Magnum P.I. (2018) s03e15 Episode Script

Before the Fall

1 (BIRDS SINGING) (GRUNTING) Let me get that.
Come on.
(HORSE NEIGHING) (BRAYS LOUDLY) (NEIGHING CONTINUES) Why is he hurting the horse? Oh, he ain't hurting the horse.
He's breaking him.
Breaking him? (NEIGHING) Yep.
That's what we call training a horse.
He looks scared.
He is.
But that's because they took him from his herd.
Why'd they take him away? Well, the herds get too big, and the wild horses well, they gobble up all the food before the native animals like deer can eat.
So he just misses his family.
He does.
But the hurt won't last forever, Thomas.
He'll be happy again.
It's just gonna take time, mijo.
(HORSE WHINNIES) MAGNUM: Wasn't till later that I realized Uncle Bernardo wasn't just talking about the horse, right? Those words were meant for me.
- 'Cause you'd just lost your dad.
- Yeah.
First time I went to the ranch was right after my father died, and my mom thought I could use a change of scenery.
I mean, I lost myself there.
And Bernardo became like a father figure to me.
He never wanted a family of his own? No, he used to say he was married to the land.
So, he's with someone now, right? Yeah, but they've only been together for a couple weeks.
I mean, I hope it works out.
He could use somebody other than livestock to talk to, you know.
(SOUND OF DOGS BARKING) - Oh, it's Higgy.
- (BEEPS) Hey, all right, before you say anything, I will pay you back for the cheese.
All right? I just thought, uh Roberto II could use a little break from his mouse chow.
Well, I wasn't aware that you'd raided my fridge yet again, but I hope you realize that my pule cheese fetches $600 a pound.
$600? Where does it come from, golden calves? Donkeys, actually.
Anyway, the reason I called you is to let you know that I've prepared the historic Honu Room for your uncle's visit.
The Honu Room? Wow.
That is the one place on the estate that you throw a tantrum if I go anywhere near.
Yes, but it's only because of the fragility of the antiques contained within.
I'm just certain that your uncle knows how to comport himself.
Well, thank you for rolling out the red carpet for my uncle.
You're welcome.
I'm looking forward to meeting him tomorrow.
Anyway, Ethan and I are in the middle of a game of chess, so I better get going.
All right, you do that.
Night, Higgy.
Night, Magnum.
You make your move yet? What, and let you miss out on this genius mastery? Not a chance.
- (SIGHS) - You know what that means.
How'd you get so good at chess anyway? Um There was a period of two years where I played nearly every day.
With your father? With Richard, actually.
You know, it's okay to say his name and talk about him.
I mean, he was a big part of your life.
What? There is something that I've been wanting to tell you.
Um I've just been waiting for the right moment.
Richard didn't die in an accident.
And before I was a majordomo or a private investigator, I had another profession.
This here's the torque indicator.
Obviously it lets you know how much power the engine's using.
- Earth to Major Sham.
- Sorry.
It's just not every day I get treated to a sweet-ass view like this.
Yeah, about that.
- I was thinking - Hey, check it out.
There's a couple of thrill-seekers on the Haiku Stairs.
Hey, that thing's still off-limits, ain't it? Yep.
Probably tourists.
Well, anyway, as I was saying, there's a reason I'm going over the controls.
Business is picking up, and I could use another pilot to take some of the weight off.
I was thinking it could be you.
That's a nice offer, but piloting is gonna be a little tricky without the use of these.
(CHUCKLES) It's the 21st century, brother.
I'll have this bird retrofitted so you can fly it.
What do you say? Uh, look, I appreciate the offer.
Uh, can I think about it? Yeah, of course.
): Aloha, and welcome to Honolulu International Airport.
Please proceed to baggage claim to collect all checked bags.
- Hey! - (CHUCKLES) Who are you, and what did you do with my uncle? Oh, Ana convinced me to do a bit of a makeover.
A bit of a makeover? The vaquero I know sleeps in 20-year-old Levi's and shaves twice a year.
Well, the love of a good woman will change you, mijo.
Yeah, I guess so.
Oh, uh, this is for you.
- Mahalo.
Huh? - What? - (CHUCKLES) - I learned that on the plane.
That's pretty good.
- Let's get out of here.
- Let's go.
God, you are looking good.
You, like, shaved 20 years off you TC: I don't get it.
I thought Sham would be excited to become a pilot.
I don't know.
Maybe it's the cost of retrofitting the chopper? Maybe he doesn't want to put you out.
Could be.
You know what? My buddy's a machinist.
I bet he'd do it on the cheap.
I mean, no promises, but he owes me one.
- Can you turn that up? - Yeah.
REPORTER: The forbidden Haiku Stairs have claimed the life of an unidentified female hiker, the first casualty at this infamous trail in six years.
Authorities believe she was alone when she fell, so it could've been days before she was found if it were not for another pair of hikers.
WOMAN: We were just about to set off when my husband spotted a red backpack in the brush.
Went to take a look, and that's when we found her.
REPORTER: The Haiku Stairs also We saw her.
Who? The lady, the one that died.
Me and Sham, we-we saw her from the air this morning.
You saw her from the air? How do you know it was her? She had a red backpack.
But she wasn't alone.
There was a guy with her.
Okay, well, if somebody was with her, why didn't they call it in? Maybe her death wasn't an accident.
(CHUCKLES): You live here? Yeah, yeah, it's pretty nice.
Wow, I wish your mom was here to see you.
I hope I'm not interrupting.
Oh, Higgy.
Uh, this is Bernardo, I presume.
I'm Juliet Higgins.
Welcome to Robin's Nest.
Thank you.
It's so nice to finally meet you.
I've heard so much.
Yeah, well, don't believe a word.
- (CHUCKLES) - All good things, I promise.
My nephew has told me about all your great adventures, and that you're an excellent business partner and a great roommate.
Oh, well, that's lovely to hear, um, but "roommate" is a bit of a mischaracterization.
Technically, since I own Robin's Nest, I'm actually his landlord and employer.
Later you can ask her about how that came to be, but I provide the excitement here on the estate through our detective service, which is really the bread and butter of the whole operation.
I don't know, the books might indicate otherwise, plus we're equal partners, Thomas.
Yeah, but you wouldn't even be a detective if it wasn't for me.
If it wasn't for me, you'd be both homeless and carless.
Listen, anyway, sorry.
I have some, uh, estate business I have to attend to, but do make yourself at home.
- Thank you.
- (CHUCKLES) You gents have a lovely day.
She's, uh, such a sweetheart.
You sound like an old married couple.
If that's what marriage is like, I am never getting hitched.
What if I told you I am? You're what? Getting married? You kidding me? That's why I came down here.
So I could tell you in person.
I-I thought you were only dating this woman for a couple weeks.
Yeah, but once I met Ana, I knew I couldn't let her get away.
- Well, this calls for a celebration.
- Yes.
There's no tequila in the cellar, but, uh, you know, let's grab a bottle of wine, I'll just give you, give you a tour.
All right, great.
(CHUCKLES) - Married, huh? - Wow.
- This is awesome.
- Yeah.
TC: Look, I'm telling you, she wasn't alone.
There was another hiker.
And I find it pretty suspicious that he hasn't come forward.
What if he pushed her off? I believe you, TC.
But for all you know, they weren't together.
They were practically side by side on those steps.
Look, maybe he was passing her or one of them turned back before the other.
I feel it in my gut.
Something ain't right about this.
Okay, look.
I can ask the M.
to fast-track the autopsy, and I'll check in with the detectives handling the case.
But for now, that's all I can do.
Okay, I get it.
You bet.
Hey, man, you busy? I think I need to hire a private investigator.
HIGGINS: Well, it looks like our deceased, Crystal Lockhart, was an avid hiker.
Her social media is full of pictures of her on trails all over the island.
Oh, so she knew what she was doing.
Which means it's less likely to be an accident.
Oaky, well, records indicate that Crystal was unmarried.
She has a father, Raymond Lockhart, who lives in Waimanalo with her brother Gabe.
We should talk to them.
They might know who the other hiker is.
Oh, but, um, TC and I can handle it.
You should, uh, spend some time with Bernardo.
I'm fine.
If you got to work No, no.
No, I insist.
Thomas has been looking forward to your visit for weeks.
TC: Yeah, Higgy's right.
If we need backup, we'll let you know.
Thank you, guys.
I thought it was Ethan, but it's just Kumu.
Something going on with him? (SIGHS) Last night I, uh, I opened up about my past.
You told him about your MI6 days? (SCOFFS) About that, Richard's death, my vendetta, being disavowed, the whole thing.
Been trying to contact him all day, but he's ignoring me.
I'm sure he's just in surgery.
Good afternoon, Mr.
We're sorry to bother you.
Look, I don't know what you're selling, but it's not the best time.
We're here about your daughter.
GABE: You're saying my sister was with someone? Crystal always hiked alone.
It was how she decompressed.
Not today.
I saw it with my own eyes.
Police said it was an accident.
HIGGINS: We're not jumping to any conclusions.
It may have been.
In the meantime, can you think of anyone who may have wanted to harm her? An ex-boyfriend or a coworker? She wasn't seeing anyone.
And if she had a problem with somebody, she never said.
Okay, uh, we don't want to take up any more of your time.
We're very sorry for your loss.
Well, I appreciate you looking into it.
And, please, keep us posted.
Of course.
BERNARDO: So Thomas was learning how to ride his bike, right? But he couldn't turn yet, and so we're on this path, and we get to a certain point where you have to turn left or right, and he yells, "I can't turn!" (LAUGHTER) And he goes right into the lake! - (PHONE RINGING) - Explains the way he drives now.
- Yeah.
- Uh-huh.
I gotta take this.
I'll be right back.
Thomas Magnum.
- (LAUGHTER) - Uh, this afternoon? Yeah, I don't think I'm gonna be able to make it.
But let me reach out to a colleague of mine, see if he's available.
Be in touch.
Okay, okay, okay, what'd you tell them? Oh, nothing you wouldn't have shared.
In a confessional.
(LAUGHTER) I leave for one work call, and you start spilling all my secrets.
So what, you got a case? Yeah, it's an infidelity stakeout, but I'm probably gonna hand it off to Luther.
Hold on.
Don't pass up a paying job.
- Do it.
- You sure? I'll tag along.
I've always wanted to see what you do for a living.
All right.
Well, my client's husband goes to lunch in an hour, and she wants us to tail him, so we should probably get going.
Me, too.
I got to get back to the cultural center.
- All right, I'll see you guys.
- Bye.
Bye, guys.
Good news, Sham.
My buddy Jack, he's a machinist.
He said he'll retrofit the chopper for a big discount.
But, uh, TC, he told me the plan for you to become a pilot.
(SIGHS) That's TC's plan.
I didn't accept the job.
And I definitely didn't ask for help.
Oh, sorry, man, I just figured you'd be worried about the cost.
Well, you figured wrong.
Hey, come on, man, take it easy.
Look, I understand why you'd be hesitant, but come on, you can do this.
It's not like you've got to fly a chopper standing up, right? Look, you don't get it, okay? You can't get it.
All right.
Sham Sham, come on, man.
(SIGHS) TC: I'll search the other rooms.
Come check this out.
Got newspaper clippings, police reports.
I think Crystal was looking into an unsolved murder.
Raina Kahui.
Killed last year.
This wasn't just any case for Crystal.
There's a couple of photos with Raina in them.
Seems like they were close.
Crystal was investigating her friend's murder.
And now she ends up dead.
What does Thomas say about coincidences? A good detective doesn't believe in them.
It says Raina was stabbed six times.
- It's likely a crime of passion.
- (SIGHS) I can't stop thinking about seeing Crystal on those stairs.
I flew right over a murder about to happen.
You couldn't have known that.
You know that, right? Look, one of Crystal's most recent notes says "Harada.
" You think that could have been Raina's killer? Perhaps, but it says here that Chad Cabrera, a tool company owner and Raina's ex-boyfriend and employer, was the prime suspect.
They just didn't have enough evidence to arrest him.
Wait a second.
What? Look here.
Crystal just paid Cabrera a visit, just yesterday.
I suppose we pick up where she left off.
BERNARDO: I don't see any movement.
Oh, hey, uh take a picture for Ana.
- Come on, she'll get a kick out of it.
- All right.
(CHUCKLES): Okay, I got it.
I still can't believe you're settling down.
Yeah, well, maybe you should think about it.
You're not getting any younger.
Yeah, that usually requires the right woman.
What about Juliet? No, no, no, no, no.
Juliet and I are-are just business partners.
I've never seen business partners bicker like that.
- It's our dynamic.
- It's chemistry.
(LAUGHS): No, no.
You got it all wrong.
Higgins and I are just friends.
That's how it starts.
No, no.
I-I can't believe you're giving me relationship advice, and you're in love for the first time at, like, 60.
No, not for the first time.
What are you talking about? Why didn't you tell me? (QUIETLY): Wait, ho-hold on, we're gonna have to put that on hold.
That's our client's husband, Ed Skinner.
(CAR ALARM CHIRPS) Is he going to see his mistress? Well, that's what his wife thinks.
He's been skipping out on these long lunches.
- (ENGINE STARTS) - We're just gonna have to tail him, see where he goes.
Hi there.
- Hi.
How can I help you? - We would like to talk to Chad Cabrera about a personalized adventure package.
Let me see if he's free.
One sec.
- Right this way.
- Great.
Chad Cabrera.
- Thanks for squeezing us in.
- Yeah, absolutely.
Uh, Jonah says that you're looking for a a personalized adventure? But before we get into it, I'd love to know how you heard about us.
Crystal Lockhart.
She's a dear friend of ours.
(CLEARS THROAT) Um Uh, Jonah, can you, uh, can you give us a minute? Crystal's been harassing me for a year, and now she sends - other people to do it? - Crystal was right to circle you over Raina's murder.
You were, after all, ex-lovers.
And you were never cleared by HPD, because nobody could confirm your alibi.
I was home, alone.
I did not kill Raina.
How about Crystal? What are you talking about? Crystal was murdered this morning.
She came to see you yesterday, which makes you one of the last people she spoke to before her death.
Okay, I-I did not kill her, either.
I've been on a teleconference with a client in Michigan all morning.
I have the recording to prove it.
We'd love to see it.
(LAUGHS): You're not cops.
I don't have to show you anything.
Now get out.
(TURNS OFF ENGINE) BERNARDO: I guess his wife was right.
Yeah, we'd better catch up before he gets to his room.
BERNARDO: Where is he going? Come on.
I've sunshine enough to spread It's just like the fella said Tell me quick, ain't love a kick It's a dance class.
In the head? Thinking of signing up? Uh It's great.
I've been taking lessons to surprise my wife for our anniversary.
- (LAUGHING): She has no idea.
- WOMAN: Ready? Oh, that's my cue.
Did not see that coming.
And you really think we can work all that into the budget? Oh, absolutely.
How many people is your group in total? Uh, well, roughly 63 Looks like Chad's alibi checks out.
TEACHER: Five faculty, - six chaperones.
- For today, at least.
Oh, not to worry.
We have relationships Look at the window behind Jonah.
The bird? No.
Keep watching.
Far bigger groups Oh.
He looped his feed.
He's a sneaky little bugger, isn't he? Seems like Jonah also did some digging on Crystal right after we left today.
He was checking news feeds for information on her death cause and suspects.
Well, that's not suspicious at all.
It's even better than I remember.
Torta ahogada was always your favorite when you were a kid.
Man, this brings me back to the ranch.
I can almost hear my mom yelling, "Save some for the rest of us!" - (LAUGHS) - She used to do that all the time.
Oh, man.
- Mmm.
- So, uh, I've been, uh, wanting to ask you something, Thomas.
Will you be my best man? Of course! Yes! I'd be honored.
- (LAUGHS) - Hey, well, look, man, if you're settling down, I'm gonna need a front row seat.
But don't think I forgot, right? You have to tell me.
Who was she? This-this love of your life.
What does it matter? The point is, I waited too long.
We ran out of time.
Don't make the same mistake, mijo.
You're still gonna tell me, though.
Who was she? Why is this so important? You know I'm not gonna let this go.
You can tell me.
Come on.
When your father passed, your mother and I we grieved together.
Hold on.
What are you what are you saying? We had to rely on each other.
We got close.
My mother? - Thomas - So so, she was mourning, and-and you took advantage of her? No.
(SIGHS) It took over two decades before I actually told her how I felt.
And when I did, she said it was mutual.
We didn't do anything wrong.
Okay, if you didn't do anything wrong, why would you keep it a secret? You were overseas.
And-and we wanted to tell you in person, but then you got taken.
And we only had two years together before she passed.
And most of that time, we were worried about you.
Out of all the women that you could've picked.
I mean, she was she was married to your brother.
I know.
How could you do that? I struggled with that.
She did, too.
- It was complicated.
- Ah I-I can't be here.
Mijo, I (BEEPING) (DOOR OPENS) - Can I help you guys? - Yeah.
We need a word.
We obtained a recording of the teleconference you had this morning and detected your rather clever ploy.
Now, your editing might have been good enough to fool Chad, but I'm afraid it wasn't good enough for us.
Which means you could've been the one on that hike with Crystal.
Why would I kill her? We don't know.
You seemed very uneasy when we mentioned her name earlier.
Okay, I admit I wasn't on the meeting this morning, but for a totally legit reason.
I had an interview at Waialua Snorkeling.
If Chad found out, he would have fired me.
Look, you guys got it all wrong.
It wasn't me, and it wasn't Chad.
I mean, he's a crappy boss, but I know for a fact that he didn't do it.
And when Crystal left here yesterday, - she knew it, too.
- How can you be so sure? Because I was with Chad the night that Raina was killed.
Hold up.
Chad said he was home alone.
He wasn't.
Week after Raina dumped him, she got flowers at work.
Chad spiraled, thought they were from a new boyfriend.
So he got drunk at a bar that night, called me to pick him up.
Had me stop at Raina's so he could convince her to give him another shot.
But when we got there, she was letting some other guy inside, so Chad made me take him home.
If you could vouch for Chad, then why didn't HPD clear him? Chad's on probation for a DUI.
If he admitted to being at a bar, they would have known he was in violation.
He would've went to jail.
You're clearly not a great fan of Chad's.
Why didn't you come forward? The man you saw entering Raina's house could have been her killer.
Only saw him for a second, tops.
Couldn't describe him if I tried.
Still, your account could've helped the police.
Chad paid me to keep quiet.
Raina must have known that man to let him willingly into her house.
He could've been the one that sent her flowers that day.
(BUTTONS CLICKING, PHONE CHIMES) And 19 florists in Waikiki.
Okay, we're just gonna have to go down the list.
- (PHONE CHIMES) - Or not.
"Harada Floral.
" That was the last clue that Crystal wrote down.
We need to figure out who sent those flowers.
RICK: I'm sorry, man.
The worst part about it is, I'll never hear my mom's side of the story, you know, what she was thinking.
Look, I-I know this is hard, but it-it doesn't change who your mom was.
And Bernardo I mean, you said it yourself he was like a dad to you, you know? They were just two good people who happened to fall in love.
Yeah, but he betrayed his brother.
Well, let me ask you this.
Was your mom supposed to die alone? I mean, look, it's not like she stepped out on your dad.
And he'd been dead for years before Bernardo got involved.
That doesn't make it okay.
Look, when you needed a man in your life, Bernardo was there.
When your mother needed a man in her life, Bernardo was there.
Now, it's up to you.
I just I think you should give the guy a break.
Appreciate your help.
Harada Floral says that Raina's flowers came from Gabe Lockhart.
- Crystal's brother? - Uh-huh.
So he might have been the one going into Raina's the night she died.
(PHONE RINGING) TC: Gordie, you got me and Higgins.
Crystal Lockhart's autopsy results came in.
There are signs of a struggle.
The M.
found traces of foreign DNA under Crystal's fingernails.
You were right, TC.
Someone threw her off that ridge.
Did you get a match in the system? No, but the DNA's a 50% match to Crystal.
Which means whoever did this is an immediate family member.
Siblings share, on average, 50% DNA.
It's not looking good for Gabe.
What are you guys talking about? Crystal was investigating her good friend Raina Kahui's murder.
Turns out that Crystal's brother Gabe was a secret admirer, and he might have killed her.
We just found out he sent Raina flowers the day she died.
Also, one of the last notes in Crystal's investigation was the name of the florist who delivered those flowers.
So it was only a matter of time before Crystal's investigation into Raina's murder led to her own brother.
So to protect himself, he killed his own sister.
Sorry for your loss.
I appreciate you coming in to speak with me.
Of course.
Uh, I, uh I thought this was about Crystal? It is but we believe Raina and Crystal's murders are connected.
You think he'll take the bait? It's hard to tell.
I mean, he's gotten away with Raina's murder for a year now.
KATSUMOTO: How well did you know Raina? I've known her my whole life.
She was Crystal's best friend since elementary school.
So you and Raina were friends, too? You could say that.
She's very attractive.
You two ever more than friends? (SWALLOWS) What are you getting at? I know you sent Raina flowers on the day she was murdered.
And I believe you went to her place that night.
Two witnesses saw her let a man inside.
Now, at the time, both had good reasons not to come forward.
But you know, things are different now.
KATSUMOTO: Hey, sometimes good people make mistakes, but you got to come clean.
Help yourself by telling your side of the story.
I was never good with women.
But Raina was different.
She got me.
I finally told her how I felt, but she was seeing a guy from work.
Said that if she wasn't, maybe it'd be different.
But eventually, they broke up, you saw your in, sent her flowers, went to see her? She said she didn't feel the same.
Yeah, that must have hurt.
Hey, it takes courage to give your heart to somebody, only to have them break it.
She was just staring at me with pity.
Like I was just pathetic.
And and I lost it.
And you killed her.
She humiliated me.
I was so angry.
And the knife It was just right there Gordie is good.
He knew just how to push his buttons.
KATSUMOTO: You know what? That part adds up for me.
But murdering your own sister? No.
No, I-I loved Crystal.
All right? She was the only person in the world that believed in me.
My only friend.
Why would I hurt her? Because she was close to learning the truth.
No, you got it wrong.
You know, call me crazy, but I believe him.
So do I.
What are you doing? (SIGHS) Going on a hunch.
I loved my sister.
I wouldn't do that.
I-I couldn't.
(KNOCK ON GLASS) (LOCK BUZZES) What are you doing? I'm right in the middle of I think I know who killed Crystal.
'Cause I don't think it was Gabe.
- Clearly, you don't, either.
- No.
But a 50% DNA match can also be to a parent.
Raymond, Crystal's father.
His phone pinged on Makena Street in Kaneohe close to one of the Haiku Stairs access points this morning.
Her own father.
(SIGHS) I didn't mean for it to happen.
My son His temper gets the best of him sometimes.
So you murdered your daughter to protect him? I didn't I didn't murder her.
I knew about Raina.
Gabe had told me.
And I knew Crystal was getting close to figuring it out, so I went on the hike.
Try and get her to stop investigating.
I told her the truth.
- Crystal, please.
- Why are you protecting him? Because he's my son.
He's your brother! He killed Raina, Dad.
Throwing his life away isn't gonna bring her back.
I grabbed her by the arm.
- Please, listen to me.
- No! I just wanted to keep talking.
- Crystal.
- No, you're not gonna stop me! (CRYING): She lost her balance.
I'm-I'm so sorry.
Look, pal, I Before I overstep (BOTH EXHALE) I'm sorry, man.
Yeah, me, too.
You were just trying to help.
(SIGHS) I-I thought that you needed to hear - that you could do it.
- Yeah, well, you weren't totally wrong.
But there's more to it.
Every day, I got to deal with some asshat I don't even know asking me the most personal questions.
You know, "How'd you wind up in the chair? What happened? What parts of you still work?" Ah, man, it must be exhausting dealing with other people's ignorance.
It sucks.
Asking for more of it in my work life just didn't seem worth it.
But it's not just that.
The-the thing is, as a pilot, I'd be responsible for passengers again.
- You're talking about your last convoy.
- Yeah.
Hitting that IED, I made one stupid mistake, and it cost my friends their lives.
I'm It's my fault they're gone.
And I-I've made peace with that.
Much as I can.
Man, when TC offered me the chance to pilot, I got sick.
I-I just couldn't imagine being responsible for lives again.
I'm sorry, Sham.
I'm sorry you got to deal with that, man.
No, don't be.
'Cause the more I thought about it, the more I realized you're right.
I can do the job.
I may even want to do it.
So you're gonna accept it? No.
Not right now.
But I'm thinking about it.
Why don't you think about it over a couple of beers.
Thanks, brother.
Cheers, pal.
Where you going? I thought you might need some space after today.
I'm-a go get a hotel.
Oh, come on, I can't let you do that.
It's funny.
I didn't tell you about me and your mother because I didn't want to hurt you, but it feels like what hurt you the most is not telling you.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
No, I, uh I was caught off guard.
I wish you had told me, but, um I think what hurt was just being reminded that I wasn't there when my mom needed me the most.
The way I reacted wasn't fair.
You're a good kid.
Still protecting your father.
You've always had a big heart.
Yeah, well, you taught me well.
Your mother taught you well.
That's what drew me to her, that heart of hers.
She was the love of my life, Thomas.
And I suspect I was, for her, a way to keep your father alive.
He was the love of her life.
Ethan, I know you're home by now.
Please, just talk to me.
What are you doing here? You've been ignoring my calls and texts all day.
I needed time to think.
(DOOR CLOSES) Look I wish that my story was different.
It's not about your past.
I just can't help but wonder if there's anything else you're not telling me.
I've been truthful about everything that matters most.
I have shown who I am to you in a way that I didn't think was possible after Richard.
Okay? My feelings for you are very real.
I love you, Ethan.
I love you, too.
But right now, when I look at you It's not the same.
I don't know if I can trust you.
And I'm gonna have to figure that out.
I might be going out of the country for a while.
Doctors Without Borders want me in the field again.
They need surgeons in Kenya.
I'll be gone at least six months.
Maybe we could, uh, use some time apart.
It's not what I want.
But, um, I understand if that's what you need.
It's what I need.

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