Magnum P.I. (2018) s05e03 Episode Script

Number One With a Bullet

My name is Thomas Magnum.
When I'm not inspiring books
by best-selling author Robin Masters,
I'm his live-in security consultant
and a private investigator in Hawaii.
My buddies and I moved here
after serving together in Afghanistan.
- Make a hell of a team.
- That's Rick.
If you want something on the island,
Rick's the man to see.
- Hey, what about me?
- That's TC.
He runs the best helicopter
tour business on Oahu.
I've also made some friends here.
Let me see that Kardashian butt.
This is Kumu.
She's the cultural curator
of Robin's estate.
Detective Katsumoto, HPD.
Make that former HPD.
He recently lost his badge
after we broke a convict out of prison
in order to save his ex-wife.
Aah! Higgins!
And this is Juliet Higgins,
former British Intelligence, MI6.
We work really well together.
Magnum, are you about to ask me
to become your partner?
After that, things got complicated.
HIGGINS: On paper, we really
don't make sense.
You and me, it's inherently risky.
I know, but I'm willing
to give it a chance.
Previously on "Magnum PI"
LEE: I was hoping you could tell me
how to get in touch
with Captain Buck Greene.
Your former C.O. who betrayed you
lists you as his emergency contact.
My son was abducted by two men.
They promised they'd release him
if I sent Magnum on a suicide mission.
I am truly sorry for what
I did to you, Magnum.
MAGNUM: There's really no man
that had more of an impact
on my life than Greene.
He's the one who put the team together.
You're gonna give me their names
so we can hunt them down and kill them.
Body washed up on the windward side.
Captain Buck Greene.
- Thanks for meeting with me.
- Of course.
How's everyone?
Wright, Calvin doing okay?
Yeah, yeah.
Doing good.
I keep going over it in my head.
Gaming out all the ways
things could have gone.
The truth is, I should have known
that Ivan was never gonna let David go.
No, no, you're
you're trying to apply logic
to a situation
where it just does not work.
Your son's life
was on the line, alright?
Anybody in that position
would have done the same thing.
This is different.
I swore an oath
to protect the men and women
under my command,
and I betrayed that oath.
It must have been, uh, 2014.
I was a couple months out
of my second tour.
I hadn't seen my family or been
stateside in over a year,
and and I was
so convinced that I was done,
and you came to me
and you told me something
that convinced me to stay.
"Until you've sacrificed everything,
you haven't sacrificed enough."
You made the Navy your career,
gave your life to it.
You lost a son.
If anybody has the right to say
that they've sacrificed everything,
it's you.
So you can't torture yourself over this.
You gotta just find a way
to forgive and move on.
I did a long time ago.

Yeah. Yeah.
That's him.
These were on his person
when he was found.
Since he designated you
as his emergency contact,
they're yours now.
When do the results
of the autopsy come in?
Actually, we don't have one scheduled.
Why the hell not?
The deceased's boat
was found adrift at sea.
There was open liquor,
as well as prescription
Now, I can have the lab run a tox panel
to see what was in his system,
but given the nature of the death,
HPD decided that a full autopsy
isn't warranted.
So the cops think it was an accident.
Maybe even a suicide.
I'm sorry.
I can imagine how upsetting
this must be.
No. No, I don't think you can.
This man was a fully
commissioned officer
in the United States Navy.
Alright, now I can call the DOD
and get them involved,
or you can save everybody the time
and just get the autopsy done.
I'll get started on the paperwork.
Thank you.
So what are you thinking?
I don't know. Something's not right.
I'm gonna find out what it is.
I'm taller ♪
You make me love harder ♪
You make it all easier ♪
You know that I need you here ♪
We're always gonna be on top ♪
Together we can make this pop ♪
Keep it going, just don't stop ♪
Tonight ♪
Don't stop ♪
Tonight ♪
DIRECTOR: Cut, cut, cut!
That's a wrap on Rae for today.
Great job, everybody.
Mr. Katsumoto.
I'm Ji-Yoo, Rae's manager.
Thanks again for filling in
on such sort notice.
Happy I could help.
Rae's show tonight at the Shell
is actually her last performance
before we head home.
It was all going smoothly
until a member
of the security team got sick.
Now we're down a man.
And, as I'm sure you can imagine,
a star of Rae's stature
requires a heavy security
presence wherever she travels.
To be honest, I'm not really
familiar with Rae's work,
but as a former cop,
I have plenty for experience
- at this sort of thing.
- Good.
Rae's lucky to have
such a loyal fan base,
but the diehards can sometimes
take things too far.
A big part of your job
is identifying who's gonna be a problem
before they have a chance to act.
Other than that, you should
avoid interacting with Rae
and generally stay out of her way.
- Understood.
- Great.
Why don't I introduce you?
Uh, to Rae?
I thought I wasn't supposed to
interact with her.
Yes. But she's very particular
about who she works with.
- She'll need to approve you first.
- Alright.
Rae, this is Gordon Katsumoto.
He'll be filling in on security today.
You're riding with me.
Thanks for coming along with me.
- You're really doing me a solid here.
- Yeah.
Although, I have to say,
I'm not entirely sure
what it is I've agreed to.
I'm not really sure, either.
All Kona said was something
was stolen from him.
He seemed pretty desperate
to get it back.
Alright, well, if he's
a friend of yours,
I'm happy to help.
Full disclosure
Kona's not really a friend.
He's more of
a professional acquaintance.
He supplies all the liquor
for La Mariana.
I figured if I do him this solid,
maybe he'll give me a deal
on the next order.
Got you. So is it Kona that
I'm helping, or is it you?
I would have asked Thomas,
but I feel bad.
He's been so generous with
letting me stay in the guesthouse.
How is that going, by the way?
- Pretty good.
- Hmm.
Although I've noticed he
hasn't been around much lately.
I mean, he gets in late most nights,
and when I wake up in
the morning, he's usually gone.
Doesn't take a genius to figure
out what's going on, though.
Well, what what do you
think is going on?
Oh, I think we both know
what's going on.
He's seeing somebody.
I mean, it's so obvious.
Has he said anything to you about it?
Uh, no.
No, I can't say that he has.
But, uh, you know, luckily,
Thomas keeps the sordid details
of his love life to himself.
Well, whoever she is,
he must really like her.
I mean, there's just been
this lightness about him lately.
He's constantly smiling.
So chipper.
Although that's not always
a good sign with him.
W How's that?
Let's just say Thomas has a tendency
to dive headfirst
into new relationships.
Sometimes he can get disappointed
when the woman doesn't live up
to the idealized version
of what a romantic partner should be.
Anyway, I'm sure it'll be over soon.
Probably just a brief fling.
That's a shame. I was
looking forward to meeting her.

- Oh, my God.
- Call 911.
Rick, this blood is still pooling.
That means it happened very recently.
- Put the phone down.

Well, it's been years since K-Pop
first took the world by storm,
and today I have the pleasure
of sitting down
with one of its biggest stars, Rae Song.
Rae, so good to see you.
So good to be here.
Easy. Music is the universal language.
You don't even have to
understand the lyrics
so long as the song elicits
an emotional response.
But it helps if you can dance to it.
Yes. Absolutely.
And I totally agree with you.
- So tell me about your new
Can I borrow your cell?
Sure. Is that really necessary?
The label monitors my work phone,
and I've had issues with the press
hacking my personal devices.
Oh, that explains why you
wanted me to ride with you.
I know what you're thinking.
"What a diva."
I'm probably exactly what you expected.
Actually, I didn't
have any expectations.
Prior to today, I'd never heard of you.
And here I am,
assuming you know all about me.
Maybe I am a diva.
Sorry. I didn't mean to offend.
No, it's actually refreshing.
I'm not exactly used to people
being honest around me.
Truth is, I didn't just bring
you along to use your phone.
You see, my security team
are great at what they do,
but it's the record label
that pays their bills.
So I don't always feel comfortable
speaking openly in front of them.
Yet you have to trust them
with your safety.
That can't be easy.
Oh, I may not trust them
to respect my privacy,
but I do trust them with my life.
The label has to protect
its investment, after all.
That's kind of a cynical
point of view, don't you think?
It's the truth.
Music has always been my passion,
but I can't even remember
a time in my life
when I wasn't doing it for money.
When I was 12, Ji-Yoo discovered me,
got me signed to a label,
and soon I was supporting
my entire extended family.
What I didn't have was a life.
No school.
No real friends.
And to top it all off,
I don't even own the songs
I pour my blood and sweat into.
My label does.
Sometimes I think
I should just walk away,
but at the end of the day,
this is all I've ever known.
Well, not that you've asked
for my advice,
but in my opinion,
you know, if you find something
you're good at
that gives your life meaning, well,
that's something you should try to keep
at all costs, isn't it?
Sounds like there's a story there.
There is.
But you won't be getting it that easy.
Hey ♪
Look in the mirror ♪
I'm gonna reach the stars ♪
I'm gonna ride the waves ♪
I'm gonna write down every chapter ♪
Hello, my Songies!
Seems I make the rules ♪
I love you.
Step back! Keep your hands to yourself.
Would you like a picture?
- Hi!
I'll see you inside. Thanks. Oh, my God.

I know that look. What's up?
The The date on Greene's
watch, it's it's way off.
It's set to Thursday the 5th.
Today is Monday the 23rd.
Oh. Relic like that?
Could be the date function
stopped working a long time ago.
Mm. Crown is in the out position,
like he set it to that date
for a reason.
What, like to leave a message?
I don't know.
You good?
Yeah, just Higgy
was supposed to meet me here
after, uh, sitting down
with Rick's friend, but
I don't know. I guess they hit traffic.
Yeah, I called Rick a while ago.
Went straight to voicemail.
- I should try giving her a call again.
- HIGGINS: You've reached Juliet.
Maybe they're somewhere
where there's no reception.
Yeah, yeah. Maybe.
Remember when I asked you this morning
to ride along with me
and meet a friend about a job?
Why'd you have to go and say yes?
My sincerest apologies, Rick.
Had I known that we would end up
stuck in the back of a van
with a dead body,
I might have reconsidered.
Truth be told, Kona wasn't
always the straightest shooter.
I mean, before he got involved
in liquor sales,
he was always running
some scam or another.
Not really sure what
he could have been doing
to get himself killed, though.
Well, I reckon those guys
must be looking
for whatever the stolen item was
that he wanted me
and Thomas to track down.
It's too much of a coincidence
for it not to be related.
Well, that would explain
why the house was tossed.
But why kill the guy that could
give you a lead on the robbery?
I don't know.
Maybe they questioned Kona
before they killed him.
Maybe they didn't believe that
whatever it was had been stolen.
Either way, if we don't
find a way to escape,
these guys are gonna
try and kill us, too.

Woke up feeling brave ♪
Something I gotta say this morning ♪
If nothing's gonna change,
then let me on my way ♪
Don't want you ♪
So you can take your lies
and take your games ♪
I've had enough,
there's nothing left to say ♪
Please don't ask me why,
you didn't read the signs ♪
I warned you ♪
Well, you can talk about
the red and blue pill ♪
- How none of this is real ♪
Wait, stop. I'm still getting
feedback from my monitors.
Heard you got to ride with her majesty.
She actually seems like
a pretty good kid.
Sure, but don't be fooled.
She'd sell out her own mother
if she thought it would
advance her career.


Got a suspicious person
on the rope line.
Asian male. Blue windbreaker.

Get them out of here! Now!
MIKE: Out.
Over there.
Let's go.

Right up here.
Dig. Make sure the hole's
big enough for three.
Ah, yeah, that's gonna be a pass for me.
I just feel like if you guys
are really gonna kill us,
I'd rather not spend
my last moments shoveling dirt.
If I gotta dig, you're dying
a hell of a lot more slowly.
Well, listen, I have another option.
Oh, yeah? What's that?
Well, clearly, you and your associate
were looking for something that
you believed to be at Kona's house.
What it appears you don't know
is that said item
had already been stolen from him,
which is why you couldn't find it.
See, if you hadn't shot the guy
right away,
he might have told us that himself.
He drew on me.
What was I supposed to do?
Look, thankfully, there is
a silver lining here,
because Kona was about to hire
the best private investigators
on the island
to recover what it is
that you're looking for.
Juliet Higgins.
And I'm her partner, Thomas Magnum.
[CHUCKLES] Nice try.
You didn't think I'd check your
phone when I took it off you?
- Your name's Orville Wright.
That's a cute kid, by the way.
Be a shame if she had to
grow up without a daddy.
Please, just listen.
I really think that we can find
a solution to your problem.
Okay, that's weird.
Yeah, meeting was hours ago.
No way they should still be here.
Can you pick the lock?
No need.
Damn, somebody tore this place up.
I'll check the bedrooms.

TC: Yo.
Check this out.
Somebody recently mopped up
the floor right here.
You can still smell the bleach.
I think somebody bled out right here.
They must've used the shower
curtain from the bathroom
to move the body.
Higgy, you okay?
HIGGINS: Well, uh, yes and no.
Unfortunately, Kona is dead.
Also, Rick and I are currently standing
opposite the gentlemen who killed him.
Wait, what?
I'll take it from here.
Listen closely, Mr. Magnum.
Kona had something that belonged
to my associate and I.
A case of 1997 Nogura whiskey.
Premium stuff from Japan.
Worth a quarter of a mil, easy.
See, Kona was supposed to
find us a buyer,
but when it came time to collect,
he just started dodging our calls.
So we pay him a visit, he draws on us,
which my partner understandably
didn't take too kindly to.
Your friends then showed up
at a rather inopportune time,
and that's how we find
ourselves in this, uh,
present predicament.
Okay, what's it gonna take
to get out friends back?
Well, that's easy.
We just want our whiskey back.
We thought Kona was holding out on us.
Turns out, the stuff was stolen.
MAGNUM: Yeah, not for
the first time, I'm guessing.
Don't think you and your partner
came into that whiskey legally.
You catch on fast, which is good,
because you see, we're your clients now,
and if you ever want to see
your friends alive again,
you're gonna find that booze.
We're We're gonna find it,
alright, I promise.
But with a case like this,
we we need time.
You have five hours.
If you don't come through by then
or if we even suspect
you're talking to the cops,
your friends are dead.
Well, then, good luck.
Okay, I'm thinking we start
with high-end liquor shops.
They should know who the buyers
are for that kind of product.
That's a great idea,
but it won't be necessary.
I just found the whiskey.
A kid named "Awesome Josh" has it.
How the hell did you find that so fast?
"I don't always drink whiskey,
but when I do,
I'm dropping six figures.
# Baller. #ThugLife.
So the kid leaves evidence
of a felony on social media.
It's like these kids just want
to get caught out there.
H-Hold on. He just posted a
photo from the Rainbow Drive-in.
If we hustle, we can get there in time.
DENNIS: It's actually pretty
amazing if you think about it.
What is?
Oh, just the irony of you
working 20-something years
as a cop without so much as a paper cut,
only to get shivved on your first day
doing private security.
Ugh. Please don't make me laugh.
Get that, will ya?
Hi. I'm here to see Gordon.
Gordon? Uh, your dad?
Come on in, guys.
Rae, Ji-Yoo, this is my son, Dennis.
- Oh, nice to meet you.
- Hi.
Dennis, I'm guessing you
probably know who Rae is.
Oh, so that's who you were working for?
Cool. Cool. Yeah, yeah.
I think I may have heard
some of your music before.
That's okay.
I'm sure the stuff you listen to
is a lot cooler.
Yeah, just indie stuff mostly.
We wanted to check in on you
before heading out.
It's nothing a couple stitches
couldn't fix.
16 is a couple?
I'll be fine.
Well, you can talk about
the red and blue pill ♪
How none of this is real,
so how do you feel? ♪
- How much of ♪
If you'll excuse me, I'm gonna take this
die of embarrassment.
[CHUCKLING] Well, that made my day.
- Mine too.
- Wow.
He's cute.
I thought you'd want to know
I spoke to our head of security,
and they've handed the attacker
off to the police.
It's a miracle no one was badly hurt.
Still, given the situation,
we've decided to postpone
tonight's concert.
I hate to let the fans down,
but security's insisting.
No, it makes sense.
When I saw the knife, I just froze.
I was so scared, and then
suddenly, you were there.
Hey, I was just the first one
to see him is all, okay?
Every one of the guys
on your security team
would have done the same thing.

For your son.
I don't suppose you'd be interested
in coming back to Seoul with us
and working on my team full time?
Well, as tempting as that is
my life is here.
In that case, there will be
front-row tickets
waiting for you when I'm back in town.
Better see you there.
Count on it.

I can't help but feel my groove ♪
I can't help but feel ♪
There's our boy.
How the hell does this clown
afford a quarter-million-dollar whiskey,
let alone a car like that?
I don't know. Do me a favor.
Grab the registration from the glovebox.
What for?
Uh, you'll see. Just roll with it.
- Howzit?
- Hey, how you doing?
- Nice ride.
- Thank you.
Robin Masters, Honolulu Bureau
of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms,
and we believe that you
may be in possession
of $250,000 worth of stolen liquor.
What the hell are you talking about?
Seems as though a rare case
of Nogura whiskey
went missing from a distribution company
and somehow ended up
on your Instagram feed.
That stuff isn't mine, brah.
I swear.
Here's the deal.
I have this mobile
car detailing business.
My clients are hella rich.
So sometimes I take photos
with their stuff
and, you know let people assume.
Oh. Kind of like I should assume
that this Lambo is not yours, either.
Oh, come on.
Unless you wanna go to jail for
accessory to felony burglary,
you're gonna give us the name of
the client who has that whiskey.
Sure. Yeah.
Um, got the guy's info
right here in my phone.
You guys are with the Bureau of Alcohol
and you drive a Ferrari?
We're undercover.
Remember, the hole's got to
be big enough for three.
In case your friends don't come through.
I got a bad feeling about this.
What if this PI goes to the cops?
Let's just cut our losses
and get out of here.
Listen, even if TC and Magnum
do come through,
I can't imagine any scenario
where these guys keep up
their end of the agreement.
First chance we get,
we have to try and escape.

Hey, Joe, uh, I need
to talk to the detective
handling the assault on Rae Song.

This is a little awkward.
Of all the way we could have met.
Detective Chris Childs.
Gordon Katsumoto.
Heard you inherited my case load.
Sorry about that.
If I gotta be swimming in
paperwork, I'm happy it's yours.
You kept excellent notes.
What brings you in today?
You may have heard I was at
the scene of the Rae Song attack.
Figured you'd need my statement.
Sure, but given everything
you've been through,
- it could wait.
- I'm fine.
You interview the suspect yet?
No one's been brought in.
That's not possible. We had him.
You sure? I was told the guy
managed to flee the scene.
Where you going?
Before we were driven away,
I saw your guys detain the suspect.
You had three men on top of him.
What are you getting at?
The police were told he escaped,
but we both know
there's no way that happened.
We decided it was best
handled ourselves.
What's that supposed to mean?
It means that guy
won't be a problem anymore.
For anyone.
You know I used to be a cop, right?
Yeah. I do.
I also know you took this job
because you need the money.
We appreciate your discretion on this.

I'm in the wrong line of work.
That's one hell of a bonus.
That's not what this is.
These men killed Rae's assailant,
and now they're trying
to buy my silence.
They also canceled tonight's concert,
probably because they're in
a hurry to leave the country.
That just seems a little
a little extreme to me.
It does, until you consider
these guys are Korean mob.
You know that how?
Rae's head of security, Kwan,
had a distinct star tattoo on his neck.
So I did a little digging.
Turns out much of South Korea's
entertainment industry
is run by current
and former gang members.
In Rae's case, her label is bankrolled
by members of the Seven Star Mob.
That may be so, but without a body,
we don't have a murder to investigate.
Right. But what if we could ID him?
Here's the shirt I was wearing.
And most of the blood on this is mine.
That spot right there,
that came from Rae's assailant
while we were struggling for the knife.
Hey, yeah, this is Detective Childs.
I'm gonna need you to run
some blood through the lab ASAP.
- Thanks.
That should do it.
Go fetch the body.
- Alright.
- Okay.

I don't think we're gonna get
a better opportunity than this.
You got a plan?
Yeah, actually, I think I do.
What's the holdup? Throw him in.
Drop it!
Get back.
That's it.
I say we waste these fools right now.
No, no. We need them alive
if we want our stuff back.
- [THUD]
- Get him in the hole.
And know this if your friends
don't come through
in the next hour, you'll be joining him.
Just so I'm sure I've got this right,
you guys come here accusing me
of buying some stolen whiskey.
Now, you insist you're not cops.
But if I'll just
"loan" you this whiskey,
you promise to return it
in a couple of hours
and to never mention
any of this to the police.
That's right, sir. We have no interest
in what you may or may not
have been involved in.
Just trying to get our friends back.
Hypothetically speaking,
if I had the whiskey,
I would be willing to loan it to you,
on the condition that you leave
the car you showed up in
as collateral.
That seems like an awful lot
of collateral,
considering we we know how
much you paid for the whiskey.
But the thing of it is
I have all the leverage.
Okay. Counter offer.
Big mistake! Huge!
- Okay.
- Found it.
Nice bar, by the way.
Okay. Last chance.
Who'd you buy the whiskey from?
Gonna take your cellphone,
because I'm assuming
whoever you got the whiskey from,
you brokered this deal
through text, right?
So gonna need your passcode.
You've gotta be kidding me, right?
Oh, look at that.
Oh, come on!
Not more tape. Not more tape.
- Aah!
What did you used to do when you
were waiting for lab reports?
I worked.
This is work. I'm thinking.
About what?
It's private.
Where'd you work before
getting transferred here?
Oakland PD. First precinct.
One of the highest murder rates
in the country.
That's what I hear.
I believe I also read Oakland PD
just went through a major
police corruption scandal.
That's true. A lot of cops went to jail.
And the ones that helped put them there
suddenly wound up
with targets on their back.
That's how you ended up here.
You cooperated with IA.
I imagine that didn't
make you very popular.
No good deed, huh?
Whoop. Here we go.
Okay, no hits in CODIS,
but they did match the blood to an entry
in the INTERPOL database.
That's him.
Dae Hyun Pak. Korean national.
Multiple arrests, including
assault, armed robbery.
Known gang affiliations
Seven Star Mob.
Hold on.
The person who attacked Rae Song
is part of the same gang
that has links to her label?
That would explain why they
wouldn't turn him over to the cops.
They ordered the hit themselves.
But why would her own label
want to kill her?
I don't know.
But if we don't get to Rae
before she boards that plane,
she's as good as dead.


Gordon? What are you doing here?
Your security team lied to you.
They never turned over
the man who attacked you.
They set him free.
Why would they do that?
Because he was working for them.
We ID'd him as Korean national
Dae Hyun Pak.
He's got a record and ties
to the Seven Star Mob.
That's the same criminal outfit
that bankrolled your label.
You're a disgraced ex-cop.
You're in no position to be making
wild accusations like that.
Oh, actually, he is.
We've got multiple witnesses
that saw your guards
detain Pak at the arena.
That means you either killed him
or you let him go.
Either way, you're guilty of a crime.
Yet here I am,
about to get on this plane.
There's nothing you can do to stop me,
because you can't prove a thing.

It all makes sense.
Last stop of the tour,
you have me killed,
then go back to Seoul, where
the police can't get to you.
Why would we do something like that?
Because I was going to
leave the label and
and re-record my masters.
Finally own my music
and take control of my career.
My back catalogue would
essentially become worthless,
The only person who knew any of that
was you.
You were my friend. I trusted you.
Rae, this is crazy.
You're just under too much stress.
We'll get to the bottom of all of this
when we get back home, okay?
Rae, you get on that plane,
you might not be alive
by the time it lands.


Where's the whiskey?
It's in the car. You want us to grab it?
No, you'll come over here with
your hands where I can see them.
Give him a hand.

You know, this whole mess is your fault.
If you'd just taken Kona at his word
when he said somebody stole the whiskey,
we could have gotten it back
without anybody getting hurt.
Except Kona didn't give us
much of a choice.
My partner was just defending himself.
Or so he claims.
What's that supposed to mean?
Well, were you actually
in the room when he shot Kona,
or were you conveniently
not there to witness it?

What's going on?
English here seems to be suggesting
you shot Kona in cold blood.
- Why the hell would I do that?
- I don't know.
Maybe for the same reason that
you didn't want TC and Magnum
looking for that whiskey.
Because if they did, they might find out
that it was actually you
who stole it from Kona.
That's crazy. She's just trying
to get in your head.
Well, it makes perfect sense
when you think about it.
I mean, Kona, he was no dummy.
He wouldn't have advertised if he had
a quarter of a million dollars
in stolen booze,
which means the only people
who knew where to find it
was the two of you.
Wait, you're actually not
buying this crap, are you?
- Easy.
I'm just grabbing the phone, alright?
We took this off the guy
who had your whiskey, alright?
It turns out there's a text exchange
between him and the person
he got it from.
Alright, there's
no names mentioned, but
doesn't hurt to give it a call, right?
Hold on. I can explain.
You son of a bitch.
Oh, damn.
You okay?

Baby, why don't we ♪
Why don't we ♪
Son, meet your new sister.
Yay. I always wanted a kid brother.
You won't see me ♪
Rae's red-eye doesn't leave till 11:00,
so I invited her to join us for dinner.
You mean you invited me to cook dinner.
I'd pitch in if I could,
but I seem to have
injured myself somehow,
and how'd that happen again?
You gonna hold that over me forever?
Absolutely. Dennis, help us out.
Rae may be a first-class singer,
but, uh, her knife skills
could use some work.
Sure. I can do that.
You don't live there ♪
This music's pretty good.
Who is this again?
Dinosaur Jr., one of the best bands
to come out of the '90s
indie rock scene.
You mean they're really old.
Like you?
[LAUGHS] Wow, Dad.
You're not even cooking
and you just got burned.
That hurt.
RICK: Drink slowly, boys and girls.
There's about a grand of Japan's
finest in each of these glasses.
I still can't believe the
distributor gifted us a bottle.
Well, we did get them
their whiskey back,
and all things considered,
I think we earned this drink.
- Hear, hear.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
Oh, that is good.
I gotta take this.
Hey, Dr. Santos, what's up?
Well, first of all,
I'd like to apologize.
- For what?
- Not ordering that autopsy right away.
It's a good thing you insisted on one.
Uh, guys.
Alright, thanks.
What's up, TM?
Greene's autopsy results came in.
His blood alcohol level was zero.
And he had fresh water in his lungs.
That's weird for a guy
who drowned in the Pacific.
That's because he didn't drown.
He was waterboarded.
Why would someone want
to waterboarded Cap?
I don't know.
But his official cause of death
was heart attack,
and he had a couple of broken ribs.
I've seen that before.
The heart attack is
from the waterboarding,
and then when the torturers
try to revive the subject,
they give him CPR, cracking
the ribs in the process.
Well, whatever they were after,
it seems they didn't get it.
Greene held out.
Thursday the 5th.
The date Cap's watch was set to?
What about it?
Thursday is the fourth day
of the week, right?
And the fourth month
of the year is April.
I think Greene was trying
to tell us April 5th.
April 5, 2016.
The day we went into Chakari.
W-What happened in Chakari?
It was a covert op.
Me, TC, Magnum, Nuzo
were sent into a terrorist stronghold
to take out a high-value
target named Ahmad Hadid.
I'm assuming you were successful?
Yeah. And Cap was one
of the only people alive
that could ID the team members.
So it looks like whoever tortured Greene
wants revenge for that raid,
and he's willing to go
to great lengths to get it.
Greene died protecting us.
It's because of him
our identities are safe.
Yeah, but we have to assume
that whoever killed Greene
is gonna keep after it
until they figure out
who was on that op.
So it's only a matter of time
before we all have targets on our backs.

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