Magnum P.I. (2018) s04e07 Episode Script

A New Lease On Death

1 Previously on "Magnum P.
I" You're clear on our arrangement? MI6 gets to call on me as necessary.
And you can't speak of this to anyone, - including Mr.
- HIGGINS: But I don't know how long I'm gonna be able to keep it from him.
He is a detective after all, and a very good one.
RICK: You don't have to worry about Robbie.
We go way back.
TC: The last time you helped somebody, you put the rest of us in danger.
You know what? You're so afraid of getting burned, why don't you stay the hell out of it, huh? - Who the hell are you? - FBI.
Special Agent Ray Sloane.
Your friend Robbie recently murdered somebody back in Chicago.
You're gonna help us take him down.
You're up early! Yeah, I was trying to catch you.
Haven't seen you in a couple days.
Well you know, you missed me, you could've sent a text.
Is it that easy? [LAUGHS SOFTLY.]
TC says you've been avoiding him, too.
What's going on? Nothing I can't handle on my own.
Come on, man.
It's me.
This fed came to see me the other night.
Special Agent Ray Sloane.
He's investigating Robbie for a murder.
Wants me to wear a wire.
- Are you serious? - Yeah.
Now, Robbie's been in trouble before, but he's never killed anybody.
Well, if what this guy is saying is true, then I-I get it.
You know? You want to do the right thing, but you also want to stay loyal to Robbie.
I'll tell you what, I'll look into it, all right? I'll see what the feds actually have.
It's a hard no.
Do you have a plan? No, I don't, but I'm not getting you guys involved.
That's why I didn't tell you in the first place.
Come on, man.
If you're involved, I'm involved.
The bloodsucking ticks just took and took.
Then when I started slowing down, they all went M.
Too damn busy to visit their old man.
Yeah, I-I got lonely by myself, so I wish I moved here sooner.
Lots of activities here.
No shortage of the ladies, either.
So what brought you here, Teuila? Oh, funny story, actually.
So, this is Vicki, our client.
Her father Joseph has been at Oahu Horizons for six months.
Everything seemed to be going fine, until recent events had Vicki worried that he was being mistreated.
What events? Normally, Vicki and Joseph speak at least once a day, but for the last week, she hasn't been able to talk to him or see him.
HIGGINS: Also, recently, Joseph's bank account was drained of his entire life savings, $43,000.
There's a special place in hell for scum that take advantage of the elderly.
I agree.
Anyway, I've started the background checks on all of the employees at the retirement community But if we really want to figure out what's going on, we're going to need somebody on the inside.
You ask Bookie? He's the right age.
Um Of course I'll do it.
Good to scope out the place for when I do move in, in 20 years.
But the developer kept coming back and offering more.
I finally had to say yes.
He gave me three times what my home is worth.
You could've held out for more.
Uh, that's it for today, folks.
I have more than I need.
I just, uh, want someone special to share it with.
RON: Like I said, stats aren't in your favor.
But you are very youthful.
That's a plus.
You're such an ageist, Ron.
Getting older doesn't mean everything just stops.
I'll have you know, some of my steamiest dalliances have been on these very premises.
Now, why doesn't that surprise me? [LAUGHTER.]
I'm just curious, uh, that handsome man over there, anyone know his story? Uh, I-I don't think Joseph's spoken for, but, uh, I'd look elsewhere.
He used to be friendly.
Now he's different.
RON: Won't make eye contact anymore.
Last few weeks, he's been, uh, withdrawn.
You know why? The usual.
Depression, new meds? BETTY: Or the milk's gone bad.
Once the rot sets in, it can be a pretty rapid decline.
Yeah, I know that sounds cold, but we all have an expiration date.
On the plus side, if you're old enough to worry about it, you already dodged a bullet.
What? Nothing.
Just Think you can talk to your boyfriend somewhere else? LIA: How do you even know it's Thomas? All I said was hi.
No, it's the way you said hi.
If I have to listen to you be all flirty, - I may throw up my burrito.
I-I only have a minute.
We're on a case.
No, it's totally fine.
I just have a quick favor to ask.
Do you have any FBI contacts on the island? Um maybe.
I just need some info on somebody they're looking into.
Would you be able to set up a meeting? Yeah.
Okay, what's with the one-word answers? In the spirit of full disclosure, my contact is an ex-boyfriend.
Is that weird for you? Uh, no.
I don't care.
Is it weird for you? No, we broke up over a year ago.
But you probably shouldn't mention that we're dating, okay? Okay, I won't.
I promise.
I'll text you the details.
All right.
So I've finished the background check on the staff.
All clean records across the board.
No red flags from any past jobs and no strange financial activity.
None of the residents seem to have any complaints about the medical staff, aides or administrators.
Have you learned anything more about Joseph? Mm, not really.
I've been tailing him, but he keeps to himself.
No one's gone into his bungalow.
My sources do say that he's become withdrawn recently and that they don't know why.
I'll keep digging.
I looked into Joseph's finances, and that withdrawal from his account wasn't an online transaction.
Three weeks ago, someone went into a physical bank and got a cashier's check.
So now you're going to hack into the bank security footage to try to see who.
Hey, I've been watching you and Thomas for years.
Oh, I got to go to the rec room.
- It's Joseph's TV time.
- Oh, okay, well, then, I'm gonna get Vicki to call the rec room and ask to speak to her father.
So I can see who's keeping him from taking his daughter's calls.
- Hey, glad you're back.
Today, it's all about smothering, and I'm not talking about the heat or your mother.
I am talking about smothering some food Joseph? Sorry to bother you, but your daughter's on the phone again.
She really wants to talk to you.
I already told you I don't want to talk to her.
I've got 'em in the oven right now at 37 HIGGINS: So, no one at Oahu Horizons is keeping Joseph from talking to his daughter.
He's avoiding her all on his own.
No clue why, though.
Well, I scanned the security footage from the bank on the day that the withdrawal took place, and I found this.
So the person who stole Joseph's life savings Was Joseph.
: You serious, man? Yo, if Robbie killed somebody No, w-we don't know that for sure yet.
I knew there was something shady about that guy.
Look, I'm gonna reach out to the feds, see what else I can find out.
I will be in touch.
All right.
Thanks, TM.
Oh, nice.
But you get to practice, like, all the time.
Uh, h-hang on.
You forget that I work here.
You know? I'm not a customer.
- All right, all right.
- Who's up for cà phê sua dá? - Yes.
- Vietnamese coffee.
Okay, okay.
Yeah, they make it with sweetened condensed milk.
That's good.
Thank you.
Nah, I'm-I'm good.
- ROBBIE: Okay, move over.
- No, I'm just gonna - breathe down your neck.
- All right, you move over.
- RICK: All right.
- All right, here we go.
RICK: Okay, go ahead.
- That was - Low blood sugar, I swear.
Well, if only there was some food here.
No, you know what I need? I need one of those doughnut thingies.
- You mean malasadas? - Yes.
You know what? Porsche's out back.
Do me a favor, don't get any sugar on the seats.
Thank you.
Bring back a few cinnamon sugars.
I made things right with your homeboy.
Why are you still acting weird around me? Just, I-I got a lot on my mind is all.
You want to talk about it? Why? So you can tell me you were right? Does it ever get hard for you? Look, I didn't want to be right about your boy Robbie, man.
Hang on.
Thomas say something to you? Come on, man.
We're brothers.
We don't keep secrets.
And this ain't about me being right or wanting to be.
This is about protecting you.
You're the one that told me not to make the same mistake I did before with Ice.
Not to suck our friends into any trouble.
You know, I'm trying to keep you guys out of this.
Well, we in it now.
And from where I'm standing, there's only one thing to do here.
No, no.
This is not a "Do I do A or do I do B" type of situation.
Y-You see, you always see everything as morally in black and white.
But I live in the gray, 'cause that's where the real world operates.
Look, if your boy Robbie killed a guy, then you need to cut the cord and turn his ass in.
Is that what you would do to me? Come on, man.
But you ain't him, and he damn sure ain't you.
Special Agent Jack Wheeler? - Thomas Magnum, I presume.
- Yes, sir.
Thanks for meeting me.
Happy to do a favor for Lia.
So, how do you know her? I'm a private investigator, she's a cop, so, uh, our paths cross professionally quite a bit.
Long time since I've heard from Lia.
We dated a while back.
Was kind of blindsided when she broke it off.
Sorry to hear that.
- That's got to be tough.
- Mm-hmm.
Got tougher when I found out she recently started dating some asshat who drives a red Ferrari.
Look, I just thought it wouldn't be polite to mention it.
Yeah, sure, yeah.
Much better to lie to a fed.
Look, this doesn't have to be awkward.
I'm just trying to get information on a guy named Robbie Nelson out of Chicago, which I understand you guys are investigating.
You gonna help me out or not? What on earth would my dad need 43 grand for? We aren't sure yet.
Obviously, he didn't want to tell me.
It just doesn't make any sense.
My dad and I, we didn't have a good relationship when I was younger, but we've grown very close.
I'm kind of stunned he would do this.
Maybe it's time we have a conversation with your father.
Be back soon.
Thank you.
Colleague's emailing Robbie Nelson's file.
Thank you.
I did it for Lia.
I don't want you to go back and say I was a dick.
Looks like Robbie started young.
Stealing cars grew to armed robbery.
He got involved with some real scumbags.
Roan Meta heads a nasty crew of Albanian gunrunners in Chicago.
Once Robbie got in with them, he reached the point of no return.
Are you saying he killed somebody? Not just somebody.
A fed.
Are you sure of this? Yeah.
The agent was undercover trying to buy guns when Robbie shot him.
What kind of proof do you guys have? Would you be able to send me that file? No.
How about putting me in contact with the agent that's working the case? Yeah, we're done, Ferrari.
Say hi to Lia.
No way this is true.
If Robbie did this, he would be in jail.
Now, what you know and what you can prove in court are two very different things.
I don't know, man.
It just sounds like some cagey BS to me.
No, they have his prints at the scene.
And they have traffic cam footage of him throwing something off the bridge in Lake Michigan.
They think it's the gun, but they can't find it.
That's why they need you to help build the case.
Look, I wish they were wrong, but Robbie's guilty, and there's no way to help him.
And being that he killed a federal agent, I'm not inclined to.
But I can help you.
How you gonna do that? Well, I got to contact Agent Sloane and see if there's a way that I can get him to make his case without you.
Just keep you totally out of this.
That's not gonna happen.
I mean, I-I don't even know how to reach the guy, and he said he'd contact me.
Yeah, well, don't worry about that.
I'll find him.
You hired them to investigate me? I thought you were in trouble, Dad.
I would do anything to protect you.
I don't need protection.
HIGGINS: Joseph, no one's intention was ever to make you feel bad.
We just want to make sure you're all right.
I love you, Dad.
Please let me help.
What'd you need the money for? There was this investment group.
Someone came here to solicit? Uh, no, no, uh, there was a group of us.
Uh, I think eight in all, and we gave our money to Ron.
Uh, he's another resident here.
We had tai chi class together.
JOSEPH: Ron worked on Wall Street.
I just wanted to build a bigger nest egg, but but Ron lost it all.
Everybody's money.
You could've told me, Daddy.
I was ashamed.
Still am.
HIGGINS: What did Ron invest the money in? Stocks.
I don't know which ones.
Did you ever get a statement from Ron? I don't know where that is.
But what does it matter? The damage is, it's done.
HIGGINS: I mean, it's very rare to lose everything.
The stocks would've had to go to zero, and that hardly ever happens.
KUMU: We need to talk to Ron.
See exactly what he invested in.
KUMU: Seeing Vicki with Joseph brings back a lot of memories for me.
You were close with your father, right? Very.
He'd read the same books as me, and we'd discuss them.
He even taught me how to play poker.
Of course, I was seven at the time, so Mom wasn't too happy about that.
My dad taught me how to fight.
He was a boxer and a fight promoter.
I don't think I knew that.
Must be difficult to talk about him.
He left when you were little, right? I was ten.
He wasn't really part of my life after that.
When was the last time you saw him? Six, maybe seven years ago? He's tried reaching out recently, but, uh we haven't connected.
Can I help you? Uh, my goddaughter and I are having a lunch with my boyfriend.
Ron's not home? Are you all right? I don't know how to Ron died this morning.
Heart attack.
I'm sorry.
Could I have a moment? Oh, sorry.
I just found this.
I'm guessing it must be yours.
I wondered where that was.
Ron was in his 70s.
Death is kind of a residential hazard here.
Well, perhaps, but there are also eight very angry investors who have several thousand reasons to want him dead.
Why you so happy? It's unnerving.
I'm just enjoying the whole "Magnum going to you for favors instead of me" thing.
It's like a mini-vacation.
And maybe I spoke too soon.
Is that him? Close, but no.
Let me guess.
You need a favor.
How do you know I'm not just calling to say hello? - Are you? - Yes.
I am also currently at Oahu Horizons Oh, God.
My great-uncle lived there before he passed.
Place is insane.
All the sex.
STDs running rampant.
Well, not to worry.
I'm not dating a resident, and the resident that I am calling about is sadly deceased.
His name is Ron Underhill.
They say he died of a heart attack, but I suspect foul play.
Well, if the death certificate says natural causes, the M.
won't do an autopsy.
Not unless next of kin requests it.
Well, okay, what happens if I request one? Nothing.
But maybe if I ask.
- Thank you, Gordon.
How's the case going? Well, thankfully, Joseph is not being abused.
Uh, I'll fill you in on the rest later.
How's it going on your end? Well, Robbie killed a fed, and Rick and TC are in a weird place.
I'm so sorry.
Is there anything that I can do from here? I need to track down Special Agent Ray Sloane, but I don't have his number.
All right, I'm on it.
- What are you gonna say to him? - I don't know.
I'm gonna try to get Rick out of this somehow.
Okay, I've got it.
I'm gonna ping his phone.
Looks like it's turned off.
Uh, can you find out where he's staying? Yeah, hang on.
He used his credit card to book a room at the Trade Winds Motel.
It's pretty unusual for a civil servant to foot the bill.
Unless Uh, y-you know what? I got to run.
Thanks, Higgy.
Chicago Field Office.
How may I direct your call? Yeah, I'm looking for Special Agent Ray Sloane, please.
ASSISTANT: Special Agent Sloane's office.
How can I help you? Hi.
This is Agent Jack Wheeler from the Oahu Office.
Is he around? Uh, unfortunately, he's not.
Uh, can you reach out to him anyway? I can't.
Agent Sloane's on leave.
I'm not sure when he's coming back.
Yeah, that's no problem.
When you travel for work, the company usually covers the room.
But if you're on leave and paying out of pocket, you're not supposed to be working.
Looks like Agent Sloane's gone rogue.
I'm back.
Just got into Ron's emails.
Given that any of the investors could've been responsible for Ron's death, we have multiple suspects.
We need to make a list.
Way ahead of you.
I've been doing my own recon.
Two of the investors, Blossom and Marvin, died of cancer way before Ron even lost the money.
Uterine and lung.
Rules them out.
We still have six more.
Oh, I'm not done yet.
I'm very wary of people who invest other people's money.
If they know what they're doing, they shouldn't need anyone else's money, right? So, you didn't invest with Ron? Hell no.
My girlfriend Roz did.
I think she gave him a grand, maybe? So I figure it's fun to gamble, and since there's no lottery in Hawaii, well, you know, I only gave Ron 800.
Most of us kept our investments under a thousand.
Uh, Irv, Fanny.
Ron got an email from a Sheila, committing to $400.
That's seven investors, all at or under a grand.
Okay, well, that leaves Joseph, who lost 43,000.
That's his life savings.
Uh, that sounds like a lot of motive.
I don't know.
He doesn't seem like the type.
I mean, even with the money loss and humiliation, it's a big leap to accuse the man of murder.
I'm afraid not.
Two weeks ago, Joseph emailed Ron.
"You lost all I had.
Get it back or I swear to God you'll be sorry.
" ROBBIE: I could be really happy on that one right there.
Sail around.
Catch my own food.
Ricky, why are you so quiet? What's wrong? Did I do something? Well, that depends.
Did you kill a fed? What? Come on, Robbie.
You-you heard me.
You wired? Ricky? You think I'd do that to you? I wouldn't lie to you, either, but you've been lying to me ever since you got here.
Who got to you? What do they want? That's how you're gonna play it? Huh? I took the fall for you.
So you could be a hero.
All those medals? All that honor? You think you'd have any of it if I didn't rot in that cell for you? Ricky, come on, man.
You owe me.
You killed a fed, Robbie.
There's nothing I can do for you.
Ron had a preexisting heart condition.
Died of a coronary.
So it was natural causes? No.
found massive levels of sildenafil in his system, which, when combined with the sulfates he was taking, can definitely cause a heart attack.
What exactly is sildenafil? They're boner pills.
What? I've seen commercials for it.
HIGGINS: Okay, so maybe it was an accident.
Maybe Ron didn't know that taking them would No, no.
The same commercials clearly state you can't mix it with nitrates.
And Ron's cardiologist said he was acutely aware of the contraindications.
Given the large dosage, it really does seem that somebody gave it to Ron without him knowing.
Question is who.
meds are like vitamins at this place.
I mean, it could be anyone.
We need a suspect.
I think we have a suspect.
Unfortunately, it just happens to be our client's father.
JOSEPH: I already told them that I knew it was a risky investment, so what's this about? It's about Ron's death.
I thought it was a heart attack.
Caused by meds we believe he was given without his knowledge.
So you think I'm involved? You think Dad did this? Are you insane? We're just trying to work out what happened.
I hired you to help him, not accuse him of murder.
Your father gave Ron significantly more money than any of the others.
He made a mistake, but he wouldn't do any He also sent a threatening email, which doesn't look very good.
I felt like an idiot, so I lashed out at Ron in an email.
But only in an email.
You got angry.
And you wanted to get your money back.
Yes, but it's not for me.
It was never about me.
When Vicki was growing up, I wasn't a good provider.
- Hell, I wasn't a good father.
- Dad - It's okay.
- No.
N-No, it isn't.
Even though I screwed up, when I finally reached an age where I needed looking after, you were right there.
Vicki calls me every day.
She-she comes to visit every week.
I invested the money so that when I'm gone, I can finally give her something substantial.
More than I ever did when I was alive.
Special Agent Sloane, my name is Thomas Magnum.
I know who you are.
You're investigating Robbie, so I'm sure you know everybody in his orbit.
What do you want? Well, Rick is a friend of mine, and you've put him in a very uncomfortable position.
Yeah, well, I had a friend, too.
His name was Ben.
And Robbie Nelson murdered him.
This is his family.
Robbie needs to pay for what he took from them.
I get that.
The problem is, your investigation is unsanctioned.
Your superiors have no idea what you're up to, which means you really have no leverage against Rick.
The investigation into Robbie is going nowhere.
The agents working the case, they hit a wall.
Someone had to do something.
I just want justice.
I agree.
Just because my concern is Rick doesn't mean I have to be your enemy.
Where you going with this? I want to help you find another way to get Robbie.
I'm a federal agent.
I hardly need the help of some random local P.
Eh, you know what, you're probably right.
I'm sure you already know about the two Albanians just sitting outside and staking you out.
Safe bet they're part of Roan Meta's crew out of Chicago.
Take a look yourself.
How do you know they're Albanian? Buddy of mine in the service spoke the language.
Mostly expletives, but I know what it sounds like.
If they're after Robbie, why are they tailing me? I'm thinking they want to know what he told you.
He hasn't told me anything.
Well, whether they believe that or not, my guess is they're gonna try and kill both of you.
You're really embracing this whole undercover thing, aren't you? Huh? What? Oh, the wave? [LAUGHS.]
That wasn't It was real.
He's a very nice man.
KATSUMOTO: My gut says Joseph didn't kill Ron.
Yeah, well, unless you found three quarters of a million dollars in cash in his possession, then no, he didn't.
I scanned Ron's email to find the location of his brokerage account, and then I hacked it to see his activity.
Yeah, I didn't hear any of that.
Upshot: the stocks that Ron invested in, they did, in fact, plummet, but he didn't purchase them, he shorted them, and he sold some very aggressive puts.
KUMU: So Ron didn't lose their investments? No.
He made a ton.
He just told the investors that he lost it all, and then he withdrew the whole lot in cash.
We searched Ron's bungalow from top to bottom.
There was no money there.
It's possible whoever killed Ron took it.
Well, I'll get warrants for the other investors.
- What was Ron's time of death? - Around midnight.
Well, assuming that the drug interaction happened relatively quickly, that's kind of late for someone to be in his bungalow.
Unless he was sleeping with them.
Make it easier for them to slip him something.
KUMU: And sexual activity could further exacerbate the negative effects of combining nitrates and E.
Or so I've heard.
Did Ron have a girlfriend? Yes, he did.
I don't know who, but whoever she is left this.
Is there any kind of monogram on it? Mm-mm.
All right, so it could belong to anyone.
KUMU: Brighamia insignis.
Sorry, I'm not up on my Latin.
Hawaiian palm flower.
It's unique to Hawaii but doesn't even grow on Oahu.
Betty wore one and bright red lipstick.
- David.
- DAVID: Yeah.
Do you know where Betty is right now? What, she didn't say goodbye? Betty left? Yeah, a few hours ago.
She's moving back to the mainland to be near her kids.
I'm surprised she didn't try and find you.
- You two really seemed to hit it off.
- Thanks.
She could be anywhere by now.
I'll put out a BOLO.
HIGGINS: Hang on, I saw something in Ron's email, a confirmation from Island Cruises.
Yeah, here it is.
He reserved a cabin for two.
It leaves in an hour.
Forget the captain.
How do I get a seat at your table? [CHUCKLING.]
What are you doing here? I wanted to say goodbye.
Really? No.
I'm here about Ron.
I know you gave him a heart attack.
I've brought quite a few men to the brink over the years, but I think you're overestimating my abilities.
You slipped him E.
meds that you knew would react badly with his nitrates.
You killed him.
What are you, a cop? No.
But he is.
You're gonna have to postpone your vacation.
Permanently, I'm afraid.
Well, this is absurd.
You can't prove anything.
You sure about that? You mind? I do.
Doesn't matter.
I got a warrant.
Let me guess, 750 grand, give or take.
Care to say anything? I did what I had to do.
You had to kill Ron? I don't like being tied down.
It was just supposed to be a fling.
Ron got very attached.
Well, perhaps you might just have broken up with him, then, as opposed to resorting to murder.
I was going to.
But when Ron said he booked us a cruise and showed me all that cash I always loved a good cruise.
And money.
Just not Ron.
Where the hell you been? I had to calm down, think things through.
Yeah, but I called, like, six times.
I tossed my phone.
Figured it'd be tapped.
I lied to you and I'm sorry, Ricky.
I got in over my head.
I thought he was gonna take me out, so I killed him.
But you got to believe me, I didn't know it was a fed.
Yeah, but you killed a guy, fed or not.
- I know.
I know.
- You get how wrong that is? Yeah, I know.
I-I thought he was a bad guy.
I got scared.
I skipped town.
I came to the only guy I could trust.
I can't go back to prison.
I won't make it if I go back inside, you know? Listen, I'm not sure you can survive out here, either.
I had Thomas do some digging.
Meta's crew, they're here.
Special Agent Sloane, he's waiting to hear from you.
Listen, you want to live, you got to turn yourself in to the feds.
Not to mention it's the right thing to do.
They're gonna want me to to talk and I'm no snitch.
Yeah, I kind of figured you'd say that.
I go back to prison, Meta's crew is gonna kill me on the inside.
Whatever I do, I'm a dead man.
I'm not gonna let that happen.
You just give me a couple hours.
I'll figure out a way to get you off this island.
You'd do that for me? What you did was awful, but I got a great life now because you took the fall for me back in the day.
So, yeah, I owe you one last favor.
Then we're even.
Just stay here.
I'll be back.
TC: You don't need to check on me, man.
I'm fine, Thomas.
No, you're not.
But this Robbie thing will be over soon, and Rick will calm down.
You know how he is, it just it's a lot to deal with.
Yeah, but this whole thing started because I got a bad feeling about Robbie.
Maybe I should've just kept my mouth shut.
No, not at all.
Look, we got to look out for each other.
Right? And sometimes that means saying things that one of us does not want to hear.
But caring enough to risk losing the friendship, that's what being a friend is.
And in case we don't say it enough, you're the best friend anybody could ever have.
Thanks, man.
But I just don't get why he didn't feel like he could come talk to me.
Listen to me.
Rick has known Robbie his whole life.
The first time you said anything, he knew you were right.
He's not mad at you.
He's mad at himself.
I mean, sometimes the closer you are, the more difficult it is.
I don't know, you want to know, but you don't want to push too hard because then her walls go back up, and-and [LAUGHS.]
Wait, we still talking about Rick? You said "her walls.
" Did I say "her walls"? I did, didn't I? Man Higgins has-has been acting strange, and, uh, I want to know what's going on, but I also have to respect boundaries.
Yeah, I feel you, man.
I guess we just got to give them space and time.
Yeah, I think you're right.
Thanks, bro.
I've never seen that much money.
And the cherry on the sundae is, it's all yours, Joseph.
Oh, my God.
Uh, how? Well, Ron actually made a lot of money.
He had planned to steal it from the investors until Betty ruined his plans.
I'm so sorry for yelling at you earlier, Juliet.
If it weren't for you guys I'm just relieved my dad will be okay.
Well, Vicki, I meant what I said before.
That's yours.
I don't care about that, Daddy.
All I ever wanted is what we have now.
All your help has been invaluable, Kumu.
I don't know how to thank you.
Are you kidding? Seeing Vicki and Joseph in a good place again? My pleasure.
Only downside is the last few days really make me want to call my dad.
Wish I still could.
I'll-I'll meet you at the car.
DAVID: I figured you'd have to pass by here on your way out.
Were you waiting for me? I wanted to say goodbye.
I enjoyed our short time together, even though you were actually investigating me.
Oh, you were never a suspect, David.
I can assure you, all of our interactions were genuine.
That's good to know.
Still, it's a shame you're leaving.
Well, I-I could always come back and visit.
Or we could go out.
- Really? [EXHALES.]
- Mm-hmm.
It's nice to make a new friend.
Especially such a young one.
: Oh They go pretty quick around here.
I'll call you next week.
I'm looking forward to it.
Okay, so I can ask you for help? [LAUGHS.]
: Nope.
Tomorrow it's all Gordon.
- We're gonna alternate now.
: Okay.
Well, thank you for the help.
It was easy.
So, how'd it go with Jack? Oh, Jack.
Yeah, uh [STAMMERS.]
He kind of knows about me.
It's-it's not my fault.
I mean, he knew about me before I even got there.
How? Well, he's a fed.
And I have to say, I don't think he's quite over you.
Well, sucks for him because I am totally into someone else.
Oh, really? Who's the lucky guy? [BOTH LAUGH.]
You know what I should've done is grabbed a nice, vintage cab from the wine cellar before I left.
That sounds really good.
Although I would have had to deal with the wrath of Higgins.
- You know how that goes.
- Oh, I meant to ask you.
Last Friday, were you working a dead body case? No.
Why? I could've sworn I saw Higgins at the morgue.
Yeah, no, I I-I it probably wasn't her.
Probably somebody else.
Hi, Dad.
No, no.
: Nothing's wrong, no.
I, uh I was just calling to say hello.
Robbie? Robbie.
I was starting to worry.
You were gone a while.
First hour was spent in the Porsche, cleaning the sugar residue and returning my seat settings back to normal.
Also I got you this.
You know my middle name is Frederik, right? And "Nielsen" sounds a lot like "Nelson.
" Well, had to be close so you'd remember your new name, knucklehead.
Ship leaves in an hour.
Freighter headed to Vietnam.
Great beaches, no extradition.
You know what we got to do, right? Ah.
One more before we say goodbye.
We don't say goodbye.
It's "see you soon.
" Where you going? Oh, I'm gonna drive you there.
No, no, no.
I'm running from the feds and the Albanians.
You're in deep enough as it is.
All right.
Leave the car at the docks.
I'll pick it up later.
My friend's name is Bubba.
What's he look like? He looks like a Bubba.
You can't miss him.
Thanks, Ricky.

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