Magnum P.I. (2018) s04e16 Episode Script

Evil Walks Softly

1 These damn drills always happen at the worst time.
Building management never sent any notice about a drill.
Probably just a technical glitch.
Oh, crap, I left my phone inside.
Uh Okay, run in and grab it for me.
I don't think it's a good idea to go inside.
Oh, come on.
You just said yourself, it's a glitch.
- We don't know that.
- Okay, you know what? Fine.
I'll go.
Thanks for nothing.
Why are we doing this again? "Running Diamond Head is the key to an ass that doesn't quit," were your exact words, I believe.
Yeah, that sounds like something I'd say.
Look, it can't be that bad.
Magnum does this twice a week.
Yeah, how is Magnum these days? Kumu said he's single again.
Yeah, he is.
Why? You interested? Me? No.
But I could see you two together.
Oh, God.
Not you, too.
Everyone's trying to ship us at the moment.
It's weird.
Come on, you've never considered it? Look, stalling is not gonna make this hike any easier.
- Mm-hmm.
- I have an idea.
How about we race to the top? Loser buys brunch.
- You're on.
- Okay.
Well, I guess, uh, I guess brunch is on me, then.
Okay, how about this? I will buy brunch, but we've got to talk about Miggins.
Miggins? Yeah.
I thought it sounded better than Jomas or-or Tuliet.
Listen, I am very happy to let you buy me brunch, but, um, I think you're gonna be disappointed.
There's nothing to discuss.
Wait, what is that? Oh, my God.
All right.
You got it? What you got, Duke? Bomb squad said it was a small fertilizer bomb.
Looks like it was placed in a utility closet right on top of a gas line, which compounded the blast when it ruptured.
Casualties? As of now, we have three deceased, 20 injured.
But it could've been worse.
Someone set off the fire alarm.
The building was mostly evacuated when the device went off.
Yeah, they must've seen the bomb and pulled the alarm to warn everyone.
Any leads who could've done this? Well, FBI's en route, but no one's claimed responsibility.
I don't think it's terror-related.
Let's go.
Those look like power cables that connect to a security camera.
Probably had an angle on the entrance.
Must've been destroyed in the blast.
There's no data cable, which means the footage was streamed to an online database.
If the bomber passed through these doors, there's a chance he was caught on camera.
What you're seeing is footage from just before the bombing.
The suspect, seen here entering the building with a backpack, exits just moments later without one.
HPD is asking the public's help in identifying this individual.
Anyone with information is urged to call the HPD tip line.
Since the bombing, HPD has been coordinating efforts with the Honolulu fire department and paramedics to restore order to the scene.
Police stand by Hard to believe something like that could happen here.
Well, it's a small island.
Hopefully, it won't be long before someone recognizes the bomber and turns him in.
Those first responders got a long day ahead of them.
I wish there was something we could do to help.
Hey, we got a restaurant.
We got plenty of food and water to spare.
Why don't we go downtown and serve up some grinds.
That sounds good to me.
You in, Kumu? Let's do this.
All right.
At this time, motive for the attack remains unknown.
While Oahu Water and Power have yet to determine the extent of the structural damage, emergency vehicles continue to circle the scene, treating the shaken and injured.
Police stand by on high alert as Hey.
Any updates? Uh, there were a couple businesses that could've been targeted, but HPD doesn't think it was terrorism.
And any more casualties? Well, they haven't found any more bodies, but they're still sifting through the debris, so could be a matter of time.
There's someone at the gate.
Hello? Can I help you? Hi.
Uh, my name is Nora Simmons.
I'm looking for Thomas Magnum and Juliet Higgins.
I need help.
It's urgent.
I'm sorry to just be showing up like this, but I-I didn't know who else to turn to.
I mean, we-we want to help you.
Um, but I have to ask, are you all right? The bomb this morning.
Yeah, it's pretty shocking.
Did you know somebody who was impacted by the blast? No.
But that explosion is why I'm here.
Did you see that footage on the news of the bomber? I think everyone's seen it by now.
Well, the man with the backpack that everyone's looking for? I think he's my son.
This is my son, Ryder.
I mean, you can only see the bottom of his face in the video.
Are you sure it's him? Believe me, I wish I wasn't.
But I'm his mother.
I know how he moves, and I've seen that face every day for the last 19 years.
I'd recognize him anywhere.
Have you heard from Ryder since the explosion? Been trying his cell phone ever since I saw the video, but his phone's off.
Has he ever given any indication that he would do something like this? Ryder doesn't give me much of anything anymore.
Things haven't really been the same ever since his dad died last year.
Ryder, he's just become angry.
Started getting into trouble.
I get that he feels lost.
I do, too.
But every time I try to help him, it turns into an argument.
Every time he looks at me, it's like he's reminded that his dad is gone.
I know I'm doing my best, but I just don't think I'm enough anymore.
When was the last time you saw Ryder? Last night.
He left around 10:00.
I should've asked where he was going.
I just assumed he was with friends.
And then the video came out.
There is an HPD detective who we have complete trust in, and we can put you in contact with No.
No, please.
I know how these manhunts can end.
That's why I came to you instead of the police.
I need you to find Ryder before they do so that he can be turned in safely.
Even if he's done something unforgivable, he's still my boy.
For the record, I'm not sure this is the right call.
And if Nora is right, then we're sitting on valuable intel that could be of great help to HPD.
And if she's wrong? Do you know what's gonna happen to her family? The first thing the cops will do is kick in their door.
Then they're gonna tear the house apart looking for evidence.
Intimate details of their lives will be made public.
You know, when we escaped that POW camp, the media was all over our friends and family.
Camping out in front of their houses, calling at all hours of the day.
It was like they were under siege.
And you didn't even do anything wrong.
Now, can you imagine what it's gonna be like for Nora? I mean, we can't put her through that until we have more information.
And I suppose if we point HPD towards Ryder and he isn't, in fact, the bomber, then it would be a massive waste of their time and resources.
So let's just start by searching Ryder's room.
Maybe there's something in there that can give him an alibi.
- That looks great.
- Here you go, buddy.
Fellas, thank you.
Thank you so much.
Thanks for everything, guys.
Here you go.
- Hey, Kumu.
- Yeah? Which cooler did you say was out of water? Oh, the one by the medic's station.
Thank you.
Uh, buddy? What's going on? Don't look now, but there's a firefighter standing next to a tree talking to an EMT.
Who's that? - Her name's Mahina.
- Ooh, she's cute.
What'd you do? Oh, come on.
What makes you think TC did anything? An innocent man doesn't hide behind a tent flap when he sees a pretty girl.
- Good point.
- Yeah.
Well? We met a few years ago at Likeke Falls.
Had a nice little vibe.
I got her number.
Took her on an incredible date.
We stayed up all night talking.
And then I blew it.
How so? I never called her.
Oh, TC, are you serious? Come on, it's not that bad.
You know, what's the big deal? Oh, the big deal is TC is too much of a gentleman to kiss and tell.
When he says they stayed up all night "talking," it's a euphemism for staying up all night and doing very little talking.
Look, I felt terrible.
One-night stands, you know, that's not my thing.
Well, if the date went so well, how come you never called her? I swear I was going to, but the day after Mahina and I went out, Teresa shows up at La Mariana.
The Teresa who broke your heart? Yeah.
And that threw me for a loop.
And I just wasn't in a good place to start seeing someone new.
Well, it sounds like you made a good call, but i-it's not like Mahina knows any of that.
And I hate to break it to you, pal, but she probably thinks you're a really big jerk.
And she's probably really pissed.
You know, they should change that saying to "hell hath no fury like a woman ghosted.
" - Oh, I like that.
That's good.
- Yeah, right? Excuse me? - Oh.
- Didn't mean to interrupt.
Uh, I was just wondering if you guys had any more napkins? Uh Yeah.
Um Oh.
I just need a couple.
Oh okay.
Food's great, by the way.
Thank you.
- Mahalo.
- Yay.
She doesn't remember me.
Hate to break it to you, TC, but, uh, looks like Mahina ghosted you.
Ryder's room is just down the hall.
That's Ryder with his dad, Jimmy, back when we had a boat.
Look happy.
We were.
Used to go fishing every weekend.
But after Jimmy passed, I couldn't keep up with the bills.
Had to sell the boat.
The family who owns it now lives on the mainland.
They're barely even around to take it out.
Nora, after your husband passed, was there anyone that Ryder turned to for support? Someone that might know where he would've gone? We do have a neighbor a couple doors down.
He's always looking out for everyone in the neighborhood.
Ryder's gotten closer to him in the last couple months.
I think he sees him as a father figure.
You think you could maybe ask him to come by? Sure, I-I can call him now.
I'll look at his laptop.
If Ryder was behind the bombing, there's sure to be some sign of his involvement in here.
Got his phone.
He may have left it behind to avoid being tracked.
Well, that's not a good sign.
No, it's not.
Okay, well, there's nothing in his search history to suggest that he was building a bomb.
But Well, this isn't good.
Three days ago, he had a job interview at the building where the bomb went off.
He didn't get it.
I mean, you don't think that's what could have motivated this, do you? No, I think it's a bit of a stretch.
Yeah, but it still is quite coincidental.
Maybe he took the interview to case the building.
That makes sense, but we still don't know why he would do this.
I'm sorry to interrupt, but Pete's here.
Look, I know Ryder's been through some stuff, but I just don't believe he could do anything like this.
I mean, why would he? Well, all we know for sure right now is that Ryder's been unaccounted for since last night.
Do you have any idea where he could be? What is it? Sometimes he'd swing by my place to talk things out after you guys had a fight.
When things got really bad, he'd sneak off to Secret Beach, camp out there till he calmed down.
I-I'm sorry.
I-I should've told you.
- No, i-it's okay, Pete.
- Do you think he could be there right now? Well, it's possible, but like I said, I just don't see Ryder being responsible.
He's a good kid.
You hear that? It's the police.
How did they know? Get one right over there.
It's gonna be okay.
- Gordie's with them.
- Yeah.
I bet he's gonna be really pleased to see us here.
Go, go, go.
I don't get it.
What led them here? Somebody must have recognized Ryder from the video and called the tip line.
The hell you two doing here? Mrs.
Simmons is our client.
She thought she recognized her son from the video footage that you released, and she hired us to bring him in safely.
And you didn't think to tell me? We had no real evidence - that Ryder's the bomber.
- No.
This isn't like all the other times you withheld something from HPD.
From me.
This is different.
Gordie, you got here without our help.
Ryder Simmons is suspected of killing three people and putting 20 into the ICU.
Do you know how much worse this would have been if somebody hadn't pulled the fire alarm? Why would you protect him? Gordon, that's not what we're doing.
By keeping this from me, that's exactly what you're doing.
Simmons, I'm Detective Katsumoto.
I'm gonna need you to come with me, please.
- Am-am I under arrest? - No.
I just have a few questions about your son.
It's okay, Nora.
Go with him.
It's okay.
I'll meet you there.
Go ahead.
If you know what's good for you, you're gonna stay the hell out of this one.
Well, that could've gone better.
HPD's under a ton of pressure to find Ryder.
And who knows how he'll react when confronted by the police, which means we got to find him before they do.
I agree, but we don't have any leads.
Maybe we should try that campsite that Pete mentioned.
I don't think that'll work.
I saw a sleeping bag in Ryder's closet.
I don't think he'd go camping without it.
You know, when I was younger and going through some tough times, I would go to this field where my dad taught me how to play baseball.
You know, just being there somehow made me feel closer to him.
Helped me sort things out.
So you think maybe Ryder's gone somewhere that makes him feel like you did at that field.
He thinks that he has no one to turn to, so it makes sense he would go somewhere that can help him feel safe.
Maybe maybe their old boat fits the bill.
I mean, Nora said it was incredibly important to them.
And the new family that bought it live on the mainland, so it's probably unoccupied.
Typically, when a boat is sold, the slip will be included in the sale, so I'm gonna check the Hawaii DLNR and see where the Simmons docked the boat.
Unless the new owners have moved it, it's probably still there.
You all right? Yeah, yeah.
Just The more I learn about Nora and Ryder The fights, the way they're growing apart It just kind of reminds me of some of the things I put my mom through when I was younger.
How so? After my dad died, my mom did her best to fill out the role of both parents, but things got tougher as I got older.
Kind of loss was That was the hardest thing I ever had to deal with.
Your uncle helped raise you, though, right? Yeah, yeah, but you can't replace a lost father.
You know? There was a time in my life when I was a lot like Ryder.
I was just distant and angry.
And seeing how hard this has been on Nora just kind of makes me wish I could go back and do things differently.
Anything on the boat? Oh.
Seems when the Simmons owned the boat, they docked it at Kainani Marina.
All right.
Okay, we got to go back to La Mariana to get some more food.
You guys think you can hold down the fort? Don't worry, we got this.
Anything else you need packed up? You know what? I left a cooler over there in the tent.
- Could you grab it for me? - Yeah, no problem.
Mahina doesn't remember.
You-You're fine.
- You got nothing to worry about.
- Yeah.
It won't be weird unless you make it weird.
Thanks, guys.
Very helpful.
Excuse me.
Um do you remember me? Uh, yeah.
Napkin guy.
No, we-we've met before.
My name's TC.
We went on a date a couple of years ago? Dinner at Moku Kitchen? Dessert at Pipeline? We had a great time, just I never called.
And, so, you just came over to tell me that? Uh, no.
See, I came to apologize.
Because after we went out, I ended up going through some stuff, and it just wouldn't have been fair to drag you into all of that.
- So I wanted to say sorry because - Let me guess.
It wasn't me, it was you? Yeah.
And I am obviously way more torn up about this than you are.
Well, hey, don't beat yourself up.
No harm, no foul.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
Was that as painful as it looked? You made it weird, didn't you? This is it.
Doesn't look like anyone's been here in months.
I saw the same wrappers in Ryder's bedroom this morning.
Maybe he's still here.
Take it easy.
We're not here to hurt you, Ryder.
How do you know my name? Look, just, uh come out so we can talk, okay? Look, it's all right.
We're not with the police.
How do you know who I am? Your mom hired us to find you.
But after what happened this morning, I think pretty much everybody on the island knows your name by now.
- Did anyone get hurt? - Yeah.
About 20 people.
And three are dead.
Oh, God.
I tried to get them out.
It was you who pulled the fire alarm, wasn't it? Why did you plant a bomb if you didn't want anyone to get hurt? I didn't have a choice.
What do you mean? Did somebody force you to do this? Ryder? No.
No, I I'm sorry.
I-I-I can't.
Just take me in.
Ryder, we're going to hand you over to a police detective who is a trusted colleague.
Whatever's going on, he might be able to help, so I'd talk to him.
Oh, my God! Hey.
Get cuffs on him.
I'm sorry, Ma.
Okay, just hang on.
You don't have to say anything until we get you a lawyer.
It's okay.
I don't need one.
I want to make a confession.
My name is Ryder Simmons.
I planted the bomb that went off this morning.
Alone? Yeah.
Just me.
Ryder, why? It doesn't matter.
Book him.
Put him in interrogation.
I love you, Ma.
I'm sorry.
He told us that he didn't have a choice.
Yeah, so why's he lying to the cops? So, you did it because you were angry? Well, your story seems pretty consistent with what we've uncovered.
I just have a few questions about the device itself.
What about it? The thing about improvised explosives is that they aren't always reliable.
Detonators, especially, can be tricky.
How did you make yours? It had a timer.
You-you push the button, and you got five minutes before it goes off.
Our bomb squad ID'd the device as a fertilizer bomb.
Right? Now, ammonium nitrate sales are closely monitored, so how'd you manage to get your hands on enough ANFO to make a bomb without tipping anyone off? Uh, it-it ain't hard if you know where to look.
- Then tell me how you knew - What does it matter? What's done is done.
It matters because I need to make sure no one ever does this again.
Now, where'd you get the ammonium nitrate? How is he? Your son just submitted a written confession.
The next thing we need to do is vet it.
Can I see him? It'll be a few hours before we can even consider that.
But if you want to help, I suggest taking this time to contact some lawyers on his behalf.
Come on, Nora.
I might know someone who can hook us up with a good attorney.
Thank you for all your help today.
If it weren't for you, I don't know what would've happened to Ryder.
I know that look.
What is it? Ryder's hiding something.
He's the one who pulled the fire alarm, and he told us he didn't have a choice.
He said that? Maybe he's just afraid to open up to you.
If we had five minutes with him Forget it.
Besides, I already know the kid's lying.
- How? - He couldn't answer a single question when I asked how he built the bomb.
Now, my guess is someone gave it to him and now he's covering for his coconspirators.
I don't think that's the case.
When we found him, he was absolutely terrified.
If he's in league with the people who built the bomb, then why would he have been so scared? Gordie, we think he was coerced into planting the bomb.
If Ryder was acting under duress, then he'd be looking at a few years in prison instead of the life sentence he's facing now.
But if he was scared enough to write a full confession, he's probably not gonna tell us the truth.
Then we're gonna have to find out the truth for ourselves.
These are the credible tips we received regarding Ryder's location this morning.
Okay, most of these tips focus on Ryder's movement after the explosion.
Did anybody call in saying that they had seen him before the bomb went off? Yeah.
If we could retrace his steps, we could figure out where he got the bomb and who gave it to him.
We received a few tips from that time period.
I don't know how reliable they are.
We can get rid of these two that say the bomber was a woman.
Okay, well, here's something.
This says that they saw somebody with a hoodie and a backpack on Makele Street jump on a bus at around 6:45 a.
Makele Street.
Hang on.
Let me just look that up.
Well, that's just a mile from the Simmons' house.
Uh, look, there's a bus line.
Goes to downtown from Makele Street.
If that was Ryder, then Makele Street could've been the last place he went before planting the bomb.
Maybe that's where he met whoever it was that gave him the bomb.
Meet you there? No, you go on ahead.
I got to brief the prosecuting attorney.
- Okay.
- Hey, uh, Gordie, - uh, about earlier - Look, you're not sorry.
I'm not either.
Let's just call it even and get to the bottom of this, all right? Yeah.
- See you.
- Yeah.
What do you think Ryder was doing here? I'm not sure.
It's quite isolated.
You know what I don't get? - What's that? - If Ryder's so scared that he would lie and take the fall for this, why wasn't he afraid to pull the fire alarm? Maybe his conscience got the better of him in that moment.
Oh, hang on.
Check it out.
Kawamoto Orchid Nursery.
Katsumoto did say the explosive was a fertilizer bomb, right? And a business that regularly receives shipments of fertilizer wouldn't draw suspicion from the authorities.
It's worth a look.
They're supposed to be open.
Why close in the middle of the day? I don't know.
- Doesn't look like there's anyone here.
- Mm.
I'll search the grounds.
You take the store? Yeah.
Come here.
Look at this.
This is where the bomb was made.
Ryder must've stopped here before jumping on the bus downtown.
Right, and I think I know who made it.
I found this in the store.
Look who owns this place.
- That's Pete.
- Yeah.
Seems like the Simmons' friendly neighbor isn't so friendly.
- Hey.
- Hey.
So the Simmons' family friend Pete Ashby is the one who made the bomb, and could be the one leveraging Ryder.
That's not all.
We also found these.
Two sets of blueprints.
This one looks like the building - that was blown up.
- Yeah, that's what we thought, and we do not recognize the second building.
But the fact that Pete was interested in another location makes us wonder if there might be another bombing.
Well, it's hard to say when we don't even know why Pete wanted to blow up the first building.
If Ryder was comfortable enough to pull the fire alarm despite being under duress, maybe inflicting bodily harm wasn't the goal.
What else was damaged during the blast? Well, it was deliberately placed on top of a gas line, which compounded the explosion.
But if he wasn't going for mass casualties Then why else would you want to rupture a gas line? If that gas is exposed to an electric spark, it could set off another explosion.
So, in order to make repairs, the city has to shut down a major power grid that's connected to a three-mile radius downtown.
So you think Pete did this to shut off power to a portion of the city? If I'm right, the building in this second blueprint might be within that radius.
Look, this is where the bomb went off, and the second building has partial terraces on the south and east side of the structure.
Okay, I think I found it.
And it appears that this building is leased by the federal government.
That's not just any government building.
It's where cash that's been removed from circulation is held before it's sent to the Federal Reserve to be destroyed.
So if this building loses power, what happens to the security measures? Well, it's got alarms, cameras, a four-point time locking vault, but when you cut the power the only thing standing between you and millions in unmarked bills is a handful of security guards.
So this wasn't just about a bombing.
Pete's planning a heist.
- When do they shut the power off? - They already have.
So he could be pulling this job right now.
45 minutes till the power comes back.
Let's do this.
No, no, the hell is going on? - What the hell? - I don't know.
The power grid's still shut down.
I don't get it.
This building's not supposed to have a backup system.
So where's the power coming from? It was nice of the fire department to loan us the genny.
Exactly how long are you planning on leaving them in there? Eh, if we let 'em stew a little bit longer, they'll be good and ready to turn on each other once we get to the precinct.
What's the matter? Thought you'd be happy.
We got our guys.
Even though Ryder was forced to plant the bomb, he's still going to prison.
Nora just lost her husband, now she's got to lose her son for who knows how many years.
But if it weren't for you two, he'd be facing life.
And if he cooperates, he could be out in a few years.
He'll still have his whole future ahead of him.
Mom? Mom I'm so sorry, Mom.
I'm so sorry.
Why didn't you come to me if you were in trouble? I could've helped you.
Pete was gonna have you killed if I didn't do what he said.
Mom, I couldn't lose you, too.
Oh, sweetheart.
Just finished questioning one of Pete Ashby's accomplices.
Turns out our orchid farmer is a career criminal who up until now has never been caught.
But we matched his prints to a set recovered at the scene of a bank robbery last year, and we think he could be connected to a few others.
Did any of Pete's crew say why they chose Ryder to plant the bomb? They needed a fall guy.
They knew we wouldn't stop until we had a suspect.
Pete must have seen how vulnerable Ryder was after his dad died.
Knew a young man like that could be easily manipulated.
Figured he'd make the ideal patsy.
Ooh, nice.
So, Maleah, how was the hike this morning? Brutal.
We ended up running the trail.
Sounds like you need - a piña colada.
- Yeah.
Coconut's good for rehydrating, right? Uh, TC, think someone's here to see you, pal.
Okay, I'll be right back.
So, how'd you know where to find me? You said you just bought this place when we went on that date a couple years ago.
Ah, so you do remember.
I was surprised to see you today, and after you ghosted me, figured I should play it cool.
- Cool? - Mm-hmm.
Yeah, cool is an understatement.
I might've overcompensated, but you treated me like a random hookup.
- Look, I swear it wasn't like that.
- Okay, but the way you behaved back then says otherwise.
I was embarrassed when you didn't call.
Look, Mahina, I could tell you the full story but that wouldn't do any good.
I screwed up.
I know.
And I'm sorry I hurt you.
Well, if you really want to make it up to me, I'll let you buy me dinner.
Well, how about I do you one better? How about dinner and a phone call tomorrow? Okay.
Magnum? I come bearing gifts.
Over here.
I see you've already started.
Well, consider these reinforcements.
Thank you.
Very thoughtful.
I also came to see how you were doing.
I'm okay.
I just know that being reminded of a rough time in your life isn't easy, and I don't think it could've been as bad as you think.
I find it very hard to believe that a man as upstanding as yourself could ever have tormented his mother so.
Well You know, I did, uh apply to the Naval Academy when I was 18 and didn't tell my mom until after I got accepted.
I thought she'd be proud, but no, she was angry.
And looking back, I-I can see why.
I mean, she already lost my father, you know? So And she couldn't bear the thought of losing you as well.
Back then, uh, people would tell me that I was brave for enlisting, but I think a part of me does feel like it was selfish to follow in my father's footsteps.
I can't help but think that after everything that she did for me all the sacrifices That enlisting somehow made her feel like she wasn't enough.
Magnum, after everything you've said about her, I know that your mother loved you very much.
And a big part of that kind of love is letting somebody go and allowing them to become whoever it is they're meant to be, you know? Yeah, but, uh why do I feel so guilty? Because, well, blaming yourself is far easier than missing her as much as you do.
Look you shouldn't have any regrets.
Your mother would be very proud of the man you are today.
Thanks, Higgy.
Stay for a beer? Mm.
You know, I think my mom would've really liked you.
I'm sure I would've liked her, too.

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