Magnum P.I. (2018) s04e06 Episode Script

Devil on the Doorstep

- I'm going.
- I'm going.
- Nice one.
- Nice.
This side, going around.
You thinking what I'm thinking? What do we got back there? Fudge Pops, Firecrackers, Cherry Bombs.
Want anything? Give me a Fudge Pop.
Dude! Look out! I've never been more scared in my life.
Kid practically wet himself.
Yeah, because somebody didn't see the one-way traffic sign.
- Eh.
- So what happened? All right, so last second, I cranked the wheel, okay, put us right up on the curb.
- And? - And I hit a fire hydrant.
Flooded the entire street.
But we learned a valuable lesson that day.
Yeah, never make Robbie your getaway driver.
Says the guy that once drove a boosted car past the police station.
What? How have I never heard this story? I always forget you used to be such a miscreant.
He was a real menace back then.
But look at him now.
War hero, big business owner.
Proud of you, man.
Thanks, buddy.
Oh, I hate to cut this short, but I think our client's arrived.
Oh, it was a pleasure meeting you guys.
- Enjoy your trip.
- Yeah.
Hey, Ricky ever tell you the time we stole mascot uniforms - to get court side at a Bulls game? - All right This is the story.
This is - Mr.
Leota? - Ms.
Higgins? Hi.
And this is Thomas.
How are you? Thank you for meeting me on such short notice.
Of course.
A friend of Robin's is a friend of ours.
How can we help you? You've only scratched the surface.
Hinani's death is part of something bigger.
More lives could be at stake.
Who was that? Anonymous source I was supposed to meet with yesterday.
She contacted me after an article I wrote about a murder of a Jane Doe.
- The body that washed up last week? - Same one.
HPD had nothing, till the voice on the tape called me.
She IDed the woman as Hinani Diana Tapsna, born May 29, 1991.
As soon as all the information she gave me checked out, I wrote a second article.
I was just hoping someone would come forward.
A friend, family.
- And have they? - Not so far.
But my source, she asked to meet in person.
Said she had more information.
But when the time came, she never showed.
Well, how do you know that she didn't simply change her mind? I don't.
But what if the second article exposed her? If my source is in danger, that's my fault.
So you want us to find your source, someone you know nothing about.
I know I'm asking you to do the impossible, but she specifically contacted me because she wanted to help out, she didn't want to involve the cops.
We'll see what we can do.
It won't be easy, but, um, we've started investigations with less.
We do have one condition, though.
If we find her and realize she doesn't want to be involved, we're gonna have to protect her anonymity.
I get it.
I just want to make sure she's okay.
Well, we'll see what we can do.
Um, are you able to share that recording with me? Sure thing.
And do you want the number that she called from? You have the number? It's unlisted.
I think it's a landline, because every time I call it, it just rings.
Right, yes.
We'll take everything you've got.
And we'll get started and be in touch as soon as we have something.
I appreciate it.
You've only scratched the surface.
Hinani's death is part of something bigger.
More lives could be at stake.
Well, whoever she is, she isn't in HPD's voice database.
Uh, can you amplify the background noise? - Maybe there's some kind of clue there.
- Yeah.
You've only scratched the surface.
Hinani's death is part of something bigger.
More lives could be at stake.
Play it again.
You've only scratched the surface.
Hinani's death is part of something bigger.
I-It's the Waikiki Trolley.
It makes that sound at every stop.
Okay, so Oscar's source must have called from an outside location along the trolley's route.
Uh, what if the phone rang nonstop when Oscar tried it because the call came from a pay phone? Well, that would make sense why it's unlisted.
You have to run the number through a specific pay phone database.
I'll try it now.
Hang on.
Why do you think none of Hinani's friends or family came forward to HPD? Well, it says she was from the Marshall Islands.
Could've been traveling alone, didn't know anybody here.
Okay, here we go.
The call was made from a pay phone in a strip mall just off Kuhio.
Everything okay? It's my lawyer.
Immigration Services apparently wants to know why I spent five months out of the country.
Well, you were doing charity work.
I can't imagine they'd have a problem with that.
Well, still, they want to schedule an in-person meeting today.
Well, uh, go take care of that, I'll check out the mall, and touch base later.
It's Juliet.
I'm texting you an address.
Meet me there in 30 minutes.
Wait, you're on the island? 30 minutes, and don't be late.
Are you gonna tell me what this is about? It's about a mission.
A rather urgent one.
And we don't have much time.
Can I get you anything else, my friend? How about the recipe for whatever's in here? Sorry.
That's a trade secret.
Oh, man, it's greasy, salty.
You can eat it any time of day.
Come on, help us out.
Robbie's got to try a loco moco while he's here.
Hey, don't get me wrong.
I like eggs and rice and-and burgers and gravy, I just I don't know about all at once, you know? Hey, trust me, I felt the same way, but there is a reason that loco moco is the quintessential Hawaiian staple.
- Huh.
- Could've sworn you said garlic shrimp was the quintessential Hawaiian staple last week.
Kitchen probably had some shrimp it needed to get rid of.
Hey, watch it, watch it.
Look, I was coming here to do you a favor.
My buddy just called.
He's got an apartment available, we can see it today.
- All right.
- What, you upgrading your digs, TC? It's about time.
You gonna let Cade take over the Airstream now? Wait a minute, why would he do that? Where's the kid been sleeping? I don't know, he probably found a shelter that he liked, or something.
A shelter? You know what? Actually, I actually got to split.
I got to take those tourists up to the North Shore.
Uh, catch you later.
Take it easy, brother.
Uh, so, Robbie, how long are you gonna be in town? Uh I was thinking forever.
I was gonna tell you later, but now's as good a time as any.
I'm moving here.
What, are you kidding me? - No.
- This is great.
Uh, why? You said you'd never leave Chicago.
Why the move? I guess I never outgrew my troublemaker phase.
Couple stints in prison, countless run-ins with the law.
I've made some mistakes, but, uh, trouble's got a way of finding me, no matter how many times I try to turn it around.
So I thought, this is a fresh start.
Right here, you know? Oh, I know all about that.
- Yeah? - We both do.
Yeah, we needed a fresh start ourselves.
Huh? - This is amazing.
- Right? This is great.
You're gonna love it here.
The beaches are great, - the food is good.
- All right.
Okay, all right.
- I'll even teach you how to surf.
- Slow your roll, Ricky.
I-I, I got to find a job, a car, a place to stay.
Plus, you know, airlines aren't cheap.
O'Hare to Honolulu, you know cashed me out.
I'll float you some cash.
Hey, you can use my car till you get one of your own.
You don't have to do that.
I don't have to do anything.
I want to do it.
I can't accept.
You got to accept it.
You're 'ohana.
It means family.
Oh, fine.
But only 'cause you're a pain in the ass that won't let this go.
- I love you, too, pal.
- I love you, buddy.
So, what's this about? Three weeks ago, you were tasked with neutralizing Scott Grimshaw.
How could I forget? It's been years since I've had the pleasure of tranquilizing a man.
Grimshaw's an intelligence broker.
Thanks to you, we gained access to his encrypted correspondence.
It confirmed a theory that he'd been in touch with a man known as Barlowe about purchasing a thumb drive full of classified information.
Let me guess, you want me to retrieve it.
And since neither man knows what the other looks like, we've set up an exchange that you will attend, posing as Grimshaw.
Seems simple enough.
Why don't you just send one of your own operatives? Active agents could be identified.
- You, on the other hand - Have been disavowed.
So even if I am IDed, it's unlikely that I'd be working for MI6 after all these years.
I cannot stress enough the importance of this op.
You are the only one who can pull it off.
Pay phones might be dying out, but in the Aloha State, they're alive and well.
In fact, Hawaii's got the most per capita in the country.
Still, using a pay phone in this day and age is pretty unusual.
It's a long shot, but maybe someone in one of these stores spotted Oscar's source using this one.
We got a problem.
That reporter talked to a couple of P.
s today.
'Cause I've been following him.
Just be ready in case there's a change of plan.
How can I help you? Hi.
My name is Thomas; I'm a private investigator.
And I'm actually looking for a woman who made a call from that pay phone outside.
It would've been two days ago, probably around 11:00 a.
Do you remember seeing her at all? Sorry, can't say that I do.
Okay, well, that's That's all right.
Would it be possible to see the security footage from your camera? That would really, really help me out a lot.
I'm sure a face like that opens a lot of doors, but I'm running a business.
You got anything else to offer me besides that smile? How are you doing, Mr.
Magnum? Is that foot bath warm enough? Well, I'm gonna get to see the footage after this is all done, right? I'm afraid that's not possible.
Camera's been broken for months.
But I did see that lady you're after.
She came in for a mani-pedi.
Did you happen to get her name? If you upgrade to a deluxe pedicure for an extra $20, I might be able to remember.
A name.
Didn't get it.
She was a walk-in.
You just said that if I g You know what? I-It's fine.
Uh How about credit card receipts? Could I maybe take a look at those? Sorry.
We're cash only.
Well, can you at least tell me what this woman looked like? May I suggest one of our legendary paraffin treatments? You know what? Uh, how about this? I'll buy a gift card.
All right? Tell me everything you know.
She was Asian, with a purple purse.
Pretty chatty at first, but got quiet all of a sudden.
Any idea why? Not sure.
But she'd been reading on her phone her whole appointment.
Maybe she got some bad news.
Okay, so she had a cell phone, but she used the pay phone outside.
That's right.
Anything else you can remember? I overheard her making some small talk with one of my girls.
Said she's a flight attendant for Hanalei Air.
If Hinani flew in from the Marshall Islands, odds are Oscar's source was part of the flight crew.
Would explain how she knew Hinani's name and birthday.
I'll have to talk to my connection at the airport, find out where Hanalei Air puts up their staff.
When I was a kid, I worked for a private investigator who taught me a few things about tailing someone.
Rule number one: don't do it in a car that's easy to spot.
I know, says the guy in the red Ferrari.
But there are exceptions to every rule.
Yep, TC called it.
He said you'd be asking for favors once I got my chopper's license.
Oh, come on, that doesn't sound like me.
Oh, so you're just calling to catch up? No, actually, I'm calling to offer you a gift card to a luxury nail salon if you do me a solid.
We must have a bad connection.
'Cause it sounds like you're trying to bribe me with a manicure.
Shammy, have you seen your nails? Those mechanic's hands need a little TLC.
Okay, I'll take it.
But only so I can re gift it to someone else.
What do you need me to do? Uh, well, I got a tail, and I'm guessing it has something to do with my case.
The only problem is, it's gonna be tough getting an ID.
T-They don't have license plates.
I'm gonna shake him, but I need you to tail my tail - and see where they go.
- Think I can handle that.
I'm on Prospect right now, coming up to Ward.
It's a blue sedan about three cars back.
On my way.
Oh, man, this place is great.
Two bedrooms and a balcony? This place is gonna go fast.
Come on, what do you think? Not bad.
Not bad? This has an in-unit laundry.
This is amazing.
What uh, I don't get it.
What's going on with you? Look, man, I got to ask, how long has it been since you last saw Robbie? 20 years? We-we talk every now and again.
Why? A dude you barely talk to shows up looking for money? Don't you think that's kind of weird? That's not how it went down.
I offered.
Uh, you offered because he wanted you to.
Look, I appreciate the concern, but you don't have to worry about Robbie.
We go way back.
Just because you knew him a long time doesn't mean you can trust him.
Normally I would agree with you, but this time it's different.
Look, when my dad walked out, my mom married a drunk.
He hated me.
He didn't want me around.
And if it wasn't for Robbie and his parents, I wouldn't have had anywhere to go.
So if he needs a little help getting back on his feet, I'm gonna be there for him.
Well, I'm glad he was there for you, but a lot can change in 20 years.
Why don't you let me worry about Robbie, and you, you focus on worrying about Cade? What's that supposed to mean? Come on, man.
Shammy all but said the kid's living at Island Hoppers, and now you're looking for a two-bedroom apartment? It doesn't take a genius to figure out what's going on here.
Look, I didn't say anything because everyone else thinks they know what's best for the kid.
I'm still trying to figure out if this is the right decision.
Look, I'm not second-guessing you.
You're an adult, you can make up your own mind.
I'm just asking you let me do the same.
Fair enough.
What you got for me? Uh, not much.
I had to back off your tail when he got too close to the airport.
It's restricted airspace.
Eh, all right, well, thanks for trying anyway.
H-Hey, I still get that gift card, right? Yeah, it's yours.
I'll see you, buddy.
Excuse me, Nancy? - Yes? - Hi, um my name is Thomas Magnum.
I'm a private investigator.
Do you have a couple seconds to talk? Uh, what's this about? Well, I think you may know my client, Oscar Leota.
I-I'm sorry, I don't know who that is.
Look, he just got worried when you didn't show up the other day and he wants to make sure you're safe.
Clearly, I'm fine.
If I'd known he'd send a P.
after me, I never would've called.
If you don't mind, I've got a flight to catch.
Wh You wouldn't have reached out to him, all right, in the first place, if you didn't want to help, but there are other people out there that could be in danger, and if you know something that could help them Look, I won't tell him your name, all right, if you decide to move forward on this.
I promise.
The article said she flew to Hawaii a couple months ago, but you still remember her from just this one interaction.
Well, mostly, I remember the man she was traveling with.
- She wasn't alone? - No.
No, I'd seen the guy before a few times, going between the Marshall Islands and Hawaii.
He was always escorting women dressed in baggy clothes.
I think he was using them to smuggle drugs.
I thought about reporting it, but after a few months, these women always returned home.
They didn't seem like they'd been harmed, and-and, plus, I've got a son.
I-I don't want any trouble.
Then I saw Hinani's face in the paper.
It said she'd been stabbed to death.
I couldn't do nothing.
These are manifests for every flight that I saw the man Hinani was with.
His name is Nathan Stallard.
I was gonna give those to Mr.
I'll make sure he gets them, but I have to ask, you were the one who set up the meeting, so why did you back out? I did go to the park that day.
I saw Oscar had gotten there first, but when I got closer, I-I saw Stallard parked in his car, just watching.
So he was staking out Oscar to see who his contact was.
I felt awful leaving, but Stallard just seems like such a dangerous man.
I-I was afraid he would recognize me.
Do you remember what kind of car he was driving? Uh, I don't remember the make, but it was a blue car.
No plates.
Couldn't find much on Stallard when I looked him up, but he has been bringing women over from the Marshall Islands.
Done it at least six times.
I don't get it.
How'd he know my source and I were gonna meet? Well, my guess is, he started following you after the second article, which also led him to La Mariana, because he was following me earlier today.
He's probably trying to figure out what you've uncovered.
I'm sorry, but none of this is adding up for me.
Yeah, I know, I'm gonna have to agree with you on that one.
Your source seems to think this is tied to some kind of drug operation, but mules aren't escorted by handlers, and when the job's done, they do not stick around.
I know I only hired you to ensure my source's safety, but There could be other women in danger.
Look, I'm gonna stay on this until we get to the bottom of things.
Thank you.
I guess the next step is to, uh, go to HPD, see what they know.
You mind if I tag along? I want to see this through.
I just have one phone call to make, so why don't you head over to the station and I'll meet you in a bit? - Sounds good.
- All right.
You've reached Juliet.
Kindly leave a message.
Hey, uh, Higgins, uh, I've texted you a bunch of times, haven't heard anything back.
Hopefully everything's going okay.
I just wanted to update you on the case, so give me a call when you get this.
You must be Barlowe.
I'm Grimshaw.
You're not what I was expecting.
If I was predictable, I wouldn't be very good at what I do.
Might I ask what you'll do with it? You can ask, but all you're gonna get is the money that I promised to pay you for it.
Excuse me.
Yeah? Right.
I see.
I'm afraid the deal's off.
I-I, uh, I don't understand.
You're not Grimshaw.
According to my associates, the sale's been compromised.
So who are you, and what happened to Grimshaw? I'm afraid I can't tell you that.
Let's go for a walk, shall we? Barlowe's dead.
That wasn't the mission.
He was tipped off before the exchange could happen and he ran.
I chased him but he was hit by a truck - and killed instantly.
- Did you get the drive? There were too many witnesses at the scene for me to retrieve it.
I'm gonna have to get to where it's going next.
The morgue.
Problem is, they know me there.
Then you better think of something.
Stallard's not in the system, but here's his DMV photo.
That fits the description I was given.
Did the ME find any signs of body-packing? Abrasions in the throat, stomach? That would indicate he was using Hinani as a mule.
No, but by the time Hinani's body washed up, it was severely decomposed.
Most of the forensic evidence was destroyed, so could've been abrasions, we just don't know.
Do you know if she had any loved ones that might be looking for her? We contacted the authorities on the Marshall Islands, but so far, there's no one.
Hinani's parents are gone, but parturition marks on her pelvis indicate she'd given birth at one point, so she could have children.
If we can find out why Hinani came to Hawaii in the first place, maybe we can figure out why she was killed and who's responsible.
If we contact the women that traveled with Stallard, they might know what she was involved in.
That's a good idea.
And while you're doing that, I can do a deeper dive on Stallard, see if I can get any leads.
Sounds good.
Yo, what's going on with all that cash? Thomas finally paid off his bar tab? Uh, it's just a little loaner for Robbie.
I'm just helping him, down payment for a used car.
Where'd you get all that money? It's from the office safe, but I-I'll replace it.
It's no big deal.
No big deal? If I hadn't walked in here just now, you wouldn't have told me.
I can't believe this.
I mean, this guy's got you tapping into our business, giving away our money? Hey, he's good for it.
Robbie's like a brother to me.
Yeah, but what kind of brother only shows up when he needs something? You don't get it.
Yeah, you damn right.
I don't get it.
Look, when I was 15, my mom decided she had enough of my step dad.
Only she didn't have the cash to leave.
So, I went to Robbie for help.
We decided to hit a house in Lincoln Park.
But we tripped the alarm.
And when the cops showed up, he turned and he said, "You go take care of your mom and your sisters.
" He gave himself up so I could sneak out the back.
Only, he had a knife in his pocket, so they upped the charges to robbery with a deadly weapon.
He got three years, TC.
Look, man, just 'cause he took the fall then doesn't mean you owe him now.
Look, money means nothing compared to what he did for me.
His life was ruined that night.
Yeah, but he did that to himself.
He's the one that made the decisions that landed him in jail - over and over again.
- Yeah, fine, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't help him.
Oh, come on, man.
We've been down this road already with Icepick.
Look, the last time you helped somebody that you owed, you got in over your head and you put the rest of us in danger.
You know what, you're so afraid of getting burned, why don't you stay the hell out of it? Huh? What's going on here? Nothing.
I was just leaving.
Thanks for speaking with me, Siola.
Uh, so I'm looking into the death of a woman who also knew Nathan Stallard.
That's awful.
We think he may have been using her to smuggle drugs.
Now, you're not in any trouble, but I got to ask, did he ever try to get you to do anything like that? No.
I don't know anything about drugs.
And I doubt he would, either.
Nathan works for the World Family Fund.
He helps people.
He'd never put someone in that situation.
What is the World Family Fund? It's a charity where people can sponsor pregnant women in need.
Okay, so that's where you met Stallard? A month into my second trimester, he reached out.
Said a benefactor was offering to send me to Hawaii and pay for my prenatal care.
Okay, so you accepted? I couldn't turn down the chance to be seen by the best doctors.
Yeah, I understand.
So, how was the experience? Everyone was wonderful, especially Nathan.
He was so kind, even when things went wrong.
What do you mean, went wrong? There were some complications during labor.
My baby didn't make it.
Hey, Gordie.
I don't think Stallard's using these women as drug mules.
Me, neither.
Guy's clean.
No criminal associates, no ties to any drug dealers on the island.
What is it? I just spoke to two women who said Stallard was from a charity that helped pregnant women from poor countries.
Both came to Hawaii, for medical care, only to have their newborns die in labor.
I-I just had the exact same conversation.
Wait a minute, you're saying there's three women who knew Stallard that all have the same story? Maybe four.
You said Hinani had given birth at some point.
Okay, so we got three, possibly four women, who all lost a baby? Or maybe not.
- You think they were taken? - I mean, think about it.
Multiple women, all poor, from developing countries.
What are the chances that they all lost a baby in childbirth? If you're right, where the hell are these kids? All right.
Fuel control looks good.
We just need a new cotter pin for the, uh, throttle linkage.
Work your magic, baby.
Can I talk to you for a second? - For what? - I just want to make things right.
Ricky has no idea I'm here.
Go ahead.
I got it.
Look I know how it looks when a guy like me shows up out of the blue asking for money.
But I swear, I will pay every penny back.
It ain't just about the loan, man.
Anybody can see that Rick would drop everything to help a friend.
And that kind of loyalty can get taken advantage of.
And I ain't gonna let that happen.
Hey, I'm not trying to do that.
Then what are you trying to do here? You got to understand, I'm living in the shadow of every mistake I've ever made.
Nobody will to hire a convict, I can't get an apartment, my family's given up on me.
Life has been a cycle of regret because I've been in the system so long, it's damn near impossible to get out.
And I didn't mean to get between you guys, but if I want to get my life back, I need all the help I can get.
And Rick's the only person that still sees the good in me.
Rick is like a brother to me.
But if he trusts you, maybe I should, too.
How about we start over? I appreciate it.
Okay, listen to this.
According to the city clerk's office, no death certificates were filed for any newborns who supposedly died.
That tracks with what we just found.
According to the FTC, there is no charity called the World Family Fund.
It's most likely a front for an illegal adoption ring.
How does that work, exactly? Well, there are organizations that pose as private adoption agencies.
They offer an expedited process for a higher cost.
Parents think they're adopting an orphan, but in reality, the baby's been taken from a low-income family.
Who wouldn't have the resources to find out what happened.
Yeah, see, Stallard's got to have medical personnel on the island, people that can deliver and somehow conceal a newborn child.
Yeah, we got to find this guy.
Unfortunately, he no longer lives at the address listed with DMV.
A woman I spoke to said she stayed in a white house on a cul-de-sac just off the water.
She also said it was near the maternity clinic where she delivered.
Can't be too many properties that meet all four of those criteria.
You know, I may actually be able to narrow it down further.
Shammy was tailing Stallard until he got too close to the airport.
Now, he may have just been passing through, but maybe he was headed somewhere in that neighborhood.
This must be it.
Honolulu morgue.
Oh, yeah, I do.
I have it right here.
There was a problem with the paperwork, man.
Yeah, we fixed it Go, go, go! Clear! Clear! All clear! Place is empty, Detective.
Tear it apart.
We're looking for any clue that could indicate where Stallard went.
He must have known I made him, gotten spooked.
We got a BOLO out.
He won't get far.
Bassinet, diapers.
Stallard's got another pregnant woman on the island.
That's from a 39-week checkup.
She's due any day now.
If Stallard thinks the walls are closing in, he could induce labor and deliver this baby.
Oh, he could be going after one last payday before he disappears.
We're looking for a Nathan Stallard.
Stallard brought a woman here.
She gave birth 40 minutes ago.
Where's the baby? We're gonna check the nursery.
Stallard's car is in the parking lot.
He's got to be here.
Lock it down.
No one in or out.
Wait here.
Move out.
I'll take the Door right.
It's over, Stallard.
Back off.
You know, I was really hoping you had a weapon when we met.
I mean it.
Stay back.
No, you separated families, forced mothers to mourn their kids.
I gave those kids a better life than they'd ever have.
You okay? Yeah.
Yeah, I'm good.
Just got a confession from that nurse.
Looks like only three of the staff were involved.
One of the OBs told the mothers their babies died, keep the newborns here for 72 hours, then hand them off to Stallard.
And I'm guessing Hinani didn't buy it.
Instead she confronted Stallard.
Things escalated and he killed her.
What's gonna happen to all the kids that Stallard placed with new families? That'll be a matter for the courts.
Stallard presented his victims with long-winded contracts.
Said they had to sign to accept medical treatment.
He snuck in a clause that would relinquish the rights to their children.
Yeah, but if they signed those contracts under false pretenses, the adoptions can't be legal.
No, but those adoptive parents would have formed deep and loving bonds with those kids and vice versa.
They won't just give them up.
So, it's gonna mean heartbreak for one family or another.
Yeah, well, at least with Stallard and his accomplices arrested, they won't be able to do this ever again.
That's not all we did today.
We are no longer on a "need to know" basis.
I beg your pardon? "Who Dares Wins.
" That's the motto of the SAS.
Barlowe was British Special Forces.
Did you get the drive? Yes.
And I checked what was on it.
Why is a British operative selling sensitive information about MI6? Enough games.
You are going to tell me what is going on.
We've been tracking a group of former MI6 operatives, many of them disavowed.
Last year, they went into business for themselves, selling their services to anyone who can pay.
Unfriendly governments, drug cartels, arms dealers.
What kind of services? Espionage, assassination, money laundering.
They have operations across the globe and a major presence in Hawaii.
A few months ago, they stole classified intel and have been selling it piece by piece.
But with your help, I think we can finally take them down.
You blindly sent me into an exchange with a dangerous operative.
I won't be your pawn anymore.
I've done more than enough to make up for Kenya.
I'm out.
You may want to reconsider.
And why is that? Because these rogue operatives made off with our most sensitive files.
Including yours.
If the things you've done got out, the target on your back would be so big, there'd be nowhere on Earth you could hide.
So if you won't do it for queen and country, do it for yourself.
We'll be in touch.
When'd you get back? Oh, just now.
Nothing eats up time like the relentlessly slow pace of bureaucracy.
Yeah, I was trying to reach you all day.
You didn't get any of my messages? No, sorry, just-just the last one.
Guess the signal in the immigration offices is terrible.
I'm really sorry I couldn't help with the case today.
Is everything okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
It has been a long day, and, uh, I think I'm just gonna go to bed.
Good night.
Uh, sorry, pal, we're closed.
Come back tomorrow, though.
Six-dollar Mai Tais all day.
I'm not here for a drink.
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
You were the guy who was here earlier.
Can't get enough of the place, eh? Orville Wright.
You prefer to go by Rick, and you served as a U.
Marine up until a few years ago.
Enlisted at the age of 18 after a tumultuous childhood in Chicago, where you met Robert Frederick Nelson, who recently finished a four-year sentence at Duluth penitentiary for racketeering.
Who the hell are you? FBI.
Special Agent Ray Sloane.
What do you want? Your friend Robbie recently murdered somebody back in Chicago.
You're gonna help us take him down.

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