Magnum P.I. (2018) s05e01 Episode Script

The Passenger

My name is Thomas Magnum.
When I'm not inspiring books
by best-selling author Robin Masters,
I'm his live-in security consultant
and a private investigator in Hawaii.
My buddies and I moved here
after serving together in Afghanistan,
where we spent time
in a POW camp before escaping.
- Make a hell of a team.
- That's Rick.
If you want something on the
island, Rick is the man to see.
- Hey, what about me?
- That's TC.
He runs the best helicopter
tour business on Oahu.
I've also made some friends here.
Let me see that Kardashian butt.
This is Kumu.
She's the cultural curator
of Robin's estate.
Detective Katsumoto, HPD.
Make that former HPD.
He recently lost his badge
after he broke a convict out of prison
in order to save his ex-wife.
Ah! Higgins!
And this is Juliet Higgins,
former British Intelligence, MI6.
She also works for Robin.
You're his major dodo.
Sure, we got off on the wrong foot
Magnum is an uncultured man-child,
a lazy freeloader, a terrible driver,
but he is definitely not a killer.
but she came around.
We work really well together.
Oh, no!
Magnum, are you about to ask me
to become your partner?
After becoming partners,
we got much closer.
- You're my best friend.
- Ditto.
And then things got complicated.
You may have said my name
in your sleep last night.
Fine. I had a dream about you.
A sexy dream.
I may, possibly,
have feelings for Higgins.
I came to tell you
that I have feelings for you.
Living in Hawaii, you find that
each day is like the one before,
because here, it's always
80 degrees, it's always sunny,
and everywhere you go,
you can feel that Aloha Spirit.
But sometimes, you wake up,
and everything seems different.
Like it's not just gonna be
another day in paradise.
It might even be something better.
Hey, yourself.
Yeah, I know what you're thinking.
But trust me, this isn't a dream.
This is really happening.
Thanks for not waking me.
Well, we didn't get
much sleep last night.
- Figured you might be tired.
- Yeah.
We also didn't get a chance
to talk about us.
Well, who's fault is that?
I mean, I tried to talk to you
when we got back
from the hospital, but
you had other plans.
Are you implying that I came onto you?
Because that is not what happened.
That's exactly what happened.
Okay, well, that is
That is what happened.
Either way, we need to talk.
I mean, it's not just that we'd
be jeopardizing our partnership.
Then what is it?
Well, on paper, we really
don't make sense.
The notion that opposites
attract is a total myth.
Our personalities are vastly different,
and we disagree
on pretty much everything.
Well, on the plus side,
at least now when we have an issue,
we can resolve those differences
with make-up sex.
Magnum, focus.
This you and me
it's it's inherently risky.
Yeah, but most things
that are worth it are.
But I'm willing to give it a chance.
Then so am I.
But, you know, I-I would like
to just set out a few ground rules.
Okay, here we go.
Well, what does that mean?
It's just so you.
You want to set rules and
and and boundaries and
No, no, no. Just
Just hear me out, would you?
I'm not sure that you're aware of this,
but our friends are actually
kind of invested
in the idea of you and me as a couple.
Oh, I'm aware.
They even have a text chain about it.
That's kind of juvenile.
But, anyway, look, we need
to give each other time
to figure this out.
We don't need other people
influencing us.
So, you want to keep it on the DL.
Thomas, you up?
On that note, you better hide.
No, this is my house. You hide.
- It's Robin's house.
- Really?
We're gonna do this right now?
Come on. Get in the kitchen.
Hey, Kumu. What's up?
Have you seen Juliet?
She's not in the main house.
No, she's probably riding.
Well, that's what I thought,
but her horse is in the stable.
Did you try the wine cellar?
Why would she be in the wine
cellar at 7:30 in the morning?
Oh. She didn't tell you?
No, no, Higgy is on this whole
"rise and wine" kick.
Claims there are health benefits
to drinking in the morning.
Personally, I think she just
She just wants to hit the bottle.
- Okay. I'll check the cellar.
- Yeah.
Oh, a-and you got a call
on the house line
just a few minutes ago.
- New client.
- Okay.
She's on her way.
I will get dressed ASAP.
"Rise and wine"?
I got rid of her, didn't I?
And, besides, I don't
really like the idea
of lying to our friends.
I-I mean, lying to Katsumoto
is okay because I kind of
- You do it all the time?
- Precisely.
But Rick and Kumu and TC,
it just feels
Look, it doesn't make me
feel good, either.
But I think that we owe it to ourselves
to give this a real chance of success.
Moreover, if it doesn't work out,
it's just gonna be harder
if everyone knows.
Yeah, that's a good point.
sneaking around might be kind of fun,
in a naughty way.
That's an even better point.
So, how you doing, man?
Aside from suddenly
being unemployed, I'm good.
So, what happens now?
I mean, they just can't
take your badge, right?
No, they can.
Unless I decide to fight it,
which I'm not going to.
Wait, why the hell not?
'Cause I knew what I was doing,
and I'm prepared
to accept the consequences.
You sure, Gordie?
You really just wanna give up that easy?
I've made my peace with it.
Of course now, I have
to figure out my next move.
I never imagined I'd be 45
and starting over,
but here I am.
Yeah, I know what that feels like.
So do Thomas, Rick, and Higgy.
But you'll figure it out like we did.
In the meantime, you know
I got your back, right?
I do.
You're also picking up
the check, I hope,
'cause who knows
when I'll have a job again.
Oh, man, you know
my wallet fell out the chopper.
Mm. Got it.
No, I got you, man.
I've been going back and forth on this.
I want answers, but I'm also
afraid of what I might learn.
You're definitely not the first
client to feel that way,
but why don't we just start
with what brought you here?
Six nights ago
my husband, Greg,
died in a car accident.
It was late.
He was driving home from work
and took a turn too fast
and slammed into a divider.
So sorry.
Paramedics said he was killed instantly.
No one saw anything.
But yesterday, I went to
the mailbox and
found this.
It's a red light camera ticket.
That photo was taken less than
two minutes before the crash.
- But as you can see
- He's clearly not alone.
There's someone in the passenger seat.
The police said there was
no one else in the vehicle,
so I don't know
if she survived and ran off
or if Greg let her out
before he crashed.
I take it you don't know who this is?
That's why I'm here.
Greg is was
the last person I'd
suspect of having an affair.
He was a good man.
But maybe there was another side to him.
The resolution on this photo
is too poor for facial recognition,
but we can definitely look into it,
if that's what you want.
It is.
I have to know the truth.
For my own peace of mind.
I need answers.
We'll do everything we can
to get you some.
What do you need, Thomas?
I'll tell you what I don't need
an eyeful of ear wax and hair.
What are you talking about?
You're on FaceTime, pal.
Ah. Sorry.
There she is.
Look at that little ball of Joy.
Wait, why why are you naked?
I'm not naked. We're bonding here, okay?
This is called Skin to Skin.
My heartbeat calms the baby,
and this way,
she learns my scent.
She is too cute.
Hey, hey, Rick, listen, I need a favor.
Of course you do.
You know, Thomas, this is
getting really tiresome.
You know what kind of
friendship they call this?
And it's toxic.
Someone's a little cranky.
Uh, let's see. I have a newborn,
I got 20 minutes of sleep last night,
I got to cover the bar in an hour,
I forgot to buy a car seat,
and I'm closing on my new house
this week.
Alright, sounds like
you got a full plate.
I'll tell you what,
I'll take one
of those things off your list.
You'll be Joy's dad
so I can get some sleep?
No, I was thinking the car seat.
Oh. That That would be helpful.
- Thank you.
- No problem.
Okay, now is where you ask me,
"What was that favor you needed?"
And I tell you, "Can you
reach out to your guy
at the Department of Transportation
to pull some traffic cam footage?"
And I'm also gonna need you
to track down
a BMW X5 that's totaled.
Uh, it's probably at an impound lot.
I just have no idea which one, though.
Okay, let me get this straight.
You take one thing off my to-do
list and you add two more.
Come on, Rick.
It's a couple phone calls.
Send over the details.
Thank you.
And, hey, don't cheap out
on that car seat.
Wouldn't dream of it.
Alright, first stop
Dr. Macy's office.
Looks like the day he died,
Macy placed two calls
to Hadley & Kroy.
That's the island's top divorce firm.
Yeah. It's not a good sign.
And it gets worse.
Dr. Macy was researching
temporary housing in Kapolei,
and he'd had recently downloaded
a third-party
messaging app that allows
for covert communication.
- Blind Message?
- Mm-hmm.
That's the go-to app
for serial cheaters.
- Yeah.
- Can you access the account?
Looks like Dr. Macy
was chatting with somebody
who goes by the letter "J."
How bad are the messages?
Well, in the last one, Dr. Macy says,
"How are you? I'm thinking about you."
To which J responds, "I can't talk.
He's home."
Looks like Sara's fears were justified.
We have to find out who
this J person is.
Sorry. Clinic's closed.
You don't look like doctors.
We're not.
I'm afraid you're gonna have
to go elsewhere, sir.
I've got one of those, too.
Except mine's real.
I told you one of these days,
those badges were gonna
get us into trouble.
Yeah, and you were right.
- Wait, what?
- Well, you did warn me.
Are you Are you just being
placatory because we're now
You are, aren't you?
- Maybe a little bit.
- Please don't.
Could you just be yourself?
Okay, let's talk about
what you two are doing here.
Well, Macy's wife hired us
to investigate his death.
Why would she hire
a couple of private eyes?
- Investigators.
- Investigators.
Macy died in a car accident.
There was nothing suspicious about it,
and yet, here you are,
searching his office.
Well, it was at least
a little suspicious.
He was an impeccable driver,
he had no moving violations.
Was he upset?
Did he get into
some kind of altercation?
His wife just wants answers.
Detective, if I may, why are you here?
I mean, a car accident is kind
of below your pay grade, no?
I just transferred into Central
this morning,
and I heard a couple of PIs requested
Macy's accident report,
and I just thought
that was a little odd.
I figured this might be your next stop.
You know, they warned me
about you two already.
It seems your reputations precede you.
Can't tell if that was an insult.
It wasn't a compliment.
So, will you be charging us?
I haven't decided yet.
He will not be charging us.
- Oh, no?
- No.
I'm guessing you're Robbery-Homicide.
Yeah, you got to do all this paperwork,
a full day in court
for, what, a misdemeanor.
That's not gonna happen.
Hmm. Your boyfriend
brings up a good point.
- We're not
- No, no. We're not involved.
- No.
- Hands.
So, this is your first and only warning.
Get involved in the case again,
you'll see the inside of a cell.
Well, very nice to meet you, Detective.
That must be Gordon's replacement.
You lied to him about Macy's companion.
Well, Sara did ask us
to use discretion, right?
- Thomas Magnum.
- Lieutenant Magnum,
this is Commander Rachel Lee
over at Pearl.
I was hoping you could tell me
how to get in contact
with Captain Buck Greene.
I've been trying, but his phone
is no longer in service.
Uh, Captain Greene?
No, I'm sorry. I can't.
Oh, that's odd.
You're listed in his file
as the emergency contact.
Well, that's news to me.
I haven't spoken to Greene
but maybe once in the past three years.
- Yeah.
- What is this about?
Well, sir, Captain Greene hasn't cashed
his pension check in weeks.
His last known address
is a PO box in Haleiwa,
but he hasn't emptied it in a while,
so I've been trying to track him down.
I'm sorry. I wish I could help,
but I don't have any info.
Understood. I appreciate your time, sir.
Good day.
Apparently, Greene dropped off the grid.
That's odd.
Also odd that your former C.O.,
who betrayed you
and nearly got you killed,
then lists you as his emergency contact.
Ooh. What is going on here?
With Joy coming early,
Rick didn't have a chance
to schedule any paternity leave,
so he needed someone to come
in and sling Mai Tais.
Lucky for him, I bartended
my way through grad school
- in the '7 '80s.
- Right.
Oh, look at this.
- You didn't get the budget model.
- Come on.
We're talking about my goddaughter here.
Only the best for her.
Yeah, yeah, you spare no expense.
Thank you, Jules.
I know who paid for that.
Well, you know,
I covered the tax, and that's
that's really where they get you.
Yes, he did.
Uh, did you track down the car yet?
Well, what's left of it.
It's at the impound lot in Waipahu.
- Hmm.
- Okay, great.
And what about the traffic cam footage?
Sorry. One for two.
Mu guy at the DO
is off-island and unreachable.
Okay. Um, I can take a run
at their firewall.
Or we can ask them
for a professional courtesy.
Aloha. This is Detective Childs,
badge number 5652.
I was wondering if I can pull
the traffic cam footage
from Cooke and Green,
uh, from around 10:55 p.m.
to 11:00 p.m. last Thursday.
Uh, no, no, it's fine.
Go ahead and text me a link.
You memorized his badge number.
I didn't think I would need it so soon.
Okay, this is all the coverage
that we have
between the red light
and near where Dr. Macy crashed.
- Hey.
- You got my message.
Yeah, you sounded worried, TM.
Well, I am.
Yeah, I just want
to make sure Greene's okay,
and we're on a case right now,
so could you help out?
Yeah, I got you.
So, any ideas where to start?
He did mention having a place
near Anahulu River,
but that's all I got.
Alright, I'll head up there
and ask around.
Alright. Thanks, TC.
I think it's nice that you want
to look in on Captain Greene.
Well, somebody has to.
I mean, the guy has no one.
After his son got killed,
the Navy was the only family
he had left,
and when he lost his commission,
he lost everything.
You know what?
It's It's not just that.
I mean, outside of my dad and
my uncle, there's really no man
that had more of an impact
on my life than Greene.
He's the one who put the team together.
You know, me and Rick and Nuzo and TC.
Two Marines, two SEALs.
That was That was his idea.
I'm sure he's fine.
He probably just wanted
to unplug for a couple of weeks
and took a trip or something.
Yeah, well, I hope you're right.
So, what do we got?
Well, what we don't have
is a view of the actual crash, but look.
Here is where Dr. Macy
ran the red light.
It was red for at least a couple seconds
- before he blew through it.
- Mm.
It doesn't look like
he was just being careless.
Oh, look at that.
Yeah, that SUV ran the red, as well.
Maybe he was chasing Dr. Macy.
Well, we're about to find out.
Hang on.
About two blocks later,
he takes a turn down an alley.
Then he lets her out.
And there's the SUV again.
Okay, unfortunately,
that's where our coverage ends.
But it's clear that that SUV
was in pursuit of Dr. Macy.
Yeah, and 30 seconds later, he crashes.
I mean, this this doesn't
look like an ordinary accident.
It might be murder.
The SUV pursuing Dr. Macy
is registered to a dummy
corporation in Panama City.
- Oh, not suspicious at all.
- Yeah.
We need to figure out
who was behind the wheel
and whether they were after Dr. Macy,
his passenger, or both of them.
Here's another question
At what point do we loop in HPD?
Well, if we give them the heads-up now,
our involvement in the case
is basically over.
So I say we wait
until we absolutely can't.
I don't see any evidence
that it was forced off the road
or PIT maneuvered.
Yeah. Let's look inside.
Nothing up here.
Yeah. Same.
Oh, hang on.
Look at that.
What is that?
- A fingernail?
- It's an acrylic one.
I don't reckon it belongs
to our client, though.
She didn't have her nails done.
Maybe it belongs to our mystery woman.
Right. I mean, if she was
gripping the dashboard really hard
when they were being chased,
it could have broken off.
I mean, it's a long shot, but
- it looks like one of Kimee's.
- I'm sorry?
There's only a few people on the island
that do custom nails like this.
Okay, since when did you become
such an expert
in ladies' fingernails?
Did you date a manicurist or something?
Two, actually, and one of them,
Kimee, she would do
custom work like this.
If it's her work, she might be
able to tell us who it belonged to.
Two, huh?
That doesn't bother you, does it?
No, no, no.
I'm well aware that you've had
your fair share of dalliances
over the years.
Isn't it kinda weird
that we know so much
about each other's history?
Kind of.
But, I mean, there isn't much
about this situation
that's normal.
I mean, we're practically
living together already.
We didn't even have a proper courtship.
You never had to pursue me
or romance me.
Most guys would kill for
that arrangement, by the way.
Well, I'm not most guys.
- 'Cause you're a romantic.
- Mm.
Well, you know, I actually
think courtship is overrated.
- You do?
- Yes. I do.
It's two people putting
their best foot forward,
pretending to be something
that they're not.
- It's It's dishonest.
- Come on.
That is
That is a bit cynical, isn't it?
For what it's worth, I think
I might actually have enjoyed
being courted by you.
Well, I agree.
'Cause my courtship game
pretty strong.
Of that, I have no doubt.
How's Suzy doing?
Yeah, what she went through
must've been scary.
Speaking of bad things
that happened yesterday,
I heard about you and HPD.
- You alright?
- Hanging in there.
- Hm.
- Here.
Oh, oh, oh.
TC says you're not gonna fight this.
Do all of you tell
each other everything,
or do you have, like, a hive mind?
No, we have a text thread.
He was concerned about you.
So am I.
It just doesn't make any sense.
I broke a convicted felon out of prison,
and I refused to give up my accomplices.
I'd say the punishment fits the crime.
Well, what choice did you have?
They took Beth.
You did what you had to do.
Or is there some other reason
why you're not fighting this?
I'm not gonna fight for
something I don't deserve.
Come on. What are you talking about?
I was gonna shoot
an unarmed man in cold blood.
I came as close as anyone can
to stepping over that line.
Okay. But you didn't.
- Only because Magnum stopped me.
- Come on.
If you pulled that trigger,
Thomas wasn't gonna turn you in.
You know that.
You stopped yourself, Gordie.
Doesn't feel that way.
Maybe not, but that's what happened.
Don't punish yourself
for almost making a mistake.
The real mistake would be
for you to roll over
and accept what's happening.
You gotta fight this.
Thomas Magnum.
How's it going, stranger?
Hey, Kimee, how are you?
Well, I'm doing better now.
Look, I'm I'm gonna send you
a picture of something, okay?
You know, with
some guys, that usually means
a photo of a certain appendage
is about to show up in my in-box
pardon the pun.
She's normally not like this.
Oh, I'm sure.
No, seriously, Kimee,
I-I-I need your help, right?
I'm working on a case.
Did you Did you get the photo?
Uh, yeah.
- It's one of my nails.
- Oh, great.
Can you tell me who it belongs to?
Sure. Uh, Melinda Parker.
She loved this design.
You got a number for her?
Uh, yeah.
I'll text it to you now.
So, in exchange for my help,
maybe you'll buy me a drink?
Well, actually, I'm
I'm kinda seeing somebody right now.
Shut up. Is it serious?
Well, it's a little early,
but it it could be, yes.
Well, good luck, stud.
Hey, and if it doesn't work out,
hit me up.
Okay. Alright. Bye.
Okay, here we are.
Well, it certainly looks
like our mystery woman.
She's married to a Nathan Parker.
Nathan Parker. I know that name.
He's a a big-time developer,
supposedly with ties to
several criminal organizations.
Well, if a man like that thought
that his wife was having an affair,
it's reasonable to assume that
he would send people after them.
Yeah, but we still don't know
if Macy and Melinda were involved.
Well, her phone pinged three times
at Macy's clinic in the last two months.
What about the night of the accident?
It was off.
Powered back on in her house in Kailua,
and it hasn't left since.
So she hasn't left her house
in six days?
No, it would seem not.
She hasn't made any calls
or sent any text messages,
and there are no credit
card charges, either.
Okay, here's what I'm thinking, alright?
So, Parker sends his guys after Melinda,
but they don't get to her
until after the crash
and take her home, or
Or they disappeared her
and kept her phone.
In which case, we might be
looking at two possible murders.
I think it's time to loop in
Detective Childs.
Yeah, but, look, if the HPD
gets involved now,
Parker's gonna lawyer up.
Maybe we have a better chance
of finding something out
if we talk to him first.
- Why is he gonna talk to us?
- For the same reason.
He wants to know what we know.
Hi. Mr. Parker.
My name is Thomas Magnum.
This is Juliet Higgins.
We're private investigators.
How can I help you?
Well, we're looking into
the death of a Dr. Greg Macy.
We have reason to believe
that your wife,
Melinda, may have some
information that could help us.
Would we be able to speak to her?
What, you mean the doctor
who crashed his car last week?
Why do you think Melinda can help you?
Well, we believe she knew the victim.
I was wondering how long it
would someone to put that together.
So, you are aware
That Macy was screwing my wife? Yeah.
But now isn't the, uh, best time.
Why don't you leave your number,
and we'll, uh We'll contact you?
Well, it's actually quite important
that we speak to her now.
We were on our way to HPD
to share our findings
and we need her to fill in some blanks.
Melinda, this is Mr. Magnum
and Ms. Higgins.
They're private investigators.
What's this about?
It's about you and Dr. Macy.
They know, and they have some questions.
Oh, well, first, actually,
I would like to ask, Mr. Parker,
how you learned of the affair?
She told me a few days ago.
Since then,
we've just been here, talking,
working on our issues,
working on our marriage.
It's something we should've
done a long time ago.
I gotta say, you do seem
incredibly forgiving
about the whole situation.
Well, um, not at first,
but, no, the the the truth is,
what happened was just as much
my fault as it was hers.
I've been so focused on work,
I forgot to invest in the things
that truly matter.
Melinda, what made you
confess to the affair?
I, um
Well, I saw the news
about Greg's death online
and I was upset.
I could tell something was wrong,
so finally, I managed
to pull it out of her.
Now I have a question.
Dr. Macy was killed
when he crashed his car.
Seems pretty open and shut.
So, what exactly are you investigating?
Well, there was an image that
was captured about
two minutes before the crash
that killed Dr. Macy.
That's you inside the car with him.
That's not me.
It sure does look like you.
It's not. Alright.
Well, in that case, could I ask you
where you were between 10:30
and 11:00 last Thursday night?
Here, with Nathan.
Well, you gotta admit,
there is a a striking
resemblance between you two.
Maybe this guy had a type.
Well, that was something.
Melinda was obviously scared.
Nathan answered all of her questions,
practically controlling her.
It just felt very staged.
He probably told her if anyone
comes around asking about the crash
to cop to the affair
so he could avoid suspicion.
Except they weren't counting
on that red light photo
putting her inside the car.
When confronted with that,
her only option was to say
that it wasn't her,
but I reckon
they're hiding something else.
What's that?
Well, Melinda was wearing long
sleeves and really heavy makeup.
Kind of unusual for a tropical climate.
But it's pretty handy if you're
trying to hide signs of abuse.
I think we've got this all wrong.
It's not about some affair.
According to the patient records,
there was only one person
who visited the clinic
on the three occasions where
Melinda's phone places her here.
Jayne Smith. Come on. Yeah.
That's gotta be an alias.
Same age, height, and weight as Melinda.
I mean, it's got to be her.
Yeah. You were right.
Parker's been abusing his wife.
Macy wasn't just treating her, right?
Those messages to J we found
"I-I've been thinking about you,"
"I can't talk. He's home."
That wasn't some conversation
between two lovers.
Macy was worried about Melinda,
and when he looked into
a divorce attorney and housing,
his was probably doing that
on her behalf.
Right. Dr. Macy
wasn't cheating on his wife.
He was just helping Melinda
to leave her abusive husband.
Maybe she finally did.
Only Parker sends guys after her.
They They track her here
to the clinic,
so Macy and Melinda jump in
his car to get away from them.
Then after the crash, they find Melinda
and take her back home to her husband,
where he's been keeping her ever since.
Yeah, it's a solid theory.
Let's just hope our new friend
at HPD believes it.
What did I say
about staying out of this?
Well, we've just told you
that Nathan Parker
is likely responsible
for Dr. Macy's death and appears
to currently be holding
his wife hostage,
a wife who he's been abusing
for God knows how long,
and that is your first question?
Listen, you go after a guy like Parker,
you need hard evidence.
You've got location data and photos
of someone who could be his wife.
Detective, compare
the birthmarks on the woman
in this photo to Melinda's.
I guarantee you,
they're gonna match. Alright.
I'll just ask her to come down
here to the station
and get naked for us.
That'll go over so well.
Prosecutors do not like
picking fights they cannot win.
This is a really hard case to make.
You would need Mrs. Parker
going on the record,
and I've got a better chance
of getting drafted by the A's
than that woman testifying.
So, you're just gonna do nothing,
when every moment that this woman spends
with her husband, her life is in danger?
She's also the only person
that can identify the driver of the SUV
that chased Dr. Macy to his death.
Thanks for coming in, guys.
Just be grateful I'm not
charging you with obstruction.
We've gotta talk to Melinda
and convince her
to leave her husband and testify.
How? She's a prisoner in her own home
surrounded by bodyguards
and completely cut off.
I didn't say it was gonna be easy.
Turn those alarms off.
Go check on Mrs. Parker.
- You can't be in here.
- No, no, no.
It's okay. Your husband isn't home.
- We checked.
- But he'll be back soon.
- You need to go.
- I'm going to go,
and you're gonna come with me, okay?
We know what he's been doing to you.
No. I can't.
- Melinda
- You don't know him.
His men, they ran Dr. Macy off the road.
- No, no. We know.
- He'll come after me.
- He'll go after my family.
- No, no.
We will take him down together.
He won't be able to.
It's not possible.
With the evidence that we have unearthed
and the testimony that you can give,
we can put him away
so he will never hurt you again.
Melinda, if you stay with him
in this house, he will kill you.
Maybe not the next time he hits you,
maybe not the time after that,
but it will happen.
Dr. Macy, he understood
the danger that you were in.
He gave his life trying to save yours.
Let's go.
Come on.
Go. Get out of here.
Where do you think you're going?
That's close enough.
So, what now?
You gonna call HPD?
You've been holding
your wife hostage in this house.
How are you gonna explain that?
Lucky for me, I won't have to.
'Cause we're gonna keep HPD out of this.
- Did you call the police?
- No.
Well, then how did they
I have no idea.
Yeah, so make sure they know that.
Yeah. Copy. I'm heading over now.
If nobody called HPD,
then how did you know
to come down with the cavalry?
After what I said about
needing testimony
from Melinda and your reaction to it,
I just had a feeling
this might be your next move.
He had a feeling.
Between us, this is what you planned.
You provoked us into coming here
because you didn't have the
legal grounds to do it yourself.
You two have a good night.
I didn't want your husband
involved, but
He wouldn't listen, right?
That's who he was.
I owe him my life.
It's Gordon Katsumoto.
Listen, I changed my mind.
I'm not gonna let them
take my badge without a fight.
What is this?
I was thinking about
what you said, and you're right.
We did skip a few steps.
Now is a good time to start
making up for that.
That is very sweet.
Kumu is, uh, picking up
a shift at La Mariana,
which means we have the entire estate
all to ourselves.
Magnum, that
That's a vintage Bordeaux.
Do you have any idea
how expensive that is?
Well, you're worth every penny,
even if it's not mine.
Don't ruin it.
Excuse me.
Are you the harbor master?
That's me.
I'm looking for a friend of mine.
I believe he docks his boat here.
His boat was here this morning.
- Really?
- Yeah.
But the slip's empty.
So your friend must have set sail.
Would you happen to have
the boat's MMSI number?
I would love to track it if I can.
Sorry. I'm just the harbor master.
I don't keep that kind
of information on file.
It's okay.
You asked me to call
if somebody came around
asking about the Navy guy.
Someone just did.
Don't know. Said he was a friend.
I didn't get a name.
He comes back, you call me.
Not sure yet.
- Is he up?
- Yeah.
Who are you?
That's not important, Captain.
I'm not a captain anymore.
No, but you were.
Four decades in the Navy.
Served with distinction.
Highly decorated.
And, of course, resigned
your commission in disgrace.
Thanks for the recap.
You've obviously done
your homework on me.
Now, what the hell is this about?!
You're telling me to take it easy?
You break into my home,
black bag me, knock me out.
Now, what do you want?
Back in Afghanistan,
you put together a team.
Two Navy SEALs, two Marines.
They ran black ops. Off-the-books stuff.
Their identities were known
only to you and a few others.
You're gonna give me their names.
Why the hell would I do that?
So we can hunt them down and kill them.
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