Magnum P.I. (2018) s03e16 Episode Script


1 Nice hey, nice Vespa, bro.
I'm assuming you're aware of this? Yeah.
He had some big meeting he had to go to and wanted to project - a certain image, you know? - Mm.
'Sup, civilians? Looking smooth, Jin.
Oh, you mean this old thing? Come on, baby.
Yeah, that old thing that you forgot to take the tag off of.
I didn't forget it.
You got to keep the tags on so you can return it.
So, how'd the big meeting go? Oh, amazing.
They said it was the best business plan they've ever heard.
Business plan? What? You looking to expand or something? No, I'm trying to get out of the cash-cleaning biz, and I'm gonna open up my own laundromat.
But the problem is banks don't want to lend money to people as good-looking as me.
- Or who are criminals like you.
- Yeah.
- And that.
- Yeah, but, uh, Higgins is gonna be very upset when she finds out that you borrowed her car.
Yeah, I'm sure Higgins' mind is elsewhere - with the whole breakup.
- Um, excuse me, um, Higgins is single? Interesting.
- What? - Nothing.
You just, uh, don't strike me as Higgins' type.
What? A big-time entrepreneur with a Ferrari isn't her type? Here's the thing, Jin.
Not only do you not own the Ferrari.
It's actually her Ferrari.
That's why we're perfect together.
She likes to own Ferraris, and I like to drive them.
Now, if you don't mind, successful people need to eat, too.
Hey, I'll go with you.
I want to try the short rib taco.
You know, little man got jokes, but if word gets out that Higgins is single, every bachelor on the island might be lining up.
Now might be your chance, TM.
That's something my uncle would say.
- He would? - Yeah, he thought our friendship was the beginning of something more.
- Hmm.
- Hmm.
You guys agree with him? Well, Bernardo is a very intuitive guy.
And you can't deny there's a little something there.
You know, I don't know if I'm more shocked by the fact that Bernardo said that or the fact that you guys agree with him.
Oh, come on, real talk.
You're telling us that you never thought about it? No! Like, never.
All right, all right, well, look, when you work that closely with somebody, sure, it crosses your mind.
I don't know.
I think it's fate.
See, I think the universe brought you two together as partners to lay a foundation.
Fate? Foundation? I mean, calm down.
She just broke up with the guy.
Higgins and I are business partners.
Currently, we are nothing more than friends, okay? - "Currently.
" - Hmm.
That's her now.
We got a case.
Okay, well, we'll have - to pick this up a little later.
- No, we will not have to pick it up, because there's nothing to pick up.
I'll see you guys.
Hey, Higgy, how you doing? You know, other than dwelling on the ways I could've handled things differently with Ethan, you know, great.
You know, if you want to sit this one out, you know, decompress, I can take care of the case.
No, no, no.
Working is a welcome distraction, but thanks.
Okay, so Kumu referred this one? Yeah, it's a friend of hers.
She's a grad student at the Cultural Center.
Chloe Dawson.
Oh, by the way, how did Jin like hanging out in the Ferrari? You heard about that.
You should know by now that I know about most things, Magnum.
How'd he slip up? Posting photos on social media, both in and on the Ferrari.
- On the Ferrari? - Mm-hmm.
And these wonderful posts were accompanied by elegant comments "This ride really slaps.
" "Come on, I know you hunnies want dis.
" And "Living my best life ever, beeyatch.
" Chloe's been, uh, pretty anxious in general recently, so she called me after what she found yesterday.
What did you find? Um, well, I was I was driving on the Pali, and I blew a tire.
While I was putting on the spare, I saw something in the wheel well.
Some kind of tracker, right? Complete with location proximity alerts.
I've seen these before.
They're pretty expensive.
Did you recently purchase this car - from a private seller? - No.
No, I'm the first and only owner.
Last few weeks, I felt like someone was following me.
I thought I was being paranoid, but now I'm worried I have a stalker.
What else has happened? I'm pretty sure someone broke in here, but nothing was stolen.
- And have you contacted the police? - Yeah.
They took statements.
But, um they thought my paranoia has more to do with what I've been going through.
Chloe's mother died last month.
And, uh, it was particularly hard because she was her only family.
Chloe has no siblings, and her father died before she was born.
Chloe, is there any chance you could have some kind of enemy? - An ex-boyfriend? - No.
So whoever's doing this, if they want to scare me, they have.
I recently had somebody following me, and I hate to tell you this, but it's not gonna get better till you get some answers.
We're gonna get 'em for you.
You have my word.
I feel just awful for Chloe.
It's never easy losing a parent.
Oh, hang on.
Hello, Detective.
That was fast.
Okay, so Gordon got in contact with the company that makes the GPS device.
They ran the serial number and traced the buyer.
It was an LLC named Allegiance.
- And who are they? - He has no idea.
But they do have a mailing address: Ala Wai Boat Harbor.
Maybe whoever bought the GPS tracker lives on a boat.
Not exactly homey.
Harbormaster said the owner's name is Brayden Marshall, but that's all he knew about him.
Definitely surveilling Chloe.
Here we are.
Marshall is a civilian I.
consultant at Hickam.
Did you find something? We traced the GPS tracker to somebody named Brayden Marshall.
Do you know who he is? No.
No, I never heard of him.
What about his face? Do you recognize him? No.
I don't understand.
Why is he doing this to me? I don't know.
But we're gonna find out.
I promise.
We'll be in touch.
Brayden's cell is unlisted.
I'm gonna try credit card transactions.
Multiple charges to a Ma'alahi Car Share, including one from last night.
It says that the car is currently at a rental house in Waimanalo.
Everything okay? It's, uh, Ethan.
He's leaving the country in two days, and I still have some stuff at his house.
Why don't you go take care of that? I'll finish up here, and then I'll go check the rental out.
You sure you'll be okay? I'll be fine.
May I come in, or are you just gonna hand me my stuff? Uh, sorry, yeah, it's, um it's on the table.
Ethan, I want you to know that-that I - Stop.
- No, please.
I owe you an apology.
I screwed up.
How we left it.
I-I really didn't know if I'd be able to get over the fact that you didn't tell me.
- I should have told you sooner.
- It doesn't matter.
It doesn't? Remember when I said that, uh, I can't look at you the same? I was wrong.
When I opened the door just now, everything just came flooding back.
And I realized I I ruined the best thing that ever happened to me.
I was stupid, - I was impulsive, I was wrong - No.
You didn't ruin anything.
Does that mean you'll give me another I take it that means yes.
Guess we had our first major bump in the road.
It was bound to happen.
And now we just have to figure out how to navigate a long-distance relationship.
Um This may sound insane, but you want to come with me? I only just got you back, and I don't want to be away from you.
Uh i-if I could stay, I would, but No, I-I could never ask you to do that.
Nor would I want you to.
Look, I-I know it doesn't sound glamorous, but we'll be together.
I-I know it's a big ask.
And y-you don't have to answer me now.
Just think about it.
Okay? Okay, so maybe Brayden lives here and uses the boat as some kind of office.
But if the car's still here, where's Brayden? I don't want to work I want to bang on the drum Magnum.
I found Brayden.
Did you question him? I can't.
He's dead.
What? How? I don't know.
There's no injuries on his body, but his smartwatch said his heart stopped at 11:34 last night.
Only thing on his cell phone is just one picture.
- Of Chloe? - No, some man.
He's early 50s.
It looks like it was age-progressed.
I'm sending it to you now.
Okay, got it.
I'm gonna run it now.
How did it go with Ethan? It actually went quite well.
We are back together.
Okay, that's good.
Um So he's not leaving? No, no, he-he's still leaving.
We don't know what's gonna happen next.
We're just figuring it out.
Okay, I got a hit.
The photo was pulled from an FBI fugitive watch list.
Subject is Henry Sellers.
He's been on the run for 22 years.
Was wanted for murder.
Okay, uh, none of this makes sense.
So Brayden was surveilling Chloe but also had an interest in this Sellers guy.
I-I don't see the connection.
I forwarded the photo to Chloe.
She doesn't recognize him.
I got to run.
Someone's here.
Hello, Henry.
Potassium hydroxide.
Is that for the guy in the trunk? Who are you and what do you want? Thomas Magnum.
And for starters, I'd like to know how you're connected to Chloe Dawson.
I'm her father.
That's a nice try, but her father's dead.
That's what her mother told her to keep her safe, but I assure you, I am very much alive.
How long have you been working for my daughter? A couple hours.
But let's talk about you.
Start from the beginning.
In '96, the Russian SVR embedded me in Hawaii.
You were a spy? I was sent here to gather intel on the CIA's Pacific operations.
Chloe's mother Lori worked for a government contractor.
I identified her as my way in, but things got complicated.
Meaning you got her pregnant.
We fell in love.
Which meant I had a choice.
So I made plans to defect.
But before I could go through with it, my handler Nicholai found out.
I'm guessing he's the man you killed 22 years ago.
I had no choice.
I mean, he tried to kill me first.
Nicholai fought in Afghanistan.
He came home to Ukraine, and he survived Chernobyl, radiation sickness only to die in America at the hand of a friend.
So killing him outed you as a spy and put you on the FBI's radar.
Suddenly, you found yourself being hunted by both them and the SVR.
The only way to make sure that Lori and Chloe were safe was to go into hiding.
There wasn't a single day that I didn't think about them.
When I heard about Lori, I came back to check on Chloe.
She was all alone now, and I just just wanted to make sure that she was okay.
Which is why I was following her off and on for a couple of weeks.
In doing so, I discovered that someone else was also following her.
Brayden Marshall.
Let me guess, he was SVR.
Seems that Moscow hasn't forgotten about me.
So they were following Chloe hoping it would lead to you.
A pointless exercise because she doesn't even know I exist.
But Brayden didn't know that.
And I still have no idea how SVR suddenly knows about her.
You didn't think to ask him before you killed him? I didn't kill him.
I grabbed him, yes, I brought him back for interrogation.
But he took his own life before I could get answers.
- How? - Some kind of poison.
He-he probably had it hidden in his clothes.
I was gonna deal with the body, and then try to determine if he was working with anyone else and what, if anything, he reported back to Moscow.
You're trying to decide if you should believe me.
Sounds like a bit of a tall tale.
Thomas, this man is an ex-Russian spy.
Are you certain that you can trust him? No, but my gut says he's telling the truth.
It's gonna be a lot, for Chloe to process.
Hang on.
You expecting anyone? No.
Got to be friends of Brayden's.
SVR? But how would they know we're here? Uh, Brayden's phone.
When I turned it on, they probably pinged it.
Thomas, what's going on? Higgy, we got trouble.
Call HPD.
Let's head for the woods, try to lose them.
Come on.
You got to hold them off.
Thomas, what's up? Yo, are those gunshots? Yeah.
We're gonna need some help here.
Help where? Where are you? I'm sending you a pin right now.
Get here as soon as you can.
Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on.
Come on.
Let's go! Take us up there, TC.
Go, go! I'm hit, I'm hit.
King's Medical, this is Island Hoppers Alpha.
We're en route with a priority one trauma.
Patient is suffering from a gunshot wound to the abdomen.
ETA is ten minutes.
- Keep pressure on it.
- Chloe, you have to warn her.
You'll be cleared for rooftop landing.
Magnum, are you all right? We're in TC's chopper.
Henry's been shot.
- How bad? - I'm not sure, but listen, the guys who came for Henry, they're still gonna want him back.
And they may turn to the only leverage they have.
- Chloe.
- Yeah.
They could have eyes on her right now.
Okay, I'm gonna call Katsumoto.
Police are on their way to Chloe.
Stay with me, stay with me.
Hello? Chloe, it's Juliet.
Now, I need you to listen to me very carefully.
Is something wrong? You may be in danger.
HPD are on their way, but I need you to go over and lock all the doors and check your windows, okay? Oh, my God.
I'm locking the front door.
It's gonna be all right.
I just need you to go to the window and tell me what you see.
I don't see anyone.
The police just pulled up.
Okay, great.
Chloe! Chloe! Chloe, are you there?! How's Henry? No idea.
He's still in surgery.
We're still processing, but so far, no leads on Chloe's whereabouts.
We have to assume they're gonna want to make a trade.
Henry for Chloe.
Well, if they want to make a swap, they're gonna need to contact somebody.
If they've been watching Chloe, odds are they know you two are involved, which means they'll probably reach out to you.
Yeah, but you can't just wait for that call to come in.
No, we can't wait.
If we're gonna find Chloe, we have to identify Brayden's associates.
No, the Russian government won't be any help.
- They're denying everything.
- No surprise there.
Wait, what about the harbor? If Brayden met his associates at the Ala Wai, it's gonna be on security camera.
- We'll check it out.
- I think it's likely that those guys did more than just follow Chloe.
I'd like to take a look at her laptop, see if there's any spyware in it, see if I can trace it.
Yeah, you can look, and as soon as - you get that call, let me know.
- Okay.
I may have spoken too soon.
If there is spyware on here, it's likely an AP with polymorphic actions and encryption.
I think I'm gonna have more luck just figuring out how it got on here.
Maybe Chloe opened the wrong e-mail or something.
Hang on, "MyGT"? - Mm-hmm.
- That's My Geno Tree.
The place, uh, where you send your DNA and they And they tell you that you're related to Genghis Khan, and it turns out we all are.
So what? Sellers said he didn't know how the Russians got onto Chloe.
I'm guessing this is how they did it.
I mean, they had to have had his DNA from back in the day.
Right? Then they hack into databases and see if they can find a familial match.
Get a hit on Chloe, follow her to Hawaii and see if she'll lead them to her father.
It's a good theory.
The only problem is, it doesn't get us any closer to I.
'ing who these other players are.
Thomas Magnum.
Magnum, it's Chloe.
Chloe, where are you? She's with us.
That was your proof of life.
Let's keep this simple.
Chloe for her father.
My father? We can do that.
The only problem is, because of you, he's in a hospital under HPD guard.
That is a problem.
Your problem.
I give you two hours to figure it out.
There's nothing to discuss.
This is my choice.
You're in HPD custody, Mr.
That makes it my choice.
This is this is happening because of me.
If I hadn't come here, they would've followed Chloe for a couple of weeks, realized it was a dead end, and moved on.
You realize there is no guarantee they won't kill her once they have you.
- You have a better plan? - He's right.
Unless we can I.
the players before the deadline, we don't have another choice.
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Excuse me, sir! You're not allowed in there! I'm afraid that's where you're wrong.
You can stand down or face federal charges.
- Hey.
- Your choice.
What's going on here? Special Agent Cantwell, FBI.
We're here to take Henry Sellers into custody.
Detective Katsumoto, HPD, and Sellers isn't going anywhere.
Russian Agents have his daughter.
Only way they'll let her go is if they get Sellers.
I'm afraid that's not gonna happen.
Henry Sellers has too many secrets in his head to be put at risk.
Yeah, secrets from 22 years ago.
What good is that information now? That's not a question I get to ask.
The Bureau wants Sellers, the Bureau's getting him.
That's it.
So you're just gonna let his daughter die? And you are? They're private investigators working on this with HPD.
Look, I sympathize.
But I have my orders.
We're taking Sellers to D.
You'll just have to get his daughter back another way.
Let's go.
Yes sir.
My bosses can't do anything.
The Feds have the ball now.
Okay, the men who have Chloe are gonna be calling back soon.
This might be something.
Cameras at Ala Wai picked up a guy meeting with Brayden Marshall three days ago.
Interpol I.
'ed him as Mikhail Kozlov.
They believe he's SVR.
I'm gonna forward you the file.
That's our shot caller.
Jules? Ethan.
What are you? I, uh, I was packing up my office and heard about the commotion.
Uh, just give us a second, would you? Katsumoto.
What's going on? A young woman who hired us this morning has been abducted.
Geez, um Is there anything I can do to help? Not unless the director of the FBI owes you a favor.
No, not that I know of.
Um, listen.
About your offer Jules, we-we don't have to talk about this now.
No, no, no, I want to.
I I think it's unfair to make you wait for an answer.
Um Ethan, I would love to go with you.
Of course I would.
But, unfortunately, I can't just pick up and leave.
I have responsibilities here.
I have people depending on me.
You mean Magnum.
And Kumu.
And all the other employees of the estate.
You know, but yes, particularly Magnum.
I can't just bail on our partnership, especially after everything he did to help me stay here last year, you know? I understand.
I'm sorry, Ethan.
It's okay.
We'll, um we'll make it work.
You know I love you.
I love you, too.
Well, call me later.
And let me know what happens with your client.
TSA has no record of Kozlov entering the U.
What is it? Says here Kozlov suffers from chronic health conditions.
Both caused by genetic mutations inherited from his father.
Why is that noteworthy? The man that Sellers killed 22 years ago, his handler Nicholai, he had survived Chernobyl.
People who are exposed to acute radiation can hand down genetic mutations to their children.
Kozlov's Nicholai's son.
- He would've been 12 at the time.
- Well, that boy has followed his father into the espionage game and is now using SVR resources to avenge him.
You have to get me out of here.
I think we have a better chance of finding Kozlov than getting the FBI to release you.
Can you think of anything that could help us find him? No.
And if he is SVR, you won't find him before the deadline.
I may have an idea.
Your MI6 contact sure this guy will show? No idea.
What is it? It's stuff with Ethan.
This morning, he asked me if I would consider going to Kenya with him.
You said no, but you wanted to say yes.
Doesn't matter.
I have responsibilities here.
You know, our partnership You're not staying because of me? No.
I mean, well, you know, partly, yes.
But also, there's the estate and all the employees.
Oh, diplomatic plates.
This must be him.
The word is you are looking for one of ours.
I'm Andrei.
And are you sure Kozlov is still one of yours? Because from where we're standing, it looks like he's gone rogue and is using SVR resources to settle his own score.
And you assume Moscow can't be happy about this.
You're not wrong.
But still, you want us to help you to hunt down a man whose only objective is to punish a traitor.
Ah, it's not that simple.
Kozlov's vendetta could easily turn into an international incident.
I'm guessing Moscow wouldn't be too happy about that.
You are investigators, yes? At some point, your skills may be of use to me.
Quid pro quo? According to our source, Kozlov is most likely using the name Victor Zedman while he's on the island.
Victor Zedman.
All right, that name was used on a flight manifest filed with the FAA last week.
Looks like Kozlov and his team flew in on private jet.
I'll see if I can track them from the airstrip.
If Andrei ever calls in that marker, it's gonna come back to bite us.
We'll deal with it then.
All right.
Got the vehicles Kozlov and his men left the airport in.
HPD plate readers picked up one of the vehicles turning onto Victor Wharf Access Road two hours ago.
I know that road.
It's a dead end.
Nothing but warehouses.
Yeah, but one of them is owned by Konstantin Balderis.
I know that guy He's a Russian oligarch with big land holding here in Hawaii.
Not hard to imagine Kozlov having an in with someone like that.
Yeah, that warehouse must be where he's planning on making the exchange.
Hang on.
Oh, God.
What? Sellers escaped.
Knocked out an FBI agent, stole his gun and clothing.
The Feds tried to locked down the hospital, but he got away.
He's gonna trade his life for Chloe's.
And now he knows who has her.
He's probably got direct contact with Kozlov.
He's lied to us.
Yeah, but we also have to assume that he won't risk reaching out for help.
Which means he's going in there alone.
Put down the gun.
Let me see her first.
I must confess, when she had told me her father had died, I thought she was just protecting you.
It turns out she didn't even know you had abandoned her.
It wasn't like that.
We have a lot in common, her and I.
Thanks to you, we both know what it's like to grow up without a father.
I'm here.
You got what you wanted.
Now just let her go.
Yes, that was the agreement.
But on second thought No! You took my father from me! Only fair I should take something from you.
Chloe, move! What do you think's gonna happen to Henry? He's facing murder and kidnapping charges.
But he's got information the Feds want.
Hopefully, he can leverage that to make a deal.
I mean, he's gonna do time, but if he's lucky, maybe no more than a couple years.
He's made so many sacrifices for her.
It's Ethan.
I think you should go.
What? I understand why you're hesitant, all right? But if you're staying here because of me and our partnership, you're just gonna end up resenting me.
And if it doesn't work out with you and Ethan, you're gonna think it was my fault and end up hating me even more.
- I don't think that's true.
- I think it is.
I think you should follow your heart.
So you're sure that I should go? I'm not saying I won't miss you.
But hopefully, I'll see you in a couple months.
- Don't know what to say.
- Just say that you'll go.
Not that you'll think about it, but that you'll actually go.
If that's what you want.
Good boys.
Oh, I'm gonna miss you.
Oh, good, you're here.
I wanted to give you these.
You do realize I have my own set of keys, right? Yes.
It's supposed to be symbolic.
You're going to be running Robin's Nest while I'm gone.
I'll try not to run it into the ground.
And I'll be sure the lads are well-fed and given lots of cuddles.
They're gonna miss you terribly.
We all will.
The feeling is mutual.
You deserve to be happy, Juliet.
Thank you.
So after everything I did for you, right Took flak from Higgins for lending you the Ferrari You still could not close the deal.
It's not my fault these money guys lack vision.
I guess they didn't trust a guy who needs money but also drove a $300,000 supercar.
Imagine that.
I guess my plan to be laundry king is on hold for now.
But I was thinking, you know, when Higgins splits town, maybe Magnum can use a new partner.
What do you think? I am gonna have to respectfully decline, Jin.
I apologize.
But, uh, you know, I flew solo for a couple years.
- I think I'll manage.
- I got it.
You're afraid I'll overshadow you.
Yeah, that's what it is, Jin.
You got me there.
You know, I still don't get why you would let her go.
I didn't let her go.
I mean, Higgins makes her own decisions.
I just said that it would be okay if she left.
None of us want her to leave, but it's what she wants.
So we should support that.
Speak of the devil, look who's here.
Sorry we're late.
And thanks for choosing a place on the way to the airport.
We weren't gonna miss a chance to say one last goodbye.
Yeah, we took the liberty of ordering some beer and some chow.
We figured you guys would miss these ono grindz while you're off in Kenya saving lives.
That's very kind.
We might, uh We might actually have to take it to go.
Yeah, we're already cutting it pretty close to our flight, so, uh Wow, well, I guess this is it.
Hugs all around.
Bye, sweetheart.
Look after everyone.
- I'm Jin.
- Jin.
- All right.
- Be back soon.
Bye, Gordie.
Can I, uh, just have a word? Yeah.
Been so busy the last few days, I feel like I haven't really had a chance to see you.
Yeah, I understand.
So, you know last year when I got shot, and you said that you didn't know what you would do without me? And I replied "Jolly good.
" I remember it well.
Yeah, that.
Well, I should have said I don't know what I would do without you.
I know I've been kind of hard on you in the last four years.
It's just because I'm scared of getting close to someone.
I think it's a defense mechanism.
Plus, you grate on me.
We're oil and water, you and I.
But I want you to know that you're my best friend.
" Really? Jolly good.
I guess that's fair.
I'm really gonna miss you, Thomas.
I'll miss you, too, Higgy.
You know, if he'd just kept his big mouth shut, Higgy would be staying, and I wouldn't be standing here so depressed.
- It's only six months.
- Yeah.
But maybe we were wrong.
Maybe he doesn't love her after all.
Maybe he does.
He just wants to see her happy.
Okay, Jules, I'm officially calling it.
- We got to get going.
- Yeah.
Safe travels.
Thank you.
Thank you.
You know, guys, on the plus side, it's a beautiful day out there.
Maybe charter a boat, catch some dinner.
There's some fun-looking swells coming in there.
We should get out there.
Want to go surfing, TM? I am into it.
All right.
Jin, can we get you out there? No way.
No way.
Come on, Jin.

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