Magnum P.I. (2018) s05e06 Episode Script

Dead Ringer

I could get used to this.
You talking about me or the coffee?
Your coffee, obviously.
You know, we don't have a case today,
so we can do anything we want,
go anywhere.
we can go nowhere.
Good morning!
Hey, hey. Hi.
Oh. Hi.
Hello. Hi.
Hello, hello.
Rick, are you having a stroke?
I don't think so.
I just made a pot of coffee.
You want a cup?
Ah, thanks. I gotta grab
my stuff and head to work.
Oh, one more thing
I am gonna be gone all day.
Definitely won't be home
before 10:00 p.m.
Actually, 11:00.
Definitely not back before 11:00 p.m.
Well, you make sure you do
your homework, now.
Thanks, Dad!
Do you think he was acting
a little bit weird?
I-It's Rick.
That's pretty on brand.
I'm telling you,
they're totally doing it.
You guys found a necklace.
That's hardly a smoking gun.
Not just any necklace, Kumu.
Higgins' necklace.
So what?
Higgins in the Major Domo
and Thomas' business partner.
They're always together.
Kumu, it was under his bed.
That's right, and those two were acting
super weird this morning.
Now, were they acting weird,
or were they reacting
to you acting weird?
Guys, we have been rooting
for this for years.
It's none of our business, Rick.
You gotta let it go.
Okay, now I'm officially uncomfortable.
It's not for services rendered, Magnum.
The cash came in the mail.
It's from a client.
Seems they have reason
to believe that a man
named Jack Hill has committed a murder,
and they are hiring us
to find out if that's the case.
No signature. Is there a return address?
So we don't know who the client is.
And apparently
they don't want us to know.
They hired us to look into
this Jack Hill guy, right?
- Let's just start there.
- No way.
I'm incredibly uncomfortable
with the entire notion
of an anonymous client.
What if this is a set-up?
What if the client
has some kind of ax to grind
with the suspect?
It's not prudent to go
any further until we know more.
But you always say that
running a successful business
requires making money.
Here's the money.
A-And, even if we wanted
to return the cash,
we can't because we have no idea
who the client is.
Right, which is exactly why
our first order of business
should be to identify them.
Okay, but you don't hire someone
to investigate a person
you've never heard of, right?
So if we want to find out
who the client is,
we should dig into this Jack Hill guy.
I'll take that as a yes.
No question, what I did
went against procedure.
I was wrong. and I'm so sorry.
But if you measured all the work
I've done as a police officer
against the incident in question,
you'd find that the good far outweighs
one egregious error in judgment.
Hey, you ready for school?
Yeah. Uh, how are you?
Ready for your hearing this afternoon?
I hope to be by the time it starts.
How do you think it'll go?
No idea. I'll do the best I can.
Then it's out of my hands.
Look, if I don't get my job back,
there's plenty of employment
for an ex-cop.
Whatever happens, it'll be all right.
We will be all right, okay?
Don't worry. I got this.
See you later?
Jack Hill appears to be a model citizen.
For the last five years,
he's been in construction.
What about before that?
I knew we should have
stayed away from this.
What do ya know?
Our boy Jack was a cop for eight years.
One more reason
not to investigate the man.
Or exactly why we were hired to do it.
What are you doing?
What I am not doing
is spending any more time
investigating Jack Hill.
As a police officer,
he would have come into contact
with any number of people
over the years.
Digging into the man any further
is not going to help us
identify our client.
Therefore, I am finished indulging you.
Like, forever, or just
in regards to the case?
I'm kidding.
All right. All right.
How do you want to proceed?
Most people seal an envelope
with saliva, right?
So that could mean DNA.
So I'm gonna take this
down to the lab for analysis,
and I'm also gonna reach out
to the post office.
- You're gonna track the package?
- Yeah.
They can decipher
the intelligent bar code.
It contains a mailer identifier
that's assigned to a specific business.
Okay, so we won't know who sent it,
but maybe where it came from.
- Exactly.
- All right.
Where are you going?
While you're doing that,
I am gonna go work the actual case.
Really, Jack? A smart lock?
No sign of an alarm pad.
Yeah, that should work.
Okay, Jack.
Why does someone think you're a killer?
- Where are you?
- You don't wanna know.
Please don't tell me you've
broken into Jack Hill's house.
Okay, I won't tell you
I broke into Jack Hill's house.
Just don't get caught, all right?
Did you find anything?
Well, I did find a bunch
of pictures of a girl
that could be a girlfriend,
but, uh, all the clothes here are his,
so I don't think she lives here.
And, uh, he does have a thing for PB&J.
Right, well, that doesn't sound
uncommon for a single man.
Anything else?
He did have a surgery last week.
Got his appendix removed.
So basically, you didn't find anything.
Well, luckily, I fared a little better.
Did you get DNA from the envelope?
Indeed I did.
And, no, before you ask,
the client is not in the system.
Okay, well, the good news is
our mystery client
doesn't have a record.
Should make you feel better
about taking the case.
Well, actually, no,
it doesn't make me feel better
about taking the case
because whilst we know
that our client doesn't have
a criminal record,
it doesn't mean that she can be trusted.
Still, that's not gonna be enough to
No, I'm not finished.
The DNA gave us more.
There is a 96% probability
that she has red hair
and light eyes, which is
very rare on this island.
Well, that will narrow down the search,
but I think we're gonna
need more than
Well, I'm still not finished.
The mailer identifier indicates
that the letter was sent
from the mailroom at King's Medical.
Presumably, our client works there.
Well, that's where he got
his appendix removed.
It can't be a coincidence.
Hardly a slam dunk,
but perhaps they worked
on Jack's medical or surgical team.
It's definitely worth looking into.
You do realize that
your clues needed my clues
to have context, right?
And vice versa.
Okay, here we go.
I've got a list of all the
people that took care of Jack
whilst he was at King's.
I'm eliminating all of the men.
And that leaves us with three women.
Surgical nurse Kim Wagner.
Recovery nurse Tia Hashimoto.
Right, that just leaves anesthesiologist
Dr. Sally Cates.
Is that her?
Mr. Kalama can't have general.
Will you make sure
Dr. Hoffman sees this?
Excuse me?
Dr. Cates?
Thomas Magnum and my partner,
Juliet Higgins.
But you knew that already, didn't you?
I really don't want to be
involved in this.
Perhaps you won't have to be.
But we do have some questions,
and in order for us
to investigate properly,
we'll need some answers.
We will do our best
to keep you out of it. Mm.
When I anesthetized Mr. Hill,
I heard him say something alarming,
but I'm not allowed to come forward.
I consulted the hospital's
legal counsel.
They felt what he said was vague,
not worth following up,
said I had to let it lie.
And if you pursued it further,
then you could potentially get fired.
Oh, they will fire me.
Took me 15 years to get here.
I can't lose my job.
But I also can't forget
about what he said.
You okay, Mr. Hill?
No, no, no, no, no.
They'll never find her body.
People under anesthesia say
strange things all the time.
Yes, but I've never heard
anything like that.
It wasn't just what he said.
The way he said it it was terrifying.
And despite what Legal thinks,
I became a doctor to save lives.
If Jack is a killer,
I can't ignore that.
We'll get to the bottom of this.
And we'll do our best
to keep you out of it.
That's a relief.
Now we've met our client,
we can focus solely on Jack Hill.
All right, so you came
to the same conclusion I did,
it just took you longer.
Yes, but only because I'm more thorough.
And now we gotta figure out
why he left HPD.
You don't spend eight years as a cop
and then leave before pension kicks in.
Not voluntarily, no.
I mean, I can dig deeper,
but I didn't see anything
in the HPD database
to explain his early exit.
Well, that's all right.
We have a living, breathing
database we can access.
There's the man. How you doing, Gordie?
Come on in.
So, uh, your hearing is at 2:00, right?
Yeah, how how you feeling
about that, by the way?
You nervous at all, or?
God, I really wish people
would stop asking me that.
It doesn't help.
Look, I appreciate the concern,
but you didn't have to come check on me.
Well, uh, you're in luck because
we're actually here to ask you a favor.
I'm shocked. What is it?
Okay, so we're looking into an
ex-HPD officer named Jack Hill.
He left the force about six years ago,
and we were just wondering
if you could shed some light.
I remember him.
Uh, seemed like a good cop.
It's a shame what happened to him.
What did happen to him?
About seven years ago, his wife, Linda,
died suddenly of an aneurysm.
After that, Jack lost it, fell apart.
That her?
After she died,
he started behaving erratically.
His work was slipping, got into
arguments with other officers.
Jack started seeing an escort.
Then she filed a complaint
with the brass,
and they let him go.
What was the complaint about?
Department kept it under wraps.
I don't know the details.
Any chance you can get the name
of this escort for us?
Or if you'd rather talk about
the, uh, upcoming hearing
No, no. I'll see what I can do.
Thank you, Gordie. Thanks, Gordie.
Okay, Kumu, I thought about it,
and you're right.
- Of course I am.
- About what?
Thomas and Juliet would tell us
if they wanted us to know, right?
But I need to know.
Okay, so I've been wracking my brain
trying to come up
with how to figure it out.
What part of "You gotta
let it go" wasn't clear?
I can't.
Now, look, Joy has this baby monitor
that basically picks up everything.
If I planted it in Robin's Nest,
I bet I could
Okay, now that I'm saying it out loud,
I realize it sounds kinda creepy.
It sounds like a felony.
Maybe we need to call the cops.
Or have you committed.
Oh, come on.
It's not like I was gonna
put it in the bedroom.
Although, that
You know, for one of the least
judgmental people I know,
you sure are looking at me judgy.
'Cause you done lost your damn mind.
Look, I'm rooting for them, too,
but you're goin' off the deep end.
Look, I practically live with them now,
so I need to know if they're together
so I know how to act around 'em.
Nah. This ain't about them.
There's something goin' on with you.
And you need to figure out what that is.
Well, I didn't know you were
bringing a friend.
Usually that's, uh, extra.
But I can work with you.
We're not your clients.
Oh. Well, that's too bad.
Who are you, then?
Private investigators.
Sorry. I'm all about discretion.
So if you want info
on one of my clients,
you can forget it.
Even Jack Hill?
My real client'll be here any minute,
so just make it quick.
We know you, uh, filed
a complaint with Jack's boss.
Can we ask you why?
Well, it started off fine with him.
He'd see me once a week.
He always wanted me
to dress a certain way,
wear this one perfume,
but Jack never wanted to do anything.
Just wanted me to lay next to him.
And sometimes we'd talk. It was nice.
All right, so what changed?
My hair.
I'm naturally a brunette,
and it used to be longer.
When Jack showed up after
I changed it, he freaked out,
started screaming
that I ruined everything.
I told him to never come back.
That when you complained to his boss?
Yeah, I've seen plenty like Jack.
It's only a matter of time
before he gets violent.
And did the complaint work?
Yeah. He never came back.
How long did your hair used to be?
Just, uh, halfway down my back.
You said Jack used to
make you dress a certain way.
Any chance it was in a purple dress?
He brought me a few of them to wear,
different shades.
Thank you for your time.
Brunette, long hair, purple dress.
Sounds like he used Amber to re-create
experiences he had with his wife.
And when that didn't work,
perhaps he found someone else.
And he killed her.
I cannot find anything
unusual in Jack's financials.
What if the other
Linda look-alike Jack found
was also an escort?
No, I suspected that.
I couldn't find any similar
cash withdrawals
either before or after Amber,
nor any weird-looking
credit card payments
that could've been masking
an escort service.
Why don't we look into missing women
who match the general
description of Jack's wife,
starting from the time that she died?
Right. Okay.
The NAMUS database is giving us
19 potential women.
Okay, how do we narrow down that field?
Well, I mean, murder was a
huge escalation for Jack, right?
Yeah, Jack stopped seeing Amber,
what, 5 1/2 years ago?
- Yeah.
- That narrows down the time frame.
Leaves us with six.
First one is Nina Chen.
Nina Chen.
Nothing's popping out at me.
Honestly, I don't even know
what we're looking for.
I think we'll know what it is
when we find it.
Uh, how about the next person?
Okay. Jenny Davis.
Jenny worked at a diner called
Coffee Talk. Hang on, that actually
That seems familiar to me.
Let me bring up Jack's financials again.
Yeah, here we are.
In 2018, he ate at Coffee Talk
at least three times in two weeks.
And Jenny Davis disappeared
right after his last visit.
What're you doing here?
This is a little more important
that trigonometry,
don't you think?
I didn't realize I needed it
until you showed up.
I know you, Dad.
These people, work people
they just think
you're the scary, serious guy
with the poker face.
But I know the guy
they don't get to see.
The one on the inside,
who's got a big heart.
Who always wants to help people
and do the right thing.
I also know you're scared.
You put on a good show earlier today
to make me feel better, but
this isn't about me.
It's about you.
And even if you don't think so,
I know we'll be all right.
It's time.
Wish me luck.
You don't need luck.
You got this.
Hey, 86 the tuna.
You're gonna wanna try
today's pie special.
It's the Luau Key Lime.
Luau Key Lime, huh?
You know what, we'll take two of those.
- All right.
- Two pies.
It's a great place you have here.
Thank you.
Never seen you two before.
- First time?
- Yeah, yeah.
Thomas and, uh, Juliet.
- Hello.
- Abe.
Abe, nice to meet you.
Actually, uh, we're here
because we wanted
to talk to you
about your daughter, Jenny.
Why do you wanna know about her?
We're private investigators.
We're working a case that we believe
could be connected to her disappearance.
It's been five years.
Doesn't get any easier, though.
You know, there are times
when I forget for a minute.
Like right when I wake up.
But then something
comes over me, you know?
Like, uh, something's wrong.
And it all comes flooding back.
I'm so sorry to have to ask,
but it could really help us
if you could explain what happened.
I didn't feel well that day.
Left early.
Jenny offered to close.
When she didn't show up
the next morning,
we got worried, you know?
We called the cops.
Couple days later, they, uh
they found her car, burnt,
at the bottom of St. Louis Heights.
You know it?
Yeah, it's a mountain trail.
- Heavily wooded.
- Yeah.
Well, police searched for over a week,
but, uh, the woods were too dense.
She could've been anywhere in there.
And by that time, they said
she was dead for sure.
My wife, uh, she, uh
she tried, but, um,
she couldn't look at me anymore.
Said I reminded her too much of Jenny.
So she left.
I'm so sorry.
Abe, um, thank you for talking with us.
I know it's it's gotta be hard.
On the house.
Maybe your case'll give you
a lead and
and help me give my daughter
a proper burial.
I hope so.
Well, it sounds like we might
be on the right track.
Jenny could be the girl
that Jack was talking about.
If anyone's gonna be able
to get rid of a body
without leaving evidence,
it's gonna be a cop.
So how do we get him?
Breaking a prisoner out of jail
to trade for a hostage
is prosecutable behavior.
So you coming here
to fight your dismissal
Well, you got quite a pair on you.
Out of respect
for your years of service,
we'll give you an opportunity
to say your piece.
I appreciate that, Sir.
You don't know me.
And not just you.
My son says that I can be
scary that way.
It's hard to tell what I'm thinking.
I'm not a guy who opens up easily.
But the job
that always came easy to me.
More so than anything else.
Being a husband, a father
those things had
a much steeper learning curve,
I guess because it requires
a a vulnerability
that I've never been comfortable with.
I always felt most at home
when I was doing my job.
So I put it first, above everything,
including my family.
and I just started to make things right
when those bastards took my ex-wife,
the mother of my child.
Now, did I follow procedure? No.
But in that scenario,
which one of you would have?
Now, I know your minds are
probably already made up,
and in spite of
my union rep's suggestion,
I haven't been contrite.
I did what it took
to save someone's life,
to serve and protect.
Isn't that the pledge we all make?
I can't apologize for that.
Even if it means giving up the job,
I'd do what I did all over again.
Thanks for hearing me out.
Who are you working for?
We can't say.
Why can't I ever get a straight
answer out of you two?
To be fair, when people come to us,
there's often a good reason
they can't go to you.
Oh, yeah. Yeah, I know.
Usually an illegal one.
No, not this time.
It's just someone who has
nothing to do with it
- and wants to stay out of it.
- Okay.
Now, look, this case
has gone cold, right?
If you were to close it,
it would do a lot for your career
considering you're the new guy.
Nice try.
I never really wanted to be here
in the first place,
so I don't give a rat's ass
about moving up the chain of command.
What else you got?
Look, Detective, we've gone
as far as we can with this,
but a young woman has been killed
and her body has been left in the woods.
Her parents have not had any closure,
and her killer is still living his life,
free to kill again.
Assuming he hasn't already.
I want to help you. I do.
So far, all you've got's conjecture
and circumstantial evidence.
Well, that is where your brilliant
interrogation skills could come in.
Oh, stop.
Flattery's not gonna get you anywhere.
It sounds like you're running
out of arguments.
What about taking down a dirty cop?
It's what you did in Oakland, right?
You did it because it was
the right thing to do.
Now you have the chance
to do that again.
Don't choke.
They don't call me the "Dart Knight"
for nothing, Kumu.
I got it!
Dude, you couldn't wait
five seconds to say that?
I'm doing that again.
You said I needed to figure out
what was going on with me,
and I did I'm in limbo.
Do I need to spell it out for you guys?
- Uh-huh.
- Yeah.
I'm in love with the mother of my child,
but she shot me down.
I'm a grown-ass man
living on my friend's couch.
And now I have a new baby
who I don't get to see every day
because I don't live with her mother,
who I'm in love with,
but she shot me down.
Okay, what does that have to do
with whether or not
Thomas and Juliet are together?
Look, it's crazy.
And it probably won't make
any sense to you, but
Yeah, it probably won't,
but give it a try.
Okay, Thomas and Juliet
have had a lot of back and forth
over the years, right?
They've been in limbo.
And now they're not. I mean, maybe.
Thing is, if they can
get out of it, so can I.
So maybe me, Joy, and Suzy
can live together,
like a family.
So you want hope?
That's a good reason
to want them together.
So why don't you just go ahead
and ask 'em?
What if I'm wrong?
We'll find you hope somewhere else.
I promise.
Jack Hill?
Detective Chris Childs.
Nice to meet you.
How can I help you, Detective?
So, uh, we've reopened
a missing person's case
that involved a woman
who had worked at Coffee Talk.
Well, so now, I'm re-interviewing
all the customers that
that ate there.
Oh, sorry, I, uh
I don't remember that place.
Yeah, I know it's it's been a while.
Um, I know you
you had been on the force, right?
And you trained in investigation?
That's right.
I was kinda hoping
that maybe the right photo
or the right question
might spark something for you.
Would you
Would you be terribly opposed
to coming with me right now?
I'd really appreciate your help.
Hope you're right about
his interrogation skills.
Yeah, me, too.
Why are we in the interrogation room?
Oh, um, I wanted
a little privacy is all,
and, uh, there's a victim's
family in the interview room.
- I didn't wanna kick them out.
- No.
All right, let me see
Are you hungry? Thirsty?
Can I get you anything?
No, I'm good. Okay.
All right, uh, so here is
a photo of the diner.
Kinda hoping that might jog your memory.
Here is
You know what?
Now I remember. Yeah.
Yes. They have very good pie.
Someone else I talked to said that, too.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Gonna have to try it.
Is that her?
That's Jenny.
Jenny Davis.
I've never seen her before.
You sure?
She was your waitress
all three times you ate there.
See, this is starting to feel
a little bit
like an interrogation.
No, no, no. Oh, no, no, no.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I, uh I'm sorry.
I get like a dog with a bone
with this stuff sometimes.
Plus, I-I-I start to feel
for the victim's families.
You know how it is.
My wife, Ali
she died almost a year ago.
Pancreatic cancer.
I'm sorry for your loss.
Watching her for months
It was awful,
but at least we got closure, you know?
We said the things
that we needed to say.
I'm grateful for that.
You know what?
I'm gonna go.
We're not done here.
No, no, 'cause if I'm not under arrest,
then you can't keep me here.
I can do whatever I want to do.
Door's locked.
This isn't an interrogation,
so we're not filming.
Sit your ass back down.
You never had a chance to say
goodbye to Linda, did you?
Jesus. Y-You watch your mouth, okay?
She's got nothing to do with this!
Linda has everything to do with this.
- No, she doesn't.
- She died.
So fast that you didn't even
see it coming.
And then you snapped,
but here's the thing
Amber, Jenny they were just
Oh, they were poor substitutes
because they could
never actually be your wife
because she's dead.
She's gone, and she is
never coming back.
You shut up! Just shut up!
You think that I don't know that?!
I don't know.
What did you do with Jenny?
I got nowhere else to be.
I can do this all night.
Tomorrow. The next day.
Tell me what you did with Jenny's body.
Let her parents give her
a proper burial.
If you do that, maybe
there's a chance you won't
burn in hell.
Okay what?
Okay, I'll talk.
You just go get me something
from the vending machine,
something with protein.
I get these blood-sugar headaches.
They They're a pain, so
Do you think he's actually
going to tell him?
No. No. Something's not right.
My gut says he's playing Childs.
What's the game?
After Amber, I, uh, I just
felt lost again.
I know she's not Linda,
but for an hour a week,
I can just pretend.
Then Amber changed her hair,
made it harder to pretend.
And then you walked into
the diner and you saw Jenny.
Same build, same hair, eyes.
You knew you needed her
to play the role of your wife.
What did you do to Jenny?
You okay?
You all right?
Call EMS!
I'm on it.
I need some help in here!
No electrical activity.
He's gone.
Now we'll never find Jenny.
You guys did everything right.
His allergies were just too severe.
Did he eat something?
Candy bar.
Probably had nuts.
Grown man had to know
he was allergic to nuts.
Childs, he specifically asked
for a snack with protein in it
and then he he chose that.
He could feel the walls closing in.
He did it on purpose.
Wait a minute.
Why does a man who lives alone
and is deathly allergic to nuts
have a cabinet full of peanut butter?
Because it's not for him.
- Go, go, go!
- Move in!
Jenny? Jenny?
On your left.
- Clear!
- Clear.
All clear. No sign of the victim.
Yeah. Copy.
Five years it's a really long time
to keep someone in captivity
without anyone noticing.
Even if she's still alive,
Jack could've stashed her anywhere.
No, no, no, I've been through
Jack's finances.
There's no other house or apartment.
There isn't even
a a storage facility.
A-A-And going by his GPS,
he just goes from work back home.
There are no stops anywhere else.
What are you doing, Magnum?
Something's not right.
Something's off.
Well, I was outside earlier
and and just
This room, it should be longer
in that in that direction.
There's something back here.
Hey, we got a door down here,
southwest corner, front room.
- Yeah.
- Here!
Here. Here. Here.
Try that.
Yeah, we got her.
Hey. I'm Detective Childs.
Where is he?
He's gone.
He's never coming back.
- Hi.
- Hey.
Thanks for your help today, guys.
Thank you for yours.
Uh, about your wife
I don't have a wife. Never did.
My girlfriend's alive and well
in Oakland, though.
I had to get into his head.
I'm impressed.
Yeah, well, you taught me well.
I did. This is really good.
If the cop thing doesn't work out,
maybe I should go be a chef.
Let's not get crazy.
So, when will they tell you?
A week, 10 minutes. Who knows?
When the call comes in,
my whole world could change.
Not really.
I mean, you'll always be my dad.
That's the only thing that matters.
I'm so happy for you, Gordie,
but but I have one question.
How soon before I can
ask you for a favor?
- Oh!
- Uh, you can't. Ever.
- That's over now.
- What?
Hang on. Hang on.
How about if I ask?
Whatever you need, Juliet.
Okay, I see how it is.
Hey, can we talk to you
at the bar for a second?
TC has something he'd like to ask you.
when Roberto got out,
we went looking for him,
and we found Higgy's necklace.
Under your bed.
We gotta ask
are y'all together?
I-I can't I can't keep it
from you guys anymore.
It's too important, and
and honestly, I'm too happy.
There's your hope right there.
PDA, huh?
- Really?
- Mm.
I saw you talking to Rick
and TC at the bar.
You told them, didn't you?
I'm sorry. I-I
They asked, and I-I couldn't
keep it from them anymore.
I understand. It's okay.
Well, I'm glad you're not mad at me.
Of course I'm not mad.
The only reason that
I wanted to keep this
between us in the beginning was
I wasn't sure it would work out.
But I'm not worried anymore.
It's definitely working.
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