Magnum P.I. (2018) s04e18 Episode Script

Shallow Grave, Deep Water

1 Ready.
- Present.
- Arms.
I urge you to consider this, that no place in the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific can be purchased; each must be earned.
In life, Bob Braddock honored this flag, and now, in death, this flag will honor him.
That was lovely, Magnum.
Thank you for inviting us.
Thank you all for coming.
It means a lot.
Any excuse to put on my favorite suit.
No, it was an honor to be here.
Yeah, you really went above and beyond for Bob and his family.
Thanks, TC.
I'll catch up with you guys.
I want to thank you and your friends for being here to honor Bobby.
It was our pleasure.
Bob was a great man.
And I'm so grateful to you for bringing him and me back together before it was too late.
Sharing these last two weeks with him was Well, here.
No, no.
Just knowing Bob was enough.
It's not from me, it's from Bobby.
This is from me.
Don't let the years slip between your fingers like we did.
Anybody you care about, tell them how you feel.
And then hold 'em close and never let 'em go.
Hmm? Yes, sir.
Thanks, Thomas.
Thanks, Danny.
Nice ride, Detective.
Midlife crisis? I've had this bike since I was 29.
Oh, yours hit early.
They call me in on my day off to listen to your stand-up, or you got a body to show me? Can't we do both? Right.
Heavy rains last week must have uncovered it.
A group of hikers wandered off the main trail this morning and spotted this.
Looks like a body dump.
Been here about four or five years.
Victim appears to be an adult male.
Hands were bound.
Bullet hole in the temple suggests this was an execution, so maybe Yakuza or Triads? No, they're pros.
This was amateur hour.
The shallow grave, teeth intact.
Shell casing left with the body.
That's not all they left.
We found this phone in the victim's pocket.
Using mobile forensics, we determined that the battery died on March 2, 2018, at 1:38 a.
We're out of cell range, so it would've drained pretty quickly searching for a signal.
Even fully charged, it'd be dead in three to six hours.
Which puts the night of March 1st as the probable time of death.
Is there anything on there that could help ID the victim? Still working on that.
Memory's pretty degraded.
But I was able to recover a voice mail left about three days before the phone died.
Sebastian Nuzo.
You know him? No, but I know someone who did.
Well, the card on Bob's gift said: "Don't drink it alone.
" Well, you heard the man.
It's 5:00 somewhere.
Yeah, I hope Bob won't mind me going with ginger ale.
I gotta fly a tour in 30 minutes.
Gotcha, buddy.
Thank you, Ricky.
Okay, to Bob, and the 'ohana that helped me honor him today.
That's excellent.
Ow! Kumu! What? I've got a meeting to get to at the Cultural Center.
It's on my way.
You want a ride? - Mahalo.
- Yeah, I gotta bail, too.
Suzy and I are picking out some paint for the baby's room.
- And I got a lunch date with Mahina.
- Ooh.
And I gotta help Cade with his homework.
So, later, alligator.
- Bye.
- See you, guys.
- See you.
- Thanks for coming.
Okay, what is it? What do you mean? Your phone.
What did you not want me to see? Just tell me it doesn't have anything to do with MI6.
No, no, I assure you it's nothing like that.
Okay, well, come on.
You remember Ella? The 12-year-old you helped crack a triple homicide with.
That's who you're texting? No, not her.
It's her father, Cole.
I mean, we're just texting, okay? So there is absolutely nothing to needle me about.
And you can wipe away that silly grin.
This grin isn't because there's something to needle you about.
It's because there could be something to needle you about in the future, and I look forward to that.
Wow, what an exciting life you do lead, Thomas.
Hey, Gordie, what's going on? Sure.
Yeah, yeah.
Uh, we'll be right down.
What's up? Gordie says he wants to talk to me down at the station.
- Just you? What's it about? - I don't know.
He didn't say.
Have a seat.
Okay, look, I-I think I know what this is about, and I know technically it's a crime to use a fake badge, but I never said I was a cop.
So - That's not what this is about.
- No.
Okay, well, just forget what I said.
But I do need to ask you some questions.
HPD recovered a body this morning.
Homicide from four years ago.
There was a voice mail on the victim's phone from Sebastian Nuzo.
Thomas! Oh, Nuzo Four years ago? That was around the time Nuzo was killed.
You think this could be connected? Well, this is about six months before Nuzo died, but I am wondering if there's a different kind of connection.
Hey, it's Nuzo.
Look, you're not returning my phone calls, so let me just make this clear.
You think you can double-cross me? When I find your sorry ass, there's gonna be hell to pay.
Three days after receiving this message, the victim was shot in the head.
And right now, Sebastian Nuzo is the prime suspect.
Look, I know how it sounds, but there's no way Nuzo had anything to do with the murder.
I know he was your friend, Magnum, but I can't ignore evidence.
I'm not asking you to ignore evidence.
I'm just saying you don't have all the evidence.
Who was this guy anyway? Well, we're still waiting on Forensics to confirm, but the cell's SIM card and a four-year-old missing persons report have tentatively ID'd the victim as Bruce Fletcher.
You ever meet him, or hear Nuzo talk about him? No.
Nuzo never mentioned the guy, but if I can think of anything, I'll let you know.
Why'd you just lie for me? You know why.
I'm not telling him about your history with Fletcher until I have the whole picture.
We both know you didn't kill him.
Do we, though? I mean, come on.
You heard that voice mail.
Okay, smart guy, how'd you do it? How the hell should I know? I'm just your memories, pal.
If you really want to know who killed that guy I'm gonna have to find out myself.
So you gonna take the case? - Hey.
- Yo.
Hey, guys.
Thanks for coming.
Did you talk to Katsumoto yet? Yeah, about 30 minutes ago.
And he called me right after.
He play you the voice mail? Yeah.
And I told him he's out of his mind - if he thinks Nuzo did this.
- Same here.
I have no idea who this Fletcher dude is, or why Nuzo would leave that message.
But you do, don't you? So what did you not tell Gordon that you're gonna tell us? About four years ago, Nuzo comes to me and he asks me to find Bruce Fletcher.
And did you? Yeah.
He was a salvage diver who worked on and off for Nuzo.
About a month before that voice mail, he borrowed $2,000 and a bunch of diving equipment from Nuzo and then ghosted him.
It looks like you managed to track him down.
Wasn't easy, either.
He had been evicted from his apartment, stopped answering his phone.
But I found out he was a fitness fanatic, so I staked out his gym.
From there, I tracked him to a bar.
The guy hits the metal, then goes drinking? That's a strange post-workout routine.
Well, tell that to the ladies who have "lava flow lunch" at La Mariana every Wednesday after CrossFit.
And then I tailed him to a friend's house that he had been crashing at, and I gave Nuzo the address.
And then Nuzo went to see him? I-I don't, I don't know.
I checked in about a week later, and Nuzo just said that he handled it.
So now the police think that by "handling it," it meant that Nuzo had killed Fletcher.
We all know Nuzo didn't do this.
But if HPD thinks he did, it could destroy his memory.
I mean, they could strip him of his military honors, even cut of benefits to Lara and Jake.
We're not gonna let that happen.
I'm gonna look deeper into Nuzo and Fletcher's relationship.
Higgins, if you can dive into Fletcher's digital footprint.
Give me the friend's address.
I'll see what I can find out about him.
And TC and I, we'll hit the gym.
Track down his buddies.
Maybe they'll talk to us if they won't talk to the police.
Yeah, I'd like to see who else might have had it out for Fletcher.
There's just one thing you're forgetting, Magnum.
You have to go back and tell Gordon the truth.
Yeah, TM, I trust your instincts, but Gordie is 'ohana.
I think it'd be okay to bring him in on this.
You absolutely have to bring him in on this.
If he finds out you lied to him, which he will, he's not gonna be happy.
But we know that Nuzo didn't do this, so we shouldn't be afraid of the facts.
I'm not afraid of the facts.
I'm afraid of what the police, even a good cop like Katsumoto, will do if they don't have all the facts.
Nuzo's not here to defend himself, so we're gonna have to do it for him.
I'm going to see Lara.
Thomas, can I talk to you for a sec? About? Well, you're clearly upset about this.
- I think we all are - Higgins, I'm fine.
I get you lying to Katsumoto, but lying to Higgy, too? What lie? I didn't lie.
"I'm fine, Higgins.
" Come on.
- I am fine.
- Oh, yeah.
You're just peachy.
What are you doing here anyway? It's your subconscious, pal.
You tell me.
But they're not wrong, you know.
You should have told Katsumoto the truth.
Dude's had your back more times than I can count.
You never even met the man.
Hello?! Subconscious.
Look, Gordie doesn't know how wrong he is because he didn't know you.
But he knows you.
And a good cop could be a real ally here.
So why not tell him everything? Unless there's a small part of you that wonders if I really did it.
No, absolutely not.
I mean, Jules, Rick, TC, Kumu.
They're all sure I didn't do it.
But then again, they don't know me like you did.
They weren't there that day at Tora Bora.
Remember? Cover! Cover.
Take cover! They were coming at us from all sides.
I had to go hand to hand.
And I went full beast.
Killed a lot of hostiles, one with his own knife.
After seeing all that, do you really think I couldn't murder somebody? That was different.
That was That was war.
But it was still me.
- Hey.
Is now - Is now what? Um, an okay time? Yeah, yeah, it's fine.
Look, even though we disagree about Gordon, I just want to say I really appreciate your help on this, Higgy.
Well, we'll see how appreciative you are once I tell you what I found.
So I hacked into Fletcher's old email, and I found a thread between him and Nuzo.
Don't tell me there's a threatening email, too.
Thankfully no, but it appears that the loan of the equipment and the money was part of a larger deal.
Nuzo was staking Fletcher to scout a wreck.
If he found it, they were gonna split the salvage fee.
What was the wreck? The emails didn't say.
They must have discussed it in person.
But I mean, even a modest fee can be over $50,000.
Oh, I know.
Nuzo was making bank while I was pounding the pavement chasing down cheating spouses.
But you see my point.
If Nuzo was expecting a salvage fee from his deal with Fletcher, then there was considerably more at stake than some equipment and a little money.
Yeah, I know, just don't tell Katsumoto yet, okay, please? Magnum I'm almost at Nuzo's business.
I just want to get to Lara before HPD ambushes her.
But we both know it's just a matter of time until Looks like time's up.
I'll call you back.
- Lara.
- Thomas! They just showed up with a warrant.
Do you know what this is about? It's all a big misunderstanding, but I'm getting it cleared up.
They're going through everything.
No, I know.
Don't worry about it.
I'll handle it.
Really, Gordie? You're doing the full-court press on the widow of a decorated veteran? Hasn't she been through enough? I already told you Nuzo didn't do this.
The evidence doesn't support that.
The ropes that bound Fletcher's hands and feet are a match for the dock line Nuzo's company uses.
That's what you got? A dock line? That rope is probably a match for half the boats on the island.
We've also got financial records showing Nuzo gave Fletcher $2,000 as part of a deal to search for a salvage.
According to Nuzo's notes, they were looking for the Murakami Maru, a Japanese ship That went down during World War II, I know.
He was convinced it sank off Oahu.
It was his white whale.
I kind of figured.
The salvage on a ship like that would be a huge payday.
So instead of having 2,000 reasons to want Fletcher dead, Nuzo might have had several million.
Except Nuzo didn't need the money.
And we know he didn't kill anybody.
You'll have to forgive me if I don't take your word for it, seeing as that you've already lied to me once today.
HPD dug up a series of four-year-old texts between you and Nuzo in which he asks you to track down Fletcher three days before he was killed.
So let's try this again.
Did you ever meet Bruce Fletcher, or did Sebastian Nuzo ever mention him to you? When I checked back later with Nuzo, he just said everything had been resolved.
That's all I know.
And, look, Gordie, it's not that I don't trust you, but we both know how this looks.
Nuzo, he was my brother.
I'm gonna do whatever it takes to clear him.
Look, I get it.
But you do realize you've made this look worse for him, right? When people lie to protect someone, it's usually because they think that person did it.
No, I've been telling the truth about that from the beginning.
Nuzo didn't do this.
And I hope you're right.
But by concealing evidence, you've made him that much more of a suspect.
Ballistics report.
The shell casings found with Fletcher's body came from nine-millimeter Luger NATO rounds.
Standard ammo Of Navy SEALs.
Yeah, I know.
You also know anybody can buy those rounds.
It doesn't mean anything.
Maybe it does, maybe it doesn't.
But I'm still dutybound to follow the truth wherever it leads.
And if you get in my way again, I'll throw your ass in jail.
Are we clear? Do what you gotta do.
Go honor your friend's memory, Magnum.
I'll honor the facts.
Uh, you all right? Hell no.
I worked out for five hours today trying to connect with one of Fletcher's old gym buddies.
And nothing? No.
Rick's there now covering the evening crowd.
What's that you got there? Oh, it's Bruce Fletcher's autopsy.
Unfortunately there is nothing in there that's gonna help clear Nuzo's name.
So TM finally came clean with Gordie, huh? Yeah.
He didn't really have a choice.
Yeah, he is pretty spun out about this.
Well, I imagine you and Rick are as well.
Yeah, but Thomas and Nuzo, they were tight before we all met in the sandbox.
Came up in SEALs together.
Saved each other's lives a dozen times.
If the two of them hadn't met, none of us would even know each other.
I also suspect Thomas has never really forgiven himself for failing to save Nuzo's life.
Oh, I know he hasn't.
You can see it in his eyes every time someone brings up the man's name.
It's just one more reason I wish we could find something that would help.
It just seems like every detail we uncover makes it look worse for Nuzo.
Ow, ow, ow, - ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow.
- Hi.
Dude, the gym is open for another three hours.
You throwing in the towel already? Listen, I did so many curls I can't even lift a towel right now, okay? But no pain, no gain, and I hit pay dirt.
Okay, I met one of Fletcher's gym buddies.
He told me right before he disappeared, Fletcher said all his money troubles were about to be over.
So if Fletcher was talking about making bank, he was either counting his chickens, or he actually found the wreck he was looking for.
That might explain why he ghosted Nuzo.
Perhaps Fletcher was planning on cutting Nuzo out of the deal.
And if Nuzo found out No, no, you were right about Nuzo this morning.
He didn't do this, and the facts are gonna prove that.
Uh, speaking of this morning, I-I'm sorry if I upset you.
No, Higgins, it's fine.
I mean, who knows, maybe maybe you're right.
Maybe I should have told Katsumoto.
You never listen to anything I say, but in this instance I can understand you not wanting to.
Nuzo was special to everyone, but particularly you.
He was.
Are you sure you don't want to just talk? No, I want to look back through everything we have and just make sure there's not some angle we're missing.
And then just hit it fresh in the morning.
Well, good night, then.
Good night, Higgins.
What the hell is wrong with you? You got a living, breathing, flesh-and-blood person who cares about you to hash this out with.
And instead, you're sitting here with your imaginary friend.
I thought you were my subconscious.
Where do you think imaginary friends come from, smartass? Look, we both know you're a mess inside.
All I'm saying is maybe a little heart-to-heart with Higgy will set you straight.
There's nothing to talk about.
You didn't do this.
And tomorrow I'm gonna find out who did.
Come on, Thomas.
If it wasn't me, if this was any other case, who would you think killed that guy? - But it's not any other case.
- Sure it is.
A man's dead.
And like Katsumoto, you should be following the facts.
- I am.
- The hell you are.
You don't want to admit how this all looks because you only want to remember the good things.
No, I remember everything about you.
You can't deal with the fact that I was just a man, messy and complicated, like anybody else.
That I had a temper.
And that I absolutely could have.
No, I knew you better than anybody.
And you know what, I still couldn't protect you when you died, but I'm damn sure gonna protect your memory.
Of course.
I forgot.
- My death is about you.
- Come on! Look, spin your wheels all you want, brother.
At the end of the day, I am still dead! But you shouldn't be.
All right? You shouldn't be.
You should still be here.
And if you were, this whole thing would have been cleared up by now.
But you're not.
You're gone.
All right, you're dead.
And I'm still here alone.
And I gotta find some way to fix this.
Okay, so this is the friend's place Fletcher was staying.
Kumu looked into him yesterday.
Oscar Woods, 36, divorced, no kids.
If Fletcher was talking about coming into money, maybe he gave Oscar more details.
You're not coming? Uh, no.
About four years ago, Oscar caught me snooping around his property and kind of ran me off with a shotgun.
So I've got a hunch he's gonna remember me.
Well, best keep the engine running then in case I get the same response.
Hi there.
Whatever you're selling, I'll pass.
I'm late for work.
Well, I'm actually a private investigator working on behalf of Bruce Fletcher's family.
I assume you heard his body was found.
Police came by here yesterday.
Told them everything I know, which wasn't much.
Bruce and I weren't close.
I just let him crash here when he needed a place to stay.
Did he mention anything about coming into some money before he disappeared? Not that I remember.
Well, did you happen to hang on to any of his possessions? Nope.
Nothing at all? You're absolutely certain? Look, I dropped it all at the Goodwill on Puuloa about six months after he went MIA.
- I gotta go.
- All right.
Well, thanks.
FYI, this is exactly what I was doing four years ago when he ran me off with a shotgun.
Well, then, you'll be glad to know that Kumu's research revealed that Oscar works 12-hour shifts at Port of Honolulu, so he'll be gone for ages.
Why do you think Fletcher's stuff is here? Well, I just checked the local business records, and there was no Goodwill on Puuloa four years ago.
So he was lying about Fletcher's stuff.
And when I first mentioned Fletcher, he started staring at this shed.
Could this be Fletcher's? Most experienced divers keep their dog tags on their BC.
It's Fletcher's.
Let's see if something in all this can tell us who else knew he was gonna come into some money.
Or who might have killed him to get it.
- Hang on.
- What? Well, you're supposed to store these tanks pressurized.
It keeps the moisture out.
They can hold it for years.
But this one's empty, and the top's not even screwed in properly, it's Wait.
It's a nautical chart.
These dates correspond to the weeks before Fletcher was murdered.
He was doing a grid search.
Checking off a square with each dive.
He was definitely searching for something.
Look, this last date, that's five days before he disappeared.
Whatever he was looking for, maybe he found it.
Hold on.
This is for the windward side of the island.
So? So Nuzo and everybody searching, for the Murakami Maru thought that the boat sank on the leeward side.
If he wasn't looking for Sebastian's white whale, what was he looking for? There's only one way to find out.
Okay, we're approaching the location on Fletcher's map.
Okay here we are.
So what do you think is down there? Well, either Fletcher got a lead that the Murakami Marusank in a different location, or they were looking for another boat.
Plenty of valuable ships have gone down in these waters.
Yeah, certainly have.
Time to find out what's down there.
Photograph everything and get it all back to the lab.
The serial numbers and other IDs have definitely rusted off, so the container's origin and owner will be difficult to trace.
What about the human remains? Not sure we'll have any luck with that either.
The fact that there are children and adults in there suggests that this was illegal immigration.
Probably refugees from China, North Korea, Myanmar.
- Any number of any countries.
- Yeah.
Not the kind of places that tend to cooperate with U.
law enforcement.
Or admit that some of their citizens are desperate to leave.
One thing's clear.
If Fletcher knew about the human trafficking, it's probably what got him killed, right? So Nuzo should be off the hook.
Well, it definitely helps his case.
But right now I have more questions than answers.
Well, I would pose those questions to Oscar Woods.
The guy Fletcher was staying with before he died.
He works with containers just like this every day at Port of Honolulu.
And since Nuzo's no longer my prime suspect, can I work my case without tripping over you every time I turn around? Yeah.
I'll stay out of your way.
Why don't I grab my tablet and give you everything that we've got on Oscar Woods.
See? I told you I didn't do this.
Case closed.
Someone turned this container into a crypt.
Innocent people died.
Kids! And you're just gonna walk away? Well, you're in my head.
You tell me.
63 million square miles of ocean, and your pal Fletcher just happened to dive down and find this.
You want to tell me how he knew where to look? Thousands of containers fall off ships every year.
I don't know, maybe he just stumbled across it.
I checked the harbor's records.
No containers were reported missing in that area for more than a year before Fletcher's last dive.
But there was a surprise Coast Guard inspection of a container ship headed into port just three weeks before his death.
The very next day, Fletcher borrowed the money and equipment he'd need to conduct a search.
Look, I don't know anything about that.
Is that why you lied about having his diving gear in your shed? You know what I think? I think you knew about a smuggling operation at the harbor.
You didn't know what they were bringing in, but when you heard that they had to ditch a container because of that inspection, you thought whatever was down there had to be pretty valuable, right? I think you told Fletcher, and then he dove down to get whatever was inside so the two of you could sell it.
But when he got down there, he didn't find drugs or guns or jewels.
He found bodies.
So what happened next? What did you and Fletcher do after he saw what was in the container? I want a lawyer.
We know Fletcher was broke, and he had information that could bring down - a human trafficking ring.
- Right.
So you think he found the traffickers and demanded a payoff to keep quiet.
Yeah, and got a bullet for it instead.
That's a good theory, but we have no way of confirming it.
And you did just tell Katsumoto that we'd be staying out of things from now on, did you not? Yeah, but I didn't say I wouldn't think about it.
We're just talking.
The traffickers, they've got to be working at the harbor, right? Yeah, but Port of Honolulu employs what, 6,000 workers? And HPD is already obtaining the necessary warrants to scrutinize each one of them, so Yeah, but by the time they do, the traffickers are gonna be halfway to Vietnam by then.
Are you saying you have a quicker way to identify them? Actually, I think I do.
I was tailing Fletcher right before he was killed, right? So if he met with the traffickers to demand payment, - I might have a picture of it.
- Right.
Can you run facial recognition on all the people around Fletcher? Particularly the people at the bar.
Like TC said, that is a weird post-workout routine.
Maybe he wasn't just there to socialize.
All right, I'm running the faces against the DMV database.
I can look deeper into them once I get back some names.
Okay, the bartender is Morris Clark, 58.
Some unpaid parking tickets and a DUI.
The man on Fletcher's right is Chris Bowen, 46.
Arrested for assault in '97.
Clean since.
He works as a container operations supervisor at Port of Honolulu.
- I'll ping Bowen's mobile.
- I'll call Katsumoto.
Looks like he's headed for the marina in Kaneohe.
Where he owns a 48-foot catamaran.
So maybe he knows the police are closing in, and you were right about him getting the first boat out of here.
Hey, Gordie, I know I said I would leave this alone, but I think we just ID'd one of the traffickers.
His name is Chris Bowen, he works at the harbor.
He's at Kaneohe Marina right now, and in case you don't get this, we're headed there.
Going somewhere? I don't know who you are, but you need to get off my boat.
Why? I mean, it looks like you got plenty of supplies.
It's enough to get to Vietnam, Cambodia Indonesia basically anywhere without extradition to the U.
Not quite enough for Indonesia.
See, I'm not traveling alone.
Well, I'm sorry, Chris, but we can't let you go.
Not until you answer for Fletcher and all the other people you killed.
You don't know what you're talking about.
Well, considering that the four of you are about to flee the country rather than face the consequences of human trafficking for years, then I think we know enough.
We were saving people, all right? Got hundreds of people out of terrible places and brought them here for a better life.
Right, and you charged them through the nose, and bought yourself this nice boat, didn't you? And sent 17 of them to their deaths just to save your own skin.
Yeah, you're a real saint.
You shut your mouth.
Let's go, move.
Oscar Woods's lawyer convinced him to cut a deal in exchange for testimony against Bowen and his accomplices.
And we're working to ID their co-conspirators on the container ships and at overseas ports.
So you're trying to take down the whole trafficking ring.
Well, with INTERPOL's help, I think we just might.
And of course, Sebastian Nuzo's been officially cleared of any suspicion.
His good name is safe.
And so are his family's benefits.
Thanks for your help, Gordie.
I know I don't make it easy.
You never do.
On the island We do it island style From the mountain to the ocean, from the windward To the leeward side On the island We do it island style From the mountain to the ocean, from the windward To the leeward side To Nuzo.
Mama's in the kitchen, cooking dinner I wish you were here, buddy.
Got room for one more? Lara.
So glad you came.
- Thanks, me, too.
- Hey.
You know, for a long time, seeing you all just hurt.
Brought back too many memories of Sebastian.
But when I saw you yesterday, it was like getting a little piece of him back.
On the island Well, let's-let's get you a chair.
And a drink.
- Yes.
- Right? From the windward To the leeward side Uh, well, so I guess Bob would be proud.
Yes, he would, uh I'm gonna grab us a drink.
I'll be right back.
Grandma gotta work hard You know my grandma, she like the pork real sour Hey, Curtis, uh, one more round.
Sure thing.
Just got to run some drinks, - and I'll be right back.
- All right, thanks.
We do it island style From the mountain to the ocean, from the windward Hey? You remember when we were on leave near Ramstein and you were dead set on finding the oldest bar in Luxembourg? Yeah Oh, God, here we go.
We were walking all over the city passing all these perfectly good bars on the way.
And then when we find Magnum's special place It had burned to the ground two months before.
Oh, man, we sat on the curb, drinking straight from a bottle of, uh, what was that stuff? Cassero black currant liqueur.
Tasted like rancid grape juice.
Weirdest hangover I've ever had.
Oh, man.
What are you still doing here? Brother I'm always here.
That's why this was so hard.
You know, they say we die twice.
Once when the breath leaves us and again once the last person we know says our name.
But when they were saying my name in connection with this? It threatened your memories of me.
It made you afraid you didn't know who I really was.
No, no, I knew you.
And I'll never forget you.
It's not your fault.
What happened to me.
Me dying.
There was nothing you could have done that day.
Yeah, I know.
No, you know here.
Not here.
Not yet.
It's not that I couldn't save your life.
It's that I still have mine.
You know, all these moments that I get that you don't.
It's not fair.
Life's not fair.
Neither is death.
So survivor's guilt? Is that why you're not living? What do you mean? You know what I mean.
Since I died, everybody else has been living.
Rick's got a baby on the way.
TC's fostering a kid.
And as far as Higgins goes, well, let's just say the ice has thawed.
Yeah, it has.
A lot has changed.
But you're still the same.
And here you are, with a chance to be happier than you've ever been, and you won't take it.
Every day is a gift, Magnum.
Don't let it slip through your fingers.
All you have to do is go over there and tell her how you feel.

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