Magnum P.I. (2018) s05e13 Episode Script

Appetite for Danger

R-E-C-K-O-N-I-N-G ♪
Now, it's a drop, drop
in the bucket for you ♪
RICK: Come on, boys. Come on, boys.
Let's go, let's go, let's go!
Trying to find you,
get you up to speed ♪
Come on! Get him out!
He's going home! He's going home!
He's going home!
Ricky, I don't care what you say.
That kid is not 12 years old.
Call a time-out right now
and ask to see his birth certificate.
Nicky, the kid's 12 years old.
I'm not going to ask him
for his birth certificate.
Okay, but that hitters
are crowding the base.
I agree. I agree.
Why doesn't our pitcher pop him one?
This is a youth league.
We don't beanball kids
in the youth league.
What's the matter with you? Settle down.
Well, they must give
a sign for it, you know?
Oh, come on, settle down, pal.
You settle down.
I got 50 bucks on this game.
- Oh, God, 'course you do.
TC, what's up?
We're getting slaughtered here.
TC: Listen, bring the infield in.
You're playing too deep.
That kid that's at the plate right now?
Walk him.
Hang on, hang on, hang on, hang on.
Where are you? Where are you?
Oh, I see what's going on here,
Huh? What, are you scouting?
Huh? Come on.
- It wasn't my idea. I swear.
- Give me that.
What's with the backseat coaching, man?
I thought you trusted me.
Yeah, I did. Until you started losing.
We're not losing.
We're just, you know,
on our own unique path to victory.
Horrible. You're down by three.
What just happened?
They just hit a two-run homer.
See? I told you to walk that kid.
Every shape and colour
has a way of blending in ♪
That Bordeaux is exquisite.
The velvety tannins,
a hint of cherry and vanilla.
I mean, this whole meal is amazing.
You should get dessert.
The soufflé is so good.
Mm. You do rather enjoy
the finer things.
Well, I just wonder why it
is that you don't more often.
You make good money,
and yet you live like a man
who's just scraping by.
And I just wonder why that is.
I'm just thrifty. That's it.
Been that way since I was a kid.
- Mm.
I don't know. Are you hiding something?
No. I'm frugal. What?
Hm, perhaps you're spending
all your money
on vintage Detroit Tigers memorabilia.
- Oh, here's our client.
Thomas, Juliet.
Thank you so much for coming.
Well, it's our pleasure, Milo.
Thank you for this amazing meal.
- Of course.
- How can we help?
Well, this is our signature
macadamia coconut potato gratin.
Signature dish.
That is delicious.
- Yes, delicious
- Mmm.
but it should be life-changing.
That's what it said in our
two Michelin star review,
and that's what people expect
when they come here.
And the potatoes are not
life-changing tonight because?
Because my Executive Chef
suddenly stopped coming to work.
Kanoa Clark has been MIA
since closing two nights ago.
He's not at home.
He doesn't answer his phone.
- So you suspect foul play.
- Yeah.
Does he have any enemies
that you're aware of?
Yeah. Half the kitchen staff.
Kanoa is a brilliant chef,
but he demands perfection.
So people take that personally.
Have you filed a
missing persons report with HPD?
No, because I'm pretty sure
some of my staff
are here illegally,
can you help me?
Provide dishes like this,
we can do whatever you need.
Take all the truffles.
HIGGINS: Alright,
so Kanoa's phone went offline
shortly after he left
the restaurant three nights ago,
so I haven't been able
to track his location.
But I did find something of note
a change in his financial situation.
So Kanoa had money problems?
No, no, no. Quite the opposite.
So for the last six weeks,
he's been making large cash
deposits into his bank account.
So suspicious finances.
That's worth looking into.
Y-Y-You think that's funny
coming from me?
Yeah, I I kind of do. Sorry.
What is your obsession
with how I spend money?
Ah, so you are spending it on something?
Y-You really need to let it go.
Fine. But we do need to figure out
where Kanoa is getting his cash from
in case it has some bearing
on his disappearance.
I agree, and the best way to do that
is to get his coworkers talking
with their guards down.
You're talking about going undercover?
I mean, we were just
at the restaurant last night.
- Someone could recognize us.
- Yeah, which is why I think
we should send Kumu in as a bartender.
No, she's got some project
at the cultural center.
Well, there is one more option.
- Seriously?
- [CHUCKLES] What?
He's a foodie, and he's probably
the best cook we know.
Undercover. At Chez Aloha.
Gordon, We know it is a lot to ask,
and it's probably not
what you want to be doing
- on your day off, but
- Yeah, I'm in.
You two want me to work as a chef
in one of the top restaurants
in the country,
and all I have to do is ask
the staff a few questions?
That's it.
One grilled pork chop
with mango barbecue sauce.
I need that garlic in the walk-in
and the daikons julienned now.
Yes, Chef.
So, is Kanoa Clark still
Executive Chef here?
I haven't seen him yet.
Yo, Microwave, less talk, more prep.
- Microwave?
- It's what we call the new guys here.
Because you'll be done in 30 seconds.
- For real, though, pick up the pace.
If Jason sees how slow you're
going through those radishes,
you're going to be out of here
before lunchtime.
- Who's Jason?
- Your boss.
Kanoa's AWOL,
so Jason's running the show.
And it doesn't look like
he's happy to have you around.
Even if I'm just acting EC,
I'm still in charge.
That means no one comes to work
in this kitchen
without my say so.
Well, I'll be sure to consult
you in all future hires,
but I'm not firing someone
who I just brought on board.
Make it work.
Too thick.
Do it again.
Yes, Chef.
MELISSA: It's not you, Chef.
Jason's just trying to prove
he can fill Kanoa's shoes.
Yeah, I heard Kanoa's tough.
It was tough on everybody,
but Jason got it the worst.
I guess now it's his time to shine.
KATSUMOTO: His name is Jason Peterson.
Moved up to acting Executive
Chef when Kanoa disappeared.
So he had motive.
And opportunity. I checked the schedule.
Jason was closing with Kanoa
on the night he disappeared.
HIGGINS: I've just checked,
and Jason's phone
was also offline that night,
which is somewhat suspicious.
Maybe not. Kanoa has a strict
"no phones at work" policy
that I am currently violating,
by the way.
Alright, we'll make this quick.
We've been following up
on Kanoa's finances,
and it turns out that all of
the large cash deposits he made
were into one ATM in Kaka'ako
on the days where he wasn't
working at the restaurant.
We don't know what he was doing there,
but if it's connected
to his disappearance,
we'll let you know as soon as we do.
And I'll try to find out
more about Jason.
Thank you, Chef.
Please don't.
KUMU: Okay, I think we're ready.
Thank you so much for helping me today.
No problem.
But I still don't know what
we're going to be recording.
- A testimony video.
- For what?
How much do you know
about Japanese internment
during World War II?
I mean, I know
there was a camp in Hawaii,
but I guess that's about it.
Oh, Mr. Nakamura, thank you for coming.
Oh, please, call me George.
And this is my daughter, Aki.
- Hello.
- So nice to meet you.
This is Cade, who'll be
helping with the video.
Can I offer you something to drink?
Uh, this is always hard to talk about.
If it's all the same to you,
I'd rather just get started.
Of course.
- So, George,
please tell us in your own words
how it all began.
it all started December 7, 1941.
I was just 5 years old.
We were on our way to church.
It was like any other Sunday
until the planes came.
Zero planes. Bombers.
They filled the sky.
Then we heard explosions
and saw the smoke rising
from Pearl Harbor.
By afternoon,
they had declared martial law.
MAN: The Japanese have attacked
the American naval base
at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.
Next day, men from the military
came pounding on our door.
Harold Nakamura?
We were all born in America.
But because my father was a teacher,
they said we could be spies.
We were all arrested right there
in our living room and taken away.
They sent us to the camp.
It was called Honouliuli.
Or, as we called it, Jigoku-Dani
Hell Valley.
Well, as you know,
I'm never one to be judgmental about
what other people do with their money
Oh, you? No, no, not at all.
but this does seem like
an odd place for Kanoa
to be depositing thousands of dollars.
Unless he had his reasons.
Glorious Island Catering.
Maybe Kanoa was moonlighting.
- 'Scuse me.
- Hi.
How you doing?
Thomas Magnum. Juliet Higgins.
We're private investigators,
and we wanted to know
if you knew a chef
by the name of Kanoa Clark.
Yeah. He's been doing events
with us for about six weeks now.
I don't s'pose you know
where to find him?
We were just about to ask you
that very question.
When's the last time you heard from him?
Four nights ago.
We worked a private party in Portlock,
but he's been ghosting me ever since.
Is he okay?
Well, that's where
we're trying to find out.
Terrific. We've actually got
a big event tonight.
I thought he was
just being Kanoa, but
should've known we were in trouble.
Beg your pardon?
Day before the party,
we were doing prep,
and Kanoa showed up high.
So you're saying Kanoa
has a drug problem?
Look, it ain't my place
to police anybody else's issues, okay?
All I know is my chef's missing,
and I gotta scramble to find a new one.
So is Kanoa missing because of Jason?
Or because of a drug problem?
Fire two mahi,
one chicken, two swordfish.
Firing, one chicken,
two swordfish, two mahi.
Thank you, Chef.
Yo, Microwave. Where's Jason?
Haven't seen him, Chef.
Well, go find him.
Yes, Chef.
LOTO: Where is he?
JASON: I'm not playing with you, bro.
Where is he?
I swear, I don't know.
Hey! Leave him alone.
Do yourself a favor, brah.
Turn around and walk
your ass back inside.
I take my orders from him, not you.
Oh, yeah?
You okay, Chef?
I'm, uh
How How did
Who the hell are you, man?
- So who were those guys?
- No idea.
I just stepped out for a smoke,
and there they were.
Said they were looking for Kanoa.
You know, I just figured K was
burnt out and needed a break.
Now I'm worried
he's in some kind of trouble.
- What?
- No, it's nothing.
I just heard you two didn't get along.
In the kitchen? Sometimes.
But outside, Kanoa made sure I knew
he was pushing me for my own good.
That's why I was a dick
to you this morning.
I was trying to hold us all
to Kanoa's high standards.
till he comes back.
Look, I better get back on the line.
- You good?
- Yeah.
Oh, damn it.
Uh, my paring knife.
The dude used it against me.
It's still outside. I gotta go find it.
- Hey, Chef, wait.
- Huh?
I'll go.
Kitchen needs you more than me.
- Thanks, Chef.
- You bet.
There were over 120,000 of us.
American citizens
who committed no crime.
But it wasn't just our freedom
that they took.
We lost our family, too.
My father was taken to a military base
to translate Japanese intercepts.
Conditions in the camp
was getting worse.
My mother got so sick,
the doctors there couldn't
even treat her.
So in August of '43, we were
shipped off to the mainland.
My mother went into the hospital.
My sister, May, and I were sent
to Manzanar in California.
They had a children's village
there for orphans.
I kept telling them we were not orphans.
I was her big brother.
It was my job to take care of her.
And I tried.
I tried.
What happened to May, George?
One morning, I woke up,
and she was gone.
The war was ending, and they
were transferring children
to the orphanages.
They must've taken her by mistake.
When my father got out,
he was able to find me and my mother,
but the people running the camps
didn't keep good records.
You never saw your sister again?
My father and mother
spent years searching for her,
and when I grew older, I tried, too.
I always hoped
she was adopted by a nice family
and had a good life.
But I guess I'll never know.
MAGNUM: Gordy, hey.
Hey, just got off the phone
with the lab.
The prints on Jason's knife came back
to a guy named Loto Aina, 34,
released from Halawa six months ago.
Parole records say he lives
with his mother in Waikiki.
I'll text you the address.
Keep me in the loop.
- Yes?
- Hello, Ms. Aina.
Mind if we come in?
[SIGHS] Do I have a choice?
HIGGINS: Thanks. Loto, you here?
Who's asking?
We heard you're looking for Kanoa Clark,
and we want to know why.
Well, 'cause he's missing.
Kanoa's a friend, alright?
So how did you and Kanoa meet?
In prison.
Well, I mean, I was in prison.
Kanoa used to come
and teach cooking classes.
Then when I got out, he vouched for me
and my boy Maka, got us both jobs.
Yeah, we both owe Kanoa big-time.
So when you heard Kanoa went missing,
you took it upon yourself
to figure out what happened.
But why were you threatening
Jason Peterson
at the restaurant?
I heard he took Kanoa's job,
so I figured maybe
he did something to him.
Yeah, we thought the same thing.
But then we heard
Kanoa may have a drug problem.
[SCOFFS] Kanoa? Nah, brah.
I know a few addicts,
and Kanoa didn't feel like the type.
'Sides, he had everything going for him.
Great job, Good money. New girl.
- New girl?
- Yeah, last time we spoke,
he said he was talking to some
new girl from the restaurant.
I think she was a customer.
Alright, Milo's given us access
to his reservation system,
and I've identified six women
who are regular customers there.
Alright, check their location history,
see if any of them have been
staying at Kanoa's apartment.
- Right.
Okay, there we are.
There's one woman, Olivia Leong,
who spent several nights
at Kanoa's apartment.
Okay, so she's got to be
the new girlfriend.
Why keep it a secret?
I don't know. Let's go talk to her.
What's HPD doing here?
- Hey, Tatty.
- Hi.
What are you two doing here?
About to ask you the same thing.
We're looking for the owner
of the house, Olivia Leong.
Yeah, so are we.
She was just kidnapped
less than an hour ago.

So, now we have two missing persons?
Yeah, Kanoa and his girlfriend, Olivia.
Why are we just learning
about a girlfriend now?
Apparently, they wanted to keep
their relationship a secret.
and I'm pretty sure I know why.
So Olivia's been renting this
house for the last three months
because, according to recent
court filings
that I found online,
she's in the midst of a bitter divorce
from her husband, Oscar Leong.
Yeah, I know him.
Oscar owns a couple clubs on the island,
but word is he just uses them
to launder the money
he makes from illegal gambling.
Maybe he's a jealous ex, but either way,
he's got ties to the underworld.
What are the odds Oscar's not behind
Kanoa's disappearance
and Olivia's abduction?
You're out of your mind, pal.
Am I?
We found these on your phone
sent to you by the private investigator
you hired to track his movements.
I'm in the middle of a divorce.
Nothing illegal about hiring
a P.I. to look for proof
Olivia was violating the
no-cheating clause in our prenup.
What about the two men
you sent to grab her?
You know, you should've warned
them about this doorbell cam
pointed at your driveway.
I've never seen
those men before in my life.
- Right.
- You know, Detective,
if you're going to be
making wild accusations
without a shred of real proof,
I'd like my lawyer to join us
so we can begin documenting
your harassment
for any lawsuits I may file.
The P.I. Photos
are circumstantial at best.
Right now, there's no hard
proof Oscar had anyone grabbed.
We should focus on IDing
the men involved in the abduction.
I assume you got a BOLO out on the car.
Yeah, DMV says it's registered
to a shell company in Panama.
Okay, so another dead end?
Almost. The car's equipped
with an anti-theft device.
I put in for a warrant
to track its location,
but it'll take at least another hour
- for a judge to sign off.
- But who knows what could happen
to Kanoa and Olivia in that time,
assuming that they're still alive.
Believe me. I don't like it.
But as a cop, I can't break the rules.
Uh, I'm going to grab a cup of coffee.
Either of you want one?
I think we'll wait here. Yeah.
So, uh, how long do you think
it's going to take to hack this company
and get the location of the kidnappers?
Doin' great, TC.
There you go. Just a little farther.
I need a break.
Hey, keep at it.
You're going to get there.
Who's spying on who now?
Hey, I'm just here responding
to the many, many texts
I've received from you
about tonight's game.
I know, I know.
But it's the biggest game of the season.
Winner advances to regionals.
That's a big deal for the kids.
For the kids.
[SIGHS] Okay, so maybe I am
a little too invested, but
I'm going stir crazy in here, man.
Every day I think I'm going to
make it across these bars
and prove that I'm ready
to walk out of here.
But every day, I just can't
just can't quite make it.
Anyway, sorry to blow up your phone.
No, man, it's all good.
Hey, I-I've been replaying
yesterday's game,
and I don't think it was
bad coaching or strategy.
I think it was all mental.
Yeah, they got behind early
and couldn't rally
'cause most of 'em froze up.
They didn't have you there
to talk them through it.
You know them, not me.
So here's what we're going to do.
You're going to walk me through
each and every one of these kids
so I can get to know them
and help them play their best tonight.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
Let's go through the lineup.
Was there a problem
with the video files?
No, they're fine.
I've just been doing a bit of research.
Tryin' to find out what happened
to Mr. Nakamura's sister.
- Where did you learn to do all this?
- Public library.
Taught myself a few tricks on a
few computers back when I was
looking for my mom.
Anyway, it didn't work then,
but I think it did now.
Are you saying?
I think I may have found her.
HIGGINS: According to
the anti-theft software,
the kidnappers car is
right there.
And that is the museum,
which appears to be
hosting a gala tonight.
Why would Oscar's men bring Olivia here?
- Let's go have a look.
- Yeah.
Magnum, the kidnappers.
Yeah, I see 'em.
So the kidnappers are working
with the caterers.
That's what it looks like.
Wait, Thomas, that's Kanoa
with the guy we spoke to earlier.
What is going on here?
I have no idea.
I'll tell you what, though.
It doesn't look like
Kanoa's here by choice.
I need to find a way to blend in
and get close to Kanoa
without being spotted by the caterers.
Yeah. By any chance,
are you spending all your money
on formal wear that you're keeping
in the boot of the Ferrari just in case?
Keep an eye out.
- Found a suit.
- Oh.
We still gotta find
something for you, though.
Don't worry. I think I have it covered.
Well, it seems like a nice party.
Yeah, but why is there an armed guard
hovering over Kanoa?
Hm. I don't know.
Let me go over there,
see if I can talk to him.
I'm gonna see if I can pick one
of the pockets of these caterers.
Maybe their phone can tell us something.
MAN ON P.A.: Now batting, number 6
Ah, crap! Now we're down 3.
At this rate, I don't think
we can pull out a win.
Alright. Good work, boys.
Come in, Come in, come in.
Huddle up. Huddle up. Huddle up.
Come on. Come on.
Coach wants to say something.
Hey, Hoppers. Tough night, huh?
Yeah, I know how you're feeling
like everything you hoped for
is slipping away.
And you're scared.
That's okay. It just means you care.
Just remember who you are
and all the hard work it took
for you to get here.
And play for your teammates.
Support each other. Because
what's that we always say?
ALL: Makes the dream work!
[LAUGHS] Yeah.
Alright. Let's do this, huh?
Let's go. Let's go.
Who's up? Who's up?
Now batting, number 37
Alright. That's a good start.
Let's go. Let's go.
Alright, Adam!
Good boy!
Let's go! Let's go
That complicates things.
Did you have any luck
getting the, uh?
Ha. Well done.
Here. It's Gordon.
Gordon, you have Thomas and I.
So, I used the photos you sent
to I.D. the caterers.
But here's the thing.
They're not caterers.
They're a robbery crew.
According to the FBI,
they've been hopping from city to city.
They set up a catering company,
hire a prestigious local chef
to gain access to expensive locations,
then use that catering event
to case those locations
and compromise any security measures.
Then return at a later time
and rob the place.
Exactly. So they're careful to move on
before local law enforcement
picks up on the pattern.
They have Kanoa at gunpoint right now,
so he must have figured out
what they're up to.
They probably grabbed him to
keep him from calling the cops.
Then they kidnapped Olivia
and used her as leverage
to make him go along with their plan.
But before we can move on them,
we have to get Olivia and Kanoa
to safety.
I think I might be able
to help you with Olivia.
I was able to lift one of their phones,
and through location history,
I was able to find a place
that keeps coming up.
It's a house in Kuakini.
You know what? I'll shoot you
the address right now.
There are six men in this crew,
but your photos only showed five,
so there's probably
just one guy guarding her.
I'll head there and send units
to the museum.
Alright. We'll sit tight
till you get here.
- Yeah.
- [BEEP]
Why don't you keep an eye
on the caterers
and I'll go check in on Kanoa?
Hey. I don't think we have
time to wait for HPD.
- Why not?
- I don't think these guys
are waiting days or weeks
to hit this place.
They're gonna throw out the playbook.
- They're gonna hit it tonight.
- Wha
Remember those tanks
we saw them unloading?
Well, I thought it was the
liquid nitrogen or maybe CO2.
But I got a closer look
at one of the tanks.
It's remifentanil.
- Knockout gas. Are you sure?
- Yeah, I'm positive.
I got briefed on this stuff
when I was in the SEALs.
Wait. Hang on. You said you're looking
at one of the tanks.
Where's the other one?
My best guess is they're gonna
release it in the A/C unit
so they can knock everybody out
and rob this place without interference.
Probably only have a couple of minutes
before it gets started.
Magnum, it's already started. I
MAGNUM: Higgins. Higgins!
Drop the phone.
Alright. Let's go.
Pick up the pace, Emeril.
Buffet One and Two, report.
- Check it out.
- [BEEP]
- Back to work.
Okay. It's done.
Now call him and tell him
to let Olivia go.
Sorry, Chef, but I can't do that.
- Wait! Wait! Please!
Easy, easy.
Put it down.
How about this? I keep the gun.
You guys get in the van and drive off.
Put it down now.
You guys really want to do this?
You're thieves, right? Not killers.
I'll let you and Kanoa go,
but not with that gun on us.
Alright. I'm putting the gun down.
That was a mistake.
Thanks for the gas mask.
Don't mention it.
Kanoa, you alright?
Yeah. But wha Who are you people?
Your boss hired us.
It's Katsumoto.
Kanoa, Olivia's fine. Alright?
She's safe. Both of you are.
Thank you.
- Yeah. Of course.
- Thank you.
Okay, TC. You got this.
Hey! Coach! Huh?
Thought you'd want to see this.
I already saw it.
I got about a million texts
from the kids
and their parents last night
after you guys won.
But now's not the time.
I told you I had P.T.
I know, but I just got
this funny feeling
today's the day you're gonna
make it across those bars.
I don't know why today would
be any different than yesterday.
Well, as a wise coach once said to me,
teamwork makes the dream work.
Hey! Get in here, you little rugrats!
- Hey, Coach!
- Hey, Coach!
- Coach!
- Coach!
Hey, Hoppers.
Look. I can't promise
that this is gonna work, okay?
Come on, buddy. You got it.
- Let's go, Coach!
- You got this, Coach!
- You can do it!
- Come on, Coach!
- You can do it!
- Yes! Yes!
Come on. One step at a time.
One step at a time.
- Come on, Coach.
- One more step. Last step.
- One more step.
- One step.
KID: You can do it!
Come on, buddy! Come on, buddy!
- Yeah.
- Go, Coach! Go, Coach!
That's it. That's it.
- Yeah!
- You did it!
HOPPERS: Makes the dream work!
George, Aki. Thank you for coming.
Of course.
But I've already told you
everything I remember.
I know. And we are so grateful.
But today we wanted to let you
know there's more to your story.
So, um, yesterday you mentioned
how May loved horses.
There was a ranch
we could see from
the children's village.
And whenever she was scared or sad,
I'd take her where we could see them.
Yeah, so I figured,
whatever else changed
maybe that didn't.
So I searched through
horseback-riding groups online,
and after a while,
I found this.
Oh. My God.
I'd know that smile anywhere.
KUMU: Unfortunately,
May passed away in 2012.
But she left behind
a big family, your family.
And they'd love to meet you.
If you want, they're ready
to FaceTime right now.
Hello, Uncle. I'm May's son.
She named me George, after you.
Kick back, relax,
and let the good times flow ♪
Serving up aloha in one big bowl ♪
And how were the truffled scallops?
- Amazing.
- Excellent.
You know, Milo paid us,
so you don't
you don't have to do all this.
This is true. But I want to.
It's the only way I know
how to thank you
for saving my life and Olivia's.
Oh, well, I mean, it was Gordon
who saved Olivia's life,
so really he should be
sitting here instead of
I offered to feed him.
He said he wanted to cook.
Hey, Chef. You want to come try this?
Be right there, Chef.
- Thank you.
- Gordon.
You know, I could really
get used to eating like this.
Well, you know, Thomas,
that could be arranged.
If only you'd spend some
of your hard-earned money
on, you know, some indulgences
once in a while
instead of whatever it is
you're spending it on
that you don't want me to know about.
Yeah, this money thing is
really getting to you, isn't it?
I just thought there weren't
any secrets between us anymore.
Alright. You want to know the truth.
I have been sending
money home to the P.I.
I used to do work with as a kid.
That's very noble of you, Thomas.
I I still don't understand
why you couldn't tell me when I asked.
I don't know. I
My mom used to do a lot
of good things for people,
a-and she never talked
about her good deeds.
So I guess I just
picked it up from her.
I get it.
KATSUMOTO: Our second course
is a coconut shrimp agnolotti
in a mango cream sauce.
Oh, my.
Are you kidding me? Gordy!
I mean, this looks
this looks amazing,
but I'm not having another bite
until you guys sit down
and join us for dinner.
No, really, guys. It's okay.
No, Gordy, we insist.
- Have a seat.
- Please.
You heard her, Chef.
- Come on.
- Come on.
- Grab a chair.
- This is ridiculous.
Looks beautiful.
I am Dr. Hamed
Bash, call vascular. We need
them down here immediately.
I've got this.
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