Magnum P.I. (2018) s05e04 Episode Script


My name is Thomas Magnum.
When I'm not inspiring books
by best-selling author Robin Masters,
I'm his live-in security consultant
and a private investigator in Hawaii.
My buddies and I moved here
after serving together in Afghanistan.
- Make a hell of a team.
- That's Rick.
If you want something on the island,
Rick's the man to see.
- Hey, what about me?
- That's TC.
He runs the best helicopter
tour business on Oahu.
I've also made some friends here.
Let me see that Kardashian butt.
This is Kumu.
She's the cultural curator
of Robin's estate.
Detective Katsumoto, HPD.
Make that former HPD.
He recently lost his badge
after we broke a convict out of prison
in order to save his ex-wife.
Aah! Higgins!
And this is Juliet Higgins,
former British Intelligence, MI6.
We work really well together.
Magnum, are you about to ask me
to become your partner?
After that, things got complicated.
On paper, we really don't make sense.
You and me, it's inherently risky.
I know, but
I'm willing to give it a chance.
Previously on "Magnum PI"
There's really no man who had
more of an impact on my life
than Greene.
He's the one who put the team together.
- What's up?
- The date on Greene's watch,
it's it's way off.
Maybe he was trying
to tell us something.
Greene's autopsy results are in.
He was waterboarded.
And you think
this is some kind of message?
April 5, 2016, was
the date that we ran a black op,
Me, Rick, Nuzo, TC, out of Afghanistan.
We were there to take out
a high-value target
named Ahmad Hadid.
So Greene did this to let you know
his torturers wanted
to get intel on that op.
Greene sent us on the mission, right?
So he's one of the very few
people who knew our identities.
You think he gave you up?
My guess is if he did,
we'd be dead already.
But these people who killed
Greene are clearly motivated.
- Well, who do you suspect?
- Associates of Hadid's?
Family members? I don't know.
It's weird that the blowback's
coming now, isn't it?
Seven years later.
Maybe, but regardless,
these people aren't gonna stop.
So we need to find them
before they find us.
I see where this is going.
You want me to get you a copy
of Greene's homicide file
so you can start working
the case on your own.
Look, I know this is a big ask.
You think?
My hearing's in two weeks.
Even the slightest transgression
Gordie, I can't get my hands
on this file.
Look, I want to help you, Magnum.
But I'm sorry, I just I can't.
I understand.
Thanks, Gordie.
All the windows are glowing ♪
Mm, somebody was hungry.
The branches bending low ♪
If you two were any cuter,
you'd be a basket of kittens.
Well, this news about Greene,
I'd be lying if I said
things weren't a little bit
tense around here,
but we're keeping it Zen
in the baby zone.
- Aren't we, Joy?
- Yeah.
Juliet told me. How are you?
Well, nobody wants to hear
that some very bad guys
might be coming after you,
but I'm not living in fear.
Besides, this is my first
full day with Joy
so Suzy can get some painting done,
maybe catch up on some sleep.
Then I guess we won't be
carpooling to work?
I picked up another shift.
Well, actually, today is
Bring Your Baby To Work Day.
My sister is flying in
to meet her baby niece,
and we are gonna meet at La Mariana.
I thought you hated your sister.
Oh, well, that's Tammy.
She's the middle one.
And I don't hate her,
she's just the worst.
No, this is my baby sister, Ruthie.
She was the apple of my eye
when she was little.
And, uh, she grew up to raise
just as much hell as me.
But if I know my sister Ruthie,
she's not just coming in
to meet the baby.
She wants some money or a job
or maybe a criminal defense attorney.
Well, today should be fun.
Yeah, for one of us, at least.
Here we go.
Yeah, I can't fault Gordie
for not being down
- to help right now.
- Yeah, me either.
Just gonna have to figure out
another way to get that file.
But in the meantime, I'm gonna
tell you what I told Rick.
I'm pretty sure we're safe, but
we should all be watching
our backs right now.
I'm way ahead of you, TM.
I'm beefing up security
at Island Hoppers as we speak.
You be safe, alright?
Yeah, you too.
Talk soon, TC.
So, we take the day off together,
our last chance for some alone time
before Cade gets back,
and you're out here doing
What are you doing, anyway?
Oh, just doing some chores,
trying to let you sleep.
Okay, well, I'm awake now.
So unless your life depends on
getting that done,
you'd better get back in bed.
Yes, ma'am.
Oh, judging by that frown,
I'm guessing that Gordon was no help.
No, none whatsoever. How about you?
Well, I hacked HPD again,
but Greene's report
still hasn't been uploaded.
We'll figure out the file later.
For now, we need to talk
to the new client.
You know, I've been thinking about that.
Maybe you should sit this one out
until we can do a proper
threat assessment.
I appreciate the concern,
but we are already here,
and this is a two-person gig anyway.
Oh, I don't know about that.
I mean, look where we are
it's a cushy corporate job.
We'll probably just be
running background checks.
It's probably gonna be very boring.
Boring, huh?
Perhaps I spoke too soon.
Jordan Hines. Thank you for coming.
Of course.
Tell us how we can help you.
We're a clean energy startup.
It's high efficiency solar cells
with built-in batteries
for when the sun's not shining.
Sounds like a great idea.
Thank you. It is.
Which is, um, why we are also
fighting off a hostile takeover.
A big oil-backed hedge fund
is trying to buy us up
so they can shut us down.
Now, everything that my team
and I have been working on
it's all riding on this
quarterly earnings call today,
and my CFO is missing.
Sandra Perez.
She's been with me since the launch,
and she has to be on that call.
Have you reported this to HPD?
No, if word got out that she was MIA,
our investors would panic.
And how long has she been missing?
Well, she usually starts
answering emails at sunrise,
so, uh, yeah, about four hours.
Well, Mr. Hines,
it really hasn't been long.
Um, maybe she's just late
or could be sick.
Maybe got in a fender bender?
Or she's dealing with
something personal?
Sandra has no personal life.
She's got no boyfriend, no hobbies.
She eats, sleeps,
and breathes this company,
and she wouldn't have
missed work, not today.
We have all been working
around the clock
to try to save our company.
I mean, I-I've barely seen
my family for months.
Sandra's even more dedicated than I am.
She's the first one in every morning,
last one to leave at night,
but then today,
she was a no-show
for a crucial prep meeting.
She hasn't answered
any calls, texts, or emails
since late last night.
Well, if you give me her number,
I can track her phone.
Already done. It's at her house.
And so is her car.
When we couldn't reach her this morning,
I-I sent her assistant Aidan
over to check in on her.
He knocked for 10 minutes.
He He looked in every window.
And still no sign of Sandra.
I need you to find her.
If Sandra's not on that call,
our whole company goes under.
Okay, I'll go check Sandra's house,
while you search her office
and talk to people here.
Sound good?
It does, but I mean,
given your vastly superior
people skills,
maybe you should stay here
and talk to people
while I go to her house.
Is this about the Greene thing?
"Vastly superior people skills"
was a bridge too far, wasn't it?
Yeah, a little bit.
Look, I know you can
take care of yourself.
I just really don't want
anything happening to you,
especially now.
I don't want anything to happen
to me, either.
But Jordan's earnings call
is at 6:00, right?
So we're on the clock here.
I'll be careful. I promise.
- You may go.
- Alright.
- Call me if you find anyth
- Wait, wait, wait.
Okay. Now you may go.
Well, now I don't wanna go.
Here ya go. Ms. Perez's office.
- Mahalo, uh
- Will.
I keep things running around
here while they save the world.
So, then, you'd be able
to tell me what time
Ms. Perez left last night.
Yeah, Mr. Hines asked me the same thing.
Uh, she was the last person
to badge out.
Just after midnight.
Hey, is she okay?
Do you know her well?
Well enough.
After my wife passed,
she helped me support my kid
by paying me to do repairs at her house.
Sandra's good people.
Anyway, you need anything lese,
you let me know.
- Okay. Thanks.
- Alright.
Um, what are you doing?
Uh, you must be Sandra's assistant.
Aidan, right?
And you are?
I'm Juliet Higgins.
I'm here to help locate your boss.
Aidan, can you tell me
what she was shredding here?
No idea.
Normally, that thing lives by my desk
and I take care of anything
she needs destroyed.
But yesterday, she wheeled it in here.
Heard it running
for 10 minutes straight.
I really don't think anyone's after us,
but I still checked for tails
the whole way over.
I mean, if I get murdered,
Higgins'll kill me.
And really, watching your back
is just like working a case.
You just keep calm and keep an eye out
for anything that feels off.
Most things you see will make sense
with what you already know,
but the pieces that help
solve the puzzle
are always the ones that don't fit.
Like a man's shirt
in the bedroom of a woman
who wasn't supposed to be seeing anyone.
"Tidal Threads."
Hello, yes, is this Tidal Threads?
Yeah, uh, it says here on your website
that you sell one-of-a-kind,
made-to-order aloha shirts,
is that correct?
Great. No, uh
I'm the concierge
at the A'ohe Inoa Resort,
and one of our cabana staff
just found one of your shirts,
and I was wondering, if I took
a picture and sent it over,
would you be able to identify
who it belongs to
so I can get it back to the right guest?
Perfect. Yeah, that'd be great.
I-I'll take a picture
and send it right over.
Thank you very much.
Hey, Higgy.
So, Jordan may have been wrong
about Sandra not being
in a relationship.
I just found a possible lead
on a boyfriend.
How's it going over there?
Well, currently, I am hip-deep
in a wheely bin, so
Hold on. Are you dumpster diving?
Unfortunately, yes.
Seems that yesterday,
Sandra was shredding documents
that she didn't want anyone else to see.
A-And you think they could be
connected to her disappearance?
Well, that's interesting.
What is it? You find the documents?
It's blood.
There was also a sizeable wound
at the back of her head.
Could be the cause of death.
We'll see what the ME says.
- Yeah.
- You okay?
You'll find Sandra's car
and phone at her house.
Along with a bunch of your
fingerprints, I'm assuming?
A few, yeah.
But Sandra never left the office.
I'm assuming the killer
drove her car there,
dropped the phone off
to throw off investigators.
If her body hadn't got stuck
in the chute,
then it would have been carted
off by the next rubbish truck
and no one would have been the wiser.
Okay, well, I wish I could say
it's been a pleasure.
Thanks for the info.
I'm so terribly sorry.
Sandra was a brilliant woman.
She was a-a beacon of light,
and I just don't understand
why anyone would do this.
Look, I know the police
are investigating,
but I want you two
to keep working for me.
Now that you found Sandra,
I want you to find her killer.
Uh, look, we think the killer
was somebody who had access
to the building.
Could you send us a full
list of your employees?
Yeah. Yeah, of course.
I'll send it right over.
Also, would you have any idea
why Sandra was personally
shredding documents yesterday?
No. No, she didn't mention that to me.
Okay, well, we'll reach out
to her assistant,
see if she received any packages.
Did Sandra have any enemies?
Anybody who you think might have
No. No. She was wonderful.
I mean, there's this big
takeover battle,
- but that's not
- The oil-backed hedge fund.
Yeah. Uh, Silver Tex Partners.
God, it has been vicious.
And Bentley Avagyan.
He's their managing partner.
This guy is a shark,
but I don't know.
For him to do something
like this, it doesn't
Well, regardless,
we're gonna look into it,
and whoever did this, we'll find them.
Be in touch. Okay.
- Hi!
- Hey!
Oh, gosh, you smell like the ocean.
With, like, a-a hint of baby puke.
Nailed it. Nailed it.
Ruthie, this is Tueila Tuileta.
- Everybody calls me Kumu.
- Ah!
I love everything about you.
- Oh.
- Does this dress have pockets?
It has five.
- You are taking me shopping.
- Mm.
And this is Joy.
Holy crap. Ricky, you made a person.
Well, Suzy did most of the work.
Oh! Hi, Joy.
I'm your Aunt Ruthie.
I just want you to know off the top
that I'm gonna be
a really bad influence.
Oh, don't listen to her. She means it.
Hey, so, you need help
with your bags, or
- No, no, I travel light.
- Oh. Oh, good.
Well, that's probably for the best.
Uh, I'm actually staying
at Thomas' house right now,
but the good news is
there's a second couch
with your name on it.
Wait, did you think I was
expecting you to put me up?
Uh, yeah, kinda.
Ha! Ricky!
No, I got a room at the Four Seasons.
Oh, look at you, fancy.
Okay, well, if you're all settled,
I was gonna take Joy
for a walk at the beach.
- You wanna come?
- Sure do.
Have fun.
There's something that I want
to talk to your papa about.
Bentley Avagyan?
Who's asking?
What was in the documents
you sent Sandra Perez yesterday?
Okay. I don't know who you are,
but could you move to the left a skosh?
We're private investigators
looking into Sandra's death,
and just hours before she died,
she received a hand-delivered
package from you.
No idea what you're talking about.
And you are still blocking my sun.
Well, we've already
tracked down your messenger.
He picked up from this hotel
and he described the sender
as a "business bro."
That's false.
So, you're saying you didn't send it?
Because we also have a receipt
with your signature on it.
I definitely sent them.
- But I am not a business bro.
- Right.
Well, perhaps you'd rather
be described as a murderer.
Seems you stood to gain quite
a lot from Sandra's death.
What? No.
I was her biggest fan.
I was her number one fan.
Sandy's the only reason
that I wasn't able to shutter
that company months ago.
That's why I was trying to poach her.
Only she'd been ignoring
my offers for months,
so finally, I just messaged
her over a full contract.
Very generous terms.
All she had to do was sign.
But she shredded it instead.
Hey, but maybe when she turned
down your "very generous" offer,
you decided you'd just
eliminate the competition?
I kill companies, babe, not people.
Now, if you don't mind,
I'd like to make another 10 mil
before the end of the day.
Thanks, guys.
Well, I don't know if he did it,
but, uh, he is certainly
an interesting character.
Mm. As soon as we get to the car,
I'll see if I can find something that
puts him
near Sandra's office last night.
It's Tidal Threads.
It's the company
that made the aloha shirt
I found in Sandra's bedroom.
A'ohe Inoa Resort.
This is Tom.
Okay, great. Thank you.
I will get it to him ASAP.
So, get this.
The shirt was made for Jordan Hines.
Our client. Who's married.
Yeah, and if he lied to us about
not having an affair with Sandra,
what else is he lying about?
Can I help you?
Hi. My name is Thomas Magnum.
This is my partner, Juliet Higgins.
And your husband hired us to
Right. Uh, just a second.
I'll be right there.
Now we get to ask our client
about his affair
with his wife in the house.
I'm Lena.
And this is our daughter, Zoe.
We're both just shocked.
We're very sorry for your loss.
Sandra has been with the company
since it was just an idea
in our living room.
She was like family.
I'm afraid we're not great hosts
right now,
but if there's anything
we can do to help
Well, yes, actually.
We would like to talk to your husband.
In private, if possible.
Yes, Sandra and I
had been seeing each other
for a-about a year now.
And you chose to hide this
from us because
Because it's private.
- And it's irrelevant.
- You sure about that?
Because in terms of reasons
why people are murdered,
affairs are pretty high on that list.
I'm sorry, do you think
do you think that I killed Sandra?
That doesn't make any sense.
- Where were you last night?
- I was here.
And your phone records will prove that?
Yeah. As would my security cameras.
But seeing as how the only
suspect you two have found
is the one person I know didn't do it,
your services are no longer required.
Well, that went well.
Just because he was hiding the affair
doesn't necessarily mean
that Jordan killed her.
And if he did, why would he
hire us to find her?
Was this some ploy
to take suspicion off of him
in case her body was found?
Perhaps, but his grief did seem genuine,
as did his outrage right now.
Maybe that was just an act.
Yeah, but what's harder to fake
is the fact that her death
basically doomed the company.
Although, the affair did
potentially create motive.
Like, if she wanted him
to tell his wife about it,
or she threatened to go public.
Mm. Well, I'm just checking
and Jordan's phone puts him at home
at the time of the murder.
Yeah, but he could've left it
here to create an alibi.
Which is why I'm also going to
hack the security system
to see if he was bluffing
about the cameras confirming
that he was at home.
What is it? What did you find?
It's what I didn't find.
The security videos from last night
have been deleted
just now, as we left.
I think it's time to tell HPD
what we know.
So, how are you? How's it going?
How's things?
Um, good.
Really good, actually.
That's good to hear.
And money how's money?
I got a room at
the Four Seasons, didn't I?
Yes, you did.
How'd that job work out
with the organic wellness
day spa that thing?
Yeah, I'm still there.
- Wow.
- I just got promoted.
- Seriously?
- Yeah.
Regional manager.
I even got a 401.
Wow. I don't even have a 401.
Why are you asking me
all this stuff, hmm?
What, you think I came out here
to mooch off you or something?
No, it's just, usually
when you reach out,
it's because you need something.
I figured you traveled all this way,
maybe you need a lot of something.
- What's going on?
- Nothing, okay?
I mean, believe it or not,
your screw-up kid sister
finally got it together.
Sorry to disappoint.
No, Ruthie, it's just that
you said you wanted
to talk to me about something.
- I just figured
- I'm getting married, Rick.
I came out here to tell you
I'm getting married.
Would it be evil if I ordered
a whole second plate of these?
Well, I, uh, get a discount here,
so it's really like one and a half.
Oh, the ride ♪
When you're comin' on down ♪
Where's the ride ♪
So, I have a confession to make.
I get kind of nervous when I know
there's something you're not telling me.
Oh. Um
You sneak out to put up security cams
and now you're watching the door here?
What's going on?
I knew I should've told you
the truth this morning.
I'm sorry.
I just
I didn't want to freak you out, but
Well, you kind of freaked me out anyway.
So, a few days ago,
a former CO of mine
turned up dead.
And then yesterday, we found out
that the people who killed him
might have been after me,
Rick, and Magnum.
So, I'm just being vigilant.
And you thought sharing
that might scare me off?
Or maybe I was the one that was scared.
I mean, I think we got
a good thing going here.
I just didn't want to jeopardize it.
Well, I'm glad you told me.
And I'm glad that you feel
like we have a good thing,
'cause I feel the same.
Are you two gonna
horn in on every case I work
or just most of them?
Sandra was having an affair
with her boss, Jordan Hines.
It's a fact that he failed to mention,
even after she was found dead.
Now, he claims he didn't do it,
right, but
He's telling the truth.
How do you know?
We arrested the killer.
No. No, I swear. I didn't do it!
- I didn't do this.
- Let's go.
Alright, just hear us out.
We think you got the wrong guy, okay?
Jordan Hines admitted to hiding
his affair with the victim.
And immediately after we asked
his whereabouts
at the time of the murder,
all the video footage from last night
was deleted from
his home security system.
Which I'm guessing you know that
because you hacked in,
which is a Class B felony.
You sure you want to keep
telling me this?
I spoke to Will this morning.
He didn't seem like a man
who'd just committed murder.
Far be it from me to let
evidence get in the way
of a good old-fashioned hunch.
Okay, well, what evidence do you have?
Last week, he texted
the victim three times,
asking for the five grand
that he claimed she owed him.
Sandra paid Will extra money
to do repair work on her house.
Extra work that
he was grateful to her for.
Yeah, so grateful, in fact,
that right after you found the body,
he went through the victim's desk,
wrote himself a check from her account,
and then deposited it with his
phone right there in the office.
But that's not all we have.
We recovered the murder weapon
a wrench that he'd been seen
using earlier in the day.
And there were traces
of the victim's blood
on his utility cart.
Apparently, he used the cart
to move the body
to the trash chute.
Your guy doesn't even deny
being in the building
at the time of the murder.
According to their badging system,
it was just him and her in there.
So, yeah.
You got room for one and a half more?
So, I'm an idiot.
I still think of you as my baby sister,
and now you're all grown up.
Maybe more grown up than me.
So, if I offended you, I'm sorry.
Eh. Considering my track record,
you were making the smart bet.
I mean, remember the microwave?
Oh, the microwave that you stole
from the teacher's lounge
and that I got suspended for?
- That microwave?
- It was just so great
for you to step up
and take the fall for me.
Yeah, 'cause when you got
busted, you were sitting there
screaming, "Ricky did it! Ricky did it!"
- Yeah, and they bought it.
- Yeah.
So, I know I kinda ruined
the moment back there,
but I really am happy for you.
So, who's the lucky guy?
Yeah, so, uh
she's not a guy.
Well, I can't wait to meet her.
What's her name?
Jen. Jenny.
- Oh, I got pictures.
- Yeah, let's see.
Uh, this is when we got engaged.
I did the whole "one knee" thing.
Yeah. Wow. You guys look so happy.
And this is my birthday last year.
This was her birthday.
This is our trip to Belize.
So, how long you been together?
Just over four years.
Wow. Four years?
And how long have you known
that you were, uh
- That I was gay?
- Yeah.
I don't know. Kinda since birth.
You So you've
you've had this huge thing
in your life and
and you never told anybody.
No, I told friends a few years later.
Haley Desaro found out
when I tried to kiss her.
That was awkward.
Uh, I told Tammy just after high school.
Hang on. You told Tammy?
- Tammy knows?
- Yeah.
She's still the worst,
but she was cool about that.
And finally, I told Mom three years ago.
But you never told me?
Oh, I'm telling you now.
Yeah. Yeah, I guess you are.
- Thanks, Tatty.
- Thanks.
- Just make it quick, alright?
- Yeah, yeah.
Hey, Will, this is my partner,
Thomas Magnum.
We're looking into Sandra's murder
and just wanted to ask you
a couple questions,
get your side of things.
Look, I wrote that check,
but I swear I didn't kill her.
What was the $5,000 for?
An A/C unit I installed in her house.
Her old one died.
So I paid for it out-of-pocket
just to save time,
but Sandra got so busy, she kept
forgetting to pay me back.
And when you found out that
she was dead
I panicked. I was afraid I'd never get
that money back.
I didn't know what else to do.
Detective Childs seems to think
that you and Sandra
were the only two people in the office.
We were the only two badged in.
I was going back and forth
between the office
and my storage room
in the parking garage.
I left the stairwell door propped open.
So, someone else could've slipped in.
That's what I told
the detective must've happened.
He didn't believe me.
But around the time
they say she was killed,
I heard, uh, voices, uh, yelling.
Could one of those voices
have been Jordan Hines?
This was two women.
Wait, why are you guys
asking about Mr. Hines?
Don't you two work for him?
Not anymore.
From now on, we work for you.
Childs incoming. Time to go.
We're gonna be in touch.
If Sandra's killer was a woman
Then Jordan's wife
just became our prime suspect.
Hey, there. Sorry to bother you,
but we had a couple more
questions for you.
Zoe, go wait in the car.
So, how did you and Sandra get along?
Didn't my husband fire you?
Yes, but did he tell you why?
You mean, did I know
that Jordan and Sandra
were sleeping together?
Of course I knew, about her,
and the one before,
and the one before that.
For what it's worth, Sandra was
my favorite of the bunch.
You can't have been happy your
husband was cheating on you.
I wasn't the first time.
But when you marry a powerful
and driven man like Jordan,
you have to accept certain compromises.
And so I did, a long time ago.
And if you think I had anything
to do with Sandra's death,
let's just say I understand
why he fired you.
Well, but a witness said
that he heard two women
arguing just before she was murdered,
and security footage from
your house from that night
was deleted the moment
when we left your house.
Maybe because you didn't want us
to watch you leave to kill her.
If I see you again,
I'm calling the police.
Oh. You just missed TC and Mahina.
I'm sure they'd love to meet
Where's your sister?
I told her I had to feed Joy
and take care of some stuff at work.
But really?
I got mad at her.
I don't want to be, but I-I-I am.
See, with our dad not being around,
I pretty much raised Ruthie.
I mean, we were so close.
She told me everything.
At least, I thought she did.
And And now, I find out
that she has this huge thing in her life
and she never even told me about it.
I mean, even Tammy knew.
I hear she's the worst.
And Ruthie never told me.
I just I don't what I did
to get cut off.
You left. You joined the military.
I didn't have a choice. The judge
None of that matters to a kid.
And then when you got out,
you came here
instead of going back home.
Well, I was fresh out of POW camp.
I needed a new start, a
I know. I'm sure Ruthie does, too.
But from what you've told me,
it sounds like you were more
than a brother to her.
You were the closest thing
she had to a father.
And even if you could've be
what she needed,
it doesn't mean she stopped needing it.
I'm combed through Nina's
digital footprint, and so far,
I can't find anything that puts
her at the scene of the crime.
Does the security system show
who deleted the video?
No, it it only says
when the videos were erased.
It doesn't say by whom.
The system does say that there
are three accounts on it.
One is Jordan's, one is Lena's,
and one is for their daughter, Zoe.
W-When we started talking
about the affair,
Lena made sure Zoe wouldn't hear.
Right? She thinks she doesn't know.
But if Zoe found out
I think she does know.
These are texts sent from Zoe
to her friend
two days before the murder.
She definitely found out
about the affair.
And she was not happy about it.
We'll go back to Jordan's house
this time, to talk to Zoe.
Lena said she'd call HPD
if she ever saw us again.
That's fine. They can arrest the
person who really killed Sandra.
Seems we're not the only one
who figured out Zoe did it.
Jordan Hines has been charged
with Sandra Perez's murder.
You happy?
I thought that would make you happy.
Uh, look, you're not gonna
believe this, but
I think you got the wrong guy again.
You know you're exhausting, right?
He just called up and he confessed.
He told us exactly how he did
it, down to the smallest detail.
Thank you for agreeing
to meet with us one last time.
You sure you want to do this?
Do what?
We have uncovered evidence
that suggests it was, in fact,
your daughter who killed Sandra.
You already knew that,
though, didn't you?
Zoe was furious about the affair,
but instead of talking to you,
she went to the office
to confront Sandra.
Things got heated, and in a fit of rage,
she grabbed the wrench off Will's cart.
When she realized
what she'd done, she panicked.
She used the cart to move
the body to the trash chute,
and she drove Sandra's phone
and car home
so that no one would look
for her at the office.
You had no idea, of course.
But when we told your wife
about the women's voices
and the deleted security videos,
she figured it out, and she told you.
You knew it was a matter of time
before Zoe got caught.
So you made her tell you everything,
down to the smallest detail,
and then you confessed to protect her.
Zoe did find out about the affair.
And I do feel horrible about that.
I was unfaithful.
To my wife.
To my family. And
And there's nothing that I can do
that will ever make up for that.
But when I found out that Sandra
had been talking to Bentley Avagyan,
I accused her of betraying me.
We argued,
and I killed her.
It's just like I told the police.
You'll never prove anything different.
You gave Childs everything
we have on Zoe, right?
Yeah, right after he arrested Jordan,
but the question is,
what's he gonna do with it?
Well, it's up to the prosecutor now.
I mean, we believe Zoe did it,
but we don't have
anything that proves that
- beyond a reasonable doubt.
- Yeah.
And given the steps her parents
have taken to protect her,
I doubt that evidence even still exists.
Well, at least we were able
to prove who didn't do it.
Who's that?
Hey, Gordie.
Look, about this morning
No, you don't have to apologize.
I probably shouldn't have even
asked you in the first place.
I realized some things
are more important
than getting my job back.
Thanks, Gordie.
For what?
You didn't get that from me.
Okay, now try it.
That did it.
Your new cameras and motion
detectors are all online.
Just in time, too.
My next shift at the firehouse
starts in 30 minutes, so
- Thank you for your help.
- You're welcome.
I'm sorry this ate up our whole day.
Hey, it was my idea to come do this.
I can't go losing you a second time.
I got plans for you, sir.
- Plans?
- Mm. Yes.
What kinda plans?
You'll just have to wait and see.
- Ohh!
- What?!
- Come on.
- Slop counts!
- Oh, my
- Slop counts.
Hey, Ricky, I'm sorry.
What are you talking about?
It's just a game.
I'm sorry I didn't tell you
a long time ago.
I just
I just didn't. I don't know why.
I think I might know why.
You know, your whole life,
I was there for you,
and then one day, I wasn't.
Come on, that wasn't your fault.
Yeah, it doesn't matter
whose fault it is.
You needed me, and
and I wasn't there.
It must've been hard.
It was. Really hard.
Yeah, it was
it was hard to leave, too.
I-I-I didn't know how to come back.
You know, I
And I'm I'm kicking myself
because you you
you turned out so great
and I missed the whole damn thing.
Well, not the whole thing.
Ah, turns out, uh, there is something
that I need your help with.
See, I'm getting married
in a few weeks, and
I need someone
to walk me down the aisle.
It would be my honor.
Ah. Ha.
My friends are here.
You gotta meet them.
Oh, this had got to be us.
Yeah. Higgy! TC!
This is my sister Ruthie.
Oh, it's so lovely to meet you.
- Yeah, nice to meet you, too.
- Welcome.
- Baby sis!
- Hey.
Alright, drinks for the table!
- Oh, well done, Kumu.
- Ooh!
And one for me 'cause I'm off the clock.
Oh, speaking of off the clock,
look who's here.
Hey, everyone!
- Hi, Suzy.
- Hi.
So, how was your first day off
since giving birth?
Ohh. I slept for four hours in a row.
Champion. Good work.
Thought love was easy ♪
I'd like to propose a toast.
- Great.
- Oh!
Looks like I just got here
right in time.
- Oh, yes.
- This guy.
Ah, my little sister's getting married.
Oh, my goodness.
So, please raise your glasses to Ruthie
and her beautiful bride Jenny,
who I can't wait to meet.
- Whoo!
- Hear, hear.
- Cheers!
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
If I've got you ♪
There's no containing what we can do ♪
We'll see the world
from a bird's-eye view ♪
Yeah, we'll be taller
than bam bam boo ♪
I was, uh I was able to get
my hands on the file,
so I'll dig into it
first thing tomorrow.
That's great.
How we found our own way ♪
Hey, by the way, um
Stayed evergreen ♪
I just wanted to say
I'm sorry for worrying over you so much.
Side by side ♪
It's just if someone is after you,
I would very much like
to see them coming.
Look, whoever they are,
if they come,
we'll deal with them together.
Grow together and set our roots ♪
We'll be stronger than bam bam boo ♪
If I've got you ♪
There's no containing what we can do ♪
We'll see the world
from a bird's-eye view ♪
Yeah, we'll be taller
than bam bam boo ♪
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