wait, hang on a second.
You comparing yourself to LeBron now? Oh, dude, yeah, because when it comes to petty crime, I am the GOAT, all right? If they had a pickpocket hall of fame, I would be You would be an inductee.
No, it would be empty, 'cause I would've stolen everything in it.
Okay, okay, okay.
We-we get it.
We should've called you instead of Thomas.
But he knew the lawyers, Ross and Taft.
Ooh Ross and Taft.
I've done some scams with those guys.
I basically put their kids through college.
Listen to me, all right? Let me help you.
Forget Magnum.
There's no need to eat ground chuck when fillet mignon is available.
All right? What? My hair looks good, right? What? Uh, I'm assuming I was the ground chuck in that metaphor.
Oh, my God, Magnum, you-you scared me.
No, I was just telling the f-fellas how versatile ground chuck is.
I mean, you can make hamburgers, meat loaf, chili.
You know, objectively, - it's the best of all meats.
- Relax, Jin.
I actually think you would be the perfect scam artist consultant for TC.
And plus, it would help me out, because I feel partially responsible for this lawsuit.
- Partially? - Eh, somewhat.
Fully and completely responsible, - is what I'm saying.
- Actually, Jin, we need your expertise as well.
Do you happen to have any connection to Jumak? Oh, Higgins, I'm so disappointed in you.
Just because I'm Korean and I dabble in crime, you automatically assume that I'm affiliated with Jumak? Well, are you? Yes, I am.
What you need, lady? Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
How urgent is this? I mean, I was hoping that Jin would work on my lawsuit ASAP.
Hey, guys, guys, guys, like I tell all the ladies, there's plenty of Jin to go around.
Well, uh, our case is actually pretty urgent.
Wait, I thought you guys were looking - for a missing dog.
- We are, but, uh, we're also looking for an innocent teacher who's been kidnapped.
And if we find that dog, it's the best way to rescue the teacher.
TC, we have plenty of time.
All we have to do is prove your scammer is lying, right? Why don't you stake the guy out, and I will join you after I help ground chuck over here.
All right.
We got this.
Okay, what do you know about Jumak? Well, I've done some jobs with those guys over the years, although I might have rubbed a few of them the wrong way.
Do you still have any, uh, connection to them now? Yeah, my friend Chung is the bartender at the Dachbar.
The Dachbar? Yeah, it's their local hangout.
If anyone knows anything about Jumak, it's him.
Okay, you guys wait here.
Jumak doesn't like outsiders.
I thought you said they don't like you, either.
Why is that, by the way? I may or may not have quadrupled-crossed them.
Quadruple-crossed? Double-crossed them twice.
Again, shocking.
All right, it's all on them.
You know that old saying, "Double-cross me once, shame on you, double-cross me twice, shame on me"? Pretty sure that's not how it goes.
It's okay.
I'll be fine.
I paid my debt and then some.
It's all water under the bridge.
I think.
Chung! What up, my man? You got some nerve showing up here.
Bring him to the back.
I'm starting to think that Jin's not as tight with the bartender as he claimed.
Come on.
I think he's in trouble.
- You're okay.
- Of course.
Hey, this is my friend Chung I told you about.
And this is my main men, Teddy.
So, uh, roughing Jin up Was for show.
Being friends with this guy at this bar, it's a liability.
Being friends with Jin in any situation is a liability.
How can I help you guys? You know anything about Jumak kidnapping a guy named Giles? Sorry.
Only thing I've heard of Jumak lately is some rich foreigner just hired them, for a big job on the Island.
Do you know the name of this person? No.
But a few of the guys met up with him last night.
Said it was around 6:00 at some private airport.
Uh, what was it? Royal Fleet Aviation.
Kumu and Shammy still haven't found the SUV, but they're looking.
- What do you got? - I've hacked Royal Fleet Aviation.
According to this, there was only one private jet incoming that landed around 6:00.
It was a G550 coming in from Beijing.
That's got to be the foreigners that hired Jumak.
Who was on the plane? That's interesting.
Very big jet for only two passengers.
One Wei Fang and a Wen Won.
Okay, it looks like Fang is a successful businessman.
How successful? Like, he-owns-the-jet successful.
His travel companion, Dr.
Wen Won, is a renowned transplant surgeon residing in Beijing.
- What's the article about? - It says that Mr.
Fang has a condition called Goodpasture syndrome and is desperately in need of a kidney transplant.
He's a rare match, so he's offered a large reward for donors, but as yet, no takers.
So a billionaire who's in need of a kidney flies to the Island with his own private transplant surgeon.
What are the chances Giles is a match? Yeah, I'm gonna check the UNOS database.
Okay, looks like Kumu found the car, but no sign of Giles or Atticus.
Asking for the location now.
Giles has a UNOS file.
He donated a kidney to his sister two years ago.
If Mr.
Fang had someone check this database, he would know that Giles was a good match for him.
Yeah, but with only one kidney, no amount of money's gonna get him to donate it.
So he outsources Jumak to kidnap him, - 'cause he doesn't want to wait.
- Yeah, he wants to get Giles's kidney and leave him for dead.
Which is why we need to find him before they do.
We're about ten minutes from Kumu's dropped pin.
Seems like they abandoned the SUV about two miles from the gas station.
Oh, it's Gina.
Gina, you have us both.
Just checking in, for an update.
Yeah, our friend just found your SUV abandoned a couple miles away from the gas station.
- We're headed there now.
- Did they find Atticus? No, not yet.
But he may be nearby.
- We'll keep you posted.
- Thank you.
How you holding up? Honestly, not great.
It's my first day in two years without Atti, and I'm just trying to self-manage as best I can.
Okay, well, don't hesitate to lean on Shammy or anyone else in your support group, okay? I will.
Thank you.
Hey, uh, Gina, there's something else you should know.
The man who stole your SUV, he was a kidnap victim who was trying to get away from some - very dangerous people.
- Oh, my God.
I-I mean, I want Atticus back more than anything but if this person's in trouble, there's no one better for them to be with than Atti.
Okay, hang in there.
We'll be in touch really soon, okay? How's it going? Terrible.
We followed him from his house, then to the rec center to play mah-jongg, and now he is doing a crossword puzzle on the bench.
Yeah, he's less scam artist and more senior citizen.
Mm, so you haven't caught him in the act yet.
But we're not even sure what that even means.
The lawsuit claimed his injuries is preventing him from rotating his neck.
Which is why he says - he can't work.
- Exactly.
So we have to film him rotating his neck without the pain.
He has to turn and r-react to something, like a big noise or a cute girl.
Yeah, the problem is every time he turns, he rotates his whole body, kind of like this.
- He kind of does like this.
- Okay, can you stop that? It looks like you're doing the robot.
Oh, look, if I was doing the robot, you would know.
If I was doing the robot - That's really good! - you would know.
Short circuit.
Anyway, guys, I have a little trick up my sleeve.
And by "sleeve," I mean backpack.
And by "trick," I mean firecrackers.
- Start filming.
- All right.
You heard the man.
Scamming our life away.
Damn it.
Oh, man, he is good.
Yeah, maybe this guy really did hurt his neck.
No, man, he's just committing to the performance like a true pro.
I actually admire the guy.
Look, if the guy's so committed, what are we doing here? Why are we wasting our time? Oh, forget that attitude.
It's time for a Hail Gary.
You mean a Hail Mary.
No, Hail Gary.
It's a long shot, like a Hail Mary.
It's a scam I learned from a scam artist named Gary years ago.
He's an idol of mine.
Yo, he's on the move.
What's the plan? Do you guys have Wi-Fi hot spot in here? - Yeah.
- Perfect! He's getting in his car.
Okay, keep an eye on him.
I'm gonna shoot him an email, agreeing that you're gonna - settle the lawsuit.
- What? W-Wait.
If this is a scam, I ain't agreeing to nothing.
Okay, you're gonna agree to the settlement, but you're not gonna lose a penny.
Okay? Trust me.
All right, he's pulling out.
All right, I got it.
- Hi.
- There's still no sign of Giles or Atticus.
And we didn't open or touch the car, like you asked.
That's a lot of blood.
Must've hit his head on the steering wheel when he crashed into the tree.
Well, if he left this much blood, - there must be a trail somewhere.
- Yeah, but there's no blood on the pavement in either direction.
Got something.
Foot and paw prints.
Giles and Atticus must've taken this path.
Uh, left my hiking wheels at home, so I'm gonna hang here.
Call Katsumoto, give him our location.
We'll let you know if we find something.
I just texted Gina an update.
Said we'd text her as soon as we find Atticus.
Must be worried sick.
That's an understatement.
I'd hate to be in her shoes right now.
The difficult time you said Zeus and Apollo helped you through Was that before we met? Just after I came to the Island.
- Right after you lost Richard.
- Mm.
Just after I moved here, I mean, I met the most unlikely companion.
Talking about the dogs? No, no, it's an elderly guy.
His name is Warren.
Met him on the flight over here.
Zeus and Apollo originally belonged to him.
Oh, they must've just been pups at the time.
Sadly, a few months after I got close to Warren, he died.
He left Zeus and Apollo in my care.
To this day, don't know whether it was for their benefit or for mine.
Maybe he thought it was for both your benefit.
Certainly true for me.
I mean, even at my lowest point, I couldn't afford to wallow.
I had to get up and look after them.
Gave me a reason to get out of bed every day.
And I wasn't even a dog person back then.
- Really? - Really.
Had cats growing up.
It's a steep learning curve, but having to look after them became a blessing.
It was the only consistent thing in my life.
Up ahead.
An old World War II bunker.
There's actually quite a few of these in the area.
If Giles was looking for a place to lay low, this would be perfect.
Can you hear that? Oy, Atticus.
He's been shot in the stomach.
I think the bullet's gone through.
It's all right.
Good boy, Atticus.
You're gonna be okay.
The fabric in his teeth is soaked in blood.
He might have bitten his assailant.
It might help us get an ID.
Good boy.
Oh, he's losing a lot of blood.
We have to get him to intensive care, now.
Try and grab him.
Yeah, I got you.
I got you.
It's gonna be okay.
Atticus! Hey, is he okay? Alive but barely.
We need to get him to a hospital immediately.
No sign of Giles? No.
He was recaptured.
Atticus was shot trying to protect him.
You got a evidence bag? - Yeah, what for? - Check his mouth.
You find out who Atticus bit, you'll find out who has Giles.
I'll get this to a lab right away.
The nearest emergency vet is in Moanalua.
All right, I'll let Gina know and I'll meet you there.
All right, buddy.
- God, he's-he's bleeding so much.
- He's okay.
He's gonna be okay.
- There you go.
- Do you know what happened? He was shot in the abdomen.
The bullet went through.
Atti? Atti? - Wait, he's not responding.
- He's still breathing.
He's bleeding internally.
We need to perform surgery right away.
Let's go.
Let's get him to the OR.
Okay, I am done.
You guys owe me 9.
For what? Better not be buying any more lollibombs on that candy game again.
All right, they're not called "lollibombs.
" They're bombcicles, and they're worth every penny.
I have the highest score on Sugar Cane Island.
I bought the domain name for RossAndTaftLaw.
Not possible.
Ross and Taft own RossAndTaftLaw.
No, I bought the same domain name, but I replaced the "L" in "law" with the number one.
He's never gonna know the difference, all right? This is the Hail Gary.
I just have to shoot him an email from BradRoss@ RossAndTaft1aw.
That's actually kind of brilliant.
He'll think that the email is coming from his lawyer.
Okay, so, what is "Brad Ross" gonna write him? Well, that's a very good question.
"Dearest Mr.
Camm, I am happy to inform you "that Mr.
Calvin "has settled for the agreed upon amount "and has dropped off a check.
"Please feel free to stop by the office at any time "to pick up your payment, minus our commission.
Yours truly, Brad Ross.
" Now, before I send this, you have to start filming.
On it.
And waiting.
And waiting.
And waiting some more.
Are we sure this guy even still has his phone? Yeah, boy! We got you, sucker! Yeah, sucker! Sucker! You know no matter what I was dealing with or how much it felt like the world was crashing down on me the second I'd come home, Atticus would be so excited to see me.
Even if it was only 15 minutes, he'd react like it'd been years.
I know what you mean.
When Atticus didn't react to me at all my gut sank.
He's gonna be okay.
Yeah, Magnum's right.
We don't go to worst-case scenario, right? That's the kind of headspace Atti kept me from going to.
Well, I won't let you go there, either.
Lab got a DNA hit on your fabric sample.
Vance Kim.
Long rap sheet.
I'm not surprised.
Cell number? Yeah.
Tracking down Kim is our last chance to take down an organ harvesting operation that's happening as we speak.
Damn it.
What's wrong? He's in Aiea.
30 minutes away.
I'll round up the tac team.
It's me.
I need a favor.
Could be taking Giles's kidney any minute now.
Look, I know where you're going with this, but Katsumoto said not to engage.
Just to broom the place and he'll text us when he arrives.
Might be too late.
Every second counts.
Then we'll cover more ground if we split up.
Attagirl, Higgy.
Check the electrical panel.
We cannot perform the procedure until the power is restored.
- Let's go, man.
- It's an old building.
Probably just a short.
Check the circuit box.
You stay here.
We'll search the building.
Pulse is still 120.
As long as we keep an eye on the heart rate, there's no need to administer any more anesthetic.
What the hell? Give me your phones.
Come on.
Giles is okay.
He'll regain consciousness soon.
Looks like stealing your client's car was what ended up saving his life.
I think what you're trying to say is, without our help, HPD wouldn't have been able to bring down a corrupt - international businessman.
- Or have more leverage on Jumak than they ever had before.
Or stop an illegal organ harvesting operation.
Yeah, but that's not what I said.
It's what you meant, though.
Yeah, and I think what we're trying to say is, "You're welcome.
" I didn't say "thank you.
" Didn't have to.
Any news? Atti's surgery was a success.
He's gonna be out any second.
Oh, that's wonderful.
I can't thank you enough for finding him.
It means everything to me.
Ah, it's-it's our pleasure.
Ah! - Hey, buddy.
- Atti.
- Oh.
There he is.
- Aw.
All right.
You feel better? Oh, hi.
So he goes back there and he lights it and pop, pop, pop, the guy starts moving! He can't move.
His neck He's wearing the neck brace.
It was genius.
Guy's a maniac.
I got to say, Jin, even though it didn't work, using the firecrackers to get a reaction out of this guy is pretty smart.
And the best part is I have a ton left over.
A ton? It was just to distract him once.
How much did you buy? Well, let's see, I've got Roman candles, bottle rockets, mortars.
I have, uh, sparkler, Mega Cone.
Ooh, ooh, I've got M-80s.
That's the first time I've seen cargo shorts used to their fullest potential.
Yeah, they're like a clown car for firecrackers.
Jin, can I ask, did you obtain these fireworks legally? Do you really want to know the answer to that question? No.
No, no, we don't.
You know, TC, I'm sorry for all the trouble I caused you.
Look, man, it's 'cause of you I knew it was a scam in the first place, so it's all good.
And I promise not to use our friendship for favors anymore.
Yeah, right.
Well, I promise to try not to use our friendship for favors anymore.
Okay, I promise to try not to use our friendship for favors anymore for the rest of the night, okay? - How about that? - Deal.
Hey, uh, you know, speaking of friends helping each other out, Jin, TC and I, uh, had a little talk and we want to reconsider our cut for letting you use this place.
Okay, but 20% is as high as I go.
Jin, you're a brilliant schemer, but a terrible negotiator.
Yeah, just let them talk and listen, okay? Fine.
What's your counteroffer? Well, considering you saved Island Hoppers, and indirectly La Mariana, tons of financial stress how does zero percent sound? Really? Thank you so much.
Nah, man.
Thank you.
You deserve it.
I know just the thing to celebrate.
This, my friends, is called the M-800.
It is technically considered dynamite in 13 states.
Oh! Whoa, whoa.
Jin, Jin.
Hand it over.
Give it, give it here.
Let's save this for when we go mining in the quarry.
How about a round of beers, on the house? Oh, hey, uh, Giles called.
He wanted to apologize to Gina.
And he offered to pay for Atticus's procedure.
Really? That's great.
Well, how about a toast? To Giles? Nah.
The lads.
Really? Even though we're sworn enemies, uh, companionship and loyalty go a long way with me.
Even though sometimes it takes me a little time to see that.
To the lads.
To the lads.

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