Magnum P.I. (2018) s04e15 Episode Script

Dead Man Walking

Typical Thomas.
Signs us up for a tug-of-war tournament and don't show up for practice.
He's gonna be here soon.
He's just seeing a client.
Yeah, but it is pretty convenient.
Well, at least it's for a good cause.
Winner gets ten grand to donate to the charity of their choice.
And we should donate our winnings to Jindog.
What do you guys think? Jin.
Look, whilst we support your dog-walking app, we've already picked a charity; it's Hawaii Foodbank.
Well, that's great, 'cause Jindog's proceeds goes toward the same cause, so So you're telling me you donate all your profits to feed the hungry? No, I keep my profits.
I'm just saying I'm always hungry.
This spot should do.
By the way, it's tug-of-war.
Why do we need to practice? Because there is strategy involved.
It's not just about strength.
He's right.
In the Makahiki games, we call tug-of-war hukihuki, which means "pull, pull.
" That's what we chant when we're working together.
Let's give it a try.
Oh, wait a minute.
Thomas isn't here.
Can't practice three on three.
Oh, no, no, we'll do, uh, two strongest versus the other three.
Great, so it's me and TC versus you chumps.
No offense, Jin, but there's no way you're the second strongest here.
I have to agree.
Have you seen Juliet's arms? Well Have you seen my core? I have the lowest center of gravity of anyone here.
I've been training by eating nothing but chocolate chip pancakes ever since we signed up.
Thomas just signed us up yesterday.
Yeah, I ate pancakes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, second dinner, late-night munchies and then breakfast again.
All right, Pancakes.
- Let's see what you're made of.
- Okay.
Jin and TC versus me, Kumu and Rick.
- Let's go.
- Okay.
- All right.
- Here we go.
First team to drag the other team past the cone first wins.
Hey, Kumu, hukion three.
All right.
One, two, three.
Huki! Mmm.
This is amazing.
I mean, this, this whole place is amazing.
I can't believe I've never been here before.
Thanks, but I don't really advertise.
It's more word of mouth.
Mm, I can relate.
So, Sato, how can I help you? Actually, I don't need any help.
You don't? I'm not your client.
Well, it's good to see you're not in prison and out doing what you love: hovering.
Get up.
He's clean.
Osi Shima, I presume.
Thomas Magnum.
Nice to finally meet you.
Nice to see you let a girl on the squad.
Min is not Japanese, nor yakuza.
She's a bodyguard.
Well, the future is female, right? But why am I here? My son Kota was kidnapped last night.
He's my only child, and will someday take over the family business.
Obviously, I can't go to HPD or the FBI, so I'd like you to find him.
I'm flattered, but, uh, Mr.
Shima, you have plenty of resources.
Not like you.
Well, that may be the case, but helping a criminal organization secure its future is not really my bag.
So I'm gonna have to very respectfully decline.
I had a feeling you would.
So I'm going to offer you something you can't refuse.
What's that? Your life.
So you're gonna kill me if I don't help you find your son? The sushi you ate was laced with a deadly poison.
You have eight hours to live.
However, if you find my son, I'll give you the antidote.
So, no, I'm not going to kill you, Mr.
I killed you five minutes ago.
Let's just assume that what you tell me is true.
What I normally do is ask you if you have any enemies that could be looking to get revenge.
Now, I assume that list is gonna be quite long.
I have my share, but they know better than to cross this line.
Has anyone made any kind of demands? As of yet, no.
Okay, so how do you know your son's been kidnapped? Kota was at his apartment last night.
He had a guard named Toshi keeping watch from the street, but he failed in his duties.
He wasn't paying attention, and when he looked up, Kota was being dragged away.
Then someone knocked Toshi out from behind.
I'm gonna have to talk to Toshi.
He's no longer available.
Look, I know I know you like to send messages to your people, but killing your only witness to the kidnapping is, uh, is-is a bit overboard.
I assure you we got everything we could out of Toshi.
You normally work with a partner.
But not this time.
Tower and Min will assist you with whatever you need.
They'll be your backup.
"Chaperone" is what you meant to say, right? Oh, wait, wait, wait.
Look who it is, it's a-Magnum.
Told you.
- Hello? - Tell him practice is over so it's safe to come home.
Also, tell him to bring pancakes.
I think he's talking to someone else.
It's probably a butt-dial.
No, I think it's intentional, guys.
Before I leave, I'd like to ask you one thing, though.
What did you poison me with? Thomas was poisoned? By who? Nice try.
I mean, I supposedly have eight hours to live.
Right? What happens if I don't get the antidote from you? Your first symptoms will be respiratory issues, loss of balance, blurred vision, then followed by paralysis.
To be honest, Mr.
Shima, sounds like a Saturday night to me.
- He's with Osi Shima.
- Who's that? He's the head of the Tako-Kai faction of the yakuza.
Well, I guess the first thing we should do is go to where Kota was kidnapped.
Gonna need an address.
They will take you.
And be with you every step of the way.
You are not to have contact with anyone, especially with HPD.
No one can know about this.
Now, hand over your cell phone.
Yeah, of course.
Guess we should get started.
I can't get through to Gordon.
He still won't answer.
Probably in the middle of a case.
He'll call when he gets the message.
It's gonna be okay, Kumu.
It's not okay.
Thomas's life is on the line and he doesn't have much time.
Yeah, I know.
So right now, we need to do whatever we can to help him.
Calling us was dangerous but smart.
I can't believe Magnum pulled it off.
I can't believe we're dealing a guy like Osi Shima.
Way people talk about him, he's a myth, or a ghost.
Well, that explains why he went to Thomas instead of the cops.
And why he was poisoned for leverage.
There's no way Thomas would have taken that case otherwise.
Okay, so we don't know which poison Shima used on Magnum, but we do know his-his symptoms and we have a time frame.
I'll keep trying Katsumoto, and I'll call Noelani.
Okay, that's a good idea.
So I guess that meeting with the chef was just a-a trap to lure Thomas there.
- That's it.
- What's it? Osi Shima is as elusive as he is dangerous, right? He's a ghost, like you said.
But now we know somebody who he was in recent contact with.
We need to go to that sushi bar.
Yeah, and grab that chef and make him talk.
No, no, no, no, this is the yakuza we're dealing with.
I mean, he's way more scared of them than you, no offense.
So you got a better idea? Actually, I do.
This is where it went down.
So where exactly was he taken? I told you.
Here, where? B-By the entrance? In the parking structure? And where was Toshi's car? Details matter.
Toshi was waiting for Kota over there.
Kota exited his building, got grabbed when he reached the sidewalk.
And that's when Toshi looked up.
Like Shima said, as soon as he got out of his car, somebody knocked him out.
Last thing he saw before everything went black was Kota getting dragged off in that direction.
Thank you.
I'm starting to understand who's the brains of the operation here.
Only problem is, with no witnesses or footage, you have no leads.
No, there's always a lead.
Just got to know where to look.
Do your thing, Sherlock.
Think I got something.
What could you possibly learn in the 30 seconds you've been standing there? A lot, actually.
In the last 30 seconds, six cars have driven by.
It's not even rush hour.
- Means that this street is pretty busy.
- So? So, you should probably have your tech guy I'm-I'm assuming that's not you Look into whatever rideshare cars drove by this street around the time Kota was taken.
How will that help? Well, a lot of these cars have dashcams.
T-That seems like a long shot that one of those drove by at the exact same time of the kidnapping.
That may be the case, but we could still learn something about the scene around the time he was taken.
- Like what? - Like if he was being followed or being staked out or if he was somehow in on his own kidnapping.
That's ridiculous.
Maybe, but I mean, I've seen everything in my line of work, and I've learned not to rule anything out.
We should get going.
Can I help you? Hi.
Um, my name is Mr.
Kim from the Public Health Board, and I'm just doing a random food inspection.
I wasn't aware that you were coming.
Well, that's why they call it "a random inspection.
" So, I'm in charge, and hope you don't mind.
Um, unless if there's something you're hiding? Hiding? Like what? Oh, I don't know.
Um, maybe buying cheap tuna with exposed radiation from Fukushima.
No, no, no.
No, nothing like that, I swear.
Okay, it's just gonna take a couple of minutes.
I won't get in your way, you won't get in mine.
- Understood.
- Okay.
And we have video.
Way to go, Jin.
Now for the audio.
How's everything? It's good? Mr.
Kim, how was the inspection? Very good.
Attention, everyone! There's no radioactive tuna here.
Eat away! Bye.
Would you like to dine in? No, I'm here looking for my brother Thomas.
See the resemblance? Yeah, his phone went dead when he walked in here.
I don't know what to say.
I haven't seen your friend.
See, something's not adding up here, so I might have to call the police on this one.
Yeah, of course.
Let me know if there's anything I can do to help.
And right on cue Hello.
Someone just came in and asked for Thomas Magnum.
Were they HPD? No, but he said he was gonna contact them.
Stay there.
I'll send men over in case he comes back.
Yes, Mr.
Now I should be able to get Shima's number.
But his phone was out of frame.
We didn't see what he dialed.
No, we didn't see it, we heard it.
Every touch tone is a distinct combination of two frequencies.
Isolating the call.
We have Shima's number.
Okay, I'm in.
There are a lot of messages to weed through.
This could take some time.
Try searching, uh, "toxin," or-or "poison.
" Okay.
I found a text thread.
Looks like this is the guy that supplied the poison.
Did it say what poison it is? Mm, no, but I can narrow down his location, and then, we can just ask him ourselves.
So, how does a Vietnamese woman end up being a bodyguard for the head of the yakuza? Ah.
I'm used to talking things through with a partner.
Yup, well, I'm not your partner.
No, you're not, but you might be the last person I work with.
I spent most of my twenties in prison.
When I got out, it was hard to make ends meet.
One night, I was hanging at an underground card room, a known gang hot spot.
Shima and his men were there.
Place got raided by HPD.
And there was no way I was going back to prison, so, I took down a few cops to get away.
Turns out by doing that, Shima was able to escape, too.
Couple days later, he recruited me.
If you're as good at your job as Shima says you are, it means at least two things You're smart and tough.
So much else you could be doing with your life.
You trying to rehabilitate me? We tracked down all the rideshare cars that were in the area.
Turns out you were right.
It's got to be tough to admit.
A driver with a dash cam drove by before the kidnapping.
Recorded a black Taurus staked out in front of Kota's apartment.
We tracked it back to Soko.
You're kidding.
It's a warehouse owned by Jumak.
They're a Korean gang.
Yeah, I know.
Well, what you might not know is that they used to be our rivals.
But we've had a long-standing truce.
We're technically still in a truce, but after they wrongfully accused us of stealing a drug shipment last month, tensions have been high.
So you think this kidnapping could have something to do with the stolen drugs? If Jumak is behind this, Shima will end the truce immediately.
And the island's two biggest gangs would go to war.
Oahu would become a battleground.
The collateral damage could be massive.
Guess you just got another reason to find Shima's kid.
Okay, I got into the poison supplier's burner, but he's using a spoofing app, so zeroing in on his location is gonna take a minute.
What's the word? I spoke with Noelani.
Giving her Magnum's symptoms and timeline only narrowed down the potential poisons to about a hundred.
Now even if we had a sample of his blood, there wouldn't be enough time to run it through a mass spectrometer.
So, what are you saying? I'm saying our best bet is - to go after the antidote directly.
- "Our"? Look, I know my hands are usually tied, but Magnum's life is on the line.
I'll do whatever it takes to help.
Thank you, Gordon.
I've got the poison supplier's location, but it was only able to narrow it down to a remote street in the Waianae foothills.
Looks like there's eight houses on that street.
We can't go busting into all of 'em.
Hang on.
Uh, I have an idea.
I saw something installed on this guy's phone.
It's an app.
Here it is.
It measures kilowatt hours.
Yeah, that's how solar power is measured.
About one in every three houses on this rock has solar.
If we see which of those eight houses has panels, we could get lucky.
I'll get in the air and start looking at rooftops.
Jin, you afraid of heights? No, just spiders.
Why? You're rolling with me.
Four eyes is better than two.
Rick and I will drive there, and you guys can tell us what you see.
I'll shake down some CIs, see if I can get any lead on whoever's babysitting Magnum.
Let's keep each other in the loop, okay? What's going on? When Tower told me what you uncovered, I had no choice but to call for a Chigu.
Chigu? It's where two bosses meet to hash things out with their men at a neutral location a parlay.
Is what Tower relayed to me accurate? It's, uh, yeah, it's Your symptoms It seems you are getting me answers just in time.
Uh, yeah, yeah, I was saying that, uh, I don't have proof yet, but all signs point to Jumak.
Then the Chigu will happen.
Later today.
Shima, I need that antidote.
I didn't hire you to figure out who took my son.
I hired you to get him back.
You only have a few hours left, so do it while you still have time.
According to TC and Jin, that has got to be our poison supplier's house.
You okay? Truthfully? Not really.
I mean, I'm holding it together, obviously, but thinking about losing Thomas is making me Scared? And angry.
I think about what life would be like without him.
And then I think what I would do to whoever took him away.
I know how you feel.
Trust me.
We all do.
But what we need to do right now is be on our A game for Thomas.
You're right.
Okay, let's go.
I've got your back.
I got yours.
How can I help? Now, you gave Osi Shima a poison, and he used it on our friend.
What did you give him? You realize what Shima will do to me if I tell you? I'd be worried about what she's gonna do to you, pal.
Okay! It was a cholinesterase inhibitor.
Now tell us again as if we're not scientists.
It's a deadly poison used in nerve agents for chemical warfare.
Am I gonna have to choke you to death, or are you gonna help us? I can help! Easy.
Just grabbing a vial.
Give me that.
Is that the antidote? No, it's atropine sulfate.
It won't cure your friend, but it'll pause the symptoms and buy him some more time.
- Okay.
So where's the antidote? - I don't have it.
Really? I swear, I don't have it, and neither does Shima.
I told him I had the poison, but not the antidote.
Closest place to find it is a lab on Maui.
Shima said the poison alone would be fine.
If Shima doesn't have the antidote Then he never had any intention of curing Thomas.
Tell us about this lab.
This is the place.
Black Taurus that staked out Kota must be around back.
But this is as far as we can go.
If the Taurus came straight here, there's still a chance Kota's son could be inside.
Which is why you're going in.
Min and I can't risk Jumak seeing our faces here.
I don't understand.
Your boss's son could be inside, and you don't want to help look for him? You're only screwed if you get caught.
It's not about us.
Shima called a Chigu with the Jumak boss.
So they're already in negotiations about the terms of the meet.
He's right.
If we get caught, that jeopardizes everything.
The fragile peace between our two organizations falls apart, and Shima wouldn't want that.
He loves his son, but he loves the yakuza more.
I guess I'm going in alone.
Not exactly.
Stay in touch.
Sure thing.
You good? Yeah.
If I'm not back in ten minutes, something went very badly.
See anything yet? No sign of Kota yet.
I hear them.
Do not get caught.
Thanks for the advice.
I was really thinking about getting caught until you said that.
Yeah, I-I see the Taurus.
Checking it out now.
Find anything? There's nothing here.
I'm heading back in.
They're coming back.
Just get back here, okay? What was that? You okay? Are you there? Thomas? Thomas?! What are you doing? Leaving.
What are you doing? - Going in after him.
- Min.
He got caught with an earpiece.
The Chigu's in two hours.
Shima'd be pissed if you went in there.
Shima also said not to let Magnum out of our sight.
So pick your poison.
No pun intended.
Hey! You're on your own.
I know.
Don't make me ask twice.
What are you doing here? I'm gonna be honest with you.
I'm not well.
I can't see.
I got this bad cough.
I actually thought this was a Walgreens.
Very well.
You're about to feel a lot worse.
Last chance.
Yeah, I got nothing.
- Are you all right? - Yeah.
Thank you.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Even though you didn't listen to my advice about not getting caught.
I did my best.
Who are you? What do you mean? I mean, when I first starting showing symptoms, it-it seemed like you actually cared.
What can I say? Gangster with a heart of gold.
No, I'm not buying it.
When you took out those men, you-you fired your gun in a weaver stance.
That's something they teach at HPD tac training.
You also used Krav Maga.
That's something else that they teach at HPD.
Look, if you are who I think you are, you know you can trust me.
How long you been undercover? Two years.
Special unit of the HPD Gang Task Force.
So, that time you saved Shima at the, uh the raid You set that all up? It was the only way to earn my way in into the yakuza.
Well done.
Look, I wish I knew more about the poison, but Shima didn't loop me in on it.
It's fine.
I got help.
Is there anything else that you can tell me about Jumak that could potentially link them to the kidnapping? I'm guessing you'll find out more than I know from the phone that you grabbed.
But it has been tense lately, and there are some yakuza who are fed up with the truce.
They think it's time for a change.
A war might be inevitable.
Damn it.
Look, I got to go.
But first I need a favor.
Yeah? I need you to shoot me.
Why? Tower knows I went in to get you.
Shima's gonna ask why I didn't bring you back.
I got to tell him something.
Trust me, it'll look better with a gunshot wound.
- You can blow cover.
- I'd rather take the bullet.
I didn't waste two years of my life when I am this close.
If you don't shoot me, I'm gonna do it myself.
All right.
Shoot here.
And try not to hit bone.
On the count of three.
One Mother! Nice count.
Works every time.
- You all right? - No, you just shot me.
Here's your phone back.
Call your friends.
You don't need a ride? Nah, I'll steal one of theirs.
I'll see you soon, Thomas.
See ya.
It's Magnum.
Or someone calling from his phone.
- Thomas? - Hey.
Uh, thank God.
- Are you okay? - Yeah, I'm fine for now.
- Where are you? - Kapolei.
Okay, we're on our way.
We'll meet you at the guesthouse.
The phone you lifted should be uploaded soon, but in the meantime, this should keep your symptoms at bay, - at least for a few hours.
- Yeah, well, I'll take what I can get.
You know, um, being forced to work without you has-has reminded me of something.
What's that? How much more work I do than you do.
I mean it's not even close.
We can debate that later.
For now, it's just good to have you back.
It's good to be back.
TC and Jin are almost to Maui.
They should make it to the lab and return with the antidote soon.
Yeah, well, we don't have much time to find Shima's son before he calls off the truce.
He's meeting the head of Jumak soon.
You still want to solve this case? Shima doesn't even have the antidote.
Yeah, well, TC'll come through.
It's not about finding the antidote anymore.
It's about stopping a war from breaking out.
Well, forgive me for being selfish, but if two gangs want to take each other out, I'd prefer that over you putting yourself jeopardy.
Nah, Magnum's right.
Last time there was a war like this, crime, drive-by shootings, civilian casualties They all skyrocketed.
Okay, the phone's uploaded.
I'll see what I can find.
Yeah, I also found something, uh, that was interesting at the warehouse.
The car that supposedly was used to stake out Shima's son had dust all over it.
Cobwebs on the tires.
Means it probably hadn't been driven - for at least a few days.
- Yeah.
So if that car wasn't used to stake out Shima's son, then your source was either lying or wrong.
Who was it? - It was Tower.
- Shima's guy? Yeah.
Tower led us to the warehouse, and Min said that a lot of the yakuza guys are fed up with the gang truce and want some change.
My gut's telling me that Tower is-is framing Jumak to start a war.
Good theory, but all we have so far is a dusty car.
No, I might have more.
It looks like this phone belonged to the Jumak boss's right hand man.
With this number, I have the cell of every single Jumak member on Oahu.
- What'd you find? - Well, it's what I didn't find.
So, on the night of the kidnapping, there are no orders, or updates or anything regarding Kota on this phone, or on any phone that it was in contact with.
The only messages exchanged that night were about some UFC fight.
So no one from Jumak was anywhere near Shima's son that night.
And if Tower's making a power grab and trying to frame 'em, he's got to be the guy that grabbed Kota.
Yeah, yeah.
I'll take it a step further and say that Tower had something to do with the stolen drugs that Jumak is blaming on the yakuza.
That makes sense.
Okay, we need to get to Tower's and see if we can find any clues as to where Shima's son is.
I'll have units standing by.
The second you guys find anything, we'll move in.
But you guys are gonna have to go without me.
Why? I got to try and crash a meeting and stop a gang war from breaking out on Oahu.
Was pretty bold of you to kick the door open like that.
Not really.
I mean, we have the benefit of knowing Tower's at his big meeting, so Yeah, but I feel like he's the type of guy who would like a big muscly dog, you know, to compensate for having a small brain.
No sign of Kota.
Well, I found the next best thing.
What are you searching for? Whatever he was searching for.
I'm looking at his recent activity.
Uh, that's a livestream of Kota.
Looks like he's alone.
No guards.
He clearly isn't going anywhere.
Tower must have wanted to keep eyes on his insurance plan.
- Can you enlarge it? - Yeah.
Zoom in on the window.
These cranes that's what they use to build condominiums.
Only place on this side of the island with that much construction is Ward Village.
If I can triangulate the position of the cranes, I could figure out which building he's in.
I'll call Katsumoto.
You set up this dance.
- You start.
- Gladly.
We never stole any of your shipments.
So, if that was your motivation for taking my son, I'll give you one last chance to come clean now before calling off the truce.
I have nothing to come clean about.
And quite frankly, the accusation is offensive.
Shima, Thomas Magnum is here.
He says it's urgent.
Who's that? He's with me.
This better be important.
It is.
You might want to apologize to your friend here.
He had nothing to do with the kidnapping.
How do you know? Because I know who took Kota.
Who? Tower.
What? That's ridiculous.
He's right.
It's a dangerous accusation.
- Just hear me out.
- Why should he? Because I gain nothing by being here.
I know you don't have the antidote.
I'm a dead man walking, but I still came here to stop a war from breaking out.
Tower tracked a car that was supposedly staking out your son to a Jumak warehouse.
That car hadn't been driven in weeks.
All right, he lied about that car to start a war.
If your two gangs take each other out, a new yakuza rises with, I'm assuming, him as the boss.
The wrong car? That just proves I only had bad intel.
Is that really all you got? As a matter of fact, no.
I tracked every burner from every member of Jumak the night of the kidnapping.
Not a single one was anywhere near your son.
Oh, and one more thing.
Your missing drugs I found 'em.
And Tower's prints were all over 'em.
How the hell did you find those drugs? I have my ways.
You framed your boss and kidnapped his son.
Look, all this tension between Jumak and the yakuza? That was Tower.
He was playing you two against each other.
So, how do you wish to die? We can negotiate.
I still have your son.
You! Wrong again.
My friends have his son.
He was in a building in Ward Village, stashed away.
You're gonna have to deal with HPD, but your son is alive and well.
And my shipment of drugs? Where are they? I have no idea.
- I never saw 'em.
- What? I knew Tower was behind the theft, so I lied about the prints.
But I have no doubt your men will able to get the truth out of him.
See you around, Tower.
Now that I'm better, you can go ahead and admit that you were worried about me.
Thomas, the only thing I'm worried about is you coming to the conclusion that somehow, you do more work than I do.
Clearly, I was joking.
Yeah, but there's a kernel of truth to every joke, as they say.
Well, they also say that if somebody avoids death by way of poisoning, you should probably cut them a little bit of slack.
I'm not familiar with that saying.
It's very common, lots of people all around know it.
All right, so, I wasn't worried about you at all, and you clearly do more work than I do.
Sounds about right.
- Hey.
- Uh, glad you could join us, TM.
Well, you know, good to be back.
How you feeling, man? It was a rough couple days, but I think I'm pretty much back at full strength now.
Good, cause we're gonna need all the strength we can get.
Is that the team we're up against? Whoa.
They're a lot bigger than we are.
Holy crap.
They even have their own Jin.
Jin, there's only one Jin.
- Is it him or me? - You.
Hey, come on, guys.
Don't worry about the other team, all right? It doesn't matter if they're bigger and stronger, and clearly have a more handsome Jin than we do.
I never said he was more handsome.
Yeah, Thomas is right.
We just got to work together and remember what we practiced.
But I will say they look more like a team than we do.
Yeah, the matching T-shirts are a nice touch.
Hold on.
I-I think I have an idea.
Stay here.
Okay, well, you know, Jin, just 'cause we're wearing the T-shirts doesn't mean you're gonna get the charity money.
All right? Okay, we'll discuss it after we get the win.
- Okay? - Okay.
Okay, here we go.
Three two one.
Begin! Hold! Hold! Hold! Hold! Now! Huki! Huki! Huki! Huki! Huki! Huki! Huki! Huki! Huki! Huki! Huki! Huki! Huki! The winners! Yay!
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