Magnum P.I. (2018) s05e02 Episode Script

The Breaking Point

My name is Thomas Magnum.
When I'm not inspiring books
by best-selling author Robin Masters,
I'm his live-in security consultant
and a private investigator in Hawaii.
My buddies and I moved here
after serving together in Afghanistan.
- Make a hell of a team.
- That's Rick.
If you want something on the island,
Rick's the man to see.
- Hey, what about me?
- That's TC.
He runs the best helicopter
tour business on Oahu.
I've also made some friends here.
Let me see that Kardashian butt.
This is Kumu.
She's the cultural curator
of Robin's estate.
Detective Katsumoto, HPD.
Make that former HPD.
He recently lost his badge
after we broke a convict out of prison
in order to save his ex-wife.
Aah! Higgins!
And this is Juliet Higgins,
former British Intelligence, MI6.
We work really well together.
Magnum, are you about to ask me
to become your partner?
After becoming partners,
we got much closer.
And then things got complicated.
On paper, we really don't make sense.
You and me, it's
it's inherently risky.
Most things that are worth it, are.
Willing to give it a chance.
Then, so am I.
Previously on "Magnum PI"
Lieutenant Magnum,
I was hoping you could tell me
how to get in touch
with Captain Buck Greene.
I've been trying to track him down.
Outside of my dad and my uncle,
there's really no man
that had more of an impact
on my life than Greene.
He put the team together.
I'm sure he's fine.
What do you want?
Back in Afghanistan,
you put together a team.
They ran black ops.
You're gonna give me their names
so we can hunt them down and kill them.
If I hadn't seen you actually make it,
I would accuse you of
getting it from Cinnamon's.
What is it?
Ah, Rick's in a bit of a bind.
Th-This house he made
an offer on fell through,
and he already gave up his lease, so
- That's unfortunate.
- Yeah.
Hey, wait a second. Wha
And this is this is just a thought.
What if
Yeah, maybe Rick should stay here
at the guest house with me.
I mean, it would only be
for a limited time, so
I Yeah.
I mean, if he's in a jam.
When would he potentially be moving in?
Honey, I'm home!
Uh, now-ish?
Thank you, thank you. Thank you so much.
I promise I won't be long.
As soon as I find a good
kid-friendly place,
I'm out of here.
It's all good, brother.
Wow, you guys really got into character
when Rick asked you
to move some stuff for him.
Funny. The jumpsuits are
for Jin's new business.
He's bidding on a storage unit
that's going up for auction.
Okay, but that still doesn't explain
why you guys are dressed
like a NASCAR pit crew.
Well, we felt that we might
intimidate the other bidders.
Make it look like
we're a large operation.
A huge two-man operation.
Well, it I-I wanted to join,
but I was busy with the baby,
the move, and the bar.
You know, if anyone should be moving in
to the guest house, it should be me.
I mean, Magnum and I are
the only two bachelors here.
Am I right? What's up, dog?
Please, pound, pound, pound it.
Please, please.
Yeah, bachelors till the rapture.
Which reminds me Higgins, uh,
remember when we made that pact
that if we were both single
by the end of the year,
that we would get married
- and have beautiful half-Asian babies?
- Uh
Sounds like something
Higgins would agree to.
Oh yeah, yeah.
I mean, for the record, Higgins,
I don't find you attractive.
But, you're not in
a relationship now, right?
No. No.
As far as I see it, we owe it
to humanity to give it a shot.
Now, I'm free from 6:30 to 6:40 tonight.
Does that works for you?
Uh, what's um
Oh! You know, as wonderfully
romantic as that does sound,
um, Magnum, our client is here,
and we must leave.
Thank you. Thank you.
Higgins, don't forget about our pact.
Let's do it for posterity.
I have a shot.
Thanks for meeting with me.
It's, uh It's been a rough few days.
My sister Karina recently died
of an overdose.
Oh, we're we're really sorry.
Thanks. She was a recovering addict.
But she's been clean for three years.
I didn't wanna believe it,
but there were drugs in her system,
and she tied the band on her own arm.
The teeth marks proved it.
Yeah, relapses can be, uh, often abrupt.
Four years ago, she was arrested
for possession.
So even after she got clean,
it was tough finding a job.
But she finally got hired
as a lifeguard, and
she just seemed so happy.
So, how can we help you?
I just need answers.
I know how Karina died,
but I lie awake at night wondering why.
What triggered her relapse?
Where'd she get the drugs?
Exactly who enabled her?
Assuming we can get you answers,
what do you plan on doing
with the information?
I'd never take matters
into my own hands.
That's for the authorities
and God to deal with.
I just need closure.
Well, uh, we'll be happy
to look into it for you.
Thank you so much.
What do we do if we bump
into Detective Childs?
Easy, I'll distract him
while you find Tatty
and check out the police report.
You know, asking for a case file
on a death
that was ruled accidental
isn't that big of a deal.
We could just try being open and honest.
Why bother?
I mean, we're not gonna run into
Detective Childs.
Ah, you two. What are you doing here?
Well, we just came to check in
on the Macy case,
make sure everything's
- working out well.
- Mm.
It's going great.
- Great.
- Mm-hmm.
Anything else?
Yes, actually.
We figured since you were new
on the island, maybe you
you'd want to take a chopper
tour or something like that.
If you just came for a thank you
for your help on the Macy case,
thank you.
I got a lot on my plate right now.
So if there's nothing else
Actually, you know, there is.
- We have a client.
- Okay.
His sister died of a tragic overdose.
It isn't an open investigation.
He's just a good man who's
trying to make sense of things.
And we would really like
to give him some answers
so that he can grieve properly.
And we were wondering
if we might, possibly,
look at the case file.
You see how effective
communication can be
when you're just honest?
Are we talking about the file
or Rick moving in?
What do you think?
Well, I think for someone
who's stressing
the importance of communication,
I'm having a hard time figuring out
what you're talking about.
Looks like because of Karina's
history of drug abuse,
HPD and the ME just thought
it was an open-and-shut case.
Uh, s-so, um, about Rick
I'm all ears.
Okay, so what happened was
I-I offhandedly offered him
a place to stay
without knowing that his house
would fall through.
And then I just
kind of forgot about it.
That tracks.
I'm sorry. I
You know, I know
this is probably something
we should talk about beforehand.
Look, Rick is family.
He's obviously always
going to be welcome.
I was just a bit taken aback.
It made me start thinking about
all of the inconveniences
it might create.
Keeping our relationship
professional out in the world
is easy because, you know,
I feel like we have
somewhere safe and private
where we can explore it,
at Robin's Nest.
And adding a roommate to the mix
could complicate things.
Especially if we want to
you know.
I will have Rick out within the hour.
That sounds a little bit rash.
Oh, I'm sure he's gonna find
somewhere soon enough.
Can Can you go back to
the tighter image of her arm?
Look at the bruising.
So, Boa said she tied the knot, right?
Yeah, because her teeth marks
were on the strap.
But if you look at the large
part of the bruising,
that's where the knot was tied.
Right, it it's on the back
side of her arm,
which means she couldn't have tied it.
Exactly. I mean, Karina
didn't shoot herself up.
No, someone just made it
look like she did.
Ladies and gents, today we are
bidding on storage unit D103.
Per rules of the auctions,
you cannot go inside,
so you're bidding on
what you can see right now.
This unit has some real
potential for hidden treasures.
So we're gonna start
the bidding at, uh
Final offer, $1,000,
take it or leave it!
We're gonna start the bidding at $1,200.
Do I hear 12? Do I hear 12?
Do I I got 12.
12 1/2? I got 12 1/2. Do I hear 13?
13, I got 13. Do I hear 14?
I got 14 from Jin, apparently.
Do I hear 15?
You're saying your own name to bid?
It's a catchphrase.
It's part of my brand.
- Your brand?
- Anybody, 15? No?
Then the unit's gonna go
to Jin for $1,400.
Going once, going twice
$1,500! 15, I got 15.
Do I hear 16? Anybody, 16?
- Jin!
- 16, do I hear 17?
Wow, $2,000. Doing 21?
- Jin!
- Doing 21.
- Do I hear twen
- 22!
- $2,200.
- Jin, there are other units.
Don't get emotional about this.
Going once, going twice
I'm pretty sure
we're not gonna beat that.
$4,000, going once
- $5,000!
- Jin, stop, man.
- No one's even bidding against you.
- I can't stop.
Never seen that before.
Going once, going twice
Sold to Jin for $5,000.
Pay me in the office.
Oh, what's up, Gordy?
Magnum asked to meet up
so that he could ask me
for a favor in person.
Oh, at least he's being direct.
He actually just asked to meet,
and I assumed it was for a favor.
Mm, sounds about right.
- Hello.
- Gordy!
Thanks for coming.
We could really use your help
with something.
Mm, what's this look?
Uh, I just admire Thomas' consistency.
I mean, even without the badge,
he's asking for a favor from Gordy.
Hey, uh, relationships are more
valuable than a badge.
You should know this more than
anybody else, Rick, come on.
Yes. Yes, you're right.
So, what's the ask then?
Well, uh, we need an in
with the head of Ocean Safety Services.
- I know her well.
- How well?
Not like that. What do you need?
Our client's sister was a lifeguard
who overdosed at Sherwood Beach.
Her body was found in one
of the lifeguard towers
shortly after dawn.
But now, it actually looks
like somebody else
injected her
with a lethal dose of heroin
to make it look like she overdosed.
I assume you asked the ME
to reopen the file.
Well, yeah, but the case is closed,
and we would really like
to get down there
and gather some more evidence
before we go to HPD.
My gut is telling me somebody
on that beach knows something,
saw something, or actually
could be responsible.
Oh, it's gonna be tough
interviewing people on that beach,
since Sherwood's
a pretty tight-knit community.
So the best way to find out what
happened is from the inside.
You guys want to go undercover.
Yeah. What do you think?
That shouldn't be a problem.
Head of Ocean Services owes me.
Oh, does she now?
I'm gonna go call her.
- Great.
- Okay.
So, which one of you
can more realistically pass
as a lifeguard?
Well, Juliet was British Intelligence.
Navy Seal MI6?
Hey, hang on, hang on, hang on.
Do you remember that I actually
swam the Molokai Channel?
As did I, and the reason
why you made it across
was because I gave you CPR.
Because I had been shot.
Okay, I'm gonna have to go
with MI6 on this one.
Thomas, have you ever swam
the Molokai Channel while bleeding out?
- Navy Seal.
- No!
Relax, you guys are both in.
You're both lifeguards
transferring from Maui.
Awesome. Thank you, Gordon.
- Don't mention it.
- Well, strong swimming
is just one aspect of being a lifeguard.
If you're gonna pull this off,
you really gotta play the part.
We got it.
Hey there. How you doing?
- Hey.
- Robbie Perez.
Jade Sanders.
Uh, we're supposed to meet
with the supervisor.
That's me.
Cole Graham.
Welcome to Sherwood Beach. Yeah.
- Thank you.
- Good to be here, yeah.
We run a tight ship.
Need to, since we're the only
Mobile Responders for two miles.
Mostly locals?
Eh, we get our share
of tourists, you know.
Locals don't mind as long
as they're respectful.
You know, there really hasn't
been an issue here until
I-I'm I'm sorry.
Do you know why you were
called in for relief?
All we heard was that someone on
your team recently passed away.
Yeah, she was a real
real beacon of light.
I'm retiring soon.
I even picked her to be my replacement.
She was, uh
Sh-She was like family.
- Sorry to hear that.
- Yeah.
Well, I'm glad they sent us two of you.
'Cause you're not just replacing Karina,
you're also filling in
for her co-workers,
who are taking it hard.
Well, uh, we're ready
to get started right away.
Yeah? Alright, that's good to hear.
Oh, hold on a second.
Alright, I gotta take this,
but as soon as I'm done,
we'll run down your list of duties.
- Sounds good.
- Alright, cool.
Why are you texting me?
Oh, well,
I'm letting my phone gather data
so I can figure out which of the
cell towers it's pinging off.
And then I'm just gonna walk
the whole length of the beach.
That will allow me
to accurately use trilateration
to see if there were any
other cellphones on the beach
on the morning that Karina was killed.
I will, uh, talk to the locals,
maybe starting with the surfers,
and then that lady that walked by
with the metal detector.
Well, they're the ones
most likely to be here
at the crack of dawn when Karina died.
Yo! Let's go.
Ready, Robbie?
Yes, I am, Jade.
Look at all this profit!
It's only profit if you make
more than the 5 grand
you just spent for it.
Oh, I will.
I can get a grand off of this jewelry,
another grand on this silverware.
This This is real silver.
Wait, hold on. What's going on?
You're acting like you knew
that this stuff was going to be in here.
I don't know what you're talking about.
If you don't come clean,
I'm taking it all and leaving.
Okay, okay, okay, okay.
I got a hot tip that this unit was owned
by a thief who recently went to prison.
Alright, he couldn't make the payment,
and the unit went up for auction.
Oh, so that's why you overpaid for it.
You knew there were gonna be
valuables in here.
Yes, I figured the insurance
companies reimburse the victims,
I'm robbing the robber,
and I'm totally okay with all that.
And oh, this looks special.
It feels special.
Wait, a minute. Let me see that.
This is a Purple Heart.
Like from a box of Lucky Charms?
No, from like getting wounded
or killed in battle.
This is the highest honor a vet can get.
It's the real deal.
So, you're telling me
that's worth a fortune.
What I'm saying is
there's no way in hell
I'mma let you pawn this.
- Let's roll.
- Where are we going?
To find out who this belongs to
so we can return it.
How does that put money in my pocket?
Whatever, man. Let's go.
Hey, you find anything good today?
Couple coins and a ring. Not a bad haul.
Not bad at all.
You're the new guy?
Yeah, yeah. Robbie.
Yeah, just kind of
stepping in for Karina.
Yeah, it's so sad what happened.
I was fond of her.
Yeah, seems like everybody was.
That's not necessarily true.
There are a few people on this beach
that really had it out for her.
Really? You don't say
Hey, I'm Milo, and this is Sharon.
Hey. Hi, I'm Jade.
We heard you were starting today.
You got big shoes to fill.
Right. Karina.
My condolences.
I'm guessing you guys were pretty close.
Everyone's shocked.
None of us knew about her drug issue.
Your new job's probably
a good distraction, though.
What job is that?
Karina was gonna be Cole's
replacement when he retired,
but now Sharon's getting the promotion.
It's weird.
I wanted the job, but not like this.
Well, I think the best way
to honor Karina's memory
would be to do a really good job,
which I'm sure you will.
You'll be great.
Hey, Robbie.
I guess word travels fast
around here, huh?
Not on its own. I asked.
You mind helping me put on sunscreen?
Just on the parts I can't reach.
Don't you have somebody
to do that for you?
Well, I certainly don't
have a boyfriend,
if that's what you're getting at.
No, no, no, that's not what I'm saying.
Uh, it's just that, technically,
I'm on safety patrol right now.
So I really
Oh, well, sunburn definitely
falls under safety.
You're not wrong.
Yeah, it does.
Uh, okay.
I guess I just, um
and, uh, rub it in. Yeah.
Hey, Robbie.
Hey hey!
Uh, what's Yeah, how's it going?
Uh, sorry, I I see you're busy.
Um, but there's an update
on the tide report.
Oh, y no, I wasn't busy. I-I-I, um
You are done, so enjoy your day.
Okay, before you say anything,
I just want you to know that
I-I turned her down so many times,
It would've been weird
if I didn't do it, you know?
Look, I-I totally understand.
And besides
sunburn definitely falls under safety.
Okay, well, since communication
is the word of the day,
you can let me know
if you're feeling jealous.
I'm I'm not.
I understand that, but
it wouldn't be a problem if you were.
Well, that's great, but I'm still not.
Okay, so you're not bothered at all?
No, but the fact that you're bothered
that I'm not bothered is
kind of starting to bother me.
Why would that bother you?
Why would what bother me?
I am genuinely confused.
I have no idea what we're talking about.
You know what? I'm just gonna summarize.
I think that your ego
is ever so slightly bruised
by the fact that I trust you implicitly.
- Okay?
- Mm-hmm.
Now, back to the update?
So, on the morning that Karina died,
there was one other cellphone
in the area
that pinged off the Waimanalo cell tower
and a hotspot on a yacht
about 10 miles offshore.
- So the phone was in the ocean.
- It would seem so.
It was a burner phone with no ID,
and it went offline about
an hour before Karina died.
Now, did you accomplish anything today
other than saving Instagram models
from very harmful UV rays?
Very funny. But yes, I can multi-task.
Apparently, the surfers
got into a number
of altercations with Karina.
There were some newbies on
the break, they kicked them off,
and Karina defended
their right to be there.
You know, they aren't our only suspects.
I just spoke to one
of our new coworkers, Sharon.
With Karina out of the way,
she's now next in line to
take over when Cole retires.
What is it?
Is that
It is.
- Is he breathing?
- He took in some water.
But he's breathing alright.
Come on, lay down, buddy.
- It's a deep laceration.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- Probably from the coral.
I'm gonna wash it out
with some sterile water, okay?
Yeah, just focus on breathing.
You're gonna be okay, buddy.
You his parents?
It's a deep cut,
but it's missed the artery,
so he'll be fine.
- Okay.
- Paramedics on its way.
You're gonna be okay. You hear me?
Yeah. Yes, you are.
Impressive stuff.
I assume you two worked together
before coming here.
Yeah, yeah, we did.
- You can tell.
- Thanks.
Um, the shift change isn't
for a little while,
but I was wondering,
would you guys mind covering us
so Robbie and I can recharge a bit?
Yeah, yeah, yeah. You earned a breather.
Take as much time as you need.
Great. Thank you.
- Thanks.
- Great job out there, man.
Hey, so the ME found
something interesting.
There were two different types
of sunscreen on Karina's body.
Well, that makes sense.
There's different types
of sunscreen
for your face and your body.
Not this different.
One of them was the reef-safe
kind, and the other one
contained oxybenzone and triclosan.
Those were banned in Hawaii
over a year ago.
Yeah, exactly.
And what's even weirder
is where they were found.
The reef-safe one
was over her entire body,
and the banned kind was only
on her neck, collarbones, and hands.
If somebody choked her out
before they shot her up
with drugs, that would be
the contact point.
Exactly, and since most people
use the reef-safe kind now,
if we can figure out who's still
using the banned kind,
then we can really
narrow down our suspect list.
So I'm gonna check in
with the lifeguards,
starting with Sharon.
Alright, I'm gonna keep
searching for those surfers.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
How'd it go with the lawyer?
Uh, good and bad.
She thinks I can make an appeal
to maybe get my badge back,
but it's gonna cost
a lotta money in legal fees.
- Mm.
- Well, Gordy, if you need a loan
Eh, no thanks.
Okay, but if you do
I appreciate it, but I'm good.
Thank God, because I don't have
any extra money to spare.
Hey, how'd it go at the auction?
Jin overbid on a unit because
he knew it belonged to a thief.
You know, when you say it like that,
I feel like you diminish my genius.
Anyway, look what we found.
Ooh, is that what I think it is?
No, no, no.
It's not a lucky charm.
No one thinks that, Jin.
Let me see that.
Oh, that's legit.
I assume you're returning it
to its owner.
Well, that's the goal.
But there are no identifying markers,
and the guy that stole this
is in prison.
So we have no way of knowing
who the owner is.
Jin, how'd you know about
the unit in the first place?
Okay, I got a tip from a friend
who knew someone from the thief's crew.
Well, if the thief had a crew,
and he
knew he was about to lose his unit,
he might have had one of his
guys try to win the auction, right?
Hmm. There was that one guy.
Yeah, the scruffy bearded guy.
He wanted that unit badly.
We had a heated exchange. It was crazy.
My bet is, he worked with the thief
and knows exactly where
that medal came from.
You know, bidders have to register
in order to participate in the auction.
- Good thinking.
- Yeah, that's pretty good.
- Jin, let's roll.
- Okay, bye.
Easy, boy.
Yo, what the hell you doin' in my van?
You better have a really good answer
as to why you were in there.
No, y-you guys better have
a really good answer.
To what?
T-To why your dog was in there
with the windows rolled up.
It's hot.
I mean, animal cruelty is punishable
by up to five years
in prison and $10,000.
You guys know that?
Bro, you have it all wrong.
I love Ruffles.
There's a fan in the roof
for ventilation.
It only looks like
he was locked in there.
Right, well
Just, you gotta be safe
with pets, right?
Hold on, you guys aren't the surfers
that were giving Karina trouble
before she died, right?
Word's been getting out about you guys.
We fought over some tourists
taking over our break.
It got a little heated,
but only because she was like
a sister to me.
- We fought like siblings.
- Hm.
Why does any of that matter, though?
- Huh?
- Who's asking?
Ah, well
Look, between
between us, it's the cops.
Yeah, they think there was foul play,
and they kind of want to know
where you were
at the time of her death.
We were nowhere near there,
and we can prove it.
Well, how you gonna do that?
We got a wave-cam in that banyan tree
pointed directly at our break.
It's our own personal Surfline.
Uh, before you tell me your good news,
I got into Sharon's locker
and I've got a sample of her sunscreen.
Well, that's great, but how
do you know I have good news?
You have that look.
What look?
Eh, it's kind of a confident smirk.
Well, maybe I have
resting confident-smirk face.
You definitely have
resting confident-smirk face.
But you also have news.
Well, you're not wrong.
So, the surfers were wearing
reef-safe sunblock,
but they did have footage of the
ocean the morning Karina died.
- I got it from their wave-cam.
- That's great.
Well done.
Here we go.
Looks like she's dragging
someone ashore.
Yeah, she's just saved that man's life.
Maybe he's the owner of
the cellphone that went offline.
Well, that would work time-wise
because she was killed
about an hour later, right?
Looks like he's in quite a hurry.
I mean, she's just saved his
life, and now he's running off.
Yeah, and what is that?
It looks like he's carrying something.
I'm not sure.
And he's too far away to get
a clean shot of his face,
but looks like he's heading
for that truck.
Let's pull the plate.
Okay, it's registered
to a Jesse Carmen, 44.
Wow, quite the rap sheet.
Possession, manufacturing,
- the drug trifecta.
- Yeah.
Tell you what, send me his address.
- I'll go check out his place.
- Okay, cool.
I'm gonna call Rick,
see if he can come pick up
Sharon's sunscreen
and take it to the lab.
Sounds good.
You remember those puzzles in
Highlights magazine, where
where you had to spot what was
wrong with the picture,
like a shoe growing in an apple tree,
or a horse with
a baseball bat for a leg?
That's the game investigators play
when we don't even know
what we're looking for.
So right now, I'm asking myself,
"What's wrong with this picture?"
How many people do you know
with a second fridge?
And of those people,
how many do you know
keep their second fridge locked?
Yeah, something's very wrong
with this picture.
Guessing this wasn't a fish fry.
Shortly before Karina was killed,
she actually saved the life
of the man who lives here
Jesse Carmen.
He was posing as a fisherman
so that he could,
seemingly, smuggle drugs inside of fish.
Karina must have uncovered
Carmen's operation
when she saved him
and was killed as a result.
Her death was only meant
to look like an overdose.
Have you seen this?
It looks like, uh, a list of sales?
I mean, that's today's date, right?
Oh, yeah, it could be, uh, drug sales.
And if those dates
and times are correct,
the next drop is gonna be
in about an hour.
What's this last column here, "stalls"?
Stall 17, stall 14.
They're labeled 1 through 35.
Could the stalls be the
the drop-off location?
Stalls, stalls, stalls?
Um, what was it bathroom stall,
horse stall, festival stall?
Carmen safely smuggled
the drugs to Oahu, right?
But he still kept it packed in the fish.
If he's moving them like that,
and we're looking for stalls
- Oahu Fish Market. Yeah.
- It's It's gotta be.
Okay, according to their website, yeah,
they rent out stalls to vendors,
and there are exactly 35 of them.
That's about 15 minutes away.
Gives us plenty of time
to set up a sting.
Us? No, no. Not a chance.
- We'll take it from here.
- Well, hold on.
We uncovered the operation,
we we looped you in,
and we figured out
when the next drop is gonna be.
Which is exactly why I'm gonna
let you observe from a distance.
There is no possible way in hell
I'm gonna let you actively
participate in this sting.
It's just not gonna happen.
Or you can just stay
out of it completely.
Your choice.
So, what's this all about?
You call me over to gloat?
Looked into you.
Turns out you and Jin here
have some mutual friends.
I'm not just any Jin.
I'm Jin Jeong.
- You're that Jin?
- Yeah.
The same Jin who once stole
200 pairs of designer shoes
and then posed as a distributor
and sold them back to the same store?
That's me, baby. What's up?
That was a different life
back then. I've changed.
Dude, you're the GOAT.
I'm sorry I didn't recognize you.
I've just heard so many
legendary stories,
I thought you'd be
That's offensive, but thanks
for calling me a GOAT.
You're not so bad yourself,
since you helped steal
everything in this storage space.
Thank you.
That wasn't a compliment.
Look, I'm a vet.
We came across the Purple Heart.
We just wanna know
where you guys stole it from
so we can take it back.
Oh, that is so sweet.
How much for the address?
Nothing. Consider it a good deed.
You're funny.
There's a code. Jin knows.
Make me an offer.
He's right.
Okay, if you tell us
where you got the medal,
I'll give you the storage unit.
Really? Now we're talking.
Jin, maybe negotiate half.
No, no, no, no, no.
There's already an offer
on the table, which I accept.
But only if you give me the keys first.
No deal. If I give you the keys,
you might not gimme the address.
But if I give you the address,
you might not gimme the keys.
Yeah, but if I give you the keys first,
you might not gimme the address.
I feel like we're talking
in circles here, Jin.
Look, why don't you two
make the exchange
at the exact same time?
- Deal.
- Deal.
450 Huli Street.
It's a pleasure doing business with you.
Let's roll, Jin.
Hey, what the hell? It's empty!
The deal was for the storage unit.
Now that you have a nice one,
you can put your stuff in it.
Look at the bright side.
Now you got a priceless story to tell
about getting bested by the GOAT, baby.
The greatest of all time!
There he is.
Looks like he's got the fish
in his cooler.
Those gotta be the buyers.
Right, they just made the handoff.
That's a go. That's a go.
HPD, hands up!
Stay here.
Hands behind your back!
Only he's leaving the market.
He's heading towards Chinatown.
They're gonna lose him.
Sorry, Childs.
There he is.
Come on. Keep moving.
You were right about Carmen's operation.
He gutted the bonefish to bring
heroin over from Molokai
on a dinky fishing boat
to stay under the radar.
The morning of Karina's death,
the boat hit a reef,
started to go under.
Right, and he would've gone down with it
had Karina not saved his life.
Yeah. He still is pretty adamant
he didn't kill her.
And that's common.
Sing like a canary,
just enough to avoid the big charge.
I'm still pretty sure
we can prosecute him
without a confession.
What is it?
- He's wearing a long-sleeve flannel.
- So?
He was also wearing long sleeves
when Karina saved his life.
Which means, if he choked her out
He wouldn't have gotten
sunscreen on her.
I-I think Carmen's telling the truth.
Plus, whoever made her death
look like an overdose,
must have had knowledge
of her history of drug abuse.
And as far as we know,
Carmen and Karina didn't meet
until the day that she saved his life.
So, who killed Karina, then?
I think we might know.
Your shift ended three hours ago.
We know, but we, uh, had
some unfinished business.
Your accent.
Yeah, we're actually
private investigators,
and we're working on a case.
Wh-What are you, uh
What are you investigating?
Well, it turns out you.
Your protégé, Karina,
she didn't overdose on her own.
It just appeared that way.
And you think I had something
to do with that?
Yes, we found out that Karina
had kept her history
of drug abuse a secret,
but you would have found she had
a record when you hired her.
Just because I knew about her
past doesn't mean I killed her.
Come on.
No, no, it doesn't,
but it did motivate us
to do a deeper dive into your financials
and also get a sample of your sunscreen.
Uh, uh, my sunscreen?
Yes, your sunscreen contains
triclosan and oxybenzone,
the two exact chemicals that
were found around Karina's neck.
Karina discovered the operation,
and when she came to you to report it,
you killed her
because you were in on it.
You were allowing people
to smuggle drugs onto Oahu
in exchange for a piece of the action.
You knew about her drug abuse.
And you were making so much money
that you were planning
an early retirement.
Y-Y-You really think any of this
will hold up in court?
Do you really think this guy,
Jesse Carmen,
a-a drug smuggler,
isn't gonna sell you out
to shave a few years off his sentence?
You know what, I don't need to
take this from a couple of PIs.
Then you can take it from me.
Cole Graham, you have the right
to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will
be used against you
in a court of law.
Now, where were we, Mr. Graham?
You have the right to an attorney.
If you cannot afford an attorney,
one will be provided for you
- How you doing?
- How you doing?
Hey, you must be Ronald.
Oh, no. I'm his son, James.
There he is.
This is my dad, Ronald.
We have something that belongs to you.
You're a Pearl Harbor survivor?
Yeah, only about 70 of us left.
We've been looking for this.
Thief coulda made
a good chunk of change.
You're a vet, too.
Yes, sir. Marine Corps.
I grew up closer to these memories
and and know what
my dad went through,
but every generation, a little
of that history is lost,
so thank you for this.
Thank you so much.
Karina's last day on Earth
was spent saving someone else's life.
She was a real hero.
Please, join hands.
The ocean saved Karina's life.
She truly loved it.
There's no place she'd rather rest.
It's Childs.
I'll be right there.
Body washed up on the windward side.
Got an ID yet?
Yeah, he's former Navy.
Captain Buck Greene.
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