Magnum P.I. (2018) s05e05 Episode Script

Welcome to Paradise, Now Die!

My name is Thomas Magnum.
When I'm not inspiring books
by best-selling author Robin Masters,
I'm his live-in security consultant
and a private investigator in Hawaii.
My buddies and I moved here
after serving together in Afghanistan.
- We make a hell of a team.
- That's Rick.
If you want something on the island,
Rick's the man to see.
- Hey, what about me?
- That's TC.
He runs the best helicopter
tour business on Oahu.
I've also made some friends here.
Let me see that Kardashian butt.
This is Kumu.
She's the cultural curator
of Robin's estate.
Detective Katsumoto, HPD.
Make that former HPD.
He recently lost his badge after
we broke a convict out of prison
in order to save his ex-wife.
Ahh! Higgins!
This is Juliet Higgins,
former British intelligence, MI6.
We work really well together.
Magnum, are you about to ask me
to become your partner?
Higgins and Magnum
Private Investigations.
After becoming partners,
things got complicated.
On paper, we really
don't make sense, you and me.
It's inherently risky.
I'm willing to give it a chance.
Previously on "Magnum PI"
Maybe Rick should stay here
at the guest house with me.
When would he potentially be moving in?
Honey, I'm home!
I was just taken aback.
Made me start thinking about
all of the inconveniences
it might create.
Body washed up. He's former Navy.
Captain Buck Greene.
Whoever tortured Greene
wants revenge on all of you.
You want me to get you a copy
of Greene's homicide file
so you can start working
the case on your own.
Probably shouldn't have even
asked you in the first place.
I realized some things
are more important
than getting my job back.
That's a big castle, sweetie.
Yeah, so I can live in it
and stay here forever.
Are you gonna let me and your mom visit?
Mm, only on Christmas.
Look at you, having fun.
Ahh, gotta say,
the trip was a good idea.
So you're saying I was right?
Have I ever said you were wrong?
You know what? Don't answer that.
I am gonna go get a Pali Puka Punch.
Do you want one?
What's in it?
Who cares?
Ooh, I like Vacation David.
We should do this more often.
It's starting!
C'mere. C'mere, kiddo.
Where's Dad?
Not sure.
David was right there,
and then he was just gone.
I went to the hotel security
as soon as he disappeared.
Unfortunately, there's really
only so much I can do.
I figured as a cop,
you might be able to
- Former cop.
- Right.
I just thought you might know
how to help.
I understand this must be really
scary for you and your daughter.
I know my husband.
He wouldn't just take off like this,
not unless something happened.
Look, I
I don't know where he is,
and honestly, I
I don't know what to do.
Have you found anything of note?
It's what wasn't found that's of note.
Forensics didn't lift a single print
or get any DNA off Greene's boat.
It was wiped clean.
So whoever killed him knows
how to cover their tracks.
Has Detective Childs got any leads yet?
Greene did file a police report
two weeks before his death.
He said somebody in
a black sedan was following him.
HPD ran the plates?
Yeah, it was stolen.
Owner was off-island,
didn't even know it was gone,
and it still hasn't turned up.
What about the harbor master?
The one that told TC that Greene
took out his boat
the day he was killed?
- Lewis Peele.
- Hmm.
Has HPD questioned him?
Well, they would if they could find him.
- He's missing?
- Yeah.
Two days after Greene's body washed up,
he didn't show up to work
and he cleaned out his apartment, too.
Well, that's not suspicious.
I assume you've already started
looking for Peele?
Yeah, yeah.
Nothing yet,
but I'm gonna stick with it.
I mean, Peele knows something.
I'm sure of it.
Well, if you're right, the killers could
deem him a loose end.
That's certainly a possibility.
Listen, I've reached out
to an MI6 contact
to get me some intel on Hadid's
network, his family, et cetera.
As soon as I get some names,
I can do a deep dive on them
and see if I can find any
connection to Greene's murder.
That's great.
Thank you.
Now, if we can put all this
aside for a moment,
Gordon is waiting for us
in the guest house.
Gordie's here? Why?
He says he's here to do us
a favor for a change.
There he is.
Hey, Gordie.
This is something else.
Yeah, it's kind of reminiscent of
Frank Lloyd Wright's early work.
Yeah, you know, it's a bit
Fallingwater, I suppose.
What's going on? Who's that?
- Morning.
- Hey.
I'm home. What time is it?
I think it's time you explain
to Gordon what
what this is all about.
- What?
- This.
Oh, okay.
So Robin's Nest faces the east,
which means I get a face full
of sunshine every morning.
I tried sleeping with a blanket
over my head,
but that was uncomfortable, so
Naturally, you construct
an elaborate pillow fort.
Well, it started with
a few cushions at first,
and then I added the roof and
it got a little out of control.
I usually wake up early
to break it down,
but really, between the baby
and the bar and everything else,
I've been getting about
three hours of sleep a night
and today's my first day off in weeks,
so I guess I slept in.
Rick, can I make a suggestion
that you save yourself some time
and, well, considerable effort,
and buy yourself a face mask?
But why sleep in a mask
when you can sleep in a fort?
Thank you, Thomas. Exactly.
You get me.
Sounds like you two
should plan a sleepover.
Such a good idea.
I could get more cushions
from the main house
and maybe have an expansion,
maybe a couple wings
You're mocking me, aren't you?
Alright, I'll leave you guys to it.
Gotta get my day started.
So, Gordie, you've got
your hearing coming up, right?
How's that prep going?
Well, just finished
a draft of my statement.
Now waiting on notes from my lawyer.
And climbing the walls a little.
- I bet.
- Oh, Gordon.
If there's any way that
we can help you prepare,
please just let us know.
I appreciate that, but I'm good.
However, there is a way you can help.
A friend who runs security
at the Royal Honua
introduced me to a guest
who could use a private investigator.
Thought I'd refer her to you.
- What's the case?
- The guest's name is Dana Carter.
She's here on vacation with her family,
but last night,
her husband, David, disappeared.
Does she have any idea what happened?
Well, she said this was
the first big vacation
that the family's ever taken.
It seems David was afraid to travel.
Being far from home,
surrounded by strangers
was a major source of anxiety for him.
It sounds like he may be agoraphobic.
Right, and I imagine
HPD won't prioritize the case
until he's been missing for 24 hours.
Yeah, but if somebody's in the middle
of a mental health crisis,
every second counts.
Well, that's exactly
what Dana was saying.
Do you think you can help her?
Well, we're supposed to meet
with a client in an hour,
but we could postpone it.
No need.
You go handle that.
Me and Me and Gordie
will take this one.
- We will?
- Yeah, why not?
I mean, you always said you
wanted to do what we do, right?
I never said that.
- Okay, but you thought it.
- No, not even once.
Oh, come on, Gordie. Trust me.
You are going to love
being a private investigator.
Come on.
Hank was my heart and soul,
but even as we mourn this loss,
I take comfort in knowing
that his sense of humor,
his zest for life,
and his love for used socks
and all things stinky
will live on in our memories.
Hank was an inspiration
and a loyal friend,
and without him, life will be quieter
and the sun won't shine as brightly,
and the moon will not be so moon-y.
And here he is playing
with his favorite toy,
Mr. Bear-Bear.
And here he is the year he went
as French toast for Halloween.
Oh, well, that's just precious.
Oh, and this was the first day
we brought him home.
Who's that?
Oh, Patrick, my ex.
We were still married
when Hank came into my life.
Turns out the dog
would outlive our marriage.
Hank was my rock.
Patty, I am I'm truly sorry
for your loss, but
what prompted you to hire
a private investigator?
My Hank was murdered, and I
need you to find out who did it.
I beg your pardon?
That dog was in perfect health
when he died,
so I asked the vet
to determine the case of death.
And they found something suspicious?
Early stage chemical burns in his mouth.
The vet thinks he ingested
a highly concentrated toxin.
So you think he was
intentionally poisoned?
I know he was.
Look, I keep a very close eye on Hank.
I would never let him put
his nose where it shouldn't be.
When we lose ones that we love,
we tend to look for things
that aren't there,
and sometimes dogs do
accidentally eat things
that just aren't meant for them.
Some dogs.
Not Hank.
Look, he was my best friend.
We took care of each other.
I would never let him down like that.
I understand.
I'll start looking into it right away.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
So here is the security footage
your friend sent over.
The fireworks started at 8:00 PM,
so we should check the video
from around that time.
Ah, look at those PI skills
kicking in already.
Did you forget I was a detective?
Whoa, hold on.
I think that's David.
Looks like he's alone.
Clearly wasn't abducted.
And I'm not sure about Dana's
panic attack theory either.
He seems focused.
I'm gonna check his financials.
Recent credit card activity could
shed some light on his whereabouts.
Isn't this usually a Higgins thing?
What, you you think I don't
know how to work a computer?
Come on.
You contacted Dana
for their banking information.
Yes, I did.
Most recent activity
was a $500 ATM withdrawal
30 minutes after he left the hotel.
That's strange.
It says here he doesn't have
any credit history
prior to 2010.
I have access to
a Social Security database.
I'm gonna run his number through.
it says here David Carter died in 1999.
- Then who the hell is this guy?
- I don't know.
But I'm guessing his family
doesn't either.
Oh, thanks for doing this, Kumu.
Oh, no problem.
An afternoon at the dog park is like,
well, a walk in the park.
Well, I'm afraid this case
is a bit of a downer, actually.
We're investigating the death
of a client's dog, Hank.
That's awful. What happened?
He was poisoned, and the owner, Patty,
is insisting that there's foul play.
I guess this is a good place to start.
Dog parks breed some serious drama.
I mean, it's more likely that
Hank ate something
that he wasn't supposed to
when he was out and about,
but regardless,
it's a good place to begin
whilst we wait for the post-mortem
that the client ordered from the vet.
She asked for a dog-topsy?
It's actually it's called
a necropsy, but yes.
If we can figure out what Hank ingested,
then it'll help us determine
whether his death was an accident.
We find out it wasn't?
Maybe one of the dog owners
here will be able to tell us
who had it in for Hank.
Okay, thanks.
Looks like I was able to get
a pretty good print
- off David's phone.
- Send it to me.
I've got a buddy on the force
who should be able to run it.
Were you able to find the
location of the ATM David used?
Yeah. After leaving the hotel,
David headed to a strip club
called Seize the Lei
and used an ATM inside.
Luckily, I know the bouncer,
so I'll give him a call.
You know the bouncer at a strip club?
- Magnum.
- No big deal.
I'm sure he knows all the regulars.
I met him on a case
a few years back, okay?
So what does this friend
of yours have to say?
David wasn't there
for the entertainment.
He was meeting one of the club's
regulars in the parking lot.
The bouncer seems to think
he was scoring drugs.
Okay, uh, I'm having a hard time
believing this family man
left his wife and kids
to go on a bender in Hawaii.
It's actually not that
uncommon with tourists.
Too much family time plus island fever
and they snap, but usually,
they sneak off for a few hours.
It's weird for David
to have disappeared like this.
Alright, let's just assume
he did go to buy drugs.
Does your contact know
where he went afterwards?
Well, he said he left
the club in a taxi,
so if we can track down that cab,
we might learn where David went next.
Order up.
I hope you're hungry, little guy.
I know I am.
Here, buddy.
You ready for some brekky?
Oh, can't forget the syrup.
You, my friend, are gonna love this.
100% pure Vermont maple syrup
Why are you doing this to me, man?
Okay, you got this, Rick.
TC, we got a problem.
Hi, there. Excuse me.
I was just wondering if you
wouldn't mind answering
some questions about this dog.
Is that the little gremlin who
kept pooping in the water bowl?
Oh, that dog was a pervert.
Kept mounting my Bella
and he wasn't even neutered.
Oh, my.
That Hank was a real pain in my ass.
Kept digging up fence posts,
but I'd never do anything to hurt a dog
and we only use
non-toxic pesticides here.
You know, I really hated that bitch.
Hank was a boy.
Not talking about the dog, but, yeah.
He sucked too.
So after all that, it actually
seems pretty unlikely
that Hank ingested the pesticide here.
Although I have to say,
neither Patty nor Hank
seem to be particularly popular.
Oh, that's putting it lightly.
But all these people seem
like serious dog lovers.
No matter how much they disliked Hank,
I don't think they'd hurt him.
Yeah, agreed. I mean, it seems
like their main grievance with Patty
is just allowing
Hank to misbehave so much.
What is it?
The results of Hank's necropsy.
Seems like the last thing
he ingested was a lemon bar
that was laced with strychnine.
That's a rat poison.
Rat poison in a dessert?
Well, that's a weird way to kill a dog.
Yeah, it's weird if you assume
that Hank was the target.
I'm starting to suspect
that someone's trying
to kill our client.
There's no one at check-in,
but I took a peek at the guest registry.
David's in room 104.
This is a far cry from the resort
the Carters were staying in.
I know, but if David needed
a place to lay low
while shooting up,
makes sense he'd come here.
You said Dana described him
as straight-laced and mild-mannered.
Now he's hitting the strip clubs
and buying drugs?
It doesn't track.
Really? B&E is the first place
your mind goes?
Hey, our next clue
could be inside there.
And besides, if he did buy drugs
like you said,
maybe he OD'd and passed out.
I believe you'd call that
exigent circumstances.
Get down!
David, we don't want to hurt you!
We just want to talk!
What's going on in there?
His gun jammed.
David, it's okay!
Don't shoot at us!
David, you in there?
He's gone.
No drugs or paraphernalia.
I guess that's not why he went
to the strip club.
My guess is he went to buy
the gun he just used on us.
He also got a burner phone.
Hey, HPD's got a three-minute
response time
when shots are fired. We better go.
- Make it quick.
- Yeah.
What's it gonna take
for you to leave me alone?
David, listen to me.
I have no idea what's going on,
but we're private investigators.
Your wife hired us to find you.
Whatever it is, we can help.
You want to help?
Forget you ever met us
and stay away from my family!
Roberto? Where you at, buddy?
I searched everywhere twice.
Any luck upstairs?
No sign of him.
But I think you might be right.
I think TM is seeing someone.
I found this under his bed.
My, my, my.
Well, whose could it be?
I don't know, but there was
that cute server
he was talking to over at
Koko Head Cafe awhile back.
Maybe they hit it off.
What about that
yoga paddleboard instructor
that he met at La Mariana?
You think he'd be into paddleboard yoga?
I mean, why not? It's basically
yoga on a paddleboard.
Who wouldn't be into it, am I right?
Kind of depends on
who the instructor is,
- you know what I mean?
- Give it a try.
- I'd be into it.
- I might give it a little shot.
- Roberto!
- Roberto!
- Roberto! Roberto!
- Roberto!
I don't understand.
How on Earth could Hank
have gotten into rat poison?
Strychnine is an odorless white powder
that could quite easily
be mistaken for sugar.
An examination of the contents
of Hank's stomach
revealed that the last thing
he ate was a lemon bar
that was full of it.
Oh, no!
I had just made a batch,
but I wouldn't make
that kind of mistake.
Could it be anything else?
Well, have you eaten any of
those lemon bars since?
Hank passed shortly after I baked them.
I haven't had much
of an appetite since then.
I put them on the table to cool.
He must have snuck one.
Patty, I know this is very difficult,
but there is actually a more
pressing issue at the moment.
If you didn't mistake
the rat poison for sugar,
then it's possible that
someone is trying to kill you.
Do you have any idea
how this could have happened?
I bought a box of sugar two days ago
and had it delivered with my groceries,
but I wasn't home and the bags were left
on my doorstep for a couple of hours.
So anyone passing by could have
put the rat poison in the sugar
and re-sealed the box.
Patty, can you think of anyone
who might want to harm you?
No, everybody loves me.
Patty, I really need you
to think about this.
Your life may depend on it.
If somebody tried to kill you,
they may try again.
- There's Owen.
- Who's Owen?
Oh, we were seeing each other.
Engaged, actually.
I ended things a couple of months ago.
I'm pretty sure he would know
when my groceries were delivered.
I found Patty's ex-fiancé
on social media.
Huh. Take a look.
Owen Summers.
You think he was trying
to get back at Patty
after she ended things?
I mean, it might be
about more than that.
Look at these photos.
It looks to me like Owen
isn't a man of great means.
Unlike Patty, who seems pretty well-off.
Right, so this man who just lost a shot
at Patty's enormous fortune also
knows her delivery schedule.
It sounds like means
and a motive, if you ask me.
I gotta say, something about
this case is not adding up.
How could it?
David spends years living
under a stolen identity,
suddenly walks out on his family
and then buys a guy?
Then he decides to hide out
and shoot at anyone
who comes looking for him.
Yeah, it sounds like he could be
on the run, but from who?
And why now, while he's on
vacation with his family?
Just got a match to David's print.
Real name's Cliff Bennett.
Worked as an accountant
for the Detroit mob
until he vanished in 2010.
2010, that's when David Carter's
credit history begins.
I'm thinking he parted ways with
the mob on less than friendly terms.
Yeah, that's what it looks like.
Sections of the report are redacted,
but the FBI suspects
Bennett stole $2 million
from his employer.
- Wait, hang on.
- What is it?
Got a photo array
of Bennett's old associates,
and one of them, Vincent Welles
he looks familiar,
and I think I know from where.
Oh, you're not gonna believe this.
The security footage
of David leaving the hotel
shows a guy following him.
That's the same guy.
So David probably ran into
Welles at the bar,
where they recognized each other
from back in the day,
and knowing Welles still
had it out for him,
he must have taken off.
David didn't want Welles knowing
he had a family
that the mob could use
as leverage against him.
He didn't abandon his family.
He was trying to protect them.
Alright, so after leaving the hotel,
he must have given Welles
the slip, then bought the gun.
Yeah, but after being on the run
for all these years,
isn't it kind of strange
that they end up on vacation
at the same time, at the same resort?
Well, if it's gonna happen anywhere,
makes sense it's in Hawaii.
Nine million tourists
pass through here every year.
Yeah, and think about it.
Welles had all last night
and this morning to figure out
who David was at the hotel with.
Dana and Mia could be in trouble.
Hi. It's Dana. Please leave a message.
We gotta get to the resort.
Good afternoon. Owen Summers?
- Who's asking?
- My name is Juliet Higgins.
This is my associate, Teuila Tuileta.
We were wondering if you would
mind answering some questions
about where you were two days ago.
Actually, I do mind.
We are, in fact, private investigators.
What's this all about?
We've been hired by your ex-fiancée
after an attempt was made on her life.
Wait a minute.
Somebody tried to kill Patty?
And you think I had
something to do with it?
I mean, you must have been
pretty mad when things ended.
If you got married,
half of Patty's fortune
would have been yours.
First of all, I haven't seen
Patty in months.
And second, you got it all wrong.
It was never about the money.
If it was, I never would have proposed.
I beg your pardon?
The only reason Patty's got money
is 'cause her ex has to send her
these big alimony checks every month.
Now, if we'd gotten married,
that would have ended.
Looks like Welles has already been here.
Mia, you in here?
They're gone.
Yeah, she was packing, too.
Hey, it's okay.
We're here to help.
Dana was packing, so David
must have gotten a hold of her
and told her to get off the island.
He was probably afraid Welles
would find them, and rightly so.
Yeah, I think she gave herself up
so Mia could stay hidden in the closet.
Poor kid's probably
scared out of her mind.
Her dad disappears,
her mother's abducted in front of her.
You get anything from Mia?
Nothing. The kid's too scared to talk.
You mind if I give it a shot?
We found her, so maybe she'd be
more willing to talk to me.
Go right ahead.
Hi, Mia.
My name is Thomas.
I'm a friend of your mom's.
She She asked me to help
find your dad.
You know, I gotta say,
hiding in the closet
behind the clothes like that,
that was really smart.
You must be really good
at Hide and Seek.
My dad taught me.
Oh, your dad taught you?
Yeah, he said bad guys might come,
and if they did, I would have to hide.
Mia, I'm gonna find Mom and Dad,
but I need your help to do that, okay?
Now, if you can remember
anything that those bad men said
when you were in the closet,
that might help me track down your mom.
Well, after my dad called,
my mom started packing
and said we had to go home.
Okay, okay. Baby, come, come.
Come, come.
Whatever you hear, do not come out.
- You understand me?
- Yes.
- Promise me.
- I promise.
Hello, Mrs. Carter.
What do you want?
Your husband.
- Where is he?
- I don't know.
Well, then we'll make him come to us.
Where's your daughter?
Kids' club.
Okay, let's go.
We're taking the stairwell.
If you make any trouble,
I'm gonna have to put a bullet in you.
- Okay.
- Let's move.
I got her.
Send the address and the code.
"Send me the address and the code."
That's what you remember them saying?
Can you help my Mom and Dad?
Oh, absolutely.
I'm gonna help find them.
I promise.
Sounds like Welles is gonna
use Dana as bait.
Yeah, he probably had her
call David's burner phone
to make demands.
The question is, where'd he take her?
Lots of places require access codes.
Yeah, Hawaii isn't
Welles' home turf, right?
So his options are gonna be limited.
He needs something that's
secretive but easily accessible.
Somewhere like a vacation rental.
They're all over the island,
can be booked at a moment's notice.
And most use electronic keypads
that can be unlocked with a code.
You know, Rick's got a friend
that works at permit enforcement.
She should be able to give us
a full list of all recent bookings.
You think I tried to kill Patty?
That's got to be the most
ridiculous idea I've ever heard.
Is it?
I'm sure the news of Patty's
engagement delighted you,
'cause if Owen and Patty tied the knot,
then those outrageous alimony payments
would have been a thing of the past.
And then she broke it off
but you were still on the hook,
so you decided to do away
with the alimony
by getting rid of Patty.
Patty, I get you're upset about Hank,
but how can you accuse me
of this nonsense?
It really isn't that
far-fetched, Patrick.
Tell me, do you happen to know
when Patty's groceries
are being delivered?
He sure does.
Well then, it wouldn't be
all that hard for you
to poison her unattended groceries.
And I'm willing to be that
a search of your house
would find a large stash of strychnine,
the same rat poison that
was found in Patty's lemon bars.
Even if that were true,
you can't prove any of it.
Oh, sweetie. All we have to
do is hand over the evidence.
It's their job to prove it.
What What's going on?
What do you think?
Oh, one more thing.
Your cellphone connected automatically
to the Wi-Fi router in this house
on the morning of the poisoning.
Patrick Carson,
you're under arrest
for attempted murder.
Let's go.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can
and will be used against you.
You two have been so wonderful!
I just can't thank you enough.
Oh, we were just happy to help.
We're glad you're safe.
I just can't help but wonder
if things had been
a little different
if I had just married Owen,
or I'd been home when
the groceries were delivered,
Hank would still be here.
Well, how would you have known?
The way I see it, if it weren't for you,
Hank would never have
gotten his justice.
You're right.
It's just gonna take some time
for this to stop hurting.
Oh, Patty.
I'm so sorry.
If it's any consolation,
I think that the heartbreak
you feel after a loss
tells you that you've experienced
something really special.
And in this case,
it was the love of a loyal pet.
And I'm sure that no matter
where Hank is,
he's at peace knowing
that his final act in this world
was protecting the human
he loved the most.
Thank you. I love you.
This has to be it, right?
Yeah, the IP address
used to make the reservation
was traced back
to the Royal Honua Hotel.
There's only one car.
Welles has gotta be alone,
so as long as we take him by surprise,
we should be able
to get Dana out safely.
Hang on.
Been a long time, Bennett.
Welles must have called in some back-up
after he spotted David.
So much for outnumbering them.
Yeah. We're gonna need
a change of plans.
David, oh, my God.
I'm so sorry, Dana. I'm so sorry.
I never should have
put you through this.
It's gonna
It's gonna be over soon, okay?
Built a nice little life for yourself
with my money, didn't you?
It's between us, Welles.
She didn't have anything
to do with this.
Just let her go.
So she can go straight to the cops?
Because I can get you your money back.
Look, for 13 years, I have lived
with this debt hanging over me,
knowing that this day was gonna come.
Been living on borrowed time.
I don't regret a second of it.
I just wish we had longer.
What? What are you doing? David, no.
We both know I'm not
walking out of here,
but I have an offshore account
with your $2 million in it.
You let her go and it is all yours.
Get him a laptop.
The transfer's only gonna
take a few minutes.
Yeah, but if we breach now,
someone could get killed
in the crossfire.
Yeah, and those sliding glass
doors are sure to give us away.
I think I've got an idea.
What's the hold up?
How do I know you won't shoot us
once I make this transfer?
You don't,
but I will shoot both of you
if I don't get my money.
Who the hell is that?
Get the door.
HPD! Drop your weapons!
You're not a cop.
I saw you going around with that
hotel dick this morning.
That badge ain't real.
Fine, I'm not a cop anymore,
but I'm still taking you in.
Citizen's arrest.
Nice try,
but I think you're a little outmanned.
Yeah, I can see that.
Actually, coming in here, I knew
it was gonna be two against one,
but I did it
because it was the only way.
Only way for what?
Only way to buy my friend some time
to pick the lock on the back door.
Give it up, Welles.
Vacation's over.
Mommy, Daddy!
How'd you feel flashing that fake badge?
Better than confiscating it, right?
Don't get used to it.
David gonna be able to cut a plea?
Well, if he testifies against Welles,
he should be able to walk away
from any charges.
Is he pushing for witness protection?
I don't know.
Welles and his guys
are going away for a long time,
and David's already
had to start over once.
There is one thing
that I still don't get.
What's that?
How come you asked me to
work this case with you?
- Because I like your company.
- C'mon.
You thought I needed a distraction today
to keep me from stressing
about the hearing.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Thanks, Magnum.
Patrick had only been
in custody for 30 minutes
before he confessed to the entire thing.
That is amazing.
We're batting a thousand at this point.
I'm still trying to figure out
why the lads aren't trying
to bite your head off.
Because they finally, you know,
have come to their senses
and realized I'm not
that bad of a guy, right?
Right, boys?
After four years? Oh, no way.
Yeah, something must have happened.
These dogs are hard-wired to hate you.
You know, I reckon the lads
are probably just too exhausted
from the dog park to bother with Magnum.
Totally, yeah.
You know what we should do?
We should go to the guest house
and grab a drink.
Rick and TC are over there now
if you want to
Ooh, sounds good. Kumu?
Oh, well, I've been craving
one of Rick's lilikoi margaritas.
Think he'll whip some up for us?
Yeah, yeah, of course.
I mean, he's been on the couch
for, you know, the last couple days.
The least he can do is make us a drink.
- Okay.
- Alright, come on, lads.
Alright, let's go. Come on, boys.
- Come on.
- Come on.
This way.
I still can't believe Gordon
let you use those fake badges.
That's the thing,
it was actually his idea.
Uh-oh, that's not a good look.
What's going on here?
Are you alright, Rick?
No. No, I'm not alright.
Did you break the washing machine again?
Did you clog the loo
for the fourth time?
No, and I did some research on that,
and it's the low-flow toilets
that Robin has on this estate,
not me, okay?
Okay, well, what is it?
It was an accident.
I made Roberto some pancakes
and when I went to serve him,
I left the cage door open.
You lost Thomas's mouse?
We We spent all day
looking for the little guy.
Look, Thomas, I'm gonna
make this up to you, okay?
I promise. I will replace Roberto.
Not that Roberto II can be replaced
Why are you smirking? He's smirking.
He's laughing. Why are you laughing?
Are you laughing?
You want to glance at the cage?
Oh, now you want to come out?
Are those tiny mouse pancakes?
How long you been giving him
a short stack?
That's gotta be the cutest
thing I've ever seen.
Oh, my God.
I've been looking for this for ages.
Magnum and Higgins?
I think so.
Game changer.
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