Magnum P.I. (2018) s05e11 Episode Script

Hit and Run

I mean, given how many times
you just said it,
I would think you'd know that
Belle is actually my lastname.
I go by T.R.
But "T.R." doesn't roll off
the tongue as well.
Well, then
maybe you just need
a little more practice.
Maybe I do.
Help! Help! He's passed out!
I don't know what happened.
He's been bitten by a fat-tail scorpion.
We need to get him
to a hospital immediately.
Yes. Yeah.
Wait! I I want to go with him!
You really thought
you could get away with this?
Yeah, we kinda did.
Yeah, felt like a good plan.
You know why? 'Cause we brought backup.
I thought you said
this was gonna be hard.
You boys are in trouble now.
You doknow why they call
that brother the White Knight?
- Aah!
No, no, no, no! H-Hold up. Jin, hold up.
That's not how the story goes.
It's called creative license, Magnum.
You try keeping the attention
of a 6-month-old baby
using a book with no pictures.
Have you ever read a book
with no pictures?
Of course I have. That's so rude.
Do menus count?
RICK: Uh, Jin, I'm pretty sure
giving the White Knight superpowers
is not something that Robin would do.
Maybe it's something
he should do. For his next book.
I don't know. Joy did seem entertained.
RICK: Yeah, thanks
for doing my job for me.
I gotta get her back
to Suzy's place, though.
Hey, uh, Kumu said we should
stagger our visits to TC
so it's not so chaotic on the first day.
Said she'll text us
when it's cool to swing by.
Hey, Magnum, speaking of Robin's book
would you mind if you
passed this along to him?
[LAUGHS] Hey, Rick. Check it out.
- Jin.
- Ha ha. What?
Jin, you don't have muscles like that.
Yes, I do. They're hidden
under my winter layer.
Uh-huh. And And
And what exactly is this?
It's my pitch for Robin's next series.
Alright? It's the cover
of the first book.
- What's it about?
- I don't know.
That's why Robin's involved.
You don't know anything about writing!
Okay. Thanks, Jin.
You create a cool cover, and
you work backwards from there.
No, no, that's not how it works.
But I gotta meet a client.
Uh, I will, however, give this to Robin.
- You think he'll do it?
- Uh, no. No.
But, uh, he knows a lot about you,
and I think he's gonna
get a kick out of this.
MILLIE: The VA has
social services, primary care,
a mental-health center,
and our own pharmacy.
You'll split most of your time
between physical therapy
and the residential wing.
Hey. Not too shabby.
KUMU: Mm. It's quite spacious.
MILLIE: It's only been 12 days
since your injury,
so you'll ease into things
with stretches
and occupational therapy
tomorrow, then hit PT hard.
We've got a great staff who
can assist you with specific tasks
or just getting from
your chair to your bed.
Millie, he can bench more
than most people can squat.
He'll be fine with a slide board.
Yeah, I was thinking the slide board.
What's a slide board?
It's a technique using this board
to move from your chair to your bed,
bench, toilet.
What's that pizza-cutter-lookin' thing?
Oh, it's a pinwheel.
Tests reflexes and sensation.
To see if feeling's coming
back into your legs.
Well, let's try.
Just for the hell of it.
KUMU: Anything?
Worth a shot, though.
I turn on my radio ♪
Sweet Hawaiian music ♪
You know that sweet Hawaiian music ♪
HIGGINS: Hey. Sorry I'm late.
It's alright. Client's not even here.
I still don't know why we
had to take separate cars.
Told you. Something came up.
Yeah, but
I don't know.
You're being so vague about it.
You really want to know?
Well, yeah, you're making
a thing out of it,
so I kinda do want to know.
Very well.
I'm late.
I understand that you're late,
but I want to know whyyou're late.
No, Thomas.
I'm, uh I'm late.
Oh, okay.
It's probably a false alarm,
but over-the-counter pregnancy
tests just aren't reliable,
so I thought I'd pop by my
physician just to get a blood test.
Well, that's great.
That You know,
great that you're, uh
getting tested.
Not great that you're not pregnant.
Not that being pregnant
wouldn't be great, just
[CHUCKLES] That's a lot of "greats."
It's not me.
It's not me, either.
- [BEEP]
- Hello?
MAN: Thomas, Juliet.
Thank you showing up.
This is your client, Xavier.
Sorry about the theatrics,
but I wish to remain anonymous.
- And why is that?
- Because of the nature of this case.
I have information that
someone has taken out a hit
on a 12-year-old girl.
I want you to find who ordered it.
Well, how do you even know about this?
Because I'm the hitman they hired.
Xavier, we normally deal with clients
on the right side of the law.
Um, contract killers don't
really fit into that category.
You can say what you want
about my profession,
but even I have limits.
I'd never kill a kid.
Well, that's very noble of you.
And not that we doubt you,
but we would appreciate
a few more specifics.
The person who ordered the
hit contacted me anonymously
through the Dark Web.
What engine and what directory?
I browse through Whonix.
Clients contact me through Dread.
- [BEEP]
- That legit?
- Yeah.
- [BEEP]
This is an honest conversation, Thomas.
No need to mute yourself.
And quit looking around.
You won't find me.
You got a weapon trained on us?
No. I just wish to protect my anonymity.
I'm not gonna kill you
even if you decide to walk away.
That's very gracious of you.
Besides, I already know
that you're gonna help me.
And why is that? Because after
I turned down this job,
I realized that whoever tried to hire me
would just hire someone else
to carry out the hit.
So if you turn down this case,
an innocent girl will die.
And I don't think you're the kind
of people that will let that happen.
You're right. Continue.
The girl is currently in hiding.
I don't know where.
But everything I have on her,
along with my screen-grabs
and correspondence
with the client are on the
phone that you're holding.
And we can contact you at this number?
No. After this call,
you'll never hear from me again.
I've done my part. Now you do yours.
- Good luck.
- [BEEP]
Yeah-ah-ah-ah ♪
Yeah-ah-ah-ah ♪
Hey, Good times come,
and good times go ♪
I'd only wish the good times ♪
Would last a little longer ♪
I think about the good times we had ♪
And why we had to end them ♪
Oh, oh-oh ♪
The story of my life ♪
Yeah-ah-ah-ah ♪
Yeah-ah-ah-ah ♪
La-la-la-la ♪
Story of my life ♪
Is that yours, or do you clean boats?
[CHUCKLES] No. Neither. No.
Uh, actually, I live here.
I could tell. You missed a spot.
- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.
Well, I'm not a pro.
Yeah, name's Rick.
Checkin' to see
if you're the competish'.
- Ohh.
- I clean a lot of boats here.
Really? Haven't see you at La Mariana.
I never go to that dump.
- Oof.
- Uh-oh.
- Ouch.
- You work there?
- Worse.
- You're the manager?
Ugh! Worse!
I own it.
- Yeah.
- I'm sorry.
Um, okay, calling it a dump
was a little harsh, but, um
You ever love something so much
that you gorged on it
then you got super sick
and you never ate it again?
Well, that was Mai Tais.
For me, it's your bar.
Had a week-long hangover.
- Oh.
- Never went back.
Oh. Well, when was that?
Uh, 25th birthday. About 7 years ago.
To be fair, that was before
I took the place over,
and since then, I've revamped
the drink menu and other things.
You should come by and give it a shot.
Let me think about it.
Nah. I'm good.
- Thanks, though.
It was nice to meet you, Rick.
Nice to meet you.
Okay, the files that Xavier sent us
should be uploaded shortly.
So, uh how you feeling?
Huh? You feel good?
Do I feel good?
Yeah. Just, like, in general.
Do you feel maybe more pregnant,
less pregnant than this morning?
Uh, I feel the exact same amount
of pregnant as I did earlier.
Actually, um, I think
the test results are in.
Oh, they're the results are in,
but you chose not to tell me?
No, I just missed a call from
the doctor, like, just now,
and clearly, I have not had time
to call her back.
This case is more important.
If I am not pregnant now,
I'll still be not pregnant tomorrow.
Yeah, but if you are pregnant now,
you will be more pregnant tomorrow.
I feel like I'm detecting both
notes of excitement and worry,
so I guess you're thinking about
what this might mean for us.
Yeah, yeah. I-It's all of that.
- Oh!
- What do we got?
- Okay.
Looks like we've got
a selection of screen-grabs
of Xavier's encrypted
correspondence with his client.
Folder marked "Anna." What about that?
Anna Park. 12 years old from Kapolei.
There's nothing in here to indicate
why anyone would want to target her.
Well, clearly, they see her as a threat.
She could maybe I.D. somebody
or she was witness to a crime.
Oh, okay. I've got a record
for her in DCFS.
No father to speak of.
She was raised by a single mom,
who recently passed away
from an autoimmune disease.
Look. She goes to St. Andrew's.
That's one of the boarding
schools that Robin donates to.
Well, that should give us an in.
I mean, if anybody's gonna
know where Anna's at,
it's gonna be one of her classmates.
Yeah. Okay, uh, I'll call
the headmistress.
And then I'll head over to St. Andrew's.
Alright. I'm gonna see if I can
find anything out on Anna
from social services
and then circle back.
SHAMMY: Okay. You make sure
your wheels are locked
and your footrests are up,
then you make sure this board
is wedged properly on the seat
and on the bed, alright?
Then, with your arms, obviously,
you're just gonna shimmy.
Just gonna shimmy. Right?
Right up the board. Okay?
Up, up, and over.
And you're on the bed,
just like that.
It's just that simple.
Shammy, you make it look easy.
'Cause I had to do it
about a million times
after my own injury.
So, what do you say, big guy?
Want to try?
Maybe later. I'm I'm
still getting settled in.
- That's totally
- Come on, TC. You got this.
Look, I know how you feel right now,
but trust me, this is the most
important time to push yourself.
Alright. [SIGHS]
There you go. There you go.
Oh, yeah, by the way,
you gotta take the arm rest off.
HIGGINS: So, I know that Anna's
been missing for a few days now.
Have you reported it to HPD?
We did the first four times
she disappeared.
She's had a rough time
since her mom passed,
and running away is how
she's dealt with things,
but she always comes back
after a few days,
so we haven't been so concerned.
Is this time different?
I'm not sure yet,
but it would be helpful to talk
to some of Anna's friends.
Well, she doesn't have many,
but she is close to her teacher,
Margaret Neely.
Margaret was friends with Anna's mom.
After she passed away,
Anna started going to her for guidance.
Okay. May I speak with Margaret?
She's actually not here today.
She didn't call in, which is unlike her.
I didn't think anything of it till now.
So, first, Anna goes missing,
having just been marked for death,
and then the person she trusts
most in the world is now MIA.
- It's got to be connected.
MARGARET: You have reached
the voicemail box of Margaret.
Margaret's phone is still
going straight to voicemail.
What is it?
The, uh, key hole.
Fresh marks. Someone was just here.
Yeah, or still is.
You want to go around back?
Oh, my God! Please don't shoot!
Who are you What are you doing here?
I'm a regional sales rep
for Midas Solar.
I-I don't want any trouble.
I heard another voice.
Who you talking to?
It's It's my partner.
She's right outside.
She'll be back in a second.
Hi! Oh, my God!
Well. I think we just met
Xavier's replacement.
Yeah. Looks like he's
one step ahead of us.
HIGGINS: Any news on Margaret Neely?
she's in the hospital
unconscious with multiple fractures.
According to a witness,
she was running down
the middle of the street
in Waikiki this morning,
looking over her shoulder, when
she was struck by a vehicle.
MAGNUM: Anna must have told her
somebody was coming after her.
Probably the same guy we just met.
I mean, he chased her,
she ran into the street,
got hit by a car
before she can get help.
Then he circled back here
to search her house.
- Care to fill me in?
- Alright.
So, our client was hired
to kill Anna Park.
She's a 12-year-old girl.
Margaret Neely is her teacher
and informal guardian.
We came here hoping that Margaret
could tell us Anna's whereabouts.
So you guys are working with hitmen now?
No, no, no.
He turned down the job, right?
Then the man who hired him
hired a second hitman to go after her.
Which is why you took the case.
Any idea who this second hitman is?
Well, no, but
hopefully we will soon.
That's one way to collect DNA.
I'll have the lab test the blood
and make sure they get
the ring back to you.
So long as you share
what you found in this house.
How do you know we found anything?
'Cause I know you. You guys
were here a good 20 minutes
to snoop around before we showed up.
Well, we did find financial
statements from St. Andrew's,
and it turns out that Anna's
tuition was being paid for
by First Light, which is
a church out of South Carolina.
Yeah, we think that's odd,
and it might be significant.
We also found a message from
Anna on Margaret's laptop.
It said, "I can't talk
right now, but I'm okay."
It was sent from Molokai.
You guys think she ran to Molokai
because she knew someone was after her?
She must have. How quickly
can you guys get there?
HPD can't just show up unannounced.
That's outside our jurisdiction.
But I'll put in a call.
- Okay.
- Also let you know
when I get the results back
from your ring.
- Thanks.
- Thanks, Gordie.
Molokai might be out of HPD's
jurisdiction but not ours.
Island Hoppers is grounded,
so a chopper's out of the question.
How about a speed boat?
- Hey, Rick-boat-Mariana.
- Hey, Piper.
Sorry. That's what I have you
saved in my phone.
These are my friends Wait.
Did I give you my phone number?
No, but you wanted to,
so I asked around.
- Oh. Alright.
Anyways, I'm running late,
but I thought about it,
and I think I will give that
drink at La Mariana a chance.
- I'll see ya.
- Okay. Okay.
- Good to meet you.
- Alright.
- Bye.
- See you later.
Okay. It's not what it looks like.
So that wasn't flirting?
No. Piper works on the docks.
And, uh, she's got a gripe
with La Mariana,
so I'm trying to earn her business back.
It's purely platonic.
- Mm-hmm.
- Mm-hmm.
Wow! Look at this!
Hey, man, thanks for the hook-up.
Next flight to Molokai
isn't for four hours,
so getting there in 45 minutes,
that is huge.
With this boat, more like 20.
Good to know.
Bon voyage.
HIGGINS: See ya!
SHAMMY: Whoa, whoa, whoa!
You need a hand?
No, no.
No, thanks.
This I can do.
Okay, now, just like I showed you, TC.
Alright. There you go.
You okay?
I'm gonna give it a rest.
Okay, but, dude, you're so much
closer than you think.
You've actually done every part
of it at different times.
TC, you just gotta string it
all together now.
Yeah, I know. But I'm good for now.
Okay, but it's important
to end every session
on a positive note, right?
Even just a tiny victory, right?
Shammy. I said I'm good.
No, but, I mean, even just to
set it up again, right?
- Just put the board
- Look, I said I'm good, man!
[EXHALES SHARPLY] It's been a big day.
Uh, why don't we take a break?
HIGGINS: Okay, looks like we're about
two miles from where Anna
sent the message.
We'll literally be putting ourselves
between a hitman and his target.
You're saying that
like it's a bad thing.
I'm just saying
Thinking about what you said earlier
and how having a baby
would change things for us.
- And?
- It would.
Gonna have to, you know,
think about being
in dangerous situations.
Not that we wouldn't
take jobs like this,
but it would be a factor.
Yeah. A baby would
definitely change things.
Yeah, well, you know
what's weird, is that
it doesn't really scare me.
I don't believe you for one second.
No, I'm being honest.
Just like when you said
you weren't scared of spiders?
You might be confusing me
with somebody else
because I am not scared of spiders.
No, I'd be prepared
to deal with a spider
if it jumped on you
or something like that.
That is something entirely different.
If we had a baby, I wonder if it would
inherit your gift of spin.
Or maybe your gift of sarcasm.
Hey, Gordie. What's up?
The blood on your ring belongs
to a professional hitter
named Clint Watt, a.k.a. "The Ghost."
The Ghost, huh?
That's a bit of a misnomer.
I mean, you know the guy's name
and profession.
What else you got?
Well, the guy's linked
to at least 27 kills,
and the authorities have never
been able to apprehend him,
so I'd say he's earned the nickname.
Well, they must have hired him
after Xavier turned down the job.
Exactly. Now, one of Watt's
aliases recently flew to Oahu.
And the credit card used
to pay for that flight
was also used to buy a prepaid cellphone
after that flight landed.
And we pinged it,
got a location in Pearl City.
I'm headed over there now
with SWAT. I'll update you soon.
Okay. Thanks, Gordie.
Great. Thanks.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Just gettin' some fresh air.
The freshest on Earth.
Look, Millie. About earlier
Please. I've seen way worse.
Yeah, but that's not usually me.
Especially not with my friends.
After what you've been through,
it's normal.
And believe it or not,
it's actually a good thing.
So you think that was good?
You've been bottling up
your frustration.
You're finally letting some out.
So blowin' up like a volcano is healthy.
No, but anger's part of recovery.
It's a good first step.
So, what's the next step?
The hard part.
You've gotta be honest with yourself
about why you're frustrated.
Anna's message came from here.
All the windows are boarded up
except that one.
It's 9 feet off the ground.
That's not a problem.
Can I borrow your belt?
[GASPS] Ahh.
FaceTiming you now.
Okay. Look. There's a guy doing
something at the counter.
And Anna's sitting in the other room.
Looks like just the two of them.
Seems like there are
two entrances to this room.
Can't see that front door
from either of them.
Well, if I'm quiet enough,
I can probably pick their lock
and get in.
Anna? You're gonna be okay.
- I can explain.
- I certainly hope so.
No one's getting hurt here.
And I'm gonna put the weapon down.
- Just like that?
- Yeah.
Why would I want to shoot
the people I hired?
It's nice to finally meet you in person.
School just got out.
I was going to stop by an ABC
Store on the way to Ms. Neely's.
That's when he grabbed me.
I screamed and screamed.
He said my life was in danger
and he was trying to save me.
Obviously, I didn't believe him.
- Get down!
We barely got away.
And that's when he took me here.
I have no idea why someone
wants me dead,
but Xavier definitely saved me.
You could have told us
you had Anna when you hired us.
I couldn't tell anyone.
It was the only way to keep her safe.
That's not the only reason
why you stuck around, is it?
- What do you mean?
- You wanted us to figure out
who put the hit on Anna
so you can take them out.
I can't keep Anna here forever.
Eliminating the threat is
the only long-term solution.
Your target is Clint Watt.
He's a contract killer.
Likely armed and
most definitely dangerous.
We need every entrance sealed.
If he's in there, he's not getting out.
Let's move.
Go, go, go, go, go!
- Clear right!
- Clear left!
- Room clear!
- Room clear!
- Clear!
- Clear!
- I'm good here!
- Sir, we're all clear.
KATSUMOTO: Watt's rental was empty,
and his burner went off the grid.
We did find his laptop, so we
were able to see his financials.
HIGGINS: Okay. What did you find?
A big deposit from a shell corporation
linked to the J. Lyons Trust
in South Carolina.
The church that paid for Anna's
tuition is in South Carolina.
Yeah, that can't be a coincidence.
What do we know about
The J. Lyons Trust?
It was started by Jimmy Lyons,
a wealthy televangelist
who recently passed away.
Left everything to his son,
Jimmy Lyons Jr.
Okay, so some wealthy TV preacher
is paying the tuition
for this young girl.
That's That's worth a deeper
dive, I would say, huh?
Yeah. I'm already on it.
Well, I'll be!
Yeah, you're only supposed to do
the slow clap in a big group
so that other people can join in.
You're right.
Hey. So, look. I checked out
the rest of the facility here.
It's all top-notch.
Except the cafeteria.
Kumu and I are thinking about
grabbing some burgers
from Chubbies and smuggling them in.
What do you think? You want one?
I want two.
You got it!
Hey, Sham, wait.
About earlier, man
TC, it's cool.
Yeah, I know. But I've been thinking.
You having been through this before
obviously has its pros.
But it might also have its cons.
The fact that I wound up
in a chair permanently
maybe isn't the best reminder
for you to be around.
N-No, man.
I love your energy. Your positivity.
I'm just trying to make sure
you're not seeing my situation
as a do-over.
[CHUCKLES] No. No, not at all.
You sure?
'Cause the vibe I caught
was more than positivity.
It was eagerness.
I'm just tryin' to figure out
where that was comin' from.
TC, brother
I'm eager because I finally get
a chance to pay you back.
For what?
You and Rick saved my life.
You taught me to fly!
You gave me a job, a sense of purpose.
I owe you everything, man.
So I figured
the least I could do
is get you that burger.
You really don't listen, do you?
I said I want two.
Two. Two it is.
ANNA: Wait. That's who's been
paying my tuition?
But why?
Well, it seems like this man,
Jimmy Lyons Sr.,
was on Oahu in 2010,
about, uh, nine months
before you were born.
He was my dad?
Yeah, it it would appear so.
Why would Jimmy Jr. go after Anna
after being able to keep it
a secret for so many years?
The Lyons estate was recently audited,
so Jimmy Lyons Jr. just found out
about the payments doled out for Anna
first to her mum, and then,
after she passed away,
to St. Andrew's for tuition,
room and board.
But if it comes out that
Anna is Jimmy Sr.'s child
born out of wedlock,
not only would it put
Jimmy Jr.'s entire fortune in jeopardy
but also the evangelical empire
he inherited, as well.
It's Katsumoto again.
Hey. What's up?
Watt's burner briefly
came back on the grid.
- He's on Molokai.
- Where?
I just sent you his location.
Watt's here! Everybody get down!
- Xavier!
- I'm okay!
Get her behind the fridge!
It's double-paneled steel.
He's got some high firepower.
There's more where that came from.
Local PD is probably
over 20 minutes away!
We're sitting ducks here.
Gotta move. Move!
Anna, it's gonna be okay. Alright?
I just need you to stay calm
and stay down, okay?
He's shooting from coverage.
Makes him a good 70 yards away.
Okay, you brought her here
to keep her safe,
so I'm assuming you stocked up.
What do you have that's high-powered?
Tuna. In its mouth.
Okay. Cover me.
We're not gonna last
much longer in here.
We don't even know
where he's shooting from.
We gotta figure out some way
to draw him out.
I'll do it.
- No.
- I'll make a run for it.
He'll start shooting.
You find him, you take him out.
I told you I'd keep you safe, didn't I?
Don't miss.
I won't.
There. In the tree. Now.
MAGNUM: I don't have the shot.
Yeah, I see him.
It's okay. It's okay.
It's all over. It's all over.
- Mmm.
- Mmm.
- Man.
You can always tell how good a
burger is by how quiet it gets.
- Mm-hmm.
- Hm.
Um, are you doing that, big guy?
Doing what?
TC! Y-Your toe!
I'm not doing nothin'.
Um, okay.
Involuntary spasms can happen,
but in your case,
it might be a good sign.
Kumu, pinwheel! Pinwheel!
Y Oh, yeah.
Okay. It's either
really good or really bad.
It's really, really good.
I-I feel something.
- Oh!
- Ohh!
I can feel it.
Oh, man.
KUMU: Ahh!
REPORTER: Jimmy Lyons Jr.,
son of the late televangelist
Jimmy Lyons, will be charged
with conspiracy
in a murder-for-hire scheme
that has rocked the entire Lyons empire.
A church spokesperson commented today
Pretty cool.
So is it like you remember it?
Not really.
There was a little more memorabilia
and a lot less of my vomit on the floor.
- Oh. Nice.
- Mm-hmm.
In all seriousness,
the place looks great.
So, let me get this straight.
You live on a boat?
- Yep.
- And you have a job.
And you're single?
[CHUCKLES] What was that?
What? What was what?
- You hesitated.
- No.
Yeah, and then you drug out your "Y".
You were like, "Yyyyeah?"
[CHUCKLES] I guess nothing gets by you.
Um, yes, I am single, and, uh
And, uh And, yeah, it's
it's kinda complicated.
Well, maybe I like complicated.
We should hang out sometime.
Like, hang out
or, you know, like hang out?
Hang out.
See you soon, Rick.
MAGNUM: Just got a text from Katsumoto.
Looks like Margaret Neely
is conscious and healing up.
- Oh, that's great.
- Yeah.
Oh, and they were able
to identify Xavier.
His real name is Brent McMichaels.
And he actually didn't have
a criminal record.
They were able to identify him
because he bounced around foster
care a bunch when he was a kid.
Apparently, he he went
through a lot of heavy stuff.
So I wonder if that's why he had
such a soft spot for children,
despite his profession.
Um, speaking of children, I have news.
Oh, so you're finally ready to talk.
- Okay.
- Sorry, sorry.
So, the question is, uh
Beer or bottle of water?
I'm not pregnant. I'll take a beer.
- What?
- I don't know.
I just kind of thought you'd
be a bit more relieved.
Yeah, yeah. There's
There's definitely some relief.
Okay. And what if it
had gone the other way?
I think I would've been
intimidated, but
but also really happy.
But you're happy that
I'm not pregnant, right?
- Yes.
- Well, that doesn't make sense.
No, it makes perfect sense. Look.
Whatever way this
this would've turned out,
it would've been
the right way because
'Cause I 'Cause I love you.
And you don't have to say anything.
No, no, no.
I love you, too.
And I think I have
for a really long time.
Okay, well, don't turn it
into a competition.
It's not who loves who more, okay?
Well, that's just as well.
Never gonna let you down ♪
Because you wouldn't stand a chance.
Hm. That's what you think.
I'll be coming home ♪
Ooh-ooh ♪
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