Magnum P.I. (2018) s05e09 Episode Script

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

[ECHOING] Higgy?
I think the champagne's
going to my head.
That must mean you're relaxed,
and believe it or not,
I think that is a good thing.
Yes, I suppose you're right about that.
How did we get here?
Well, we, uh, got in a shiny
red sports car,
I pressed on the thing
that makes it go, and
No, I mean, how did we find our way
from where we started to this?
Well, I think it was
a combination of things.
Some very good luck on my part,
and some extremely bad
decisions on yours.
This doesn't feel like a bad decision.
Well, if that's the case,
then maybe we should make
another one.
Thomas, you can't be serious!
Look, I know it hasn't been long.
I think we both know where
this is going,
and I figure,
why not make it official?
I thought you might like
a little breakfast
before we meet with the new client.
- Everything okay?
- No.
I'm trying to log
into our business account
and I think somebody
has changed the password.
Oh, no, that that was me.
I changed it. I forgot to tell you.
- Sorry.
- And you did that why, exactly?
You know how many passwords
I have to remember?
All I did was change that random
gibberish you picked
i-into something that an actual
human being can remember.
That "gibberish" was 32
random alphanumericals
generated by an algorithm
that I personally coded.
It was incredibly secure
And this password
will be just as secure.
I mean, trust me, no one's
gonna be able to possible
It's "Detro1T1gersRule"
with 1s for I's, isn't it?
What?! No!
No, it's The S is also a 5.
You don't have to change it
back, it's fine.
Oh! I'm not changing it back.
I'm changing it to a new
string of alphanumericals,
of which there will be 64 this time.
And are you gonna be sharing this
painfully long password with me?
Of course I will, once you stop
being so infuriatingly careless
about absolutely everything!
This doesn't feel like
it's about the password.
Then what, pray tell,
is it actually about?
Well, we did just find out
that the mercs who killed Greene
and are now trying
to kill me, Rick, and TC
were being paid out
of a CIA black budget account,
and I'm thinking maybe just maybe
you're a little upset
that I didn't take your advice
and go off-grid until
this whole thing blew over.
Trust me, I am perfectly capable
of being upset
about both your refusal
to take my advice
and your completely
ridiculous choice of passwords.
Okay, so you you admit,
it was about the password.
Oh, don't try to change the subject.
No, I'm not trying to change
the subject.
I'm trying to figure out
what the subject is.
Childs needs to see me ASAP.
Mm. Alright.
I'll just see our client alone then.
Okay, but before, I-I feel like
He said ASAP, no?
Where do you get off interfering
in a homicide case?!
H-Hold on. What What happened?
Lewis Peele, a witness
in my investigation,
somehow shows up in a hospital
with cracked ribs
and bruising from being shot
while wearing body armor.
- Look, I know
- No, no, no, no, Magnum.
Don't waste your time making up a lie.
I already questioned Peele,
and I found out that you and your pal
Rick used him as bait to lure out
one of the men who killed Buck Greene.
So, unless you want to get
charged with obstruction,
I want everything you have on this, now.
Chris, I know you're
just doing your job,
but as a friend, I don't
want to see you get hurt.
You don't think I can handle myself?
No, I know you can handle yourself,
but these guys are ex-military. Alright?
Highly trained and extremely dangerous.
Alright? It'd be better for everybody
if you just stepped away from this one.
Alright, then. Obstruction.
- I'm not doing this.
- Are you
Seriously. Turn around.
Oliver Cane that's the merc
we used Peele to capture.
We handed him over to the US Marshals.
He's currently sitting at a black site
until this whole thing blows over.
Who took him into custody over there?
I don't know. It's a black site.
But I'll give you everything
I have on Cane.
Another set of eyes on this
couldn't be a bad thing,
and I don't know, maybe you'll
see something we missed.
Fine. Fine.
I still want all the info in 20 minutes,
or I'll throw your ass in jail.
My boyfriend, Otis Kahele
he was the kindest man I've ever known.
Last week, I
found Otis.
In his car. In the garage.
With the engine running.
Oh, Josie, I'm I'm so sorry.
They said it was suicide,
but there was no note,
no warning signs,
and I-I just can't believe
that Otis would
We were happy.
He was happy.
So, are you aware of anyone
who might have wished him any harm?
No. He wasn't in any trouble
that I know of.
He had a good job as an orderly
at Kaneohe Psychiatric Hospital.
Josie, if we do take on this case,
you have to be prepared
for the possibility
that we will find nothing.
Healthcare is a very high-stress job,
and sadly, suicides
are not entirely uncommon.
But that wasn't him.
Before he was my boyfriend,
Otis was my friend.
We worked together for years,
trying to ignore our feelings,
and when he transferred to Kaneohe,
we finally took the leap,
started dating,
and it was going really well.
Please I just lost the love
of my life,
and I need to know why.
Step outside ♪
Breeze all in your face ♪
We know that you'll want to stay ♪
Outside from the sunrise
to the sunset ♪
Our kind of day ♪
Blue skies ♪
We have arrived ♪
And everybody knows our name ♪
- Mahalo, my friend.
- So that's it, right?
Houseboat's ship-shape
and you're all moved in.
That's it.
So what's wrong?
Thought you'd be jazzed to
finally be out of
Casa de Miggins
and in a place of your own.
I am. I guess I was just hoping
that instead of moving
on to a houseboat,
I'd be moving into a house-house
with Suzy and Joy.
But, hey, can't beat the view,
am I right?
Can't beat that.
Feels like we've been driving forever.
Come on, we only left the last
school two hours ago.
And it's still four hours
to the next one?!
Mainland's big.
And it's gonna be this cold
the whole way?
Colder. We're heading north.
So, are there any good schools
in, like, Miami or someplace?
You know, you don't have to
go to college
on the mainland, alright?
There are plenty of great
schools in Hawaii.
Plus, you got sun, surf,
in-state tuition
- My gosh, Dad.
- Alright, alright, I get it.
When I was your age, I was
desperate to leave home, too.
- You were?
- Oh, yeah.
When I was in high school,
my only goal in life
was to design motorcycles for Ducati.
Wait, really?
I wanted to study Mechanical
Engineering at MIT or CalTech,
but we couldn't afford it,
so I stayed home,
went to UH, took an Intro
to Criminology class,
and I realized motorcycles
were just a hobby for me.
Do you ever regret it?
Not following your dreams?
I found my path.
You will, too.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- You get my message?
- Yeah.
Seems like you managed to make
Detective Childs angry as well.
- Well done.
- Look, about earlier
No. Eh, sorry. It's fine.
We don't have to talk about it.
I'm sorry I got so cross.
Y-You Wait.
- Really?
- Yeah. Yeah.
Did you get the information
I sent about the new case?
Uh, yeah, yeah, I did.
- Okay, great.
- How's research going?
Well, I haven't yet found
anything in Otis's financials
or in his phone records to suggest
that anyone wanted him dead,
but a few days before he died,
a friend of him texted him
to ask about an opening
at the hospital where he worked,
and Otis told him
not to take it look.
"Something shady's going on here."
Sounds like there's trouble at work.
Well, over the years, there have been
loads of scandals at psych hospitals.
I mean, you hear stories
of horrific abuse
and squalid conditions.
So, either the job was so tough
that it pushed Otis to commit suicide,
or whatever that shady thing was,
maybe he knew too much about it,
and that got him killed?
- Yeah, maybe.
- Either way, the best way to
find out what's going on is to
get inside that hospital
undercover. Are there any job openings?
Let's see, well, Otis's position
has already been filled,
and it looks like
the hospital is fully staffed.
But the hospital administrator
recently had a phone interview
with Dr. Rachel Kesey,
who's the new psychiatrist,
and she is due to start tomorrow.
However, if I send Dr. Kesey
an e-mail from the hospital
saying that the start date
has been delayed
- Then you can go in as her.
- Right.
Good morning. Dr. Rachel Kesey,
- the clinical psychologist.
- Miranda Ivey.
- We spoke on the phone.
- Yes.
Thank you very much
for this opportunity.
Well, we're glad to have you. Shall we?
And just up here is our day room,
where you'll lead group sessions
in between one-on-one
visits in your office,
- which we'll get to next.
- Right.
I was actually thinking maybe
I could spend the day
settling into my office,
going through my patient files,
if that's
That's mine! Give it back!
Uh, what's his name?
- Vincent.
- Calm down, Vincent.
Calm down.
Hi, Vincent. My name is
Get the sedatives, now!
Come on, man. Come on. Don't do this.
Cleared of to the isolation room.
Look straight ahead, please.
So, uh, do people often get hurt here?
Well, no one would get hurt at all
if Miranda hadn't slashed
our staff to the bone,
but she'd probably just use
hiring more orderlies
as an excuse to cut our salaries again.
Tanaka, no concussion.
Patch her up.
It's not you Dr. Brooks is
like that with everyone.
- Hmm. Right.
- Turns out the patients
are not the only ones here with issues.
Hmm. I heard that one of your
orderlies died recently.
Suicide, right?
Miranda doesn't like us
talking about that.
But yeah, I think Otis had
been struggling for a long time.
Considering what Nurse Tanaka
just told me,
it is looking more and more
likely that Otis's death
- was a suicide.
- Yeah, but we need
to know why, right?
That's what Josie really wants,
is answers.
Yeah. Okay, I'm gonna keep
talking to people here,
see if I can figure
what changed for Otis two weeks ago.
I'm gonna check out his apartment,
maybe swing by the impound lot
and search his car, see if
there's anything in there
that can tell us what was on
Otis's mind before he died.
So, Cassie, when you found out
that Otis had died,
how did that make you feel?
Really, really sad.
But I have chronic major depression,
so what else is new?
Otis? Depression? No.
Happiest dude ever.
Besides, I know for a fact
Miranda had him killed.
The hospital administrator?
That's what they want you to think.
She didn't work for the hospital.
She works for the Illuminati.
So, Steven, it says here
that you used to run
a surfboard company.
Mr. Li?
You know, change can be
difficult for all of us,
so when Otis died
Is talking about Otis
upsetting for you, Becca?
Is there something you'd like to share?
- Not with you.
- Really? And why is that?
Because you're lying.
Y-You're not who you say you are.
It's true that, uh, sometimes
strangers can seem dishonest.
I watch "House", every day at 4:00.
Dr. House is smart,
but his R's are too hard,
because the actor
who plays him is British.
Your R's are too hard.
You're British, too.
A truth for a truth.
Tell me who you are
and I'll tell you what I know.
Alright, Becca.
I'm a private investigator.
Someone who loved Otis very much
has asked me to look into his death.
Your turn.
I saw Otis do a bad thing.
- What kind of bad thing?
- Bad-bad.
I saw him sneaking into the med room,
where they keep all the drugs.
Welcome in! I'm Staci.
Uh, what can I get for you two?
You know what you want?
- Uh, I'll get the
- MAN: What, what!
- Oh, yeah.
- I'll get
a Southwestern Bronco Burger with fries.
Oh, yeah! That's what I'm talking about!
Nice! Whoo!
Sorry, what did you want to drink?
Do you have hot chocolate?
Do we have hot chocolate?
And for you, sir?
Uh, I'm gonna get the same burger.
Uh, black coffee. Thanks.
Oh, what? Ref, come on!
What are you, blind? Are you kidding me?
- Ah!
- Wow.
People here really like hockey.
Guess so.
Gimme a good surfing competition
any day, though, right?
- Dad. Stop.
- What?
Pressuring me to stay in Hawaii.
I wasn't.
I thought you said you get it,
that I could go anywhere I want.
And I meant it.
Yeah, but then you keep being
all like, "Don't go, Dennis.
- Stay home forever, Dennis.
- "Oh, come on! Call a fair game!
- This is ridiculous!
- Hey, come on, I never said
Hang on. Excuse me. Hi. Excuse me.
- What? Yep.
- Hi.
You mind just keeping it
down a little bit?
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, sure.
No problem, fella.
Where you guys, from?
Should we get another beer, hon?
No, no, seriously, guys.
This is an easy question.
Simple. Just where are you from?
It's obviously not around here, right?
- Hawaii. We're from Hawaii.
- Dennis.
- Okay?
- That's nice.
We've always wanted to go there,
What's, um
What's a couple boys from Hawaii
doing all the way out here?
We're just trying to visit
some colleges, alright?
- Enjoy your game.
- Oh, college.
Yeah, yeah. A college boy.
Right. Sure. Of course.
Hey, you're probably a shoo-in then.
I bet they take one look
at those eyes and just boom,
like a full ride, right?
- Dennis, we're leaving.
- You got a problem, little man?
- John, please, just let it go.
- You got a problem, bud?
Whoa! Whoa!
Call the police! Now!
- Sir, let's go.
- Thank you.
You okay?
Let's go.
I am so sorry that happened.
I-I talked to my manager and
we're gonna comp your meal.
Okay? I mean, if
if you still want it.
Here are your Bronco Burgers,
coffee, and the hot chocolate.
Enjoy your meal.
So you think Otis was maybe using drugs?
His tox screen came back negative.
Yeah, negative for commonly
abused drugs.
Some medications here
don't show up on standard tests.
Well, I could ask the ME to test
for psych meds,
but it's also possible he wasn't using.
He could have been selling.
Maybe, I mean, but security
on drugs here
is understandably pretty tight.
I think it would have been
very difficult for Otis
to run an operation
like that by himself.
Yeah, so you think
he might have had help?
One of the doctors here was
complaining about his salary.
Okay, so maybe he was running
a side business with the doctor
and they had a falling out
and Otis ended up dead?
Yeah, but I mean, all of this
is hypothetical
until we can actually find
some proof that he was murdered.
But everything I found so far
makes it look like a suicide.
There was no sign of struggle
in the car, but I did find this.
That's a ticket from a parking lot.
Yeah, it had a one-hour
validation stamp on it.
I called the lot, gave them the number,
and it came back
to a psychiatrist's office
- Dr. Anton Weiss.
- Weiss?
He was in Otis's phone records.
I mean, Otis called plenty
of doctors and hospitals,
so I just assumed it was work-related,
but if he's calling a psychiatrist
days before he died
Well, it could have been personal.
And if it was, and we get
this doctor talking,
maybe we can find out if Otis
was actually suicidal
and why.
I know. You're right, you're right.
I-I did say I thought this was
just gonna be temporary,
but, look, the longer
I'm out here, the more
I'm thinking maybe
I don't want to leave.
Only thing missing here is you.
Hey, babe, I get it.
No, I'm not asking you
to decide anything right now.
Let me just fly you out here
for a long weekend.
We can, um, spend some time together.
Stop. Stop.
You know, you can just look around
and see how it feels, okay?
Yeah, yeah.
Hey, babe, I gotta go.
Just think about it, okay?
Love you too.
Dr. Anton Weiss? How are you doing?
Thomas Magnum. Private investigator.
Then you should know I can't
discuss any of my patients.
What if that patient is dead?
Otis Kahele he came to see you
within the past week, right?
He's dead?
So, you didn't know that Otis
would kill himself?
Suicide? That's how he died?
Well, does this mean
you can talk about him now?
Well, yes, but not because he's dead.
Otis was never my patient.
- So why was he coming to see you?
- A second opinion.
He He was asking about
schizophreniform disorder.
He wanted to know symptoms, medications,
uh, appropriate dosages.
Did Otis believe
that he had this disorder?
No. I'm pretty sure this was
about a patient
at the place where he worked,
one that wasn't exhibiting
any common symptoms of schizophreniform,
but who was being given enough thorazine
to knock out a grizzly bear.
HIGGINS: If Otis was worried
about a patient,
I mean, maybe that's why
he broke into the med station.
Maybe he was looking for proof
that the patient was being overdosed.
A mistake like that could end
someone's career.
Maybe that's what got Otis killed.
We need to find out which
patient Otis is talking about.
Apparently there are currently
six patients
diagnosed with schizophreniform
here at the moment.
Only one of them has had
a recent interaction with Otis.
Steven Li.
Steven? Mr. Li.
I spoke to him this morning
or I tried to.
He was unresponsive.
Like maybe he had been
massively overdosed
- with thorazine or something?
- Right.
Okay, according to the key card logs,
Otis spent 30 minutes
in Steven's room two weeks ago.
Two weeks ago? That's when Josie said
everything changed for Otis.
The hell happened in that room?
No idea, but according
to Steven's patient intake form,
he was only expected to be here
for two to four weeks.
And how long has he been here?
Over two years!
Miranda prides herself
on keeping those beds filled.
Maybe she's keeping him here
for the insurance money.
Well, if that's the case,
we need somebody with
power of attorney to get him out.
- Right.
- Who's paying for his care?
A man named Derek Evans.
- Is he a relative?
- It doesn't say.
Oh, wait. This is strange.
So, orderlies are required
to file a report
whenever they have a significant
interaction with a patient.
So, Otis had to have filed
a report, right?
- Yeah.
- What does it say?
It just says that Steven vomited,
and it Otis a while to clean it up.
That isn't what's strange.
According to their records,
Otis modified his report
- the day after he died.
- So, if Otis was killed
because he figured out
Steven Li was being overdosed,
then whoever changed that report
could be our killer.
I'm gonna see if I can dig up
the original version of that report.
I'm gonna go track down Derek Evans.
Steven, I know you don't belong
here, and I'm gonna get you out.
- Is that your number?
- Yeah. That's me.
That's just so interesting to me, Leo,
'cause in this homicide
that I'm investigating,
your number's come up twice so far.
First time was when the victim
spotted your car trailing him,
one week before he was killed.
That car was stolen.
I was in Kauai when that happened.
- I'm the one who reported it.
- Oh, I know.
You told us all that before,
and I believed you,
'til we traced the guys
that did the murder
to a rental property
that you just happened to own.
Come on, I rent a lot of
properties to a lot of people.
I'm in real estate.
You're a slumlord, and in my experience,
guys like you don't typically rent
to dudes that can kick their ass,
which these two definitely could.
Look, I don't have a clue
as to what you're talking about,
- so if I'm not under arrest
- Sit!
I'm not just investigating a murder.
The people that did this
are after some friends of mine.
Do you want to find out how far
I'll go to protect my friends?
Do you?
He said he'd kill me.
I didn't have a choice.
That one came to me a few months ago.
Took my car keys and
handed me a brick of cash
in exchange for full access
to all my open units.
I swear, I swear, I don't know
why he wanted so many.
I'm gonna need a list of every
single one of those properties.
Oh, great. Thank you.
Yeah, I'll text you as soon
as we get there.
Okay, once I explained
why we were delayed,
the Dean of Admissions
said she'd stay late
and give us a tour
of the campus personally.
So that's nice, right?
Thanks, Dad.
Derek Evans, right?
Uh, yeah?
- Can I help you?
- My name is Thomas Magnum.
I'm a private investigator,
and I'm looking into a potential
problem at Kaneohe Hospital that
may involve
a man named Steven Li.
What kind of problem? Is he okay?
Well, that's what
I'm trying to find out.
You pay for his care, right?
Yeah, his parents
couldn't afford the hospital,
so I cover it.
- He's my cousin.
- And from what I understand,
you two started a business together?
Ka Nalu Surfboards.
Yeah, I just handle
the business, but, uh,
Steve he was the master shaper.
Designed all our boards.
He was a genius, man,
until, uh
Until what?
Well, Steve's bipolar,
so he'd always struggled
with his mental health.
But when our company started taking off,
we had orders coming in
from all over the world.
He was under a ton of pressure.
And then one day, Steve had
an episode at our factory.
Just freaking out,
screaming, throwing things.
I had to call 911.
But he should have been there
for only a few weeks, right?
It's been two years.
Trust me, nothing would make me happier
than to see Steve walk out of
there right now.
You know, without him,
the company fell apart.
I had to sell but they tell
me he still has to be there,
so what am I supposed to do?
Well, thanks for your help.
If anything changes, I'll,
uh, reach out to you.
- Yeah. Let me know, man.
- Alright. Take care.
Uh, Derek Evans just lied to me.
He said he decided to sell the business
after Steven was committed,
but I found an article
from a couple years ago that said he got
an eight-figure offer right before
Steven had his episode.
Alright, so maybe Derek wanted
to sell the company
and Steven didn't.
But could Steven's episode
have been caused
by one of those psych meds that
don't come up on standard tests?
Yeah, I mean, it's possible,
but that would only work
for a few weeks.
In order to keep Steven
here indefinitely,
I think Derek must be
paying somebody on the inside
to keep him under heavy sedation.
It's got to be the same person
that changed Otis's report.
Any luck digging up the original?
Still working on it.
If there is in fact a copy,
I won't be able to recover it
without direct access
to their data center,
which, like everything
else of value here,
is locked inside the med station.
I managed to, uh, swipe a key
card off of one of the nurses.
Just waiting outside the med station now
for the shift change.
Oh. Alright. Wish me luck.
I really wish you hadn't
made me do this.
What you're experiencing
right now is 300 milligrams
of l-dopa crossing
your blood-brain barrier.
We don't stock sodium pentathol,
so I had to improvise.
I've been doing a lot of that lately.
Hey, hey. I'm gonna need you to
tell me who you really are
and what it is you think you know.
Look, the sooner you talk,
the sooner I can make this stop.
You think you're the first person
to drug, and interrogate me?
- You're a bloody amateur.
- Yeah, you're right. I am.
I didn't want any of this, okay?
But Dr. Brooks was right.
They don't pay us enough,
and I really needed the money.
Otis started getting
really nosy about Steven,
and then you started
getting really nosy about Otis,
- and then
"Call me when you can." Thomas Magnum.
Oh, Derek warned me about him.
That must make you
Juliet Higgins, right?
He's probably gonna come looking
for you,
so that's one more person
I have to deal with now.
You know, if you can get Otis
behind the wheel of a car,
you can do pretty much anything, right?
I'm gonna need your help.
We're gonna set a little trap
for your partner.
Let's see if 600 milligrams
makes you a little more compliant.
You've reached Juliet.
Kindly leave a message.
- Mahalo.
- Uh, hey, it's me.
Um, I talked to the ME,
and Otis's blood came back positive
for high levels of a drug called l-dopa.
His death is being
reclassified as a murder.
Can Can you call me back
as soon as you get this?
I get that Higgins might not
be able to answer
every text or call
while she's undercover,
but as anyone who's been single
this century can tell you,
zero rings means their phone is off,
four or five rings means
they didn't hear it,
but two rings means you just
got sidebuttoned into voicemail.
So, either Higgins is really busy,
or she's in some kind of trouble.
Hello? You still with me?
Hello? Juliet?
I can't be here. I have to get back.
And how does that make you feel?
You have to talk, Juliet.
There's nothing to talk about.
You can lie to Magnum,
but you can't lie to me.
Why don't we start with
what brought you here?
Josie's history with Otis
reminded you of you and Thomas.
Isn't that why you took the case?
I took the case
'cause she needed our help.
- That woman is
- Heartbroken.
You know just how that feels, don't you?
I don't have time for this.
I have to go.
I have to warn Magnum.
Just answer me one question, Juliet.
Whose blood is that?
Come on.
I know you know the answer.
Whose blood is that?
Whose blood?
I gave you a dose of atracurium.
It's a paralytic.
And this is ketamine, it helps
treatment-resistant depression.
It's one of the big reasons
we keep all the drugs locked up.
Since you won't give me
the information that I need,
I'm afraid it's come to this.
Everyone's gonna think
that you faked your identity
to come in here and get high,
and unfortunately,
you took too much.
Excuse me. I'm looking for Dr. Kesey.
Dr. Rachel Kesey I believe
she might be in trouble.
Just take a seat while I page her.
Hey! Stop!
This is gonna sting a little.
I'm here.
I'm here.
Hey. EMTs gave you something
to counteract the drugs.
They wanted to take you to Kings,
but I figured the last place
you would want to wake up in
is a hospital.
Yeah, good call.
HPD showed up right after I did
and arrested Tanaka for Otis's murder,
took in Derek Evans
and charged him with conspiracy.
And what about Steven Li?
They took him off the drugs,
and Miranda flew in his family from Maui
to look after him while he recovers,
and I did tell Josie
she was right about Otis.
And obviously, she's still heartbroken,
but relieved to finally know the truth.
And, uh, she wanted me to thank you.
It's you she should be thanking.
We both should.
Hey, um, about yesterday morning.
- I
- Thomas, listen,
I'm frightened.
That's why I got so angry.
I'm just I'm really
scared of losing you.
With Richard, believe it
or not, I was the careless one.
I never thought that anyone
could hurt us.
And then one day, somebody did.
And I spent years haunted,
wondering what could have happened
if I had taken a few more precautions
to keep us safe.
And then when you and I found out
that it was my mentor who killed him,
I blamed myself
for not seeing it sooner.
And even though I-I know that
Richard's death
wasn't my fault,
it's just, to this day, I still feel
Like you have blood on your hands.
How'd you know?
Because I felt the same,
you know, with Nuzo and Greene.
I don't know. I think it's
it's part of grieving.
I think when you lose someone,
the guilt of surviving
can sometimes feel like
it's all you have left,
and it's hard to let that go.
You know, you can be very wise
for somebody
with such a stupid password.
Alright, let's do this tour, huh?
Yeah. Okay.
Hey, so, uh, earlier today
I didn't know what to say,
you know, about what happened,
but I think I do now.
As happy as it would make me for you
to go to school back home,
you can't let anyone stop you
from pursuing your dreams.
Not me.
And certainly not some idiot
at a restaurant.
This place?
It's your home.
never let anyone make you
feel like you don't belong.
You got me?
I guess it couldn't hurt to look.
Seventh time's the charm.
This is Childs.
I'm gonna need uniforms and forensics
to secure a crime scene.
4167 Pilikia Road.
This was today.
You've reached Thomas Magnum.
Please leave a message.
Magnum, they know.
I don't know how,
but the mercs ID'd you.
The three of you need
to get somewhere safe.
Talk to me, Sham.
We grounded?
Eh, not sure yet.
I mean, I might be able
to improvise a fix.
Just gotta see if we
have the right part.
Work your magic, baby.
- Phone's ringing!
Island Hoppers.
Yeah, I got you down
for the Paradise Package,
8:00 AM sharp.
Yeah, okay. See you then.
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