Magnum P.I. (2018) s04e17 Episode Script

Remember Me Tomorrow

Here we go.
Bottoms up.
Mmm, mmm.
You know I love taste-test day.
Hmm? - What? - Uh Not to stifle your creativity, but, uh, is there fish in this smoothie? Fish oil.
Rich in omega-3s.
Plus, we got leafy greens, antioxidants.
That right there is a tall glass of pure health.
Yeah, you can't put that on the menu.
Oh, no, no.
That's not for the menu.
That's for Suzy.
She gets back today, so I got to, you know, step it up.
That smoothie has all the nutrients that she and the baby need.
It ain't gonna help if she throws it up.
Oh, come on.
It can't be that bad.
Good God, man.
How can you let me drink that? Mm-hmm.
Morning, gents.
- Good morning, Higgy.
- Ooh.
You're looking dashing.
New shirt? Aw, nice of someone to notice.
Suzy's coming back today.
Oh, that's right.
How are you feeling about your imminent reunion? I'm a little nervous, hoping we can pick up where we left off, uh Hey, you want some breakfast? Uh, no, thank you.
I have already eaten this morning.
I'm actually just here to meet a woman named Ella, new client.
Where's TM? He's spending the day with a Vietnam vet in hospice.
Oh, it seems my client has just arrived.
- You ever speak to this client? - No.
We just exchange emails.
Why? Uh, 'cause "woman" might be pushing it a bit.
Missing pet? I'm gonna go with lost diary.
Higgins? Hi.
I'm Ella.
Hi, Ella.
It's lovely to meet you.
You can call me Juliet.
So, how can I help you? I need you to help me solve a triple homicide from 2017.
So what makes you so interested in a five-year-old murder case? It was the one case my mom couldn't let go.
She was a detective with HPD.
She worked on it until she died, just over two years ago.
I'm so sorry.
She didn't have enough time to solve it, so I want to do it for her.
Well, I would love to help you, but, um, it's just, given your age, I'm a little reluctant to continue without permission of a of a guardian.
I figured.
My dad dropped me off.
He's probably still in the car.
Hey, Dad.
She wants to talk to you.
Hello, Mr.
Vaughn, It's J Yes.
I just wanted to make sure you Right.
She, uh she does seem very grown-up.
If you're okay, then Okay.
Your father will be back to pick you up this afternoon.
So, uh, why don't you bring me up to speed on the case? Five years ago, Mr.
and Mrs.
Akamu and their daughter were shot and killed during a robbery.
They also had a 14-year-old son, but he snuck out to sleep at a friend's house, so he wasn't there.
He found them when he came home the next morning.
That's awful.
The Akamu case was the fourth in a string of robberies my mom was working on.
The case went cold, but She couldn't let it go.
Ella I just want to caution you not to get your hopes up.
It seems like your mother was incredibly thorough, and, honestly, Without any new information, it's very unlikely we'd be able to solve this.
But there is new information.
This came in the mail the week my mom died.
Only I just found it.
"If you want to solve the Akamu case, "look behind the abandoned house at 3285 Beaumont.
In a tree hollow.
" That's interesting.
So I went there.
Rang the bell.
I told the guy I left something in the woods before he moved in, and I asked if I could get it.
He slammed the door on me.
Well, that's rather rude.
Look, maybe we should loop in the police with this new information.
I have a friend in HPD, - and he would - Please don't tell him.
I'm worried, if we hand over the letter, I'll be kept out of this and no one will take it seriously.
Well I'm taking it very seriously.
Let's go.
Where? Back to 3285 Beaumont.
You call this a strip steak? It's plant-based.
Tastes just like meat, but it's better for you.
Lady, I'm gonna be dead before this comes out the other end.
Hey, uh, sorry to interrupt.
Is your name Bob? Who's asking? Um I'm Thomas Magnum.
I'm with, uh, We Honor Vets, and I just want to say, good to meet you.
Thanks, but-but no, thanks.
I d-didn't sign up for this, and I don't need to be honored, so sayonara, kid.
Well, uh, somebody signed you up.
Must've been my late wife.
Gloria hated the idea of me being left alone.
Look, I'm just here to keep you company, you know, vet to vet.
So, uh uh, we could exchange war stories, talk sports, watch some TV.
You know, whatever floats your boat.
You all right? No.
I have emphysema, genius.
Well, if there's anything I can do to make you more comfortable, just let me know.
You want to grant an old man his dying wish? Yeah.
Of course.
Then scram.
Scram and take-take take this fake steak with you.
Doesn't look like anyone's home.
Let's make sure, shall we? How? By finding out who lives here and getting their phone numbers, I can track their current location.
So you're hacking them.
Of course not.
That would be improper.
And illegal.
Look, can I trust that any of the tricks of the trade you learn today will never be copied? Indeed.
Coast is clear.
Let's go.
A lot of trees.
Let's split up.
All right.
Over here.
Right there.
Oh, yeah.
Give you a boost up? Okay.
Can you see inside? I found something.
- You got it? Okay.
- Yeah.
Okay, well done.
Here you go.
Is that a .
38? Yes.
How did you know that? A .
38 was used to kill the Akamus.
- That has to be the murder weapon.
- Yeah.
It seems our cold case just got a lot warmer.
Postmark indicates the letter was sent from the same area that the robbery/homicide took place.
Also, the author appears to be left-handed.
Ink smudges are a dead giveaway.
Unfortunately, one in ten people are left-handed.
Doesn't really narrow it down too much.
So, if we want any real answers, the items need to go to the crime lab.
And the Cold Case Squad.
Well, yeah, but, you know, they probably have their plates full, and Look, this is personal for the girl.
If we hand this stuff over, we're surely gonna get tossed aside.
And then who knows how long till Ella gets any answers? I thought I asked you to wait by the vending machines.
I figured it was more of a suggestion.
- Right.
- You look just like Phoebe.
You knew my mom? Mm-hmm.
So, you'll help us? I'll call the crime lab and ask for a favor.
We can go from there.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
Why don't we take a lunch break? You must be hungry.
No, I don't want to stop.
I'm fine.
Well, we're kind of in a holding pattern till we get the results back from the lab, so There has to be something more we can do.
We have to keep going.
Look, I understand your desire to do this for your mum, I really do, but I feel like there's something else going on here.
Am I wrong? Why don't you sit down.
Talk to me.
She was sick for a whole year.
It was really hard to watch.
One day, I was playing a video game, and she wanted me to read with her, but I didn't want to stop playing.
We had a fight.
I said really terrible things, then ran to my room and slammed the door.
The next morning, she was in a coma.
And a week later, she was gone.
The things I said What if she died thinking I meant it? Ella It took me only 15 minutes to tell how special you are and how much you loved your mum.
I'm certain that she knew it, too.
Okay? And even though you didn't get to have a proper goodbye, it doesn't change those ten years that you shared with her.
We can still keep going, right? Yeah, of course we can.
Maybe if-if we can figure out what your mum's last move was, we can just pick up where she left off.
Well, that's easy.
This is my mom's notebook.
She wrote this note a few weeks before she died.
"Talk to neighbors about Ellsworth"? Any idea what that means? I looked through everything, and there's no Ellsworth anywhere.
Well let's ask the neighbors, shall we? What part of "scram" did you not understand? Hold on, all right? Before you call security, I just want to let you know I stopped by Hy's Steak House and got you a real New York strip.
Well, you should've got a rib eye it has more flavor But since you insist Oh, boy.
Oh, man.
This is so good.
Almost makes me regret dying.
Almost? I lost so many buddies in 'Nam.
That knocked the worries right out of me.
It's my time to go, and I'm ready.
And that's why Gloria didn't need to bother with this, okay, 'cause I don't need all the fuss.
I get it, but, uh, you should know that Gloria is not the one who signed you up.
I actually put a call into We Honor Veterans, and they said it was your brother.
Danny did this? Yeah, yeah.
He just didn't want you to be alone in the end, that's all.
So, he roped you into it, hmm? So he didn't have to face me himself? Yeah.
Once a coward, always a coward.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to open up any old wounds or anything.
Oh, yeah, you want to open up something, open up that bottom drawer over there.
And pour me one.
Uh, you got to c-close that door there, 'cause that Nurse Ratched, she got eyes everywhere.
Yeah, that's good.
Now pour yourself one.
No, no, I-I really don't think I should You're gonna let a dying man drink alone? Hey, stranger.
- Hi.
- Oh.
Can I touch your belly, or is that weird? Go ahead.
It's your kid in there.
It's only weird when it's some ran do at the market.
Hey, kiddo.
Can't wait to meet you.
Uh Gosh, I can't believe you're really back.
We have so much to catch up on.
Yeah, we do.
Yeah, sit down.
Um Photos of your mural were amazing.
I mean, I know you loved the residency, but I'm really glad you're home.
Me, too.
And I'm not sure where you're staying, but I thought maybe you can crash at my pad.
I mean, you know, I figured we're having a baby Uh I'm actually renting a place.
I thought I told you.
Oh, y-yeah.
Must've forgot.
But maybe we can go to dinner tonight, just the two of us? Celebrate your return? Well, I was wondering what happens next with us, but I-I guess I just got my answer.
Rick, it's not This is not me blowing you off.
I've thought a lot about this, and I'm crazy about you.
I want to be with you.
And I think you feel the same.
Oh, what I feel and what I think aren't always in sync.
All our past relationships ended, and this one, it can't.
We have to be in each other's lives forever, and I'm sorry.
This is I think this is what's best for our kid.
Yeah, I-I get it.
I get it.
No, you don't.
Not yet.
But the only way to make sure we don't end badly is to never start at all.
Sorry, I can't help you.
The name Ellsworth just doesn't ring a bell.
Ellsworth? Hell, he could live next door for all I know.
You might want to try Clara across the way.
Was he the fella I saw speeding off in a black SUV that night? Or was it blue? It was so long ago.
Didn't know the neighbors back then, don't know 'em now, and that's how I like it.
Everyone's a dead end.
The whole neighborhood's moved on.
That was the Akamu house.
Now it looks like nothing ever happened.
Well, we're not giving up just yet.
According to my research, there's still one more neighbor who lived here at the time of murders.
I'm Juliet.
This is Ella.
Uh, we're actually we're looking into the Akamu murders from five years ago, and I was wondering if you wouldn't mind answering a few questions.
I don't have any information.
Ella, would you mind waiting in the car? Why do I have to Something wrong? You shifted your stance, averted your gaze and cocked your head.
These are all signs that you might be hiding something.
I don't know what you mean.
Uh You wrote that letter.
Didn't you? I'm, uh, sober four years now, but back then, I was a mess.
Um The night the Akamus were killed, I was drunk at a bar, decided to walk home.
On my way, I saw something weird.
- What was that? - Person in a hoodie, uh, walked up to a dumpster, looked around, then ditched a bag and ran.
And your curiosity got the better of you? Yeah.
The bag was filled with valuables Silver, electronics, jewelry.
The drinking had cost me my job, so I took it home.
Wasn't until I sobered up that I saw the gun inside.
By then, I heard what happened to the Akamus and realized I probably had the murder weapon.
And so you panicked.
You feared that if you came forward, you might be pinned for the murder.
I prayed HPD would solve it on their own, but the more time went by, the harder it would've been for me to come up with a story.
So, when everyone moved on, I just let them.
And how did you know that Detective Vaughn was still investigating? Couple years ago, uh, I found a flyer in my mailbox.
She was looking for information.
That's when my guilt won out.
I wrote the letter and hoped that'd be the end of it.
Thank you very much for your help.
You know what this means, right? Another dead end.
All he said was the robber was wearing a hoodie.
No, actually, he said there was no robbery at all.
The stolen loot was ditched right away because it was never the point.
The theft was staged to make it look connected to the others.
If the Akamu murders weren't about the robbery, then what were they about? What the hell do you think you're doing? Dad, hear me out.
Your school called when you didn't show up.
W-Wait, Ella.
If this is your father, then who did I speak to on the phone earlier? I may have paid a guy 20 bucks to answer the phone and do some improv.
This is about that case again, isn't it? I told you to leave it alone.
Get in the car.
We're going home.
And then we started hearing fireworks.
And, uh, you know, it was Lunar New Year, so Harry wants to see 'em, so we go up on the roof to watch.
Perfect end to a good night.
Not really, kid, 'cause we get up on the roof, and I I'm hearing fireworks, but I'm not seeing any.
- It was artillery.
- Bingo.
- Oh, man.
- The Tet Offensive.
35 battalions attacking Saigon, and there I was, right in the middle of it.
Hadn't been for Harry, my plastered ass would not have made it out of there alive.
Sounds like Harry was one of the good ones.
He was my Nuzo.
He was more of a big brother to me than-than Danny ever was.
So, what exactly happened between you and Danny, anyway? - Well, you're a nosy Parker, ain't you? - Hey, you're the one who keeps bringing him up.
All right? It's not me.
Well, the long and the short of it is, when we got drafted, I enlisted and he dodged.
Ran off to Canada.
Got it.
So, uh he blindsided you.
No, not really.
I saw it coming.
You know, he's two years older.
When he started hanging out with a with a bunch of hippies poof he changed.
Anti-war protests, the whole nine yards.
Second he graduated, he burned his draft card and-and followed his comrades.
Yeah, but there is another way to see it, right? You know, he stood up for his beliefs, and that does take a certain kind of courage.
Abandoning your country takes courage? Please.
He ran 'cause he was afraid.
Didn't have no sense of duty.
When-when my number came up, I-I was proud to serve.
You see him when you got back? Uh, he he reached out a few times, but I I-I couldn't couldn't even look him in the eye, much less talk to him.
I figure he felt the same 'cause he stopped calling.
Excuse me for a couple minutes.
You kidding? I've been trying to get rid of you all day.
All right, Bob.
Hello? Hey, uh, Higgy, did I misread that text, or did you just get fired? Uh not fired, uh, exactly.
Just temporarily un-hired.
See, this is what happens when I'm not there.
Okay, did you just call to gloat? Because I actually have a triple homicide to solve.
Oh, okay, so you're still working the case? Yeah, I mean, Ella may need her dad's permission, but I certainly don't.
And, you know, a little pro bono never hurt anyone.
I am gone for one day, and you bring Fun Higgins to work? I'm always fun.
Okay, well, Fun Higgins has some jokes, 'cause you're definitely not always fun.
Well, if you're quite finished, I have to go and meet Adam Akamu in an hour.
The lone survivor? What do you want with him? Well, new evidence suggests that the killer's motive might've been personal, and I'm hoping he can tell me why.
Okay, well, if you have any more issues, feel free to call in for reinforcements.
Reinforcements, right.
And that's-that's you, is it? Admit it.
You miss me, you know.
I-I'm the secret sauce, Higgy.
Okay, what has gotten into you? Have you been drinking? What? You have! In the middle of the day whilst I'm here, hard at work.
Well, n-no, technically, you're unemployed.
But, uh, unrelated, what are you doing later? Any chance you can pick me up? Goodbye, Magnum.
Not a day goes by I don't think about what happened.
Finding them like that.
I can't imagine.
I keep reliving it.
What if I had been home? Could I have stopped it? And all this time, I just figured it was some random robbery.
But to hear they were targeted? Is there anyone you can think of who might have had a motive to harm your family? No.
But, uh, I can't believe I'm saying this.
Well, any detail could help, Adam.
There was a rumor going around that my mom was having an affair.
Was there any truth to it? Until today, I didn't think so.
They seemed happy, but I was 14.
A neighbor saw something, I guess.
Did the police know about this? They're the ones who told me.
I didn't know anything, and honestly, I didn't want to.
I can understand that.
But five years later, with no answers The truth can't be worse than that.
Didn't go so well with Suzy, huh? You know, it started great.
I mean, we're talking, we're laughing.
It was everything I wanted it to be.
And then she says we should be friends.
Total curve ball.
I'm sorry, man.
I know that's not what you were hoping for.
You know, but from the day you two met, nothing's gone to plan.
That supposed to make me feel better? I'm just saying, Suzy and this baby are two of the best things that ever happened to you.
And you ain't see either one of those coming.
Curveball ain't always a bad thing.
Come on, what did we say in the Corps whenever things went sideways? - Semper Gumby.
- Semper Gumby.
Always be flexible.
Maybe stop stressing about where you and Suzy end up and just see where it goes.
So, be cool.
- Go with the flow.
- Exactly.
And let her take point.
You just make sure you watch her six.
I can do that.
You shouldn't be here.
I'm truly sorry for this morning.
I assure you that I don't normally let children ride shotgun on triple homicide investigations.
- What do you want? - Well, for the first time in years, there's been a break in the case.
I don't believe this.
Look, I promise, I-I won't keep Ella involved, but if I could just take a look at your wife's early work with fresh eyes No.
When my wife was diagnosed with cancer, we were told she had a year to live.
One year.
We didn't even get that.
Why? This case.
She was obsessed with it till the bitter end.
This case stole my wife from me.
I'm not about to lose Ella down that same rabbit hole.
With all due respect, have you asked your daughter why this means so much to her? I think if you did, you'd find that she's not just looking for answers.
She wants to make amends, to get closure, and not just for herself.
Adam Akamu lost his whole family five years ago.
And to this day, no one's told him why.
Thank you.
So, Bob, was it tough when you got back? Well, if by "tough" you mean taking a loogie in the face, yeah, then yeah.
Wow, that's terrible.
I-I can't imagine how that must've felt.
Felt like I was unwelcome in my own country.
At least my pops was there, you know, waiting with open arms, but somehow that-that-that made me miss Danny more.
And and it made me resent him even more.
Were you two always like that? No.
I mean, when we were growing up, D-Danny was my hero.
Like, this one time this-this bully, you know, took my bike while I was stealing nails from a construction site.
You were stealing nails.
That's karma for you.
Wise guy, eh? So, I-I come home.
I'm- I'm crying, you know.
And, uh, and Danny takes one look at me.
He swipes Mom's keys, and he drives me around in her Buick until we find the bully, you know.
Mind you, he's 13 at the time.
I'll never forget the look on that pinhead's face when Danny stepped out of the car, you know.
He-he took off running like I thought he was gonna sprout wings and fly.
Well, so Danny, you know, he was your protector, right? Yup, yup, yup.
He was tough as nails.
You know, and-and he always stood up for the underdog.
That's why it hurt so much when he left.
You-you felt betrayed.
Part of me thought that-that he-he would enlist when he heard I was headed for combat.
But he didn't.
He left me to to fight alone.
Some-some protector.
Well, uh, he sent me here.
Right? If you ask me, that's his way of protecting you, even after all these years.
Are you sure you don't want to reach out to him? Just reconnect, you know? How's it going? I haven't found what I need just yet, but I'm not giving up.
Dad said I could help.
Mm, forgive me, but I'm gonna have to hear that from him this time.
It's okay.
We talked, and Well, I think I get why she needs to see this through.
Go on, Ella.
So, what are we looking for? So, Adam Akamu said that early on HPD were investigating a rumor that his mum was having an affair.
They moved off it as a motive once robbery became a theory, but now that we know the robbery was staged You think we ought to check it out.
I do.
I mean, if Mrs.
Akamu had an angry boyfriend, that could be our killer.
I just I can't find any mention of it in your mum's notes yet.
That's 'cause we're looking in the wrong place.
Older stuff is in the closet, back shelf.
Hey, Dad, can you help? It's that one.
What are we hoping to find? Uh, statements.
Anyone claiming to have firsthand knowledge of the affair.
How about gossip? Hmm? This woman says she heard of the affair from Clara, who claims to have seen the couple in the flesh.
But didn't we already talk to her? Yeah, we did.
She might be the only person to have ever seen our killer.
Time I paid her another visit.
Come on in.
Now, what's this about? Well It's come to my attention that Mrs.
Akamu may have been seeing someone before she died, and that you might be able - to describe the man.
- Forgive me, but what does the Akamus' dirty laundry have to do with their murder? Seems irrelevant and disrespectful.
Is that why you never mentioned it to HPD? Respect for the dead? Yeah.
And that poor boy, Adam, didn't need us spreading any rumors at a time like that.
Well, actually, Adam is the one who has asked me to look into it.
New evidence suggests that the robbery was staged and that the Akamus' murder was about something personal.
So, if you do know something, then, well, the time for keeping secrets has passed.
Well, if you want to hear about the affair, it's a much longer story.
You've reached Juliet.
Kindly leave a message.
Higgins, hey.
I think you and the kid might've actually cracked this thing.
Got ballistics back on the gun.
Lab confirms it's our murder weapon.
It's registered to some guy on the mainland.
But get this, his ex-wife lives two doors down from the Akamus.
Her name's Clara Bolton.
I'm just waiting on a warrant.
Call me back.
Sure I can't get you some tea, hon? I'm absolutely fine, but um, thank you.
What-what are you doing? What happened? What happened was you couldn't leave well enough alone.
It was you.
You killed them.
Feels good to finally admit it.
Clara, turn-turn off the gas.
Clara, please don't do this.
It's Ella.
Have you talked to Juliet? I just left her a message.
But she hasn't called back? What's wrong, Ella? She left to follow a lead, like, an hour ago, and she's not answering texts.
Dad says she's just busy, but I've got a bad feeling.
Do you know where she went? To talk to one of the neighbors.
Which one? Come on, Clara.
It doesn't need to end like this, okay? I should've ended it that night.
Maybe on the other side I finally get to see him again.
Him? Jonathan.
Jonathan Akamu? It wasn't Mrs.
Akamu having an affair, was it? It was him with you.
Our love was more than that.
He wanted to be with me.
But his family was in the way.
So you murdered them all in a fit of what, jealous rage? Even Jonathan? No.
I loved him.
But it all went wrong.
He came home early.
The look on his face I couldn't leave it.
Not like that.
Clara, wake up.
Look at me.
Look at me! Hey! There you go.
Come on, come on.
There you go.
So, where's the camera? You know, Gloria had this little camera we'd clip right on the top of that.
No, it's-it's right there.
What? That little dot? Sheesh.
So, uh, uh, what do I do now? I-I don't even have his number.
Oh, no, no.
He's calling you.
You don't have to do anything.
Just wait.
- How do I answer? - I will answer.
Don't worry about it.
Okay, okay.
I think you might want to keep that on so you don't get winded.
- You know? - Winded, shminded.
I don't want to look weak in front of this S.
You know, but-but grab my brush from the bathroom.
You know, I probably look like a vagrant.
Oh, crap.
What do we do? Hey Hey, is is that you, Bobby? Who the hell else would it be? Hey, it's good to see you, Bubba.
It's good to see you, too, Danny.
- Yeah.
- But, you know, you you look like hell, you know.
I mean, I'm dying.
What's your excuse? Oh, come on.
I've never looked younger.
I spoke to the P.
She plans to go for the max.
Which means, thanks to you, Ella, Clara is going away, for a really long time.
Well, we appreciate the house call.
We know you've had a long day.
So, how much do I owe you, Juliet? Uh, well, Ella, you saved my life today, so I reckon we're square.
Thank you.
Your mom would've been so proud of you today.
I know I am.
Okay, now you're just embarrassing me.
I'll see you around, Juliet? I certainly hope so.
See you.
Thank you, again.
Both of you.
We're just doing our jobs.
Oh, not just for solving the case but for looking out for us.
Until today, I didn't realize how much anger I was still carrying.
That's not the kind of man or father my wife would've wanted me to be.
Well, I didn't know Phoebe, but I'm certain this case never meant more to her than you and Ella.
If she was anything like me, it would've just been easier to solve the Akamu case than than to find a way to say goodbye.
I owe you an apology.
I came on way too strong earlier, and I could've been more supportive of your decision.
You don't need to apologize.
Yes, I do.
Truth is, you're right.
You and I, we're not the priority anymore.
This baby is.
And whatever you feel this family needs, I'm here for it.
For both of you.
Thank you.
Case in point, this brand-new, top-of-the-line Baby let to baby crib.
Full disclosure, you're still coming on a little strong.
Yeah, but, like, for the baby, it's cool, right? It's cool.
Uh, hey, I have an ultrasound in an hour.
Would you maybe want to come? Yeah.
- Hi.
- Hey, there she is.
How you doing, Higgy? Couldn't believe when I heard that kid got you into real trouble.
Well And yet I think I still fared better than Magnum here.
Hey, I took one for the team, all right? You never let a dying man drink alone.
Yeah, what you need is a little hair of the dog.
- You in, Higgy? - Yeah.
Never let a dying man drink alone, as they say.
Dare I ask how your day went? I think it went well.
Me and Bob got off to a bit of a rough start, but Yeah, I think I helped him out.
Ah, he's being modest.
He brought that man's estranged brother back into his life.
Hey, you can never get the years that you lost back, but you can make the best of what you have left, right? It's no small thing.
Today, I met a family and a young man who didn't get to have that.
It's a real gift you've given him.
Good on you.
Wow, first I get Fun Higgins, and now I get Sweet Higgins? Well, don't worry.
I'm pretty sure Drunk Magnum won't remember a thing tomorrow.
Probably right.

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