Magnum P.I. (2018) s04e08 Episode Script

A Fire in the Ashes

Previously on "Magnum PI.
" We've been tracking a group of former MI6 operatives.
A few months ago, these rogue operatives made off with our most sensitive files, including yours.
- Who the hell are you? - Special Agent Ray Sloane.
Your friend Robbie recently murdered somebody back in Chicago.
I go back to prison, I'm a dead man.
Then you just give me a couple of hours, I'll figure out a way to get you off this island.
Thanks, Ricky.
okay? I'm gonna get your vitals while my partner checks for injuries.
Okay? Thomas.
Aw, man.
- You all right? - Yeah.
Robbie, he Robbie was in the, uh - We know, man.
- Yeah, yeah.
Gordie called us.
I'll be right back.
I sent you the names of the two gangsters that were after Robbie.
Michael Kola and Saban Marku.
Already got a BOLO out.
Looped in the FBI.
They're gonna be running point.
- Okay.
- Looks like - they already are.
- All right, everyone, listen up.
This is now an FBI crime scene.
Until our forensics team is on site, CSU is under my command.
The hell is he doing here? - Whoa.
- I need photos of everything - ASAP.
- Hey, Sloane, does the Bureau know you're taking charge here? Or are you freelancing this one, too? - Listen, Thomas - This is all his fault.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Robbie's dead.
- You led them here! - Rick! Robbie's dead because of you! - Let him go, man.
Let him go! - 'Cause of you! He's not worth it.
It's not worth it.
That son of a bitch.
Agent Sloane, can I have a word, please? Not now, Detective.
A little busy.
This'll just take a minute.
Oh, take it easy.
Just let Katsumoto deal with him.
Yeah, we got to get you to the hospital.
Yeah, TM is right.
You could have a concussion, internal bleeding.
All right, fine.
Where you taking him? We'll bring him to King's.
All right, we'll see you there, buddy.
Where the hell is Higgins? Good question.
Tried calling, texting.
So she's just MIA? Yeah.
I told you.
She's been acting strange.
Sean Cavendish.
You know, I had honestly thought you were dead.
It's been a while, Juliet.
Uh, forgive all the black bag business, by the way.
We've had some security issues.
Well, I'm just flattered you consider me such a threat.
Well, you had the same training I did.
And if my memory serves me, I got better marks than you did.
But you still wound up getting disavowed.
Just following your bad example, I suppose.
You know, I had heard you were living out here.
Word was you were living the quiet life of a civilian.
Which is why I was rather surprised when your name was passed to me through my cutout in the Seychelles.
- Couldn't exactly find you on Facebook.
- It seems you've gone to some great trouble to be in touch, and I can't help wonder as to why.
I might be out of the game, but I still hear things.
I know what you and your associates have been up to.
The things that you and I used to do for queen and country, you now do for money.
Well, what you do and who you do it for doesn't concern me.
But I hear a rumor that you've stolen several terabytes of data from MI6, data that includes my entire classified file.
And that does concern me.
And if I was in possession of such highly sensitive intelligence, you would want what, exactly? To negotiate a sale? Actually, I had thought I might pay for it in trade.
My services for my data.
I'm here, Sean, to ask you for a job.
Still no word from Juliet? No, not yet.
Last time I saw her was at Robin's Nest.
She seemed like she was in for the night.
Then she just disappears.
It's so strange.
You okay, buddy? Uh, just a few cuts and bruises.
I got a busted eardrum.
But, uh I'm, uh Uh, I just I just want to go home.
- So - Whoa, whoa.
Take it easy, man.
- You still had quite a shock.
- Yeah, just because your body's okay doesn't mean your head's all right.
- Meaning what? - Look, how about we all go back to Robin's Nest? No, you know, I appreciate you guys being here, but I'm I'm fine.
I just want to be alone.
Oh, my God.
Hey, everybody.
Thought you'd want to know.
I informed the FBI that Sloane's unsanctioned investigation may have led to Robbie's death.
He's been recalled to Chicago for a disciplinary hearing.
You won't be seeing him again.
And the guys who killed Robbie? - You get them yet? - No, but we're on it.
But right now we have another issue.
Operating theory is, Kola and Marku took out Robbie because they thought he was talking to the Feds.
Now, if they think Robbie talked to you as well, then you could be a target, too.
So as long as these guys are still at large, HPD wants you in protective custody.
Thanks, but I'm an ex-Marine, and I survived a year and a half in an enemy camp - I think I can handle myself.
- It wasn't a request.
Now, I can get a court order if I have to.
But you're coming with me.
If Katsumoto's smart, he'll put him on a leash.
What are the odds Rick lets this go? Not odds you want to bet on.
He'll cool down.
It'll just take time.
Well, I'm-a head back to La Mariana and start sorting this mess out.
I'll go with you, give you a hand.
- See you.
- I'll see y'all later.
Uh, Kumu, which car did Higgins take when she left? The Range Rover.
Why? I'll meet you back at the house.
Where are you going? I'm gonna find Juliet.
I trust your meeting went well? Well, I was black-bagged and I had to pass a lie detector test, but I'm in.
They're gonna send me an address tomorrow morning.
You and I will rendezvous in the a.
for one last briefing before you go under.
Oh, my God.
We need to talk.
What are you doing here? And how exactly did you find me? You know the anti-theft device in those cars have GPS, right? And why exactly did you not - want to be found? - Wh I just got all your messages about Rick.
We should go and tend to him.
- We can discuss this later, all right? - No.
We can discuss this now.
What is going on with you? I mean, you came back home early from Kenya, didn't say why.
You've been disappearing, lying to me.
Then I hear you're at the ME's office last week, and I-I got a hunch that it's got something to do with the dead guy with British Special Forces ink.
I called Noelani.
He was the only body that came in.
So what is going on? I can't talk about it.
All right, fine.
You don't want to talk about it, I'll talk about it.
You want to know what I think? You got in trouble in Kenya.
Against my advice, you took matters into your own hands.
It went sideways, and you leaned on MI6 to bail you out.
And as a result, you had to go back and work for them.
How am I doing? I can't discuss this with you.
No, you have to discuss it.
I just saw you get black-bagged by professional operatives.
Am I supposed to pretend that didn't happen? I can assure you, I was in no danger.
Convince me.
Those men, they were ex-SAS.
They're part of group run by former British spies.
There's been a breach at MI6.
They stole a massive trove of classified data.
And some of that data is yours.
- Thomas - And if that data gets leaked, then any country, agency or operative you ever crossed as a spy could be coming after you.
Let me help you.
We can get it back.
I appreciate your offer, more than you can ever know, but Rick needs you more than I do right now.
This isn't about Rick.
Look, go and take care of him.
I can handle this.
All right? I will be okay.
I have MI6 to back me up.
MI6 doesn't care if you die.
I do.
I know you do, Thomas.
I also know that you're not given to doing as I ask, but please, Thomas, just do me this one favor.
I got myself into this.
I need to get myself out.
How'd the sofa bed treat you? Am I gonna get a bill from your chiropractor? No, no.
A-All good.
You get any sleep? Uh, couple hours, maybe.
I don't know.
If 28 years on the job taught me anything, it's that, uh, food is a decent substitute, for sleep.
- Wow, this is unreal.
- It's eggs Benedict, Korean short ribs, my own recipe.
Uh, well, I'm gonna need to get this recipe for La Mariana.
Oh, you know what? I got to make some calls.
I got to open the bar.
No, no, hey, hey.
It's covered.
TC and Shammy are holding down the fort while you're dealing with all this.
Any updates? Well, Kola and Marku were picked up by the FBI last night.
After six hours of questioning, the Feds decided they didn't have enough to charge them.
- Wait, they're gonna let them go? - No, no.
The FBI are all over this.
All right? They've got these guys under a microscope, tracking their every move.
They plan to take down the whole organization.
Yeah, but for now, the bastards that killed Robbie, they're gonna walk.
No, hang on.
Until Kola and Marku are off the island, we still need you in protective custody.
Is this about protecting me from them? Or them from me? It's about protecting you from yourself.
The minute you walk out of here, we both know where you're headed.
Come on, Gordon Look, hey, Rick, I get it.
I do.
All right? When those carjackers put my kid in the hospital, I was ready to put both of them in the ground, and I probably would have if I didn't have a friend talk me down.
So let's talk.
Am I under arrest? No.
Then I'll see you around.
Cavendish just sent me an address.
I have to be at work in an hour, so we better make this fast.
Self-executing tapeworm virus.
Plug it in behind their firewall, and it'll seek and destroy all our stolen files.
Be sure to wipe all the files, Juliet.
Not just your own.
Honestly, Eve, I didn't leave MI6 on the best of terms, but I do still care about queen and country.
Radio silence from here on out.
Call when it's done, not before.
Respecting boundaries is important in any good friendship.
But for me, when international espionage and dead bodies enter the picture, the boundaries get a bit blurry So when Higgins dropped off the grid again this morning After disabling her car's anti-theft device I decided I'm gonna find her and watch her back, whether she wants me to or not.
I sent a photo of the dead guy with the SAS tattoo to an old SEAL contact and got back a name: Peter Barlowe.
From there, it didn't take long to track down an address.
But it looks like Barlowe didn't leave me much to go on.
Who are you? HPD.
- And you are? - The building manager.
What happened to all of Peter Barlowe's belongings? Some movers showed up last week with keys and an alarm code.
Cleared out all his stuff.
These movers, what can you tell me about them? A couple British guys, um, 30s, uh, in good shape.
They move everything through the lobby? Nah.
I, um, let them use the parking garage.
- Security cameras down there? - Of course.
I'm gonna need to see that footage.
Okay, FBI forensics just left.
They hauled away what's left of the car.
They officially released the parking lot as a crime scene.
Hey, is it weird to reopen so soon, after you know? Maybe.
But Rick's kept this place running through thick and thin and a damn hurricane.
Best we can do for him is make sure La Mariana is one thing he doesn't have to worry about.
Have you seen Rick? I thought he was with you.
Look, he was, but then he walked out which I kind of expected, so I put a plainclothes detail on him.
But Rick just gave them the slip.
Now his cell phone's off.
And you think he's out trying to track down those guys.
You tell Thomas yet? Uh, he was my first call.
But he's tied up doing something with Higgins.
Look, but don't worry.
I will find Rick.
No, we'll find Rick.
I'm gonna make some calls to some guys that might be able to help.
I'll hit you back when I know something.
All right.
Juliet Higgins.
Oliver Kent.
- Pleasure to meet you, Kent.
- Pleasure's all mine.
I was an analyst at MI6.
Uh, let's just say your reputation precedes you.
Shall we? Yeah.
So, we actually occupy the top three floors, but it's mainly just for appearances.
Well, it, uh, looks like a fairly lean operation.
Uh Yes.
This will do nicely, - Thank you.
- Well, we've actually, uh, got you set up in your own office.
It's, um, well, spectacular views.
I was a field agent, Kent, so I prefer to be in the center of things if it's all the same to you.
- Um - Ah, Juliet.
- Welcome.
- Thank you, Sean.
Oliver here was just getting me settled in.
Ah, you can settle in later.
I already have an assignment for you.
On paper, these offices belong to a solar energy company owned by a private equity firm that doesn't actually exist.
Good way to avoid detection.
Now, you say you have an assignment for me? Yes, we have a source in London who informs us that MI6 assigned a senior case officer to infiltrate and disrupt our little operation.
Well, that's not ideal.
Have you identified this person? Oh, we've done a sight better than that.
We've intercepted the officer.
And now you are going to interrogate them.
Juliet Higgins.
Disavowed 2015.
I might have known someone like you would be involved in all this.
Well, you have me at a disadvantage.
You know my name.
You are? You can call me Eve.
You're a long way from home, Eve.
I'll start with something simple.
Who else are you working with? I would never compromise a mission, and I would never betray an agent in my charge.
Well we'll see about that, now won't we? Is that the best you've got? Hey.
Heard the feds had to cut Kola and Marku loose.
How's Rick taking the news? Not great.
Katsumoto and TC are out looking for him right now.
Tell him I'm sorry.
Having people you care about get wrapped up in something criminal is I wouldn't wish it on anyone.
Yeah, I'll let him know.
But that's actually not why I called.
Why am I not surprised? I just sent you security camera footage for a case I'm working on.
Could you run the plate? On it.
It's probably gonna come back to a shell company.
"XYZ Equity, LLC.
" Can you see if your plate readers have picked it up anywhere? Isn't this, uh, the kind of stuff that Juliet normally does? Uh, yeah.
She's taking a personal day.
Okay, mostly random hits downtown.
But it was spotted about a half hour ago: Mamao Road.
That's the same road where they dropped Higgins last night Okay, great.
Thanks, Lia.
I owe you one.
TC, what do you got? I just spoke to Kamekona.
He said Rick stopped by the shrimp truck earlier asking for help tracking down Kola and Marku.
Did Kamekona give Rick something to go on? Yeah, he made a call, and he said that Kola and Marku are scheduled to leave the island today on a private jet out of Honolulu International.
Well, that'd be good news if we were talking about anyone else.
Security won't let anyone get within a mile of any aircraft.
Yup, but Rick's a Marine Scout Sniper.
He doesn't need to be within a mile.
If he gets a clear shot, that's game over.
If I alert HPD about this now, and they find Rick with a sniper rifle before we do, I don't even want to think about all the ways that could go wrong.
Look, I've done plenty of sniper extractions.
If you can tell me which airstrip that jet's leaving from, I'll be able to pinpoint where Rick might set up a perch.
Yeah, I'm on it.
I'll get the intel and meet you at the airport.
Okay, I'll see you there.
If the guys who black-bagged Higgins came back here today, there's got to be a reason.
And if I can figure out what it is, I'll be that much closer to finding her.
Steel barrels, lye and zip-ties.
Never a good sign.
Something I can help you with? Yeah.
Gonna need to speak to your manager.
Never did catch your name.
That's not important.
What is important is what you say in the next few minutes.
Your employers Where do I find 'em? Yeah.
I kind of figured that'd be your response.
Guess we're gonna have to do this the messy way.
Never actually seen this done, but I know that when you mix water and lye at 300 degrees, you can turn basically any body part into human soup in just a couple hours.
Ah, sod it.
What do you want to know? Well, for starters, who are these barrels for? All I can tell you is, this morning I was told to grab an MI6 case officer and be ready to get rid of two bodies.
Believe me, Eve, I take no pleasure in this.
But I do need a name.
If you don't give it to me, they will send someone else in here.
And I can assure you it will be a lot worse.
So Just give me a name.
Oliver Kent.
That wasn't so hard now, was it? Perhaps we should take a short break.
You can verify Eve's intelligence while I wash up.
Hmm? Actually, that won't be necessary.
Hmm? My people just cracked the encryption on Eve's cell phone.
The asset she sent to infiltrate our operation is you.
Obviously, you were a suspect the moment we learned about Eve.
Having you interrogate her was Well, it was supposed to be a test.
Honestly, you nearly had me fooled.
Had to rewatch that video three times before I figured out it was Morse code you were using to pass her Oliver Kent's name.
Now, I can only assume that, uh, MI6 gave you something to find and destroy their data? Hmm.
I'm honestly quite curious as to why I'm still alive.
Because you just beat your own handler and nearly convinced me to kill one of my own people.
You're a good operative, Juliet, and good operatives are hard to find these days.
And in spite of your lapse of judgment, I'd still like to offer you a job.
What took you so long? Although you lied to gain my trust, everything you told me in our first meeting was true.
I do have something that could destroy your life, and there is something you can do to earn it back.
Moreover, Juliet, you belong with me.
We've both been used and cast aside by MI6.
Why shouldn't we extract some modest recompense for everything we've sacrificed? Modest recompense? Is that what you would call divulging enough secrets to irreparably harm the U.
and our allies? What could possibly justify that? - Shh, shh, shh.
- I know you.
Or at least I did once.
It was never about the money for you.
So why don't you tell me what's really driving this, and perhaps together, we could find another way? There is no other way.
Sometimes the cost is so high, the only form of repayment is revenge.
After I was disavowed, I was captured.
Spent two years in a black site, being questioned, tortured.
And to this day, I still have no idea which intelligence agency was holding me.
But I do know who let it happen.
I devoted my life to MI6, and in my hour of need, the agency I gave my life to wouldn't lift a finger to help me.
To MI6, we are disposable.
I read your file, you know.
After Richard was murdered, was it MI6 who went after his killer? No.
It was you, Juliet, all alone.
They abandoned you, just like me.
Yet, here you are still doing their bidding.
I must confess, you do make a compelling argument.
But this isn't a real job offer, is it? Why do you say that? Because we both know what will happen if I said "No.
" What? We have a situation, sir.
An MI6 extraction team are in the building.
They've taken the first floor, and they're headed up.
Stay with her.
You're with me.
Good job.
I presume you heard that I tried to frame you as a mole? Yes, ma'am.
Nothing personal.
I'm sure you're perfectly nice, Kent, other than the treason, of course.
I was just going to pour myself another cuppa before the inevitable.
All the same, I'd rather you stayed put, if that's all right.
Would you? What the hell are you doing here? Saving your ass.
What do you think? Well, as you can see, I have the situation under control.
We'll discuss that on the way out.
Come on.
We can't leave, not yet.
I have to destroy that data.
If I don't, MI6 will be burned, and so will I.
You want to have my back? This is me asking.
Excuse me.
You realize you probably just tripped a silent alarm? Yeah, but I'm pretty sure I already knocked out the guy who'd see it.
Now let's do this and get out of here.
Okay, please tell me you know which server is on.
I wouldn't have needed to had Cavendish not destroyed the drive MI6 gave me.
As it is, we're gonna have to do this the old-fashioned way.
Once I find the server that the data is on, we'll just steal the hard drive and destroy it later.
The one we're looking for is B61677.
B61677 You should've taken me up on my offer, Juliet.
Put the guns on the floor and kick them aside.
Oh, you made your choice, Juliet.
So now, I'm gonna walk away with the data, start over, and MI6 will change your file from disavowed to deceased.
You know, you were wrong earlier, Sean.
I did get out.
And I came here, and I built a better life with people who actually do care whether I live or die.
But not you.
Everything you've done in the last few years has been about MI6.
You're still a prisoner.
You just don't know it.
So, this is what you do on a personal day? Not sure what that's in reference to, but, uh, I can assure you I would much rather have been doing some yoga.
I'll bet.
We'll take it from here.
Juliet Higgins? We need to ask you some questions about what happened here today.
And you are? They're CIA.
You need to come with us.
You sure you're up for this right now? Yeah.
Sooner I'm debriefed, sooner this is all over.
All right, catch up with you in a bit.
Hey, it's me.
You track him down yet? No, not yet, but in ten minutes, Rick could have Kola and Marku in his crosshairs.
What can I do? Hope we find him in time.
Can't let you do it, man.
TC, you got to walk away.
Let me handle this.
Sorry, Marine.
Can't do that.
I mean it, man.
The bastards that killed Robbie are gonna be here any second.
If you want to drop them, you're gonna have to drop me first.
You're really gonna do this? You're supposed to have my back, not stand in my way.
This is me having your back.
I mean, you smoke these two, who's next, huh? The guy who gave the order? I mean it, man.
Just go.
You're gonna head to Chicago and kill 'em all? What's that gonna fix? Is any of it gonna bring Robbie back? Walk away! Or what? You're gonna take a swing? Go right ahead.
Look, you can beat me bloody, but it still doesn't change the fact that you're my brother.
Robbie was my brother.
You know what he did for me.
Yeah, I know.
That's why I'm here, man.
What if I hadn't given him those keys? What if I had just turned him in? What if I had taken the fall all those years ago, instead of him? Come on, Rick, man.
I wouldn't have the life that I have if he hadn't done what he did.
He did what he did because he wanted you to have this life.
Robbie gave you a gift, man.
Only thing you owe him is to not throw it away.
So, did anybody have anything good happen today? Some milk I thought was bad turned out to still be okay.
That is, uh, really scraping the bottom of the barrel.
I guess that is the first good thing that's happened today.
Oh, there they are.
Hi, everyone.
Well, I-I presume, uh, Lia has filled you all in? I told them what I knew, which admittedly wasn't much.
You okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
Listen, I'm sorry that I wasn't honest about what I've been up to in the last couple of months.
I wasn't at liberty to disclose anything.
You don't got to explain.
We're just glad you're okay.
- And it's over now, right? - Yeah.
I finished debriefing with the CIA, and the men I was tasked with taking down are being extradited back to the U.
where they're gonna stand trial.
Well, I bet you two are thirsty.
- Oh, good call, Shammy.
- Thank you, Shammy.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
Where's Rick? Oh, he's by the water.
Said he wanted to be alone.
For real this time.
Ah, maybe I should go check on him.
Actually, do you mind if I go? I'm so sorry, Rick.
And I'm really sorry that I wasn't able to be there for you today.
Although I hear you had a pretty rough day yourself.
Is everything okay now? Yeah, it will be.
Thanks to Magnum's utter refusal to respect my wishes and leave me alone.
Yeah, I can really relate.
You know, I guess sometimes being a good friend is knowing when not to mind your own business.
I suppose we're both really lucky to have people in our lives who love us enough to make us hate them a little bit sometimes.
Yeah, we are.
It's still annoying, though.
That it is.

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