Magnum P.I. (2018) s05e10 Episode Script

Charlie Foxtrot

Previously on "Magnum PI"
MAGNUM: There's really no man
that had more of an impact
on my life than Greene.
He put the team together.
You're gonna give me their names
so we can hunt them down and kill them.
Seven years ago, Greene sent us
into a terrorist stronghold
to take out a high-value target
named Ahmad Hadid.
It appears whoever killed Greene
wants revenge for that raid,
and he's willing to go
to great lengths to get it.
CANE: Guy calling the shots'
name is Swayzak.
He was hired to put together the team.
These guys are ex-military, all right?
Highly trained and extremely dangerous.
All right? It'd be better for everybody
if you just stepped away from this one.
Magnum, they know. The mercs ID'd you.
TC: Island Hoppers.
SHAMMY: Hold on. Hold on.
TC. TC, come on.
TC, stay with me, buddy.
Come on, look here. Look at me, TC!
Look at me, TC! Stay with me.
So, I just add the water, right?
Uh, yeah, with a splash of cream
and a teaspoon of sugar.
That's how my mum made it.
STEPHANIE LUM: Have now declared
the death a homicide.
Little bit of sugar.
A spokesman for
the Honolulu Police Department
has confirmed that nurse Lily Tanaka
has been arrested and charged with
I still don't understand
why you don't drink tea
like every other Brit.
worked together.
Hey, I'm watching that.
Well, after everything
you've been through,
I just think you could
use a little break.
Right, fair enough.
You know, um, I was thinking
maybe we could stay in
and watch a movie,
perhaps an old classic or something.
Now you're talking.
So what are you thinking?
Uh, "Die Hard," "The Rock,"
"Pulp Fiction"?
Maybe something a little bit
more romantic?
Oh, "Rocky."
Okay, when I was little,
whenever I was ill,
my mum would make me malted milk,
and we would watch "Arthur."
Dudley Moore made
quite an impression on me.
- Dudley Moore, huh?
- Mm-hmm.
That is a guy that I have
absolutely nothing in common with.
Oh, no, I'm I'm aware.
He was very quick-witted,
effortlessly charming.
You at least have your, uh, good looks.
It's not as good as I remember it.
On second thought,
you know what would be great?
Is a nice, mature Bordeaux.
Okay. All right.
I will head down to the wine cellar.
- You queue up "Arthur."
- All right.
I'm really curious to know what this
this guy, old Dudley Moore,
has that I don't.
Well, get a pen and paper
so you can take notes.
You know what?
I'm gonna let that one slide,
but only because you're recovering.
Be right back.
Tanaka will be arraigned
tomorrow morning.
A source inside the prosecuting
attorney's office
tells us that Tanaka had been
overmedicating a patient
in order to keep them under her care
- and that she killed Kahele
to prevent him from exposing that.
A thorough investigation
into the hospital
- is now expected.
Rick, hi. Sorry, um, Magnum isn't here.
Higgins, TC's been shot.
They've taken him to Kings.
I'm on my way there now.
Oh, my God. Uh, um, how bad is it?
I'm not sure. Shammy was with him.
From what he described,
shooter sounded like a hired gun.
Well, these are probably
the same guys who killed Greene.
They must've ID'd you three.
Exactly, which is why you need
to tell Thomas right away.
- Yeah.
- These guys are smart.
They're not
Great. No power.
Here we are. That's the one.
That's Paul Swayzak.
We ID'd him a while ago.
Apparently he put together
the team that
that killed Greene and came after us.
Well, actually, Rick called
to say that we might be in danger.
Thomas, there's something
you have to know.
Hey, they just, uh,
rushed him into surgery.
Yeah, well, what's his condition?
Did they tell you anything?
No, but based on the blood loss,
it looked bad.
Magnum, I'm sorry. I
I saw the alert when the cameras
picked up the shooter.
I tried to get to TC
as fast as I could, but
No, no, Shammy, stop.
It's not your fault.
The hitter who shot TC
wasn't working alone.
Listen, Higgins and I are gonna
meet you at the hospital,
but make sure Rick stays put
until we get there.
Wait, what are you talking about?
Rick isn't here.
But that doesn't make sense.
W-When he called me,
he said that he was heading
straight there.
It can't have taken him this long.
I tried calling him a few times.
It went straight to voicemail.
How is it he never even
made it to his car?
It's Rick's keys.
We're too late.
HIGGINS: Here we go.
Okay, so Rick called you
at exactly 9:17 p.m.,
so if I queue up the security
video to that time
- MAGNUM: Right there.
- They got him.
- I-I don't understand.
I mean, the men who came
after you and TC
were clearly shooting to kill.
Why did they take Rick alive?
The only thing I can think of
is when we raided Hadid's compound,
Rick was the one who took the kill shot.
So if this is about
avenging Hadid's murder,
then maybe they want to take their time
with whoever pulled the trigger.
Seriously? I almost just shot you.
Gordon, what are you doing here?
Well, I heard about what
happened to you guys and TC.
Just wanted to make sure you were safe.
And when I couldn't get in
touch, I started looking around.
Yeah, we had to dump our phones
in case we're being tracked.
Wait, so you haven't heard
about Detective Childs?
What about Childs?
He was looking into the guys
who came after you.
Tracked down a safe house
they'd been using.
It was rigged with a trip wire.
Went up with Childs inside.
I told him to stay out of it.
But he insisted.
Ah, I should've pushed back more.
It's not your fault, Thomas.
I'm the one who gave him that lead.
Well, now you can be the one who
helps us track down his killer.
All right? Now I need to know
everything you know.
But we're in the dark
about who's behind this.
I mean, whoever they are,
they're racking up quite the body count.
So far they've taken out Nadine Amherst,
her boss at the CIA, Captain Greene,
and now Detective Childs.
- Sorry, Nadine who?
- Nadine Amherst.
She's the CIA expert on Ahmad Hadid.
Couple of months ago,
she died in a plane crash,
but now it looks like
that was cover for a hit.
Well, if these people
can stage a plane crash,
I guess it was just a matter of time
before they uncovered your identities.
Yeah, but we're still unclear as
to how they actually did that.
It doesn't really matter
unless it helps us find Rick.
Right. Wait, hold on.
I just saw Rick's car outside.
I assumed he was here with you.
Afraid not.
He was on his way to the hospital.
They grabbed him in the parking
lot before he could get to his car.
The car that he was loaded into
didn't have plates.
It's a black Chevy Impala.
- We'll get a BOLO out.
- Okay.
In the meantime, Swayzak's
probably been processed by now,
and at the moment,
he's probably our best chance
- at finding out who has Rick.
- Yeah.
Okay, look, as soon
as you have an update,
you let me know, okay?
All right.
Okay, Magnum says HPD is on it.
They're doing everything
they can to find him.
He was just over this morning,
dropping off Joy.
Everything was fine, and now
he's missing, and TC's been shot?
If there's one thing I know
about Rick, he's a survivor.
If anyone can pull through
something like this, it's him.
- Okay?
- Okay.
But I gotta keep on trying ♪
HIGGINS: All right,
I unlocked his phone,
and it looks like Swayzak was
in regular contact with someone,
but the number appears to run
on a voice-over IP service.
- Wait, so it can't be traced?
- Not easily.
If we can keep the caller
on the line long enough,
I can backtrace the signal
through the anonymizing service
to get the owner's
IP address and location.
Care to do the honors?
[SIGHS] Yeah.
WOMAN: Where are you?
Is it done?
She's gonna hang up.
I've already traced the call
through five anonymous servers.
Swayzak, are you there?
How many more are there?
I don't know. I just need more time.
She's not gonna be on much longer.
Well, whoever we just spoke to,
that should put her on notice.
I have an idea.
We can run voice-print analysis
on the recording.
If there are any voice samples
in any of the databases,
we should get a hit.
Where are you? Swayzak?
Where are you? Where are you?
Where are you? Where are you?
You gotta be kidding me.
Well, either we were just
talking to a ghost,
or Nadine Amherst
is still very much alive.
So she faked her own death.
Why would she do that?
Because she wanted us to think
that she was the victim
when, actually, all along,
she was behind this whole thing.
Exactly. The only question now is, why?
HPD air support, this is Mike
Five Five Six Mike Hotel
providing search assistance.
I just finished a flyover of H-2.
No sighting of our suspect vehicle.
Moving on to Pupukea now. Over.
All right, thanks.
Yeah, still no sign of the car.
Well, the department put all
available resources on the search.
We also sent units over
to the registered owner
of that make and model.
In the meantime, your CIA contact
just e-mailed over those files.
- What'd you learn?
- Well, for starters,
a CIA black site in Munich
was breached three days ago.
Two agents were killed in the process,
but it looks like that's how they
finally uncovered your identities.
They also sent over
everything that their agency had
on Nadine Amherst,
including a list of every asset
she cultivated,
and guess whose name is on that list.
- Ahmad Hadid.
- Exactly.
So she wasn't just
a specialist on Hadid.
She was also his handler.
Yeah, correct.
It seems that back in the day,
the CIA wanted to try
to develop a relationship with Hadid.
Look. Here's an interview
that she conducted
with Hadid early on in his recruitment.
Let's go back to 2001.
You said that after the invasion,
there was a deep rift
within the organization.
How did you consolidate power?
HADID: By understanding the people,
what they'll fight for,
lay their lives down for.
My opponents spoke from here.
I spoke from here.
So you're good at manipulating
your followers.
Getting them to do what you want.
They already have
these passions inside them.
I just know how to bring it
to the surface.
Hang on.
Is it just me, or are you guys
detecting a vibe between these two?
It's not just you. I've seen perps
try to charm their interviewers
like that before.
Yeah, and going off her body language,
it looks like it was working.
I mean, you don't think
Yeah, it would hardly be
the first romance
between a handler and an asset.
It would explain why Nadine
wants to avenge Hadid's death.
Indeed. I mean, first
they have her cultivate
Hadid as an asset,
then the political winds change,
and they order him killed.
I mean, if she had fallen for him,
that would definitely send her
off the deep end.
Yeah, but we took out Hadid
over seven years ago.
Why wait until now to do
something about it?
Come on, come on, come on.
Suzy, Joy
Um, it looks like I've gotten
myself into a bit of a situation here.
And, well, if you're seeing this,
I guess it means
things didn't really go my way.
I've got trail mix, a granola bar,
and an orange soda.
Thanks, but I'm not really hungry.
You wanna talk about it?
Talk about what?
It's been over nine hours
since he went into surgery,
and they still haven't said anything.
I'm not talking about TC.
I'm talking about you.
How are you doing?
I-I just
No one else has been there
for me the way he has,
and now
I know. Sweetie, I know.
Air support, this is Mike
Five Five Six Mike Hotel.
I'm heading back to refuel. Over.
Air support, Mike Five Five
Six Mike Hotel again.
I-I've just spotted our suspect vehicle.
Repeat I've got eyes
on our suspect vehicle!
Over here.
They got a scent!
- Well, that's interesting.
- What is it?
- Nadine Amherst has a child,
a son born in 2015.
That's, what, a year after
she started cultivating Hadid?
Well, based on the timeline,
that couldbe Hadid's son.
Yeah, if we're right about them
mingling romantically,
that seems so.
I'm gonna see if I can find
any photos of the child online
that might confirm our hunch.
What do you got?
It's an obituary.
Look Michael Amherst.
He died last April of MERS.
That is a respiratory illness
that's common in Middle Eastern men.
Well, he looks a hell of a lot
like Hadid.
I mean, that's gotta be his son.
Right. I mean, that would explain
why Nadine didn't
seek revenge immediately.
She had a son to care for.
Right, and when the kid died,
it must've pushed her over the edge.
Suddenly she didn't have
much to live for.
And nothing to lose.
Yeah, we're coming up on the pin
that Shammy sent us.
It's straight ahead.
Hope you know we're joining the search.
Wouldn't expect any less.
Good to see you, sir.
All right, listen up.
Our subject's name
is Orville Wright, goes by Rick.
He's on foot, possibly injured.
Now, taking into account
the approximate time of the car wreck,
we're looking at a search radius
of roughly 10 to 20 miles.
It's also likely that we are not
the only ones looking for him,
so stay sharp and stay safe.
And remember,
these are the same people
that killed Detective Childs.
They are armed and dangerous.
So if you see them, shoot to kill.
Let's go find him.
He's out of surgery and stable.
Oh, thank God.
So he's gonna be okay?
We've managed to extract
all of the bullet fragments.
But Mr. Calvin has a lacerated spleen,
fractured ribs,
and extensive tissue damage.
The road to recovery
will be long and challenging.
That said, he's made it
through the worst of it,
so there is reason
for cautious optimism.
That's good news, okay?
Can we see him?
We still have a bunch of tests to run,
but as soon as he can take visitors,
we'll let you know, okay?
Thank you, Doctor.
Hey, how you feeling, Mr. Calvin?
Like I've been shot.
I suppose that's to be expected.
My friends, Thomas Magnum
and Orville Wright
they could've been targeted, too.
I need to find out if they're okay.
I'll try to find someone who can
get you that information.
Right now, I need to examine you, okay?
All right.
Lift your arms for me.
Push against my hand.
Good. All right.
Now, take my hand, try to squeeze.
Can you feel that?
No. I can't feel anything.
My legs.
I can't move them.
Try not to panic.
Now, there's likely swelling
around the spinal cord.
But with the right treatment
and physical therapy,
there's a good chance
you'll regain mobility.
Good chance?
Are you saying I might not
ever walk again?
I realize this is a lot to take in,
but let's not get ahead
of ourselves, okay?
Hey, what are you thinking?
That he would've sought
the densest cover
to avoid being seen,
so we should keep this heading.
No. I mean
you're clearly agonizing over something.
You should just tell me.
You were right.
I should've taken the threat
more serious.
I should've done more
to protect Rick and TC.
Thomas, they're grown adults.
They can look after themselves.
And And in fact, they did.
TC upped his security.
Even Rick took precautions.
Yeah, well, the irony's not lost on me.
What irony?
I did next to nothing to protect myself,
and I might be the only one
that makes it through this okay.
But, Thomas, it's not your fault.
It's not about that.
It's not about blame.
So what is it about?
Back in Afghanistan,
after we were captured,
there was no good reason to think
we'd make it out of there alive.
The only thing we had going
for us was each other.
If somebody got low, the rest
of us would pick him up, right?
Because individually,
there's no way any of us
would've survived that,
but as a group, it felt like
there was no way we wouldn't.
Now, you form a bond when you go
through something like that,
a bond you assume can never be broken.
That bond survived Nuzo dying.
But if Rick or TC
don't make it through this,
I-I just
I don't know what's left of it.
Well, when you put it like that,
yeah, I-I understand completely.
You have to have faith.
You hear that?
If he heard this stream,
he would've come this way
and then walked through the water
to avoid leaving footprints.
Agreed. Upstream or downstream?
I mean, it's gotta be upstream.
Right? He was a Marine Scout Sniper.
Finding the high ground
comes as second nature.
Hey, you up for some visitors?
Of course.
Oh, thank God you're okay.
I don't think I've ever been
more worried in my life.
Yeah, I'm sorry about that.
Really, dude?
Kumu just tried to get
to second base with me.
The least you could do is dap me up.
It's just a lot to take in, you know?
I do.
I still got a lot of recovering to do.
It's gonna take all I got.
I need you to be strong for me, too.
Think you can do that?
Yeah. Of course.
Do you really have to ask?
Now, there's something
I gotta tell you guys.
It's up this way.
Looks like the trail ends here.
Somebody dropped a phone.
It's It's Rick's.
There's two sets of ATV tracks.
Look at here.
That's blood.
Rick tried to fend them off,
but they grabbed him.
I'm gonna try and radio Gordie,
tell them to look out for ATVs.
Suzy, Joy
Um, it looks like
I got myself
into a bit of a situation here.
And if you're seeing this,
well, it means things
well, they didn't go my way.
But whatever happens,
I just need you both to know
how important you are to me.
Um, Joy, uh,
I've only been your daddy now
for a couple months,
and, um
you are the greatest
accomplishment of my life.
Though I suppose your mom
is part of the reason
you turned out as awesome as you did.
And, Suzy
I love you.
I-I'm in love with you, and
and I-I'm pretty sure
I've been in love with you
since the moment I met you.
My only regret is that
I didn't get a chance
to tell you in person.
Yeah, yeah. What did Gordie say?
He said that no one's seen
any ATVs as of yet.
But we can't lose hope.
We still have Swayzak in custody,
and he's our best bet
at getting to Nadine.
U.S. MARSHALL: Come on, let's go.
Nadine sent me.
There's a white SUV
parked 100 yards back.
Keys are under the visor.
Take it and go.
You know who I am?
Nadine Amherst.
I gotta say, you're a lot less
dead than I expected.
And you're even more resilient
than I expected.
So you fake your own death
and you start going after the people
that are responsible for killing Hadid?
What was he to you?
So many things,
including the father of my son, Michael.
That boy was always so curious
about his father.
Wanted to know everything about the man.
But there was one question
I could never answer for him.
I read the action report.
I know you're the one
that pulled the trigger.
But we both know
that those reports are, uh,
light on the details.
You want to know how he died.
That's why I'm still alive.
Who better to answer that than
the man that took his life?
So, how'd it happen?
Well, I can't say he didn't suffer.
But he did go out fighting.
Is that so?
That's what you want to hear, right?
He died a hero?
What I want to hear is the truth.
Okay, then.
MAGNUM: This is team leader.
We just breached the main gate,
heading to primary set point.
T.S.: Heads up. Uknowns gathering.
Southwest corner.
MAGNUM: Light 'em up.
They have a gun!
MAGNUM: Charlie zero five,
proceed to primary.
We'll hold position.
RICK: Copy.
Charlie zero five proceeding to primary.
All stations, target secure.
I don't know what you've told
yourself to justify
getting into bed with a terrorist.
Maybe you thought he was
doing it for his people.
But what kind of a man
uses an innocent woman
as a human shield?
You're lying.
If you say so.
I mean, you spent your entire
career interrogating people.
If anybody can sniff out a lie,
it should be you.
I guess there's only one way
to find out.
Where to begin?
What's going on?
A vehicle just pulled up.
We may need to move.
Swayzak? Thanks for springing me.
What the hell are you doing here?
They let you escape
so they could follow you here.
We need to get out of here!
Get on your knees! Now!
Get on your knees!
Been looking for you.
There's a convo right next to me ♪
But I just don't feel like talking ♪
There's a woman pouring her coffee ♪
And can't stop laughing ♪
I realize the little things ♪
Make me feel here, make me present ♪
But then the sound
of a cigarette lit ♪
I think about Daniel ♪
Take the fire and the flames ♪
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh ♪
Ooh ♪
Ooh, ooh, ooh ♪
Take the fire and the flames ♪
Excuse me, Doc, is this man
giving you trouble?
No. In fact, I'm just about done here.
I'll go see about
getting you discharged.
Where's Suzy?
She went home to relieve the sitter,
check on the baby.
Well, uh, when you're done here,
I can give you a ride back.
No, thanks, man,
but I-I'm gonna go see TC
after I get discharged.
Well, you're gonna have company.
I was thinking of doing the same thing.
Oh, good, good.
By the way, um
Thanks for saving my ass.
Any time, any place.
I appreciate it.
But, hey, if it's okay with you,
I-I'd like to not make it a habit
- if that's okay.
I was thinking the same thing.
Oh, uh
Almost forgot.
I think this is yours.
I'll see you up there.
KUMU: Hey.
I figured I'd better
get a decent meal in him
before he starts to waste away.
Good thinking.
Can I get you something?
I'll have what he's having,
minus the animal flesh.
Veggie burger coming up.
Thank you.
So, you're probably pretty tired
of hearing this question,
but, um, how are you doing?
Okay, I guess. Kumu's been awesome.
She even offered to let me stay
with her until TC can come home.
Well, that's great.
Staying with Kumu will be really fun.
If you can keep up with her, that is.
Everything is gonna be okay, you know?
People have been telling me that
my whole life.
But in my experience,
that's not always true.
Sometimes people leave
and they never come back.
Sometimes they get hurt
and they never get better.
Sometimes things don't turn out okay,
no matter how much you hope
and you pray that they might.
I can't blame you for feeling like that.
But in this case, you're wrong.
Everything is going to be okay.
How can you be so sure?
Because I know these people.
And you yourself know
how resilient TC is.
He has two friends
Take the fire and the flames ♪
who have been to hell
and back with him.
I'm much more peaceful nowadays ♪
Friends who are just as strong as he is.
And together, there is nothing
that they can't get through.
I can still say that
I miss you but not how you ♪
Didn't show up
when I needed you here ♪
Take the guilt and take the pain ♪
'Cause I'm moving on to better days ♪
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