Magnum P.I. (2018) s05e07 Episode Script




Drop those bags and get out of my house.

Ooh-ooh ♪
This is a brand-new world ♪
This is a brand-new world ♪
Check out our brand-new world ♪
You know, you really don't
have to leave, Rick.
No. No, no, no, no.
No. You and Thomas are together now.
I don't want to be around
to cramp your style.
Besides, this is good for everyone.
I mean, you guys get free rein
of the guest house
to explore your relationship.
And I get my own space.
And Suzy gets somebody to rent
out her dad's old boat.
- Everybody wins.
- Alright, just promise me
this isn't the end of Pancake Sundays.
I promise. Although, I got
to say, I'm not gonna miss
Spaghetti Western Wednesdays.
What's a Spaghetti Western?
Oh, it's a subgenre
of American Western movies
made in Europe in the '60s.
And for some reason,
Magnum is a huge fan.
Speaking of TM, where is he?
Oh, we had two clients today,
so we decided to divide and conquer.
Alright, we got to get out of here.
- Yeah. Everybody grab something.
Uh, sorry, guys. You're gonna
have to handle this without me.
My client's here.
Oh, come on, Higgy. We need those guns.
Mr. Urima, Ms. Urima,
tell me how I can help you.
Five nights ago, we were robbed.
Two men broke into our house
while we were asleep.
Oh, that's that's awful.
Were either of you harmed?
Um, actually, my my dad shot
and killed one of them.
- Bastards.
- Dad.
I didn't want to.
The guy left me no choice.
The other one at least
had the good sense to run.
Did the surviving thief manage
to get away with anything?
A few items, yes.
The most important of which
was a necklace
that belonged to my mom.
It's a family heirloom.
It's worth almost $200,000.
I see.
And has HPD managed
to identify the thief?
No. That's why we're here.
We were hoping you might
have better luck.
You have to find that necklace.
It's all I have left of my late wife.
Also, it was the only thing of
value I had to pass on to Kerry.
Honestly, I'm just grateful
we're both okay.
I'm actually more concerned
about my dad's safety
than the necklace.
Uh, I mean, the thief
who got away is still out there,
and my dad killed his partner.
What if he comes back for revenge?
I keep telling her, I probably
scared the son of a bitch
too much to come back.
Well, I can understand her fear.
I promise you I'll do everything
that I can to help you both.
Thank you.
Hi. Thomas Magnum.
- Hello.
- Welcome to Hawaii.
Thank you.
Thank you for agreeing to meet with me.
Of course.
Do you mind if we walk?
No, not at all. It's a lovely day.
So, what can I do for you?
I'm trying to find my son,
who lives here now.
I haven't seen him in a long time.
Not since he was a little boy
36 years.
I know how that must sound.
Uh, do you mind if I ask what happened?
I've been struggling with mental
illness for much of my life,
and it got harder
when I became a mother.
Staying with my son and his father
It just wouldn't have been fair to them.
So I made the difficult decision
to leave.
To this day, I don't know if it
was the right decision or not.
But I do know that I want a
chance to be in my son's life again.
Well, I-I can do my best to find him,
but assuming I can, it's
gonna be totally up to him
whether or not he wants any
kind of relationship with you.
Oh, I understand.
Well, why don't we start off
by you telling me
everything you know about him,
beginning with his name?
Well, Mr. Magnum,
that's why I'm coming to you.
You already know my son.
His name is Theodore Calvin.

I apologize for deceiving you.
I just thought it would be
better to do this
with somebody he knew.
So, what led you to me?
I saw you at that
news conference y'all gave
after the big escape.
I wanted to reach out then,
but I wasn't feeling
as good as I am now.
Well, I mean, still, 36 years
without seeing your son.
I don't think I have to tell you how
how that has affected TC.
It took me a long time
to admit that I needed help.
Where I come from, mental
illness isn't talked about.
And even after I started
getting treatment,
it took years for me
to find the right combination
of meds and therapy.
And I'm just now beginning to feel like
I'm not living in a prison
of my own mind.
Well, I have no doubt that
TC will be happy
that things are going well.
But I got to be honest.
I-I-I can't promise that
he's gonna want to see you.
I-I understand.
I have no expectations,
but I have to try.
So, can you put together
a meeting for me and my son?
I can hardly believe it.
What did you tell her?
Well, I said I'd talk to TC
and let him know she wants to see him
and then tell her where he stands.
That's all I really can do.
I really can't imagine
this is gonna be easy for TC.
Yeah, these things never are.
I'm heading over to Island Hoppers now.
I'll, uh, catch up with you afterwards.
- Bye.
- Bye.
I couldn't find the insurance photos,
but here's a picture of my mom
wearing the necklace.
Wow, it's beautiful.
I can see why she loved it.
When did she pass?
Six years ago.
Since then, my dad
hasn't really been the same.
Then, a few years back,
he was diagnosed with lymphoma
and has required daily care ever since.
Oh, I see.
Can you show me
where the thieves broke in?
Yeah. This way.
The police think they were
only in here a few minutes.
They're not really sure
since my dad and I were both asleep.
Right. And the necklace
was kept in here?
No. It was in an old
wooden bureau off the den.
They found it very quickly.
Well, they still made a mess in here.
My brother's here.
He promised to bring
someone by to fix the window.
- Does your brother visit often?
- No.
He's usually too busy with work
to help out with Dad,
which is one of the reasons
I had to give up my job
in order to do it.
Since then, my life has been consumed
with taking care of him.
That can't be easy.
It's not, but Dad needed me.
I just couldn't be one of those people
who put their parent in a home.
Well, I think it's very admirable,
what you're doing, Kerry. Mm.
Brent, this is Juliet Higgins,
the private investigator Dad hired.
Oh. Nice to meet you.
- Mm.
- Thanks for helping us out.
No, of course. I'm just
I'm sorry about what's
happened to your family.
Me too.
You know, I've, uh,
tried for years to get my dad
and sister to move in with me
or at least to a safer area.
Maybe after this, they'll finally do it.
Do I have to remind you
it's Dad who wants to stay here?
[SCOFFS] I mean, he's told us
a dozen times
- this is where the memories are.
- MAN: Boss?
It's, uh, right back there. Thanks.
Have you, uh, contacted
the insurance company
- about the necklace yet?
- Yeah.
I submitted the paperwork
and left a message.
That's it?
You have to keep calling
till you get someone.
Come on, Kerry. You're supposed
to be taking care of this stuff.
Maybe you haven't noticed.
I'm a little busy with Dad here.
Um, Brent, your father mentioned that
on the night of the robbery,
you took a video of the aftermath.
I was wondering if I might
take a look at it.

What is it?
So, what can you tell me
about our dead thief?
Name's Alo Kawiki.
Record of petty crime,
but no prior history
of violence until now.
No known associates.
No family on the island either.
Just a girlfriend in Waipahu.
- Hmm.
- CHILDS: Juliet.
To what do we owe this pleasure?
Afternoon, Detective.
I'm just working a case.
Ooh! What's this?
The Urima robbery? Heard about that one.
Sounds like the owner's
a tough old goat.
- Yeah.
- Good luck.
Listen, there's just
There's something about
this case that doesn't track.
What's that?
So, the thieves
rummaged around in the office,
but everything that was on the floor
had shards of glass on top of it,
- which tells me that
- They broke the window
after they were already in the house.
Precisely. I think they were
trying to hide the fact
that this was an inside job.
I think somebody with access
helped the burglars get in.
That's good work. Mm
And, apparently, the detectives
working the case
- came to the same conclusion.
- Mm.
But we're not sharing that
theory with the family just yet.
Okay. In the meantime,
is HPD making a list
of any regular visitors,
anyone with a key?
Yeah, but that appears to be
a long list
nurses, caretakers.
A couple of them had records,
but so far, everyone's alibied out.
Right. I take it no one
had any connection
to our dead thief, Alo Kawiki?
None that we've found yet.
Well, has HPD questioned his girlfriend?
Yeah. But she swore she knew
nothing about his criminal activities.
Well, maybe she'll be more forthcoming
with someone without a badge.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.

I smell a favor coming on.
What? Am I that predictable?
You know what? Don't answer that.
How you doing, Cade?
Hey, Magnum.
Can I talk to you for a second?
Keep working on that gearbox.
- Right here.
- Alright.
You got that look, man.
What's up?
Uh, I don't know how to ease into this,
so I'm just gonna say it.
Your mom's on the island,
and she wants to see you.
She reached out to me.
A-And for what it's worth,
I think she genuinely wants to see you.
I don't feel like there's a
a hidden agenda or anything.
So she sent you here
to convince me to talk to her?
No, not at all.
I-I just told her that
I'd deliver the message
That's it.
Well, I don't want to see her.
- You sure?
- Yeah.
Thanks for coming by.

Can I help you?
Dawn Makali?
I'm a private investigator.
I'm working for the family
that Alo and his partner robbed.
Listen, I've been over this
with the cops already.
I don't know anything
about the robbery, so
Please. Uh
I understand that you don't
want to talk to the police.
You're trying to protect yourself.
It's not about me.
Of course.
It's about It's about your child.
My baby girl's the only thing
that matters anymore.
She's all I have left of him.
Dawn, I-I understand, and I really
I don't want to cause you any trouble.
Then what do you want?
To get back my client's property
and to ensure that Alo's partner
won't seek revenge for his death.
And from me?
Just to talk.

According to Dawn,
Alo's partner was this man
Nixon Haoa, age 37.
He's the owner of that gray
2011 Jeep over there.
History of violent crime.
He was released from Halawa Prison
three years ago after
serving a five-year sentence.
Aside from Dawn, do we have anything
that connects Nixon to the robbery?
No calls or texts between him and Alo.
And on the night of the robbery,
Nixon's phone actually
puts him right here at home.
So, what's the plan?
I guess we, uh, follow Nixon around,
see if we can find anything
that links him to the robbery.
Right. Only we can't let HPD
know how we got onto him.
I promised Dawn I'd keep her out of it.
There he is.


So, how are the clients?
Well, Gus is a tough old coot.
Kerry, his daughter
She's pretty remarkable, too.
How so?
Well, when Gus' caregivers
didn't work out,
she moved home so that she
could take care of him herself.
That's kind of like
what you did when your mom
was dealing with Alzheimer's, right?
Uh, yeah, but I did it briefly,
and Kerry's been doing it
for four years.
She's given up everything.

What is he doing?
I think he made us.
Why are you following me?
Buddy, I don't know
what you're talking about.
The hell you don't.
This is your only warning.
Back off.

Really? Come on, man!
That's an $1,100 tire.
HIGGINS: You know, personally,
when I'm tailing somebody,
I prefer to do it
from a parallel position.
I just find it to be far less obvious.
Yeah, my technique is not the problem.
I think your girl Dawn
had a change of heart
and tipped this guy off.
Gordie, you have me and Thomas.
I got your text about Nixon Haoa.
I'm guessing you were able
to get Alo's girlfriend to talk.
Where we got that information
isn't important, Gordon.
I haven't been back a week, and
you two are already lying to me.
Just like old times, right, Gordie?
[SIGHS] Look, I can put
a BOLO out on Nixon,
but without Dawn,
we need a reason to pick
him up and hold him
while we try to connect him
to the robbery.
Well, h-how about felony vandalism
and possession of a firearm?
Is he actually guilty of those things
or are you guys
just making up an excuse?
No, no. It's true.
He literally just shot out
one of our tires.
Yeah, okay. That should work for now.
- Alright, I'll talk to you later.
- Okay.
Factoring in this tire,
we're gonna be lucky to break even
on this case.
- Here's something.
Rick's just sent me a list
of four fences on the island
who could potentially move
high-end stolen jewelry.
So if we cross-reference their
location data with Nixon's,
maybe I can find out
which one he visited.
- Here we are.
Looks like Nixon did visit
one of those fences
on Rick's list in the last two days.
Name's Jamie Lam.
Well, I think it's time
to pay old Jamie Lam a visit.
Hey, man, I got that battery
to power Suzy's dad's houseboat.
Thanks, pal. You're a lifesaver.
No problem.
I heard about your mom.
So you're not gonna see her?
Well, I think you should.
Did I ask for your opinion?
No, but I-I just
Look, I already know
what you're gonna say
that I need to hear the woman out,
give her a chance, get some closure.
- Well, save it, man.
- Look, I get it.
And I know you didn't ask
for my opinion, but
I don't think you owe
your mother anything.
You just said I should see her.
For you, not her.
Look, so you can say the things
you need to say to her face
instead of stewing about it
and letting it eat you up.
Look, whatever you decide to do,
I'm here
to give advice, to listen,
to be your punching bag.
Whatever you need.

This is Jamie Lam's place.
The shipping company must be a front.
And it's closed.
Odd during business hours.
Yeah, it's a chain key lock.
Keyway is curved, it's not straight.
Can't be picked.
We'll have to find another way in.
There's probably an alarm.
What're you doing?
Well, if you put a cellphone
camera up to the tinted glass,
you can see right through it,
kinda like an X-ray.
- Huh.
Well, Superman, what do you see?

I'd say he's been dead about 48 hours.
He's got bruising on his face.
Like he got into an
altercation before he got shot.
You can bag him now.
Any update on Nixon?
Uh, none. Since your encounter,
his phone's been off-line.
Found this in the desk drawer.
It's gotta be Lam's.
Be nice if we knew his passcode.
KATSUMOTO: Hey, hang on a second.


Here we go.
Someone texted Lam photos of a necklace
the night of the robbery.
That's gotta be Nixon, right?
So what are we thinking?
Nixon makes a deal with Lam
to sell the stolen necklace,
but for some reason, it goes south?
Detective, we got the safe open.
This was the only thing inside.
It's around 100 grand.
That's about half the retail
value of the necklace.
That's as much as a fence is
gonna give you for stolen goods.
Only Nixon never got the payout.
Apparently not.
So why didn't this deal go through?

Hello, Theo.

Look at you.
You look just like your father.
You want to sit?

I guess I should start.
I know I owe you some explanations.
But please don't hear them
as excuses because they're not.
For a long time, before you were born,
I wasn't well.
There were times I was
so messed up, I scared myself.
I thought I could get better
if I just work harder
pray longer.
I thought I could beat it.
And then you were born.
My angel.
Then all of a sudden,
life got serious real fast.
God had given me this perfect creation
and I was terrified of destroying it.
Before long, I was trapped in a prison
of some very dark thoughts.
And no matter how hard I tried,
I couldn't see my way out.
Leaving you
was the hardest thing I had ever done.
But I knew you would be
better off without me.
And look at you now.
I was right.
Despite all you've been through,
you are still a big,
beautiful, strong Black man,
and for that, I'm grateful.
And I am sorry.
I'm so sorry that I wasn't
the mother that you deserved.
But if you can find it in your heart
to forgive me,
I swear I'll spend the rest
of my life making it up to you.
Pops was different after you left.
Colder, harder.
It changed him.
And me.
It took a long time for me to
feel good about anything again.
I was afraid if I loved
something too much,
it would go away.
Every day you were the first thing
I thought about when I woke up
and the last thing
before I went to sleep.
Then one day
I stopped.
[VOICE BREAKING] I let you go
so I could survive.
I not only learned to live
my life without you
I learned how to thrive.
See, my life is good now, too.
And I got good people
in it that that love me.
And they would die
before they abandoned me.

I do forgive you.
And I'm glad you're better.
But you gave up your place
in my life a long time ago.

I've never seen him before.
No, never.
Do you think you'll be able to find him
and get my wife's necklace back?
Well, we do think he still has it.
And we're doing everything
that we can to recover it.
Come on, Dad. Let's get you home.
Mm, yeah.
- We'll be in touch.
- Thanks.
Take care.
Rick's reaching out to the other fences.
Hopefully, one of them will get in touch
if Nixon approaches them to make a deal.
Yeah. In the meantime,
we should check out Nixon's place.
Maybe he brought the necklace
there after he killed Lam.
Need I remind you that HPD
is still staking out his house
in case he comes back?
Which is why we'll park around the block
and sneak in through the backyard.


I'll check in here.

Nothing in here!
What is it?
Have a look.
Look likes Nixon was participating
in the write-a-prisoner program
when he was in Halawa.
And guess who the pen pal is.
Kerry Urima.
She said she didn't know Nixon.
She lied.
KATSUMOTO: You lied about Nixon.
Makes me think you enlisted him
to rob your house.
I was going to inherit that necklace.
Why Why Why would I steal it?
Maybe you got worried your dad
would change his mind?
Leave the necklace to both you
and your brother.
That wouldn't have been fair, right?
Because of Nixon, two people are dead.
- Where is he?
- I don't know.
I haven't spoken to Nixon
in three years.
Why'd you lie about knowing him?
Because I screwed up. I
I must have told him about that necklace
back when we were in touch.
I didn't want my dad
to know that this was all my fault.
So Nixon hears about
the necklace from you,
waits a few years, and then
only now decides to steal it?
- I don't buy it.
- I'm telling you the truth.
Are you?
Because here's a little truth
We've actually known
from the start that this robbery
was most likely an inside job.
We also know that someone
tipped off Nixon
that he was being tailed
by private investigators.
You see where I'm going with this?
Nixon had help.
I-I need to call my father
to check in on him.
He's fine. Your brother's with him.
I know my rights.
I get a phone call.
You know, I think
she's telling the truth.
I'm just not convinced
that she was in on this with Nixon.
Okay, don't take this
the wrong way, but
could it be that you've got
a soft spot for her?
- I
Gordon, I think we've made a mistake.
Uh, I don't believe that Kerry
was, in fact,
involved in the robbery.
You're kidding, right?
I mean, we have a direct line
between Kerry and Nixon.
And we have motive.
Both provided by the two of you,
I might add.
Yes, but if you're gonna rob
your own house,
there are far easier ways of doing it.
She also told Brent
that she filed a claim
with the insurance company.
Why would she do that?
Why would she invite greater scrutiny?
They approve the claim,
she doubles her payday.
No, no, no. The risk
far outweighs the reward.
I mean, the insurance company
is in for $200,000.
They're going to investigate this
far more thoroughly than the police.
[SCOFFS] Agree to disagree.
But what's your point?
Would you just talk
to the insurance company
and see if she did,
in fact, make that claim?
If she didn't, we can agree
that is suspicious.
And, you know, then
you'll have one more piece
of circumstantial evidence
to help you make your case.
I don't know, Gordie.
Something's not adding up.
I think she's right.
Yeah, fine.
I'll contact them.
So, you also think
she might be innocent?
Well, not exactly.
Well, then why did you just back me up?
'Cause I always back you up.
Besides, you're not just
my business partner anymore.
I do it right?
Yeah, she's airworthy.
what's, uh, going on
you know, with your mom?
Oh, it's
it's complicated.
You know, I barely have
any memories of my mom.
All I really have
are stories that I heard from
other people that knew her.
I know from those stories that
as much as I wanted a mom
I was better off without her in my life.
You know, the funny thing is,
the person from those stories
didn't seem like the person
I met today.
You know,
sometimes when bad stuff happens,
I think, "What did I do to deserve this?
Like, why me?"
And then I think about the good stuff,
all the really good stuff
that's happened, and
I ask myself the same thing
"What did I do to deserve this?"
And the more I think about it,
I think it's not about
deserving anything.
Life just happens.
And the more time I spend
being mad about the bad stuff,
the more I miss out on the good.
I walked into La Mariana
looking for a way
to make some easy cash,
and look what happened.
The good things in life can come
from the most unexpected places.

Yeah, I think you'd be surprised.
Just think about it.
Yeah. Come on out for a few days.
Let me show you around.
Okay. Alright, sure.
Talk later. Bye.

KATSUMOTO: It's fake?
Yeah, if you look at the prong settings,
they were fabricated by a machine.
Each setting should have been
handmade by a master jewelry,
causing each one to have
their own unique imperfections
in their shape.
When you're shopping engagement rings,
you become an expert on this stuff.
Well, that explains why Nixon's
deal with Lam went sideways.
He tried to sell him a fake,
and things escalated from there.
Insurance company.
Gordon Katsumoto.
Engagement ring, eh?
So are you planning to propose
to someone, Detective?
I already did twice.
She turned me down both times.
Said I'm already married to my job.
I'm hoping third times the charm.
- So did Kerry file the claim?
- No.
Well, I stand corrected.
Well, not exactly.
Kerry couldn't file a claim
because the policy
was canceled three months ago.
Apparently, the insurance company
wanted a new appraisal on the necklace
before they'd agree to renew the policy.
But Kerry never brought it in.
She let the policy lapse? That's odd.
Well, unless there was a reason
why she didn't want it to be inspected.
Because she knew it was fake.
Okay, but she definitely had to have had
the original necklace
at some point, right?
I mean, it was insured
in the first place.
Yes, so sometime between
getting the initial policy
and that initial policy lapsing,
the real necklace
was replaced with a replica.
I think Kerry stole it. The real one.
And then she replaced it with a fake.
Back up. 20 minutes ago,
you were on Team Kerry.
No, no. I still think she's innocent
of this most recent theft.
But given this new information,
it's making me think
that she was responsible
for the original necklace
disappearing in the first place.
Okay, if you're right,
how would we ever prove that?
Well, she had to have gone to somebody
to get the fake one made, right?
There's gotta be only
a handful of jewelers
on the island that can do
that level of forgery.
Right. I'm gonna call Rick.
Okay, I, uh I stole it.
But not because I was bitter.
My father needed a very
expensive medical treatment
to prolong his life.
Insurance wouldn't cover it.
I begged him to sell the
necklace, but he refused.
KATSUMOTO: So you did it without his
or your brother's knowledge?
I lied and said that I appealed
the insurance company's decision.
And that they agreed to pay
for the treatment.
I mean, it it was the only way.
I didn't want to lose him.
Meanwhile, Nixon still thought
the real thing
was in your house.
But you could've come clean earlier.
There's something else you
haven't told me, isn't there?
My brother also has
a relationship with Nixon.
When Nixon got out of prison,
I got Brent to get him
a job off the books.
You think it's possible
Brent recruited Nixon
to steal the necklace?
I don't know.
Because if so, you can't be too happy
with your brother right now.
Was there any money left
after the treatments?
I still have about $48,000
hidden around the house.
How'd you sell the necklace
in the first place?
I, um
I took it to a guy in Pearl City.
Charlie Kapono.
Charlie Kapono.
That was one
of the fences on Rick's list.
If Nixon saw him after things
went sideways with Lam,
he could've told Nixon
about the meeting with Kerry.
Which could send Nixon
back to Gus' house
to look for that cash.

Hey, partner.
- What are you doing here?
Why haven't you called me back?
This crap is fake.
Your sister stole
the real one six months ago.
Got herself a nice little payout.
I want whatever's left.


Call your sister and find out
where that money is.
And pray she's still got
some of it left.
What money?
Wh What's this son of a bitch
talking about?
I'll explain later, Dad.
Make the call or I'm gonna
blow your father's head off.

- Yeah?
- Just heard from Childs.
Brent called Kerry asking about the cash
she got for the necklace.
Which means Nixon's there now.
Hurry up, Brent.
Let's go!
You got what you wanted, okay?
- Now go.
- Not yet.
There's one more thing I want.
No, no, no, no!
This is between you and me.
Leave my dad out of this.


That's Nixon.
Stay on him. We'll get the house.

Check that room.
Door left.
Bedroom clear.
In here!
We need paramedics in the house,
right now.
He's conscious.
OFFICER: Roadblock's
in position, Detective.
Copy that. Take him down.
Go, go! Hands up now!
He made me do it.
Mr. Urima was behind the wheel.
There's no sign of Nixon.
He must have used Gus as a diversion.
I got eyes on Nixon. He's on foot.

Whoo! ♪

Oh, it's a death train dance ♪
It's a death train ♪
That's right ♪

Oh ♪
Get the hell outta the car!

Out now!
I said, "Shut up and dance" ♪
And dance ♪
Let me see your hands.


Turns out Brent has some
serious financial problems,
which motivated him
to enlist Nixon in the robbery.
- Thank you, sir.
[GASPS] Dad.
It's okay.
I know about the necklace.
You didn't have to do that, sweetheart.
I just wanted you to have something
for everything you've given me.
I have you, Dad.
That's all I ever wanted.

You doing okay?
It's just, um, knowing
all the sacrifices
that Kerry made to look
after her dad, you know,
got me thinking about
how I handled things
when my mom needed help.
I mean, Kerry kept her dad
at home because
because he said that that's
where all the memories were,
even though moving him to a facility
just would've been easier.
And that's exactly what I did.
And part of me has just always wondered
if that decision hastened her decline.
What choice did you have?
I could've done things
differently, you know?
I had this career at MI6
that I put on hold
and that I was desperate to get back to.
At the time, I-I told myself
that putting her care
in the hands of others
was the best thing for her,
but now I-I just can't help but think
that that was just
the best thing for me.
You know, you can't compare
yourself to Kerry
or anyone else's situation.
You were there for your mom.
And I have no doubt that you did
the best you could under
very difficult circumstances.
Come here.

Whoo-ooh-ooh-ooh ♪
Whoo-ooh-ooh ♪
- Hey.
- Hey.
I'm really glad you called.
The last thing I wanted to do
was hurt you.
I realize I could've been more
open to your side of things.
I'm sorry.
Listen, um

I'll be there to help you ♪
There's a lot of work
to be done between us.
On both sides.
But if you really mean it,
you want a shot at a relationship
I'm willing to give it a chance.
I would like that very much.
I'll be there for you ♪
Whoo-ooh, whoo-ooh ♪
Whoo-ooh-ooh-ooh ♪
I'll be there for you ♪

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