Magnum P.I. (2018) s05e08 Episode Script

Dark Skies

Previously on "Magnum PI"
There's really no man
that had more of an impact
on my life than Greene.
He's the one who put the team together.
I'm looking for a friend of mine.
I believe he docks his boat here.
You asked me to call
if someone came around
asking about the Navy guy.
Someone just did.
He comes back, you call me.
Body washed up on the windward side.
He's former Navy. Captain Buck Greene.
Seven years ago, Greene sent us
into a terrorist stronghold
to take out a high-value
target named Ahmad Hadid.
It appears whoever killed Greene
wants revenge for that raid,
and he's willing to go
to great lengths to get it.
What about the harbor master?
The one that told TC that Greene
took out his boat
the day he was killed?
- Lewis Peele.
- Hmm.
Has HPD questioned him?
Well, they would if they could find him.
Two days after Greene's body washed up,
he didn't show up to work
and he cleaned out his apartment, too.
Well, that's not suspicious.
Peele knows something.
I'm sure of it.
I'm leaving Friday morning,
California-bound ♪
Ain't got no money, friend ♪
Just to get down with the sound ♪
There'll be some bad times
there, yes I know that well ♪
But once I get there, Friend,
I ain't never coming back ♪
New York I'm leaving, California ♪

Word of advice, Lewis.
When you decide to split town,
use the ATM before you leave, not after.
- Who the hell are you?
- We'll get to that in a minute,
but first, I wanna know
why you skipped town
before HPD had a chance to question you
about Buck Greene's murder.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Really? Because you told my associate
that Buck Greene set sail
the day you two spoke.
We both know that's not true.
My guess is someone paid you to lie,
and if anyone came around
asking questions, to tell them.
But when Buck Greene was killed,
you panicked and you split town.
I didn't know they'd kill him.
Yeah, so you say.
I tell you what.
I'm gonna give you a chance
to make it right.
- How?
- The men that killed Buck Greene
you're gonna help me find them.
You're asking me to risk my life?
I don't think I was clear.

I'm not asking.
RICK: Alright, boys and girls
We have two teams tied
for first place
The Island Hoppers
and The La Mariana's Trench.
Yeah, and for the record, we are
named after the ocean landmark
and not the pothole in the parking lot.
Take it easy, champ.
This woulda been over already
if we weren't up against
a buncha' cheaters.
[GASPS] Ooh.
Orville, what's going on
with the no phones policy, man?
Hey, for the last time,
I was checking e-mail, alright?
Dennis' college acceptances
are coming in.
Oh, yeah? Did he apply
to "Google University"
and "Wikipedia Tech?" [LAUGHTER]
Sick burn, Kumu. I like it, but
now is not the time, alright?
Please, please, calm down.
We've got one question left
to break the tie.
This one is for all the marbles, people.
At what age was Queen Elizabeth II
crowned queen of England?
Hey, how is that fair?
They've got an expert
on British History.
Hey, just the luck of the draw.
I don't pick the questions.
Pipe down over there.
Alright, guys, 10 seconds.
10 seconds. You better get it right.
You better get it down
on that whiteboard.
It's 27.27. You better get it right.
3, 2, markers down.
Put your markers down.
Okay. Island Hoppers,
what's your final answer?
25, ladies and gentlemen, 25. Boom.
And La Mariana's Trench,
what do you got?
Ooh. The correct answer is
age 27!
La Mariana's Trench wins.
Wait. No. Wait. No, no.
That's completely absurd.
There's gotta be a mistake
with that, Rick, okay?
King George died in 1952,
which made Her Majesty
The Queen, bless her soul,
25 when she succeeded him. Sorry.
Except her coronation was delayed
almost a year and a half,
- making her 27 at the time.
When you have a baby
that wakes you up every 3 hours,
you catch a lot of "Jeopardy!" reruns.
She's right. I'm sorry.
Well, congratulations, guys.
You all win $50 gift cards
to La Mariana.
Nice. We'll be applying this
to tonight's bar tab.
No, no, no, no. Food and
non-alcoholic beverages only.
- Alcohol is excluded.
- What?
You do realize you're
operating a bar, right?
Yes, I do, Shammy. Yes, I do.
- Thank you for that.
Oh. It's Thomas.
Hi. It's nearly 2:00 a.m.
where you are. Is everything alright?
Yeah. Turns out finding Lewis
was the easy part
it's been getting information
that's been tough.
- He's not cooperating?
- No, he is,
it's just he doesn't have much to offer.
The guys who paid him, they
didn't give him their names.
Right, and I'm guessing
they paid him in either cash
or crypto, so there's
no financial trail to follow.
No. The only lead we have is
that phone number I texted you,
and I'm guessing
you got nothing off of that?
No, unfortunately not.
It was linked to
an encrypted messaging app,
was all routed through VPN servers.
It's impossible to trace.
- So what's the next move?
- Well, I have an idea,
but I'll fill you in tomorrow
when I get home.
Sadly, uh, we're just
gonna miss each other.
I've got to fly to Maui
first thing in the morning
to meet a client. TC's giving me a lift.
Maui? Who's the client?
Nolan Pierce.
That's that tech billionaire, right?
Yeah. Several times over.
The data mining company that he set up
is used by half the world's
online advertisers.
- So what's the job?
- [SIGHS] I'm not sure.
An attorney reached out on his behalf.
Apparently, it's something
highly sensitive, so
Alright, well, good luck, Higgy.
Yeah, thanks. Let me know if
there's anything else I can do
to help with the whole Lewis thing.
Yeah, I'll let you know.
See you soon.
Night, Higgy.

- Hey.
- Oh, you're here early.
Leave something behind last night?
Actually, I was hoping, to, uh,
cash in my "winnings"
for, say, a, uh, spam
and egg breakfast burrito.
Wow, you don't waste any time.
I know how the gift card racket works.
Companies issue the things
knowing half of them go unredeemed.
Trick is, Kumu, to use it
as soon as you get it.
Fight the power, Shammy.
One spam and egg, coming up.
Oh, so long as you don't mind waiting.
Kitchen doesn't open
for another 30 minutes.
With TC in Maui, I got all day.

Cash drawer's off its track.
Looks like somebody pried it open.
You're kidding. Is anything missing?
We don't keep money
in the register overnight,
but it's definitely been tampered with.

Oh, no. The moai masks are gone.
What, those dusty old things
that were up on the wall?
I guess it could have been worse.
Those "dusty old things" are
carved from the finest koa wood
and can fetch $900 a pop.
Damn, I'm sorry, Kumu. I didn't
I just don't get how this happened.
The alarm would've gone off
if someone broke in,
and I'm sure I checked
all the doors and windows
before closing last night.

All of them?

This was definitely closed when I left.
Even if it was unlocked,
these windows only open from the inside.
How'd he get in?
He didn't.
He just never left.
He musta hid in here before closing.
Stood on top of the toilet
so the stall would look empty,
and waited 'til ya left.
Which means this is all my fault.

What's in the file?
Reached out to an old Marine
buddy who's now at the NSA.
Got some intel on Hadid's network.
Check this out Nadine Amherst.
She was a CIA case officer
in Afghanistan
from 2010 to 2016.
She was the expert on Hadid.
- You reach out to her yet?
- Unfortunately,
Nadine died
in a plane crash last summer.
Single engine. She was an amateur pilot.
But here's the thing
The official report says
that it was pilot error,
but a guy I talked to at NTSB,
he says there's some serious
doubt that it was an accident.
So you're saying this could be sabotage?
Yeah. And furthermore,
Nadine's boss at the Agency
he died two months ago. Hit-and-run.
Okay, so that's three people
that suspiciously died,
- including Greene.
- Seems like anybody
who went after Hadid
is getting taken out.
They're working their way
down the chain of command
until they get to us.
So I heard San Diego was a dead end?
Well, not exactly.

What's he doing here?
I brought him back with me.
Yeah, I can see that. Why?
Because he's our best chance
at flushing out Greene's killers.
He's gonna reach out to them
and set up a meet.
So he's bait.
Yeah. Yeah, you could say that.

The mountain is high,
the valley is low ♪
And you're confused
'bout which to go ♪
Ooh, whee! So, dude bought all this
selling other people's
private information?
Uh-huh. The irony is,
for someone who knows so much
about everyone else,
very little is actually known about him.
Pierce is quite the recluse.
He hasn't been seen
out in public in years.
If I had billions of dollars
and my own island,
nobody would be hearing from me, either.
Come on and take a free ride ♪
Yea, yea, yea, yea ♪
Come on and take a free ride ♪
The original house was built in 1930,
but Mr. Pierce added three cottages,
a hangar for his private jet,
a stable, and two panic rooms.
I beg your pardon, two panic rooms?
So he doesn't have to share
with the staff.
Sounds like Mr. Pierce is on the lanai.

Think I got a piece of that one.

Whoa. Oh, uh
Hello. I'm Juliet Higgins.
This is my associate,
Theodore Calvin.
- Come again?
- Mr. Pierce, I'm
I'm the private investigator
that you hired.
Oh, right.
Actually, uh, Bernie hired you,
but whatever.
- Good to meet you.
- Yeah.

Oh, sorry. Uh,
I'm not good with social cues.
Maybe I should just show you around.

This way.

Ellison's got Lanai.
Zuckerberg's buying up Kauai.
I figured I'd better stake my claim
before there's nothing left.
What you've built here
It's just breathtaking.
Was breathtaking.
Look, this estate is supposed to be
m-my my refuge, my
my Shangri-la, my Xanadu.
But now I'm under siege.
How so?
It's a drone.
- A drone?
- Yeah, you know,
a small unmanned aircraft,
piloted by remote control?
- Try to keep up here.
- No, I'm familiar
with the concept of a drone, Mr. Pierce,
but could you elaborate
on the nature of the problem?
A drone is spying on me. On my property.
Drones are everywhere now.
People fly them for fun,
especially around scenic parts
of the island like this.
He's right.
It could just be a coincidence.
Twice is a coincidence.
Thrice is a pattern.
But four days in a row?
That's bona fide harassment.
So look, I'd have had my
corporate security team on this,
but I fired them two days ago
for trying to unionize.
So can you help me?
The problem is, unless it's
below six feet off the ground,
it's not considered trespassing.
Which means that
even if we were to identify
whoever's piloting the drone,
they wouldn't necessarily
face any consequences.
Don't you worry about that.
Once I know who's spying on me,
my lawyers'll make sure
there are consequences.

Okay, thanks.

HPD said they'll send
someone out as soon as they can,
but I get a feeling
this isn't a priority.
Actually, I was thinking
we could "Magnum-Higgins" this thing.
You and me investigate it together.
Without the secret romance.
You get a lead or something?
Yeah, thanks to an online
community of sneaker heads,
I found out the prints in the bathroom
woulda been made by these shoes.
You did all this
while I was on the phone?
Thomas and Juliet might
have some competition.

We were pretty busy here last night.
Someone mighta caught
our thief on camera
and posted it to social media.
Now you're thinking like a PI!
The hashtag La Triviana
it'll narrow it down
to photos taken last night.
Wait Is this him?
Those are the shoes.
But he's not tagged.
Maybe not, but we got his face.
That's enough to take to HPD.
NOLAN: Hey, Val, check this out.
It's back again?
Racking up a lotta views, you bastard?
It just buzzes around for a few
more minutes, then it leaves.
Hmm, that's a commercial grade drone.
It's got a high def camera.
I see 'em all the time on tours.
I'm being spied on in 4k? Great.
Do you have any idea who'd be
interested in surveilling you?
Hmm, that's a long list.
Could be any number
of competitors. The press.
Uh, board of directors I just fired.
Pretty much any CEO of a tech company.
Bezos has had it in for me
ever since I spent $7 mil
lobbying the Greek government
not to let him dock his yacht there.
Why would you do that?
Right. Well, for starters,
we'll need to speak
to all of your staff,
including anyone who's seen the
drone flying over the property.
Knock yourselves out.
I was there when the paparazzi
got onto his Palo Alto estate.
After that, he moved here.
You believe that that attention
has followed him
- here from the mainland?
- Well, I wouldn't be surprised.
Recent photos of Mr. Pierce are so rare,
they go for thousands of dollars.
Locals around here don't care
for Mr. Pierce very much.
Yeah? Why's that?
He raised a lotta hell buying this land.
Violated zoning laws.
The Endangered Species Act.
And he still has plans to expand.
My guess?
It's a member of the three comma club.
You mean another billionaire?
A few of them wanted this
property when it went for sale.
Nolan threw some sharp elbows to get it.

Yeah, I've seen that thing
a bunch of times.
I have no idea who it could be,
but it always comes from the east.
Oh, okay. Well, that's actually
very helpful. Thank you.
Of course. By the way,
would either of you two care for coffee?
I'm flying to the Big Island
for Mr. Pierce's afternoon pick-me-up.
Hold up.
You fly to the Big Island
just to get his coffee?
He swears he can taste the difference.
Something about the mineral
level of the water.
Might be rude to say no.
I'll take an iced oat milk latte.
[LAUGHS] I'm fine. Thanks.
No problem.
So much for narrowing down
the suspect pool.
Yeah. Seems we'll have to
find another way
to figure out who's piloting that drone.
After you've, uh,
finished your latte, of course.
- Oh, yeah.
Okay, so, Lewis made contact
with Greene's killers.
Told 'em someone came around
asking questions about them,
but he wanted to meet 'em in person.
- And they actually bit?
- Told 'em I thought
the guy was an undercover cop.
So the plan is simple.
You cover him while he meets
with the contact.
While he's distracting them,
I drop a tracker on the car.
- That's it.
- Alright, for the record,
I have major reservations
about this plan.
Well, yeah, so do I.
But the meeting's in an hour,
so we have from now
until then to get ready.
- Wait, seriously?
- Yeah, they insisted.
There's no way we're
gonna be ready in an hour.
There's no way he's gonna be
ready in an hour.
Lewis, the guy that came around
asking about Greene,
what time did he come by?
Uh, in the morning.
What time exactly?
Did you get a good look at his car?
- No. I didn't see it.
- How about his face?
What did he look like?
He had, uh, brown hair.
Brown hair? Dark? Was it light?
Height? Build?
Can I get a word with you, please?

Look, I wanna get these guys
as badly as you,
but this is not the way.
We need more time.
No, time is a luxury we don't have.
This may be our only chance
to ID the men trying to kill us.
It's now or never.

Giddy up, giddy up Romper, giddy up ♪
Oochie bop bop oochie bop boop ♪
I said giddy up,
giddy up Romper, giddy up ♪
Jialo a jialo a jialo ♪
- Beauty, isn't she?
- Oh, she's gorgeous.
- What's her name?
- Oh, I don't name my horses.
You can't get emotionally
attached to your investments.
Uh, so, any update on the drone hunt?
Yes, actually. We think we might be able
to identify whoever is spying on you
if we can just get
our hands on that drone.
TC: Yeah. If we can
jam the frequency band,
it'll fall outta the sky,
then we can track the GPS
back to the launching point.
I sense a "but" coming.
But we're gonna have to
run back to Oahu.
I just don't have
the equipment here that I need
- to execute the plan.
- Don't be ridiculous.
I'll have Valentina pick it up.
She's on a coffee run right now.
Yes. Yeah, we're aware. [CHUCKLES]
Plan B. This ends now.

May I?


Oh my, my Chattanooga Lucy,
woman, what it is you do to me ♪
Forbidden fruit, it sure is juicy ♪
You got me comin' around,
comin' around ♪
Oh my, my Chattanooga Lucy,
break me easy ♪
If it gets past the ridge line,
we'll never see it again!
Or hold on loosely, keep me
comin' around, comin' around ♪
Keep me comin' around, comin' around ♪
Keep me comin' around, comin' around ♪

Good one, Higgy.
Must be a slow day if you're
the one taking my statement.
I saw your name on the arrest report.
Figured I'd take the lead.
Akoni Kapule. 23.
We picked him up
at a local antique shop.
He was looking to sell your masks.
He's so young.
What's going to happen to him?
Well, the good news for him
is he's got no priors,
so he'll make bail.
But it's a Class-C felony,
so he's looking at 30 days minimum.
Wow. Okay.
So, that's it?
That is it.
Just need you to sign here.
Shoe print, huh? That's
good detective work, Kumu.
It'll just be a minute to get
your property out of evidence.

Might wanna get comfortable.
They said it'd be a minute
half an hour ago.
I thought I ran on island time.
You alright?
This is just about the last
thing that I needed today.
My shift started over an hour ago.
What brought you in?
It's a long story.
Well, like you said, we got time.
A fuel pump.
Mine's broken, and it
costs $750 to replace.
$750 I don't have.
So my son decided to "help."
He stole stuff from a bar
and got busted.
The boy's got heart,
but no common sense.
UNI: Ms. Kapule?
You can come back now.

Thanks for listening.

I'm good on comms. Lewis, how you doing?
I can hear you both, yeah.
Now remember, you just gotta
keep him busy
for a couple minutes.
Once I get the tracker on the car,
I'll give you the sign to wrap it up.

Hey. Lewis? You're gonna be okay.

- What do I
- Just take a deep breath
and answer the phone.

Yeah, I'm at the dock. Where are you?
Thomas, it's them.

No, I didn't get a number.
A license plate?
- Something's wrong.
- Yeah, I don't like it, either.
- We gotta pull him.
- No, no.
I-I came alone, I swear.
Lewis, listen to me.
Get outta there, alright?
Get down and find cover.
- Find cover!
Man down! Man down!

Rick, where's the shooter?

Thomas, I got him.
White building, north side.
They're on the move!
Get to Lewis.

Okay, I got eyes on the shooter!

He shot me.
Well, good thing
we reinforced this vest.


- How's that Kona from Kona?
- I gotta be honest.
I didn't think there would be
much of a difference,
but this is incredible.
Okay. Got it.
This chip contains
the drone's flight path data.
If I can decrypt it, we'll figure out
where it was launched from.
The serial number has been filed off.
Just means the operator was
trying to cover their tracks.
Hold up.
Is that thing live?
Yeah, I believe so. The operator
must've re-established contact.
Whoever you are, I am gonna
sue you into oblivion,
you son of a
And that's why you don't mess
with Nolan Pierce.
You do know there's no mic
on that thing.
They can't hear you.
Uh Yeah, of course.
That's why I was, uh, over-enunciating.
Okay. I've got the flight path record.
Looks like it was launched
three miles east of here.
That's protected land.
The last of Maui's
kulu'i plants grow there.
Yeah. Some activist group tried
to get me to sign some papers
agreeing not to interfere
with their growth
when I bought the place.
Could be the activists trying
to dig up some dirt on you
and kick you off the island.
Okay, we'll go and check out
this location,
and hopefully, we'll find out
who's been spying on you.

Just got off the phone with Lewis.
Guy's got three cracked ribs
but should be discharged soon.
I checked this guy's ID. It's an alias.
- There's a surprise.
- No phone, either.
I think he ditched it at the docks,
but I did send Gordie his prints to run.
You think he's part of Hadid's network?
Eh, my guess is he's a hired gun.
So what now?
Well, now we get some answers.
But we need him to think
we know more than we do.

Who are you guys?
That's not important.
The real question is,
who are you? You're one of the men
that tortured and killed
Captain Buck Greene.
And you're going to tell us
who hired you.
- I can't tell you that.
- Really?
'Cause where I'm standing,
doesn't seem like
you got much of a choice.
I can't tell you who hired us
'cause I don't know.
I get paid to follow orders.
- Not ask questions.
- So you never wondered
why your employer wanted you
to kill a CIA case officer
and a Navy captain?
I don't know nothing
about no case officer.
Whole op's as black as it gets.
Double-blind contacts, dead
drops, everything need to know.

Why's it matter so much to you?
Because Captain Greene was our friend.
No. No, he wasn't.
If he was really your friend,
I don't think you'd be
calling him Captain.

You were part of his team.
You're two of the guys
we're looking for, aren't you?
Imagine that.
Here we are, busting our ass
to ID you guys,
and this whole time,
you've been looking for us.

Magnum, where the hell
did you get those prints?
Trust me. The less you know, the better.
I take it you got a hit.
Yeah. Oliver Cane, former Army Ranger,
currently serving a 7-year sentence
at Leavenworth Military Prison.
H-Hold on. Did you say currently?
Yes. Because according
to official records,
he's still inside the prison.
Yeah. They're gonna
have to do a better job
with their bed checks.

Alright, well, my NSA buddy
is doing a deep dive into our guest.
He's going into aliases, financials,
- travel history, the works.
- Yeah, but what are the odds
that foreign insurgents
could've gotten somebody out
of Leavenworth without
some kind of record of it?
I was wondering the same thing.
But if this guy's not working
with Hadid's people,
then who's behind this?
No idea. But we're not going
to get anything out of him
without some kind of leverage.
Your guy come through?
Big time.

Oliver Cane. Served in
the 75th Ranger Regiment
from 2014 to 2018,
when you were dishonorably discharged,
convicted, in absentia,
of war crimes in Syria.
You must have friends in
high places to pull my jacket.
Oh, not as high as you.
You got to be pretty well-connected
to recruit a mercenary from Leavenworth.
You may not know who's signing
your paychecks, but you
sure as hell know the names
of the men you're working with.
You're going to tell us
who they are, or you're going
to wake up tomorrow in Damascus
with a target on your back.

Guy calling the shots' name is Swayzak.
He was hired to put together the team.
- Hired by who?
- Like I said, I don't know.
I'm just a foot soldier.
Like you guys were.
Mm, we served our country.
You murdered a veteran
captain of three wars,
and you did it for a pay day.
We're nothing alike.
Think what you want, okay?
But I've already told you
everything I know.
Only question now
is where we go from here.
Now that I know who you are,
you can't just let me go.
Killing me won't bring
your captain back.
But it's the only move
you've got left here.

Nou e Kawaipunahele ♪
SHAMMY: I heard
we closed our first case.
Congrats, partner.
Yeah, you, too.
You don't exactly seem overjoyed.
He's just a kid.
23 years old.
He was just looking for a way
to get his mom's car fixed.
He saw this as the only solution.
He did a bad thing for a good reason.
But it doesn't change the fact
that he broke the law.

When I was 9, my father lost his job.
There were days we didn't know
where our next meal was coming from.
But I remember one night,
he came home with a tray of lau lau.
The receipt taped to it
had someone else's name.
He'd stolen it.

Desperate times.

I was too young to understand
at the time, but
Sometimes when you lose control
over one part of your life,
it can feel like everything else
is slipping from your grasp.
Yeah, I've been there.
There's nothing scarier.
I agree. That's why
I called Katsumoto back
and told him I'm not pressing charges.
That family is struggling.
I don't need to make things any
harder than they already are.
Well, for what it's worth,
I think you made the right decision.
And thanks again for your help.
You're quite the gumshoe.
Hey, maybe we can tackle the vandal
who's been tagging the Dumpster next.

This has got to be it.

Going off these bedrolls,
it's a four-man operation.
Yeah, looks like
they were here recently.
We must've scared them off
when we shot down their drone.
Mm, probably not American.
Labels on their smokes are in Spanish.

Well, this explains
why they had a fire going
in the middle of the day.

They're burning evidence.

Nolan isn't even in
most of these pictures.
You know, I'm not sure it's him
that they're even interested in.
So who are they interested in?

Look, I mean, she's in
every one of these photos.
Why would they be interested
in Nolan's pilot?
I don't know. But it's hard to imagine
that they'd make all this effort
just to spy on her.
I'm starting to think they didn't bail
because we shot down their drone.
I think they're going after Valentina.
Nolan, I need you to listen
to me very carefully.
I'm just sitting down
for my afternoon snack.
- What's up?
- We got it all wrong.
It was never about you.
The people flying the drone,
they were surveilling Valentina.
Valentina? Wha Why? Why not me?
I don't know, but they're coming
to your property now.
We believe that they're armed.
You need to get into a panic room.
- Which one?
- Doesn't matter, just pick one.
- Go now.
- Mara!

Oh, my God!
Mara, gather the staff immediately!
Yes, sir.


Never thought I'd see the day
where we actually put this room to use.

Uh, boss?

I can't believe this is happening.

I know them.
We used to work for the same man
back in Venezuela.
What man?
Arturo Morales.
I thought he was just a businessman,
but it turns out that he was
A drug lord.
His arrest was big news.
Before I left, I tipped off the DEA.
He must have learned it was me.
MARA: Sir, look.



You always fly with these?
Ever since me and Shammy got skyjacked,
I don't play no games.

There's just one left,
and he's headed this way.


Oh, God.
This is gonna be so embarrassing.
[SIGHS] If I'm going to die young,
it should be doing something
people will remember, you know?
Like Like beating Elon to Mars.
Two shots. What do you think happened?

If I'm gonna go out,
I'm gonna do it as a hero.

Is everyone alright?
You guys!

It's so good to see you.

Here's our shot-caller. Paul Swayzak.
Ex-Special Forces turned
private military contractor.
No record past his military service.
- No online presence.
- So we got another name
but we still don't know
who's paying these guys.
No. I think we've gotten
all we can out of Cane.
Yeah, I think you're right.
So was Cane when he pointed out
the obvious problem here.
We can't just let him go.
Yeah, I know.
So what are we gonna do?

Come on, let's move.

CANE: Wasn't expecting this
to be so ceremonious.
It won't be.

Guess we're not so different
after all then, are we?

So, this is him.
Alex Cutler, US Marshal Service.
Thanks for the special delivery.
Couldn't risk sending him
back to Leavenworth
- and contacting his employer.
- CUTLER: Don't worry.
We're going to take him
to a secure black site.
He'll be held in isolation until
your situation is resolved.
Let's go.

Hey, Gordie.
Happy to help.

You sure about this?
No. At least now
we have a lead, alright?
Higgins will trace
the payment made to Cane.
Hopefully we'll find out
who's funding the operation.
Still, it's a hell of a risk.
Yeah, I know.


So, what's gonna happen to Valentina?
Well, the DEA could only do
so much with an anonymous tip.
But after today's events,
she's agreed to testify
in exchange for protection.
Still quite the feat
that Morales was able to track her down.
Yeah. Revenge is a great motivator.
You two were incredible.
I mean, the way you dropped those guys,
that was something else.
It also got me thinking.
How would you like to be in
charge of all of my security?
Thanks, but I got
my own business to run.
No, don't worry about that.
I'll buy your business, too.
Just tell me how much you want for it.
- Sorry, not for sale.
- Yes, I'm I'm afraid
I'll have to decline,
as well, but thanks.
Fair enough. But, um,
maybe you could visit again
sometime soon.
Uh, that would be lovely, yeah.
Like, uh, how about next week?
Does that work for you guys?
- Uh
- Yeah, yeah, we'll let you know.
Because, um
Right, uh, social cues!
Got it!
I'll work on it!

This can't be right.
- What is it?
- Well, I found a series
of wire transfers
in Cane's financials, right?
I traced them back through
a number of shell corporations,
but they don't lead
to anyone connected to Hadid.
Where does it lead to then?
The funds come from
a black-budget account
originally established by the
CIA Special Operations Group.
Well, that's where Greene
got his orders.
Right. Why would the CIA
want to kill you, Rick, and TC
just for following orders?
- Seven years later, no less.
- I don't know,
but we took Cane off the board, right?
So as long as he's in custody,
our identities are safe.
No, I wouldn't be so sure about that.
You showed your hand, Thomas.
If Cane's employers start
looking into his disappearance,
my fear is that it will lead
straight back to you.

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