Magnum P.I. (2018) s05e14 Episode Script

Night Has a Thousand Eyes

10 minutes left. Can I help you?
Yeah, yeah, we're P.I.s,
- here to take the license renewal exam.
The exam began almost an hour ago.
Oh, yes. And we apologize
for our tardiness.
We were just hoping
that we could commence
the exam period now.
Yeah, yeah. We had a case that ran late.
This, uh This guy skipped bail
and we had to track him down,
or else his grandmother
would have had to pay $30,000.
But, just so you know,
Thomas and I have actually
already passed this test
several times in the past.
So we can assure you that the extra time
would in no way compromise
the integrity of our results.
Thank you.
You have 9 minutes.
Good luck.
- Alright.
You okay?
I've, like, never failed
anything in my whole life.
Come on. Never?
No, no, never.
I mean, I
How did I fail and you passed?
- Sorry. That sounded bad.
- Don't worry about it.
I mean, you were basically
an unlicensed P.I.
for a year before we became partners.
Mm, doing favors for you
under the radar is one thing,
but I've been a licensed P.I. for years.
I can't just say
I didn't know any better.
What's the worst that can happen?
What if I get caught
investigating without a license?
Then, I mean, it could
jeopardize my citizenship.
Yeah, that's the worst-case scenario,
but I-I just don't think
I can take the risk.
I think until I get my license back,
you're just gonna have
to work without me.
There he is. Hi.
- Meet the new and improved TC.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Hi.
You guys didn't have to come down here.
You kidding? We wouldn't miss it.
This is a big day.
Yeah. Congratulations.
You look great.
Thanks, guys. Really.
- Okay, let's go.
- Okay.
- Look at him go. Man, slow down.
Yeah. What, are you in a rush
to leave or something?
Can you blame me?
I've eaten more Jell-O
in the last six weeks
than I have my entire life.
[LAUGHS] I gotta get
the hell outta here.
Get your steps in.
Rick said he's sorry
he couldn't make it.
He's at, uh, Oahu Correctional,
of all places.
What'd he do now?
He didn't do anything.
It's one of his regulars.
He's got legal trouble and needs a P.I.
Yeah, so simple that I lose my license
the day we get a new client.
- You lost your license?
- Yeah.
It's a long story.
Eh, it's not that long of a story.
She didn't pass her renewal exam.
Um, I did, by the way.
So, uh, we can still take clients.
What, was that supposed to be a secret?
You're actually enjoying this,
aren't you?
[LAUGHS] What? No, not at all.
Then why are you smiling?
I'm not smi W-Was I smiling?
You were totally smiling your head off.
- Yeah, big smile. Big smile.
- Okay. Alright.
Well, if I was smiling,
it's because I'm happy
- TC is is a free man.
- Okay, whatever.
Can you just take me back
to Robin's Nest
so I can sort out this ridiculousness.
We'll see you at La Mariana later.
See you soon, guys. See you later.
TC: Thanks, guys.
So, uh, what's the plan?
Huh? We got nothing
till dinner with the Ohana.
We could cruise by Magic Island.
Hit up Otto's for some cheesecake.
Yeah, sounds good.
There's actually something
I gotta do first.
Thomas, this is Justin.
How you doing? Thomas Magnum.
Thank you both for coming. Of course.
How can we help you?
Man, um, three days ago,
my buddy Adam and I were
headed home from La Mariana.
I had a few, but Adam didn't drink,
so I asked him to drive my car.
Oh, yeah. [HUMMING]
- Oh, no, no, no, no.
- Bro, are you serious?
- Hey, you know the rules.
Copilot gets to pick the music.
I didn't know you'd choose this.
- There is freedom within ♪
- Oh, J.
There is freedom without ♪
Try to catch the deluge
in a paper cup ♪
- This ain't it, man.
Come on, Adam.
Hey now, hey now ♪
Don't dream it's ♪
Hey now, hey now ♪
When the world comes in ♪
They come to build a wall between us ♪
We gotta get out. We gotta
The other driver was an off-duty cop.
Officer Grant Sadao.
He died in the crash,
and then Adam died
less than an hour later.
After the accident,
I woke up in the hospital
and found out I was being
charged with both their deaths.
Wait, why would they do that?
Well, when the paramedics got there,
they found us lying on the ground
outside the car, unconscious.
There was no way of telling
who was driving,
but since it was my car
They figured you were the one driving
and had been under the influence.
PA is ready to make
an example out of me.
My lawyer worked out a plea deal.
Eight years for negligent homicide,
instead of 25 for
gross vehicular manslaughter.
It's, um
[VOICE BREAKING] it's the best
deal I'll ever get.
I'm about to go away for
eight years when I'm innocent.
I've tried telling the cops
I wasn't the one driving,
but they don't believe me.
And they say based on my injuries,
they can't determine
which seat I was in.
So there's no proof
I wasn't at the wheel.
But there was someone else
at the crash that night.
Someone who knows the truth.
I was fading, and it was dark.
- There was this guy.
He pulled us out.
Saved my life.
[WEAKLY] Wait. Come back.
I called to him, but he didn't answer.
And the only thing I remember
is a pair of angel wings
on his back as he was leaving.
Angel wings?
I know, it it sounds crazy,
but you gotta believe me.
Okay? There's someone out there
who can prove I'm innocent.
Look, I know it's a long shot
but do you think you can find him?
MAGNUM: Justin's right.
It's a long shot.
On the plus side, the expiration
date on a plea deal
is normally a couple of months,
so that gives me time.
How long do you have
until you have to accept a plea?
That's the thing.
PA is playing hardball.
The deal expires in five hours.
Why wouldn't this man
stay on the scene to give a statement?
Best guess is he had a reason
- not to talk to the cops.
- Well, given my status,
I really shouldn't be
working on this case,
but under the circumstances,
maybe it's better to ask for forgiveness
- than permission.
- Ah, something I would say.
I don't know if I should be
proud or freaked out.
Well, look, there's a lot
at stake here, Thomas.
You're gonna need
all the help you can get.
You just focus on
getting your license back.
I'll be fine, alright?
I'd rather work one case without you
- than lose you as a partner for good.
- Alright.
I was actually about to head out to see
the exam administrator about a retake.
Just offer him a couple tickets
to an Island Hoppers tour.
Thomas, first of all,
I am not going to bribe
a government official,
and second, that is a tired bribe.
[LAUGHS] Yeah, tired because it works.
Look, I'm just going to appeal
to his good nature,
and that will seal the deal.
Alright. Good luck.
Look, I know how this goes, okay?
With Higgins' sidelined,
you're gonna ask me for a favor,
which is probably illegal
and will most likely
end up in me getting shot at.
So let's skip the formalities
and just say I'll tag along, okay?
[LAUGHS] Okay, alright. You're in.
Great. Where do we start?
Well, we basically have
to find a missing person
we know nothing about.
But to exonerate Justin,
all we got to do is prove
he wasn't the one behind
the wheel during the accident.
Okay. How do we do that?
Well, just because Justin's
injuries were inconclusive
doesn't mean Adam's were.
We got to take a look at his body.
Hello, again.
It's Jamie, isn't it?
- I know you.
- Yeah.
You were one of the
late-comers this morning.
How'd you find me?
Well, I am a private investigator.
Not anymore, you're not.
You flunked, remember?
Look, Jamie, uh, I came to ask if
if you might allow me
to retake the test.
The next exam is in three months.
- I'll see you then.
- Wait. No, hang on.
No. Look, lady, I only
get half an hour for lunch,
and my dog is getting cold.
So, in the future, be on time.
I had to choose between being punctual
and helping somebody who
was desperately in need.
I chose the latter.
I like to think,
were you in the same situation,
you might do the same thing.
I may not be a private investigator
at this very moment, but
I would very much like to be one again.
Adam Webber. 31 years old.
Didn't suffer any noticeable
clavicle injuries
that would indicate where he was sitting
during the crash.
Looks like he has bruising
on both sides of his body.
How is that even possible?
Officer Sadao's vehicle
struck your client's car
at a 90-degree angle.
Since the impact came from the side,
it resulted in lateral
rather than medial injuries.
Okay. So, what now?
What is this black streak on his shirt?
Crime lab tested a sample.
Came back as axle grease.
Axle grease.
Axle grease.
Now, you know, I could understand
melted rubber or brake fluid,
but axle grease?
That only comes from wheel bearings.
Yeah, and hard to believe it would
get on his shirt during the crash.
Unless the grease came
from whoever it was
that pulled Justin out of the crash.
Maybe whoever we're looking for
is a mechanic.
Okay. Alright.
Well, if that's the case,
there are 24 auto body shops on Oahu.
You want to divide and conquer?
Actually, remember you said
the guy who pulled
Justin out of the crash
had angel wings on his back?
Angel's Auto Shop.
What's an auto body shop doing closed
in the middle of the day?
I don't know.
Anybody here?
Let's see if we can find
a list of employees.
It might help us track down
who could have been at the crash.
Oh, man.
Hey, Rick.
MAGNUM: He's got the angel wings.
What the hell happened here?
I don't know.
But if this is the guy
who saved Justin
then the only person who can
exonerate him is dead.
No ID on our victim,
but Live Scan identified him
as Angel Daniels.
He owns the business.
Only, it turns out it's just a front,
for a chop-shop operation.
You think he could be the
witness from Justin's accident?
That seems unlikely.
Location data on Angel's cell
placed him in Kahuku three nights ago.
He was nowhere near the crash.
Yeah, but I still think it was
somebody who worked here.
May Maybe, you know,
they were driving by the
accident in a stolen car
but decided to get out and help.
Well, that would explain
why they didn't sit around
and talk to the cops.
Yeah, maybe.
What do you mean, maybe?
Well, I mean HPD's not
convinced your friend's
telling the truth about what happened.
To us, it still looks like
he's a drunk driver
who killed two innocent people.
One of whom was a decorated officer.
UNI: Detective?
Yeah, be right there.
Look, before you waste your time,
you might want to consider
that this witness might not even exist.
I figured Gordie would've had
had our backs on this.
I mean, Gordie's in a tight spot. Right?
If HPD thinks Justin's the killer,
he can't pursue a lead
unless he has hard evidence.
Well, then, we'd better figure out
which one of Angel's guys
is our Good Samaritan.
What is it?
Do you remember Angel's body,
the position he was in
when we found him?
Yeah, of course.
He was strung up in a stress position
that's typically used for interrogation.
Exactly. I-It's like somebody
was trying to get
information out of him.
I'm thinking maybe
maybe they're looking
for the same person we are.
Thank you so much, again, for this.
Consider this your lucky day.
- You have 60 minutes.
- Alright.
- Ready?
- Yes.
- Oh, sorry. Uh
I'll I'll silence it.
Oh, um, it's my partner.
I-I'll just
I'll tell him I can't be disturbed.
Uh, this is not a good time, Thomas.
I see. Right. Um
[WHISPERS] I'm afraid
I'm gonna have to take this.
I'll be right back.
I'm so sorry.
Okay, so, I accessed Angel's phone
using the number that you provided.
It looks like he
communicated with his crew
using an encrypted messaging app
named Secrecity.
MAGNUM: Encrypted meaning
we can't see the messages?
Ordinarily, but I checked
the guy's auto-fill settings,
and he used the same password
over multiple platforms,
so I was able to access his account.
Any idea who our
Good Samaritan might be?
Well, I found a thread between Angel
and two car thieves named Will and Kai,
who apparently work as a team.
It sounds like Angel hadn't
heard from Will in three days.
The accident was three nights ago.
Will could be our Good Samaritan.
Yeah. After Angel asked about Will,
Kai replied, "Don't worry about him.
I've got you."
Yeah, it sounds like Will's laying low
and his partner might know where.
Yeah. The problem is the Secrecity app
encrypts users' personal
info and location data,
so I'm not going to be
able to track Kai.
Then how do we find him?
Well, we might not be
able to trace messages
back to the source, but
we can still send one.
- SHAMMY: You got this.
- TC: I don't know.
You think flowers are enough?
Quit stalling.
What about the complex
being built on Poha Road?
The structure appears sound,
now that they've adjusted
the mauka side entrance
TC, what are you doing here?
I came to bring you flowers.
I'm sorry, Captain.
We can pick this up later.
My bad. I sh should
have gave you a heads up.
I just wanted to know
if you had some time to talk.
Now you want to talk?
I've been trying to reach you
for the last six weeks.
If it weren't for Kumu,
I never would have known
you'd been hurt.
You can't just show up out of the blue
after blowing me off like that.
I-I didn't want you to see me laid up.
I-I didn't think you'd want to.
You don't get to make
those decisions for me.
Not when we're supposed
to be in a relationship.
This is not the place
to have this discussion.
Okay, well, can we meet up
later and talk things out?
There's nothing to say.
I'm done.
You sure this is a good idea?
It's a little late
to be asking that, right?
We already sent the message
from Angel's Secrecity account.
No, I mean is it a good
idea to use the Ferrari
as bait to lure Kai?
It's not even your car, pal.
You know, you're doing a really
great job filling in for Higgy.
You even sound like her.
You know, I almost got busted
in a sting like this back in Chicago.
Tried to steal a Honda Accord,
but cops were staking it out.
How'd you get out of that one?
Well, one of them owed
Icepick money, so
Why is it that every story of you being
a juvenile delinquent ends
with you getting busted?
What do you mean?
I got away with plenty of stuff.
Okay, well, do tell.
I'd love to hear one story
where you don't get busted.
Well, um
Hold that Hold that thought.
I think this is our guy.
Shoulda seen that coming.
Hey! Hey!
Hey, hey. Hang on.
I didn't do anything.
She just paid me to try the door.
Come on!
Okay, explain to me again
why you're driving my car.
Because it's your car.
You'd be way too precious with it.
Okay, so, unlike you,
I'd actually take care not to crash it.
- Got it.
- Oh, no, it's like, uh..,
doing surgery on a family member.
You just don't do it.
You tend to lose objectivity.
Aah! Aaah!
- Aah!
- See? See? [CHUCKLES] That right there.
That didn't faze me at all.
Thomas, that's it!
Out of the driver's seat.
- No, no! You missed the turn.
- No, no, no. It's right here.
Hold on, just just give me a second.
I almost got it.
Hey. Hey, hey, hey.
Nice try, but you're not going anywhere.
MAGNUM: Go ahead and put
your hands down.
We're not cops.
Alright, so what do you want?
Well, let's ignore the fact that
you're driving a stolen car.
We're trying to help your partner, Will.
Is he in trouble? Your boss, Angel?
He was murdered.
No, 'cause he just reached out
about the Ferrari.
No, he didn't.
That was us, using his account.
We're the ones who sent the message.
Whoever killed Angel
was probably after Will,
so i-is there any way
you can put us in contact with him?
I mean, I just have a number for him.
But it's not gonna do you any good
'cause he hasn't answered
in a couple days.
And I just figured he went off grid.
Do you have any idea
where he might be hiding?
Any information you have
will help us keep him safe.
Yeah. There's
There's a place he goes to lay low
when things get too heated.
- Hello, Gordon.
Hey. What are you doing here?
Well, I heard about your
murdered chop-shop owner,
and I was just wondering
how your investigation is progressing.
Well, I'll be honest.
There's not much to go on.
None of Angel's associates or rivals
were in the area that night.
But there was a silver SUV
close by around TOD.
Okay, and and were you
able to check the plates?
Yeah, turns out it was being rented
by some Saudi Arabian
nationals staying on the island.
Saudis? What would they want
- with a small-time criminal like Angel?
- I don't know.
I'm not even sure there's a connection.
But, hey, I heard you
flunked your PI exam.
Should you be investigating?
I'm not. I'm not.
I'm just I'm here
entirely out of my own curiosity.
Listen, we believe that
the Good Samaritan that
Magnum is looking for
is actually a car thief named Will.
We also think that whoever killed Angel
is after him, as well.
I'm trying to retrace Will's steps.
I'm just, uh, wondering
if you might be able
to give me a little help.
What kind of help?
So, Will's phone went offline
about 20 minutes before the accident.
It last pinged off Moanalua Place.
And I was just wondering
if there were any cars
stolen in the area that night.
Let me check the logs.
Nothing was called in,
but it might not have been reported yet.
Well, where there any
traffic cameras in the area
that might have spotted him?
Well, I'll pull up the footage.
Alright, there are four traffic cams
near Moanalua Place.
- Hang on.
- What?
That's Officer Sadao's car.
The cop that died in
the accident that night?
Yeah, but what was he doing in
the same area as your car thief?
Is it Is it possible
that Will was in the car
with Officer Sadao?
Why would they be in the same car?
Well Well, maybe Officer Sadao
had Will under arrest.
If Will was arrested,
Sadao didn't call it in.
Maybe he just didn't have a chance.
Or Or maybe Will
was a confidential informant.
I mean, either way,
that would explain why
Will fled the scene, right?
Yeah. I'll dig into Sadao's cases,
- see if I can find a connection.
- Okay.
So, this is where old cars go to die.
Hey, you know, maybe we can
find you a side mirror
to replace the one we lost.
I think you mean the one you lost.
- Alright.
- I will head out this way.
Where you going?
I thought we were headed to the office.
Oh. 9 times out of 10,
we knock on the front door,
they go bolting out the back, right?
So, you knock on the front door.
I'll go intercept them.
Tricks of the trade.
- I like it.
- Absolutely.
Hey, Will! You in there, buddy?
We just want to have a talk!
[GRUNTS] Thomas!
He went out the front!
I thought you said 9 times out
of 10, they go out the back!
Yeah, which means 1 time out 10,
they go through the front.
Easy, Will. Hey. Hey.
We're not gonna hurt you, alright?
But that barbed wire will.
Just Just come down so we can talk.
You guys aren't cops?
No. No.
We We just want to know
if you were at the scene
of a crash three days ago,
and did you pull two guys
out of a burning vehicle?
How did you know about that?
The guy you saved the other night?
His name was Justin.
He's a friend of mine.
Now, he's gonna be charged in the deaths
of the two guys that died.
Now, do you remember what seat he was in
when you pulled him out of the car?
He was sitting shotgun.
Will, look
you got to go with us to HPD.
Otherwise, his friend's
gonna go to prison
for something he didn't do.
Whoa. Okay.
I feel for your friend.
I do.
But there's no way I'm going
to a police station.
Why not?
'Cause that cop that died
the other night?
He was gonna kill me.

WILL: I was flying solo that night.
About to boost a Lexus
that Angel wanted,
when suddenly,
these lights pulled up on me.
Hands where I can see them.
I thought I was being brought in to HPD,
but that cop had other plans.
- Get in.
- You serious?
He cut the trunk release
so I couldn't get out.
But I found the lever.
That cop was dead, impaled
by some metal from the frame.
But the people in the other
car were still alive.
I couldn't just leave them there.
I don't even know
why that cop was after me.
Well, if he didn't kill you on the spot,
he was probably going to take you
to a secure location
and question you there.
Yeah, if you're right about the guys
that got Angel, then there's probably
still some people out there
that want me dead.
- And you still have no idea why?
Well, according to my partner,
you might have stolen the wrong car.
Sadao was using HPD resources
to track down a stolen car
that belonged to Raymond Morris.
Who's that?
A state senator. Deals with land rights.
I-I'm guessing he hired Sadao
off the books to find you.
This is the car. Does it look familiar?
Yeah, I boosted it a few days ago,
and then I turned it over to Angel
and kept the stuff inside
for myself, like I always do.
What What stuff?
A suit, laptop, pair of shoes.
You know, normal things.
Laptop belonging to a state senator?
Might have some incriminating evidence,
maybe something worth killing over.
If we can figure out
what was on that laptop,
maybe we can find out
why he wants you dead.
Sounds like a plan,
but there's only one problem.
I don't have the laptop anymore.
Of course he doesn't have the laptop.
- Where is it?
- I sold it to a fence.
Okay. Alright.
If I can get my partner
to pick up the laptop,
will you go with us to HPD?
I told you, I'm not going
anywhere near the cops.
I have a friend, alright?
A guy that I trust.
He'll make sure nothing happens to you.
Listen, an innocent man
is counting on you.
You saved his life once before.
He needs you to do it again.
Alright, well, we'll see you then.
Hey, we got an Ali'i tour on the books.
Hey, what happened in here?
What do you mean?
I mean it's really clean.
Yeah, I digitized everything
while you were away.
Also, I finally set up
the program on the website.
Clients can e-sign the waivers.
What? Is that taking
too much initiative?
Thanks for holding down the fort, Sham.
Happy to help.
So, we can either discuss
the new pens I ordered
or we could talk about what happened
with you and Mahina.
I messed up, man.
You know, I can't blame
Mahina for wanting to
end things.
You know, my mom left us
because she thought she'd be a burden.
I spent my whole life
resenting her for it
just to make the same mistake.
TC, you pulled away because you wanted
to protect the people you love.
Yeah, but I don't know
if I can fix this, though.
Give her some space.
I'm sure she'll come around.
Hey, Thomas. I have news.
MAGNUM: Yeah. What's going on?
Well, unfortunately,
the fence who purchased
the laptop from Will
has already erased it.
Well, that's good, right?
If there's something bad
on there, then it's gone now.
Yeah, but they're gonna want
to see for themselves.
And make sure you didn't get a look
at whatever it was first.
Hey, is there any chance we could
recover the lost data?
Look, I-I'm working on it,
but I did find something
else that's of note.
So, it looks like someone else
tried to remotely wipe the laptop,
but they failed to do so because
it wasn't online for long enough.
I'm guessing that was Senator Morris.
And when the wipe failed,
he reached out to Sadao.
HIGGINS: Right. He was
specifically trying to erase files
that mentioned something
called Kenstal Global.
So, I did some digging,
and this is where it gets interesting.
Kenstal Global is in fact
a Saudi Arabian-owned shell corporation.
Wait. Didn't Katsumoto
say a car rented by some Saudis
was near the chop shop
at the time of Angel's murder?
Yeah. Yeah, he did.
I-I-I'm still trying to figure out
how all these pieces fit together.
Hey, uh, what kind of car did Katsumoto
say the Saudis were driving?
It was a silver SUV, I think. Why?
Because I'm pretty sure
they're tailing us right now.
They're coming up fast.
Higgins, call Katsumoto.
Give him our location.
We're gonna try to get to the precinct.
Yeah. O-Okay. I'm on it.
Look out!
Oh, boy.

- Tell me you have an idea,
and you're not live-tweeting our death.
No, I got a plan.
Step out of the car.
And don't do anything foolish.
I won't ask again.
Well, whatever your plan is
it better be good
'cause I don't see any way out of this.
Will, just, uh, stay in the car.
Good idea.
If you want to live,
you'll hand over the thief.
Uh, he's not going anywhere.
And if you were smart,
you'd get back in your cars,
drive to the airport,
and take the first flight home.
Because I know what's going on here.
If that's so, then tell me.
What is this all about?
Well, it's it's all about you
and your corporation, Kenstal Global.
Now, I wrote it down
in an e-mail, right?
My finger's on the send button.
Now Now, you can shoot me,
but if I take my finger off this button,
this e-mail goes out to every
major news publication
in the United States.
You're bluffing.
I'm not bluffing.
I got my hand on a live grenade
with the pin pulled out.
So, if my finger comes off this screen,
you guys are finished.
I don't believe you.
Come check for yourself.
Aram, go check his phone.
It's nothing!
Right there, right there.
Will, how you doing back there?
Uh, real good. Never better.
You guys alright?
Yeah. Yeah. I think every
everybody made it out okay.
Not all of us.
Hey, man, if you're interested,
I know a guy who can hook you up
with the latest SL Roadster.
I'm good. Thanks.
I'm guessing you're Will, the car thief.
No, that is Will,
the Good Samaritan who pulled
Justin out of a burning vehicle
and can confirm he was not
the one driving.
So, did you guys connect
the Saudis and Morris?
Yeah, I was able to recover some more
data from the laptop.
It turns out that the Saudis were using
their shell corporation
to buy up large swathes
of agricultural land here in Hawaii.
Thing is, the farmland
here was allocated
for Native Hawaiian use.
Morris was receiving a kickback
to approve the illegal sale.
There was proof of his
corruption on that laptop,
so when it was stolen,
Morris got Sadao to track down the thief
and recover the laptop.
Look, I'm sorry I doubted
you guys earlier.
If you hadn't taken Justin's case,
none of this would have come to light.
RICK: So, speaking of Justin,
we told him not to take that plea deal.
Yeah, and on that note, we got to get
Will down to the PA's
to make a statement.
HIGGINS: Yeah and I have
to go and convince a man
who is completely sick of me
to let me retake the PI exam
for a third time.
It's good to see you back in that seat.
Feels good, too.
Think you'll get in
the air any time soon?
I hope so.
You okay?
I'm good.
Look, I'm sorry about before.
I shouldn't have spoken
to you like that.
You don't got to apologize.
It wasn't cool for me to just
show up and put you on the spot.
I was just anxious to see you again
try to make things right.
You know, from our very first date
to you being at the VA,
you've shut me out more than once.
Yeah, I know.
I was just afraid of how
you might react
to seeing me at my lowest.
So you never even gave me a chance?
I just want to give you the best of me.
That's really sweet, TC,
but that isn't how a relationship works.
Look, I know I got heated earlier,
and I'm sorry.
But it was the first
time I've been honest
about how I've been feeling.
We might be good together,
but that doesn't mean
we're right for each other.
I think it's just best
if we call it quits.
Well, I'm sorry I couldn't
be the man that you needed.
But I hope you find
the love you deserve.
Thanks, TC.
I need to believe that
things happen for a reason ♪
So I keep running ♪
Oh, I keep running ♪
What else can I do? ♪
The only way out is through ♪
The only way out is through ♪
The only way out is through ♪
I'm telling you, this guy
was surfing with his pet pig.
KUMU: Shammy, I love you,
but I think you need
to get your eyes checked.
KATSUMOTO: Are you sure
it wasn't that guy
who goes surfing with his dog?
I know what I saw. It was a pig.
Oh, guys! Oh! Ooh!
The exam results have come through
for my PI renewal license.
- Okay. I passed.
Congrats, you're a private
investigator again.
RICK: Way to go, Higgy!
Were you just a little afraid
of losing Juliet as your partner?
No, not at all.
I had full faith that she had
this thing in the bag.
- Of course she did.
- Of course I did.
But there is one thing
that I am still wondering.
How is it that you passed the exam
when we only had nine minutes left?
I didn't even finish the whole thing.
- Call it luck. Yeah.
- Right.
When in doubt, just choose "C."
Hey, look who finally decided
to show up to his own party.
Hey, guys.
It's good to see everybody.
Sorry I didn't come
and see you earlier, man.
Oh, no worries.
I know you had stuff going on.
How you feeling, TC? You look good.
I'm doing alright.
You know, I'm just glad to be back here
with all you guys.
Uh, so, how much longer
for the recovery process?
Hopefully not too long. [CHUCKLES]
I just got to regain some strength.
But I'm glad that I skipped
the walker phase.
Well, I'm pretty sure
if anybody could make
a walker look cool, it'd be you.
Yeah, you'd be a real hit
at the retirement home.
Okay, guys. I am heading
to the bar for another round.
Anyone else? Literally just me?
- Yeah.
- Okay. Alright.
I'll come with.
Oh, yes. Come with.
Come on, let me buy you a drink.
Oh, oh, Island ♪
Uh, could we get a couple beers?
- BARTENDER: You got it.
- Thanks.
- There it is.
So, um, I heard about you and Mahina.
I'm really sorry
that's not gonna work out.
Yeah, I messed up.
You know, once I tried to fix things,
it was too little, too late.
Look, I totally understand
the instinct to blame yourself.
But, TC, there is no right way to deal
with what you went through.
Yeah, there may not be a right way,
but there's definitely a wrong way.
Look, I just want
what's best for Mahina.
I ain't it.
TC, you're an incredible man
and a wonderful friend.
I don't want anyone, ever,
to make you feel otherwise.
Truth is, I've been carrying
a lot of hurt for a long time.
I was just learning how to get over it
when Mahina decided she'd had enough.
I guess life is just
like that sometimes.
Sometimes the right person
comes along at the wrong time.
But you've got to have hope, TC.
You just You don't know
what the future holds.
Thanks, Higgy.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
I am Dr. Hamed
Bash, call vascular. We need
them down here immediately.
I've got this.
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